Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s14e06 Episode Script


Who are you aiming at? You're too fast for our attacks! I'll say it again.
I am a Lightning Style User.
When I arm myself with the Lightning Style, my speed and defensive power exceed the normal limits of my body.
Unless you attack with the Wind Style, you will never be able to take me down.
The trouble is, we can't land a blow even with that! No, wait… Wind Style Unit! Attack Formation C! Here we go! Humph! Instead of doing it quietly, she announces how they're going to attack.
Group Wind Style Jutsu! Wind Style: Casting Net! A wide-range jutsu to overtake my speed… Splendid! All right! We'll surround him all at once! Paradox No matter how many times we attack, there's no effect! We haven't inflicted any damage! Our only choice is to batter him with consecutive top-speed Blade Dance! Is that you, Dodai? Yes.
The Third Lord Raikage was a shinobi blessed not only with strength and speed, but also with extraordinary physical resilience.
Even long-distance Wind Style attacks, which should reach him, do not affect him.
We need an even more powerful Wind Style User.
I'm a pretty good Wind Style User myself.
So how did he actually die? In order to save his comrades… He used himself as a decoy and faced 10,000 enemy troops alone.
It's said he stood for three days and three nights in order to buy enough time to let his comrades escape.
I need this one to buy me some time… while I finish summoning him.
Guess I'll just have to take over.
Honestly, among the Allied Forces, there isn't a stronger Wind Style User than me.
There is! It's me! What?! Is that Naruto?! What is he doing here? That feels like Wind Style! Is it a new Rasengan? With this jutsu, it just might work if it hits! No! That's not good enough! Not with his Cloak of Lightning… I know! Raikage are always super fast! That's what he was aiming for! It's no use! He dodged it again! We have to distract him, or it won't hit him! Okay! When it comes back… At this distance… It's gonna hit! That Wind Style is strong! This will work… Now, Sealing Corps! Hurry! All right! W-What?! Third Raikage… You are so strong, it's frightening… I don't believe it.
Rasen Shuriken didn't work?! The look in Lord Raikage's eyes has changed… He's been completely taken over.
That's…?! Everyone, get away from the Third Raikage! Earth Style Shinobi, form a wall immediately! Everyone, link up! – Right! – Right! – Earth Style: Great Mud Wall! – Earth Style: Great Mud Wall! Disperse! Come with me, Naruto! Lava Style: Rubber Wall! What the—?! That was the Third Raikage's most lethal ninjutsu… The Piercing Four-Fingered Thrust of Hell! He accumulates Lightning Chakra in his fingertip and strikes… This thrust technique complements the Lightning Style.
Just like Kakashi Sensei's Lightning Blade and Sasuke's Chidori.
Everyone, get as far away as possible, now! No! If we know where he'll appear, we should aim for that spot all together! Everyone, stand by! It's payback time for all the times we missed! Stop! Listen to the Cloud Shinobi! Get him! Damn it! Fools! He's switched to the Three-Fingered Assault! What kind of jutsu is it anyway? It's way too powerful! He took dozens down in an instant, all by himself! The fewer the fingers he uses, the more focused the energy and the more powerful the Thrusts of Hell! It's the Third's Invincible Spear! And he can handle it with his impermeable body.
It's his ultimate shield! Is that old man even human…? They say he is the only shinobi to have ever been able to go head to head with a Tailed Beast, unarmored and unarmed! No way! Raikage are amazing! Huh? What's the matter? So what's up with that? With what? Look at that… The scar on his chest! If his body's the ultimate shield, how'd he get that? He didn't even flinch against my Rasen Shuriken! Oh, that… Once, the Third Raikage helped everyone get away from the Eight Tails by stopping its rampage all by himself.
Then the Eight Tails hurt him? He called that the most shameful incident of his life.
One that he never spoke about… Not even the Fourth Raikage knows.
Okay, I get that ordinary attacks won't hurt him.
But if he got hurt fighting the Eight Tails, then the Eight Tails' strongest jutsu is… Speaking of the Eight Tails…! Tailed Beast Bomb! What'll we do, Lady Temari?! Even that hero, Naruto, couldn't take him down… Huh?! Naruto? You mean the hero of the Hidden Leaf? Where? Where? Which one is he? Where were you looking, Yukata?! He's the one who just released that flashy Wind Style Jutsu! Huh?! But that guy's about the same age as us! Yes! At his age, he managed to defeat Pain of the Akatsuki! So how can we beat an enemy that even the hero of the Hidden Leaf can't? That's what I'm trying to figure out right now! You two can't use long-distance Wind Style! So go away, it's dangerous! – R-Right! – R-Right! So what'll we do? Even Naruto's Rasengan couldn't inflict serious damage.
How do we fight the Raikage? We have to consider retreating.
What a nuisance these Kage are… even one who's by himself.
This is the ideal time since they're separated.
If we retreat and allow him to join up with the other Kage, it will get worse.
What to do? What to do? W-What's this I'm feeling? Is Naruto trying another jutsu or something? Th-This is the Tailed Beast Bomb… The same as the Eight Tails'! He's holding a mass of chakra this heavy in his human form?! Is this even possible? I figured it was impossible.
What?! What happened?! Damn it! It still didn't work! His cloak of chakra is gone.
He overdid it… Lady Temari! The enemy has broken through our ranks! Many are hurt! Everyone, hurry and gather the wounded! Notify the Medical Team! Tell all to maintain a standby position at a distance—! Are you all right?! Hey, hang on! Hey, Bendy Guy! I need to get a hold of Octopops and Eight Tails right away! How do I reach them?! Go through the Com Corps and have Intel Unit Captain Inoichi Yamanaka connect you with Bee.
I just have to look for a Com Corps Shinobi, huh? You're in luck.
Huh?! I'm with the Com Corps.
All right! Naruto! Watch out! He's withdrawn his Three-Fingered Assault! He's aiming for a KO with a punch.
Lava Style: Rubber Sphere! Lord Dodai of the Hidden Cloud! What do you need? Naruto needs to speak to Bee and Eight Tails.
Please contact them immediately! While the Third Raikage is still chasing after the dummy Rubber Ball! He made it look like he had me inside that ball, but he pulled me out and hid me behind a boulder! Bendy Guy thinks fast! Thanks, Bendy Guy! Now I'll have time to talk to Octopops! He'll probably catch on right away! Remember, you don't have much time! Yeah! Naruto, you want to talk to Bee and Eight Tails, but aren't they nearby? You're supposed to be working together.
They're not here now.
Besides… Never mind, hurry and contact them please! There's no time! Naruto's gone on ahead! Hurry up and finish your business! How long is it going to take?! The urge to go pee is beyond one's control…y'see? Octopops, it's me, Naruto! I have to ask Eight Tails something! Put him on! Relieving oneself takes concentration.
So let me focus on urination.
I can't talk now… I'm here, Naruto! What's going on? You seem to be in a panic! Hey, Eight Tails… You've fought the Third Raikage before, right? Yeah, long ago.
He was solid and could take the blows.
Once, he used this move called the One-Fingered Assault and cut off all my tails.
How did you manage to scar Gramps Raikage on the chest? Huh?! Maybe it was my Tailed Beast Bomb? No, maybe it wasn't… We were pushing against each other with all our might, and we both fell forward.
I don't quite remember.
Maybe… Hey thanks, Eight Tails! Shadow Clone Jutsu! What? Is this different from the one earlier?! Gramps Raikage is headed this way.
When he gets here, get out of the way, Bendy Guy! There's something I want to try.
Got it.
Rasengan! Everyone! Do not assist! Sealing Corps! Stand by! Right! I don't know what he's planning, but that's just a Rasengan! Is that going to be enough? His Invincible Spear will cut through Naruto's arms and legs.
I'll have him brought back to me half-dead.
Sage Mode: Frog Kumite! With this, I can sense danger over a wider range, and it's faster! So I'll be able to counter at the last minute… And aim straight for his arm! Just like I thought! I see… That's how he got that scar on his chest! – We did it! – We did it! All right! Way to go, Naruto! Yes! That was sharp of you! Eight Tails told me that they were pushing as hard as they could, then fell forward.
I figured that he must've fallen on his own hand.
He injured himself.
That's why it was so embarrassing.
He was the shinobi with the ultimate spear and shield… What a paradox.
Lord Third's spear was stronger, it seems… Yeah! Probably the shinobi with the greatest shield is Gaara! I always knew you'd be Tsuchikage.
But look at you now… An old man riddled with back pain.
I'll admit that was a punch with some power to it… but you overdid it and strained your back! Anyway! Hurry up and run! I'm about to use the Hozuki Clan's Water Gun Jutsu! You were cooperative until just now! What happened? Have you decided to side with the enemy? I am a former Kage, after all.
I am helping you out… Just in a different way.
Which is what exactly? If you can't win against me using all of your abilities, that means you're less than dead old me, you fool! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Terror: The Steam Imp" How are you gonna win against the enemy boss like that?! TERROR: THE STEAM IMP TERROR: THE STEAM IMP Tune in again!