Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e03 Episode Script

Three Problems

The Three Questions Big Brother Shikamaru, what's going on? Hmm? The first round of the Chunin Exams will be held here, so we're just making a few upgrades.
The Chunin Exams! It's been a while since they last held them! It's been two years… That means we get to participate! We can be chunin! You guys are still Academy students.
You're not even genin, you can't participate.
That's kind of a disappointment, but also a big relief… I see, so this means Big Brother Naruto's coming back! Huh? Naruto? He's coming back to take the Chunin Exams, right? He's not coming.
What? Who knows where or how he's training right now.
His whereabouts are still unknown.
I don't know if he even got the news that we're holding the Chunin Exams.
Does this mean they're going to proceed without Big Brother Naruto? It's not like the village can plan things to fit his schedule.
Big Bro's going to be left behind.
Our leader's going to get disqualified! We're representing the Hidden Sand, so we have to become chunin, okay? It's too soon to get all worked up.
Calm down, Yukata.
Seems like Shikamaru will be a proctor.
That's not surprising.
It's because he's already a chunin.
Then let's buckle down and get promoted to chunin too! Right? Looking forward to doing this with you! - Let's kick some butt.
- Yeah! All right, so the three of you are taking the exams, correct? You've been signed up.
There's no trick this time, like preventing us from submitting an application is there? The exam is up to the proctor in charge.
Okay, pull lots.
Three? Two? One? Return the lots and please proceed to the classroom that you picked.
They're so polite, it's almost creepy.
Did Shikamaru plan this? What is he thinking? Next, please.
You're the entrants from Hidden Waterfall Village.
The name's Fuu.
All right, please pull a lot.
We've waited so long for this, so we have to make it and become chunin! You're so loud! Is this where the Chunin Exams are being held?! Hey! I'm back.
Naruto! No way… Is that you, Naruto?! Are you real? I'm real! You really haven't changed much.
Sure, I have! Want to see the results of all my training? Sexy Jutsu! How's that? Here! There! He's as stupid as ever… And that's why Naruto is Naruto.
Byakugan! All right, I'm going to take part in the Exams too.
But you need a team of three.
I just came home and there's no one left, so I'll just ask them to make an exception.
Huh?! What's the big idea? Don't get mad at Konohamaru! Are you all right, Konohamaru? It's all for Big Brother Naruto.
Naruto? Because Big Brother can't take the exams.
It's because he won't be able to be a chunin.
So you tried to take it for him instead… A stand-in test taker… You don't need to worry about him.
Naruto's is someone who'll keep striving to become Hokage without getting hung up on the details like becoming a chunin.
He's right.
And when he returns, we'll welcome him with a big smile.
I got it.
Next in line.
Three… Two… Okay, leave the lots and go to your assigned rooms.
Room One is the classroom up ahead.
Rooms Two and Three are up the stairs.
Huh? We're being separated? We're on our own? I'm in Room One.
Oh! Big Brother Neji! Why were we separated from our teams? I have no idea.
Huh? It won't open.
I wonder what's happening? Isn't the proctor coming? They're planning something… Heh, bring it on! There's a stack of papers here.
You shouldn't go around carelessly touching things… Uh…Ahem! I am Shikamaru Nara, the proctor for the first round of the Chunin Exams.
Participants, take one sheet from the stack on the teacher's desk, then take any seat.
Round One is a written test, after all.
Oh good, it's the same as usual.
Is everyone seated? This is a drag, so let's get right to it.
This is a drag for him? We're serious about this! You guys are lucky.
I'm in charge this year.
He might be right.
Why? He won't do anything unreasonable.
Round One is a written test.
Read the questions carefully.
Three questions… The three questions are worth, from the top: and 50 points.
A perfect score is 120 points? Not 100? Each of you will answer just one of three questions.
Your team's total points will determine pass-fail.
If your team total exceeds 100, the team is disqualified.
That's crazy! Then, for example… If the three have… or 40, 40, 40 for 120 points… These totals will disqualify them, right? Then we'll take the average of the teams who remain… and teams who score below the average will be disqualified.
Those over the average will pass.
An average score? Of the teams' totals…? Just a minute.
How are we supposed to…?! The exam starts now.
Which question should I solve? I don't understand this question at all! The question isn't just about solving the questions… Please don't say things that will confuse me even more! The three questions aren't that hard.
Unless you're really dumb, anyone can solve the 50-point question too.
Don't underestimate me! I won't run! I'll take the exam! I don't care if I get stuck as a genin for the rest of my life, because I'll be Hokage someday, no matter what! Come to think of it… there was a guy who was really that dumb… He couldn't solve a single question in the first-round exam, but he passed.
Which means… They're not testing our problem-solving skills.
It's the same as the last time! Now then… Or 50, 50 and 0.
What's the whole point of this first-round exam? The point of it is to think about how your other two team members will score.
Or rather, how to make your two team members get a certain score.
That gives an advantage to teams who know jutsu to contact each other.
If that's the case, that's fine.
All it means is that those teams that have those skills will get 100 points.
And the rest have to suck it up and figure something out, huh? The first-round test in the last Chunin Exams was just like this, wasn't it? The point count isn't what's important.
The Chunin Exams shine the light on who is captain material.
If the point was to test strength, I wouldn't be a chunin.
I guess so.
What? No snide comeback? It's been sealed off.
Big Brother Neji? Double paned windows, huh… They made sure that we couldn't contact our teammates.
Should you be moving around like that? We were told a few rules, but no one's cautioned us yet NO UNAUTHORIZED FIGHTING for talking like this.
I see… So, they don't care if we cheat or not.
That's right… Last time, the first exam was all about cheating.
It won't open… Leave it to Shikamaru… This is a difficult problem.
If you can contact your teammates, you gain an advantage for this exam… But nobody on my team uses such ninjutsu.
I wonder if Shino has any ideas… The only thing left is to try to guess which question my teammate will solve.
If we choose the number we each picked… the point total will be over 100.
Going over 100 points means immediate disqualification.
We have to avoid that at all cost.
If one of us scores zero points, we'll avoid going over 100, right? But there's no guarantee that the other two will each answer the 50-point question.
And if the point total is too low, there's a good possibility of being dropped for a low average.
If all of us solve the 30-point question and get 90 points, we'll lose to the team that has 100.
If many teams score 100 points, and raise the average score, teams with 90 points will be disqualified.
I guess finding a loophole seems impossible.
The choices are 30, 30, 40 or 0, 50, 50 to score 100 points.
So the question is… figuring out which question each team member will solve.
How should I know what questions Ino and Sakura will pick? What would Shino and Kiba do? Those two are probably wondering the same thing right now.
Got it! I finally figured it out! Huh? You did? I solved the 50-point question! Oh…I see.
I'm not going to show you.
I won't look.
I don't have to look.
Who are you? You don't seem to be an Insect User, but… I hate to say this, but if Naruto were here, this first-round exam would be easy.
Huh? Why? I mean, he'd score zero for sure.
I think even Naruto could solve this 30-point question.
Definitely not.
Leave it to Naruto… It would be much simpler if Lee on our team was as obviously dumb.
Umm… Excuse me.
Yes? Can you tell me just what we're supposed to do for this first-round exam? That's what we're trying to figure out! You too, huh? These questions are really hard, aren't they? Well…yeah.
Wouldn't you think the safest thing to do is for each of us to choose the 30-point question? Didn't he say something about the average score too? I see… We have to score 100 points, no matter what.
I can't even figure out how to get 100 points.
And time keeps on ticking away… I've trained hard… I'll try it.
First, I have to sense those two.
Hey, you two, please listen… Is that you, Fuu? All right.
What're you up to? My teammates… Sensory Jutsu! Four…? I see… I don't get it.
Choji… I'll solve the 40-point question, so Choji, you do the 30-pointer.
Oh, okay.
Okay! I'll get Sakura to do the 30-pointer too.
Hey, Gennai! Inaho! Can you hear me?! Tanzo, Minoji! It's me! – It's me! – Hey! It's me! – What are you trying to do? – Can you hear me? At this rate, no one's voice will be heard.
Do you hear something? Is someone yelling? That's right! If they can hear me on the other side…! Hey! Can you hear me?! I can hear something.
Someone's yelling.
A lot of people are yelling.
I see.
Hey! Komugi, Gennai! Yahoo! Yahoo! Shouldn't we stop them?! If I stop them, this exam would be meaningless.
Now then, who's doing to do what? I'll do the 50-point question! I'll do the 40-point one! It's so noisy.
Who can hear over all this? There's shouting in the other classes too.
Everyone's voices are blending together and nothing can be communicated.
Nothing can be communicated, huh? Just watch… Sand Letters! "I'll do the 40-point question.
" It's Sajin! He wants us to do the 30-pointer.
With that we'll total 100 points.
Those fools… Lady Hinata… Let's continue your lesson here.
What are you saying, Big Brother Neji? There's something I want to try.
All right.
Perform the Eight Trigrams: Air Palm… with all your might.
– Eight Trigrams: Air Palm! – Eight Trigrams: Air Palm! W-What the—?! Hey… You guys… What the hell are you guys doing?! Showing you the answer to the question.
What's the answer that you prepared? This question wouldn't exist if I wasn't the proctor.
That's why there is no point in me answering that question.
What are you quibbling about? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "One Worthy As A Leader" All right, Let's see what Neji's going to do.
In Naruto's Footsteps ~ The Path Traveled ONE WORTHY AS A LEADER Tune in again!