Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e17 Episode Script

The Conspiracy Movement Begins

The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion My optic nerve is connected.
Foo! Wait! Where do you think you're going?! We have both scrolls! So let's head straight for the central tower! I don't want to! I still haven't made any friends! I just want to have a little more fun first! Have you already forgotten?! We're taking the Chunin Exams to make a name for the Hidden Waterfall! We may not beat the 97-minute record set by the Kazekage when he was a genin, but we can still shoot for first place! Yahoo! – She's not listening! – She's not listening! Calm down.
Yeah… Foo, the village chief would be disappointed if he saw you now! Shibuki?! Yes, bringing glory to the Hidden Waterfall is Lord Shibuki's greatest wish! Shibuki… Think of how he would feel! Okay, okay! I guess I have no choice.
The lord's wish always comes first with Foo.
I don't know why, but she calmly obeys whenever his name is mentioned.
Foo! Not again! To the central tower, where else?! – You're going the wrong way! – You're going the wrong way! With the Sand Eye, there's no danger to him physically.
But as long as Gaara doesn't change his mind… We can't let down our guard.
Shall we break for dinner? I agree.
It's getting late.
No, I'm okay right now.
All right.
He snubbed us.
Sure did.
Where are we headed?! We're heading to the central tower.
Wait, we don't have two scrolls! Use your head! The earth here is to our advantage! Actually, we don't have the "Earth" scroll, just the "Heaven" one.
That's not what I meant.
Any team with both "Heaven" and "Earth" scrolls will be targeted.
So they'll head straight for the central tower as quickly as possible.
But, traps are laid throughout the surrounding area.
Except this eastern route.
The eastern route is clear? Then everyone will be using that route! Except…this place has naturally occurring hidden quicksand pits.
Once you fall in, you can't get out.
So we'll get there first, wait patiently, and then steal a scroll.
How's that plan? You're so smart.
It sounds a bit cowardly though.
Do you want to pass the Second Exam or not? Don't be a hypocrite.
You're right.
Let's do it.
So you're Houichi.
You look quite young.
Yes, I am young.
But I've studied the Priest Bunpuku's power to mold currents since I was a child.
Bunpuku, you say? Gaara has become the Kazekage, but he still poses a threat to this village.
As long as he remains, measures are necessary to control this fear.
The Chunin Exams present the ideal opportunity to extract Shukaku the One Tail.
Ultimately, this means that he must die.
First, we must make sure the Kazekage is alone, and lure him to the tower.
I'll now release the barrier that obstructed long-range sensory perception.
This place is called Demon Desert because it's difficult to survive its massive sandstorms once you get stuck in one.
That's why the Sand Investigative Unit uses long-range sensory perception and stays on guard.
What?! What is that? Hey, this is bad! However, if long-range sensory perception wasn't functioning, what would happen? By now, chaos must be breaking out at headquarters… A massive sandstorm is forming! Why wasn't it detected until now?! I didn't sense anything unusual! He's right.
I didn't detect anything either.
Could someone be interfering with our long-range sensory? Like blocking your perception with a barrier?! Who would do this, and why? More important, we have to come up with safety measures for the exam participants first! Isn't survival part of this exam? This sandstorm is way too big! There will be hell to pay if they all die.
Damn it! What a hopeless bunch.
The Second Exam will be postponed temporarily… and we'll lead all the exam participants into shelters.
I leave the Kazekage to you two, because it seems like he's going to take matters into his own hands Make sure he does not set foot outside.
– Yes sir! – Yes sir! Are you ready? Teams One to Three, come with me.
The rest, with me! Let's go! I can't believe we didn't detect a sandstorm of this magnitude.
Who could have interfered? I just hope nothing bad happens… Yeah.
I agree.
What is this—?! It is a sandstorm! I know that! So this what a giant sandstorm of the Demon Desert is like.
It's way bigger than I imagined.
We can't stay here, that's for sure.
This is bad… That's why I insisted on going straight to the central tower! What's wrong? Uh, nothing.
A sandstorm huh…? This gives us the home-court advantage.
I really wouldn't say that now This is bad.
We haven't seen a storm this massive in quite a while.
Yeah, I hope the exam participants are all right.
Yeah Hey, where is Lord Kazekage? He's fine.
He's staying put.
Yeah… I can't even see an inch in front of me! It's just a little sand! The central tower is right up ahead.
Let's overcome this with gutsiness! Byakugan! This is going to take a lot more than gutsiness to overcome Let's look for a spot nearby to wait out the storm.
I can't open my eyes! The sand stings! I-I can't breathe… I can't…hang on… Use this.
It's a sand mask! The Second Exam is temporarily postponed! We'll take you to the shelter.
Don't give in to a sandstorm like this! Wind Scythe! All right, now's your chance to move forward! Come on, hurry! Are you okay, Lee?! My Hidden Leaf cloak isn't much help against a sandstorm this bad.
All right, then… Eight Trigrams Palm, Rotation! Now, Tenten! Leave it to me! I think I have something that will help us block the sandstorm! ENDURANCE Let's go inside and sit out this storm.
– Okay! – Yes! I'm amazed you had something like this handy.
Situations like these are the only times I'm useful.
I see! As expected.
At least one of you refute me! I can't walk any further… Hang in there! We're almost at the central tower! Are you sure about that? You've been saying that, but we haven't reached it yet… I'm sure! Look! The hidden quicksand! See, I was right! This is not time to be saying that! Mikoshi! We're going to pull Mikoshi out of there.
I-I'm sinking! Pretty soon now… Almost there! Now! Grab my hand! I can't stand this! We'd better make it to the central tower fast or we'll be swallowed up.
Shibuki! It's okay! I will always protect you.
Why? Why did you protect me? Because you're precious to me.
Why else? That's why you have to protect those who are dear to you too.
If people bond with each other, there wouldn't be wars in this world.
So first, make a hundred friends.
What is it, Foo? The central tower is that way! Hey, are you listening? Lord Shibuki will—! For Lord Shibuki's sake—! I'm sure Shibuki will be pleased with what I'm going to do now! All right! Stay still! Come on! I am Gaara, the Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand.
I'm Foo from the Hidden Waterfall Village.
Why did you save them? You're taking the Chunin Exams too, aren't you? Oh Our village chief, Shibuki, taught me.
Shibuki? Many people might misunderstand you.
But you must hold the people around you dear… And do your best for these people.
If you do, then someday… I'll have a hundred friends, right? Y-Yes… He taught me that one day I'm sure to have 100 friends.
I see, that's why… As I watched you, I remembered a certain man… And now, I know why.
Who is this man? He's a lot like you.
I faced him in battle… And he taught me that we can learn to understand the pain and sorrow, and the joy of others.
Wow… I'd like to meet someone like that and become his friend.
Hey, what scroll do you guys have? The "Heaven" scroll… Take it! Really?! You're a lifesaver! We can't.
We can't accept it.
Why not? I have a new goal, so I don't need it! We were taught by Lord Gaara… To break down the barriers that we create, to overcome and win, and grasp the results that we desire.
We want that scroll more than anything, but if we allow you to give it to us… we can't claim that we fulfilled the conditions of the Second Exam.
We will obtain it through our own power.
I understand! – Foo! – Foo! It'll be a pain if they catch me… So, I'll be going now! Good bye! – Thank you! – Thank you! She's interesting… I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere.
Lord Gaara… Prepare to die.
Lord Gaara, What's going on? Their target is me.
There's no need for you to get involved.
It's our duty as Sand shinobi to fight when our Kazekage is threatened.
Go! I order you as the Kazekage to withdraw immediately! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Targeted Tailed Beast" Not a word of this to anyone, understood? IN NARUTO'S FOOTSTEPS ~ THE PATH TRAVELED THE TARGETED TAILED BEAST Tune in again!