Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s20e22 Episode Script

Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Comrade

Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls: The Tale of Naruto the Hero- Comrade It barely missed a vital spot.
I think she'll be all right.
Naruto… Damn it! How dare you… How dare you! This is unforgivable! I'll—! Hey, monster fox! Lend me some more of your power! I'll shatter this wall of rock to pieces! This seal is in a different league.
It will be difficult to break even with my power.
Besides, you're not able to control my power properly yet.
You're drowning in your anger.
Shut up! Don't give up, everyone! However, it's probably impossible to completely stop the compression.
Ultimately… For now, I want to put my trust in them.
"Them?" What? Something inside of me is… Kushina, what's wrong? The Nine Tails… I can usually keep it stabilized but it's irritated and unsettled now.
Is it because you're expending so much chakra for the Four Crimson Rays? That's not it, ya know! I can feel it as well… There's something happening to the other Nine Tails.
Naruto? Ino, contact those on the outside! I need to find out what's going on over there! Right, Lord Fourth! Shikamaru! Can you hear me? Is that you, Ino?! How are things on your side? It's not good, but we're managing.
Anyways, let me know what's going on out there! Okay.
Over here, Naruto… and uh, well…Yahiko… The enemy used a jutsu to trap him in a moon-like seal, like what happened to the village.
Naruto was? Naruto's been sealed? Yes… Naruto went into Nine Tails State and went on a rampage… So the enemy pulled rocks from the ground, hardened them and sealed him away.
Sealed even in Nine Tails State? Kushina! He still doesn't have enough strength or chakra… No way! You can't! If you do that, Kushina, you'll—! Naruto is my son.
I'm his mother.
In order to save you, and the people of the village… In order to do that… But…then… …I'll… All right.
I know that once you make up your mind, you don't listen to anyone.
I'm sorry, Minato.
But I'm the only one who can save Naruto.
Give me your power! Looking at you, I can't tell which one of us is the one in a cage… How can you stay so calm? If this continues, we'll all—! No, never mind.
I just want to defeat that guy! Mom? How come you're—? Why are you so angry? "Why?" Well, that guy who blew up that other village got you, Dad, and everyone in our village! Oh yeah, and he even got Hinata… I can't forgive that guy… If you stay angry, you'll never be able to use your power properly, no matter how strong you are.
Calm down and check in on how everyone is doing.
You should be able to sense them now.
Huh? The people of the village, everyone, is inside fighting.
Hinata! Thank goodness! She's alive.
Okay, so there's one less thing to get angry about, right? When you're nice it's kind of off-putting, ya know, Mom! When you're angry, you can't handle the Nine Tails' power, ya know! Mom! The Nine Tails is—! Huh? What's going on? Long ago… When the Nine Tails attacked the village… Minato sealed half of the Nine Tails inside of me, and the other half in you, who had just been born.
He believed that in time, this power would be helpful to you.
But everyone hated me so much… all because of this monster fox… I'm sorry.
Both Minato and I had faith that in time, you would be able to control this tremendous power.
So what do I do? What must I do to use this power properly?! Like I said, don't get mad.
And pay close attention to what people tell you.
And then think about what the right way is to use this power.
You need a strong will to wield strong power.
"A strong will?" That's why… I use the Nine Tails Chakra with a strong will.
Mom… I'm going to pass on my Nine Tails Chakra to you.
Yin and Yang… When the two chakra become one, I'm sure we'll be able to get out of here.
What are you saying? You're a Jinchuriki too.
If the Nine Tails leaves your body, you'll die.
No! I'm going to make my power and my will live… I don't understand what you're saying! That's why I said to think.
Lord Jiraiya used to say… That you might be the Child of Prophecy who will save the future of shinobi.
Child of Prophecy? Your will is going to save the village… Mom… You are Minato's and my precious son… I'm sorry… This is the only way.
Half will do.
Half is more than enough, right? That side seems pretty cozy, so I wouldn't mind going over there… We might have to do this again someday too… Nine Tails! All right! Mom! I'm leaving the village in your hands! Kushina! Are you all right?! Naruto! Go! What? Almighty Push! You're not in here, right? I only have business with the real you.
I want to talk to you, face to face! I want to hear your side of the story! You're around, aren't you? Not here, but somewhere close by! There you are! Konan, get back.
Nagato! It's all right.
The one in the back is the real Pain? So the strong has come to punish the weak? You're the one manipulating those other Pains? The last Pain you beat was Yahiko.
Yahiko? He's no longer of this world.
He died three years ago in that village.
You killed him.
He's—? I see… But we're not the ones who blew up your village! Back then, the Hidden Leaf, fearing a scandal, destroyed that village to cover it up.
That's how the Great Nations save face.
I supposed it's the obvious measure to avoid being ridiculed by other villages.
You're wrong! Until now, we thought you guys were behind it.
It doesn't matter anymore about who thought what.
It doesn't change the fact that my comrade Yahiko was killed in that incident.
Comrade? No doubt about it… Losing a comrade is tough.
Right now my friend is in danger of being turned into Orochimaru's vessel.
It's a dangerous situation.
We've been rivals since we were kids, and we trained together.
He's an important comrade.
Yahiko was an important comrade to us too.
Sasuke… Is going through a rough time, and he set out for Orochimaru's on his own.
I just have this feeling that he'd understand if we exchanged fists… As his friend, I want him to have one more chance… What are you saying? That's right… We're friends, so we should be able to come to an understanding.
That's why I'll never give up! I'll never give up! We keep being tossed around by the Great Nations… But we'll rescue people like us who are suffering and make them our friends… That's right! That's it! We'll make them all our friends.
Then we'll be able to come to an understanding without having to fight.
We won't have to have wars! That's why we just have to make Team Jiraiya bigger and bigger! Nagato? 'Cuz if I give up, there's no way I can become the Hokage! I'll become the Hokage and become friends with shinobi from lots of different places… No, not just with shinobi, but with the kids too! Anyways… If we're friends, fights like this don't have to happen! Is this… A coincidence? We just have to become friends with everyone… Then we'll be able to come to an understanding without having to fight.
You won't have to fight either! Anyways, I'm not asking you to be my friend… But for starters, let me join Team Jiraiya.
I mean, I was also Pervy Sage's student… I'm not asking you to be my friend… I don't care if you stay with the Leaf.
I want our aspirations to be united…with yours.
What are you? Nagato… I'm asking you to let me join Team Pervy Sage.
But before that I have to save Sasuke and… save my comrades in the village.
I will take on Pervy Sage's will.
It's Team Jiraiya! You're very mysterious.
You two really are alike.
You're right.
Release… What did you just do? I released the jutsu.
You're a mystery.
The things you say… It's almost like someone planned all this… No, In fact, maybe Sensei—! Anyway, whether or not you're suitable to become a member of Team Jiraiya… Depends on if you can save that friend of yours… Yahiko was a man who held his friends in high regard.
If you're like him…then we can… …definitely be friends.
I'll prove it.
I'll save him! Your command of the Leaf Police Force was exemplary.
Thanks to you, there were no casualties.
I'm very grateful.
Oh no… It was an emergency and I just did what was expected of a Leaf Shinobi.
That aside, your son has developed into a fine young man.
Whereas, I have failed as a parent.
We're continuing to search for the two of them.
Regretfully, we haven't gotten any hopeful leads.
All this for Itachi and Sasuke… Your support and that of the village, Lord Fourth, humble me.
I'm just suffering the consequences of my own actions.
Perhaps, I only paid attention to Itachi.
I'm sure Sasuke suffered, being constantly compared to his talented older brother.
Fugaku… I keep seeing images of them together, getting along.
I wish I could see them once more during my lifetime… Yes! This Chakra Nature! But, I've never seen this Change in Chakra Form before.
Who is it? Poison? You're—! From back then! Itachi's your older brother, right? We are the Akatsuki.
We've had our eyes on you since you went to Orochimaru.
That's why we saved you… so a word of gratitude would be nice.
Did you kill your brother? Why you—! You kept shouting deliriously… So it was easy to figure out.
Get lost.
Why did your brother have to die? The ones who should have died, didn't die.
Naruto! Are you going to forgive them? Forgive me, Sasuke.
This irony… This contradiction… Why don't you make it right? The Akatsuki will lend you a hand.
Now tell me.
What is it that you want to do? I have one goal… To destroy the ones who are controlling the Uchiha… To destroy the Hidden Leaf! Orochimaru's dead.
And it seems Sasuke Uchiha did it.
What about Sasuke? Is he safe? Yeah, he is.
But we've received intel that he's targeting each and every Shinobi Village, alongside jonin level Rogue Ninja, the Akatsuki.
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