Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s21e06 Episode Script

The Darkness of Akatsuki

Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: The Darkness of the Akatsuki Do you know a shinobi named Might Dai? I know a Might Guy.
Huh, well that’s the kid from that time.
I was one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
Thanks to Might Dai, the seven of us got cut down to three.
Who could have expected that scuzzy bearded jerk would use taijutsu like that? Anyway, I wanna make something clear I could care less why you joined the Akatsuki.
I don’t even want to hear your reason.
It doesn’t matter why I joined either.
And it’s okay if you don’t want to know.
Listen to me! There’s something I need to ask you.
And… It’s about your ninjutsu specialties.
As you see, I use this Executioner’s Blade and cut up enemies.
So? How about you? Genjutsu, Fire Style and Shuriken Jutsu.
You’re awfully humble! Former ANBU Itachi Uchiha, Itachi of the Sharingan, the Clan-Killer Itachi People throw around many nicknames for youyou’re notorious.
Let’s decide on our formations.
You’ll start with a preemptive attack with your genjutsu, shuriken or whatever’s your specialty.
Then I’ll jump in.
And you back me up.
That will be Formation B What’s A? We each do things our own way.
One word of warning.
Don’t take any opponent for granted.
- Who are you? - Get out of our way! Shinobi villages only say things about peace and order, but they’re really worried about their roles shrinking.
Behind the scenes, they’re all trying to lessen their opponent’s power while increasing their own.
All the while, preventing other nations from finding out their schemes.
That’s why the Akatsuki gets jobs.
The more peaceful the world is, the more work we get We accept every request.
We don’t care about the details.
You scoundrels! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! Why you—! That’s why… We don’t know who’s inside this palanquin… And we don’t want to know either.
There’s also no need to think about who the hell would pay us to do such dirty work.
That’s what the Akatsuki is about.
Pain, the leader, said the Akatsuki was going to rule the world.
That won’t be for a long time.
We first need to amass money and power.
Speak of the devil, he’s summoning us.
So Itachi, have you gotten used to the Akatsuki? How would you feel about changing partners and teaming up with me? Hey, we’re just getting our formation down.
Don’t try to steal him.
I second changing partners There’s an aspect called compatibility I wish our leader would put a bit more thought into this.
You’re one to talk, you damn snake! Thanks to your work, Akatsuki’s reputation is growing in the underworld.
The jobs we’re getting are becoming bigger in scale, which means higher compensation as well.
But that’s only just a step.
And the Akatsuki is ready to move on to the next step… which are the Tailed Beasts.
There’re supposed to be nine of ‘em.
Are those the Tailed Beasts? The Five Great Ninja Nations harbor most of them.
But the whereabouts are unknown for a few of them.
Those who aren’t on a job will try to locate them.
So we just have to locate them? For now.
What will you do with them eventually? We’ll hunt down and collect every Tailed Beast.
And then? They’ll act as our deterrents in our quest for world domination.
Tailed Beasts? Seems to me there are lots of other ways… There’s no mistake in the leader’s reasoning.
Here are the assignments.
Juzo… You’ll handle the request from the Land of Water.
Isn’t there another mission I can do?! You’re familiar with the territory.
This is ridiculous.
I never wanted to go back to that depressing place.
Is that the village where you’re from? The job’s easy.
We have to assassinate a member from the Feudal Lord's clan in the Land of Water.
I'll explain It’s an intra-clan fight over succession, a common occurrence in the Land of Water.
The Hidden Mist cannot interfere in the Feudal Clan's affairs.
That’s why they’ve come to the Akatsuki.
This river’s the border.
Have you ever been to the Land of Water? Never on a mission.
So for an outing then? You’ve got no sense of humor! But you do know, don’t you? What happens to a shinobi from another village if he’s discovered in the Land of Water? The Hidden Mist doesn’t have a policy for prisoner exchange If captured, the shinobi will be made to divulge his jutsu and he’ll be disposed of.
You have it good, Itachi.
The Leaf is naïve.
That’s why you and Orochimaru can go around without a care as Rogue Ninja There is a special unit in the Hidden Mist that track down Rogue Ninja.
If I ever get caught in this village… Oh, I forgot all about Formation C.
If I’m caught by the Mist, kill me immediately.
If I have a chance.
So what do you want me to do for Formation D? Nothing in particular.
Fine, let’s get going! Are you good at infiltrating? I'm average.
Okay, show me.
P-Please! Spare me! I don’t bear a grudge against you.
This is just my job.
W-Wait! Hey… Yeah.
Hidden Mist Jutsu…! Wind Style! Supreme Typhoon! This is—?! Lord Fourth! Is that the Mizukage? Do you remember my warning? Any way you look at him, he’s a kid.
He’s the Jinchuriki of the Three Tails.
And they are the Mist’s Shinobi Tracking Unit.
I never expected you to reappear in the Village, Juzo.
I didn’t wanna come back either.
I had no choice.
I have a ton of things to say to you… At the very least, I’m taking back the Executioner’s Blade.
Even if your partner is Itachi of the Sharingan.
So I guess a surprise attack with your genjutsu is meaningless.
What do you want to do? This one’s a Formation C.
Formation C? Understood.
Don’t look! It's a Water Clone! Itachi! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.
Lord Fourth! You two… I’ll show no mercy.
Tailed Beast State?! The Fourth is a Jinchuriki who can control his Tailed Beast! This is not the Hidden Leaf! Juzo! It’s the Fourth’s Coral Palm Jutsu.
Juzo?! Run… Itachi… W-What?! What is this? The power of the Mangekyo Sharingan? Why you—! Juzo…? Did you kill…the Mizukage? No, he’s not dead yet.
Then… Hurry! Go! But… It's all over for me… You don’t have to be a Medic Ninja to know that, right? I’m sorry.
What a stupid thing to say.
Do you have any last words for anyone? Like I'd have anyone, idiot.
I see…But you have someone like that, huh? Hurry and go! I’m just gonna drop dead, right here, where I'm from… …this god-forsaken, Blood Mist Village… I thought my only partner… was this guy here, but… Juzo Biwa is dead.
Oh my, and he was your teammate, Itachi.
The Jinchuriki of the Three Tails killed him.
Which means you took on the Mizukage and came out of it alive.
Another one of us is dead.
Rather than being killed by the enemy, he was killed by friendly fire.
He was just too slow.
Let everyone here be the judge of that.
Fire Style: Searing Migraine! Done in bad faith.
Sounds like it was on purpose.
He should have just dodged it.
You ignored your partner, didn't you? So what? You wanted to kill him, didn't you? So what? Oh, nothing.
It just seems to happen a lot.
The Akatsuki works in two-man teams.
What will you do, Kakuzu? Will you team up with Itachi who’s also lost his partner? As long as he doesn’t irritate me.
I wouldn’t know how to cater to your moods.
What the hell did you say? Then let's team up and I'll show you.
Wait, I’ll team up with Itachi.
Are you trying to make a fool out of me?! The Akatsuki needs to find some new members.
We’ll put this issue on hold until we do.
Do you know what eternal life is, Itachi? I don’t know yet, either.
That’s why I need a new body.
A magnificent body to link me to eternal life.
First of all, the problem with you… is your greed.
Impossible! Have I fallen prey to the Paralysis Jutsu? What incredible Visual Prowess… Magnificent! Orochimaru… Try all of the jutsu you wish But, my eyes can see through all of them.
You're so blunt… I’m not sure what to do with you.
Whether to kill you right now, or find a way to use you.
I-Itachi! You just don’t have enough No, you lack it completelythe greed… for human life! Lord Orochimaru! I’ll definitely get you back for this.
Orochimaru betrayed and deserted our organization.
I knew it, that bastard.
He always put himself before the organization.
I don’t intend to let Orochimaru get away with this, but right now, we’re short members.
Hey! Hey! Hey! How about letting me join? Get lost! Okay… Leave Orochimaru to me.
His subordinate, Kabuto, is my puppet.
I’ll find out where he’s hiding out in no time.
No need to rush.
I have someone in mind to be your partner.
It can wait until he joins us.
What about me? Do I team up with Itachi? Work alone for a while longer.
I have someone else I’ve prepared to partner up with Itachi.
I’m going to be your partner from today.
Hey, you over there! I’m not gonna fall for your genjutsu ever again, hmm! I’m going to give you a little taste of what art is.
Let's leave it at that.
Sasori… partner with Deidara and go kill Orochimaru.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Partner" Who the hell is this Orochimaru guy? ITACHI'S STORY - LIGHT AND DARKNESS: PARTNER Tune in again!