Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s22e02 Episode Script

Kaguya Otsutsuki

The tale of shinobi… is the tale of restoring Mother.
I shall now show you two… I don't have any candy, but the puppet show is about to begin… Kaguya Otsutsuki Look at that! It's glowing! It looks suspicious! What is it? Is it a star? That's no star, it's moving! How terrifying! Follow it! Yes, sir! A woman? And you're saying that she came from the heavens? Yes… This woman appeared in the spot where the light had fallen.
Be careful! Hmm… What is your name? Answer him! The man standing before you is the King of the Land of Sou, Lord Tenji! You there! The Land of Ka must have sent this woman to spy on us! Interrogate her and make her confess! - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! Wait.
What did you do?! What's the matter? My name is Kaguya.
Kagu…ya? I am the one who protects the Divine Tree.
I have been assigned to take care of your needs.
I am Aino… Lady Kaguya? Several millennia ago, that tree appeared out of nowhere and grew into a massive tree before our very eyes.
But I have heard frightening rumors too.
Anyone who approaches it is quickly consumed by a demon spirit and dies like a withered branch.
Forgive me for speaking of such things! Do not worry.
For it is true… Huh? And some day… Lord Tenji! Ministers Suzaku and Genbu from the Land of Ka are here to see you.
This is the border between the Land of Ka and the Land of Sou.
The issue is this lake.
Presently, this region is said to be part of the Land of Sou… But an ancient manuscript was recently discovered.
On it, has been recorded from time immemorial, that this land was originally within the Land of Ka's territory.
We wish to have this land returned to us.
But that lake is our source of water for our farmlands in the Land of Sou.
If I were to return that land… No matter what situation arises, to return what was stolen to its true owner… is the right thing to do.
If we do not receive a favorable answer, we cannot be responsible for whatever misfortune befalls the Land of Sou! Now, now… I'm sure you will need some time to prepare and take care of things.
We shall return in a few days to hear your answer.
By the way, I understand you have taken a celestial maiden as a concubine.
I hear she is indescribably beautiful and mysterious.
I am most curious to see her.
Without a doubt, this recently discovered artifact is a fabrication by the Land of Ka.
I am aware of that… The Land of Ka makes false claims against neighboring lands as a pretext to war.
That's how they've expanded their lands.
This case is no different.
But they have an army three times greater than the Land of Sou.
There is no way we can win.
Suzaku and Genbu… Sending those two as messengers means… The Land of Ka is serious.
We cannot be meek— Lord Tenji, let's stand up to them! If we are doomed anyway, let's go down fighting and show them the pride of the Sou! Do not panic just yet.
Lord Tenji! What is Kaguya doing? Lady Kaguya spends her days looking up at the sky like that.
It's as though she's waiting for someone to come for her… According to the villagers, they say Lady Kaguya came from the heavens… The thing is…I don't remember my first encounter with Kaguya.
Oh? May I borrow that? Huh? Oh this? You must be freezing, standing in the cold night air for so long.
I wonder if that glowing world above is always beautiful and at peace… A strange feeling comes over me as I gaze up at the night sky… The fact that such a beautiful light lies afloat in pitch darkness… Just what is it? Will I ever be able to go there? I hear that you gaze up at the sky every night… Are you waiting for someone? It's all right if that's the case.
From now on, whenever you're lonely and look up at the sky, I shall be by your side.
Is there anything that you desire? What I wish…is for peace with no more fighting.
Peace…huh? They're from the Land of Ka! Why that—! They're messing with us! Don't! Can't you see they're just trying to provoke us?! Damn it! Lord Tenji! The mischief caused by the Land of Ka at our border is growing steadily worse! Unless we take action… the farmers' ire will reach a breaking point! I understand… But I forbid you to confront the Land of Ka.
But—! I seek peace.
If fighting ensues, many will die.
We must move forward with peaceful negotiations with the Land of Ka.
Anyone who makes a move on the Land of Ka will be executed on my order.
What is he thinking? Is Lord Tenji here? Yes… He comes nearly every night.
It seems Lady Kaguya has come to accept his presence recently, and they've been spending more and more time together.
I didn't ask you for details! Lord Tenji! Lord Tenji! What do you want at this hour? The Land of Ka is at the border with a large army! Kaguya… I must depart for the front immediately.
To war? No, this is for peace.
But if things should go wrong… Prepare to go into hiding right away! Do not worry.
I shall return right away.
Let's go! Yes! Guard the castle.
Leave it to us.
So that Kaguya has left the capital of Sou… This is the perfect opportunity to capture that woman.
There's no need to rush.
The Land of Sou will be ours in no time.
It's just one woman… Be patient.
It's my policy to get what I want as fast as I can.
You're hopeless… Gather skilled men.
We're going after Kaguya.
Yes, sir! You can't sleep? Enemy attack! Alert! Lady Kaguya! Lady Aino! What's going on? So this is where you were hiding! You dare approach knowing that this lady is Lord Tenji's concubine?! Tenji? I'm from the Land of Ka, why should I care about him? The Land of Sou will fall very soon.
To put it bluntly, what belongs to Tenji will soon belong to me.
The rumors were right… such a beauty.
And very refined.
From this moment on, you are mine! Lady Kaguya, please run! Lady Kaguya… Like you can escape! Lady Kaguya! Even in this situation, you're not scared… Well, that just makes me like you more! Take her! Do not touch me.
Don't back off! So the bewitching beauty is actually a monster… Th-The Land of Sou is really doomed now… I would like you to withdraw your troops immediately.
You seem to be under the wrong impression, Lord Tenji.
We are not at war.
This army is just to protect our boundary.
Such a large army just to protect the boundary is… I do not intend to wage war either.
There's proof in the fact that I have ordered anyone who draws his sword against the Land of Ka to be executed immediately.
Oh, is that so? Then I want you to execute Kaguya.
This woman known as Kaguya killed my vassal, and then tried to kill me! Impossible… Kaguya would never—! If you think I'm lying, ask this woman.
Is it true? Yes.
Lady Kaguya… dispatched the soldiers of Ka with frightening power… Lord Tenji! Unless you behead Kaguya, this war will not end! I'm leaving.
What happened to you? That woman Kaguya… is a horrible monster.
Leave the witch-hunt to them… And in the interim, we'll conquer everything.
Kaguya did this? Whatever the reason, there seems to be no doubt that she tried to kill Sir Suzaku.
Kaguya… What are you going to do, Lord Tenji?! Are you really going to execute Lady Kaguya? Unless I give them her head, war will not be averted… Are you really willing to do that? Send all troops after Kaguya… Leave no stone unturned.
Find her.
I have no other choice… Are they… …pursuers? They're from the Land of Sou! So Lord Tenji dispatched them! Let us hurry.
My fate is with the Divine Tree! Lady Kaguya! If you explain what happened to Lord Tenji, I'm certain that he will forgive you… Lady Kaguya… My strength… Lady Kaguya! Could you be…with child? This is terrible! How could Lord Tenji—?! I must get to the Divine Tree… Please go… I will stop them.
Wait! Lord Tenji! Please order your soldiers to retreat! Lady Kaguya is with… Aino! …with your child, Lord Tenji! Lady Kaguya… Please bear…a healthy… Aino! It's now time to destroy the Land of Sou! Onward! The Land of Sou will now be ours.
Kaguya… Kaguya! Shine upon the world, Infinite Tsukuyomi! What is this? Kaguya… What…are…you? I shall rule over this world… Together with my children.
Mother loved this world.
She tried to love humans.
But that hope was dashed.
She personally ate the fruit of the Divine Tree to try and protect her children.
But real despair started there… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Hagoromo and Hamura" Shortly after, Mother gave birth to twins.