Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s22e04 Episode Script

A Fabricated Past

A Fabricated Past I think… I've mastered Sage Power.
Well, you just might be able to take Kaguya on.
A Messenger Toad? What?! Kaguya has returned and they're not able to contact Hamura anymore.
Then… It's safe to assume that she has seen through our plans.
The moment of confrontation has now arrived.
Forgive me, everyone! But this is the only way to save this land.
This is far enough.
Any closer, and it would be dangerous.
Go and hide somewhere.
If you and Kaguya fight… …I can't begin to imagine the scope of the battle.
This is for the both of you.
What is this tag? SAGE SAGE Do you feel its enormous power? It's a treasure that has been passed down in the Land of Toads.
It is forbidden to take it outside of our land, but our lives are also on the line.
There is Sage Power infused in that tag.
Our ancestors sacrificed their lives to make it.
Use it when you don't have time to replenish your Sage Power.
It can only be used once, but it can revive you, even if you're on the verge of death.
I am indebted to you.
I will pray for you and your brother's success.
Hagoromo… You two broke the law and went to that peak, didn't you? Hiding things from me is useless.
I can read your thoughts and feelings.
Then you must know why we're angry with you, Mother.
It seems you were in love with that young girl… Not just her… But everyone from this land, every single one of them… I loved them all, Mother.
I also found out what you did in the past.
Why would you do such a terrible thing? You both don't know how dreadful they can be.
That is why an army is necessary.
They're your soldiers? Mother, just what are you? Where did you come from? I come… from a place far, far away in the sky… A place where you two can never go.
But someday, they will come to take me back.
Love doesn't work on them… They only understand power.
Still… even you must have believed in love in the past?! We are proof of that love.
But… my love was also betrayed.
My strength… Lady Kaguya is with… Aino! And now, I am to be betrayed by the two for whom I risked my life, and shared my power with.
Mother, please feel the power of love once more… and stop the Ritual of the Divine Tree! I will not.
Mother! I protected you, and nurtured you all this time.
It seems it was all for naught.
We will never see eye to eye.
So, Hagoromo… I am taking back…that power.
Hamura! Mother! What did you do to Hamura?! Hagoromo, if this love you speak of is real… you will not be able to kill Hamura.
Snap out of it, Hamura! I'm not your enemy! So she took Hamura as a hostage! If he stays on the defense the whole time, even Hagoromo will… What's he planning on doing? Forgive me, Hamura! Elder Brother! I… Mother was controlling you.
I messed up, didn't I? Don't talk.
I'll heal your wound.
SAGE Damn it… Using the Secret Treasure of the Toads for that purpose… The wound is healed! What did you do, Elder Brother? If we make it out of this alive, thank Gamamaru.
Hagoromo… Hamura! Mother… I am indebted to you.
You enabled me to awaken my Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan.
What is that? Elder Brother! Look! What in the world is that? I feel an enormous power… And that is how Hagoromo and Hamura's battle with my mother Kaguya began.
This is where the real battle started.
Mother had the power of the Divine Tree.
In order to protect Mother, the Divine Tree turned into the Ten Tails.
The Ten Tails was not just the Divine Tree, but also my mother herself.
It was not just the manifestation of the Divine Tree trying to take back chakra… It was the will of my mother trying to take back the chakra she had shared with her two sons.
The intense fighting between my mother and the brothers continued for months.
It took a massive toll on the land.
And at long last, the decisive moment came to be.
Hagoromo and Hamura's powers overcame Mother's.
Now, Elder Brother! Catastrophic Planetary Devastation! Mother gathered up every ounce of energy she had left, and just before the seal took hold, she gave birth to me.
You…came out of her? Even Hagoromo did not know of this truth… Nor was he aware that I was working on her behalf to restore her.
I split the Ten Tails into nine souls.
When you look at them like this, they're very cute.
What will you do with them? I will take care of these Tailed Beasts.
I will raise them to trust humans and to help them.
Elder Brother, I think I'm going to stay by Mother.
Hamura? When I was being controlled, Mother's consciousness was present inside of me.
I felt her emotions.
Mother was afraid all of the time.
In order to protect us, Mother only did what she thought she had to do… It made me feel that she was just a woman, alone all by herself.
I guess I love Mother, after all.
Hamura… You are a kind soul.
Elder Brother… I will always be up there in the sky… watching over the world you create.
Come visit once in a while.
We won't be that far apart.
I will.
Take care of yourself.
And so, that's how the battle between my mother and the brothers ended.
But I was left, with no power at all.
That is why I went deep into the darkness, and carefully planned my mother's revival.
In the meantime, Hagoromo was ignorant of all of this and raised Indra and Ashura.
He even created that Ninshu, Ninja Creed nonsense.
Time passed and Hagoromo died… And just before passing away, he scattered the Tailed Beasts to various parts of this world.
Two things are required to revive Mother… The Divine Tree and Infinite Tsukuyomi by means of Rinnegan.
But the Rinnegan requires Hagoromo's chakra, which he passed on to Indra and Ashura.
And the Tailed Beasts, which form the Ten Tails, were scattered across the world.
In order to bring Mother back, all of these things had to be collected.
You can't imagine the amount time that was required to do this.
So first of all, in order to regain Hagoromo's chakra, I took advantage of Indra who lost the fight over succession.
I tempted Indra.
And later, I selected Indra's descendants, the Uchiha to be the cast of my tale.
I revised the stupid script that Hagoromo wrote just a little bit.
You mean…?! That's right.
Hagoromo's Stone Tablet… I rewrote it to say the Infinite Tsukuyomi was the path to save the Uchiha.
I must say… You Uchiha performed your parts brilliantly.
Why you—! Indra and the Uchiha.
Ashura and the Senju.
I was able to set up a pattern of fighting and power seeking.
Furthermore, time after time, I'd approach the reincarnate of Indra and Ashura in each clan… to attempt Rinnegan manifestation.
But it always ended in failure.
Just with that alone, a thousand years passed.
But when Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju were reincarnated, I came to believe… that Madara could achieve it.
That this was the first step towards Mother's revival.
However… Madara Uchiha lost to Hashirama Senju… I thought I had to go back to the drawing board.
But Fate did not turn her back on me… Madara's corpse is like a treasure trove to a shinobi.
Tobirama, who had been studying the mysteries of the Sharingan, stopped short of disposing his corpse.
And instead, hid Madara deep within the mountains of the Leaf Village.
But Madara was no fool… He figured that if he lost to Senju in battle, Tobirama would not get rid of his body.
So he placed a jutsu on himself.
You can invoke a time-delay spell in one's eye using the Mangekyo Sharingan.
Just like the way Itachi implanted the Amaterasu with a time delay in you, Sasuke.
Madara had installed the Izanagi in his right eye.
At the cost of his right eye, Madara rewrote reality and returned to life.
He then passed off a shadow clone as his corpse.
He vomited the flesh he bit off of Hashirama, and grafted it on his wound.
After that, Madara awakened his Rinnegan… and summoned the Gedo Statue.
He then cultured Hashirama's flesh using the Gedo Statue, in an attempt to prolong his life further.
Those goblins, the White Zetsu, seemed to be an incidental by-product of that.
But they were actually the people put under the last Infinite Tsukuyomi, whom I extracted from the statue.
I just made it look that way.
"Two polar opposites operating together gives rise to all things in this universe.
" Just as it was inscribed in the Stone Tablet, Madara solidified his attachment to Hashirama.
I began formulating a plan… to collect the Tailed Beasts by making it look like I was born out of Madara, and to also manipulate Obito.
I formed the Akatsuki and steered them towards war.
In order to increase battle strength, I deliberately let Kabuto discover Madara's corpse… And in addition, I guided him to use Madara's corpse as a bargaining chip, and made Obito cooperate.
This war went exactly as I planned.
The Infinite Tsukuyomi was launched during this war… And by amassing a large amount of the human chakra that had been scattered… Mother was restored.
I detest you… Hagoromo… Hamura… You are mine.
My role has come to an end.
You shall return with me to the almighty god that is mother.
You two alone aren't the entirety of shinobi history! Besides, moms are supposed to be happy about their kids leaving the nest! Your teenage rebellion continues… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The No.
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