Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s22e11 Episode Script

A Special Mission

With that being said, our mission is over.
You're dismissed.
We're done already? But it's only ten in the morning! Lately, all of our missions have been so boring! When are we gonna get an S-rank mission? "S-rank"? A loser like you? What are you talking about? We're still genin! I want something with more pizazz…more oomph! Uh, there aren't any.
Okay, dismissed! You heard him, Sasuke.
So how about today, just the two of us… I'm going home.
Just hold on a minute.
There's only one S-rank mission that we can do.
A mission that's failed numerous times… One that only we can pull off… …to see what Kakashi Sensei's face really looks like! Let's find out what the best-kept secret about our target is! A SPECIAL MISSION Why are you trying to act like you know what you're saying? A SPECIAL MISSION Just forget about that already.
Right, Sasuke? This is the perfect mission for a day like today.
I couldn't agree more! INNER SAKURA I got tricked! INNER SAKURA Cha! But what do we do? Every time we try, it never goes well.
I already have a plan! What is it? Photos! If we go through every single photo Kakashi Sensei is in, there's bound to be at least one… I never told you this, but I already checked once before.
He has a mask on in every one.
The photo submitted to the Hokage for the Ninja Registration Form… …should be one of him without a mask.
But it's an extremely classified, top-secret document… Accessing it would be no easy task.
He overheard us! Who cares if he overheard us or not?! Who are you? I'm Sukea, a photographer.
I travel to the east and west looking for scoops.
What about north and south? Naruto! You've been getting hung up on insignificant details since earlier! Anyways, I was searching around for a scoop and happened to overhear an interesting conversation… He did hear us! Should we get rid of him?! You idiot! Ouch! He's right.
There's a rule that the photo for the Ninja Registration Form must be of your entire face.
It's so obvious, we didn't even think about looking there.
Will you let me join you in this adventure? What's your motive? If I'm able to capture this Kakashi guy without a mask, I'll have the biggest scoop since the Hidden Leaf was established.
Even if it's hushed up, I'm sure to make a lot of money out of this.
Hey! Hey! When you get the money, you have to treat us to ramen! Promise? I'll even throw in some dumplings.
So it's settled then? This is getting interesting… Oh, you guys… INNER SAKURA I'm getting kind of excited for this! Secret documents are stored here… This is an infiltration mission… Mr.
Sukea, will you be able to keep up? Before I started taking pictures, I was a rank-and-file ninja… All right! Let's begin the mission! Not done yet, Sasuke?! Shut up… Wait! Can we switch? It opened! Wow! Sukea… What division did you belong to? The Intel Unit that reported directly to Lord Hokage.
That's the… ANBU Black Ops.
Things happened and now I'm retired.
Considering your past, is it wise for you to be doing this? You'll be targeted by the ANBU.
Don't worry about it.
C'mon, let's go.
We have to search in all of these? Let's hurry.
Found it! This is it! Okay, let's open it.
The moment is finally here! REGISTRATION FORM REGISTRATION FORM REGISTRATION FORM Don't move! We're taking you in.
Make a move and we'll take that as resistance… Depending on the situation we may have to take you down.
I-I feel like I'm going to sneeze.
Idiot! Hold it in! Damn it…we were so close! FIRE Really? An infiltration mission? I'm so sorry… I tried to stop them, but they insisted… Huh?! What a jerk! So you planned on blaming us from the start if this failed?! They wanted to see what you really looked like… You're a former ANBU Black Ops, aren't you? Honestly! Who cares what I really look like?! You've got some nerve blaming us! I thought it was strange.
You're skilled, and you're a former ANBU.
You could've done this alone.
I can't stand guys who are handsome, but do nasty things.
Sorry! Sorry! I'll make it up to you by helping you photograph Kakashi Sensei's face.
This time with my photography skills.
What? You're still gonna do this? Why? You're already giving up? What's your plan? Let's go for Kakashi himself.
We'll lure him out to a meal, then photograph him while he eats.
We tried many times and failed.
Every time, at the very moment we have a chance to see his face, we get interrupted.
With this multi-exposure camera I built, we should get at least one photo.
SWEET CHESTNUTS Sensei! I need to talk to you about something very important, ya know?! What is it? Well, why don't we eat some dumplings while we talk? I'm ready! All right, I'm gonna take you up on your offer! Hey, Naruto! Were you guys out taking a stroll too? Don't bother us! We're doing something really important! What is it? I'm about to find out.
He already ate it?! But this time, we got you on camera! This is…impossible… You're kidding… Not a single one? I feel like some divine power is at work here.
I guess this means… the mission is over and dismissed, huh? I guess I'll be… Hey, Naruto! What are you guys up to? Kiba… And everyone! MAKEOUT PARADISE Kakashi Sensei! P-Perfect timing! U-Um… O-Over there… What's wrong? Calm down and tell me.
A woman's drowned… O-Over there by the river… What?! This isn't good.
Her pulse is weak.
Good job, Sakura! Her medicine's even fooled Kakashi Sensei! This calls for… He definitely has to take his mask off now! This woman's in danger! We can't waste any time! We have to get her to the hospital! Plan A…failed.
Everyone, switch to Plan B.
Sukea, please get into position as well.
All right, he's coming! Just as Shikamaru predicted, he's gonna pass this way to the hospital.
Everyone get in position! Expansion Jutsu! Human Boulder! Roll! Roll! Roll! What're you doing?! We have to get her to… Go! Hidden Jutsu! Beetle Sphere! Now! Now! Scatter! Mind Transmission Jutsu! Look, you guys… I get that you want to see what I look like, but think of the situation at hand here! She needs to get to the hospital ASAP! Shadow Possession Jutsu! Complete! Do it now, Sukea! It finally worked, Naruto.
You can have ramen and dumplings now! Hey guys, the plan worked! Finally… You guys should all be grateful to us.
That's because— Okay, Kakashi Sensei… Get ready! Do it, Shikamaru! It's time for the unveiling.
Wait, wait, you guys.
Let's just talk things over.
H-Hey! Stop! Stop! C-Calm down! Keeping this a mystery makes it more alluring, don't you think? Ramen and dumplings at Ichiraku sound way more alluring to me.
So you were bribed! Checkmate! Hey! Wait! I mean, please wait! You're being annoying, Lee! Please spar with me! Neji! What? Don't interfere! Enough is enough, you two! Hey! Wait! Sorry! Ouch! A S-Shadow Clone? What's the hell is going on? Does this mean Kakashi Sensei was on to us from the very beginning? It was too bad… But I'm really grateful to all of you.
Nah… Thanks to you Sukea, we had a great time! Thank you! I'd better get going.
Let's team up again if something comes up.
Hope you get your scoop! They really seem like they're having fun! It was sheer coincidence that Kiba came to the dumpling shop… But who would have thought everyone would team up.
But something like this is good, once in a while.
But it really wears me out… …using this many Clones and Transformations.
It was a close call with my mask… because of everyone's teamwork.
Even if they got the mask, it's no harm done.
Because I'm wearing a back-up mask underneath.
Food is the best way! That has the highest probability… But the problem is, how do we get Kakashi Sensei to eat with us.
Bad timing! They're coming this way! Hey! Excuse me, but did you notice any kind of trouble going on around here? Huh? No, there wasn't anything… Kakashi… I heard him and his team were making a commotion all around town.
Sorry for stopping you.
N-No problem.
Uh, can I help you? Don't I know you from somewhere? N-No… I don't think so… Really? Well, excuse me.
Later! I could have sworn I've met him before… Changing your voice really puts a strain on the throat.
RENTAL AGREEMENT It turned out to be a good mission after all… Their teamwork's gotten much better than it was during the bell-snatching mission.
Oh well… I can probably only keep this up for about two or three more attempts… I can't use a pervy move to distract her anymore.
So I gotta go back to the basics …and corner her! If she tries to escape through that weird window again, I'll enter it with her.
That's where I'll look for Sasuke! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Connecting Thoughts" I can still sense Sasuke's chakra clearly! CONNECTING THOUGHTS Tune in again!