Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s22e20 Episode Script

Unison Sign

Naruto… Just disappear already… and take our bond along with you! Sasuke wins! All right, you two… make the Unison Sign.
You wanna piece of me, you loser? What is this? Sasuke… If you and I fight… We'll both die.
Am I dead? This sensation… It must be… Probably.
Pitiful, isn't it? You had the Nine Tails… and I was an Uchiha.
We were ostracized from the village and treated like outcasts.
And we resented the village and its people.
Right? I won't let you say I'm wrong.
You called me your brother… In that sense, perhaps we were.
You're totally wrong! Damn it, you don't understand, do you? Sorry, Grandma Tsunade… I promised…I wouldn't die… until I became the Hokage… Oh yeah! The Infinite Tsukuyomi! This is bad! The Release Jutsu can't be activated without us being there, right?! You're dead…and you're worried about what happens to the world? Of course! We can't leave it like that! Sakura and Kakashi still remain.
They'll figure something out.
I hope so.
Naruto! The Hokage, huh… Pretty soon, Big Brother, they might carve your Great Stone Face over there! Big Brother? Forgive me, Sasuke.
This is it.
And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always.
Big Brother… I'll be seeing you…soon.
You've finally come to, eh? As you can see… if either of us moves too much, we'll bleed out and die.
Why would you go that far? Why do all that… just to get in my way? I gained the power to enter the darkness, and sever all bonds… And naturally, everyone's tried to cut their ties to me as well, at some point.
But you… You've never attempted to cut me off.
The only one who can handle all that hatred is me! Why do you keep involving yourself with me? You already know, don't you? Now that your body can't move, your mouth sure is moving a lot.
Just answer me! 'Cuz you're my friend.
What is it with you anyway? I'm your friend! Just what the hell do you want? Why are you so fixated on me? It's because I'm your friend! I've heard that before.
But what exactly does that mean to you anyway? You ask me to explain it, but I really can't put it into words.
It's just that… when I see you take on stuff… and get all messed up… It kinda… hurts me.
It hurts so much inside, that I can't just leave it alone, y'know? Though right now, I'm in a lot of pain all over, and I can't do anything about it.
Naruto… I knew you were always alone back then.
The village shunned you, just like they did with me… the lone Uchiha survivor.
You intentionally did stupid things to get scolded, most likely to get people's attention.
In the beginning, I thought you were good for nothing.
A weakling who just constantly wanted to goof around.
But the more I watched you being idiotic and getting scolded over and over… For some reason, it started weighing on my mind.
I thought back then, that your weakness was gradually rubbing off on me.
Then, every time I'd see you, I'd think about you more and more.
Seeing you desperately trying to bond with others… made me remember my own family.
And I don't know why, but I felt relief.
But at the same time, I considered it a weakness.
I trained hard as if to escape that weakness.
In order to get my revenge on my brother to become stronger than him.
And yet… I ended up on the same team as you.
And I began thinking about my family again.
I went on missions with you as you jabbered on and on about becoming Hokage… I saw how both of us were getting stronger… And one day, I started to feel the desire to fight you too.
And I began to see a shadow of my own family in Squad 7… That's why every time I saw you suffering… That's right… I felt it… I felt pain too.
When I understood your hurt, I finally saw you as a comrade.
But on the other hand… I couldn't leave you alone.
You were getting stronger and stronger.
Watching you steadily get stronger… I… I knew that you were always alone.
I wanted to walk over and start talking.
I'd get sort of giddy.
But I stopped myself.
I was jealous because you were good at everything.
So I made you my rival.
You've been… my goal.
I had nothing, and I found a bond.
I wanted to be strong and cool like you.
That's why I kept chasing after you.
It was the opposite.
In reality, I was the one who was jealous of you.
Because you had a strength that I didn't.
You were always walking in front of me.
Just like my late Big Brother.
And…even today… I'll let you deal with Sasuke.
That was my plan from the start! Entrusting it to you was the right thing to do, after all.
These are—! Naruto's memories.
My dream… is to surpass the Hokage one day! And that's why I'm going to make everyone in the village acknowledge me! I have to be ready… I'm gonna be called the Hokage, someone that everyone acknowledges.
There's no such thing as a shortcut! Quit messin' around, I'll never run away! I will make it! Even if I stay a genin for the rest of my life, I'll become the Hokage.
So I don't care! I never go back on my word.
That's my Ninja Way! I'm different from you.
I'm absolutely gonna become the Hokage.
Becoming the Hokage is my dream.
I won't die… until I become the Hokage! I'm gonna become the Hokage to surpass all the previous ones! That's my dream, you idiot! The Hokage is someone who endures the pain and takes the lead in front of everyone.
So a Hokage never walks over his comrades' corpses.
There is no shortcut to becoming the Hokage! And there are no ways out for the one who becomes Hokage! No way can a guy who can't even save one friend become the Hokage.
Isn't that right, Sasuke? Naruto How far…have you—? No matter how powerful you become, don't try to shoulder everything alone.
You share your father's dream, don't you? Then don't ever forget… Becoming Hokage doesn't mean people will acknowledge you.
But when the people acknowledge you, you can become Hokage.
Never forget your friends! Big Brother… I see.
Then… show me… Where are we? Don't tell me this is really Heaven this time? Looks like we fell asleep and slept until morning.
We've failed to die again.
Damn it! I still can't move! I was hoping to punch you hard and make you finally open your eyes! W-What is it? We're messed up like this, and you still wanna fight? Damn right! No matter how many times it takes— I admit it.
I've… lost.
You idiot! This fight isn't about winning or losing! It's about punching a sulking friend, to make him snap out of it! That's what it's about! The real match that I want, comes after that! Hey, Naruto… I just acknowledged you.
If I die here, the long cycle of destiny the Sage of Six Paths mentioned will probably end as well.
This is…a kind of revolution too.
You can release the Infinite Tsukuyomi after I'm dead, by transplanting my left eye into Kakashi or someone else.
I'll put an end to myself.
By dying? Don't think dying will settle this! If you're willing to die, then live and help me instead.
What I want to do is to make all shinobi cooperate with each other.
And that definitely includes you! Just because you want that doesn't mean others will agree to it.
Damn it! If you keep whining and sulking, I'll slug you again! There's no guarantee I won't stand against you again… Then I'll stop you again! Besides, I know you're not going to do that kinda thing anymore.
How can you be so sure? Don't make me repeat myself! Haven't you figured it out yet?! Now that I think about it… You were always pretty stupid too… THE UNISON SIGN Shut up, you loser.
I'll start knowing your pain and feelings too, Naruto.
You never cut me off.
You kept trying to get closer to my feelings.
You never stopping calling me your friend.
Even though I tried to sever those feelings myself.
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