Nashville s01e00 Episode Script

Special - The Whole Story

1 Teddy! Oh, wait I got one.
If there's a woman who seems to have it all it's Rayna James.
Why does she have to go to work? Somebody's gotta work around here.
I thought we were rich.
She has a loyal husband two beautiful daughters It's a long, long road And a legendary career as the queen of country music.
But I'm leaving you for Tennessee I got a demon riding shotgun Telling me not to go But what they don't know Is I'm already gone Rayna grew up in Nashville.
Audrey! Oh, Rayna! And she's the pride of her hometown.
Can I hug the next mayor of Nashville, please? Your father here tonight? You know daddy doesn't go for the hillbilly music.
Well, he don't know what he missin'.
I think he does.
It's time.
But in this town, the competition is fierce.
Be nice.
Oh, I'm always nice.
Rayna, I want you to meet Juliette Barnes.
She's a big fan of yours.
White, it is such an honor for me to get a chance to sing for you tonight.
You wouldn't say that if you knew me better.
Have you met Rayna? I know you.
You're burning it up out there, girl.
Oh, thank you.
My mama was one of your biggest fans.
She said she'd listen to you while I was still in her belly.
Well, that is a charming story.
You probably gotta go on soon.
I'm sure you're gonna wanna make sure you got those girls tucked in there real good.
Hey, listen, we gotta run.
Great meeting you.
Great show.
Great show.
What the hell was that? Looks like we got a little work to do on that "be nice" deal.
Juliette Barnes is at the top of the charts.
I might stay up, drunk on wine Hurt like hell Ugly crying black mascara tears She's a crossover sensation and a one-woman empire.
"Good morning America" and the "vogue" shoot are locked in, and they're still waiting for approval on the perfume bottles.
But her roots are grounded in country music.
Deacon Claybourne? Oh, my gosh.
I just I love your songs and your playin'.
I have your very first record on vinyl, and I just it's amazing.
It is available in the antique stores here and there.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
- That's all right.
-I'm making a fool out of myself.
It was nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Bet she says that to all the guys.
She didn't say it to me.
Why don't you get yourself a big boy guitar? Maybe she will.
I love him so much.
He's the best there is.
Why isn't he in my band? He's been with Rayna for, like, twenty-something years.
And all that I had to Deacon Claybourne is the best guitar player in Nashville and the long-time bandleader for Rayna James.
You might also catch him at the bluebird cafe, performing his own songs.
Am I back home? Thank you.
Uncle Deacon! Hey, Rayna, come here a sec.
Hi! You remember my little niece Scarlett? What?! Oh, my gosh.
Last time I saw you, you were a teeny, teeny, tiny thing.
She's living here now, working at the bluebird.
Are you a songwriter? No, I write poetry, but my boyfriend is a songwriter.
This is Avery Barkley.
Please to make your acquaintance, ma'am.
Nice to meet you.
Scarlett was Avery's biggest fan as he struggled to make it as a musician.
I just need one person to really get behind us.
I'm behind you.
Her friend Gunnar was also an aspiring songwriter and recognized that Scarlett had her own talent.
These poems are good.
You ever thought about putting 'em to music? Oh, sometimes I hear music in my head when I'm writing 'em, but mostly they're just thoughts Ah! Hang on a minute.
Play what you heard when you wrote this.
Oh, no, no, no.
I can't.
All right, well You sing, and I'll play.
With Gunnar's encouragement, Scarlett got over her shyness.
Please welcome to the stage the Bluebird cafe's very own Scarlett O'Connor.
If I didn't know better I'd hang my hat right there If I didn't know better I'd follow you up the stairs That was quite a performance.
You looked like naturals up there on that stage.
I'll make you a deal.
You get three songs together.
I'll cut the demo for you myself.
That's amazing, Mr.
Done, then.
This is how deals are made around here.
A friendly offer can change everything.
Why don't you come take over for buddy as my bandleader? His wife's baby's due two weeks into the tour.
I'm-a have to replace him anyway.
I can't do that.
Why not? I can't do that to Rayna.
I'll pay double whatever she pays.
We could write together.
I bet you and I could have a lot of fun on the road.
She's got Randy doing her records.
She wants you in her band.
What, she coming for my house next? She says she wants to write with me.
Ooh, she got you in your soft spot.
I always wonder why you never cut more of my songs.
I don't know.
Felt weird.
Maybe they were all about me or something.
They are.
I guess.
Sometimes I wish I could just do everything all over again.
That makes two of us.
Rayna was at a crossroads and found herself in a battle for her career.
Indianapolis 3 years ago, we put 16,000 tickets on sale.
They were gone in an hour.
Now, same venue, we've sold 2,800.
We came on the charts at 20, and we're falling.
So what's the plan, guys? One idea is for you to combine tours with Juliette Barnes.
You're kiddin'.
You have to cut down production costs, or you're gonna lose money.
We'd be better off canceling the tour.
Who's the genius that came up with this idea? Marshall Evans, the new head of the label.
Marshall, how are you? Welcome.
It's a pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.
Please, come in.
We believe that you and Juliette together will be a huge event.
I understand that.
You know, when I signed at this label, it was at the most rundown little house over there on music row.
I mean, I feel like I built this company.
You've gotta find your place in a new market.
So you're telling me after 21 years at this label If I don't open for your little ingenue who wouldn't make it as one of my backup singers, that you're not gonna support me? Those are your words, not mine.
But still, I need to know your decision.
Well, you can kiss my decision as it's walking out the door.
Corrections by wilson0804 In the eyes of her fans Juliette could do no wrong.
Cut! Just two more setups, and I never have to hear this song again.
But she was only interested in one thing To be taken seriously.
People think this is all I can do Make pop music for pre-teens.
What's happening with getting Deacon Claybourne on my tour? Our people called his people.
Look, I'm doing my part to snag him.
You'd better be doing yours.
Rayna's tour troubles couldn't have come at a worse time for her family.
I'm not the first guy to go bust, and I'm working on some deals right now that are gonna put us in better shape, but, you know, in the meantime, you could borrow money from your dad, you could do whatever you want.
I'm not gonna use my daddy's money.
You know that.
Now, look, I get it.
He was a lousy father, but it doesn't change the color of his money.
You don't know him.
We're just gonna have to figure out something else.
It is my honor to proclaim this lamar Wyatt day.
As one of Nashville's most powerful businessmen, lamar Wyatt kept politicians in his back pocket.
I'm-a run my own candidate for mayor Teddy Conrad.
Son-in-law Teddy? Beloved star of country music for a wife sure as hell doesn't hurt.
I see something in you, Teddy something that maybe you don't see in yourself right now.
Wouldn't be wasting my valuable time.
What about Rayna? Yeah, who's gonna tell her? You are.
Your first order of business as a mayoral candidate is to grow a pair.
Did they make you an official offer to To do Juliette Barnes' tour? That is just so out of line.
I'm not touring with her.
I'm touring with you.
But Juliette was coming on strong, and she put Deacon's loyalties to the test.
You ready to go write? What, now? Ah, come on.
Don't you have any adventure in your soul? Come.
Just 'cause I ain't lived through Or make any more of you I wouldn't trade my best day So you can validate All your fears And it's a whole lot Harder to shine Than undermine Always wished the best for you Thought that you would see me through My wildest dreams You know, the ones you'd thought I'd never make You know, we can do a whole lot more of this if you just come on tour with me.
Just to have your way Deacon, you are a dead man.
Whoo! It's all talk, talk, talk Talkin' in the wind Think about it.
We would be out on the road and playing for sold-out venues.
Screaming fans.
And then when we weren't, we could be writing songs.
That song today that wasn't just any old song.
You know, that could be just the beginning.
Right now it doesn't sound half bad.
We wrote a song.
That's it.
I don't know what the big deal is.
You don't know what the big deal is? No.
How about the big deal is we gotta do a show we haven't done in a decade and a half.
I know that.
I need you here working on our tour, our song.
You're right.
I'm here right now.
I'm working.
No, you're not.
Swatting around with miss sparkly pants, and I'm here, trying to figure out if we can even do these songs without completely humiliating ourselves.
What are you even talking about, these songs? I play these songs, all right? Every third Thursday at the bluebird, I'm there, playing our songs.
You'd know that if you'd ever been once in the last ten years.
Don't you dare try to act like I haven't been there for you! You wanna see what it looks like, me not being there for you? What's it look like? This is what it looks like! If I wanna fight like this, I'd have a damn girlfriend! When it came to her husband, Rayna was there, standing by Teddy as he launched his campaign.
But when Lamar's investigators began looking into his past dealings, Teddy went on the defensive.
My resignation from the credit union had nothing to do with the cumberland deal falling through, if that's what you're suggesting.
We're not suggesting anything.
We're only asking.
I'm sorry.
Yeah! Thank you.
How about these guys, huh? Thank you.
A little surprise.
I got a friend out there tonight in the audience A really special and talented friend, and I'd like to ask her to come up here and do a number with us.
Uh, please put your hands together for miss Rayna James.
Don't you try to tell me Someone's waitin' They're not waitin' For you When you were just starting out, you dated Deacon Claybourne for 11 years? It was a bit more than dating.
You began to see your husband while you were still involved with Deacon? It was more like entangled, and y-yeah, Deacon had some personal problems, so I started to date Teddy.
No one will ever love you So you think he's lying about something.
I'd bet 5 to 1 there's something fishy in that whole mess.
A mayor with secrets is easier to control.
Will ever love you Like I do You're a hard girl to say "no" to.
But I'm gonna have to.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, I hope she's worth what you're giving up.
At what point did you end your relationship with Deacon? I did that when he went into rehab.
And in the intervening years between then and now, there's been no no, absolutely not.
You know, guys, I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna have to stop.
No one will ever love you Like I do Like I do Can you tell me what's really happening with the polls? He's down 12 points.
He has a fund-raiser this weekend.
I could sing.
You sing? Yes, I sing.
Just tell me where and when.
It's at the country club.
An old friend of Teddy's was working on the campaign.
Hi, Peggy.
Thanks for doing this.
Appreciate it.
Always said you'd make a great politician.
Ah, well, well see.
Why didn't you tell me that, uh, old Peggy is on the host committee? Never even crossed my mind.
She still got the hots for you.
What's that? What's that? I don't think so.
It's been 15 years.
What are you getting at, anyway? Oh, I don't know.
Just Peggy.
If you were a window And I was the rain I'd pour myself out And wash off your pain Gunnar and Scarlett went into the studio to record.
So your light could shine through Then I'd just fade into you And their demo led to a full-time songwriting gig.
That is what we call the wall of fame People that started out with publishing deals just like y'all.
I'm new here.
I know.
I'm Jeanne's assistant.
Hey, this is Scarlett, my partner.
My my w-writing partner.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, Jeanne wants to take us to dinner tonight.
Actually, a lot of what I learned is from Avery.
He's an incredible songwriter.
Come on, Scarlett.
It's true.
You are.
Stop it.
Well, they have a band.
They play at the 5 spot all the time, and they're really amazing.
That's enough, really.
You know I hate it when you do that.
D-do what? I don't need your help, okay? No.
I've got my band.
My music speaks for itself.
You know what? I'm just gonna walk.
The evening ended on a better note for Gunnar and Hailey.
How awkward is this gonna be at work? Just so you know, I plan on making it incredibly awkward.
Loving you is the only way Loving you is the only way Gunnar and Scarlett had an opportunity to present one of their songs.
Somebody said Some dreams come true They invited Avery to accompany them, but he used it as a chance to showcase his own talents.
What the hell is wrong with you? What was that down there, huh? Excuse me? All you had to do was play what was on the chart, not try and steal the spotlight.
Hey, man, no one told me not to be myself while you and Scarlett were making eyes at each other.
It's acting, you idiot.
We're trying to sell a love song.
Yeah, well, pretty damn good acting.
Won't do you no good If you run from me Endorsements and deals have made Juliette a brand name, but her ambition wasn't just about getting to the top.
Love it.
for a second.
She was also trying to run away from her past.
I just got off the phone with the label.
Your mother showed up there.
She's looking for your address, your phone number.
They gave her 100 bucks to leave.
My mother is a drug addict.
Nobody can give her anything, ever.
I got nowhere to go! I'm your mama.
But her mother was in bad shape, and Juliette was left with no choice.
I know that this is probably the last place that you want her, but I feel like she's gonna cause a lot more trouble out there than she could in here.
Thank you, baby.
Please stay with her.
The stress drove Juliette to pick up an old habit of her own.
It's Juliette Barnes.
Did she just take that? But Juliette wasn't the only one whose past was making things difficult.
Sorry I'm late.
So finally you decided to grace us with your presence.
You know what? I'm only doing this for Rayna, okay? It's called a favor.
I'm not gonna kiss your ass while I'm doing it.
That's his job.
What the hell, Deacon? I didn't even ask you to do this.
We have a show to do.
Someone did.
Do you think I want you to be here right now? Please.
I'm here to help you.
Hell, I'm not even voting for you.
Oh, what you know about politics couldn't even fill a shot glass.
Shut up! Shut up! I know a prize pig when I see it.
Are you drinking again? Is that it? Please! Teddy, Teddy, Teddy.
Can we just get this over with?! How y'all doin'? What once was sooner Now is later The first one in Now is last The hero then is now the betrayer Where once was fear Now is fast I have stood on the changing ground I have walked like a man I don't know what you were thinkin'.
But now I'm gonna have to go home.
Are we done here? Yeah, we're done.
With the men in her life at odds, Rayna was forced to choose sides.
I can't deal with it anymore.
I'm your husband.
I'm firing him.
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
Stay down.
Just stay down.
Juliette's shoplifting incident went viral and threatened her career.
I just got off the phone with the executive producer of the C.
You're welcome to attend, but they're removing you from the list of presenters.
I know you don't wanna hear this, but as quickly as you came up in this business, that's how fast you can disappear.
The damage was done, and Juliette's sponsors began to drop out.
Your tour for now It's off.
Teddy's history with Peggy Kenter was bubbling to the surface.
Teddy, someone's gonna find out.
You cannot say a word to anyone.
My campaign, my marriage, my entire family depends on it, and yours, too.
You floated your funds.
Where'd the cash come from? One of my partners, Peggy Kenter.
Partner in what sense? Strictly business.
But, you see, now there's a federal audit, and she's scared.
I'll make sure Peggy feels safe.
You just keep your head in the campaign.
Thank you, lamar.
Your father-in-law is a genius.
These auditors just packed up and left.
I told you we'd be all right.
There's not a writer in town that doesn't wanna work with you.
It's just, the good ones have commitments.
Maybe I should do it myself.
Maybe you should.
The time was right for Rayna to give her career a fresh start.
What you working on? Writing a song by myself, for a change.
But at home, tension was building.
What exactly happened between you two? You sleep with him? No.
Did you want to? Teddy, we have got to just put the past behind us.
Believe me, I'm trying.
Juliette was trying to get her life back on track, but her mother was bottoming out.
Get out of my house! Hey! Get out! Those are mine.
That's not fair! You cannot keep doing this over and over again.
You have got to get some help.
I don't have to do a damn thing.
There's nothing wrong with me! With nowhere else to turn, Juliette reached out to Deacon Who'd overcome his own addiction.
Hello? Hey, it's me.
Jolene, I can't promise you what's gonna happen if you get clean, but unfortunately, I know exactly what's gonna happen if you don't.
I don't mean to be like this.
I know a really good place, jolene.
Those places don't work for me.
That's exactly what I said until one of 'em did.
Jolene agreed to get help.
Man, those are just for my back.
Come on.
You can't take these with you.
Going back to that place was, uh, hell of a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.
Coleman Carlisle is a fellow addict in recovery and a sponsor.
You're holding on to somebody, and it's time to let it go, okay? There's seven in there.
I know.
I counted them all night.
After months on the local circuit, Avery caught the eye of an industry insider.
Marilyn Rhodes.
I'm a manager, and I would love to represent you and the band.
I think you're gonna be huge, and I'm gonna help you get where you belong.
Why don't you give me a call so we can talk? Good night.
Oh, my God.
To find her new sound, Rayna needed a new producer.
What do you think of Liam McGuinnis? I think he's a nonstarter, and he's a crazy rock star.
He's won five grammys.
Well, he's won zero C.
He has a dog named June after June Carter cash.
Oh, my God.
How many times have you read that article? A lot of times.
Get me a meeting, please.
I'm Rayna James.
Yeah, I know who you are.
I've just gotten further and further away from why I decided to do this in the first place, which was about sharing my truth with people.
So you came to me to find your voice again.
To find my voice now, yeah.
Truth is a ball and chain Holding my conscience to the flame Covered up but still I know The secret of a life you're guilty of The smoking gun is what I found The dirt I have on you Is the ground Oh, I'm buried under Scotch, rocks.
I was told to stay away from you.
You told Marilyn not to work with Avery? It's not like that, Scarlett, all right? Why would you tell a manager not to sign him? Marilyn only reps good-looking guys under 30.
She only signs them after a certain closeness has been established.
She can't sleep with everybody she signs.
She does.
Why don't you come by the house around 8:00? And we can talk about your career and get to know each other.
Yeah, I'm buried under Did you sleep with that woman? What? I can't believe you would even think that I would consider putting myself in that kind of a situation.
You know, when you're telling the truth, I get two words out of you.
When you're lying, you can't shut up.
Oh, I'm buried under This is It's electric.
This is the kind of magic you can't teach.
This is you.
Election's just over a month away, and you're still 7 points back in the polls.
What are you thinking? The clean campaign pledge event tomorrow What if a supporter in law enforcement could delay Coleman on his way to the pledge site? How are you, officer? Is there a problem? You failed to signal a turn back there.
I told you when I agreed to run that I don't wanna do anything to harm Coleman personally.
Step out of the vehicle, sir.
Sir, do you have a prescription for this oxycontin? Look, I can explain.
Turn around.
I'm buried under Who did this? Liam McGuinnis.
Well, that's too bad.
We don't work with him.
Well now might be a good time to think about making an exception.
The answer's no.
You know, Marshall, I feel like you don't wanna work with him just 'cause he doesn't wanna play your game.
Why do you have to fight me on everything, Rayna? I'm not fighting you.
I'm fighting for what I believe in.
He's my guy.
This is my sound.
Get on board.
After Coleman's run-in with the police, he was presented with a way to get even.
Does the name Peggy Kenter sound familiar? Is this as bad as it looks? I know an affair when I see one.
These pictures leak out It's gonna ruin his marriage.
Rayna will never forgive me.
You don't owe Rayna or her family anything after the way they've treated you.
Oh, it feels wrong.
Sometimes you have to do a little wrong to do a greater good.
Juliette tried to put her mother's drama behind her.
She moved to a new house and got back to work.
I do not see how this is supposed to help my public image.
Sean Butler.
Thank you for coming by and supporting the event this year.
Oh, my pleasure.
Would you like to hold him? Oh.
A date with a wholesome young quarterback was a clever P.
You as much of a goody two-shoes as you seem? Are you really as much of a klepto as you seem? I got an idea.
Let's get outta here.
And go where? Wherever we want.
We're young, we're hot, and I got a jet.
And I've got practice in the morning.
And I promise I'll have you back by your curfew.
Are you gonna tell me where we're going? South beach.
A friend of mine can get us into the balcony.
Which balcony? The balcony.
You do not get out much, do you? Have you ever been drunk? I don't drink.
You really are a choirboy.
Or not.
You play? See what you learn to do when you stay in on a lot of Friday and Saturday nights? I might stay up, drunk on wine Hurt like hell, ugly cryin' Black mascara tears Sure is a wild scene.
I told you it would be.
Club soda, please.
I got practice.
Dance with me.
Now that I can do.
What? You might actually be having fun with me.
What started as a stunt became something more.
I was, uh wondering if maybe you wanted to stay, um, home with me one night? Are you asking me out? I'm asking you in.
That sounds great.
So is dad gonna be home for movie night? I hope so.
He wouldn't miss it.
Daddy! Come here.
Okay, so comedy, Sci-Fi, action, or chick flick? Documentary? Boring.
Just when you think things are settling down, life throws you a curve.
Hello? I'd like to speak with you privately.
Can you come down and meet me at the Riverwalk? Coleman was ready to play for keeps.
Drop out the race, Teddy.
You have until the weekend to decide.
There is no affair.
I believe you.
I just don't think anybody else will.
Hey, I'm playing a set at the Ryman this week.
It's my label's anniversary concert, so it's kind of a big deal.
Do you wanna come, get your mind off the game? With you? Mm.
Yeah, sure.
Edgehill-Republic's 25th anniversary show was the perfect venue for Juliette's comeback, but Marshall Evans was calling the shots.
We're all judged by the company we keep, and in front of the industry's heavyweights, I think you'd benefit by performing with someone who's viewed with tremendous respect.
Rayna James.
What? The idea aligned two big stars and created a lot of fireworks.
Well, I just think that we need to go out big.
I think I know how to close a show.
Okay, then why don't we look for a song that gets 'em all the way up in the balcony instead of a ballad that puts 'em to sleep.
We might be differing about what it is that gets them in the balcony.
My fans are looking for an exciting show.
I understand that.
You should be happy that I'm even here to expand your fan base.
Let's be clear about something right now.
You are gonna be on that stage because of me.
All right? I am doing this as a favor for the label that I helped create.
You have not earned that place at all, and everybody here knows it.
Juliette had reached her limit and looked to Sean to get over her frustration.
But the Q.
wasn't ready to play.
It's not the right time for this.
What are you talking about? I just I think we should wait.
Are you kidding me? Let's talk about this.
No, I do not wanna talk about it anymore! All right, this was never gonna work anyway.
Juliette you need to go! Don't.
Look, ray, I get it.
Y'all two don't mix, and she's not exactly miss manners, but I'll tell you what.
There's something there, all right? She sure as hell didn't deserve that.
It's just as simple as this.
I don't believe in that music.
It's called "undermine.
" I wrote the first verse.
She wrote the rest of it.
You listen to this.
You tell me that girl doesn't have it in her to be a great songwriter.
I think we need to start over.
I think there's just one solution.
Okay, what's that? We need to write it.
You wanna write with me.
Nope, but I think that's what we're gonna have to do, so, uh, let's just set our minds to it.
We've agreed to the situation, we are going to suck it up and be pros about it and get it done.
No, I think we have to let the verse breathe.
But the chorus is the hook, and we have to get to the hook fast.
No, we don't.
What's the hurry? Seriously, what's the rush? Okay, fine, fine.
This song about Deacon for you? Not necessarily.
How about for you? All of them.
Do you have any orange juice? I have some vodka.
You think they're still alive? Hard to say.
I wouldn't wanna get in between those two.
Actually I would.
Suit up, boys.
We've got some work to do.
What, you got somethin' for us? We're about to find out.
Incredible! Word of the day Wow! Avery and his band finally got a break.
Man, how long y'all been together? Since junior high.
The fact that y'all stuck together tell me a lot about y'all.
Let me holler at you real quick.
I love what you doin'.
Some incredible stuff.
But I think we could dirty up the vocals just a little bit.
Why don't you come down to A.
with me? Yeah.
You in? Yeah, absolutely.
That's my man.
Hailey had a plan to get Scarlett back on her feet.
What are you doing here? I am picking you up and dusting you off.
The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.
Let's go.
It was showtime at the Ryman for Rayna and Juliette.
Sean dropped by to make peace and set the record straight.
Look, I just I want you to know that I would like nothing more than to make love to you, but I respect any woman too much to do that outside the confines of marriage.
Really? I know that's weird and old-fashioned, but I'm willing to play it any way you want to.
But what I want is just to really get to know you better.
And if you did, you you wouldn't like me very much.
It's too late.
In honor of this wonderful evening, I've got a very special guest here A fellow Edgehill-Republic recording artist and a friend of mine.
I'd like to invite her to the stage right now Miss Juliette Barnes.
Coming through your speakers This one's about a liar and a cheater Who didn't what he had Until it was gone You got the wrong girl, 'cause I got your number Don't know what kind of spell you think I'm under This ain't a feel-good, "everything's fine" sing-along You got the wrong song This is gonna be huge.
Do you wanna dance? Uh She'd love to.
Uh, that was fast.
You're welcome.
Now go lie in it All I got to say to you is good-bye How'd you think I'd react Singing "baby, come back" You got the wrong song coming through your speaker What are you doing? Me? You go M.
, and I find you hooking up with some guy you barely know? I wasn't hooking up.
I thought I was supposed to relax and let loose.
Yeah, well, I didn't think you'd be that loose.
There y'all are.
I shouldn't have come.
What the hell happened? You don't think I saw the way you looked at her the other night when you were so quick to come to her rescue? So this is because you're jealous? Come on.
Hey, wait.
It's over, Gunnar.
But you got the wrong song Yeah That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
Oh, yeah.
You guys could not top that if you tried.
We are gonna release that song as a live single.
I don't know what to say.
How about saying "Rayna, I'm so excited to release your new album"? All right.
It's a deal.
Whoo! Rayna's high didn't last for long.
Well, I guess Coleman got tired of waiting.
The photos of Teddy and Peggy were released to the public.
Peggy's reaction led Rayna to assume the worst.
People don't try to kill themselves for no reason.
You had an affair with her, right? No, I didn't.
Rayna finally learned the truth.
You stole money from a bank.
Which which we paid back.
I did it to protect our family.
You didn't do it to protect our family.
We never needed that money.
You did it for yourself.
I trusted you.
You still can.
I don't think so.
Avery's career was taking off.
Dominic Wells wants to work with me, so I'm flying to Atlanta in the morning.
Congratulations, Avery.
We always sa that this bottle was for when I made it.
But then we should have opened it when you got your deal.
So, uh enjoy.
Thank you.
As Scarlett moved on, Gunnar revealed his true feelings.
You're amazing.
Someday should tell you that every day.
I'm telling you that Mm! I can't do that.
I'm sorry.
I've wanted to do that since the day you walked in here.
You can't just go around kissing people 'cause you feel like it.
Well, then then when should you? I have to admit, I could get used to this.
But like I said, I'm serious about working with you.
Just you.
Uh what about my band? Come on, man.
We'll build you up, and then you can get another set of guys.
Hey, babe.
These are for you.
Thank you, Juliette.
These are lovely.
Sean's parents invited Juliette to their home for dinner.
She felt like part of the family, but that didn't last long.
We've worked hard to build Sean's brand, and we won't see it tarnished just because he got himself tangled up in repairing yours.
Butler, that may be how we met, but I genuinely care about your son, and it means a lot to me that you guys had me here tonight.
I've read about you.
I've read about your mother.
You, this family don't hold your breath, sweetie.
Freakin' Deacon! Deacon received an intriguing offer from old friends.
Hey, brother, you and Rayna You killed it the other night at the Ryman.
I mean, we think you never sounded better.
Oh, yeah, thank you.
We want you to hit the road with us when we head back out.
Seriously? 2-year contract, and if everybody's still digging it, then full member.
Would like a little time to think about it, if that's all right.
What is keeping you tied down here to Nashville? After all these years, you can still jump that wall.
I just wanna make sure you're okay.
There's no music No confetti Clouds don't cheer and How you doing? Okay.
Asked to go on tour with the revel kings.
You gonna do it? I don't know.
What do you think? When the right one I think you gotta go off and see what's around the next bend.
I guess we both do.
Every single broken heart Will lead you to the truth Wow.
You are the most Beautiful thing I have ever seen.
I had a A bit of a heart-to-heart with your mom last night, and I just started thinking about You and me, family.
I don't know how else to say this.
Will you marry me? Hey.
People are loving the duet.
We wanna strike while this song is hot.
It could really be beneficial to both your careers.
An arena tour.
You co-headlining with Juliet.
50/50 split, alternating who closes the show every night.
What do you think? I'm not saying no.
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