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On the Record 3

1 Narrator: Now it's time to go on the road with the cast of "Nashville.
" Hear your favorite songs performed live on stages across America, with exclusive performances of original music written by the stars of "Nashville.
" It's a concert experience like you've never seen before, with an intimate look at life on tour.
- Brrrr.
- Brrrr.
We're bringing music city to your hometown with "Nashville: On the Record.
" Man: And cut.
- [Bell rings] - Good! [Acoustic guitar strums] - Should we do this? - I don't know.
[Guitar strums] - Do you want to do - "A Life That's Good"? When you're ready.
Hey, what? Howie.
Look at his paws.
[Laughs] Sittin' here tonight By the firelight It reminds me I already have More than I should - We got to have a 6 - How many are you bringing? I'm gonna bring the Les Paul.
I'll have the guild for "If Your Heart Can Handle It.
" You bringing that? Yeah.
I can't not have it.
It's the heart and soul of the "Nashville" cast.
[Laughs] I know the feeling.
Oh, that's pretty Yeah, this is my D-28.
- This is yours? - Yeah.
It's a '56.
New old guitar? Again, just change the battery in it.
We'll change the batteries in those, restring, and should get us going for the first couple shows.
- Okay, cool.
- I got to get going.
- Okay.
- We'll get everything out.
- I'll see ya.
- All right, buddy.
All right.
It's gonna be fun, man.
- I'll see you soon.
- Later.
See you in New York.
Like, it's a perfect song to end with.
You know what I mean? 'Cause it is kind of that That's what it'll be.
I'm sure we'll do it as an encore.
Both: I don't need fame No one to know my name [Music fades] [Cheers and applause] Esten: It is so unbelievable to be out here among true diehard, deep-down fans of "Nashville.
" [Cheers and applause] [Strums guitar] I bet you've seen all the episodes.
I bet you even watched the live concerts.
Did you watch the concerts, too? [Cheers and applause] Those are called "On the Record.
" And just so you know, we took "On the Record" on the road.
Look at the film crew we got.
Come on out, guys.
Let them see you.
Smile, everybody.
Be real pretty.
[Cheers and applause] Bowen: don't tell me I can't sing this song - [Crowd cheers] - Tell me that I got it wrong - [Rhythmic clapping] - This is where I belong Don't try to change my melody Make me dance a different beat 'Cause this is where I belong Well, heaven knows That I can't sleep Listen to the sound Of my own heartbeat I'm tempted by The brightest stars They call my name But they're still so far Don't tell me I can't sing this song Tell me that I got it wrong This is where I belong Don't try to change my melody Make me dance a different beat 'Cause this is where I belong This is where I belong Oh, this my song [Cheers and applause] Is this the crew that's always following you around? This is Steve Buchanan.
He's our executive producer of the show.
He's the reason we're out here on the road right now.
My hero and great friend.
- Thank you, buddy, for having us out here.
- Thank you.
In thinking about the whole idea for the show, I always imagined that touring would be a part of it.
And what's exciting to see was that not only did the cast have the interest, but they also had the ability and the talent to do that and to pull it off in, I think, what is a really special way.
Come on, now [Up-tempo country music plays] I still get I get terribly nervous every single time.
It's not negative nerves.
It's like butterflies.
The first two nights, I was so nervous 'cause I've never been on tour before.
It's all those little details of how your monitor is going in your ear In-ear monitors or the floor monitors.
Every show has been different.
Backstage is different.
We got to acclimate ourselves, figure out where we can warm up.
You can't hear anything backstage, so we have to sing right up next to a wall so we can hear ourselves.
It's not that interesting.
You know, I've been in front of large crowds before, especially doing theater and whatnot.
I've been used to the live portion, but never doing music that I you know, as just myself.
Your brain is just operating at full bore, trying to remember all those little details and trying to get it right.
I always try and find a corner, maybe a minute before I go on, and just close my eyes, take some real deep breaths.
'Cause the worst thing is, when you get real nervous, you know, it's all about your diaphragm.
It affects that, and you step out and you sing your first notes and you're a little bit shaky.
Peeples: Running to the restroom every few seconds, in case I have to throw up.
Palladio: I have about a 15-minute vocal warm-up.
Get me some water, some honey, some lemon, and I just squeal.
- Brrrr.
- Brrrr.
And you're really loud, and it's really annoying.
- [High-pitched voice] Brrrr! - Man: Sorry about that.
I just That was so loud.
She just goes to the most annoying sound and the highest note I've ever heard in my entire life.
Honestly honestly, I told you in was annoying.
And it's obnoxious.
It's very obnoxious.
[Laughs] It helps me sing.
Find myself going up the stairs to my room.
And I get up there, and it's like, "why did I come up here? I don't know.
" And go back to the stage and watch for a second, then go back on, and you're It's just a fancy version of pacing, because you're like a lion in a cage.
You just want to get out there.
- [Cheers and applause] - Thank you, Philadelphia! Please welcome to the stage Mr.
Charles Esten! [Cheers and applause] My sweet addiction Till someday When I kiss those whiskey lips Goodbye-ye-ye-ye Bye-ye-ye Ahhhhhh [Cheers and applause] [Music stops] Thank you! Thank you very much.
[Guitar plays "Hurtin' On Me"] A smile on your face and your finger on a trigger The odds of the pain are about to get bigger Come on, come on, come on If you're gonna do it, baby, do it right now You're no good But it's so good Wrong me in Wrong me right Burn me up Hurt me like you mean it [Dryer whirring] [Laughs] [Cheers and applause] Carmack: I'm gonna do an original song for you here.
I think it resounds with everybody trying to find their way in the world, and, you know, will's a lot of inspiration for that, as well, so hope you enjoy it.
I have the joy of playing an original song.
Two, three years ago, I performed this song in the basement of the viper room for 12 people.
Tonight I get to perform it onstage for a sold-out audience.
And I just downloaded it on iTunes today.
Finally got my feet wet Can I commit to this rising sea? Or am I comin' home? I know for a fact I've sold four copies.
I bought the first, Sam and Colin bought the second and third, and Jeff bought the fourth one.
So we're doing good.
- Did you buy it, too?! - I bought it, too.
Aww, dude! Killing it.
But there's nothing free about bein' alone It's one of the real cool things about this tour that the producers, especially Steve Buchanan, said, "yeah, we want you to do songs from the show, but we also want you to do a couple of your originals.
" I've tried medication To fill the void in my soul The fans of the show, especially with social media and "On the Record" specials that we've had, they get to know our characters, but they're also getting to know us a little bit.
And I think it just makes it a more unique individual experience.
They can see the show, they can see us do those songs on the show, but here's even one more added thing on top of it.
Being alone We have all been artists for a long time but never really, you know, been able to develop our own sound.
And being on the show kind of let me do that, as well as give me the opportunities not just to explore myself musically but to actually go out, you know, on the road and do this kind of thing.
Palladio: I was living in London, playing to maybe 15 people in terrible little clubs.
This job has given me this opportunity to, one, be on this great show and made these amazing friends and be in a city that's full of music, but then to come out on the road and play in the tower theater here in Philadelphia tonight.
Let's just say, playing for thousands of people is better than playing for dozens of people.
And they tell me Realize my freedom while I'm on my own That first applause from the crowd That's what the show earned.
It's what you do as the night goes on You want to earn it from there.
You want them to go, "I started off applauding because of what they do on the show, but at the end of the night, I was applauding for what the show here at the theater was.
" We're just real grateful, and we want to give them a night that they'll remember.
I've tried contemplation I thought I could think myself whole But there's nothing free about Being alone [Cheers and applause] Narrator: When we return, a closer look at Lennon and Maisy Stella as they make a stop at "Good Morning America" We're so excited.
Early but excited.
and Clare Bowen introduces us to a special person joining her on tour.
Bowen: I didn't know that this is what love was supposed to feel like.
Narrator: "Nashville: On the Record" returns in a moment.
Maisy: So, my favorite page Here it is Buddy Miller, Huey Lewis and the news, Emmylou Harris, John Lennon, my parents, me and Len dog.
[Both trilling] So, we had the first concert of the tour last night, which was insanity.
So exciting.
And now we're about to go on "GMA" this morning.
- Yes.
- It's more nerve-wracking, but honestly, it's cool, 'cause it's right then.
You don't even have to wait, like, the month for it to come out.
Just use your Robach: Their book "In the Waves" is out today, and it's based on their original song of the same name.
So great to have Lennon and Maisy here with us! - Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
So, tell me about this children's book.
Woman: Can I get a picture with you girls? - Yeah.
- You guys are both amazing.
Thank you so much.
When I get the feeling That my prayers have hit the ceiling On those darker days We're gonna be like, "hey, follow my little sister.
She cool.
" Like, this is the inside scoop.
["Ho Hey" plays] I've been trying to do it right I've been livin' a lonely life We were super nervous about the idea of them going on tour.
We've toured a lot, and it is a lot more exhausting than people realize.
Sleepin' in my bed And so we discussed it with them, and they were, like, freaking out.
They were wanting to go so bad.
So, you know, we ended up talking about it, and talking about it with the girls.
And we ended up getting a bus, rather than flying show to show, and that eased up, I think, a lot for them.
I can write a song It's good having parents that know kind of what they're doing and that wouldn't put us in a position that isn't in our best interest.
You belong with me You're my sweetheart We basically try to do everything we possibly can do to avoid bringing too many people in.
Like, I style their clothes and do their hair and do their makeup, and we work out songs and work with music with them.
She is our designer.
- She's our makeup artist.
- She designs and sews our clothes.
If we get something from goodwill, she will make it fit us, no matter what it is.
It's not it's not "goodwill.
" It's "zhudvill.
" "Zhudvill.
" On the red carpet, everybody's coming up to them and like, "oh, what are you wearing?" And Maisy is like, "my mom made it from a dress from goodwill.
" [Laughs] When you go on a field trip, like, in school or something, and your mom is, like, the chaperone, it's, like, the comfort of that is basically what this has been for us.
Their whole family is a part of our show.
It's not just Lennon and Maisy.
It's Brad and Marylynne, for sure.
Love We need it now Let's hope for some Brad: We made this pact that we would never make an artistic decision based on money.
You know, you'd never put something that they're not just dying to do, you know, that they're just in love with, because then it just becomes, you know, a job when you're 11 and 15, and there's no need for that.
You're my sweetheart [Cheers and applause] Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Esten: They're sweet girls, and I know the mom and dad will keep them that way.
Marylynne: They're the best kids.
They really are.
And that's what we're protecting.
We want them to be able to, you know, just love what they do but still be remain beautiful people.
She's a hippie, right? Don't.
[Chuckles] Well, a little bit.
That was pretty hippie.
- Was it? - Yeah.
I liked it, though.
[Laughs] We'd have stayed in that same small town How much effort they put into, like, keeping us normal kids, like taking me to my dance lessons and my tumbling lessons and It's the best.
I mean, we get to do this stuff, which is just insanely amazing, and also get to have friends.
I do get the teen life.
Not this perfect Every second worth it More than we deserve and nothing less Than the very best Marylynne: We could walk out to thousands and thousands of people, play music, and have it be the best it could possibly be for us.
It doesn't compare to when you watch your kids walk out on a stage.
I do not get used to it.
It's not something I feel like I will ever get used to.
I cry every single time they play.
There's no comparison to that.
I've got two kids, and they both walk out together.
That's magical.
We love you, Boston! Please keep your hands together for miss Lennon and Maisy Stella! [Cheers and applause] ["Believing" plays] I don't remember How I got here When my rose-colored glasses disappeared Man: Clare, introduce us to the handsome man sitting next to you.
This is Mr.
Brandon young.
That my prayers have hit the ceiling I was contacted about a year ago by Clare's management.
I got a text message that said, "drop what you're doing, download this song.
I need you to sing this duet with Clare.
" So I did, and I listened to it.
And they brought me in, I met Clare.
We ran through the song twice, and then, the next time we were singing it was, strangely enough, in front of 13,000 people.
When I'm broken You put me back together again Clare and I kept in touch, and we started writing together.
And, uh, now we're together together.
Brandon has taught me a lot about songwriting.
Just is kind of, I guess, my my soul mate.
When I get the feeling That my prayers have hit the ceiling On those darker days When my faith has lost all meaning You keep me believing Bowen: Having him out here is a godsend.
He has a beautiful, beautiful voice.
He's a fantastic songwriter.
And he's been on the road for like 15 years with John Hiatt and Jennifer Nettles and a bunch of people.
So he's got a lot of road sass.
He knows he knows the ropes.
[Guitar solo plays] If every red heart Starts feeling blue Bowen: When you have those moments in the middle of a show, where it can get overwhelming There are lots of people out there I just look at him.
And at the end of a very long show, a very long day, a long tour, to be able to lie down next to your best friend is I couldn't really ask for very much much.
I'm very grateful for him.
when my faith has lost all meaning You keep me believing You keep me believing You keep me believing [Cheers and applause] Thank you, guys.
Lennon and Maisy Stella.
[Cheers and applause continue] Narrator: When we come back, Sam Palladio and Chris Carmack take a detour in the city of brotherly love We went the wrong way for a mile and a half.
Narrator: And Clare Bowen opens up for the first time about the challenges of life on tour.
I guess I have social anxiety.
Like, big crowds of people scare me.
Narrator: "Nashville: On the Record" will be right back.
- Are you guys ready to go? - We are.
["He Ain't Me" plays] I heard tell you got a brand-new boy They say you done well, he's the real McCoy The kids are gonna think we're so cool when they see this.
[Laughs] Well, some of us.
Well, he might might be all that But, honey, he ain't me [Crowd cheers] I bet that guy's got a line or two He cares and swears he's there for you He thinks he's Mr.
Right And he might be But he ain't right for you 'Cause, honey, he ain't me Here we are, approaching the "Rocky" steps.
[Panting] We went the wrong way for a mile and a half, and then We actually jogged further the wrong way than it would have taken us to jog the correct way.
But, girl, it ain't you I feel bad 'cause when you break up You're gonna crush that boy like a Dixie cup When you come running back eventually 'Cause when all is said and done He ain't me [Crowd cheers] He ain't the one who can love you best He ain't got this heart beating in his chest He may be sweet, he might be true And there's a girl for him But, girl, it ain't you I feel bad 'cause when you break up You're gonna crush that boy like a Dixie cup When you come running back eventually 'Cause when all is said and done He won't be the one That poor sad son of a gun He ain't me [Finale plays] [Song ends] - [Cheers and applause] - Thank you! [Guitar tuning] Carmack: And please keep it going for Sam Palladio! [Cheers and applause] Whoo! ["When You Open Your Eyes" plays] When you close your eyes, you can only go back To the place in your mind where it all goes off track I probably grew up around more animals than people, so there was a time in my life where I really didn't see anybody but my parents for a long time.
So I have I guess I have social anxiety.
Like, big crowds of people scare me.
I've been pulled into crowds before, and Steve, he kind of actually, like, reefed me out by my arm.
So, I get a little bit, like "oh!" When there are lots of people around.
Not from the stage, though.
I don't know why.
Breathe I'm always by your side Bowen: So, I had a little bit of that going after the meet-and-greet, even though people were so nice.
And and my dad walked in.
I'll still be here when you open your eyes And I haven't seen him for like [Sighs] Uh, six months or something.
[Sniffles] Maybe longer.
And it all just went away, and I got to hang on to my daddy.
When the sun breaks through and you're feelin' strong This is my daddy, all the way from Australia.
[Laughs] When you give your best, but it still goes wrong Bowen: It's really special to be here and to walk on stages where the Beatles and Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner and Hank Williams and Johnny Cash and June Carter All these wonderful people We get to walk where they walked.
You get a lot of moments like that in this show.
It's like, "is this real?" I'll still be here when you open your eyes [Music intensifies] Won't you open your eyes? Celebrity is such a silly thing, but if you are up there in front of sometimes thousands of people, you best use your powers for good.
Palladio: I'll still be here when you open your eyes [Song ends] [Cheers and applause] Thank you so much, Philadelphia.
I'm gonna send you both a file.
Narrator: When we come back, nerves will be tested when last-minute changes are made to the set list.
Hopefully I have the recording, so if it's as is, then we should be good.
Narrator: What happens when the cast goes off-script for their next big performance? Find out when "Nashville: On the Record" returns in a moment.
Carmack: Whew! I see you! You think you're being sneaky.
I see you.
[Indistinct conversations] - Aah! - [Laughs] He goes [Laughs] "Oh, I thought there was a camera on me.
" I go, "okay, what?" [Laughs] We got him so good.
Man: That ought to work.
Do you want to sing backup on that? We had you and Clare on my song.
My goodness.
Whoo! Hopefully I have the recording, so if it's as is, then we should be good.
One more time, then you start walking out Let me hear you again And then it's to the next town To the next stage There's something about being surrounded by creative people, like this band and these cast mates of mine, that makes you want to shake it up.
I think we all have a great deal of faith in one another, and hopefully, it's not misplaced.
These shows give us a chance to have fun and improvise and And give people a show that, you know, is polished and is also kind of raw.
Songs are popping in and dropping out.
It brings kind of a sense of fun and danger.
Chip's always got new ideas.
I'm gonna send it I'm gonna send you both a file, and I'm gonna send you both the lyrics and the chords to it.
Literally 50 minutes ago, Chip decided that he's gonna do this kind of big, thrashing rock song to finish his set.
And we were trying to work out harmonies for it.
And he got Chris and I in there to try and, you know, piece together harmonies.
I was struggling, and he goes, "how about you play drums?" And I was dying to play drums this year again.
And so listened to the track.
It's a great groove, and, "let's do it!" So we just ran down here to his sound check, and asked if it was okay with the band, and that was about 50 minutes ago.
So we'll play the song in an hour and a half.
Coming to play drums for me right now is Mr.
Sam Palladio! [Cheers and applause] Yeah! Look at the guns on Gunnar! And then it's to the next town To the next stage Gonna turn this story to the next page Flyin' down the road on a highway We don't know where we go Linden: It's an amazing job, trying to put this all together, and it's been really fun.
I mean, I work with these guys all the time, so there's great chemistry that I have with all of them and that they all have with each other.
Colin linden plays these guitar parts on these songs.
And then, before we shoot it, he teaches me how to play it.
I'm being instructed how to play some of the coolest guitar parts.
It's been really amazing to see how much more developed each one of them has gotten over the course of the show.
[Guitar plays mid-tempo music] I think you're doing a pretty good job.
I just had a conversation with Colin, because I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna play electric tonight, which I have not yet done on the tour.
And I was asking him, "you got any tips for me?" When you hit the lick, I backed off a little bit.
And if you and I'll be just watching it - and just being supportive.
- Yeah.
Having these guys as a resource to turn around and ask these questions to is pretty spectacular.
["And Then We're Gone" continues] What's probably not different is that, "let's do it that way tonight and see.
" We have this unbelievable band, and it's a little unfair of us to throw it, last minute, at a sound check.
Okay, we have some more new charts.
[Chuckles] It's a little bit Barrel-of-Monkey-like.
I think that's the technical term for it.
Esten: They're probably victims of their own great talent, that we go, "they can learn this in 15 minutes and play it again like they played it on the album.
" Linden: If changing the set list makes Chip feel that, "for this audience, I'm gonna want to really deliver this.
" You know what? I'm there to be his wingman, no matter where he wants to go.
I said, bye-bye We got to fly Drink in my hand, tear in my eye Let me hear you make some noise For one more song And then we're go-o-o-ne [cheers and applause] [Song ends] Thank you! Good night! [Cheers and applause] Narrator: After the break, the cast pays tribute to the Nashville nation, friendships are formed, memories are made.
Meet the diehard fans that have traveled far and wide to meet their favorite stars, when we return with more "Nashville: On the Record.
" We got time Carmack: Oh, I'm sorry.
That's when I break.
So, take it from the bridge, ' if you don't mind.
Woman: Sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
34 We got all the pieces All the things we need to put it back together again We got this.
Hey, this ain't no thing.
- We got this.
- Oh, you guys are filming.
[Indistinct conversations] Are you guys ready? We're gonna head over.
Yes, we got Phoenix.
- Yes! - Now we need to get Pittsburgh.
- That's awesome.
- Woman: Oh, my God! Deacon, Deacon! I have to call you Deacon.
I know your real name.
- What's your name, my dear? - Oh, my goodness.
- Give me a hug.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, thank you, dear.
- Oh, my God.
You're very sweet.
Man: Okay, we're going to go to San Francisco next.
Esten: Hello, San Francisco.
Well, it's great for us, because we get to get out on the road and see the fans.
They've come to love this show, these characters.
This is where it all comes together and we get to say thank you.
[Cheers and applause] You can't imagine how great this is to do this with our friends out here every single night, to get to be on the road like this and to come to cities like this, where you are our fans and now you're our friends.
We want to thank you.
[Guitar plays] The "Nashville" core audience is a very, very loyal fan base.
They're the reason we're still, you know, on the air, that we're still telling these stories.
I love the show.
I love the music.
We even kept up with it while we were abroad, studying last year in Florence.
All the time, we watched.
[Both laugh] It's amazing to actually get to connect with them through live music, on the road like this.
Bowen: We get to go out and sing for 3,000 people.
And just excited to see everybody.
We're giving everything we got onstage.
They're giving everything they got in the audience.
It's a special thing.
I mean, I can't think of any other show where you can really bring that for the fans all over the country.
You will always be a friend of mine A friend of mine It's not just like they're playing a part and they really don't do the singing.
They sing.
I've never gotten to see them live.
Really looking forward to it.
We've waited all year for it, and we're really excited to be there.
It's been too long singin' the same song Oh, but we got time We got time [Laughs] It's allowed fans to make friendships.
We all met through Twitter.
We're big fans of the show, and we all got together for "On the Record.
" Gabby and I took the train down to D.
, and then we met Kim there and we drove 10 hours to get to Nashville.
It was just really nice to finally meet in person, when you talk to people every day.
All we have is our best All we have You can't give them any more or less We work together, so, usually, the next day, it's like, you know, the water-cooler conversation.
If she hasn't watched it, if she's catching up, she'll be like, "don't tell me what happened!" You know, no spoilers here.
Trouble may come a-knockin' But you will always be a friend of mine A friend of mine Being in front of the live audience and having these people appreciate us, like, is the best feeling.
But even more than, like, getting to meet them, is like, the coolest thing learn their names, where they're from, like, what they like.
Thank you! Thank you.
You guys do a great job.
- This is my mom.
- Hey.
[Laughs] We love you.
He came from Brazil! - I came from Brazil! - Brazil! [Laughter] - Thank you, Charles.
- Thank you.
He's so good-looking.
[Laughter] You will always be a friend of mine - Everybody, now! - You will always be a friend You will always be a friend of mine [song ends] Thank you, Boston! [Cheers and applause] Carmack: The performances we have on the TV show don't really have any meaning if it wasn't for the people who it meant something to.
Woman: It was amazing.
It was magical.
- Hey, y'all.
- Hey, y'all.
Oh, my God! And they were very sweet, you know, that we chatted with them.
It was it was a little bit like they knew us, which makes sense, but it almost felt a little bit like we knew them, which which kind of caught me by surprise.
It wasn't this, like, crazy fan moment.
I was almost like, "oh, hey, it's you guys!" Even absent us, they make these friendships and these and these bonds.
It starts over this common thing, but then they find it's over a lot more things.
It is sort of like its own little "Nashville" nation.
Nice to meet you.
It's so nice to meet you guys.
- Thank you! - Bye.
[Cheers and applause] Good night from "Nashville"! Narrator: Stick around for the encore you've been waiting for.
The cast bid farewell to their concert tour and celebrate "A Life That's Good," when we return for the grand finale of "Nashville: On the Record.
" Linden: I wonder what it would be like At the end of the day - Let's hear it.
- Lord, I pray Let's just hear that and not the octave, for starters.
2 34 at the end of the day Lord, I pray I have a life that's good Beautiful.
["A Life That's Good" plays] Esten: This is another one of those songs from the show that we're so fortunate to have.
This was written by Sarah Siskind and Ashley Monroe.
[Cheers and applause] And a lot of our fans have taken it to heart, too.
It's how you need You don't need a whole lot of things in life.
You only need a few key important, real, meaningful things to have a life that's good.
And that's what we wish for you guys A life that's good.
Sittin' here tonight By the firelight It reminds me I already have More than I should I don't need fame No one to know my name At the end of the day - Lord, I pray - [Cheers and applause] I have a life that's good Two arms around me Heaven to ground me And family that always calls me home Four wheels to get there Enough love to share And a sweet, sweet, sweet song At the end of the day Lord, I pray I have a life that's good Sometimes I'm hard on me When dreams don't come easy I wanna look back and say I did all that I could Yeah, at the end of the day Lord, I pray I have a life that's good Two arms around me Heaven to ground me And family that always calls me home Four wheels to get there Enough love to share And a sweet, sweet, sweet song Sweet, sweet song At the end of the day Lord, I pray I have a life that's good At the end of the day Lord, I pray You have a life that's good - Thank you, everybody.
God bless you.
- Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] Thank you! Good night from "Nashville"! [Cheers and applause continue] Narrator: To listen to all of tonight's live performances, be sure to download the "Nashville: On the Record" live album, available now.