National Treasure (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2 of 4

1 - I'm Paul Finchley.
- Sir, you're a legend.
You don't need to introduce yourself to anyone here.
I want to make this as easy as possible for you.
- You're accusing me of what? - Rebecca Thornton alleges you raped her on the film set of Japes.
They could be fame seekers, they could be money seekers, they could have convinced themselves it's true.
Or it could be true.
Marie, you must listen to me.
I didn't do this.
Have you managed to stay faithful to Marie? - Where did you go? - I spent the night with somebody.
If I'm guilty, I'd say I was innocent.
If I'm innocent, I would say, "I'm innocent.
" I don't know what to say.
I believe you.
I am worried about you.
You haven't told me it's bullshit yet.
I would never hurt you.
You know that.
Seven women now have come forward.
- Seven? - Christina Farnborough.
She was our baby-sitter.
One attack she says happened inside your home with your daughter upstairs.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
No, don't run! I just want to talk to you! I just want to hear it from your own mouth, Christina! Dee! You were my baby You were my fucking baby-sitter.
- I need to understand - Dee, my children are in the house.
If you don't go, I will call the police.
Fucking hell.
I've got kids of my own! Just, I need to understand.
Well, you must remember! You know what he was like! I don't! I don't remember anything like that.
Why don't you just explain it to me? [REPORTERS SHOUTING] Fuck off.
Fuck off.
Go fuck your mother.
Hello, David.
You're a shit rag, you're a shit rag.
You're a shit rag too.
The more you swear, the less they can use.
Pre-watershed anyway.
I thought you said this was going to die down.
Can I just say again what a bad idea I think this is? Well, the way I'd explain it is that they're being abused as much as I am.
This is a merry-go-round and constructed one.
Constructed by who? Um, not by who, by what.
We all gave Jimmy Savile a free pass and this is the result.
Paul Gambaccini has described himself as being used as human fly bait.
But with every Gambaccini, there are also guilty men - Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall.
Savile has simply encouraged the police to catch the abusers.
Yes, but but why search in public? I've been accused of a crime and there is, I think, a presumption of guilt, a presumption that the police and the press have encouraged.
Why do you say encouraged? Well, my name has been widely publicised.
I have not been charged.
I may not ever be charged.
And yet, I've been removed from my job.
I and my family have spent six weeks in a painful limbo.
I'm not allowed to see my grandchildren.
I'm a big boy, I can take that.
But my family You're referring to your daughter, whose troubles have been well documented.
My daughter is a very vulnerable woman.
She wakes up every morning and gets abuse from reporters in the street.
People look at her as if she's the daughter of some kind of monster.
Which is clearly wrong, but the point is No, no.
It's all wrong.
I want my case to be policed.
I want to be proven innocent and the likes of Rolf and Stuart and Jimmy, I want them caught.
- Of course I do.
Just not like this.
- What's the alternative, then? Well, conduct the case in private.
But the police argue that by publicising names it encourages other women who may also have been abused to come forward.
That was crucial in the cases of Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Max Clifford.
We don't know the details of your case, of course.
- I can't disclose anything.
- Of course not.
The question is, though, what the law should be doing - protecting possible victims or protecting possible perpetrators? What do you say, Mr Finchley? 'Well, um' You'd do better to do as I say from now on.
- That's easy to say.
- Juries aren't deaf to this stuff.
Keep out of the public eye, or you could endanger the entire case.
[BEEPING] Firstly, can I check you're comfortable? You have all the support you need in the room.
I'm not an invalid.
This is fine.
I want to leave, but this is fine.
She doesn't want to press charges but I will charge you with intimidating a witness - if you're seen anywhere near her again.
- Can I have an ASBO? I'd like an ASBO.
Do they still have ASBOs? How did you get her address? She didn't tell you? We're friends on Facebook and she didn't delete me.
I mean, what is the etiquette for that? Would you delete the daughter of a man you're accusing of rape? She had this, like, smug picture of her new house.
A bit of detective work later Did you pass it on to your dad? Um, no.
Now, she said when you, uh, shouted through her door, you were questioning what she said about your dad.
Yeah, I think we've been through this.
I have nothing more to say.
Yeah, we have been through this, but I can't help thinking that what you just did was a cry for help.
You're wrong.
It's a cry for clarity.
I don't remember the things she claims to.
If you saw something, even something quite innocuous, well, that could be hugely important.
OK, well, this has been a total waste of time, too.
Can I leave? You know, they say that for some people the trigger could, for addiction, be a traumatic event.
Oh, have you been reading Wikipedia? Aside from anyone else, we might need to protect you from him.
Have you considered that? I'd like to leave.
Dee, do you really not remember anything? Or do you want not to remember? I think you know what he is.
So, obviously, this is mostly just speculation at the moment.
- Certainly pre-charge.
- Of which we remain hopeful.
Well, we still haven't heard even a whisper? Not yet, but it's sensible to arm ourselves for the eventuality.
Shall we? Rebecca Thornton, our original complainant.
Dates we've done.
Travel agent, three kids, ordinary woman.
Looks average, is average.
Now, this goes down well.
We've got nothing on her so far, but we're working on it.
Vicky Flittick.
No kids, no job.
Claims she went back to Paul's hotel room on the fourth of July, 1993 after a gig.
She doesn't worry me.
We've got previous here.
Previous of what? She accused another man of rape, which we can't strictly admit, but Jerome will find a way.
Juries don't like people who make a habit of things, particularly unemployed ones.
They just don't trust them.
Christina Farnborough, your baby-sitter.
Two kids, sketchy details.
Apparently, there's a diary.
Now, she didn't write in it for fear her mum might see, but she starred key dates.
It was an affair.
In her eyes, a love affair.
She is a fantasist.
She always was.
Would you agree with that, Marie? She was always trying to be older than she was.
Now, she claims that most of the events took place in your car, Paul.
A flash American car, chrome and leather interiors.
- She's quite specific.
- That'll be my Chevy.
Did you drive her home often? Once, maybe.
We always sent her home in the taxi, if I remember right.
- Yeah.
- Do you know where that Chevy is now? Scrapyard, maybe.
Sold it ten, 15 years ago.
The dates are the ninth, tenth and 15th of November, 1990.
Anything off the top of your head? 13th of November, that's when she stopped working for you.
Got a job elsewhere, in McDonald's.
Either of you question her why she was leaving? - Oh, she was a child - I was away.
I would have left around the ninth.
You remember that clearly? Yeah, I do, cos our anniversary's on the 14th and it was the first one we spent apart.
You were, yes.
She was.
At her sister's.
About another woman.
Not Christina.
Well, it's the only time I left.
That's why I remember.
Stayed away a fortnight.
Then I came home.
Does that make things more complicated? It complicates things, but it's good to know.
Fourth complainant.
[SHE GASPS] They keep coming in here asking after you.
I tell them to do one.
Thank you.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] Dee, Danielle? This way, love.
[BANGING] Happy birthday! Danielle Finchley, you little lump of goop! I'm too old for this! I'm too old for it, too! You'll make her sick.
If she dies, she dies! You can't feed her all that crap and then run her up and down.
- I'm fine, mum! - Are you? Are you fine! I want you to vomit! I want you to vomit and stop you going to whatever hell dinner your mother has planned! It's an anniversary dinner and you're to try to be romantic! I met a romantic once.
I hated the bastard.
[DOORBELL BUZZES] She's on time for once and we're running late.
Hello, Christina! So how does this one work? You just try to shoot everything.
And what happens if you shoot everything? - You go up a level.
- And then you - shoot more things? - Yeah.
It's the same as all these games, Mum.
I'm just, sort of, trying to concentrate, so could you OK.
'Everyone, in the truck!' [LOUD BEEP] Is this right? Your birthday, so you come to an arcade.
I don't mind, I'm just I'm really grateful that you invited me.
I'm going to get a coffee.
I'm not Caffeine's been Like, I've I've been told to reduce caffeine.
Orange juice, then? Sugar.
Just avoiding all stimulants, to be honest.
Water it is.
So, are you still being a good girl then? Yeah, I'm trying to be.
So Your dad [SHE LAUGHS] - Yeah.
- Fucking hell though, mate.
Yeah, you're telling me.
I was all right with it, till that.
You haven't read it? - No.
- Talks about your drug addiction, about your suicide attempts.
On my birthday.
Sort of leaves me in a bit of a spot, to be honest.
What spot is that? I've had all sorts offering me all sorts for information on the inside.
They seem to know me and you split up.
How much have they offered? 20 30 grand.
I was expecting more, to be honest, but I'm sure I could kick it up a bit more.
Ah, and are you tempted? Yeah, I told my lawyer.
Said, "Best not.
" Might not go down too well with the judge if if we have to go for full custody, that is.
Full custody? Heard your dad on the radio.
Didn't buy it.
What a shame.
Have you heard it? No.
No, I didn't listen to it because I can talk to him face-to-face.
Babe I need to be sure that he hasn't done anything like that to you.
To me?! You know, it's funny, now you mention it, it's all coming flooding back to me.
He didn't fuck me, but he did actually turn me into this slug.
- Who knew? - Dee, this is serious.
Look I need to know you haven't knowingly left our kids in danger.
Fuck it, I don't know.
Happy birthday.
'You're referring to your daughter, 'whose troubles have been well-documented.
'My daughter is a vulnerable woman.
'She wakes up every morning and gets abuse from reporters in the street.
'People look at her as if she's the daughter of some kind of monster.
'She's clearly' Look, we wouldn't ask if we weren't concerned.
The trouble is, it's against protocol.
You always opened the door for us before.
Yeah, well, strictly speaking, I shouldn't have.
The rules are the rules.
It's her birthday and she's not answering her phone.
And when she doesn't answer her phone, that usually means trouble.
OK, well, she's not here, so if we could just You can leave.
We're staying.
You blame me for this, don't you? Jerome was clear.
He said, "No talking about the case.
" You have left us open.
I thought they'd come after me, not her.
You thought you'd bend the minds of the nation.
God, this fucking room.
Always hated it.
It's where she feels she needs to be.
I always hated that car as well, your beloved Chevy.
Oh, so that's what this is about.
They made a show of you.
They made a show of us both.
A 15-year-old girl I couldn't.
You know that.
See, I don't know the other complainants but I do know her.
You said yourself, "She's a fantasist.
" But this Making up this Why would she do that? I don't know, maybe she needs the attention the cash, I don't know.
But those dates Why would she choose those dates? Maybe she remembers that you were away.
But you didn't.
This is how it's to be, then? Every time some new bit of bogus evidence is presented? I can't be judged by you, sweet pea.
It'd break me.
There you go.
You sit in the dark too much, you know that? It's why no-one likes you.
Ew, what the fuck is that? [INAUDIBLE] [HE SIGHS] She'll be here.
[PHONE VIBRATES] [KNOCK ON WINDOW] Where have you been? We were worried sick about you.
[HE GRUNTS] Tough day? At least they got my best side in the photograph.
Are you coming in? Yeah, just give me a moment.
[HE HUMS A FANFARE] - Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
I saw it, and I thought of you.
Wow, you say the kindest things.
Well, that's Really, you shouldn't.
Really, you shouldn't.
Come on, dear.
There's people waiting.
You didn't know where I was and you didn't cancel my party.
That's a bold decision.
Well, they're on their way.
What was I supposed to do, turn people away at the door? Yeah, that would have been the rational thing to do.
When did I ever do the rational thing? Come on in.
[HE COUGHS] Ice cream! Oh, there's Dan.
You remember Dan.
- Neighbour! - Guilty.
Hello, Uncle Karl.
A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.
And this is everyone else.
[APPLAUSE] Dave [MUMBLING] He's worried that this is affecting the kids.
Nobody's going to take them away from you.
Why not? I mean, they've already taken them away from you.
MUSIC: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye A sober party Not sure I've ever endured one of these before.
I invited a lot more people than came.
I'm sure you did, but the number could be a lot worse.
I thought the radio interview was a good idea.
We all make missteps.
Pick yourself up and carry on, that's the Paul Finchley way, isn't it? Pretend the mistake didn't happen.
I envy you, Paul.
These people are here, drinking lemonade, trying to look jolly despite everything.
Your wife loves you.
Your daughter loves you.
Even I love you.
Half full.
Half empty.
You decide.
You started earlier than I did.
That's good.
You don't want to be one of the late ones.
Go on.
Take a drag of this.
I don't Not every day the curse comes.
Let's make it even more memorable.
Put your lips around it.
No, not like that.
Like a straw.
Now, breathe in.
Now, breathe out.
Breathe out, you stupid bitch! [SHE LAUGHS] - I feel a bit sick.
- Yeah.
It takes a few goes but then it's really worth it.
- Not with the fag.
- Yes, with the fag.
Listen sorry for being a bit shit earlier.
I really like you, you know that? It's really important to me that you know that.
Whatever happens between everything else What's going to happen? It's the start of something, you know that? It's the start of you being a woman.
But from now on you've got to control them.
You've got to control all of it.
You're looking fresh.
You always pick the most beautiful ways to describe me, Mother.
"Well" and "fine" always sound so boring, don't they? On which note - wonderful spread.
Not boring at all.
Exotic, even.
Thank you for making me feel so special and all that.
I know what they said about you was cruel and I want you to be able to let that go.
This is a payoff.
Just be good for him, tonight.
He's on the edge.
Ah, it's not a payoff, it's a bribe.
Don't use it for anything stupid.
OK, I'll pay for the coke with my own money, then.
I don't care for the jaded act, you know I don't.
This is about support.
He supported you.
We both have I'm going to put that "support" in quotation marks, if that's OK.
And now he needs us.
The paper said I was living some sort of hell.
It said things that I'd said, it said things that It quoted members of my support group.
Did you read it? I know you were misunderstood.
But what if I wasn't, Mum? What if he did? What if he was fucking the baby-sitter? What if he did it to me? Because part of me thinks that maybe that's probably the way that I You don't get to do this.
I think I can't remember, but what if I can't trust that, Mum? What if I can't trust that clean bill of health, because Christina Christina was a stupid girl, and remains one.
Nothing happened between them.
You didn't see them because it didn't happen.
Couldn't that be the reason that I am what I am? No.
I've a good memory, and I've seen the things your father didn't want me to see.
Very early on, after I saw that stuff, he promised he would be honest.
It was confessional.
At first, he tried to secrete things away.
He's a weak man but I could smell it.
I could smell his lies, and I told him so.
He cried, broke down, he begged forgiveness, and I told him I just wanted the truth.
So then, every time he was weak - once, twice a year - he'd tell me, and I'd forgive him, because he was He is never unfaithful in an important way, in a way that matters.
Well, that's an interesting claim to make.
He didn't do this, none of it, and he certainly never touched you.
To even suggest that You're as weak as he is, but I will not let you use him as an excuse for a life poorly led.
An excuse? Yeah, victims.
Everybody wants to be a victim these days, because it makes life so much easier to explain.
And yeah, oh, if I were you, I would love the convenience of that.
Unemployed, unemployable, untrustworthy, unwell.
Not even allowed time with your kids on your own.
Happy birthday(!) Oh, what? You want pity? You, the girl they found outside Christina's yesterday? You want to get better, Dee, get better but don't wallow in this, in these lies - because, I'll tell you, I can forgive anything, but I will not forgive you that.
I choose to believe him Do you understand that? Just as I choose to believe that you will recover.
Now wipe your nose pull yourself together sort out your face and come downstairs when you're ready.
There are people down there waiting to tell you you're loved.
Danielle, Danielle, you little pile of goop I'm half crazy over the love of you It wasn't a pleasant labour We saw things that gave us nightmares But you looked sweet as you were pulled from the seat Of your mother split in two.
You're terrible! [THEY CHUCKLE] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] - Speech! Speech! - No, fuck off.
You can say something.
Well, fine, I'll say something, shall I? Um, the last time that Dee allowed us to throw her a party was her 13th and she was petrified that no-one would come.
Well, people did come, and some of you are here tonight.
And it very soon turned into a rather raucous party, for a 13th birthday party, and I can't even begin to tell you what happened to my prize geraniums! Oh, those bastards deserved it.
Flowers of the devil! [LAUGHTER] Well, the people who came to that party are as nothing compared with you being here tonight.
I know what they're saying about me has probably made it hard for you to come through our door, and I'm very grateful that you did.
Your support means everything to me.
And the last one out the door pays your legal fees, is that right? [CHUCKLING] But you're not here tonight for me.
You're here tonight for my - for our - for our lovely daughter, Dee.
As many of you will know, her journey through the world has not been an easy one and it's certainly not been made easier by me, but throughout it all, she has been the best daughter I could have hoped for.
The best, the greatest, the bravest and certainly the cleverest.
I think, as parents, what we wish for above all else, is that we will like our children as much as we love them, admire them, even, as I admire you.
I admire the way you cope with my mess and your own mess and the world's mess, and I am so grateful that you believe in me, just as I believe in you.
Dee? Dee! Sweetie! Dee! Dee! Dee, what did I say? Did I say something wrong? Paul! Paul, leave her.
- Dee! - Paul! Me and my shadow Strolling down the avenue You always had a nice voice.
As do you, I remember.
Do you still sing in the choir? No, I haven't been to church in five, six weeks.
[SHE SOBS] Sorry.
It's just sometimes, when he asks me for sympathy, sometimes [SHE SIGHS] Cry, woman.
I'd cry.
I'd be snotting all over the place.
The times when I I'm only saying this to you.
- You do understand that, don't you? - Saying what? He says he needs me to believe in him.
And I do.
I do.
I do believe in him.
But tonight, he told my daughter that she needed to believe in him - and for some reason - Listen - For the first time ever - Listen to me.
I'm not saying you're wrong to doubt, but you have no reason to doubt him.
- It is a witch-hunt.
- You'd know, wouldn't you? I mean, you'd know if there was any truth.
You know him better than I do.
We both know him.
And we both know it's lies.
Thank you.
No, I mean it.
Without you - I'm always here.
You know that? - Thank you.
No, I mean that.
Other men Other men can need you, too.
He's not the only.
No, don't go getting I-I wasn't propositioning or Don't look at me like I've done something wrong.
You've You've done nothing wrong.
Nobody's done anything wrong.
But you better go.
[CAR APPROACHES] Quick, I'll cover here.
Go, go! [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] - You're back late.
- Yes.
- Where's Marie? - Marie had other places to be.
- You're drunk.
- [CHUCKLES] I've been more sober.
I've had a little bit, too.
I took some of your whiskey.
- I drank it.
- Drunk in charge of my daughter? That's quite a thing to admit to.
No, I was careful with her, don't worry.
And I like drinking.
Makes me feel free.
[HE CHUCKLES] I told the cab to wait, take you home.
Meter's running.
Yeah, that could work.
Or we could have a drink together.
[CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK] Stop it! Go away, you! Fuck off! No need to be quiet.
Still awake.
[HE SIGHS] No luck? No.
I don't have the answers to this.
You keep looking at me as if you expect me to have answers.
Sit down.
Oh, you're freezing! - It's cold out.
- You're bleeding! Am I? Let me get the medical kit.
It's only a flesh wound.
No, that's not how he put it.
[GROWLS] It's only a flesh wound.
It's going to be sore.
[DOOR BUZZER] Oh Who's that? We've got great news, good news and bad news.
Let's start with the bad.
You are being charged.
One count of rape, Rebecca, three counts of sexual assault of a minor, Christina.
What about the other women? They've dropped, which is good news.
But the great news, I'm going to let Gerry speak, because he's the genius who got it.
- Got what? - It was the Chevy.
It occurred to me, that Chevy, something about it bothered me.
- You found it? - No, no.
I just thought I'd dig the reg out and get a pal to check it against police records, and who would've thought, I got a bite! A brilliant bite.
Driving with a broken tail light in Newbury, Berkshire, where your sister lived, I believe, Marie? I took the car? Yes, Marie Finchley was the name on the ticket.
When you left that night, you took the car with you, and we have proof of it.
So her claims that he assaulted her in his car over three nights, all those claims are false.
We got her.
And with her, hopefully, the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down.
[HE SIGHS] One Two Three Four Five Your mother's gone away for a bit.
She'll be back soon.
We work too well as a three.
If I'm a good man it's only for you.
And I am a good man.
I get tested.
I get really, really tested.
But I am a good man.
Because of you.