NCIS s01e07 Episode Script

Sub Rosa

I cannot believe they lost.
I can't believe you gave me six points.
So what you got for me today? Just, uh, these drums here.
All righty, sweet cheeks.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! oh, man, I'm going to be cleaning|up this mess up for days.
What the hell is that? No, the best thing is for you to do nothing, okay, agent Mcgee? Just secure|the area and wait for us to get there.
Case agent at Norfolk sounds pretty green.
You look like hell.
A woman loves to hear that, Tony.
If you're coming down with something, don't sit next to me in the truck.
there's an upside to having a cold.
You want to tell the doctor about it? You guys ready to go? Uh, all set.
Uh, yeah and Ducky and Jackson|are already on their way.
Oh god.
Oh, god.
I'm sorry.
I What do you put in your coffee? Coffee.
|Okay, I'll just go down the hall,|and get you another cup.
That's not coffee.
Meet you in the truck.
I've never experienced Gibbs|without his morning coffee.
We're in uncharted waters here, Kate.
Yeah, there are multiple purposes for hydrofluoric acid on a naval base.
Its most commonly used to surface clean metal.
It's highly corrosive, readily penetrates human skin, destroying soft tissue and decalcifying bone.
From the look of this fellow,|I'd say he wasn't in that drum very long.
I'd venture less than 24 hours.
Worst case of acid indigestion I've ever seen.
Better get Michael jackson out of here before he ralphs.
Come on, Mcgee, help me take|measurements for the sketches.
- He wearing cracker jacks, doc?|- Yeah, definitely enlisted.
We're not going to get fingerprints, but on the left forearm, a bit of skin attached and some discoloration.
A birthmark?|Possibly.
I'll be able to tell more|when I get him home.
The armed forces DNA|registry can get us a match.
They're backlogged.
I wouldn't count|on anything for at least 48 hours.
I've heard stories|about special agent Gibbs.
Only half of 'em are true.
The trick is figuring out which half.
With inspection procedures|as tight as they are, probably murdered on base.
They didn't get him past us|in the trunk of a car.
Which means he had to be murdered|by someone with clearance.
Yes, sir.
Anyone reported missing? We had a UA seaman last week,|but he was picked up at his home.
Whale huggers? Yes, sir.
They've been|bugging us for weeks.
Why don't you just shoot 'em? I've been tempted.
Save the whales! We have to keep the crime scene|under guard until it's released by Gibbs.
I'll let security know.
Gibbs wants NCIS to remain in control.
So I should stay here? Mm-hmm.
We'll get you relieved|as soon as we can.
Why are you making him stay here? Because I can.
That is a|complete abuse of authority.
Lighten up.
He's new.
|He expects to be abused.
It goes with the territory.
This|isn't pledge week at sigma chi, Tony.
Bet you were a lot of fun in college.
I was a lot of fun in college.
Really? Fortunately, your facial|bone structure is intact.
With these photos, Abby will be able|to build a computer model.
Not a model you'd want|on your mantelpiece, but she'll do the best she can.
Abby's getting Gibbs on the line.
Uh, would you? Sure.
Good morning, guys.
Where's Ducky? Right here, Jethro.
Got a name? We're good, but we're not that good.
Well, what do you got that's good, doc? Uh, death was from blunt force injury.
There's a fracture to|the rear of the skull.
That's it?|No.
Remember that discoloration on the|forearm we thought might be a birthmark? Well, it wasn't.
I digitally enhanced it.
Looks like a rorschach test.
It's part of a tattoo that|was blurred by the acid.
What is that? That is the tail of a dolphin.
Our victim was a submariner.
That would be a good guess.
You know, the history|of tattooing is fascinating.
- Egyptian|- how many subs in port? Uh, I'm I'm copied on the daily movement report.
A woman of thebes, yes, whose|tomb indicates that she was interesting filing system, Mcgee.
three Los angeles-class|attack subs in port at the moment, another in dry dock.
There were five, but the|philadelphia left at 0600.
Get me copies of the|ships' alpha rosters.
I'm on it.
Now, this nonrepresentational|geometric style of tattooing What if the body was put into acid, not only to dispose of it,but to but to make certain that|it couldn't be identified? Maybe the murderer didn't want us|to know the submariner was dead.
|Agent Gibbs! The alpha rosters.
Everyone on the sub|crews is accounted for.
- Including the philadelphia?|- Yes, sir.
A submariner is dead, but none are missing.
And the dead man's|identity was removed.
Someone to his place|on one of those subs.
An impostor? Let's pay a visit to the submarine|squadron commander.
Uh, you want to avoid captain Veitch.
What? well, I met him once before.
he can be very difficult.
And you don't think that|I can be difficult? Um, I'm sure you can, sir.
You're telling me somebody killed one of|my sub crew members to take his place? I think there's a very real possibility.
Not on my watch, agent Gibbs.
Can you take that chance, captain? It would have to be someone new.
Humor me.
All right.
I'll beef up security|around the boats in port.
Have every new crew member's I.
Card|checked against their service record.
What about the philadelphia? She's a day out.
I think you should call her back.
Agent Gibbs, the philadelphia is en route|to join a Nato exercise in the atlantic, and your theory is highly speculative,|if not preposterous.
I'm not about to bring her back.
Then send special agent Todd and me|to rendezvous with her and interview the new crew members.
Well, the presence of a woman aboard|a submarine is a tremendous inconvenience.
You know that.
I do.
Don't you have another agent|that you can take with you? I do.
Kate, step out.
Glad you understand.
I don't.
Excuse me? Don't tell me|how to run an investigation.
Yeah, I've got other agents|who could do the job, but none as well as|special agent Todd.
Formerly, she was attached to the|president's secret service detail, trained as a profiler.
I don't care what she was trained for.
|She's a woman.
and females cannot be|deployed on a submarine.
Chief Patterson,|report to machine room.
What is this, victorian england? The men with their cigars and brandy,|while the ladies sip tea in another room? I'm more qualified for|this investigation than Tony.
To replace me because|I shave my legs and not my face is unconscionable and certainly|not in the best interest of the case.
You claustrophobic? No.
I'm going? Don't forget to wax.
I think I'm more excited|to dive on a nuclear sub than I was flying air force one.
See if you're still as excited|by the time we get there.
Special agent Gibbs,|special agent Todd, welcome to the enterprise.
Sorry your stay's so short.
Your helo's standing by.
How do we get from the|frigate to the submarine, swim? Close.
I don't see a submarine.
You see it now? The deck is clear.
Hatch secured.
Submerge the boat.
Make depth two-five-zero feet.
Submerge the boat.
|Make our depth two-five-zero feet.
Chief of the watch on the one-m-C.
Dive, dive.
Dive, dive, dive.
Two-five-zero feet and passing.
Welcome aboard the philadelphia.
I'm commander Peters.
This is my X.
, Lieutenant|commander Akron.
Special agent Gibbs.
|Special agent Todd.
Can I help you with that, ma'am? No, I'm good.
Why don't we go to the wardroom? - X.
, Take the con.
|- Aye, aye, skipper.
Cob, I have the con.
I've quarantined the five men|as requested.
They said you'd fill me in.
Fill me in, special agent Gibbs.
One of those men may not|be who he says he is.
I find that hard to believe.
A body was found at Norfolk.
It was made unidentifiable,|possibly on purpose.
We have good reason to believe|that he was a submariner.
Four have been eliminated|by dental x-rays.
Six can be ruled out because of|ethnic origin or body type.
That's it? Your conclusions are|based on supposition.
Strong suppositions.
I interviewed every one of those men when|they boarded and examined their personnel files before they ever set foot on this boat.
We would like that same opportunity, skipper.
You'll get your interviews, agent Gibbs, but you need to understand this boat's|about to commence an ASW exercise.
Anti-submarine warfare.
An enemy sub tries to infiltrate|the carrier battle group.
We're tasked with intercepting|and destroying it, theoretically, anyway.
One of our subs plays the enemy? The Augusta.
Her skipper and I have a bottle|of stoli riding on who wins.
So you can see why I want those five men|back at their duty stations asap.
Well, we have a better reason for keeping one|of those men out of their duty stations, skipper.
I'd like the cob, for security purposes,|to keep the men from talking to each other.
That's affirmative.
Chief of the boat.
Thank you.
Ah, it's coming along.
Yeah, looks like he's going|to be kind of a hunk.
He's got a good, strong chin.
I agree.
|Sort of Cary grant-ish.
I was thinking more Hugh grant-ish.
Any luck with the stomach contents? Well, there's good news and bad news.
I hate it when you play this game, Abby.
All right, let's get it over with.
His last meal was a big mac and fries.
Well, probably half the|base had that for lunch.
I was hoping you'd come up with|something a little more exotic.
Tandoori, perhaps.
And the good news? I know what's in the special sauce.
Petty officer Drew? Yes, sir.
Have a seat.
Yes, sir.
Would you give us your|right thumbprint, please? That would be your other|right thumb, petty officer.
Sorry, sir.
I'm a little nervous.
Says here you're here from Boston.
South boston, actually, sir.
There's a difference? Well, if you're from boston there is.
You just, uh joined this ship from the the Topeka, sir.
SSN 754.
|Out of san diego.
Did you request sonar? Yes, ma'am.
I talked to the recruiter about it.
I've always been into electronics.
I built my own guitar amp when I was a kid.
You enlisted when you were 19,|petty officer Thompson? Right out of high school, sir.
That's old to graduate high school.
I got mono.
|Was home my junior year.
They put me back.
May I ask what this is about? No.
I need your thumbprint, please.
- What'd they ask you?|- Stupid stuff.
- About my high school|- Thompson.
You heard the man.
There is no discussing your interview.
Aye, aye, cob.
Petty officer Thompson was lying|about graduating high school at 19.
He paused and looked to his left.
Usually means the|response is fabricated.
If he would've looked to his right,|he be recalling a memory.
A memory.
You've had profile training.
What I've had is about|a thousand interviews.
After a while you start|picking up on things.
Why would Thompson|lie about his age? I don't know.
Why did seaman|Riggs lie about being married? Why did petty officer Drew|lie about a year in college? Well, maybe Riggs is secretly married|and Drew never finished a full year.
Everybody has something to lie about which means we have nothing.
Sonar, still no sign of Augusta? No joys, sir.
Let's come about for another pass.
Aye, aye, sir.
I understand you've|completed your interviews.
- For now.
|- I need them at their duty stations.
I'm concerned about the safety|of your boat, skipper.
Your concern will be noted.
, Have the cob|return the men to duty.
Aye, aye, skipper.
How could someone harm|this boat from the inside? We're vulnerable to|any number of things.
Chlorine introduced to the re-circulated|air could be fatal to the crew.
Salt water in the battery compartment|could cause an explosion.
The missiles and torpedoes|are obvious dangers.
I could go on, but what's the point? The point is one of those|men may be an intruder.
I don't believe that to be the case.
|I trust every man on this crew.
I'll make arrangements to get|you back to the carrier.
We'll leave, skipper when we're done, not before.
You were right, Abby.
|He's quite the handsome fellow.
Yeah, unfortunately he doesn't look like|any of the guys that Gibbs suspects.
Could our leader's golden gut|be wrong this time? I'm going to e-mail this dude to Tony,|and see if anyone in Norfolk recognizes him.
Do you see it yet? Yeah, it's coming through.
So you getting lonely down|there by yourself, hon? Oh, I'm not alone.
I'm with special agent Mcgee.
Say hello.
Hey, Mcgee.
|How's your sig hangin'? Uh Got to go, Abbs.
What's she look like? Who?|Abby.
Sounds cute.
Not your type.
Well, how do you know that? Have you ever had the slightest urge|to tattoo your buttocks, Mcgee? I don't think so.
Then we need never speak of her again.
Make copies.
|Circulate them around the base.
See if anyone recognizes the guy.
I've acquired a target, sir.
Distance?|6,100 yards.
Bearing? Zero-three-five relative.
Depth?|450 feet.
Helm, steer zero-nine-five.
|15 degrees down bubble.
Aye, sir.
Helm zero-nine-five.
|15 degrees down bubble.
The fingerprints we took match|those in their service records.
If there's an impostor, it's not one|of the five that we interviewed.
It has to be.
What if he's on another boat? This is the one that makes sense.
The killer didn't just dump the body.
he removed identifying features|in case it was found.
If it were found, he knew|it would take between 24 and 48 hours - for AFDIL to make a DNA match.
|- Whatever he was planning to do, it was going to be in that time frame.
In that time frame, the philadelphia|was the only boat going out.
Where'd you get the records? Personnel office at Norfolk.
What if someone altered|the service record before we or commander Peters got it? Meaning that the impostor worked|in the personnel office.
Or has an accomplice.
Sonar signature looks like the Augusta.
- Target bearing?|- Still zero-three-five relative.
- We're in his baffle, skipper.
|- Range? - 6,000 yards and closing, skipper.
|- I got you, Jimmy.
I need to contact|NCIS headquarters now.
Range to target.
|5,800 and closing.
No can do, agent Gibbs.
|I'm about to win a bottle of stoli.
Weps, get me a firing solution.
Your bottle of vodka's going|to have to wait, skipper.
I need to talk to headquarters now.
We'd have to break contact|and go to periscope depth.
Whatever it takes.
I'm not terminating this exercise so you can have a chat|with the folks back home.
Let me give this to you straight, skipper.
There's a threat on this boat.
It's a real threat.
It's not a game.
|Sir? Make your depth 1-5-0 feet.
Sonar, see if you can hang on to him.
Take us up to periscope depth.
Aye, aye, sir.
Make our depth one-five-zero feet.
Slow to all ahead two-thirds.
|Stand by to go to periscope depth.
I'll give you two minutes,|special agent Gibbs.
They're patching through to your man.
Two minutes.
Cob, why'd we stop|the attack on the Augusta? Cops had to make a phoneall.
It's got something to do with them|interrogating us, doesn't it? No.
Why would you|think that, petty officer? Dinozzo.
Hey, boss.
Did you find the guy? Nope.
Could be any one of our five.
What's your famous gut say? For you to find out who had access|to the philadelphia's service records.
- Think they were altered?|- Good guess.
- Wasn't a guess.
|- Then why'd you ask? I didn't ask.
It was a definitive statement.
I have good news and|bad news, Abby.
- I hate payback.
|- Which first? Bad.
No DNA matches on our victim.
|The AFDIL computers are still down.
I know why Hugh grant didn't|match any of the photos.
Okay, you got your payback.
|Tell me why.
Gibbs thinks one of the|service records was altered.
So all this was a waste of time? Au contraire.
All we have to do is get photos|of those five crew members from an independent source.
That'll take longer than a DNA match.
I have photographs of every|cricket team I ever played on from second form all the way|through up to the upper sixth.
You see, in our last year,|we made the division finals.
Grant you, I was only on the reserve.
I just know that there's|a point here somewhere.
All ships have a crew photograph.
Yes! I'll download crew photos|from websites of the five suspects'|previous deployments.
You should have seen me in my whites.
I was rather handsome even if I do say so myself.
When a sailor reports to Norfolk,|we download their service file, update it if necessary, and make a|hard copy for the sailor's command.
You update their photos? Only on re-enlistments and|significant promotions.
Most updates are|performance evaluations, awards, marital status.
So your department can change|anything in a service record? Yes.
|Fingerprints? - We could, but why would we?|- Who handles submarine command? Everyone.
We don't assign work|basedon specific commands.
And how many people|work here,lieutenant? Four officers, 12 enlisted|and 47 civilians.
That's a lot of people.
They don't think so.
We've been|swamped since Iraq with all the transfers in and out of here.
So you wouldn't know who handled|crew replacement for a specific ship? No, but I could ask.
|They might remember.
They might remember, but I don't|think they'd tell us.
Why not? I promise to tell you someday.
Can I have a copy of|your personnel roster? As long as you keep your promise.
Jonesy, I need a copy|of our personnel roster.
- Right away, lieutenant.
|- Uh, cute? - Yeah? May I ask the lieutenant a question? Mcgee, you don't need my|permission to ask a question, as long as you're not|asking her on a date.
No, sir.
Not my type.
Lieutenant, special agent|Mcgee has a question.
Mcgee? Uh, I was just wondering if anyone|had quit in the last few days.
As matter of fact,|Joshua fox quit two days ago.
How long did he work here? A little over a year.
He transferred into|personnel a month ago.
Could you get us his address? Thanks.
It's on the roster.
Thank you.
You're learning, Mcgee.
Thank you, sir.
Anything? No, sir.
I can't find him.
Damn NCIS.
What's with all the water? Oh, you got to hydrate on a submarine.
All you've had me doing is hydrating.
Drink it.
So how's your bladder? What? The cob's at the end of the passageway,|trying to keep an eye on us.
You got to distract him.
You're going to need help|working the toilet.
Gibbs Trust me, Kate.
On a submarine, it's a|very complicated mechanism.
Is that why you've been shoving water|down my throat for the past hour? I want to check out petty officer Thompson.
You don't have to drown me.
|You could just ask.
Come on.
Hydrating's good for you.
|Go on, un-hydrate.
Never heard it called that before.
Go on! Commander Peters said I could use|the facilities in his quarters, cob.
Yes, ma'am.
This way.
Well, either no one's|home or not answering.
What should we do? Get inside, look around.
We'll need a command|search authorization.
This is civilian property, sir.
We'll have to go to a local judge|to get a search warrant.
Or play football.
Huh? Go deep.
Go deep! Oh, look at him! He breaks free! Go, man, go! He's looking for Mcgee! It's a play-action pass.
|He's deep in the pocket.
He can't find Mcgee.
|He's covered! He's in the open!|He's broken clear.
He's still got it.
This is breaking and entering!|No.
That was breaking.
This is entering.
We going to need a torque wrench.
I'll get it.
You trouble me, Thompson.
How's that, sir? I don't think you were|completely honest with us.
Yes, I was.
I think you lied about high school.
Why would you do that? The truth, sir? Oh, yeah.
|That's always the best.
I missed a year of high school|'cause I was in juvenile detention.
My record was expunged,|but I was afraid if the navy found out, I'd never see the inside of a sub.
Agent Gibbs.
You were asked to stay in the wardroom.
You can go back to work, petty officer.
Aye, aye, cob.
- I didn't appreciate that little stunt.
|- Cut us a little slack.
- No harm, no foul.
|- No, sir.
The skipper's cooperated with|you every step of the way.
Chief of the boat knows the crew|better than the skipper.
You bothered by any|of the men we questioned? We've only been out|one day, agent Gibbs.
I make it a practice not|making snap judgments.
It could be something little, seemingly inconsequential.
You get a strange vibration|about any of them? No.
But if I do get any vibrations, they'll come to you through the skipper.
Do people react that way|because we're NCIS, or do you just have that effect on them? I like to think it's me.
I downloaded crew photos|from the ships our suspects served on, and I got nada.
No one looks like him in any of them.
I don't know what to do now.
Absent a miracle, we'll just have to wait for the DNA report.
I don't think this guy's|ever cooked in his kitchen.
- No plates, no utensils, nothing.
|- It's all store-bought junk.
There's not one personal item here,|not even a phone.
Well, maybe he used his cell phone.
What's that? It's a DSL line.
It's running from this jack to under the bookcase.
All right.
Slide this towards you on three.
|One, two, three.
Guess flying toasters would have|been too much to ask for.
Let's see what we have here.
You've taken computer classes.
Master's in computer forensics, MIT.
I see.
He's definitely an eco-terrorist.
He's looking for retribution|for the whales.
Oh, this isn't good.
|What? Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate.
in biomedical engineering,|Johns hopkins.
You? Ohio state, phys-ed.
I was a jock.
What is that in my language? Sarin gas.
He's planning on introducing it into|a submarine's air conditioning system.
Doesn't say how.
It wouldn't take a lot, would it? Must have been a prototype.
If it was filled with sarin gas,|and distributed through the air system? It could kill the entire crew.
Skipper, we have an incoming emergency action|message on the low frequency receiver, sir.
Impostor on board.
No id.
Threat of sarin gas to|air conditioning system.
Take immediate action.
Have engineering shut down the air|conditioning system and tear it apart.
- And get those agents up here now.
|- Aye, aye, sir.
Surface! Surface! Surface!|Emergency blow! Emergency blow!|Surface! What's happening? Emergency blow.
Skipper wants you.
But hang on a moment.
Yeah, that's what they all tell me.
I remembered that I was absent the day|the science club took our picture.
And that made me think, what if one of the five missed|his crew picture? Petty officer Drew.
He was absent the day the|Topeka took their photo.
Where'd you get this picture? I downloaded it off the|sub's on-line newsletter.
Drew is a sonar operator|on the philadelphia.
No, he's not.
|He's in my cold storage.
Someone else is sitting|at his sonar station.
Sir, request permission|to make a head call.
Emergency blow loosen|you up, petty officer Drew? All right, Martin, relieve Drew.
Open all hatches.
Break out|emergency breathing gear.
Aye, aye, sir.
Open all hatches.
|Break out emergency breathing gear.
- Any idea who the hell he is?|- We're working on it.
Skipper, we've got|another EAM coming in, sir.
Where is petty officer Drew? He had to visit the head, sir.
Hey, we matched|the prints you faxed.
Former petty officer second sean travis.
Sonar operator? That's right.
Spent a couple of tours on attack subs|before he was dishonorably discharged.
Was he hooked up with the|protesters outside the gates? The FBI's checking that,|but they think he and Joshua fox were part of some small three- or four-man cell of|radical eco-whale freaks.
Did you get fox and the rest of them? Not yet.
What's going on down there? We're on the surface.
I guess Gibbs hung up.
Good guess.
Secure from emergency breathing.
Engineer's gone through|the air conditioning system.
Looks like he never got|his canister into it.
It's somewhere on this boat.
We'll search, but if it's as small as you say it is, it could be hidden|just about anywhere.
If the canister remains sealed,|it shouldn't be a problem.
We'll tear the boat apart|if we have to when we get to Norfolk.
- X.
, Prepare to dive.
|- Aye, aye, sir.
We're going back down? We're 15 knots faster|submerged than on the surface.
I'd leave the air conditioning|system off-line as a precaution.
I fully intend to.
|It's going to get hot in here.
Aah we're used to taking heat.
Hi ya, Abby.
While the boss is away, huh? I earned my paycheck today.
That's what I heard.
Exhibit A.
Any idea how it works? So what's agent Mcgee like? Uh, like most newbies.
Quiet, green, gullible.
I don't think so.
|No, Tony, the canister.
|It has a bi-metal trigger.
Yeah, so it's turned on by either - either what?|- Hot or cold.
This one digs cold.
When the temperature drops|below five degrees centigrade, the trigger releases|whatever's in the canister.
- What is in the canister?|- Sarin gas.
So what's cold enough|to trigger it on a sub? Fridge, freezer, air-conditioner.
Is agent Mcgee cute? Can a guy be cute to|you without body art? Sure.
I'm not a snob.
How can you drink coffee|when it's 100 degrees? Helps me think.
What's bugging you? Travis not releasing the sarin.
He never had a chance.
He was quarantined or on duty until the air|conditioning system was shut down.
What was his back-up plan? He would have had one.
What makes you so sure? This whack job knew he was going to die|as soon as he released the gas.
Why commit suicide|before he could do it? He knew we were on to him.
I mean, like you said, he was a whacko.
Yeah, enter.
Courtesy of the skipper,|sir, ma'am.
There's rocky road, cookies and cream,|chocolate butter pecan, and the captain's personal favorite, pumpkin.
Pumpkin? Do you think we have enough, steward? There're about 40 gallons more|in the galley, ma'am.
Might as well eat it before it melts.
I don't get it.
They had to make room|in the freezer for the body.
It's the only place|to preserve it, ma'am.
On a sub.
What? Anyone who served|on a sub knows that.
Travis didn't commit suicide to give up.
Suicide was his back-up plan!|Where's the freezer, cob? Loading door right here, sir.
Right there.
The bastard booby-trapped himself.
Once he knew he couldn't get it|into the cooling system he went to his back-up plan|before we could arrest him.
The sarin gas canister was|designed to be triggered by cold.
Travis knew that if he died,|you'd put him in the freezer.
You mean he swallowed|the canister? Yeah.
If his core temperature gets|to the trigger temperature, the gas will be released.
It already has! When it leaks out,|people are going to die.
I'll get the skipper to do|another emergency blow.
There's no time for that.
|Kate, go fill in the skipper.
Come on, there's one way to get|this guy off this boat in a hurry.
Go! Move it!|Gangway! Move! Make a hole! Make a hole! Move it! Move! Move! - Help us.
|- Thompson, we need a tube.
We've got torpedoes in two,|three and four, sir.
Load this in one.
|Evans is in there doing maintenance.
Get him out of there.
|Get him out, guys, come on.
Torpedo room.
Torpedo room.
You have permission to fire.
Aye, aye, sir.
- Secure the inner door!|- Aye, aye.
- Ready a water shot!|- Aye, aye.
- Open outer door!|- Outer door open.
- Flood the tube!|- Tube flooding! Fire number one.
Cob, I don't have to tell you what the|most important thing is now, do I? Getting the ice cream|back in the freezer.
Welcome back.
Nice cap.
They make|you the boat mascot? This is your way of telling me|how much you missed me, isn't it? No.
What are you doing here,|special agent Mcgee? I've brought my final report, sir.
You don't have to sir me, Mcgee.
Didn't they teach you|how to use e-mail at MIT? You graduated from MIT? And Johns hopkins.
I didn't tell him.
What are you doing here? I've got a lunch date with Abby.
I got to see this.
|I'll take you to her.
Thanks what? Tony? Sir.
I already warned you|Abby's not your type.
I'd like to find out for myself.
Yeah, listen, kid, uh I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you're not exactly Abby's type.
I've taken care of that.
Remember that urge|you were talking about? I went with mom.
I wonder what he said to|make Tony speechless.
He told him he got a tat on his ass.