NCIS s01e10 Episode Script

Left for Dead

Stop! Your car run off the road? I don't think so.
I was buried.
Buried? Back there.
Ally, call 911.
No Easy.
I just want to get you in the car.
It's warm.
What's your name? I don't know.
You are in shock.
You'll remember in time.
There isn't any time.
There is a bomb.
A what? A bomb on a ship, a navy ship.
We are gonna die.
People are gonna die! U.
Farm report, America's longest running agri-business news program Gibbs.
Hey, boss.
Rise and shine.
Oh, it's zero-five-twenty.
That's all you get.
I'm up.
Are you at the office? Yeah, the boiler blew in my apartment, so knocked out the power won't have any heat or electricity for a month.
Fall asleep working on your boat again? Why do you say that, Dinozzo? Boss, I know the farm report when I hear it.
You only have one TV and it's in your basement.
What do you got, Dinozzo? Motorist picked up a Jane doe in rock creek park.
Claims she dug herself out of a grave.
No I.
, And guess what? She can't remember her name.
How'd you know that? Well, uh, she's alive and you're calling her Jane doe.
What was my first clue? Oh, yeah, guess you're right.
Well, it's also obvious that she has no I.
, So she was probably wearing her uniform.
Ah, ha-ha! She wasn't.
So why did the cops call NCIS, huh? Tell me that.
She told them there was a bomb on a navy ship.
Hospital? Georgetown university.
Get Kate over there.
I'll call Ducky.
I'll meet you outside the office in 20.
Okay, hey, listen, since, um, you know, you're always up all night working on your boat No, you cannot stay at my place.
Remember the last time? Not very deep.
Hastily dug graves rarely are.
Do you know why graves are six feet deep, Gibbs? I do.
Six feet is the minimum depth at which the smell of a decomposing corpse cannot attract wild animals.
Of course, there are exceptions.
A polar bear can sniff out Duck, I said I knew.
No tracks.
Whoever buried her may have parked on the street, used the hiking trail.
The park rangers circle hourly at night,so he'd have had to move pretty fastto be parked on the road.
Well, that goes with the shallow dug grave.
Our digger was in a hurry.
Okay, let's get to work.
I don't have a body.
Go find one, Duck.
Here? Sure.
How many times have we had multiple victims.
Quite right, Jethro.
That's slick, boss.
What's that? Getting Ducky off so he wouldn't bug uswith one of those stories about the We'd better get back to work.
Her amnesia can be rooted in a number of causes.
She suffered blunt force trauma to the cranium.
There was some petechial hemorrhaging, which is Whoa, petechial? I'm sorry, um,pinpoint hemorrhaging on her eyelids.
it's from a lack of oxygen.
She can close to suffocating in that grave? Very close.
And as if the physical traumas weren't enough, one has to consider the emotional traumaof being buried alive.
That would shake me up.
It's one of our oldest fears, next to being eaten by a wild animal.
Hadn't considered that one.
Well, perhaps not consciously.
you know.
Um, Jung postulated that, um, genetically herited our primordial fearswhich can be triggered by smells or sounds.
I'll never forget my first trip to africa.
There was a moment where Are you by any chance related to a Dr.
Mallard? Mallard? No, I don't think so.
Just wondering.
When will she regain her memory? Well, it could happen in a flashor slowly over a period ofdays, weeks, even months.
Or her memory of beingburied may never return.
Where are they taking her? For a CT scan and neurological consult.
No, you will not put her picture on TV.
I want whoever did thisto think she's still dead.
No, Kate.
Our priority is finding the bomb.
She's bonded.
Kate and Jane doe? Oh, yeah.
She hasn't even questioned her yet.
"Her eyes, they just pleaded for help.
" I love that look in a woman.
I couldn't find a body.
How did you two do? Found a couple of arrowheads.
Yeah, this one's an arrowhead,but this one's a shark's tooth, and, oh, not more than afew thousand years old.
That recent? Oh, yes.
Any older and it would be black and fossilized.
How'd it get into Rock creek park? Pre-colombian indians, they either found a dead shark on shoreor procured it from a casimoroid tribe.
Oh, we have to notify ARPA.
After we're done here.
Come on, Gibbs, it's a $250,000 fine for disturbingan archeological site.
Crime site first, Duck.
I was just thinking.
Since the arrowhead and the shark'stooth were here before Jane doe was buried Never mind.
Wouldn't it be fascinating if our Jane doewas unknowingly interred atop a prehistoric burial? It happened to me once before, you know.
Mm, in '68.
Or was it '67? Oh, no matter.
I appreciate your letting me do this.
I'd like to know who I am, too.
I'll need your clothes.
My clothes? If you handled explosives, our forensic peoplewill find particles in your clothing.
Of course.
Can I have your right hand please? I think I've done this before.
If so, that's good news.
You'll be on somebody's database.
The FBI's terrorist list.
You have to stop thinking like that.
How am I to think? I know there's a bomb ona navy ship and I put it there.
Do you remember placing it? No, but I know it's there.
Well, knowing it's theredoesn't mean you placed it, does it? No, I suppose not.
What is it? I remember being in a church.
Which church? I don't know.
You will.
We found a 4075 caliber bullet lodged in the comanche's femur.
Now since the 4075 cavalry carbinewas introduced in 1873, we had an approximatedate to work with.
Speaking of dates to work from,we've worked together for two years, and, you know, I have no idea where you live.
Well, I'd just as well wekept it that way, Tony.
Well, hello.
Oh!, Another artifact.
Only if your pre-colombians used keys.
So, I suppose you want me to find outwhat chastity belt this opens.
Do I look like Dinozzo? Not funny, boss, besides, I could open a chastity belt.
Have you ever seen one? Mine's awesome.
It's 18th century french.
You have a chastity belt? So much more information than I need to know about Abby, and not enough about this key.
The key opens a magnetized lock.
Instead of serrations,magnets repel magnetized pins.
Hotel room? Possibly.
But it could be any high-security lock.
There's no logos or serial numbers, but a magnetic code like a fingerprint, So it'll lead me back to whateversystem made the code on the key.
Hospital called.
The rape kit's negative.
Anything on her prints or clothing? Nothing on the fingerprints yet, but the gas chromatograph should giveme something on her clothes soon.
Hey, how was your interview? It's sad, Gibbs.
She's trying so hard.
She desperately wants to help.
I'm glad, but did she remember anything? She did.
Uh, she thinks that she's been fingerprinted before.
And she remembers praying in church.
She's not the terrorist type, Tony.
Oh, so you're thinking more Emma thompson than Angelina jolie? Got a whup.
What kind of whup, Abby? Abby? Okay, um this hit is erythritol.
It's used in low-carb sweetenersand this spike is trimethylene.
It's found in polyester fibers.
Dinitrate is a common angina medication.
And this is glycol,and glycol is anti-freeze.
So, Jane doe uses low-carb sweetener,wears polyester, puts her ownanti-freeze in her car and has a heart condition.
Or she's mixing up a brewto go boom, big time.
All these chemicals are used inhigh-grade explosives.
I don't know which is worse, not knowing who you are, or knowing you're a terrorist.
The chemicals on your clothingdo not make you a terrorist.
I told you, they have other uses.
My heart's fine.
I hate polyester.
I don't like artificial sweetener.
How do you know? I just know.
Like, I know I don't like strawberries, but I love blueberries.
I know what I like and what I don't like, agent Todd.
I just don't know who I am, what I do or where I live.
Okay, let's say the residuewas from the explosives.
It could have come froma legitimate occupation.
What, I'm an explosiver hersteller? Explosiver hersteller.
That means explosive maker in german.
How do I know that? Maybe it's your job title.
Sprechen sie deutsch? No.
Okay, maybe it's a german firm here.
If you worked in germany,you would know the language.
You realize what this can mean.
Yeah, it means I could haveput a bomb on a navy ship.
Or you know who didand they tried to kill you.
You think? I do.
Why do you believe in me? Why do you like blueberries? I can't release a woman who doesn'tknow her name, agent Gibbs.
What did the neurological consult say? She's in no medical danger, but she doesn't know who she is, whereshe lives, her phone number, anything.
I can't release her.
Yes, you can, doctor.
Tell them, Maureen.
My name's Maureen ingalls.
I live at 620 niagara street, in Alexandria.
I don't think I everremembered my phone number.
You remember who buried you? She may always block that memory.
Isn't that right, doctor.
Yes, see, um, most traumatic amnesiacsnever recall the event whichtriggered their memory loss.
In fact, I had a case wherethere were three accident victims What if her attacker returns? She'll be in protective custody at my place.
So you'll assume responsibilityfor signing her out? Of course.
I still suggest she stays here another 24 hours,but since she's recovered her memory, I Thank you, doctor.
Oh, and miss Ingalls no clothes,So could she borrow a set of greens? Oh, no problem.
Follow me, please.
I'll join you in a minute.
Okay, who's Maureen ingalls? How do you know she isn't? My cousin.
That was a quick fold.
Kate, do you realize the laws you'reviolating by signing her outwhen you know she's lying? Her memory is already coming back, Gibbs.
I mean, she remembed the german wordfor explosive fabricator.
She speaks german? No.
No, but I think she makes explosivesfor a german firm here.
Or a german terrorist cellwith ties to Al qaeda.
Ah, well, since Al qaeda'snot listed in the yellow pages, let's start checking german munition makers first.
Whoa, what's with you and Jane doe? She'll be occupying my spare bedroomSo I don't have say no to you.
Oh, did I ask? Huh, did I? Why are you doing this, Kate? She's terrified, Gibbs.
I just think my place would be more conduciveto her recovering her memory than a hospital.
And we need to find that bomb.
I love to hear that wordout of your dark lips, Abby.
Hey, guys.
What'd you find? Kate willing to give a bedroomto Jane doe but not me.
You were right, Gibbs.
I matched the magnetic codeto a system made by magsecure.
It's a hotel key.
Got a list of hotels? My screen's faxing it over.
It'll be here shortly.
Hey, what's that on the top? A scratch.
Mm, that's more than a scratch.
You might actually be right.
Want to know what my vision is? No.
How about knuckles? No Whoa How did someone etch letters that small? A micro-laser.
It was developed to putserial numbers on diamonds.
The numbers are invisibleto the naked eye Not mine.
So the thieves think their heistis fenceable, and then wham they get five to ten.
Why use them on a room key? Maybe somebody was playingwith the hotel's new toy.
Like when photocopiers first came outand people were copying everythingfrom C notes to their butts.
You sat your naked butt on aphotocopier, didn't you, Abby? Yup.
This is you with the president.
I used to be with the secretservice on air force one.
Why'd you leave? The work at NCIS is more interesting.
Than flying around the countrywith the president? Well, it's not all it's cracked up to be.
You know, constantly on edge,worried that some nut isgoing to take a shot at him.
Or blow him up? Try this sweater and pants.
They should fit all right.
I've been trying to recall that ship.
I know it's not a carrier.
Submarine? No.
There are no active battleships,so it would have to bea cruiser or a destroyer.
They look the same.
Not to the navy.
It's one of them, I'm sure of it.
Can't you just search them? Well, these aren't two ships.
Uh, they're two classes of ships.
There are 18 destroyers andseven cruisers in norfolk alone.
I wish I could give you a name.
Maybe you can.
Looks like there's only three hotelsin the D.
area that use magsecure keys.
And the phone number for the Jackson is Triple five zero one hundred.
Did you get contact lenses.
Can I talk to your manager, please? Laser surgery? No, Dinozzo.
Put a sock in it.
Contact the rest of these hotels.
Special agent Gibbs, NCIS Navy criminal investigative service.
I never knew the navy had so many ships.
Yeah, and these are justthe cruisers and destroyers.
Some of the names sound familiar.
The cruisers are named after battles and the destroyers are namedafter naval heroes.
None of them ring a bell, so to speak.
It was worth a shot.
What's wrong? I just feel a little dizzy.
Maybe I should take youback to the hospital.
No, no.
I think I'm just weak from hunger.
I don't remember the last time I ate.
Well, we better get you some food then.
I think I have a coat like this.
You sure? The texture, and these buttons.
Yeah, I'm positive.
It's a Michael B.
There's only a few stores that carry his line.
Let's go.
First we eat.
Food can wait.
Finding the bomb is more important.
You never know when youget to eat on my job.
None of the hotels micro-etch their keys.
Well, somebody etched the apartment on that key.
Maybe a permanent residence.
What hotels besides the Jacksonwould take permanent residents? Neither of them.
We need a search authorization.
How'd you know the Jackson had permanent residents? I just did.
Did you used to live thereonce, boss, or? Nope.
Do you know someone who lives there? My ex-wife lives there.
Oh, so you didn't read the phone number, you knew it.
Anything familiar? The sound of the traffic outside,the smell of the clothing, anything? It's been a while, hasn't it? You remember me? Oh, no, your coat.
it's about three years old.
Still looks great though.
You know, you should checkout his new line.
It's really fantastic.
I prefer black.
Oh, of course.
Do you recognize him? He reminds me of the man that attacked me.
Very expensive-looking, boss.
I hope she's not sticking you with the bill? Has Mr.
Richter had a suite here for a while? Over two years.
Then you know him well? Well, not really.
If the residents don't call us with a problem,we respect their privacy.
Here we are, suite 8700.
Oh, my.
Gibbs, she just remembered the man who attacked her.
Okay, she give you a name? No, uh, he's caucasian, bald, late 40's,and when he attacked herhe was wearing a Blue blazer, blue shirt,burgundy tie with a blue stripe? You found him? Oh, yeah.
We found him.
You telling me the suits from hoover didn't save the man? Hell, no.
It was NCI~us.
Not according to the TV reports.
Yeah, well, when do they get it right? Boss, this is detective Andy kochifis.
He cut me some slack onthe major Kerry investigation.
Yeah? Maybe he'll do it again.
What, I do it once and I'm a whore? A courtesan, maybe.
Richter had a year's lease, but it's not the home addresson his driver's license.
There's no clothes in the closet, no photos.
Just hotel amenities.
Check the booze.
Oh, yeah, that's not hotel stock.
Macallan 18, belvedere Bombay sapphe.
Could be a beltway bandit leased thissuite for company entertainment.
In his own name? Tony said an amnesia case led you here.
Found the key to thisplace in Jane doe's grave.
I thought she was alive.
Well, she woke up taking a dirt napin Rock creek park and did a dracula.
That's a new one.
Whoever buried her thinks she's dead.
I'd like to keep it that way.
But why do you want the leadon the investigation? There may be a navy terroristattack in the mix.
We'd just like to keep it allin one ball of wax.
Yeah, look how well we did last time.
Not according to To the TV.
Yeah, I know.
don't rub it in.
All right, look, if our M.
's cool, so am I.
Ducky, I should do this autopsy.
Now, digger, I can cite you a dozen caseswhere the local authority was usurpedby an ongoing federal investigation.
Look at Lincoln's assassination.
He was shot in the ford theater,only a few blocks from here.
Now that is an autopsyI would My god, digger, when did your departntlast update its field kits? Your probe's so old it couldhave been used on Typhoid mary.
Were you as amazed by her storyas I was, digger? A healthy woman making all those people sick,and not having a clue.
Can you imagine not having a clue, digger? You know you're right.
Our equipment is outdated.
We're backed up at the lab, anyway.
He's all yours, Ducky.
NCIS will handle the autopsy.
Okay, Aldridge.
What did he die from, Duck? A blunt object to the back of the head.
Yes, I believe we'll find blood and hair Well, blood on an object here.
Maybe one of the bookends,the obelisk, crystal ashtray.
I hope he didn't suffer the indignity of being whackedby this tawdry bust of president Kennedy.
I'm on it.
Was he murdered before our Jane doe was buried? Liver temperature was close to room temperature, so he deceased at least 18 hours ago.
Didn't answer my question.
Jethro, I don't answer forensic questions I don't know the answers to.
You know that.
why do you keep asking me? Force of habit.
Ah, bad news, Ducky.
Looks like blood on the Kennedy bust.
Oh, you poor man.
What kind of person am I to be involved in this? Well, we don't know what the thisis yet, or how you're involved.
And bad things happen to good people all the time.
I sound like a self-help book.
You've been wonderful to me.
I deeply appreciate it, Kate.
I just wish I could remember more.
So, the name Walter richter means nothing to you? Nothing.
Will I have to look at his body? Maybe not.
We're running a background check, and we'll find out how he's connected to you, if he's connected to you at all.
And here you are.
I'm starving.
How about you? Famished.
Thank you.
Tell me what you're seeing.
A sad and lonely woman.
Guys, this is weird.
Ducky didn't like it either.
Said it was tawdry.
Oh, no, no, the bust is cool.
It's what I found that's weird.
There's a partial palm printon this bust of kennedy.
And if you remember your history, there was a partial palm printon the mannlicher rifleused to assassinate Kennedy.
Don't tell me that, uh,you tried to match them.
There's not enough of a print there to match.
But I just thought it would be cool to try.
Are you saying that our palm printmay be useless for identification? Yes.
But don't you think that's weirdthat the kennedy bust and the kennedymurder weapon both have partial palm prints? That's not what I think is weird, Ab.
What about the latentsyou found at the hotel room? There were some unknowns and some matches.
The ones on the crystal tumblerand the macallan belong to the victim.
But what's going to make your dayis the latent you lifted off the desk.
The one on the left side,Kate took off of Jane doe at the hospital.
On the right side, is your print from the desk.
Well, they match.
Jane doe was in that hotel suite.
Our victim died from a subdural hemotomacaused by a skull fracture.
I believe we'll find that this impressionin the parietal lobe will match thatrather gaudy bust of president kennedy.
You got a time of death yet? Due to the fixed lividity,the degree of putrefaction and the level of escherichia coli in the stomachand digestive tract Ducky At least 44 hours ago.
That's the best I can do with any certainty.
Our Jane doe was found at 0350 monday,less than two days ago.
Safe to say our guess didn't put her in the ground.
None of this is getting usto a bomb on a ship, Duck.
Ah, but it is, boss.
Background on Richter.
He was head of securityfor a german firm, BFF.
What is it with the germansand the alphabet thing? BMW, BMG, BASF, and they're all Bs.
I'm resisting the urge to say cut the Bs.
BFF stands for bombe fermentdeckung fabrik.
Tell me that bombe means the samein german as it does in english.
Jawohl, mein kapitan.
BFF makes bomb detecting devices for the U.
In a hotel? The Jackson.
Mein gott.
Sulte 8700? I was there friday.
To kill Richter? No.
How could you ask such a question? It's my job.
I take it you don't havethe murderer, agent Gibbs? What were you doing at the Jackson friday? We maintain a suite there.
Two of our senior engineers were over from Berlin.
We had drinks before dinner.
Why is the room leased in Richter's name? Ours is very competitive business.
We don't want our rivals knowingwhere our firm puts up people.
Maids have been bribed.
Phones bugged.
People murdered.
That's a first for us.
May not be the last.
Who's your explosiver hersteller? Suzanne mcneil.
Is she dead, too? Do you have a photo of her? Yes, in our personnel records.
What kind of work does she do for you? She formulates explosives for our testing needs.
Please tell me Suzanne is not dead.
Suzanne is not dead.
Big whoops.
Look kind of surprised tofind out she's alive, Brauer.
You tell me Walter has been murdered.
You say he may not be the only one,then you ask me about Suzanne.
Of course I assume that she is dead, too.
This is Suzanne mcneil.
Are you sure you're ready to do this? I don't know.
But if it can help me regain my memory,I guess I have no choice, right? Come on.
Mallard, this is, uh, Jane doe.
Ready? There's six months of severance here.
I'd advise you take it and lookfor new worlds to conquer.
Anything? Nothing.
Poor man.
Her name's Suzanne mcneil.
She formulates explosives for BFF.
Well, if she put a bomb on a ship,it could be for a test.
I've emailed her personnel file to you.
She's got a top security clearance,so it'll be like telling her life story.
She didn't recognize Richter? No.
All she felt was sympathy for him.
Got all teary-eyed over a body she didn't know? She's a nice lady, Gibbs.
Oh, yeah, so you keep telling me.
Does Brauer know that she lost her memory? Maybe.
He knows she's alive,and he's not in cuffs.
Probably thinks she's unconsciousor too traumatized to remember.
Are you sure he buried her? Oh, yeah.
Why'd he want her dead? I got a couple of ideas.
You want to share? I guess not.
I'll be with you in a moment.
You see, you told that to Gibbs a half-hour ago.
Look at the expression on his face.
Not good.
Make this one a quickie.
Dinozzo Sorry, boss.
This guy's webster's definition of a micro-manager.
People need his permission to take a whiz.
I could've gotten coffee.
What'd you pick up, anything? Well, give me a few minuteswith this girl and From the little english I heard,the new bombe snuffler isn't snuffling so good.
Brauer's worried it won't passnavy acceptance trials thursday.
Tests? On a navy ship? If I heard there were goingto be tests on a navy ship, do you think we'd still bestanding here, boss.
Oh, sorry, I forgot your minds work concurrently.
Where's this test taking place? At some lab here.
I apologize for the delay, agent Gibbs.
What would you like to see first? The lab where you're conductingthe navy tests on thursday.
Why do you want to go there? Your chief of security is dead.
NCIS is tasked with protecting navy brass.
You think terrorists killed him? These days I look for terrorists behind most everything.
Mm, of course, ja.
This way, please.
Suzanne mcneil this is your life.
You read it? Yes.
Is there anything I wouldn't want to know? The sad and lonely woman? There's plenty time for a husband and kids, Suzanne.
The good ones are all married.
How well did you know Suzanne mcneil? Whoa, didn't she tell you? I'd like your opinion on the relationship.
Well, I know Suzanne quite well professionally.
She's one of my key employees.
Kind of sexy, too.
Well, I think you find all women that way, agent dinozzo.
Come on, you got to admit she's pretty sexy.
I'm happily married.
Yeah? Do you have micro-etching equipment here? Yeah, Richter uses used itfor security purposes.
Did you ever see this old film,uh, the apartment, Jack lemmon? No.
I don't believe so.
Richter did.
He loved old movies,but, uh, what does this have to do I assume the, uh, photoin your office is your wife.
Lovely woman.
Older than Suzanne, of course.
Are you implying that I havean affair with Ms.
Mcneil? Did you? No, agent Gibbs,I did not.
A man in my position cannotafford to risk losing everythingin one of your ridiculoussexual harassment suits.
There is a motive.
Sure is.
Yeah, I suppose someone in your professionwould look at it that way, but why would I murder Walter Richter, whowasn't only a close associate, but my friend? I don't know.
I wouldn't.
Is that a bomb sniffer? We don't breed dogs.
It's a fernschaltung sprengstoff spuren einheitour.
It'll never take first in show at westminster.
Where is that ship? In here, agent Gibbs.
These were the used explosives Suzanne makes? Ja.
She makes exotic bombsto test our detecting devices.
You did put a bomb on a navy ship only the ship was a mockp.
You make bombs for tests.
I didn't I tell you it was goingto be something like this? Yes, you did.
But this is like reading someone else's life, not mine.
I mean, I,I.
I don't remember any of it.
You've got to give it time, Suzanne.
How much time do I have, Kate? I mean, someone tried to kill me.
Someone bashed that poor man's head.
Maybe if I go there where I work, this, this BFFit'll come back to me.
I think you've been throughenough for one day.
No, please, Kate.
If I can just sit at my desk, and meet other people, living people, I, I just I think I'll remember.
Please? What's that? It's chemical signatures we are detecting.
Nitrates, mercury, glycols,cyclotrimethylenes Object 4B contains a compound ofcyclonite and panaerythride tetronitrate.
Terrorist-grade semtex.
Our NCIS explosive sniffer'd tag that.
Well, this test is just beginning.
There are more sophisticated explosivesthat your equipment could not detect.
What makes your sniffer better? Our software.
Chemical signatures are compared to a databank of all known explosive compounds.
When a critical composition is detected,it sets off an alarm.
So it's only as good as its software.
Which is very good.
Very good.
Then why are you worriedabout the navy trials? Is that what Suzanne said? She would be pleased to see us fail.
Why? She would win, of course, and Suzanne likes to win.
It's her job to create explosives we cannot detect.
So she held a few surprises backbecause she likes to win.
In the beginning, she had some limited successes,but Dr.
Rutger has rewritten the software to I had a hunting dog like that once.
Well? Reading her file didn't work.
She thought that being up in her officemight help her remember.
How'd she know where her office was? It's called a directory, Tony.
Are you speaking of Ms.
Mcneil? Yeah, we are.
Kate todd, BFF CEO Stephen brauer.
What doesn't she remember? Well, why don't you ask her yourself? Suzanne, stop! Stop, Suzanne! Stop it! Anything? No.
We know each other? Ja.
I'm Stephen.
I'm sorry, Mr.
I, I don't member you.
Stephen is my given name.
Sorry Mr.
Well, that's both good news and bad news.
She can't tell you the formula to her explosive, but, then again, she can't rememberwho buried her in Rock creek park.
Were you buried? Yes.
And you don't remember anything? Only that I like blueberries.
Um, come, Suzanne.
Sit with me.
Perhaps we talk.
Over here.
That son of a bitch is guilty as hell.
You didn't have the guts to leave her,but you buried me You don't have amnesia.
Stephen, you'd better be careful.
You don't want those agents to see you scared.
You remember when I stayed with youthat time, when it didn'treally go so well.
Yeah, I remember, Dinozzo.
Well, listen, I was younger then,immature, little unfocused it was six months ago, Tony.
What happened in the office was an accident,and you know that.
You were out of control.
I'm not now.
You're quite calm.
Suzanne, we can work this out.
I'll give you anything.
A wedding ring? Ja.
I'll divorce Bridgette.
The hell you will.
You don't have the guts.
Couldn't even come to the apartment to dump me.
You sent Walter.
You murdered Walter.
She said, someone bashed the poor man's head in.
How did she know that Richter'shead was bashed in? I couldn't see his wound.
Nobody told her how he died.
She remembered.
No one dumps me, Stephen.
My latest compound.
So volatile, all you haveto do is drop it.
Then you'll die, too.
I've already been buried.
Sie hat eine bombe! Suzanne! Don't! Sorry, Kate.
We ought to do something, boss.
Have you ever made a mistake, Tony? According to you or me? You.
Could anyone make you feel better? No.
My door is unlocked.
I know.