NCIS s01e20 Episode Script


I hate happy hour.
Make a hole, people.
So at least two of your Marine buddies have disappeared and you think you could be next? Why? Do you have to write down everything I say? I'm a reporter, it's what I do.
I thought this was supposed to be a date.
If it turns out to be true, and d if I'm next, you could end up dead too.
And if my husband finds out about us, I'll be dead anyway.
I didn't order a drink.
Your name Atlas? Yeah.
Then I think you got a secret admirer.
We should've gone to a hotel.
It's probably somebody you know.
That's what I'm afraid of.
I'll call you.
I shoulda told Ugh aaaahhhh! I thought you couldn't type.
I've decided to improve myself.
Well, in that case, you might wanna lose that shirt.
|It went out of style three years ago.
This from a girl who keeps a pooka shell necklace in her purse.
My grandma gave me those.
Wait, you looked in my purse? Sorry, did I say that out loud? Tony, you are so lucky you didn't have sisters growing up.
Why's that? Because you'd never have reached puberty.
Ha ha Of course, one could argue you still haven't reached it.
Very professional.
It's my lunch break.
It's 9:30 in the morning.
I'm on Greenwich Mean Time.
Well, you're gonna be on unemployment if Gibbs catches you doing that.
Catching him doing what, Kate? Nothing.
Um, I was just giving Tony here some fashion advice.
On what.
Oh, he was just thinking about getting both of his ears pierced.
That right, Dinozzo? I think Kate misunderstood boss.
What I was really talking about was elongating the lobe, which is a surgery|Hey, you wanna look like a gay pirate, that's your call.
I thought you were going to an anti-terrorism conference, Gibbs.
Change in plans.
A Marine Gunnery Sergeant didn't show up for duty this week.
Since when do we track down UA Marines? Since he's one of a handful of people who knows how to arm small-yield nuclear weapons.
His SRB.
You have twenty minutes to memorize it.
And Tony? If that game's still on your computer in the morning, I'll pierce your ears myself.
How long as the pickup truck in your lot? Since ah Friday night.
Five days.
Why'd you wait so long to report it? Figured somebody got lucky.
Went home in a different car.
Happens around here a lot.
Bet it does.
Guy we're looking for is a Marine.
We get a lot of those around here.
Me? I like a man with hair.
What about him? Name's Gunnery Sergeant bill Atlas.
He was here Friday night.
Is he all right? That's what we're trying to find out.
Was he here with anyone? Yeah.
I think they're having an affair.
What makes you say that? Because he went out the back, a and she went out the front.
Kate, you stay here.
Get a description of the woman, check out his pickup truck.
Dinozzo, you're with me.
Ah, if you remember anything else, don't hesitate to call.
What if I don't remember anything else? Don't hesitate to call.
You got it, cowboy.
He is cute.
What's his deal? Tony? Uh-huh.
He's a nice guy.
You two aren't? You know.
Oh, no, no, no way.
We're just, ah, co-workers.
I'm a sucker for a man in a checkered shirt.
Any chance Atlas decided tow walk away from it all? Man could retire in a year.
Nobody walks away from a twenty year pension.
It doesn't look good for him.
Statistically, most bodies turn up dead after four days.
Four days, huh, really, Dinozzo thanks for sharing.
Well, I know you know, I'm just saying I'm not big on statistics.
Well, I figured.
I mean, since most marriages end in divorce and you've been married three Maybe it's like the waitress said, he got lucky.
Spread out.
I wanna know why Atlas never made it back to his truck.
Hey! Get your butt over here.
Is he always like that? Ah, only when he's awake.
Atlas was forced to leave here.
No Marine would leave a Zippo like this behind.
Got an unsmoked cigarette here.
Bag it.
What're you thinking, boss? Wherever Atlas is, his luck is running out.
You don't have to do this.
Just tell me.
Just tell me what you want.
What about some food? Can I at least have some food? Say something! Who the hell are you! Ah! Aaaahhhh! I've got a rough sketch of the woman Atlas was having an affair with.
It's not much to go on,but if he was having an affair with a married woman,|we have a motive for someone wanting him to vanish.
Pull his phone records.
|See if we can't match that face with a phone number.
I've already put in a request for the subpoena.
Dinozzo he's about a step from vanishing himself.
Hey! I got her name boss.
Do I look like I care, Dinozzo? Let's go.
The woman with Atlas Her name's Carol Powers.
I got the waitress to remember she paid using a credit card.
She's a reporter for the Post.
I can have her in your office in an hour if you're interested.
Good job.
I'm sorry, boss, did you just say something? Did he just say something, Kate? Don't push it, Tony.
Pushing it's what I love about this job.
That and the beautiful girls.
I appreciate you coming down here on such short notice, Mrs.
Please, come and sit.
Look, can the polite act, Agent Todd, what exactly do you want from me? Information.
About what? Your relationship with Gunnery Sergeant Atlas.
Who? Look familiar? Ah, yeah, Maybe I'm a reporter, I've interviewed dozens of Marines.
The thing is, this marine disappeared five days ago.
My job is to get him back.
What's that got to do with me? Does your husband know you're having an affair.
Excuse me? I'll take that as a no.
I think we're done here.
Here's the phone number you requested, Agent Todd.
Should I try your husband at home or work this time of day, Mrs.
Powers? I don't know what happened to Atlas, okay, but my husband had nothing to do with it.
So he knew you were having an affair? No Derek was on assignment in Italy, he just got back last night.
You can check with the Post, they'll vouch for him.
Oh, I will.
How'd you meet Atlas? Uhm, at a bar, three weeks ago.
He said he had a story I might be interested in.
You sleep with anyone who offers you a story, or is that one of the fringe benefits? Oh, this is a nightmare.
What story did Atlas tell you? He thought someone might have killed his friends and that he would be next.
Did He say why? He wouldn't tell me.
I thought it might be connected with his work in Iraq, some kind of cover-up.
Says here you write articles on home improvement.
Garden, mostly.
I just thought if I could just get a story like this that I could Oh, yeah, I understand.
Most reporters, they'd absolutely kill for a scoop like this.
He tried to warn me.
He told me that if he talked, something like this might happen.
Something like what? Someone in his unit might try to kill him.
I think she's telling the truth.
The question is, was Gunnery Sergeant Atlas.
Some guys'll do anything to get a woman into bed.
She's a reporter.
I doubt she' fall for something like that.
You're kidding, right? What do you mean? All men lie to some degree, Kate.
It's expected of them.
All right, well, don't confuse your world with reality, Tony.
It's like when a woman asks a man to guess her age.
You ever done that? You honestly still believe you look, twenty-five? Not anymore.
I've never done anything like this before.
I only wanted a story.
You got one.
Is there any way, anything I can do, to keep my husband out of this? The truth? No.
You know, I could publish what Atlas told me.
It wouldn't look so good for the Marine Corps.
I don't read the Post.
Watch your step.
Regardless of what you may think of me,Agent Gibbs,|I truly hope that you find Bill, and that he's still alive.
Me too.
You were pretty tough on here in there.
Ah, she reminds me of my ex-wife.
Which one? All of 'em.
Her husband's story check out? He was in Italy.
Arrived at Reagan National last night at 2116.
Looks like ad dead end.
You believe that story about a cover-up in Iraq, Gibbs? I don't know.
I'm more concerned bout what's happening here.
Meaning Meaning Atlas was a 2336.
Explosives Ordinance Technician.
|Guys can make and disarm anything from a grenade to a backpack nuke.
If someone's kidnapping EOT personnel, I wanna know why.
Terrorists? Anyone missing from Atlas's unit? They're all accounted for.
But I might have something here.
A new CO checked into his command last month, Major Joe Sacco.
His record's clean except for a non-punitive letter|of punishment from when he was a First Lieutenant.
For what? He got into a fight with a couple of enlisted men in '92.
Atlas was one of them.
Yeah, Gibbs.
We're on our way.
Abby's found something.
You think Atlas is still alive? No ransom note but missing over five days? I'd say the odds were against him.
Why are you doing this, you sick bastard? You think you can make me talk? Who are you? What is the name of your organization? Aaaaahhhhh! Hi guys.
Hey, Abs.
|Hi Abby.
I think I figured out how they bagged your missing Marine.
From one cigarette butt? Well, I was kind of bored, so I thought it'd be fun to run every single test I could think of.
Am, I mentioned that I was a little bored, right? Yeah, we know this, Abbs.
What the hell is it? I'm building a model of Gallipolis.
See, these guys go over here.
Why? 'Cause I like the way it sounds.
Gallipolis, Gallipolis, Gallipolis Stop.
Is this one a Turk or an Anzac? Um, actually, he's a What'd you find? Atlas's DNA was on the cigarette, so most likely it's his.
That's it? I wasn't finished yet, Tony.
I also found high concentrations of ephedrine, dihydrocodeine, and caffeine.
Sound familiar? Braun And from the way it was concentrated,|it looks like he ingested enough to knock out a racehorse.
Braun? Ah, it's a mixture of speed and codeine.
It's illegal here, but it's available over the counter in the Philippines and Okinawa, Japan.
Okinawa? That was Major Sacco's last duty station.
Check out a ride, we're going to Quantico.
Ooh, boss, rush hour.
Real bad idea to get on the road right about now I'll be outside.
Good job, Abby.
Thanks, Kate.
Abby, still bored? Ah, maybe a little.
Well, I think I have a more constructive way to spend your time.
I need some help.
By the way, Gallipolis? Was an amphibious operation.
Well, it's on Styrofoam so it'll float.
Rush hour.
Kind of a misnomer, if you ask me.
I didn't.
I mean, it's not like anyone's really rushing anywhere,|and it always takes more than an hour.
They should call it, like Shut up and sit there before I shoot you hour.
I was thinking of something a little shorter That's littering.
Fine me.
Ah, no, I'm still here.
Thank you, Corporal.
Major Sacco's in the field right now.
Doing what? According to his office, disarming a bomb.
All right.
We got five minutes here.
Looks like closed circuit.
In five minutes I could disarm a nuke sub.
Checking for secondary initiators We are clear.
Thank you, sir.
Watch and learn, my friend.
You see, most people prefer the blue wire.
Me, I'm partial to the what the hell did you just do? Nothing, I didn't touch nothing.
Way to go, MacGyver.
If that were real, we'd be washing you off the streets of Baghdad right now.
Never assume that a timer is accurate.
The bad guys watch movies too.
Yes, sir.
Major Sacco! Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
We need to talk.
Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Atlas showed up tomorrow still hung over.
He pulled a disappearing act before? Never this long, but he's had some alcohol-related problems in the past.
Got a missing Marine, Major.
|You don't seem too concerned about it.
My only concern right now is getting my men ready to deploy in Iraq.
What about the Gunny? He deployable? Unfortunately.
I've served with Atlas before.
|In my opinion, we're better off without him.
Ha, Why's that? He's a marginal Marine.
Seems like the two of you have had some personal problems, Major.
You could say that, Agent Todd.
Tell me about him.
If you're interested, you could read about some of them in my record book.
I have.
You two got in a fistfight in '92, about what? Nothing.
A couple of my men got drunk one night, Atlas took a swing at me.
I overreacted.
Demo's ready, they're waiting on your command.
Roger that, corporal.
We only have this range for another hour.
When you find Atlas, let him know that I have a charge sheet waiting for him.
He's hiding something.
Oh, yeah.
Question is, what? You two might want to cover your - ears.
Boss, is there a reason why you always take these back roads? Because he just hates us! I hate traffic more.
I think I'm gonna puke.
Roll down the window.
Here, answer this.
Hey Gibbs, it's me, Abby, I got a -|It's Kate! Hey Kate.
Where's the bossman? He's driving.
We should be back soon.
Oh, is he taking you on one of his special shortcuts? If that's what you want to call it.
What's up? Well, Gibbs asked me to do some background on Atlas and Sacco,|and I found something interesting.
You're gonna have to speak up, Gibbs is apparently trying to kill us.
Three other Marines have gone missing from EOD units in the last eight years.
What's she saying? Three Marines have gone missing from EOD units.
Why didn't we hear that? Why didn't we hear about it? They're carried as deserters by the Marine Corps rolls after thirty days.
They're considered deserters.
They all have two things in common with Atlas.
They all served together in the Philippines in 1992,|and their platoon commander was Joe Sacco.
Corporal Tom O'Connor, reported UA on August 2, 1996.
Sergeant Rick Hall, reported UA March 11 '98.
Staff Sergeant John Mose, reported UA on December 102000.
And now Gunnery Sergeant Atlas, five days ago.
All four served in the Philippines in '92 with Joe Sacco,|and all four subsequently disappeared without a trace.
So how is it no one's picked up on this before us? Well, we wouldn't have picked up on it if Abby wasn't bored.
These men were considered deserters.
|Nobody ever connected them until we did today.
So let's pick up Sacco, find out what's going on.
Not yet.
Well, I think he's right, Gibbs.
I mean, we could be dealing with a potential serial killer here.
|What if it's not Sacco? If it's not him, then he's probably the next one on the missing list.
I want everything there is on that EOD team from '92.
Kate, get with Abby, start where she left off.
Tony, you concentrate on Sacco.
I want everything from his birth until right now.
Remember the good old days, Kate? What good old days? When Gibbs would confide in us, treat us like peers.
I thought I was the only one.
Why? Why not? Hey, Kate.
I was just about to call you.
Ah, Gibbs was, ah, he wants me to They're boats.
I was recently informed that Gallipolis was an amphib operation.
So, what can you tell me about Sacco's old unit.
Ah, in 1992, we were closing out the base in the Philippines,|and Sacco's EOD team was in charge of clearing out the ammunition dumps.
Do we know how big his unit was? We could ask him, but in my experience, most men lie about that point.
There were six of them.
Okay, so if there were six of them, that means| there's one of them still running around out there.
Which is why I was just going to call you.
Meet Corporal Mark Cohen.
Where's he stationed.
He's not.
He got the big chicken dinner back in 1999.
What, Abby? Bad conduct discharge.
The Marine Corps doesn't keep track after they separate.
So what was the discharge for? Insulting his company commander.
I think we just found our second suspect.
Not quite.
I've been running his social, and I can't find him anywhere.
I always feel like Mr.
Rogers when I leave here.
Where are you going? Gibbs didn't tell you? Tell me what? I have a party to go to.
How did you get him to agree to that? I asked him.
So, if you need me, call me.
Just ignore any sounds that you may or may not hear in the background.
Dinozzo! You're gonna have to speak louder, boss,|I haven't been able to hear anything since that explosion yesterday.
Find Kate.
I want for Briefing in twenty minutes.
You got it.
KATE! What? Time to wake up.
Ughhh I feel like hell.
Yeah, you don't look too good either.
Who Who is Oh my God I didn't know.
I swear, I didn't know! You have to believe me! Kate! What've we got? Ugh, how can you eat that stuff.
It's 7:30 in the morning.
Good, you want some? I'll pass.
I'm still trying to track down former Corporal Cohen.
|He left a trail 'til 2002, then nothing.
Tony? Sacco was stationed in the same vicinity with all the four Marines who went UA.
Gotta be more than a coincidence.
What'd we learn about the fight from his record book? Well, I called the Colonel he was working for in '92.
He didn't remember much - could've been because it was 2 AM when I called him, but? What'd he say? He thinks it was over a woman.
An all-nighter, and is that all I get? We're recreating a twelve-year history, Gibbs, what'd you expect? More.
Okay, then bring Major Sacco in for questioning.
Give me something I can nail him with, and I will.
I'll get it for ya.
Oh yeah? How? Let me shadow him for a couple of days.
If he's got a screw loose, I'll know it.
Might lead us to Atlas.
All right.
Listen, boss, I am telling you, it beats sitting here doing nothing here.
I'm out there, trying to find him|He said okay, Tony.
I'm telling you, that explosion really messed my hearing up.
I'll go with him.
No, no, I need you back here.
Dinozzo, you call in every hour.
|You forget one time, call in late - don't bother coming back.
Look, just don't take any chances, okay? If we're right bout Sacco, he's got more than a screw loose.
Aw, and here I was thinking you didn't care.
It's not about caring.
|If anything happens to you, I'm gonna get stuck here working with Gibbs alone.
Aw, he's not that bad,? Hey! Dinozzo! You still here? Then again, you may be on to something.
So I found Cohen, so we can cross him off the suspect list.
He's dead.
How? They found him last year in the sewer system at old-time Alexandria chained to a wall.
Not a pretty picture.
Looks like he was down there for a while.
The locals are sending us copies of the crime scene report, autopsy,|and evidence at the scene.
It's a cold case.
Not anymore.
Hey, where's Tony? I got him tailing Sacco.
Alone? He does his best work when there's not an audience around.
I got this weird feeling|Abs, you always have a weird feeling.
I know, but this one|He can take care of himself.
You let me know when those records show up.
Got it.
What do you think, Kate? Oh, I just think you're suffering from the aftereffects of your party last night.
All I drank was Red Bull.
How many? Eighteen.
What's the word? Sacco just left the base.
I think he's heading home for the night.
We found Cohen.
Where? Chained to a sewer pipe.
He's dead.
Looks like we're running out of suspects.
Yeah, sure looks like well.
Want me to pick him up? Negative.
Just keep him under surveillance.
Whoa, hold on a second.
You are not gonna believe where he's pulling in right now.
Hammerton's Country Bar.
Okay, maybe you will.
We're getting a search warrant for his house.
Let me know when he leaves.
Roger that.
Watch your six.
What're you drinking? I don't suppose you have any sarsaparilla? How about a ginger ale? Sure.
Hey, cowboy.
You are here for business, or my pleasure? One ginger ale.
You haven't found your Marine.
Not yet.
Maybe I can help you look.
This is everything the Alexandria PD found on Corporal Cohen.
That's interesting.
According to Cohen's records, he was Jewish.
What about Sacco? He's Baptist.
Hey! Sorry.
You gotta be Su.
It's me, Bobby Lee, Mr.
Bertini's class! Who? Oh, come on.
it's my bad, ah, thought you were someone else.
Take care of her, she's a real keeper.
What's up? Sacco just left the bar.
Ah ah I'm not feeling so Tony? You okay? I think I screwed up, boss.
Hey, Dinozzo, can you hear me? Hey, Tony! Tony, Tony, can you hear me? We're coming for you! Welcome to hell.
I've interviewed everyone in the area.
No one saw Tony after he came out of the bar.
You don't think he's No, me neither.
We have people at his house, an APB out on his vehicle.
It's only a matter of time before we pick him up.
Yeah, well, time's one thing we don't have.
For the Director.
Only a week.
It feels like feels like months.
Hey, hey, conserve your strength, okay.
You're gonna need it.
For what? For when I get us outta here.
You got a plan? Of course I do.
I found you, didn't I? Granted the escape part's still a little fuzzy, but I just got here.
Unless you're a blacksmith, we're pretty much screwered here.
You need to think positive, Gunny.
You're right.
I'm positive I'm screwed.
Ah, a sense of humor's good.
You're gonna need that.
Ok, let's get this chain off your leg.
How? Rule nine.
What? You know, those rules they teach you guys in the Marine Corps.
What rules? Ah, I always suspected Gibbs was making that stuff up.
Rule nine is, ah, never go anywhere Without a knife.
Even if you get it off, how do we get out of the room? Hey.
One thing at a time, huh, Gunny? We're dealing with a serial killer who's methodical and patient.
He's spread his kills out over an eight year period.
If we go by Cohen's case, he's into making them suffer.
But why'd he go after Tony? He saw something tonight.
Something Major Sacco doesn't want us to know about? Then why didn't Tony tell us? Because maybe he didn't think it was important at the time.
Have you heard anything from Agent Dinozzo yet?|McGee, you're late.
Kate? Bring him up to speed.
Ah, ah, where can I set up shop?|Take Tony's desk.
You don't think he'll mind? I think Tony's got other things on his mind right now, McGee.
All right.
You're gonna need to carry this, all right? I need to confess something.
Well, when we get out of here, I'll find you a priest.
I deserve this.
I belong here.
You don't.
No one deserves this, Gunny.
It was an accident.
He must've found out about it.
Found out what? We killed four girls, Agent Dinozzo.
Major Sacco was in love with one of them.
I reviewed Corporal Cohen's autopsy results from 2002.
His body tissue had high concentrations of insect venom - honey bees, to be exact.
Did it kill him? Unfortunately, no.
Our young friend starved to death.
And judging by the fat and muscle tissue lost,|it happened over a period of weeks, if not months.
That's the first good news I've heard all day.
Huh? It means there's a chance Tony and Atlas are still alive.
You'll find them, Jethro.
I question your statement, Duck.
A little bit of both, I'm afraid.
Damm it.
Tell me more about the girls.
The base was closing.
We all had girlfriends out in town.
We didn't want to leave them.
So you decided to kill them.
That makes sense.
We would've been better off if we had.
Instead, we tried to smuggle them back to the states inside shipping containers.
You mailed your girlfriends home.
But Lieutenant Sacco changed our orders at the last minute.
He split us up and put us all on different ships.
We all assumed that one of us was on the one with the girls.
Oh my god.
They were padlocked form the outside.
And only had enough food and water for a few days.
Everyone thought they stowed away themselves, but it was us.
We killed them, Agent Dinozzo.
One of them was Sacco's girl? Was.
She left him for me.
That's probably why he saved me for last.
What've you got? I pulled a partial fingerprint off the partial cross found on Corporal Cohen's body.
Major Sacco's.
It's not listed in any database.
Abs, you could've told|me that over the phone.
I know, but I did find a match.
We just don't have a name, yet.
A match from where? The reporter's credit card receipt form the bar.
She wasn't out for a story, she was working for Sacco.
Well, that's one possibility, I recommend that we run a test - Gibbs.
Secure the area.
We're on our way.
Manassas PD located Sacco's car.
McGee, get me an arrest warrant on Carol Powers.
You got it, boss.
I, I mean, Agent Gibbs.
Let's roll.
Bring him back, all right? I think I got it this time.
C'mon c'mon, baby, there you go.
I won't make it.
I can I can barely stay conscious.
I must've read your file wrong, Gunny.
It said you were a Marine.
I am a Marine.
If you say so.
'Cause the Marines I know, they don't quit.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
We think they're down in the sewer system.
I got two K9 units on the way.
Who's this other car belong to? Plates came back stolen, looks like it was abandoned here.
We're going in.
I'd wait for the dogs.
I was down there once looking for a kid.
Got lost for almost three hours.
We don't get lost.
Gunny! Gunny! Gunny, where do you go? Gunny! Gunny, how are you doing here? Where the hell are you? Thank god, Tony's still alive Who else do you know pisses people off like that? Gunny! Stop.
I have to stop.
|Where are you? Hey, listen, you've got ten seconds, okay?|Gunny! Gunny! where the hell are you! Oh, did we already pass by here? Gunny! Okay, come on.
I can't.
I'll carry you if I have to, all right? C'mon.
Leave me.
Tony! Gibbs.
Hey, what're you doing down here? What do you think I'm doing here? Is that Kate? Yeah.
How did you get over there? Got? Atlas is in pretty bad shape.
Stay where you are.
We'll go our way to you.
I can't.
Sacco's right behind us.
Okay, go, go, keep moving, we'll catch up to you.
We gotta move, all right? Come on.
Come on.
Hey, Gunny! If you're down here, answer me! All right.
Hang in there, Marine.
We're gonna make it.
There you go.
My father was right.
I'm gonna end up in the gutter.
You? What do you? Put down the weapon, and we'll talk about it.
What, you think I'm going to shoot you? It crossed my mind.
I followed her here.
I didn't want to believe it, but it's true, she's completely insane.
Look, we gotta get him out of here before she finds us.
Who? That would be me.
You might want to lose that knife, cowboy.
You don't recognize me, do you, Sergeant Bill? Vanessa.
I thought|That I was dead? I know.
You all did.
Except for Sacco.
He's the one who found me half-alive.
Oh my God.
It's all right, I've got you.
All right.
At first I was grateful.
But then he turned out to be like the rest of them.
He wanted to control me.
Are you the one who killed all those Marines? Not yet.
It's the waitress from the bar.
We'll take it slow.
You think she's gonna shoot, you take her out.
You don't wanna do this.
I've been doing this for eight years.
I was the youngest.
They gave me all their food, and slowly, each one of them died.
Do you know what it's like, to watch your friends die? To sleep on their corpses? Do you? We don't think you want to do this, Vanessa.
We? Drop it! My friends.
Admit it, you were worried about me, right? You don't have to say anything, I know.
Okay, I want you to say it.
You care, right? So you're saying you don't care? Tony.
As far as I'm concerned, you're irreplaceable.
I knew it.
- I knew behind the whole Marine thing, you really have a heart.
|- Forget about it McGee.
He's still alive.