NCIS s02e21 Episode Script

Hometown Hero

Anything else I can do? No.
I just want to get this over with.
All right.
Heaven forbid he should label anything and make this easy.
What're you gonna do with his truck? I don't know.
Sell it, I guess.
How much you want for it? I don't know, okay? Listen, I just want to find a picture of his mother so he can be buried with it.
Not a problem.
Any idea what year it is? No.
Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but I just feel like being alone.
Wonder what he's got in here.
Holy smoke! NCIS season:2 episode:21 Hometown Hero WWWW.
COM We're leaving in five minutes.
Where have you been? I got the call.
I'm here.
Get up on the wrong side of the bed, did we? My car got towed.
Had to take the bus to work this morning.
Where was it parked? That's not important, Kate.
Didn't make it home last night, did you? Hi, this is Anthony DiNozzo.
I'm trying to locate my car.
It was towed from the 3400 block of Dumbarton in Georgetown.
You've already put me on hold three times.
You killed my cell phone battery.
Do not put me on hold again! Do not! Dumbarton.
Near campus.
Really hope she was over 21.
You'd love to know, wouldn't you? Going somewhere this weekend? Love to know, wouldn't you? Truck's gassed up.
Ducky already left.
You made it.
Don't start, Probie.
Tony's car was towed.
Poor baby had to take the bus to work.
You know what kind of people take the bus? Yeah, I take the bus.
Hey, I heard you're going to Norfolk.
Shouldn't be a problem.
We should still be able to leave by 6:00.
Leave? For where? You two are spending the weekend together.
Hold on.
Let me paint a picture.
You're a pig.
Probie, any idea where they're going? Sorry, cannot divulge that information, Tony.
Health spa.
Gibbs! He'll spend all day trying to figure it out.
I do not need him distracted.
I appreciate that, Boss.
What'd you find out about the Petty Officer? He rented a storage locker ten months ago just before he was shipped out for Iraq.
Died in Falluja last week.
His body's at the Theater Mortuary Evacuation Point in Kuwait McGee, you stay here Contact NCIS in Iraq.
Find out everything you can about Petty Officer Dobbs On it.
the same clothes you wore here yesterday? I buy a lot of the same things.
It makes mornings less stressful.
Yeah, I'm here.
Now you're gone.
What kind of people use your facility, Mr.
Hager? Most of the renters are Navy personnel.
When they ship out, they pay in advance.
Your guy paid a year.
Got two months left.
Talk to me, Duck.
It's definitely female, Jethro.
The male pelvis is shaped like a butterfly.
The female's is wider and has larger superior and inferior apertures to facilitate childbirth.
Age? Oh, I'd estimate The pubic symphysis is an excellent yardstick of age.
Doctor It's corrugated in a woman's teens, and then smooths out during her 20s and 30s.
At the time of this young lady's demise Well, you can see it was in the transitional stage.
What is so urgent, Mr.
Palmer? - It's just that, he he - He, who? Special Agent Gibbs.
What about him? He left, Doctor.
Yes, I know he left.
He left some time ago.
Have you only just realized that? No.
Then why mention him now? Well, it's just that I you, you Tell me about it.
Is it that obvious? I'm sorry, Boss.
It's just upsetting.
My car wasn't towed.
It was stolen.
Tell me about the storage locker, DiNozzo Right.
Every renter has a code to enter the main gate.
Locker number plus the last four digits of their Social Security number Manager's checking the computer to see if anyone accessed Petty Officer Dobbs's locker.
Justin and I were friends since freshman year in high school.
Boyfriend? No, just friends.
But you have the key to his locker.
Yeah, he mailed it to me with a will and power-of-attorney.
That's a lot to saddle a friend with Yeah, tell me about it.
Something I could do without.
Why you? - He didn't have anybody else.
- Give me the bag, Mr.
Tag this for me.
It's stressful, I'm sure.
Do you have any idea who's in that truck? No.
We're going to find out, Emmy.
It'd be real good if you told us anything you know.
There was a girl Nora Webb.
We were all friends in high school.
She disappeared our senior year.
The police always suspected that Justin knew what happened to her.
All right, let's wrap her up, Mr.
Contact NCIS Iraq? They were well aware of Petty Officer Dobbs.
He got in trouble.
Just the opposite, Boss.
His C.
wrote him up for a posthumous Silver Star.
Actually, the CO wants to talk to you.
He's standing by to go on satellite right now.
Kate, talk to the LEOs in Dobbs's hometown.
Verify what the girl told us.
Do not tell them what we found.
Got it.
DiNozzo, talk to the insurance agent on your own time.
Get down to the garage.
Start an inventory on Petty Officer Dobbs's stuff.
Gibbs is a boat man.
He doesn't understand I have to have my car.
They're giving you a rental, DiNozzo.
What's the big deal? Not the same, bus boy.
My car is part of my being.
It's a car, Tony.
It's a classic, Kate.
It's a '90 Z.
1 Corvette.
Powerful, fast.
It's gorgeous.
In other words, it's you.
Under heavy fire, Petty Officer Dobbs single-handedly dragged two Marines to safety.
He saved their lives at the cost of his own.
That's why I recommended him and forwarded it up the chain of command.
Now, I understand you're a former Marine, Agent Gibbs.
I am.
Then you know we don't take this lightly.
This was an extraordinary young man.
Now this is Lance Corporal Jaime Ramos.
He served with Petty Officer Dobbs.
Sir, Petty Officer Dobbs wasn't a Marine, but he was one of us.
He served in our platoon, the whole tour as our corpsman.
What they're saying about Doc can't be true, sir.
He died saving lives over he.
Whatever you can do, we'd appreciate it, Agent Gibbs.
Understood, Lieutenant.
The thing is, sir, Doc isn't around to defend himself now.
You have to, sir.
Ducky, is it her? She is, indeed, Nora Webb, Jethro.
I had a positive I.
D using dental records from the FBI's Missing Person's Database.
How long's she been dead? How long she been missing? Almost two years.
Petty Officer Dobbs rented the locker ten months ago.
Well, I'd venture that she met her fate around the time of her disappearance.
Of course, I can't be certain till I know where the young lady's remains were kept.
The deterioration would be affected by whether she was indoors, void of the elements, or buried outside in the ground.
Cause of death.
- Uh, that would be hard to determine.
- Duck, I need to know.
Sign this for me over here.
Go ahead, pull it.
It only looks like a skull and crossbones.
Home movies: Little League '97, Christmas '95.
- Hoo-yeah! - And the winner is? High School, senior year.
Danke schoen.
So what exactly do you girls do at a health spa? Get pampered.
Massages? Many kinds.
Full body? Places you could only dream of, DiNozzo.
Masseuse or masseur? I go both ways.
You? Only with, uh Harris, my insurance agent.
Whatever works, man.
Spoke with a LEO in Richfield, Virginia.
Officer Billy Krieg confirms that Justin Dobbs was a Person of Interest in the disappearance of Nora Webb.
What else? Not much.
Dobbs enlisted out of high school.
He was raised by a single mother who died of cancer while he was in boot camp.
Got in the Advanced Medical Training Program.
Made PO3.
B oss, Lieutenant Commander Coleman wants to talk to you.
- Tell her I'm not here.
- Why don't you tell me yourself? Commander Coleman.
Special Agent Gibbs.
SECNAV wants JAG involved in the investigation of Petty Officer Dobbs.
Why? He's on the fast track for a Silver Star.
The Navy doesn't want to be embarrassed by awarding it to a murderer.
- Did he do it? - I'll let you know when the investigation concludes.
Petty Officer Dobbs's remains are arriving at the military mortuary in Dover on Sunday.
- His unit is pushing for a funeral with full honors.
You've got 24 hours.
- That's not enough time.
SECNAV can't wait.
You've got 24 hours.
Cancel all weekend plans.
That guy is Justin Dobbs.
The girl in pink is Emmy Poole with our victim, Nora Webb.
If the time stamp's accurate on this tape, this would've been shot two days before she was reported missing.
Well, from this video, doesn't look like anything's wrong.
Sure brings back memories, Probie.
I don't suppose you had a car to wash in high school.
Actually I did, Tony.
My parents bought one for me the day I turned 16.
Let me guess Yugo? No, it was much cooler than that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What was I thinking? I forgot who I'm dealing with here.
Ah Duster? Nope.
Not gonna guess it, Tony.
One of the Ford trilogy of dork mobiles? Maverick? Fiesta? Pinto? If you say Datsun Honeybee, I'm gonna come over there and smack you.
'84 Camaro Z-28 five-speed.
That's a smoking-hot car, McGee.
What the hell went wrong with you? Well, the first day I got behind the wheel,.
I had a slight thing.
Head-on? I was trying to figure out the wipers took my eyes off the road for a second.
When I looked up, there it was, right in front of me.
I got a student pass the day I got out of traction.
I didn't know.
Sure it's Nora Webb? We're sure.
Knew the son of a bitch did it.
Justin Dobbs was the prime suspect? Nora Webb was last seen leaving a party with him.
Kids saw her drive off in the truck.
Next day the parents reported her missing When we brought him in, he had scratches on his face and arms.
I'm sure he had an explanation, of course.
Don't they always? Said she got abusive before he dropped her home.
People at the party thought they saw him coming onto her.
They ever have anything between them before? No,.
but he had been drinking.
So, you think he pressed it with her in the car, when she didn't go along, things got out of hand.
Figured he'd buried her in the woods.
When we couldn't find the body, the D.
chose not to go forward.
After graduation, Justin Dobbs slinked out of town in a Navy uniform.
Petty Officer Dobbs died in that uniform saving lives, Chief.
Appreciate that, Agent Gibbs.
Doesn't excuse taking one before he left.
I'd like a copy of that case file.
Not a problem.
Pull it, Billy.
Then show our friends where the copy machine is.
- Chief Whalen doesn't have a doubt about Petty Officer Dobbs's guilt.
- Nope.
So what do you think? I was him, I wouldn't either.
and Mrs.
Webb? Special Agents Gibbs and Todd, NCIS.
We know.
and Mrs.
Webb, y'all take care.
Been pushing for a faster copier.
Hope it didn't cause too much inconvenience.
When do we get our daughter back? Our investigation is almost over.
Chief Whalen concluded the investigation a long time ago.
If Justin murdered your daughter,.
our investigation will only confirm it.
We don't need a confirmation.
Do you know how how she died? Not yet.
Is that all? - We just have a few questions.
- No,.
we're not going to do it.
I know this is difficult.
You don't know anything, lady.
Webb Kate.
Appreciate your time.
Thank you.
What's up, Palmer? Oh, I, uh, brought you a substance for analysis.
Where'd you get it? The victim's femur bone.
Just put it over there.
Hey, sorry to hear about your weekend.
Oh, hmm Tony? Yeah, mass e-mail.
The sender was "Anonymous," but it was pretty obvious.
Lots of lascivious references.
You know, the inefficient flow of chi is a major source of stiffness.
Uh, silent auction item at my niece's school benefit: a weekend seminar in the art of shiatsu.
- Do me.
Uh, n I-I showed up late.
Your hands, my body, now.
What the hell are you doing, Palmer? You read the Agency policy on sexual harassment, didn't you, Palmer? It wasn't like that! It never is.
Now, go, you little autopsy gremlin.
Get out of here.
What do you got, Abbs? He's doing it again, McGee Mm-hmm.
Doing what? You become Gibbs when he's not around.
I do not.
Actually, you do.
The Caff-Pow, the head-slaps, turning my music off.
"What do you got, Abbs?" He has been in a foul mood all day.
That's another Gibbs trait.
You don't quite have the stare down yet.
Hey, what are you giggling about? Inventory the contents now, Probie! Dobbs's sea bag, sent from Iraq, has all his personal effects.
Do you know anything about chi, McGee? It was Nora.
It was.
How long have you known about Justin's storage locker, Emmy? A week, when I read the will.
You didn't read it until he died? Anything wrong with that? Who else knew about the will? No idea.
He wrote it up online.
I didn't recognize the names of the witnesses.
Guys from his unit, I guess.
We'll need a copy.
So you and Petty Officer Dobbs We were tight in high school.
Listen, it was his idea to go off to the stupid war, okay? I didn't need this.
And you and Nora Webb? Friends.
It was high school, okay? Customer's waiting.
Are we through? For now.
Lot of pissed-off people here in Richfield.
Here's something interesting, Mr.
Palmer the hyoid bone.
Do you know what makes it unique? No, Doctor.
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones The shoulder bone connected to the Neck bone, the neck bone connected to the Head bone The hyoid bone, Mr.
Palmer, to what is it connected? Nothing.
Of the 206 bones in the human body, the hyoid is the only one not articulated to any other.
Its name derives from the Greek, uh, U-O-I-D- shaped like a "U.
" Upsilon.
I hope you learned that in medical school and not at some fraternity ritual.
You see, this one is distorted.
Looks like it's been crushed.
And that would suggest? - Strangulation.
- Yes! Who's the cop? No idea.
What do you have, McGee? Well, the, uh, records show that no one accessed the store facility with Petty Officer Dobbs's code after he deployed.
Personal effects? Nothing out of the ordinary.
Only thing of interest was a padlock key identical to the one Emmy Poole had.
- Yeah.
- Video conference call.
Boss, you're never gonna believe this.
DiNozzo My car was used in a convenience store robbery in Tennessee.
But I'm I'm cool.
So not important in the grand scheme of things.
You've had 24 hours.
Not enough time.
Petty Officer Dobbs's body left Kuwait an hour ago.
What do I tell the SECNAV? Nothing conclusive at this point.
You are forcing me to have the medal withheld.
You might be denying a hero his due.
Give me something, Gibbs.
Is there anything working in his favor? - You're breaking up, Faith.
- I can see you just fine.
Must be a solar flare.
Gibbs Such a mysterious room.
You got something, Duck? Yeah.
Cause of death: strangulation.
Things not going too well? Running out of time.
You ever think that the petty officer might be guilty? Crossed my mind.
Yeah, more than once, obviously.
Otherwise you'd be telling me your gut says he's not guilty.
Some Marine guts in Iraq are saying that.
But not yours? Yeah.
Yeah, my gut says it, too.
Your gut or Semper Fi? Emmy Poole is holding back.
I want her in Interrogation now.
Yes? This is NCIS Special Agent Todd.
I'd like to speak with Emmy Poole.
Not gonna happen, Agent Todd.
Nice truck.
If we hadn't called the house, would you have notified us? Eventually.
I'd sure like my people to have a look.
It was a suicide.
What do you expect to find? Emmy Poole was material to my investigation.
Investigation into a murder that took place two years ago here when Justin Dobbs was a civilian.
That was a local matter.
Just like this is.
You want to take a look around, fine.
We just removed the body; crime scene's intact.
Who found her? The mother.
Like to speak with her.
You're welcome to read her statement.
She's with friends.
Didn't want to stay at the house tonight.
Leave a note? Not that we found.
Mother said she'd been depressed, on medication for the past couple of years.
Since the disappearance of Nora Webb? Where are you going with this, Gibbs? According to the mother, Emmy was close to Nora.
Took her disappearance hard.
Don't think finding the body helped.
Yeah, we we spoke to Emmy this afternoon.
Thing is, kept getting the feeling she wasn't telling us everything she knew.
All there is to know is Justin Dobbs killed Nora Webb.
So you keep saying This your idea of an apology? For what? I just don't like to drink alone.
The fact that you know where to find me on a Sunday morning is a little scary, Gib Please.
Not as scary as your trunk.
What do you want? Talk to the office of the SECNAV yet? No.
The girl who found the remains in Petty Officer Dobbs's truck is dead.
Suicide, maybe.
You think she was involved? I don't know.
She could've had an accomplice.
I need more time.
Petty Officer Dobbs's funeral is tomorrow.
Not if I order his remains quarantined at Dover morgue.
What are you up to? I need our M.
to examine the body as part of our investigation.
Dobbs died as a result of enemy fire in Iraq.
What bearing does that have on a girl who was killed two years ago in Richfield, Virginia? You can never be too thorough.
You're pushing it, Gibbs.
Why are you sticking your neck out for this guy? Several Marines witnessed Petty Officer Dobbs saving lives.
No one witnessed him taking one.
Special Agent DiNozzo.
We don't know if you've heard about Emmy Poole.
Her poor mother.
Well, we're sorry to bother you.
Just a few questions.
- Your daughter and Emmy were close.
- They were very close.
Emmy practically lived at our house.
She was always sleeping over.
They ever have a falling out? Oh, God, no.
I felt sorry for Emmy.
She was caught in the middle between her two best friends.
Nora and Justin.
Nora had disappeared, and everyone believed Justin was responsible.
She couldn't handle it.
And then finding Nora.
It must've sent her over the edge.
The past two years have been hell for us.
That's why we've sold the business and It was just too many bad memories in this town.
What are you doing here? Chief Whalen said we don't have to deal with you.
They're just trying to do their job They want Justin Dobbs buried as a war hero, that's what they want.
He killed our daughter.
As far as I'm concerned, he's responsible for Emmy's death as well.
Leave now.
Why don't you get one of these? Fits your personality perfectly—loud overbearing, politically incorrect.
It is tempting, Kate, but I love the car I have.
Too bad you're not as faithful to the women in your life.
- That's funny.
- But for your sake, I do hope that you and she reunite.
Actually, I don't know if I want it back.
And why is that? She's been violated.
Here to escort us to the city limits, Officer? The chief wants you to leave the Webbs alone.
They've been through a lot.
Well, we realize that, Officer.
We're just trying to resolve Petty Officer Dobbs's guilt or innocence Now, why can't you just accept the facts? They're right there in front of you.
Actually, the only thing in front of us right now is you.
You move, we'll leave.
Well, I think it's the power supply.
You "think"? Well, it'd be helpful if I had a service manual.
I was at church, Gibbs.
What do you got, Abbs? First of all, you owe me big-time It took Kate and me six months to get the reservations to that spa.
You tell me you found something, I'll think about making it up to you.
Typical man.
Promise you everything until he gets what he wants right, McGee? - Well, actually, I - Thanks, McGee.
So, I found dirt on her femur bone, and identical traces on the inside of the plastic she was wrapped in.
But not on the outside.
Nora Webb was buried in the ground, then removed.
And then wrapped in plastic, and then put in that truck.
Chief Whalen always thought she was buried in the woods.
Maybe yes, maybe no.
Do you have anything more specific than dirt? Well, I was trying, except my mass spectrometer crashed.
And there's a certain MIT grad that's supposed to be fixing it but is actually making it worse.
Sooner than later, McGee.
Why don't you just hire a service tech! Well, I would, McGee.
But it's Sunday! Oh, there you are.
Appreciate you coming.
It's a godsend, actually.
Mother has the ladies of the kennel club over for cocktails.
Take a ride, Ducky.
Oh, I had a conversation with the M.
at Richfield.
He came to the same conclusion - suicide, indeed.
Well the lacerations on the young girl's wrists gave every indications of being self-inflicted.
But that's not why you asked me in here.
They're holding Petty Officer Dobbs's body for you at the Dover morgue.
I don't get it.
I thought he died in combat.
I need you to take a look, Ducky.
- What do you expect me to find? - Nothing.
I just need to buy more time.
Oh, Jethro I can spend forever finding nothing.
Thank you.
Boss, tracked down the two witnesses who signed Petty Officer Dobbs's will.
Both were Corpsmen he met in training.
One's stationed at GITMO, the other Coronado.
Neither knew anything relevant.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs are we still on? Weekend at the spa if I've come up with something really big? This is a piece of the plastic sheet that the victim's body was wrapped in.
- You lift a print? - Negatory.
- Trace evidence? - No, but this a really big but.
From analysis of the polymers and the resins, I tracked down the manufacturer.
They've reworked their formula.
It's polyethylene, .
,four-mils thick.
It's more flexible and resistant to tearing.
What's the point, Abby? This is a brand-new product, Gibbs.
It's only been on the market for four months.
Petty Officer Dobbs has been in Iraq for ten months.
He couldn't have put it there.
So can I make those reservations now? What's the matter, Gibbs? That does not mean that Petty Officer Dobbs is innocent.
It only means he could've had an accomplice.
Emmy Poole? Yeah, Gibbs.
I'll be right there.
You're not calling wi good news.
I'm sorry, Gibbs.
SECNAV made his decision.
He won't sign off on the Star.
You think he's gonna want us to hang around? I don't know.
I can't imagine there's anything till tomorrow Go ask him.
You ask.
You're the "special agent.
" Yeah, well, he likes you more.
That's because I don't ask him stupid questions.
Rock, paper, scissors? On three.
Something on your mind? - No - No.
You weren't thinking about leaving, were you? - Oh, uh, no.
- Absolutely not, no.
I was just gonna go, um, check on the old spectrometer.
Assuming Petty Officer Dobbs was innocent, why did Nora Webb's remains show up in his storage locker? Someone was framing him? Emmy Poole knew about the locker and she had a key.
She would've had to have gone there before the bones were discovered.
But after Petty Officer Dobbs died so he couldn't defend himself.
There's one problem, though, boss.
The computer shows that Dobbs's entry and access code was used only once the time she was with the manager.
She could've used somebody else's code.
There's a surveillance camera at the entry gate, boss.
I know, McGee.
That is why I am going to Little Creek.
- Avoid the 295- it's packed.
- DiNozzo go with McGee.
He's gonna pick up the surveillance tape.
Boss, I just You're driving.
You realize Mother Teresa would have road rage hell out there? - I know it's a long shot.
- A long shot is you getting laid by Penelope Cruz, McGee.
This is way beyond that.
- Look, Tony, I'm sorry, but my instincts tell me - You have not been around long enough to have instincts, Probie.
Well, I still don't think that Petty Officer Dobbs is a murderer.
Why, because he was a hero in Iraq? They Came to Cordura.
What? The film.
Of course.
Gary Cooper.
Who? One of the greatest actors of all time? Coop.
High Noon.
They Came to Cordura was one of his last pictures.
Stick with me here.
It's 1916 - the war against Pancho Villa.
Coop plays an army major escorting Rita Hayworth-mm, what a body and four Medal of Honor winners back to Texas for this ceremony, and along the way, he tries to determine what made them heroes.
In the end, he exposes them for what they really are: Corrupt, pathetic, hypocritical, cowardly degenerates.
DiNozzo, it's a movie.
It's a film.
You're taking the stairs, McGee.
Why? 'Cause I am not riding in an elevator with anyone who doesn't know who Gary Cooper was.
- Abby, can you tell if anyone picked - Dobbs's padlock? - Yes.
- No.
Abbs, I don't have time.
I'm trying to tell you.
I just checked it out.
I knew you were gonna ask.
It's scary, Gibbs.
I'm starting to think like you.
The lock is almost virgin.
It's hardly been opened, and it shows no sign of wear.
If it had been picked, there'd be scratches on the tumblers.
It was opened with a key.
I would swear to it.
Good work, Abbs.
I knew you were gonna say that, too.
He's the manufacturer's service tech.
He gets triple-time on weekends, and it's gonna be a while.
Stay on him.
So, what's the verdict? I'm done.
Really? That was quick.
It's a simple short.
It's nothing you don't pick up in an intro ITT class.
I guess they don't offer that at MIT.
Any luck with Emmy's psychiatrist? It's Sunday, Gibbs.
I know.
As everyone keeps reminding me.
Well, it wasn't much of a challenge finding you.
I actually do like to drink alone, but I figured you could use a pick-me-up.
You're not surprised I found you here.
Why should I be? Investigation's not over.
It's a lost cause.
You here to gloat? Actually, I happen to believe in miracles.
Oh, really.
Yeah, I never had one happen in front of me, so I figured if one did, I'd like to be standing by so I could call the Pentagon.
Miracles take hard work, Commander.
Any particular desk I should use? Special Agent DiNozzo will be gone for a while.
Agent Todd.
Richfield case file.
Do you realize, at this exact moment we would be in the throes of deep tissue exhilaration? Don't remind me.
You guys had spa plans? Yeah.
Last month a girlfriend and I went to the new one in Charleston.
Serenity Retreat? - Ooh - Ah Are you here for a reason, Abby? I wanna talk dirt.
I don't know if you missed my lips moving, McGee, but actually, I was speaking.
- According to my newly repaired mass spectrometer - Sorry, Abbs, but this is big.
Well, it could be big uh, at least we think it is.
But if it is big, it is really big.
McGee, Talk.
Make sense.
We reviewed the entry gate security tapes from Little Creek Public Storage.
Now, from the day that Petty Officer Dobbs died to the day that Nora Webb's remains were found, uh, no sign of Emmy Poole entering.
But I think I recognize someone else.
It's grainy, but we're hoping that Abby's capable of enhancing it.
This video was taken three days after Petty Officer Dobbs died in Falluja.
This guy opened up a locker the same day, under the name John Weston.
'Kay, freeze it right there.
Any chance we can make the driver, Abbs? Not a chance, Gibbs.
A certainty.
Were there any other surveillance cameras on the premises? No.
Once he was in, he could've gone to any locker.
He would have to have known which locker was Dobbs's.
And he would have had to have had a key, because the lock was not picked.
Emmy Poole.
Kate, McGee, start backgrounding Bruce Webb.
DiNozzo, you're with me.
Gibbs, Gibbs! My dirt.
What about it? Unless someone has been fertilizing the forest, Nora Webb was not buried in the woods.
The soil found on her femur contains chemicals consistent with plant food.
Bruce Webb was Nora's stepfather.
Her biological father walked out when she was three.
Nora took his name when he officially adopted her at the age of six.
Nothing else yet, but we're working on it, Gibbs.
He just cut you off? Does it to everyone.
The Stepfather.
You see that movie? Guy marries a woman with a gorgeous daughter.
I thought I made it clear.
We have nothing to say to NCIS.
I know.
Security video can be so darn unflattering.
What's going on? By tomorrow we'll have your fingerprints from the storage locker rental agreement.
We'll have a search authorization to take soil samples from the nursery and match them against trace evidence from Nora Webb's remains.
I - I don't understand.
You dug up and you moved the body, because you were afraid that the new owners of the nursery would uncover it.
Bruce? Emmy Poole was an impressionable teenager, raised by a single mom.
Looking for a father figure.
It wasn't like that.
What was it like, Mr.
Webb? Emmy was always around.
With Nora.
I enjoyed being with them.
It was fun taking them places.
As they got older, Emmy was advanced.
Sexually precocious.
It all happened so gradual.
And then one day, things got out of hand.
I wanted to stop it, but What happened that night? It was late.
My wife was asleep.
Emmy called to warn me that Nora had found out abouts.
She was hysterical.
She and Emmy had gotten into a fight at the party.
Justin Dobbs didn't know what the fight was about.
He offered to drive Nora home.
I couldn't let Nora tell her mother.
I met her out front, and I tried to calm her.
But she started screaming.
I j I put my hand over her mouth.
But she wouldn't stop.
I didn't mean to kill her.
You want to take it from here, Chief? So I'm thinking about going to Petty Officer Dobbs's funeral tomorrow.
I've never witnessed the awarding of a Silver Star.
Would you like to join me? Worked all weekend.
Guess I could come in a little late on Monday.
They found Tony's car.
It's on the I-40 in Oklahoma.
"Chopper John is live on the scene.
" "That's right " Pull over! You'll never get away.
Kind of drives like Gibbs.
That's harsh.
"Oh, my.
Is that the driver?" "Yes, it is, Gray.
I can't believe it, he seems to be moving.
" "He's somehow survived.
" "The same cannot be said for the car, John.
" It's been completely demolished.
Not good for boats, either.
Have a good weekend.
Oh, Tony Tony, that sucks.