NCIS s02e23 Episode Script


VA Beach, here we come! Now you're sure this girl has a friend, Westfall? Would I lie to you? In a heartbeat.
You know what? That hurts.
Yes, she has a friend.
Yeah? What's she look like? Karen says she's very blonde.
Mentally or physically? Look, we're out to have fun.
So, how dumb is she? Uh, 38DD.
Oh, damn it.
How fast were you going? Seventy-five.
That's what you get for screwing a buddy over.
Hey, pull out your military I.
Maybe he'll let us slide with a warning.
Sorry about that, Officer.
My friend and I were on our way to NCIS saison 2 - Episode 23 "twilight" Team NCIS for WWW.
COM Is that Tony? No.
Well, you sure? It really looked like Is there a reason you've been haunting my desk all week? Uh, no, I was just Or maybe you just decided to take over DiNozzo's job of annoying me while he's on sick leave.
I - I just wanted to check that everything was okay.
Why wouldn't it be? Well, you and Tony were close, and you know.
No, I don't know.
What? He almost died.
We're NCIS agents, McGee.
There is a chance one of us might die every time we walk through the door.
Yeah, but I'm the idiot that handed him an envelope filled with plague.
Tim it's not your fault.
Look, if you want to think about something, why don't you think about all the times Tony has insulted us, invaded our privacy.
The fact he almost died owing us all money.
That's true he can be pretty obnoxious.
You miss him as much as I do? More.
It's part of his charm.
He's like an X-rated Peter Pan.
You know he told all the girls downstairs you're gay, right? Said it would cut down on the competition.
That bastard.
Hold onto that feeling, and you're going to be just fine.
You want to know what he said about you? That you tried to sleep with him when you were in Paraguay.
I will kill him.
You're sure yore up for this? Never felt better.
Yeah? Yeah.
You look like crap.
I missed you too, boss.
You've got another week of sick leave coming, Tony.
You should take it.
I was going crazy at home.
Maybe I'm not 100%, but you need me.
Okay, what about Kate and McGee? They're practically lost without me.
They've gotten more work done in the last two weeks an they have all year.
But they did miss me, right? Yeah, something like that.
I can't wait to see their faces.
You did the right thing.
Where is the car, exactly? Hi, Kate! Sorry about that, Captain.
Where'd you say the car was? Must be important.
Probie, did you miss me? Long time no Thank you, Captain.
What's wrong with him? Virginia State Police just got a 911 call, Gibbs.
Two dead sailors.
Where? In a car off Route Let's roll.
Gas the truck.
Sure th On it, boss.
Maybe I did die.
You feel that? Feel what? Oh.
You're still alive.
Welcome back, DiNozzo.
Two victims.
Looks like the shooter knew what he was doing, Gibbs.
Tight groupings, three rounds each.
Every one of them a kill shot.
Passenger's Curtis Janssen, Pensacola, Florida.
No military I.
Credit cards and money are intact.
So, it wasn't a robbery? Depends.
On what? On what else is missing, Kate.
Looks like the killer tried to clean up.
Not exactly.
You know he took at least two things with him when he left.
He needed his prints? Bag it.
Boss! State cops ran the Mustang's plates.
It's a rental car out of Dulles Airport.
I got a call into this Are you okay? Just trying to catch my breath.
You should have taken that extra week off, DiNozzo.
Help him up, Kate.
I'm gonna see what's keeping Ducky.
Did that hurt? Yup.
Where the hell are they, McGee? Palmer must have taken a wrong turn again, boss.
I was facing the rear Doctor, I just turned the way you said.
You should have known "right" meant "left.
" I'm terribly sorry, Jethro.
Palmer got usost again.
Doctor, you had the map.
You gave it to me! Sir, for the record, I-I Looks like a professional hit.
Probably took the hands to confirm the kill.
McGee told me what you said.
Did he, now? Oh, come on.
I was joking around.
I didn't think he'd really believe me.
Really? And why is that? Anyone looking at you can tell your breasts are real.
Wha you told him I had breast implants?! No.
You know what, Tony? I can't even believe I worried about you.
You are nothing but a Snake.
Yeah, exactly.
No, a big-big-big-big snake, down there.
Tell me it's not poisonous.
I think it is.
Ew! What is it doing?! It's wrapping around your leg.
Do something, Tony.
I'll try and grab it.
Just don't make any sudden moves, all right? Ah! What if you miss it? They do this stuff on the Discovery Channel all the time.
How hard can it be? Oh, no, screw it; I'm going to shoot it.
Put that gun away.
You're going to blow your foot off.
Let me do this.
My life in your hands? I knew it was going to end this way.
You're making me nervous.
Easy now.
About there Get it off! Oh, God.
Gotcha! Okay, I'll give you this much.
You do have your moments.
So, are we friends again? Oh, cool, a corn snake.
Can I hold him? No, it's poisonous, McGee.
No, actually they're-they're not, Kate.
Yes, they are, McGee.
What about that one you caught in Shenandoah State Park? You had it around your neck for, like, an hour.
That near-fatal illness may have clouded my memory.
You're such a loser.
All right, get back to work.
McGee, check the trunk.
Nobody touch the dead bodies until Ducky says all clear.
All right.
Freeze, McGee; don't move! TONY: The car's wired to explode.
It looks like the detonator's tied to the trunk.
What? How far did you turn the key? Uh, I'm not sure.
Almost all the way,I think.
Okay, don't let it snap back.
All right? Yeah.
Let go.
Okay, both of you run.
No, Tony, we're not leaving you standing I'm a lot faster than you are.
I'll be right behind you.
This is not a debate, okay? This thing might be primed already.
Anthony, you should have taken that extra week.
It's the car! It's wired to ex! Tony! Boss you remember when I said I never felt better? I lied.
I'm telling you I'm fine.
fine for you, Tony.
Your blood pressure is high.
Almost getting blown up tends to do that to me, not to mention hanging around Kate when she's in one of her moods.
This isn't funny, DiNozzo.
No, it's not.
If I didn't come in to work today, you and McGee'd be lying on one of those tables over there.
At least your temperature is pretty normal.
Yeah, I'm good to go.
Oh, muscle soreness? Only when I move or breathe.
Yes, clearly, you haven't quite recovered from your bout with Y.
You need a rest.
NoI need to get back to work, Ducky.
Damn it, Tony.
I should just take you home and get you in bed.
Okay, that didn't come out the way I intended.
What didn't, Kate? Oh, I-I was just saying Kate was just, uh, expressing our concern for Tony, here.
Yeah? How is he? Stubborn, pigheaded, and unaware of his own limitations.
Sounds about right.
I haven't finished with you yet.
Got a positive I.
here yet, Duck? You want to buy me dinner first, or should we go to your Fortunately, the skulls remained relatively intact.
The problem is sorting out which parts belong with whom.
Yeah, I can see that, Palmer.
The dental records were conclusive.
Passengers were Navy lieutenants Dean Westfall and Curtis Janssen.
Well, that checks.
According to the car rental place, Westfall rented a Mustang two months ago.
Kate, pull up their service records.
Have McGee find out who made that 911 call.
On it.
Yeah? Go lie down before you pass out.
I'm not going to pass out.
I might cry a little, maybe feel sorry for myself, but DiNozzos do not pass out.
Coming, boss.
Can't you do something, Duck? Yes, well, I'm doing it right now.
What? Praying.
You going to be okay? Sure.
Not looking so hot.
Well, at least that's an improvement.
Over what? According to Gibbs, I look like crap.
You know, Kate really been worried about you.
Kate worries about everything.
No, no, no, I mean, really worried.
What's your point, probie? Well, you think that maybe you know.
Me and Kate? Never happen.
Why not? She's too smart for that.
You know what? You don't believe me? She's coming right now.
Gibbs wants to know who made that 911 call this morning, Tim.
On it.
Where's DiNozzo? Uh, I think he's laying down somewhere.
Oh, good.
He needs it.
You care a lot about him, don't you, Kate? Well, he's my teammate.
What do you think? I don't know, sometimes I think it might be more than that.
Tony? Are you kidding? Well, come on, you never thought about it? Well I guess there are times when Tony can be charming, warm, not completely obnoxious.
So if he wasn't your teammate? Ooh, that's a tough one.
Well, on the plus side, he is smart, brave, not to mention kind of hot.
Hey, you know, in a different world, I could see myself marrying someone like him.
Very funny.
I thought I told you to lie down.
I was.
I am.
Not here.
Well, hey, there, little lady.
Tony! You're back! I missed you! Oh, what's wrong? Did I hurt you? I'm fine.
Just a little sore, you know, from the explosion and all.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to sit down? Well, I was kind of thinking about lying down next to your little refrigerator thingy over here.
Sure, sure.
Oh, yes.
You can use Bert as a pillow.
He's supposed to make that noise.
You have a stuffed animal that farts? Yeah.
It's cool, huh? Yeah in a disturbing way.
So, what did I miss? Gibbs has been cranky since you've been gone.
Think his knee's bothering him.
And, uh, Kate broke up with some lawyer guy, which is really good, 'cause he wasn't very big on personal hygiene, and About the case, Abbs.
I got a glimpse of the bomb.
It was definitely a pro job.
You are correct, sir.
I've run ten samples.
The main electric charge is C-4.
It's primed with det cord and blasting caps.
So we should be able to trace its source to the manufacturer.
You'd think so, but no.
Abby, every military explosive over the last 20 years has had taggants mixed in for identification purposes.
Yep, but these don't.
You telling me this guy made this stuff from scratch? The compositions are exact as off the shelf.
That's not possible.
How's that possible? It shouldn't be possible.
Oh, it's possible.
That was the stuffed animal, boss.
Right, Abby? What stuffed animal? Abbs are you sure these explosives aren't traceable? Um, so far, but I'm still checking.
What about the detonator? Also weird.
The electronics are fairly simple, but there's no serial numbers on anything.
It's like it's been sanitized.
Let's go, DiNozzo.
We got problems.
Someone's trying to kill us again.
I don't think he meant that literally.
Okay, thanks, Sergeant.
We'll, uh, still need a copy of the dispatch tape.
Boss, uh, according to State Police, the 911 call was Anonymous? Yes, and it was also Untraceable.
Uh, they're sending a tape with the call over.
Kate, what do you know about the lieutenants? They're both pilots, Gibbs.
Lieutenant Curtis Janssen's an instructor in Pensacola.
What's he doing in Virginia? According to his unit, he was on leave visiting his friend, Lieutenant Dean Westfall.
Also out of Pensacola, but for the last two months, he's been T.
at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.
Proving ground? It's where they test new military equipment and technology, probie.
Maybe they used Westfall's prints to access the base.
I checked, Tony.
None of Aberdeen's security systems rely on fingerprint or palm scanners.
What was he working on there? Classified.
I will find out.
So, what's going on, boss? Car didn't have any military decals.
Lieutenants were wearing civvies.
A - And the 911 caller specifically said that it was two dead sailors.
Someone wanted NCIS to investigate the scene.
Why? The same reason they rigged the car to explode, Kate.
We were set up.
So someone really is trying to kill us? Yeah, and they came pretty damn close.
You're absolutely certain about this, Jethro? Someone went to a lot of trouble to try to get us out there on that road today, Director.
For what purpose? Unclear, but what concerns me is the explosive used- military, high-grade, extremely difficult to trace.
Tough to get outside of certain circles.
You're not suggesting another agency? I'm not suggesting anything, sir.
All I know is I've pissed off a lot of people over the years.
I would ask you to keep your suspicions to yourself.
Can I ask why, sir? There may be other factors involved.
Like what, sir? Currently, I'm not at liberty to discuss it.
I almost lost my entire team out there today.
If the's something I should know This is not open for discussion, Agent Gibbs.
Yes, sir.
You're dismissed.
You have a good evening, sir.
Get me the director of the FBI.
Yes, sir.
You want some? No, thank you.
Passed on free food.
Maybe he is dying.
Well, I haven't had much of an appetite lately, Kate, on account of having the pneumonic plague.
Yeah, I know, Tony.
I was there.
You don't have to keep bringing it up every five minutes.
It's not every day you escape the clutches of the Black Death, Kate.
It was a life changing experience.
How so, Tony? Ask Kate - she was there.
Hey, I want to know what Westfall was doing at Aberdeen by the time I get back.
Where you going? Out.
McGee I want other reasons why someone would chop off his hands.
Tony? Eat something.
Why take someone's hands? Trophies? Okay, but why leave the other lieutenant's? If he's chopping hands off, I don't think we can expect him to be rational, McGee.
We've got trouble.
What was your first hint? The two dead bodies downstairs or the explosion, McGee? No, I mean FBI trouble.
Fornell? We must be in worse shape than we thought.
Where's Gibbs? He's not here.
Where is he, Agent Todd? He's out.
Try him on his cell.
I d.
He's not answering.
What's going on? Ari Haswari is back in country.
You let that psycho back in the States without telling us? He was supposed to be helping us uncover an Al Qaeda cell in the D.
What do you mean, "supposed to," Fornell? We now think he's here for more personal reasons.
He's planning on killing Gibbs.
Washington is such a lovely city this time of year.
Don't you agree, Special Agent Gibbs? Not much of a conversationalist, are we? I am mostly waiting here, Ari.
Oh, for what? A reason to shoot you again.
Someone tried to kill my team today.
I'm thinking it was you.
You wound me, Gibbs.
If it was me, they'd be dead already.
You're still coming in with me for questioning.
Unfortunately, I've made other arrangements for the evening.
It wasn't a request.
I know.
That's why I took the precaution of planting an explosive device under one of these tables.
You be a good NCIS agent, I may even tell you where.
What are you doing here? An Al Qaeda cell is planning an attack in Washington.
I'm here to stop it.
Yeah? What's the target? I don't know.
Where's the cell located? Wish I knew.
You're doing a hell of a job for a Mossad double agent.
I can, however, gain access to that information, but it comes at a price.
One you may not be willing to pay.
Try me.
Al Qaeda sent me here to conduct my own mission.
It's a test.
I pass, and I'm allowed into the Washington cell.
They want me to kill you.
You don't seem surprised? It means I'm doing my job.
And in order for me to do mine, you have to die.
I wonder, what would you do in my position? Kill myself.
Sadly, not an option.
It's the one part of my religion I subscribe to.
I could help you out with that.
A kind offer to be sure.
I also have one for you.
I'm listening.
You have 24 hours to find and eliminate the cell.
If you fail I appreciate the heads-up.
It's the least I could do.
How's Caitlin, by the way? I've thought of her often since my last visit.
Go near her, and I don't care what government agency's watching your back, I will kill you this time.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Where's the device? Oh, I almost forgot.
I lied.
There is none.
Please call me back.
That's 20 messages I left.
We should look for him, McGee.
Look for who? We've been calling you for the last hour, boss.
Well, yeah, my ringer thing got turned off.
You're never going to believe who's back in town.
Maybe you will.
Fornell said that he's here to Kill me.
I know.
I just had coffee with him.
So what happened? He tried to kill me.
We find out what Westfall's doing in Aberdeen yet? Uh, boss, aren't you gonna elaborate a little bit first? Well, yeah, McGee, I'm alive.
Now tell me about Westfall.
Uh, he was only attached to Aberdeen.
He was actually working with an aerospace contractor in Maryland - Danborn Avionics.
Doing what? Testing field service modules, or something like that I have no idea.
The FBI sent a team over to the company to investigate their security.
The FBI? A lot's happened in the last hour.
Where's Fornell? MTAC.
Make the ringer thing work.
Is it me or did he take the whole Ari situation really well? That's 'cause he's looking forward to it.
Looking forward to what? Finally getting to kill him.
How long did you know that bastard was here? We had our reasons, Gibbs.
How long? About a week.
We didn't know what his cover mission was with Al Qaeda until today.
I'm taking him down.
Not this time.
The FBI can handle this.
The civilians in the coffee shop that he tried to blow up today would probably disagree with you, Tobias.
Look, if it was up to me, I'd put a round through his forehead.
It's not.
You're sitting this one out.
You gonna try to stop me? No.
No, not me, Jethro.
Ari has been declared off limits NCIS will have no further involvement in the case.
You're kidding, sir.
I've also been ordered to place you under protective custody for your own safety.
Meaning for Ari's? Take it for what it is, a direct order, Agent Gibbs.
And you damn well tter follow it to the letter.
Yes, sir.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to offer you my resignation, sir.
And I will accept it, after you've completes your current case.
Sir? Have you found any evidence connecting Ari to the murder of our two Naval officers? No, we haven't, sir.
I will now hand you over to our federally certified protective custody expert, Agent Todd.
I hear she used to protect the President.
You should be flattered.
He's all yours.
I expect you to follow her orders to the letter, as if they were mine.
That last part? He meant.
In h home, two teams, six-hour shifts.
Alternating radio checks every ten minutes.
Outside, I want a mobile foot patrol and two permanent observation posts.
Gibbs is not gonna like that.
Well, screw what he likes, Tony.
I'm not going to let that psycho within five miles of Gibbs.
McGee, I need full audio and video surveillance, inside and out.
Everything tied back in MTAC.
You got it, Kate.
Go home.
It's late.
Uh, Gibbs, I don't think we're gonna be going home.
I'm staying here.
I do not need an army of agents staying up all night watching me build a boat.
You won't leave the building? If I do, I'll call you.
Go home.
Get some sleep.
First thing tomorrow morning, we're gonna check out Danborn Avionics, find out what the FBI missed.
Did you miss me? Gibbs.
You dream about Gibbs? What? No.
God, no.
You just said his name.
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did.
What's going on? Kate dreams about Gibbs.
Oh, what was it about? No, I didn't dream about Gibbs.
She screamed his name.
Really? Here you go.
Look, if you want to check out the defense contracting company with us today, you're wearing a vest.
I can live with that.
That's kind of the point, Gibbs.
Lieutenant Westfall was the military liaison for Danborn's Modular UAV project.
And like I told the FBI, I really doubt his murder had anything to do with it.
Modular UAV? It's an unmanned aerial vehicle we're developing with the Navy.
It can be reconfigured for different missions in the field.
What kind of missions? Reconnaissance, nuclear and biological agent testing, uh, ground attack.
So it can be used as a weapon? Some day.
It's only a prototype.
Oh, and, uh, before you ask, we changed all our security codes and removed Westfall's from the system last night.
Follow me.
Any chance of your modular UAVs is missing? Nope we only have one and that's her in the hangar.
What are these? Scale models we use in wind tunnel tests.
Any of your security systems rely on fingerprint or palm-scanningtechnology, Mr.
Eberlee? Why? Lieutenant Westfall was missing his hands.
Someone hacked them off.
the FBI didn't mention that.
We did.
What's the answer? Our radio flight control systems use biometrics.
Only pilots entered into the system can fly them.
Like Westfall.
Yeah, but we only have one flyable UAV and that's it.
What about these? Those are target drones.
Danborn Avionics got its start making them in the 1970s.
They're relics, they're not operational.
Looks like one's missing.
It was, uh, it was probably moved.
Where? We sometimes use them for spare parts.
Look, it's not possible.
I mean, you'd need a team of engineers to get one of these aps in flying shape.
Not to mention, you need a radio flight control.
And I'll bet Lieutenant Westfall's is missing.
According to these schematics, the drone's pretty outdated from a tech perspective, Gibbs.
So is a hand grenade.
Excellent point.
The Danborn TX-Bravo is basically a jet-propelled RC plane, meaning it's manually controlled by a radio transmitter.
The transmitter they stole was for a modern UAV? They might not be able to fly it.
True, true, but Danborn's flight codes are based on the original software, so a few tweaks What's the range? Unless if they load it down with explosives.
Oh, they will.
Payload would haveo be pretty small.
want to get it off the ground.
Not a lot of bang for your buck.
It is if you're going after a soft target, Abbs.
Soft target? People.
Any way to stop it if it's launched? It wouldn't be hard to destabilize the system.
I have the operational frequencies.
Another controller could probably jam it.
t me another controller.
But, Gibbs, there's a catch.
You'd have to be within a 40-mile range to jam it.
I had a weird dream about Tony last night.
Not the one where you two are at the zoo, and he No, no.
He's fully clothed in this one.
But he had blood all over his face.
I woke up crying, Kate.
I never cry.
Never, ever, ever.
Hey, it was just a bete noire.
Gotta go.
What do you got? A shot of our drone thieves from Danborn's security footage from two nights ago.
The day the lieutenants were murdered.
Can you I.
them? Well, they're both wearing ski masks, but check this out.
Maybe I'm paranoid, but does that guy look familiar? You're not paranoid.
That bastard's Ari.
He's not looking for an Al Qaeda cell.
Hell, no.
He's running it.
You get Fornell in here.
How much should I tell him? Tell him he's about to make the second biggest mistake of his life.
What My second biggt mistake, Jethro? That's very dramatic.
What was the first? When you married my second wife.
You could have warned me.
I did.
In my own defense, I thought he was exaggerating.
He wasn't.
Where's Ari? What part of, "Sit this out," don't you get? The part where he steals a Navy UAV and kills a whole bunch of people with it.
My people checked out Danborn Avionics.
Their only UAV is accounted for.
He stole a target drone, Fornell.
Pull it up.
Pack the nose of that with Semtex, he's got a poor man's cruise missile.
Guess your boys missed it.
Ari's playing you.
He's no double agent he never has been.
Where is he? All we've got is an encrypted spook cell phone number.
Call him.
You can't trace it from here, Gibbs.
Need a high-level NSA intercept.
Patch us through.
You're talking dedicated satellite time and I've got two NSA satellites in range for the next five minutes, Gunny.
What's the number? Are you sure about this? As sure as when I told you she would clean out your bank account when she left.
Patching it through now.
Sure he's going to answer? Put my name on his caller I.
He'll answer.
Special Agent Gibbs, now, how did you get this number? I pulled some strings.
Yes, your friend Fornell.
I imagine he's there with you.
I've been thrown off the case.
It's for the best.
I really wasn't looking forward to killing you.
I wish I could say the same thing, Ari.
I've resigned from NCIS.
I hope it wasn't something I said.
Next time we meet, Ari, will be the last time.
There won't be anybody to stop me.
Gibbs, I'm honored.
I had no idea you made so much of a He's on a cell phone grid Newport News area.
Let's go.
I've got it isolated down to a two-block radius.
What the hell is he doing in Norfolk? You know how to work that if we have to jam the dre, McGee? Uh, well, Abby explained it to me but I to got to be honest with you, boss I'll figure it out.
What's today's date, Kate? Uh, May 24th.
Paula Cassidy's ship gets back from the Gulf today.
We're hooking up this weekend.
Well, don't you think you should concentrate on the terrorist attack first? The whole Marine Amphibious Strike Group returns today, Kate.
Five ships, all of them headed to Norfolk.
Tony, I doubt that a drone, even one packed with explosives, could do any real damage to a warship.
The pier will be packed with Navy families, McGee.
Welcoming them home.
You want to give him a teddy bear? Yeah.
Huh? Look at this.
Locator beacon is set.
You figured it out? I did.
The, uh, drone is on one of three radio frequencies.
It'll take a few minutes to jam each of them, but when I hit the freq it's on the drone should go off-target.
It's gonna take hours to search these warehouses, boss.
Give me the shotgun.
Tony, take the fire escape.
Kate, with me.
McGee, start jamming.
Boss, they fired the drone.
Jam it, McGee! I can do this.
I can do this.
Miss me? Got one down, boss.
No visual on anyone else.
Let's do it.
McGee, this thing is still flying! Okay, one freq down, two to go! Boss, one of them shot my transmitter.
You know how to fly this thing? No, but I know how to crash it.
McGee, you okay? I got one terrorist inside.
I don't know if I got him, but he stopped shooting.
Hold your position; we'll flush him.
I'm out.
Me, too.
Shooter! Kate! You okay? I just got shot at point-blank range, DiNozzo.
What do you think? You're not gonna be going to Pilates class tomorrow? Protection detail's over, Kate.
You did good.
For once, DiNozzo's right.
I thought I'd die before I ever heard Sorry, Caitlin.