NCIS s03e02 Episode Script

Kill Ari (Part II)

- Sorry, Caitlin.
- Ari.
I found Ari's sniper's nest, boss.
Didn't police his brass.
I'm dead now, Ducky.
Shouldn't be.
I could have killed Ari right here.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Him sniping Abby means he's after my people.
I've been offered a deputy director's position at Homeland Security.
Well, who'll be replacing you, sir? Hello, Jethro.
On the job, it is Director Shepard or ma'am.
I'm here to see Special Agent Gibbs.
- You first.
- Ziva David.
She's here to stop you from whacking Ari.
Director Jenny Sheppard, same mission.
Ari Haswari is a Mossad operative undercover in Hamas.
He hasn't turned on us or you.
Mallard, I want to prove I didn't kill Caitlin.
- By taking Gerald hostage? - Gerald is free to go.
Come alone and you can exchange places.
You shouldn't have come, doctor.
Couldn't let the bastard put a bullet in your good shoulder or you'd never return to work.
- Do you have your cell phone? - Ari took it.
Keep walking.
Don't turn back until you're behind the wheel.
- Where is Ari? - In the back seat.
When I reach your car, I'll lean in through the open window.
That's your cue to drive off, fast.
- Dr.
- Go straight to NCIS.
Tell Gibbs everything that's happened.
You've reached Dr.
Donald Mallard.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
I said no one was to leave the building.
- Ducky, please call.
We're worried - No one includes you, Dr.
We're worried, including Gibbs or he wouldn't be yelling.
Look, Gibbs, it's not Ducky's fault, okay? He probably did Kate's autopsy on autopilot and drove himself home the same way.
Outside call came in to Autopsy 23 minutes ago.
Tracing the number.
You look surprised.
I expected to be shot.
Doctor, please.
I would never harm a fellow physician.
Use the clutch! Good God, man, use the clutch! You're You're stripping the gears.
This is too painful, doctor.
Gerald, turn it off.
Obviously, Gerald does not have an intimate relationship with a standard transmission.
The price of growing up in America.
That was so unnecessary, doctor.
Gerald is free to leave in his own car.
Boss, that call came from Gerald Jackson's cell phone.
- I almost forgot about Gerald.
- Yeah, he's been in rehab a year.
Maybe he heard about Kate and he called Ducky.
- They're in a pub somewhere.
- Yes.
- I don't like it.
- Why? I don't need a reason why.
Did you buy it in such pristine condition? God, no.
The frame had severe termite damage.
That's right.
The Morgan has a wood frame.
The top was in rags.
The body dented.
The rocker panels rusted out.
- It was a disgrace.
- Who did the restoration? - I did.
- Of course you did.
- Do you doubt me? - Not at all, doctor.
I was thinking of the irony.
That hands so skilled at dissecting the dead are also capable of restoring life.
At least to a machine.
- What do you want, Ari? - A test drive.
Now, who at NCIS could be calling Gerald at this hour? Oh, well, Gerald is sure to arrive there shortly.
Doctor? Oh, your cell phone.
Now buckle up, doctor.
It's a dangerous night.
- Please record your message - I'm getting voice mail.
They can't hear their phones in a pub.
- Wanna leave a message? - No.
Get a GPS fix.
- Snap it up, McGee.
- One second, boss.
Got it.
Olive and 29th.
I know that street.
That's mostly residential.
Locate Ducky's cell.
- See? They're together.
- There's no pub there.
- Well, maybe Gerald lives there.
- That's negative.
He lives on Peabody.
So they're parked.
They're talking.
- Want me to go with you, boss? - No.
Tony's out.
Stay here with Abby.
For nobody leaving the building, there are a lot of people leaving the building.
Why don't you visualise her naked? Does she intimidate you? A woman hasn't been born yet who can intimidate Anthony DiNozzo.
You're forgetting your mother.
- Mothers don't count.
- And that lawyer, Marla? Divorce attorney.
Worse than mothers.
Well, Ziva's not your mother.
She's not a divorce lawyer.
- She definitely intimidates you.
- Does not.
- Does too.
- Does not.
Does too.
- Okay, where are they now? - Same place, boss.
- Olive and 29th.
- Get a fix on my cell.
You're right on top of them.
- Damn it, McGee.
They are not here.
- They have to be, boss.
- Gibbs.
Is there a pub? - No.
There is no pub.
There are no people.
There are no cars.
Okay, I was just checking.
How accurate is this fix, McGee? Within 25 metres.
It's gonna happen again, isn't it? Ducky's gonna take a bullet for you.
- He won't kill Ducky.
- Why not? Because you couldn't live with the guilt? Maybe Ari knows that.
Maybe that's his plan.
Maybe the only way to save Ducky, Abby and McGee is to kill yourself.
Special Agent McGee.
I found Ducky and Gerald's cell phone in the park.
Why would they leave their cell phones in the park? They wouldn't, McGee.
Do you want me to come down there? If I wanted you to come down here, I would have told you so.
Put a BOLO out on Ducky's Morgan.
Pull his licence plate from his file.
Gibbs, Ari has Gerald and Ducky.
They're not dead, Abs.
How do you know? Because Ari dumped their cell phones in the park, not their bodies.
Boss, Gerald's here.
- Ari's got Dr.
- How'd you get away? I didn't.
Ari let me go.
Excuse me.
May I? You certainly may.
- I've never driven a stick.
- Are you serious? - What, you can drive a stick? - Yeah, since I was like 10.
What were you driving when you were 10? A red '47 Ford half-ton pickup with four on the floor - and Bubba riding shotgun.
- Bubba? Best damn coon dog in Jefferson Parish.
- I don't believe in coincidences, Tony.
- I know, boss.
- You beat that into me.
- Haven't I beat that into you? - That's what I said.
- What did you say? - I said the reception sucks.
- Stay with them.
- I'm on my way.
- What if they split up? - What about your gut? - It wants a pizza.
Oh, God.
What do we have? Ari picked up Gerald to force Ducky into a meet.
Did you warn him? I did.
But you know Dr.
He came anyway.
It's not your fault, Gerald.
Ari's the bastard.
Ducky made the decision to go, not you.
Debrief it.
Write it up.
I'll be with Tony at the Embassy Hotel.
- Tony's at the Embasero.
- Why did he say the Embassy? Cell phone garble.
All right, from now on everyone is using phonetics, like we did in the Corps.
Can I go back to my lab? I'm flipping out here with nothing to do.
- Okay, but don't leave - Don't leave the building.
I know.
Mind if I join you? One more lap and you'll have it all to yourself.
- How is the water? - Lovely.
- Have a nice swim.
- Thank you.
They're switching robes.
- What are you doing? - Going for a swim.
- There's a locker room.
- No, I'm fine.
- Where's your swimsuit? - Don't have one.
I should call security.
- You didn't see the sign.
- What sign? I must have been blocking it.
Remember I was waiting outside and you wanted to come in? - I remember.
- Hackensack Nudist Society.
From 10:27 to 11:51, the pool is ours.
And it's our third annual convention.
Here's Agnes and Agnew right now.
He's our president and Agnes is our social secretary.
Hey, guys.
They look funny with clothes on.
Funny even.
But I'm married.
So am I.
- Can you hear me? - Across the street.
- Boss.
- Here.
Ziva slipped a phoney French passport and some cash to the woman with the Star of David I told you about.
- I love you, boss.
- How you know the passport's phoney? Ari's photo, but not his name.
- What name is he using? - Curious to know how I got it? I assume you improvised like a good agent should.
What an improv.
I swear to God I could get a gig on SNL.
Okay, get this.
I pretend like I'm this real goofy guy trying to get - Pretend? - That hurt, boss.
- What's the name? - Well, the - The name? - René Saurel.
- S-A-U-R-E-L.
- Description? - All I saw was the name and the photo.
- The woman.
About 5-foot-9, dark hair, blue and white jogging outfit.
Big gym bag.
Real pretty girl.
Looked enough like Ziva to be her sister.
Real pretty.
Maybe she is.
Mossad's like the Mafia, one big happy family.
Hey, McGee.
I've got a passport alert.
Ari's travelling with a French passport under an alias, René Saurel.
- Okay, what alert category? - Terrorism.
On it.
That ought to get Customs' attention.
Well, let's make sure he doesn't get that far.
Boss, that's her.
- Stay with Ziva.
- What if this girl's meeting Ari? I mean, you're gonna need backup.
- Let me rephrase that.
- Out.
- Thanks for the pizza, boss.
- Thank the night shift.
I swiped it from them.
Ari! Get out, Ari! Good grief, Jethro.
Put that weapon down.
I've had enough excitement for tonight.
Ari abducts me, Gerald strips my gears, and now you play chicken on a wet street.
- Where's Ari? - Well, gone I imagine.
We were parked about, well, a ways back.
He received a cell phone call and then told me to drive down the street for ten minutes.
Congress Cab number 17 picked up a female fare at the Embasero Hotel ten minutes ago.
If he's en route, I need his 20.
If he's dropped his fare, then get me an address.
And take the BOLO off Ducky's Morgan.
He's safe.
Our paths didn't cross by accident.
Ari's cell call came from that woman in that cab I was tailing.
He sent me down this street, so that you would run into me.
A cab keeps going.
Picks him up.
They're gone.
Ari abducts me to get you off her tail.
- Maybe.
What'd you talk about? - Well, my Morgan for a while.
He was surprisingly knowledgeable.
Then Edinburgh Medical School.
Yeah, we were both alumni.
A few decades apart, of course Anything important, Ducky? He swore he didn't kill Caitlin.
Made a very logical and passionate defence.
You believe him? He was very persuasive.
Said he knows you'll never believe him.
- He's right about that.
- And that it's a shame that one of you has to die.
He's arrogantly confident that it won't be him.
But said on the off-chance that it is, - to keep looking for Caitlin's killer.
- He's a slick bastard, Duck.
But he's right.
One of us is gonna die.
Jethro Jethro! Espresso? Take it.
It's not a bribe.
- How long have you known I was? - Following me? Since I left the Navy Yard.
- I don't think so.
- Blue sedan.
You laid behind a white station waggon for a while, then a telephone van.
- You lost me at the traffic circle on - Okay, okay.
You knew.
Take it.
It's chilly out here.
You shouldn't feel bad.
I was trained by the best.
You know, that's what I like about Mossad.
- Our training? - Modesty.
There's a slice in there.
I lost my little sister, Tali, in a Hamas suicide bombing.
She was 16 and the best of us.
Tali had compassion.
I'm sorry.
After Tali's death, I was like Gibbs.
All I wanted was revenge.
Is that why you joined Mossad? I was Mossad long before Tali's death.
- Old - Family tradition? Israeli sense of duty.
So come on.
Who recruited you? Father? Uncle? Brother? Boyfriend? Aunt.
Lesbian lover.
You're good.
You almost got me off the question.
- Almost.
- I volunteered.
Why haven't you come down to see me yet? If you don't peek at the back of my head, I'll look like I'm asleep.
I'm so lonely, I'd even welcome a visit from Tony.
Didn't Tony match the tyre tracks to a Chevy Suburban? Yeah.
Bridgestone Duelers.
Factory issue.
- What are you doing? - We caught a break.
NRO orbited a new Key Hole.
They're doing calibration tests using the seventh hole of Norfolk Naval golf course.
- Why the seventh hole? - See? That's why I dig you, McGee.
You think specific.
Whatever the reason, we are grateful because that orbit took the Key Hole over Newport News.
I inputted the warehouse coordinates.
That's the rooftop.
That's me, Tony, Gibbs, Kate.
Is that the building where Ari's sniper nest was? It is.
- Ari's not there.
- What do you expect? - Video of him shooting? - Well, I was hoping.
- Only in flicks, McGee.
- Okay, then why are you so excited? I don't know.
Maybe it's being alone with you on a rainy night.
- Abby.
- Oh, look.
Could it be? A black Chevy Suburban driving down the alleyway.
Can you read the licence plate? That depends more on angle than resolution.
It's not a dress, McGee.
You can't look up it to see what you want.
Yes! - McGee.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I gotta put a BOLO out on that plate.
- We did good, huh? - You did great.
- Yeah, Gibbs.
- We got Ari's Slow down, McGee.
Take a breath.
Start with the address.
Seven, two, four.
Got it.
- Shepard.
- I need a partner for the night.
You up for it? - Jen? - Don't you know any other women? None I can call for backup.
- You didn't think I meant? - That's what you have - a whole team of agents for.
- Well, McGee's on protection duty.
DiNozzo's tailing Ziva.
- Since I lost - DiNozzo's what? - He's tailing Ziva.
- Well, where are you? Outside.
What are the chances that Ari is still at this house? Zero.
Ducky was a diversion, so your friend Ziva could pass cash and documents to him.
Ziva's a control officer doing her job.
You'd do the same if the roles were reversed.
- She's using you, Jen.
- And I'm using her.
A half dozen Hamas suicide bombers will not be blowing up our boys in Iraq - because of Ziva.
- She's Metsada, isn't she? The Mossad code name for that division is Komemiute.
Whatever they name it, they specialise in assassinations.
Excuse me.
Weren't you a Marine sniper? If I have to go through your friend to get Ari, I will.
Ziva knows that.
You really do like her.
She's damn good.
And I owe her.
She saved my life in Cairo two years ago.
I can't believe this.
I've been a director less than 24 hours and I'm back on the street.
- It's great, isn't it? - No, Jethro.
It isn't.
Come on.
Come on.
You love it.
Truthfully? I'd rather be in bed.
Remember that stakeout in Marseille? August.
Stuck in that attic with no air, photographing everyone who boarded that Lebanese trawler.
That second night, that's the first time we Okay.
Shut up.
Hand me the binocs.
They're underneath your seat.
- What? - That's Ari's SUV.
- Shooter.
- Stay down.
I expected Haswari to be older.
He is.
Gunshot number three is located under the right clavicle.
Appears to be a distant wound from the absence of sooting and stippling.
Gunshot number four is located six centimetres to the left.
Appears to be a distant wound from the absence of sooting and stippling.
It's a miracle, boss.
He was shooting to kill her, not you.
Just like he did with Kate and Abby.
It's funny how he always went after women.
- Not to imply - You won't like this, Gibbs.
- that he should have shot at you - All of the.
308 full metal jacket rounds recovered from the shooting came from this Bravo-51 rifle dropped by the sniper you shot last night.
- two years ago.
Mohamed Esfiri was a homegrown terrorist.
Born in Cleveland.
He was an ardent follower - of a radical imam who promised - Since Miss Sciuto confirmed that the sniper rifle we recovered last night was the weapon used to murder Special Agent Todd, and with no evidence to the contrary, it appears that Mohamed Esfiri was the sniper.
I believe it's safe for your team to go home, Gibbs.
Special Agent Todd's funeral is in Indiana tomorrow afternoon.
SECNAV has offered his private jet to fly us there.
Go home.
Get some rest.
What about you, Jethro? Mohamed didn't kill Kate and he didn't shoot at Abby.
You are not infallible, Jethro, no matter what your gut is telling you.
Ari isn't trying to kill you, but this obsession might.
- Hey, Jen? - What? Why did he only shoot at your side of the car last night? I suppose you were right.
He was trying to kill women who work with you.
How did he know you were in the car? I called you at the spur of the moment.
I parked in the dark.
He couldn't see through our windshield even with a scope.
That guy was sent to die, not to kill.
- No.
No one's going to do that.
- Come on, Jen.
Hamas suicide bombers blow themselves up all the time.
It doesn't matter how they die as long as it's for jihad.
Mohamed last night, he died for rivers of honey and 72 virgins.
I'm not saying you're right, but if you are, how do we prove it? We? Did you just join my side? Jethro, I've always been on your side.
- What do we do? - Kill Ari before he kills me.
Told you she looked good.
Probie wouldn't believe me, Kate.
Thought you'd look like Return of the Living Dead.
- Did not.
- Don't lie to the dead, McGee.
Not nice.
I was a little afraid.
Kid was terrified.
But it took a lot of guts to come down here, alone.
Showed how much he cared for you.
I really did like you, Kate.
A lot.
It's raining, Gibbs.
You smell like a wet dog.
Well, there was one here underneath the bench when I got here.
- I put him in the gazebo.
- Why aren't you in the gazebo? Dog smells like hell.
So why didn't you leave him under Never mind.
If I ask you something, Tobias, are you gonna lie to me? Depends on the question.
What's Ari Haswari's real mission here? I'm gonna lie to you.
Mossad lies to the CIA.
They lie to us.
I lie to you.
I don't know who you lie to, being the bottom of the armed Fed food chain, and not married.
So you don't know.
I do not know.
You ever go to the movies? I build a boat.
You and that dog are gonna need one.
Why don't you get out of the rain, Jethro, and go watch a movie.
You have a film in mind? It's not in theatres anymore.
But you can rent a DVD.
Sounds like a good idea.
Good thing to do on a rainy afternoon.
- What's the name of this film? - The Peacemaker.
George Clooney, Nicole Kidman.
Directed by Mimi Leder.
Made it in '97.
It's a real action flick.
Clooney and Kidman have to find this stolen nuclear weapon before it's used by terrorists.
- I can't believe you never saw it.
- Where is Gibbs? That's the first question you asked me when we met.
No, the first question was: "Were you having phone sex?" Ziva.
Deputy Director David is on teleconference for you.
Deputy Director David? Wouldn't be daddy, would it? - David is a common Israeli name.
- You didn't answer my question.
Did they lose a nuke, boss? According to the deputy director, Israel doesn't have nukes.
- Boss? - They have a power plant in Dimona where a small amount of plutonium is missing.
- Hamas is making a bomb? - They have a core.
No detonator.
Ari was to buy a krytron trigger.
He delivers it to the Hamas cell with the plutonium.
Mossad grabs him.
Only he's a little behind schedule.
They're getting nervous.
Deputy Director David is up there right now ordering Ziva to cooperate.
He her daddy? No idea.
I didn't ask.
Do you know why Ari left his brass behind? - You are a broken tape, Gibbs.
- Record, broken record.
A sniper's brass is like signing your signature.
That's why a sniper always polices his brass.
308 casing.
Moly-coated full metal jacket bullet.
That's what you shot as a Marine sniper.
At Mossad, we use Sierra 6.
5 hollow points.
How do you know what I shot, Miss David? She profiled you for Ari.
Not just the boss, that's how you knew where I was born and went to school.
Ari's missions involved NCIS.
As his controller, of course, I did dossiers on everyone he might interact with.
It's S.
at Komemiute.
Give me a minute alone with Miss David, please? You found out about my first wife and my daughter.
I'm sorry.
Then we know why Ari is shooting at women then, don't we? If he wanted you to know he is the sniper, why didn't he use your rifle? An M40? The Bravo 51 he fired is called a "Kate.
" I still don't believe Ari is the sniper.
What you have said should be investigated.
Well, when the media gets wind of this, it's going to create a furore.
- You're threatening to go to the media? - No, not me.
This can stay between Mossad and NCIS.
In exchange for what? Setting up Ari for you to kill? No.
Setting me up for Ari.
And if I'm wrong about this, - he won't show up.
- And if you're right? Then I'm counting on you to back me up.
Are you looking for this, Jethro? I want you to know I wish I hadn't had to shoot Caitlin.
Why did you? To cause you pain.
I piss you off that much? Not you.
My father.
You have the misfortune of reminding me of the bastard.
He didn't marry your mother, huh? That's what makes me a bastard, not him.
From the moment of my birth, he groomed me to be one thing, his mole in Hamas.
He sent me to Edinburgh to become a doctor so I could work in the Gaza camps alongside my mother.
When he had her killed, I had no trouble joining the lz Adin al-Kassam.
You don't really believe your father had your mother killed? It was a retaliatory Israeli strike on a day I was in Tel Aviv, visiting him.
After decades of planning, he had his mole in Hamas.
He never knew how much I hated him.
I wish I could see his face when he realizes he created not a mole but a monster eager to strike at the heart of Mossad and Israel.
Yeah, I almost feel sorry for you.
And I for you.
When Ziva told me you were placing flowers on the roof where Caitlin died, I couldn't believe it.
Such a romantic touch.
Almost too good to pass up.
Why did you? I need you to commit suicide with your own rifle.
You never did give me enough credit in our game.
I knew it was a trap before Ziva told me you asked her to cover you.
You'd never trust Ziva.
And you need to kill me to taste the sweetness of revenge.
I've killed enough men in my life, Ari.
It's gonna be just as sweet watching you die.
Sorry to spoil your His father is a deputy director in Mossad? Yes.
Not David? Yes.
He's my half-brother.
I was afraid I wasn't going to make it.
Ari? Ziva's escorting his body to Tel Aviv.
You're late for my funeral, Gibbs.
Sorry, Kate.
- Do you mind if I play a song for Kate? - She was very fond of you.
Thank you so much.
My deepest sympathies.