NCIS s03e15 Episode Script

Head Case

Is it just me, or are we getting faster at this? Faster is five cars in one night, newbie.
- You hear that? - Sounds like money to me.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
This baby is loaded: GPS navi, killer sound.
We're gonna get three G's for these rims.
More if the spare's alloy.
- What? - NCIS.
- Don't shoot.
- Freeze! - Hands in the air.
- Okay, okay.
- All right.
All right.
- Cuff them.
- Against the car, dirtbag.
- On the car.
- Assume the position.
- Okay.
Your first mistake was stealing tools from the motor pool, geniuses.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
I need prison transportation for three.
Get ahold of Metro P.
We busted these guys on their turf.
Gibbs? You have the right to remain silent.
Car's not the only thing they've been chopping.
I swear we didn't kill anybody.
It's not even our cooler.
We had nothing to do with that.
Do you believe him? They had a human head in the trunk of a car, McGee.
What do you think? First severed head? Mine was a motorcycle accident in Baltimore.
- I thought I was picking up a helmet - It's worse when you know the person.
You knew someone who was beheaded? A friend.
He infiltrated a Hamas cell in Ramallah.
They sent his head overnight express.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't - That's when I decided I'd I'd never be captured alive.
You did me a favour tonight, Jethro.
Tonight is SmackDown night at the Mallard residence.
Can you believe it? Mother's favourite television program: Wrestling.
Mine too.
I love the WWE.
I haven't the heart to tell her it's not real.
Where's the body? Three sailors running a chop shop, Duck.
We found it in the trunk.
You're not gonna need the gurney for this one, Palmer.
Oh, my.
A most ancient form of execution, which the French elevated to a public spectacle.
The guillotine.
The French Revolution.
Scissors, please.
Actually, the hideous machine was invented by a doctor, Joseph Guillotin.
He proposed his machine be used, as it was a humane form of capital punishment.
- That's ironic.
- Yes, I'd say.
Although the guillotine is mostly associated with the French, the Nazis actually guillotined more people than the entire French Revolution.
- That's pretty gruesome.
- Indeed.
Hitler thought it was a demeaning form of punishment, so he used it for political executions.
I was referring to the severed head, Ducky.
Do you know how many people the Nazis decapitated between 1942 and 1943? - No.
- Over 20,000.
I never cease to be amazed by the depth of your knowledge, doctor.
Yes, well, one thing we can say for certain: Beheading was not the cause of this poor man's demise.
Look at the tissue reaction.
It isn't engorged with blood from the severed capillaries and veins.
So he was dead before his head was removed? For what sicko reason do you keep it preserved on ice? I don't know, but it's gonna make determining the time of death impossible.
As to cause, well, without the rest of the body Perhaps you can make us an I.
Lay some tissue samples on me, Duckman.
I knew there was a reason I invited you down here.
Would you do the honours, Mr.
Palmer? I need to take care of the paperwork.
So white meat or dark? It's inappropriate? With a big dash of creepy, Jimmy.
It's my delivery.
I have to work on that.
Who is Naomi Krutzhammer? One of your girlfriends, yes? I'm trying to read my email here.
You mind? Not at all.
I didn't know your nickname was "Honeybuns.
" Only Naomi and I call him that.
Didn't think you were gonna say anything.
Who owns the car with the head? - We don't know yet.
- You're reading your email and you don't know yet? We traced the VIN to a Mercedes dealership in Riverdale, which sold it two weeks ago.
The registration is temporary and hasn't been processed by the DMV.
We called the dealership.
They don't open for another 25 minutes.
The car's registered to an Epsilon Corporation.
Thanks for sharing, probie.
I just found it.
Had to hack into the DMV's processing computer.
- Is that legal? - I doubt it.
I wonder what the penalty is? Less than reading your emails on my time, Honeybuns.
Corporate address is in care of Sean Oliver, attorney at law.
- Phone number, McGee? - When they answer the phone, what are you gonna say, Officer David? "Hey, we found your car.
Anybody at Epsilon missing a head?" Tony, take Ziva with you.
That's a good job, McGee.
- Thank you, boss.
- But Tony's right.
Hacking is illegal.
I hate lawyers.
I thought lawyers were an integral part of the American legal system.
Defenders of civil liberties.
This guy wouldn't know a civil liberty if he choked on it.
You don't get an office like this working pro bono cases.
You don't even know the man.
I can tell you anything you need to know.
Okay, what does he look like? The name "Sean" was popular in the 1960's.
I wonder why.
That puts him in his 40s.
Probably has a combover, balding, maybe even plugs.
Shall I continue? Well, you're on a roll.
Oliver: Old money.
Esquire? Cheeseball, pretentious.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
If you'd follow me, please? Count your fingers after you shake his hand.
Okay, thanks.
Of course, there are exceptions.
So, what can I do for NCIS today? - I'm Special Agent DiNozzo.
- Nice to meet you.
We recovered a stolen Mercedes registered at Epsilon Corporation - at this address.
- Epsilon's a client.
I'm sure they'll appreciate you finding their car.
It's a little more complicated than that.
Is it Mrs? It's Ms.
, and please call me Sean.
Pretty name.
- Thank you.
- You're a coach? No, not exactly.
I do a lot of pro bono work for youth groups.
The car may have been involved in some criminal activity prior to the theft, Ms.
We'll need to speak to your client about this.
First define "criminal activity.
" We're not prepared to disclose that kind of information right now.
Then I'm sorry, I can't help you.
Why is that? Attorney-client privilege.
It prevents me from divulging any information without my client's permission.
I'm ethically bound to protect their rights.
Even if they may have committed a crime? If you believed that, you would have come with a search warrant.
Oh, we didn't think it was necessary.
So I'll assume you'll try and go get one now? Oh, yeah.
Then I look forward to seeing you again, Agent DiNozzo.
- Tony.
- Tony.
I hate lawyers.
Have a seat.
I'm not saying anything till I get a lawyer.
You're not here to talk, Petty Officer Hobie.
You're here to listen.
They said you jacked the car and they know nothing about what was in the trunk.
Me? I believe them.
That means you're screwed, petty officer.
Agent McGee? Seven stolen cars in two weeks.
- What's he looking at? - First offence? Let's see, seven to ten for theft.
Another four to five for selling stolen property.
So roughly, 12 years.
Maybe out in six with good behaviour.
What about carrying around a human head in an ice chest? Well, capital offence, with the gruesome nature of the crime? I'm thinking I'm thinking life, and that's if he's lucky.
- If not - The death penalty.
Whoa, hey.
I didn't know that was in there.
When you boost a car, you don't check to see what's in the trunk first.
Where? It was a parking lot.
Chez Nude.
It's a strip club in Anacostia.
I took it around midnight.
Did you see the driver? No.
All I saw was the chrome.
Yes, but are you absolutely positive? Science doesn't lie, Ducky.
No, but in my experience it often can be misleading.
- Abby.
- Gibbs.
Okay, so we have two questions for you.
Where's my Caf-Pow? The machine was empty.
- Second question? - That wasn't one of the questions.
- The machine's never empty.
- Abby.
According to the Armed Forces DNA Registry, the head in the autopsy room belongs to Navy Captain Parker Wayne.
You wanna know how he died and why.
We know how and why.
He suffered a fatal coronary infarction at Bethesda Naval Hospital four months ago.
So, what is his head doing in the trunk of a stolen car? And where is the rest of his body? Can't connect Captain Wayne to any of the three suspects, boss.
No common service, ship or base.
If they had contact, it wasn't through the Navy.
You're asking me to believe a sailor jacked a car with a head in the trunk and that he didn't know it? If the glue sticks - "Shoe fits.
" - Thank you.
I'm with you, boss.
Our carjacker definitely knows more than he's telling us.
We don't believe in coincidences around here, Ziva.
However, we do believe in bad luck.
Did you get the search warrant? Faith Coleman says that we need to petition for a preliminary injunction to compel Sean Oliver, Esquire, to give up the name of her client.
- So do it.
- Done it.
Well, I mean, I did it.
Since the captain died of natural causes, it's gonna take the judge a while to sign off on it.
The lawyer drooled over Tony.
Why doesn't he just sleep with her? What? It's a viable interrogation technique.
- I've done it.
- Me too.
No trauma to the head.
No signs of cerebral haemorrrhage.
The cause of death was definitely coronary inclusion, Dr.
Caused by arteriosclerosis.
I took this when I performed the autopsy on Captain Wayne.
Special Agent Gibbs, Commander Ross, the ME who performed the autopsy on our captain four months ago.
I must admit I've never been involved in anything this strange.
Remind me to show you some of our cases sometime.
Last year, we had a patient who spontaneously combusted, or so we You're certain heart attack was the cause of death? Absolutely.
Captain Wayne was pronounced dead on the operating table by one of our best heart surgeons.
I performed the autopsy two days later.
When you last saw the captain, his head was attached? Of course.
What happened to his remains? At the request of the widow, they were released to a mortuary.
The Let's see, Vernon Family Mortuary in Annandale, Virginia.
You'll have to excuse me, but I'm extremely short-handed this afternoon, gentlemen.
My furnace operator didn't show up today.
Vernon, are those human remains? Were.
Now they're just carbon and ash, Agent McGee.
Now, what can I do for you? We're investigating a death.
I figured as much.
How's that? The only time I see cops around here is when they're on an official investigation or when, you know, you're customers.
The customer we're interested in was here four months ago.
Name? Captain Parker Wayne.
Let's see: Wyatt, Winter and Wayne.
From Bethesda.
He was cremated 122 days ago.
- Wait, he was cremated? - Yes.
His wife asked for a Sea-rest urn with interior gold-plated lining.
Very high end.
Sounds nice.
Yeah, except for the fact that there's a piece missing, Vernon.
Oh, what do you mean? Well, a part of his body has turned up.
You mean like a body fragment, or a bone fragment, or a tooth? Actually, more like his head.
- A head? - Found in a car trunk.
We'd like to know how it got there.
Remains picked up at 7:45 a.
on the 24th.
He was cremated that evening, Furnace 2.
Attending technician, Martin.
- Martin who? - Broussard.
- Where is he? - He didn't show up for work, which is why I'm here instead of out there where I'm needed.
- We're gonna need his address.
- No need.
I'll take you to his room.
I can't believe I let him live on the grounds.
- For how long? - Almost three years.
This could ruin me.
My family's been in the business for 63 years.
Anyone else licensed to operate these ovens? Furnaces, Agent DiNozzo.
Just myself and Martin.
Martin, if you're in there, open up, damn it.
Wait here.
You thinking what I'm thinking, probie? Yeah, we just walked into an episode of The X Files.
- Open that up, probie.
- No, you open it.
- Who's the senior field agent? - Gibbs.
In this room, who is the senior field agent? Open it.
- What is it? - It's feet.
I knew it.
We're dealing with another Dahmer here.
The pig kind.
What's your name? I'm Jethro.
I'm here to talk to your mom.
Did you know my daddy? No.
No, I didn't.
Not personally.
He's dead, you know.
I had them on the mantle, but Chrissy would stare at them for hours.
She couldn't understand how her daddy could fit inside a jar.
Her therapist said it was probably unhealthy for her so I understand that this must be tough for you, Mrs.
Ashes are ashes, Agent Gibbs.
Now what is this about? There may have been a mix-up.
- These aren't my husband's ashes? - No.
No, they probably are.
There just was a paper snafu at Bethesda.
We need to verify it.
How can you do that? Teeth aren't totally destroyed during cremation.
I've been a Navy wife for close to 20 years, Agent Gibbs.
NCIS agents don't investigate mix-ups, at least not agents as old as you.
Well, we have a new director, ma'am.
A female director.
Let's just say I'm not as politically correct as some of the younger agents.
What did you do to piss her off? Well, see, if she was more like you then I wouldn't be sent out here to do a probie's job.
Not that this isn't important.
This is very important.
I will handle the captain's remains with the utmost respect, ma'am.
That's a promise.
- What did you do? - She overheard a conversation - I had about her physical attri - Where are you taking my Dad? Oh, Chrissy.
It's okay.
Agent Gibbs is a Marine.
You know how much Daddy liked them.
Twenty years in the Navy, I know a Marine when I see one, Agent Gibbs.
As soon as this is verified, it'll be returned.
Our last command was a cruiser, the Manassas.
They deploy for eight months next Thursday.
Park's last wish was to have his ashes scattered at sea by them.
You'll have them back.
I've hit a dead wall.
Have any of you heard of the nation of Nevis? No.
- It's in the Caribbean.
- I'm impressed.
If you're looking for the most attractive and convenient offshore corporate domicile, like my father, it's the place.
That's where Epsilon's incorporated.
It's a haven of confidentiality.
I mean, they won't disclose the names of owners, officers, or directors.
That's why the old man seems to like it.
It sounds suspicious.
I have a contact who can get me that info.
Ziva, don't talk about it.
Do it.
Well, it's a delicate situation, Gibbs.
Perhaps I should elaborate a Martin Broussard.
- Raised in New Orleans - Boss, barely graduated high school.
- Dropped out of - Junior college after only one year.
Record? - Two DUls and a - Shoplifting charge.
We got prints from his room.
Abby is Trying to match them for the Mercedes from the chop shop.
You think Broussard could be Sean Oliver's client? No way.
This guy's apartment makes McGee's look like the Four Seasons.
Whoa, what is wrong with my home? There's nothing that a bulldozer and a few coats of paint wouldn't fix.
At least I wasn't afraid to open a cooler.
Okay, I wasn't afraid to open a cool I'm shutting up, boss.
- Ziva.
- Director.
- What can I do for you? - A favour.
- You wanna go back to Israel? - No, I actually love it here.
- Gibbs is a great teacher.
- You'll learn.
He's like the Hope Diamond: A valuable gem, but it comes with a curse.
- Anyone I know in that car? - You know what they say: "If you have to ask" Hey, they refilled the machine.
What are you doing? It's been a long day.
It increases the blood flow to the brain.
I thought that's what this is for.
That helps too.
- I assume you're done.
- With the ashes? Yeah.
Since cremation destroys all DNA, then genetic fingerprinting of the cremains won't work.
So I put them through a particle accelerator - to try to ferret out any trace elements.
- And? And I found calcium, which is present in human bones, - but no phosphorus.
- Which means? There's really no foreplay with you, is there, Gibbs? What, you've been talking to my ex-wives again? The urn contained burnt wood chips, concrete, dust and pebbles.
The ashes are bogus.
Ask yourself what kind of guy lives in a coffin storage shed at a funeral home.
- Perhaps a poor one? - I'd buy that except for the fact that it looks like this guy did an episode of Trading Spaces with Satan.
What we need to figure out is why this guy decided to keep the man's head.
And how it ended up in the trunk of a stolen Mercedes.
Maybe he needed it for some sort of ritual.
- Or sacrifice.
- Witchcraft? Whatever you wanna call it, probie.
I agree.
Anyone so obviously fascinated with death has to be deeply disturbed on some level.
I mean, take these masks, for instance.
What kind of a person would collect such horrid-looking things? - Me.
- Of course, by "horrid," I mean, finely crafted and artistic.
- Good morning, Abby.
- Hi.
The masks are Ogum.
They're used in tribal ceremonies in Africa.
Friend of mine makes them.
- I see.
And this? - Drapeau or flag.
It symbolizes the bridge between your spiritual and your earthly planes.
I'm not an expert, but I would say that Martin Broussard is in to voodoo, bigtime.
- So it is witchcraft.
- No, McGee, it's voodoo.
What's the difference? Haven't you ever seen Voodoo Island with Boris Karloff? The Believers, Martin Sheen? The Serpent and the Rainbow? Sleepless in Seattle? That was about voodoo? No, but the first time I saw it, it scared the bejesus out of me.
- Is that a fact, DiNozzo? - Yes, sir.
We think we just had a major breakthrough in the case.
- You found Broussard? - No, not exactly.
You got the warrant to search the law offices? Not yet.
Your contacts found out who owns Epsilon Corporation? They haven't gotten back to me yet.
In retrospect, "major" may have been overstating things, sir.
I'm sorry.
What, Abby? You have to go to the bathroom, - or you have something to say? - I do.
But that's not the point.
Ducky and I might have found something that's "minjor.
" It's maybe not major, but it's more than minor.
Duck, are you saying Captain Wayne was used in some kind of sacrifice? I'm just saying it's a possibility, Jethro.
We found traces of blood on three of the knives we got from Martin Broussard's room.
- All three came back the same type.
- Captain Wayne's? - Nope, chicken.
- Chicken.
Well, it's not an uncommon substance to find at a voodoo ritual.
Yeah, or at a KFC.
What else? Patience, Gibbs.
I ran the fingerprints from the Mercedes, the cooler in the back of the car, and Martin Broussard's room.
They're all the same and they're all his.
Broussard stole the Mercedes? Either that or he just really likes to touch stuff.
Okay, I'll let Gibbs know.
Thank you.
Let Gibbs know what, Agent McGee? That Captain Wayne's widow is on her way up, director.
- How much does she know? - I'm not sure, ma'am.
Gibbs returned with the cremains, but I don't know what he said to get them.
Let's hope he didn't say that we found her husband's head in a trunk.
Well, I don't think that Would he? Have you gotten the warrant for Sean Oliver's law office? Still working on it, ma'am.
I've put several calls in to the Assistant U.
Attorney's office, but they're dragging their feet.
I expected they would, so I made a personal call to the Attorney General's office.
Here's your warrant.
You can close your mouth, Agent McGee.
It's not that impressive.
Get Gibbs.
I'll escort Mrs.
Wayne from here.
Yes, ma'am.
Special Agent Gibbs is on his way.
I'm Did he make a positive identification? A positive identification? Of your husband's cremains? I want the remains verified for every body Broussard was supposed to burn.
Not a problem, boss.
- What do we tell the families? - Depends on what we find.
- You think he's done this before? - The guy's cutting up chickens and carrying heads around in coolers, Ziva.
I don't know.
What's your gut tell you? That I never want to be cremated.
Sorry, boss.
One, got the warrant.
Good job.
Tony, you're with me.
Sir, Mrs.
Wayne is here and Director Shepard is with her.
He said the paper mix-up could be resolved with my husband's teeth.
If Special Agent Gibbs told you that, I'm sure it's the truth.
He's one of the most knowledgeable agents I've ever worked with.
I had that impression.
I'm glad he was assigned this, even if it is punishment.
- Punishment? - The new director has it in for him.
He told you that? Well, I've seen it before.
When Parker was XO for one of the first female ship captains: The woman was a nightmare trying to prove herself.
Special Agent Gibbs, I didn't know the new director was punishing you.
She always seemed very fair to me.
Well, you're a woman.
She doesn't have anything to prove to you.
How about you? What do you think? Do you think the new director is reasonable? - Very.
- Why are you here, Mrs.
Wayne? Have you made a positive identification? The lab's working on it.
- I'm sorry to be troubling you.
- No trouble at all.
The Manassas has been put on alert to sail early.
- How early? - Tuesday.
I have to have Parker's ashes there by Monday night.
I don't wanna wait another year to honour my husband's last wish.
I'll do my best.
You'll have your husband's ashes by Monday.
Won't she, Agent Gibbs? If you say so.
She isn't the new Hi.
Nice to see you again.
We have a search warrant.
Go right on in.
Oliver has been expecting you.
That was fast.
It gives us the right to search the premises for every and all documents pertaining to Epsilon Corporation.
I think you'll find everything you need in those boxes.
Your director's not the only one with friends in the U.
Attorney's office.
You have the papers, so I can't stop you, but I do think this is overkill for a stolen car.
We're more interested in who was driving it before it was stolen.
- Why? - I'll make you a deal.
You tell me who runs Epsilon Corporation, I tell you why.
Unfortunately, I can't make deals without consulting my clients.
You should make the call, Sean.
At least give me a clue as to what it is we're dealing with here, Tony.
Was it drugs? More along the lines of human sacrifice.
She's had 24 hours to cleanse these files.
- What are we hoping to find? - Names of employees and addresses.
We might get through this by the end of the month if you actually helped us, Tony.
I'm supervising.
Hi, Gibbs.
- Nice one.
- Yeah, it is.
- Boss, I was just about to call you.
- What a coincidence.
I was just about to put my boot up your Got a lead.
Found an electric bill in one of the boxes.
An industrial space in Anacostia, three miles from the strip club - where the Mercedes was stolen.
- Ziva, McGee, go check it out.
Tony? Go on, supervise.
It doesn't look like anybody's here.
All right, what do we do? - Well, at least we have a warrant.
- Right.
Not really.
What is your problem, probie? Well, the warrant only covers Epsilon's files.
- Can you see inside that window? - You know that I can't.
So for all you know, there could be files in there, yes? Technically, yes.
But we could be obfuscating the warrant.
- You know what that means? - Not at all.
Neither do I.
Pick the lock.
" What sort of knucklehead uses a word like "obfuscating"? Picklehead.
Nice work, Ziva.
- Tony? - Two to one.
You lose, probie.
- A bad idea.
- What? Wonder what they do in here? - We should not have broken in here.
- What? - We shouldn't have broken in here.
- If you wanna be a crybaby, why don't you wait outside for the police? What are we gonna tell them? Might be easier to show them.
You know what this place reminds me of? One of your stupid voodoo movies? No.
My Uncle Vincenzo's shop on Long Island.
He's a butcher.
Yet another reason why I'm considering becoming a vegetarian.
We may need a couple extra gurneys on this one, Palmer.
- How many are we looking at, Duck? - Based upon size, skin tone, and gender difference, there are at least partial remains of six cadavers in here.
This isn't voodoo.
I agree.
Based upon the surgical skill with which they were dissected, you've found yourself another chop shop, Jethro.
Only instead of automobiles being harvested Body parts? Any of these parts belong to Captain Wayne, Duck? Oh, Jethro, please.
- So how grisly was it? - Not bad.
Shelves lined with body parts is not bad? At least they were surgically removed.
Were the bodies supposed to be cremated? I don't know.
McGee's getting the mortuary records for the last few months.
I do not know why anyone would wanna be cremated.
Do you really wanna be stuck in the ground? - She already has a coffin.
- Oh, no.
I just wanna know that the rest of my body parts, after I donate whatever I can to science, are gonna rot for eternity in a familiar place.
- How about you, Tony? - The slow rot or the fast burn? Neither, please, thank you very much.
What's your alternative? Ted Williams.
Appropriate under the circumstances, Agent DiNozzo.
The only thing Ted Williams had frozen was his head.
Here's the information you were looking for.
The principal and sole shareholder of Epsilon Corporation.
Sean Oliver! Now I really do hate lawyers.
- Thank you, director.
- Glad I could be of help.
Is something wrong? Oh, I was just wondering if Gibbs knows who Ziva's secret contact is.
We had a saying in Europe: "Whatever Gibbs doesn't know" - Can't hurt him.
- No.
"Can't hurt us.
" It would appear they were all dissected by the same individual, Jethro.
It's the direction that the incisions were made.
Straight cuts are normally canted to the right due to the position of the scalpel in the right hand.
All of these were canted in the opposite direction.
We're looking for someone - that's left-handed.
- Precisely.
Any idea which ones are Captain Wayne's? We're taking tissue samples of the individual parts and prints from the hands.
And we'll try to assemble Captain Wayne where we can.
I've got less than two days, Duck.
We told his wife we'd return his ashes by Monday.
- I could bring in another ME to help.
- Yeah, yeah.
Do it.
My contact came through, Gibbs.
The client Sean Oliver was protecting was - Sean Oliver.
- Tony and McGee are picking her up.
- Not bad, Officer David.
- Well, I do what I can.
When you see the director, thank her for me.
There's a reason you couldn't find her anywhere last night, Jethro.
She was meeting with the District Attorney's office cutting a deal.
- What kind of deal? - More than she deserves.
Do you think it would be inappropriate, if, as director, I went in there and smacked that smile off her face? Yeah, it would.
But that's what you have me for.
Thank you very much, ma'am.
That was one of Martin Broussard's elementary school teachers.
What could she possibly tell you that's relevant to this case? A lot, Ziva.
Slow learner.
Not real big on oral hygiene.
That's fascinating, Tony.
And this helps us find him how? It doesn't.
But at least now we know he was left-handed.
Officer David.
- Got something for you guys.
- On our way.
Abby found something.
His name was Captain Parker Wayne.
He was married.
Had a 9-year-old daughter who just worshipped the ground he walked on.
My client admitted her involvement in the sale of illegal body parts already, Agent Gibbs.
His last request was to have his ashes scattered at sea.
What would you like me to tell this little girl, Ms.
Oliver? That that can't happen because you wanna join a more expensive country club? - This was never about money.
- Sean, he's baiting you.
Let him, Simon.
The deceased were to be cremated.
By supplying their bodies for medical research, advances were made to benefit the living.
Any profits you made were just incidental, right? Part of my client's plea agreement is to make financial restitution.
Your client was carving up dead people and selling parts like meat.
Where's Martin Broussard? Not part of our arrangement.
I've got the parts to six different bodies downstairs.
She is not going anywhere until I I.
- Where's Gibbs? - Interrogation.
Why? I found him.
- "We.
" We found him.
- Found who, Abby? Martin Broussard.
We located Martin Broussard.
Then you have no further need to question my client.
We have him downstairs in autopsy.
- To identify the bodies? - Nope.
- Sean.
They can do whatever - He's one of them.
Martin is dead? I don't know anything about it.
Simon? We found his body parts in your building.
The only thing we can't locate, it seems, is his head.
I think your deal with the DA just went south.
I didn't kill him.
If you didn't, you know who did.
As your lawyer, I advise you not to answer any more questions, Sean.
A man was murdered here, Simon.
Vernon supplied the bodies.
Martin was Was just a delivery man.
They must've thought he was too weak to stand up to an investigation.
They? I appreciate your volunteering to help, Dr.
Anything to get out of Bethesda for a couple of days, Dr.
Where do you want this one, doctor? Is that what this is all about, the body parts? It would appear that way.
It's understandable.
That arm alone - would be worth a fortune.
- Really? Pharmaceutical and medical-instrument firms would pay vast sums for cadavers.
- Where do they get them? - Willed-body programmes, universities.
But the need far outstrips the supply.
A human body can be worth as much as $200,000.
Well, how much do you suppose just a little arm would be? A lot.
It's not unlike car theft.
A vehicle stripped and sold for parts is worth far more than when it's whole.
And harder to trace.
Table 2.
Wow, this could pay off my college loans.
Don't give me cause to check your car trunk tonight, Mr.
We haven't yet determined the cause of death of this poor man.
Would you care to open? My pleasure, doctor.
I suppose you'll tell me you didn't do it for money.
Excuse me? Dissecting these bodies.
What? What would ever make you think that? By the way you used this.
- They know, Ross.
- What? I admit the money was good, but - My intent was to help people.
- Is that so? Yes.
I don't care whether you believe me or not.
As long as you do, doctor.
Before you buy this, he murdered Broussard.
- No.
No, I didn't.
- The hell you didn't.
- She presented his body to me - He's lying! I don't give a damn which one of you did it.
Well, I do.
Tony, get them out of here.
Scum ambulance chaser.
- Stop lying.
- If you think for one minute I'll take - Would you for once tell the truth? - It was all your idea.
Palmer, would you leave us alone in a minute, please? Jethro, you do realise that Captain Wayne's remains are considered evidence in this case.
Well, you can't possibly be considering cremating them in time to give them to his widow.
I'll go with you to the crematorium.
Chrissy was really starting to worry, but I told her that Marines always keep their word.
Sweetie, go get changed.
We have to leave for the ship soon.
Okay, Mommy.
And put the dress on that Daddy brought from France.
He loved you in it.
Are those my husband's ashes? Yes, ma'am.
I give you my word.
It would be my pleasure to escort you and your daughter to the ship.
The Navy's sending a car, but thanks.
Thank you, Agent Gibbs.
And Parker would never forgive me if I didn't say "semper fi.
" Fair winds and following seas, ma'am.