NCIS s05e03 Episode Script


And he wouldn't stop crying.
- The whole flight.
- Guess why I was sitting back.
Avoid the little prep orders.
Thank you so much for kicking me out Stef.
- Trent is always working late.
- Been there, hate that.
I figure it's about time that I throw a little fit in case if he's forgotten how I feel about it.
Trent? Well, that sounds like he's working really hard, doesn't it? Trent, turn it down.
What are you trying to do, wake the dead? Hey, Trent.
How's it go? NCIS Season 5 Episode 3 - Good morning.
- Good morning, Gibbs.
Did you get it? It? Abby? I put this year's tax refund to good use.
I got one for everybody on Team Gibbs.
Luck be a lady tonight Luck, if you've ever been a lady to begin with.
Luck be a Hey, boss.
Sorry about that.
Sinatra, you got to sing alone.
I mean, it's Old Blue Eyes.
It's the Chairman of the Board.
I'm gonna Rat Pack it up.
Becoming an alpha male means that without saying a word you're able to project confidence and sexuality simply through you body language MIT lecture.
Nothing I can't listen to on my own time.
It's the newest version, Gibbs.
It's 160 gigabytes.
You could download like 40,000 songs.
I only listen to five, Abbs.
- 5,000? - No.
Oh, Gibbs.
We really have to broaden your horizons.
I could download some of my music for you.
Like Android Lust or Flesh-Eating Foundation, Green Satan, or Suicide Commando.
Dead Marine.
Never heard of 'em.
Fort Belvoir Army Base.
Let's go.
Good morning, Jethro.
Busy morning.
Dead Marine.
- Army base.
- Her rocks matches his scissors.
Which puts the Colonel on top.
You work for me on this one, Jethro.
It's my army base and my crime scene.
And my people, my office.
They know we're still seeing each other? - Is she? - Still on top? Seeing Gibbs? Same thing.
But an excellent question nonetheless, Probie.
Marine Captain Trent Reynolds.
Worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency on an inter-agency task force.
His wife found him last night when she got back from a convention in Charlottesville.
Where's the wife now? Mother's house.
How long has he been stuck here? Only the dead know the true meaning of patience, Timothy.
No more places to go, people to see.
Except me, of course.
Colonel, Jethro.
So To whom do I report? - Her.
- Me.
Better get used to that.
Pretty cool.
Very James Bond boss Ma'am Colonel.
Captain Reynolds was a recreational diver.
Burglary? Well, the back door was jimmied, but the wallet and cash were still on him, and the wife doesn't think that anything's missing.
Mallard, you got anything? You do realize I arrived about a minute ago.
The dead speak to me, Colonel, but give the poor man time to catch his breath, so to speak.
Time of death: between 7:00 and 9:00 p.
Yeah, Gibbs.
Tony, review the witness statements.
Yes, boss.
Ma'am - Colonel.
- Ziva I will check Captain Reynolds' phone and bank records.
Agent McGee, see if you can pull some prints off the back door.
Yes, ma'am.
Do you know a Major Sweigart? Major Sweigart was Captain Reynolds' superior at Defense Intelligence.
He understands the Army CID and NCIS will be working hand in hand on this case.
I mean Side by side.
You've taken Captain Reynolds' laptop.
- I want it back.
- That's evidence, Major.
DIA deals with highly classified materials, ma'am.
And we have top secret clearance.
I'm talking about special access programs which go well beyond your clearance.
Black ops? Major Sweigart, these are your options, either read in our forensic scientist to your special access programs or send someone who can oversee her work.
- Send someone over from Cyber.
- Yes, sir.
Any thoughts on who might have wanted to kill Captain Reynolds? He got along with everyone at work.
What about his personal life? Other than the usual command dinners I didn't really know Capitain Reynolds on a personal basis.
You, Lieutenant? We played some pickup basketball together.
That's about it.
I think he spent his free time with his wife.
Why? Because he was always rushing home to be with her.
Crash and burn only a matter of time.
What? Not a what A whom.
Colonel Mann, Gibbs, Army-Navy joint operation.
It could last a lifetime.
Behind the torture techniques and the contract killings, Ziva, you're really just a A whom? What? Whom? Not a whom It's more it's a what.
A what then? What then? What? What then? I think I'm still just a what? A girl.
Abby Sciuto.
I was sent here to check in so I could see her.
Fred Rinnert, DIA.
That's Defense Intelligence Agency.
I was sent he to keep track of a laptop of ours.
Laptop is down in the lab.
I'm here to make sure Ms.
Sciuto doesn't uncover any super-duper, secret spook stuff.
Meaning, you will be scrutinizing her every move? Exactly.
I gotta warn you, Abby doesn't work well with people looking over her shoulder.
We'll do fine.
I'm a people person.
Make him go away, McGee.
Abby, I can't.
Look at him.
I feel blocked.
I can't work when I'm blocked.
Well, then just block him out.
- What? - You block him out.
He's not there.
He's not there.
He's still there.
Close your eyes, open them, and imagine him gone.
- Didn't work.
- Try it again.
He's not there.
He's not there.
Still not working, McGee.
McGee? Try the return key.
This one? - Here, let me.
- No, I got it.
- No, I don't think you do.
- I got it.
Sometimes it takes a soft touch, okay.
Delete this search? No.
Prints from Reynolds'back door scored a match, but your computer's a little It's linked to Abby's lab.
It's perfectly fine, Colonel.
Which is more than can be said for Major Sweigart.
I dropped off some documents to Captain Reynolds a couple of weeks ago.
And you left via the back door? His wife was having friends around.
I didn't want to disturb them.
Reynolds can verify that you were at the house? Don't know.
Guess you'll have to ask her, ma'am.
Means you saw what was hanging in his office.
Knew how to use it.
You look pretty handy with that speargun.
Well, picture's worth a thousand words to a jury.
Yeah, or just one: Guilty.
Lots of guys dive.
Look, Colonel, I was with someone last night.
A date.
She's got a name? We went to dinner.
Stephanie Flynn.
The woman who was with Mrs.
Reynolds when she found him dead? That's right.
Stephanie Bronwyn Flynn? Yeah.
You know her? I was married to her.
We have a little issue.
We? You, you want to tell her, Agent Gibbs? No, not particularly.
Is this issue going to involve lawyers? It already did.
It's his ex-wife.
She's a material witness.
And which ex would that be? Stephanie.
What number is she again? - Second? - Third.
Oh, right.
You lived in Europe with her for a while, Frankfurt.
- Moscow.
- Two years? One.
Well, it's hard to live in Moscow.
With anyone.
Do you think he should divorce himself from this case, Colonel Mann? No, ma'am.
Nor do I.
I don't see a problem if you conduct the interview.
Do you have a problem with Colonel Mann interviewing your ex-wife, Agent Gibbs? Do I have a choice? - No.
- No.
Problem solved.
What time did Major Sweigart arrive at your apartment? About 6:30.
And leave? About 10:00.
Where's Gibbs? I know you know he's my ex.
He's busy.
Some things never change.
Who do you think is prettier? Ex-wife number three or future ex-wife number four? Colonel Mann is at a disadvantage because of her uniform.
Tell me you are not trying to imagine her without her uniform, Tony.
How long have you known Agent Gibbs Major Sweigart? Eight months.
Known Gibbs longer.
Wedding bells? I know how this works.
You're implying because I love Eric, I'm lying for him.
Are you? He's watching, isn't he? If you're going to have me interrogated, Jethro, at least do it yourself.
Come on.
You never could talk to me, could you? Well, that was then, this is now, so just get the hell in here! Feisty.
In an unattractive kind of way.
Got zip at Fort Belvoir, boss.
Captain Reynolds got along with everyone.
No one heard a thing last night.
I'm gonna go check those phone records.
I am going to help him.
So you work off and image of Captain Reynolds hard drive instead of the actual laptop.
What are you doing? Imagining you talking to me.
The laptop is evidence.
It can't be touched, so we copy the hard drive and put the laptop back in the evidence locker.
Any other questions? No.
Except did you see that sniffer? - Sniffer? - Yeah, just back up a bit.
Right there.
I've seen one of these.
Looks like a DLL file, right? It is a DLL file.
That's what it wants you to think.
It's actually an executable file.
It sniffs out stuff when you're not looking.
So is this file classified? It's yours, free and clear.
So Captain Reynolds was a hacker.
Does it really matter, what I made for dinner? Chicken piccata, slightly overdone, steamed vegetables, slightly underdone, served with a Chardonnay that was just right.
- Did he appear at all agitated? - No.
You having fun, Jethro? Still decaf? We need to talk.
The colonel's conducting the interview.
I'm done.
Why are you targeting my boyfriend? You couldn't make me happy, so you won't let me be happy with someone else, is that it? - No.
- Then what are you doing? What I've always had to do, Stephanie, my job.
Can we at least finish one conversation? I'm starting to feel like I'm married.
That's funny.
I never felt like we were ever married.
Look, Eric didn't do this and I don't know what evidence you've got that makes you think he did, but you're wrong.
Just don't screw this up for me, Jethro.
It's not about you.
Well, it was never about me, was it? Boss? Abby needs to see us.
I'm just going to I'm happy you found somebody.
I'll send an agent down to escort you out.
Cyber guy here yet? Yeah, in with Abby.
She'll be fine.
Get out! I'm serious.
So the dead are strung up on a spit and roasted? Yeah, and then the tribe serves up the drippings.
So gross.
- And you saw this? - Saw what, Abs? A death ritual that would make your hair stand up on end.
Maybe not your hair but definitely, say, McGee's hair.
What about our ritual? Solving crimes.
Fred found a sniffer.
It's a keystroke logger used by hackers to find passwords.
And you're never going to guess whose computer Captain Reynolds was hacking into.
Well, just 'cause I said you'd never guess doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
Major Eric Sweigart.
Him again.
What was Reynolds accessing? Sweigart's e-mails, which I still have to manually cut and paste.
- Do it, Abs.
- Well, I found something else.
Captain Reynolds opened a file-share application at 7:30 last night.
- What's a file-share - File-share application.
You share music, videos, other files, put 'em on the Internet, anyone who wants to can copy 'em.
But what's weird is The song.
Drumroll, please.
"The Elements" song.
A song about the weather? No, no, no, it recites all the elements.
It's a comic ditty written by a Harvard math professor in the late 50s.
It's really catchy Well, Abby, maybe if you play it, you'll There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium, and nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium, and iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium, europium, zirconium, lutetium, vanadium.
And lanthanum and osmium and astatine and radium.
And gold, protactinium, and indium and gallium.
He has access to the nation's secrets and he's file-sharing that song just before he dies? Why? Abby's going to find out.
Yes, because neither rain nor sleet nor any class of simple atomic substance will keep me from my appointed duty, sir.
You know, when I was in the sixth grade I made a complete periodic table out of licorice and Junior Mints.
Yeah, that's impressive, McGee.
That must have been extremely awkward For all concerned.
So what happened between them? You know, a man's heart often tells us how he lived.
Sometimes it might even tell us how he died, but contrary to popular myth, it never tells us how he loved.
I'm sorry.
I did not mean to put you on the spot.
You won't find a better man than Jethro.
He's a fiercely loyal colleague and friend, but he does come with his challenges.
Tell me about it.
There's a part of him I I don't know, I mean, he just shuts me out.
I thought maybe it was Stephanie or their marriage They weren't married long.
Fourteen months.
Top of my class in Interrogation.
Remind me to ask for a highly qualified lawyer should I ever be interrogated by you.
I don't want to be another one of his mistakes, Ducky.
I know he's been married three times.
More than three times? Perhaps I should get that lawyer now.
Divorced three times, married four.
Jethro's married? Heavens no.
Well, then, I don't His first wife, along with his only child.
Oh, my God He named the boat "Kelly".
After his daughter.
She was eight-years-old.
What happened? I think you should ask Jethro that.
His wife witnessed a murder.
She identified the shooter.
He came after her.
What was her name? Shannon.
Results, Duck? Captain Reynolds' cause of death was relatively straight forward, but I did find something else.
On his cheeks, we found a residue of prolactin and lysozyme.
Tears, Jethro.
Captain Reynolds was crying when he died.
Checked Reynolds' phone records, boss.
Colonel, ma'am I drew a blank.
So we checked Major Sweigart's phone records.
Ten calls in the last three days to the same person A woman.
- Stephanie? - No.
Jill, Captain Reynolds' wife.
The husband, the wife and the lover.
All the trademarks of a classic love triangle.
You forgot the lover's lover, which would make it technically, I think, a lovers quadrangle.
Or it could be a ring.
Abby uncovered suspicious activity on the victim's laptop.
And since Captain Reynolds had access to highly classified defense secrets, we cannot rule out a spy ring.
And we know that Major Sweigart was with your ex with Stephanie Flynn.
And Mrs.
Reynolds was at a pharmaceutical convention in Charlottesville.
- Charlottesville.
- Yes, Charlottesville.
Great minds think alike, McGee.
Fort Belvoir, where Reynolds died, is here.
Charlottesville is here, 104 miles.
Two hour drive.
Close enough for Jill Reynolds to drive home, kill her husband, drive back to Charlottesville, and fly home again to discover him dead with a witness present.
- That does not mean she did it.
- It doesn't mean she didn't do it.
- Motive? - DiNozzo, check Life insurance.
Did it, 400 grand from the military, another quarter of a mil.
from a private carrier, a beneficiary: Jill Reynolds.
The crime scene just became our prime suspect's house.
- Get a warrant.
- Mrs.
Reynolds? We'll bring her in.
There's sulfur, californium, and fermium, berkelium, and also mendelevium, einsteinium, noeblium and argon, krypton, neon, radon, xenon, zinc and rhodium.
And chlorine, carbon, cobalt, copper, tungsten, tin and sodium You thinking what I'm thinking? I hope so.
Not even close.
If the song has a meaning, then the meaning is probably hidden inside a file.
What's the most sophisticated way to hide a file in a computer? - Steganography.
- Now you're thinking what I'm thinking.
Yeah, but I was enjoying thinking what I was thinking before you asked me what I was thinking.
Would I have enjoyed what you were thinking? Don't answer that.
I developed a program to search for any steganography algorithm.
If there is a stego file on there, this puppy will find it.
You're good.
Hey! You ever feel like you could use some extra help around here? I work like 16 hours a day.
That's like two eight-hour days stuck together.
It's probably not in the budget, and I'm kind of a control freak.
I work for two control freaks, neither of whom are as smart as you.
I'm not that smart.
- Please.
- I'm not.
I'm not.
Password cracker? Password cracker.
- You're going to tell me? - Tell you what? What's bugging you.
How long have we been together? - Weeks.
- Months.
Meaning many weeks.
We've shared a lot, right? Yeah.
Divorced three times.
- I told you that.
- Married four.
You never told me about your first wife, Shannon.
Or that you had a daughter, Kelly.
Why, Jethro? They're dead.
End of story.
I've put it behind me.
Have you? Anything from those ATMs in Charlottesville? Not yet, boss.
I was thinking, boss.
Now, you know that Abby and I have solved a lot of computer problems together, and it seems to me that, you know, three heads are better than two.
And seeing as how the period table is, you know, in my wheelhouse it seems I was thinking it'd probably be best if I stay here, focus on my job - That's a good call.
- Abby focus on hers.
I tell you, Colonel, guys like Fred they're a dime a dozen at MIT.
Charming, funny, successful, good-looking.
Women see right through that.
Excuse us there.
- We are looking for Jill Reynolds.
She's in the back.
You a friend? Lieutenant Marsden.
Command sent me out to go over Captain Reynolds' death benefits with her.
Quite the waterfall.
She means windfall.
If you think money compensates for the loss of a loved one.
No, I'm sure it doesn't.
Excuse me.
Reynolds? In here.
Cleaning is kind of therapeutic for me.
Give it to me, baby, come on.
Don't make me beg.
Hey, McGee.
Everything okay? I'm just running a password cracker.
I brought you a Caf-Pow! This is a monumental task, McGee.
The keyboard doesn't just have numbers, it has the whole alphabet.
Could be case-sensitive.
Or you could take 1000 years to go through all the possible permutations.
You know, the more complicated the password, the bigger the need to keep some record of it.
Nice try, McGee, but we already looked for it in the copy of his hard drive.
But not in the actual laptop.
It could be hidden in a secret partition of RAM.
That's brilliant! I'm gonna go get the laptop out of the evidence locker.
These have quite a kick, don't they? I down six or seven of these bad boys a day.
There's a serious conflict here.
Jethro shouldn't be leading this investigation.
He's not.
Colonel Mann is.
You pick up that look from Gibbs? I picked up a lot of bad habits from Gibbs.
I understand your concern.
Then take him off the case.
I've known Agent Gibbs a long time.
I trust and respect his judgment.
My boy friend didn't kill anyone.
Then I'm sure the investigation will bear that out.
Maybe not before damaging Eric's military career.
If Major Sweigart wasn't involved, I'll personally see to it that he suffers no career repercussions.
Thank you.
Can I ask you a personal question? I don't quite know how to put this, but I always had the feeling that before our marriage, there was something between you and Jethro.
It has always been strictly professional between us.
She's got something to hide.
Why else would she clean so thoroughly? Train wreck.
I want to look away, but I can't.
Agent Gibbs? - Director.
- Colonel, I was just reassuring Gibbs' your witness, that Agent Gibbs could separate himself from the personal aspects of this investigation.
Well, I'll monitor him, closely, Director.
I'm sure you will.
- Is that the look you're talking about? - Yeah, that's it.
Yup, we've all seen that one.
Miss Flynn was just leaving, unless you need her for something.
She can go home.
For now.
You find anything? I bet you've never been happier to see me.
- It was clean.
- Spotless.
She's like that professional cleaner in Pulp Fiction.
We found a partial print in the kitchen - near the office.
- Run it.
I mean, with only, like, a squiggle on a little loop.
- We don't even know which finger.
- Only ten possibilities, DiNozzo.
Well, no.
There's one point, there's ten fingers.
You know, that's thousands of On it.
Train wreck.
Why have you kept me waiting? - Give you time to think.
- I don't want to think.
I want to clean.
We know about your affair with Major Sweigart.
Your husband knew, too.
He didn't.
He hacked into Major Sweigart's e-mails.
Read everything you ever wrote to each other.
He was crying when he died.
We also know about the life insurance.
I don't care about the money.
You think that Look, my marriage wasn't good, but I would never, ever I told you, I was at a conference in Charlottesville.
- All you have to do is check.
- We did.
- I signed in.
- And you slipped out.
- Killed your husband, drove back.
- No! You want to clean? You clean your conscience, you tell the truth.
- I am! - You're not! - What? - Boss, I got something you need to see.
We'll be right there.
I've been watching the footage of ATMs surrounding the pharmaceutical convention in Charlottesville on the day Captain Reynolds died.
As you can see, it's time-stamped.
Check out the brunette.
In the background rounding the corner.
Wait for it.
There! Jill Reynolds.
Can't be two places at once.
She's clean in more ways than one.
Maybe she hired a contract killer.
What about the partial prints in Reynolds' kitchen? Came up with 80,000 potential hits.
I know.
Trying to narrow it down to people who might have had access to the Army base.
Have we given up on Major Sweigart? He has an alibi.
From someone who thinks he's her future husband.
- Stephanie wouldn't lie.
- Are you sure? Well, I'm not.
I mean, she finds out that her boyfriend was having an affair with her best friend, she might just change her story.
Bring her in for another interview.
- I said bring her in.
- I said wait.
This never turns out well for the kids.
Can you be objective here? Because if you can't, you're no good to me.
If this wasn't your ex, what would your gut be saying right now? It would be saying bring her in and break her.
Maybe she's lying to protect her boyfriend.
Maybe it's worse.
What if Stephanie knew about the affair? She'd walk.
Okay, then, let's talk about motive.
Maybe she wants to frame Jill for being the bitch who stole her boyfriend.
Or maybe Major Sweigart for cheating on her.
You don't know Stephanie.
But I do know my job.
- DiNozzo.
- Here I am, boss.
Call her.
Tell her to come in.
I need to talk with her.
Same thing.
This is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo of NCIS for Stephanie Flynn.
As of when? Thank you.
Stephanie quit her job this morning.
- Pow! - Another one? I found a program on Captain Reynolds' boot-up sequence.
Guess what it does.
Judging by your expression, something good.
It creates the password when you turn the computer on, and it deletes it when you turn it off.
Hidden in RAM.
You know what? If I weren't so irrationally confident, I might actually be intimidated by you.
Okay, so it's 30 characters.
That's too many for a password cracker.
Here we go.
That was really anticlimactic.
Okay, so the file extension indicates it's an audio plug-in file.
Last accessed at 7:31 p.
on Monday.
That's the same time Captain Reynolds uploaded the song.
That's the same time he died, it give or take a chorus.
Let's see what the plug-in does with the song.
Selenium Uranium Gallium Phosphorus.
Potassium Polonium Curium Sodium.
The plug-in is just a filter it highlights pieces of the song.
- It's a code.
- It's not a code.
It's just words, Abby.
It's not just words, Fred.
It's numbers.
Every element has a corresponding number on the periodic table.
Selenium is 34, uranium 92, and gallium 31.
Abby's office.
She's right here.
I could Okay.
I'll tell her, sir.
Your boss wants to see you.
Gibbs has this uncanny ability to know when I found something.
I don't even know what I found yet.
Well, he didn't seem happy.
He never does, even when he is happy.
And I doubt he's happy right now.
But, you know, I am his favorite, so he's usually pretty good with me.
Even when you keep him waiting? I'll be right back.
Hurry up.
Try her again.
I'm here, Gibbs.
- Abby.
- Wait.
"Selenium, uranium, gallium, phosphorus.
Potassium, polonium, curium and sodium.
" It's the song, Gibbs! There was a program on Captain Reynolds' laptop that highlighted these elements.
The periodic table has a number associated with each one.
The numbers mean something, I just don't know what yet.
Like 34 could be three-four - Could be a GPS coordinate.
- Or a bank account.
I just need to know how you knew that I found something.
I didn't, Abby.
Stephanie's still not answering.
Well, why did you call me? - I didn't.
- Fred said you did.
Boss, guess who is one the 80,000 hits from the crime scene fingerprints.
- Fred? - You guessed.
Where is he? - In my lab.
- With evidence? With the laptop! Find out what this means, McGee.
Hey, going somewhere? Home.
- Tell me you didn't.
- Didn't what? You know, I think we had a power surge.
They're wiped clean.
The original laptop? I did not leave this open! You wiped it, too! Abby, I'm hurt! You think I did this? - Gibbs, can I hit him? - No.
Look, anybody could have done it.
The lab was left unattended, right, Abby? Unless you're gonna arrest me, I've got a date with my Pilates instructor.
Hey, what are you doing? Last number dialed, my lab.
Yeah, so, could've missed that one.
The last e-mail.
Confirmed for a flight on Thai Air.
- Why did you erase the hard drives? - I didn't.
What do the numbers mean? Not a clue.
DIA deals with classified material.
You found a foreign buyer? You have to go up, in order to go down, right? Can I hit him now, Gibbs? You think Reynolds could have set up that computer code? Only an expert could have done it.
Reynolds had access to the secrets, you knew how to steal them.
Are we gonna find some money stashed away? If you've got the evidence, arrest me.
If not have a nice day.
Lieutenant Marsden just confirmed that our friend here volunteered to oversee Abby's work on the laptop.
Why didn't you wipe the hard drive after you killed him? He didn't think anyone was smart enough to find the code, - until it was sent to me.
- I didn't kill anyone.
Either Reynolds wouldn't split the money with you or you got greedy.
Think of the slimiest thing and that's what he did! Come on, McGee.
- Hey, I know my rights.
- Boss, I got it.
Numbers are an offshore account in the names of both Captain Reynolds and Fred Rinnert.
One half-million dollars transferred into the account from a bank in Beirut at 7:30 the night Reynolds died.
It was cleaned out two hours later.
So, it was greed? My acting boss says you ain't going anywhere.
What'd you sell and who'd you sell it to? Maybe if you cut me a deal, I'll tell you.
Why isn't that a romantic night on the town always turns into a less than romantic night in your basement, sanding your boat.
Hello, Stephanie.
Still not locking your front door, Jethro.
I just came by to give you these.
I found them in a drawer about six years ago.
I thought I lost them.
I'm gonna - wait for you upstairs.
- No it's okay.
I'm - I'm not staying.
So - I'll walk you out.
Good luck.
Why'd you quit your job? I'm moving to Philadelphia.
My parents are getting old.
And, Shelley had a baby.
- Another one? - She's a baby factory.
It's a good thing someone in my family is.
I guess I'm gonna be that doting aunt that still looks great in her bikini.
Eric and I split up.
He told me about his affair with Jill.
You knew.
After all my ranting in your office, you missed a perfect opportunity to throw that in my face.
I wouldn't do that to you.
No, you wouldn't.
It just never seems to work out for me, Jethro.
I'm sorry.
Not your fault.
Wasn't anybody's fault.
We'll always have Moscow.
You never cease to surprise me.
What do you think, daddy?! I came in second place! You would have been proud of her, Jethro.
I miss you, daddy! When you get home, I'll be really good at it, I promise.
I love you.
A kiss for daddy.
I love you, daddy love you.
Bye, Jethro.
We miss you.