NCIS s05e05 Episode Script

Leap of Faith

I've got that marketing meeting at 1:30.
You got to make this quick.
Not too quick.
You think Anderson's secretary saw us leaving together? We were going to lunch.
She's been looking at me funny the last couple weeks.
She knows my husband.
What the hell is that? Thought you'd like it.
NCIS Season 5 Episode 5 Leap of faith (Version LOL V1.
0) Your sailor's real nervous.
Tried to talk to him, but he's not making a lot of sense.
- You get his name? - No.
Shut down.
Threatened to jump if we didn't back off.
Hose jockeys want to set an airbag.
That height? I don't think it's going to make much of a difference.
I don't think Gibbs knows.
Not going to hear it from me.
Not going to hear what from you? Abby may have gotten a job offer.
- Big bucks.
- Allegedly.
Private sector.
Still just a rumor, Tony.
Not anymore, probie-san.
Someone from Human Resources told a friend of a friend that Abby had cocktails last night at the Ritz-Carlton with a corporate headhunter.
And this friend told you? Not exactly.
I overheard it in the elevator.
Very reliable source.
Abby was probably on a date.
Abby on a date at the Ritz-Carlton? Strictly business time, Ziva.
They say which business? Well, the elevator reached my floor, I had to get off.
Oh, that's a long way up.
Long way down.
Okay, so what you want to do is gain his confidence here, boss.
He's been out there for a while.
He's obviously having second thoughts.
Get away from me.
Just want to talk.
No! Make it easier if I knew your name.
- Where you stationed? - I said leave me alone! Boss, you know, we could snap a picture of him with a cell, e-mail it to Abby, get her to run it through photo-recognition.
If he went to the Academy, we get a quick ID.
Do it.
Me? It's your idea, McGee.
Boss? I'm not very good with heights.
Point and click.
Don't come any closer! - What are you doing? - Wouldn't give me your name.
Want to know who you are.
Great view of the Washington Monument from up here.
- Abigail? - What's up, Doc? Had a report for Jethro, but I Is that what I think it is? If you're thinking it's a firearm, the answer is yes.
I thought you might have seen him.
He appears to be in his late 20s, although, from my vantage point, that is very difficult to confirm.
McGee, he's got a gun.
Boss, he's got a gun.
Yeah, yeah.
I know that, McGee.
I see that.
I'm running the image against the last ten Academy classes.
What could make a young man so desperate? I got it, McGee.
Boss, his name is Lieutenant Michael Arnett.
Stationed at the Pentagon.
Academy class of '01.
He's a linguist, translator.
Married, no kids.
So, Michael? You mind if I call you Michael? You can't help.
I can try.
I do not have a shot.
I'll hit Gibbs, too.
Lean back, boss.
Just ease back.
Damn you, Gibbs! You take too many chances.
All right, boss, his wife works at a travel agency on K Street.
Name's Dana.
She's at lunch.
Her boss has no idea where she went.
Trying to get a hold of your wife.
You want to talk to her? No! She left me.
I've been there.
That's tough.
It's not worth your life.
It's more complicated than that.
Tell me.
It's too late.
He's got a sister.
Her name's Rachel.
You want to talk to Rachel? How old is she? What does that make her a senior in high school? You want Rachel to remember this from her senior year? I don't want to make that call, Mike.
Why don't we start with the gun, huh? I really messed up.
I should have told someone.
You tell me.
I'll help you.
You can trust me.
Put it down.
I'll help you.
Take it really easy.
Slug is flattened.
Not much for Abby to work with.
She had success with less.
Shot definitely came from the building across from the hotel.
Door to the rooftop was picked.
No shell casings, no prints, nothing.
Several people in the building heard the shot.
Witnesses on the street saw the flash.
Guy's going to kill himself.
When he doesn't, someone does it for him.
Why? Arnett's apartment.
Color back now that you're on terra firma there, probalicious? - Hey, I would have done it - Only you didn't.
I think he's more afraid of heights than you are.
I rock-climbed.
with a harness, to impress a girl.
Well, it worked.
Having an eyewitness like you makes my job a lot easier.
Nevertheless, I will get you autopsy results post-haste.
Thanks, Duck.
There's absolutely no evidence a woman lived here.
Manager said she moved out a week ago.
Gibbs was right.
In a divorce, the guy gets screwed.
She left him diddly-squat.
Maybe she had a good reason to leave him.
Poor guy's sleeping on a blow-up bed.
Good marriage needs good communication.
Here's another reason he'd want to end it all: Rejuvinator.
Arnett was losing his hair.
Maybe he didn't talk to her anymore.
He was younger than I am.
Or didn't listen.
She did leave him something.
A sad commentary on the state of matrimony? No.
A pink toothbrush.
I'm fast, but I'm not that fast.
Something still bothering you? Yeah.
We're investigating a homicide and a suicide.
Was the reason the lieutenant was out on the ledge the same reason that he was shot? I guess you wouldn't know that yet, would you? He was coming in.
Wanted to tell me something.
Confucius say: "Life's many pleasures await you.
" What yours say? "As you approach life's crossroads, look both ways.
" I'm sure it's meaningful.
Just think about it and search your inner self.
"Lisa Nerlman, Hypnotherapist.
" - What is this for? - She does wonders with phobias.
Tony, who else did you tell? I told you it was a very sensitive subject, Abby.
Your turn.
I refuse to make decisions based on stupid sayings stuffed inside stale cookies.
"Welcome an invitation that change your financial future.
" Got to go.
That was incredible.
It was fate that Abby opened that cookie.
She's good.
She didn't blink an eye.
That's why I don't play poker with her.
No tell.
He was sleeping on an air mattress, boss.
The wife? Staying at Lafayette Court Hotel.
She's coming in at 5:00.
Wants to talk to Arnett's parents first.
Would have bet we'd find a suicide note.
No luck.
That'd be too easy.
I took his computer down to Abby.
Maybe she will get lucky.
He's a second-generation American.
Grandparents emigrated from Syria.
His fluency in Arabic led to his advancement and special assignments in the Middle East.
Presently assigned at the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Combating Terrorism.
Other than that, I can't tell you much.
I'm getting stonewalled by the Pentagon.
They won't even connect me to his CO.
Yeah, Gibbs.
On my way.
Let's go, McGee.
You're with me.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Captain Walsh, Lieutenant Arnett's CO.
You're a hard man to reach.
My hands were tied.
I had to get permission from the Director of National Intelligence to talk to you.
SecNav has to make a decision.
Unless you can tell me Lieutenant Arnett's murder was unrelated to his Navy duties, my unit's going into lockdown.
I can't tell you that, Captain.
We're just beginning our investigation.
How long is this going to take? At this point, no one will even tell me what Arnett does.
Captain Walsh just briefed me on Lieutenant Arnett's general duties.
He was an Arab-speaking intelligence officer, working assets in the Middle East.
Personally responsible for exposing a number of Al-Qaeda ops.
I'm sure he was high on their hit list.
What was he working on? Tracking down an Al-Qaeda operative.
- Where? - Right here.
In DC.
What the hell happened up there? He was going to jump.
Why? Working on it.
We've got an Al-Qaeda operative on the loose.
If you'd done your job and pulled Arnett off that ledge, my best man wouldn't be dead.
So, you'd better be working on it.
Unit's in lockdown.
All work's been secured.
The section restricted to quarters.
National security's at risk, my people are sitting on their hands.
How long is this going to take? We're working as fast as we can.
When was the last time you saw Lieutenant Arnett? Two days ago.
He seemed fine.
Called in sick.
His desk.
He tell you anything up there? We need to know more about this current operation.
Told you as much as I can.
Don't suppose I can copy the contents of his hard drive? You want answers.
Personal effects.
Best I can do.
This his wife? You met her? Married about a year.
Separated last week.
Didn't know.
Any change in Arnett's behavior lately? He was always quiet.
Maybe more so recently.
He did his job.
Never shared anything personal.
Strong antidepressant.
Did you know he was taking medication? That all we get? I'll go through his files.
See what I can give you.
Keep me in the loop, Special Agent Gibbs.
We'll be right there.
Thank you.
I can't believe Abby would think of leaving without saying anything.
Get over it, Tony.
I mean, I understand her not telling you, but me? I mean I've known her for a long time, you know.
Arnett's wife is here.
I am having her brought over to the conference room.
Boss, I got an address for Dr.
Neil Fleming.
Prescribed Arnett the medication.
He's not military.
Has a private practice in Georgetown.
Guy gets free medical care from the Navy, goes to a shrink who probably charges $350 an hour.
I'll check him out.
With him, DiNozzo.
With him, boss.
Our marriage was doomed from the start.
The Navy took advantage of Michael's language skills.
They assigned, reassigned him to dangerous posts in the Middle East.
The few times he was home, he was uptight.
He wouldn't want to talk about what he did.
I became more and more frustrated.
Did you discuss it with him? We tried marriage counseling.
It didn't help.
Michael couldn't open up.
Did you know he was seeing a psychiatrist? No.
I I wanted him to get help I didn't think he would.
It was your idea to separate? I thought it would force him to face our problems.
It was a mistake.
Where did you meet? The National Gallery.
An exhibit of Mesopotamian art.
I was standing, admiring a sculpture, and Michael was behind me.
He began explaining the piece to me.
He brought it to life.
He was the most intelligent man I'd ever met.
He made me laugh.
I haven't seen him laugh in a long time.
You're not surprised he was suicidal.
What does surprise me is that he was murdered.
Why, Agent Gibbs? Why? Don't do that.
Do what? The doctor might be in with a patient, Tony.
That tells him someone's here? You ever been to a therapist before? Me? No.
You? Yeah, once, when I was young.
For your acrophobia? You're blowing that all out of proportion, Tony.
Well, you showed a pathological fear of heights earlier today.
I was staring down ten stories.
Getting a little disoriented, it's a little understandable.
Disoriented? You had your panties in a twist.
Tears in your eyes.
I couldn't see your eyes 'cause they were shut so tight.
You were hysterical like a little girl.
I was not.
You were hugging the ladder.
And I got the photographic evidence.
Let technology show you the truth.
My eyes are not closed.
I was blinking.
Is that is that what you're doing? Let's let the people decide.
You are not gonna post that on YouTube.
I might.
You, give me that thing or I'm gonna What are you gonna do? Yeah! - Slap you silly! - You're not getting it.
You two have deeper issues than you discussed on the phone.
On the phone? Aren't you the couple who called up about marriage counseling? Couple? Us? No, no.
It's okay, Timmy.
Timmy, we're in a safe place.
We can be ourselves here.
We just got back from Vermont.
Pretty this time of year.
Special Agents McGee, DiNozzo.
Very special agents.
I've been seeing patients all day.
I didn't hear about Michael.
Why was he seeking your help? I can't discuss that.
Doctor, we're investigating his murder.
His job at the Pentagon makes it a matter of national security.
Well, I'm bound by ethics and HIPAA laws.
That ended with his death.
Not for me.
Well, can you at least explain to us why a Naval officer, with free medical care, would come to a civilian doctor? I have several patients in the military whose psychological problems, if known, would jeopardize their careers.
I can tell you this.
The last time I saw Michael Arnett, he was depressed not suicidal.
Now, without a court order, that's all I'm saying.
I heard that, DiNozzo.
Another wise-ass comment like that I'll smack you so hard your grand children will feel it.
Think it's funny, McGee? Wipe that smile off your face.
That goes for you, too, David.
Special Agent Gibbs.
You're standing behind me, aren't you? Yup.
Feeling real secure about your job, are you, Abs? Not so much anymore.
You up here cause you got something for me, Abs? Yup.
Ballistics on the bullet? It's a mangled, useless chunk of lead.
Well, actually, only the core is lead because the jacket is 95% copper and 5% zinc, but you already knew that.
Arnett's computer? Scrubbed clean like the day it was born in Taiwan.
Lieutenant Arnett's cell phone.
It was in his pocket when he fell, so it's as squished as he is, but I removed the CPU and I stripped away the peripheral You're not gonna like who he received his last call from, Gibbs.
Who? Us.
Someone called Lieutenant Arnett from inside this building.
Director Shepard.
I appreciate you getting here so fast.
No problem.
Is something wrong, Nikki? May I be frank? Of course.
I know I'm only a low-level NCIS Intel Analyst.
And I am more than happy to do whatever the Agency requires of me, but I resent having a rude message left on my phone by Special Agent Gibbs.
With no explanation at all, in the most condescending and insulting manner, he demanded that I get in here immediately.
He certainly lives up to his reputation.
Special Agent Gibbs isn't known for his people skills.
I'm sorry, Director Shepard, I just needed to vent.
What's this about? You don't know? I have no idea.
What about the murder of Lieutenant Michael Arnett? He's dead? I just called him this morning.
That's why you're here.
Half of Washington watched him get shot on live television.
NCIS was on scene.
You work in this building and had you "no idea"? When did it happen? A little before 1:00 this afternoon.
I was home asleep.
I've been working the Middle East desk for the past couple days.
Everyone I had to speak to is eight hours ahead of us.
I was here all night.
Working on what? Navy counterterrorism intel has suffered leaks over the last few months.
Al-Qaeda has managed to get a step ahead of us.
We suspect a mole.
Nikki has been analyzing data trying to look for a common denominator.
I had no idea it involved Lieutenant Arnett.
What's his connection? Well, Lieutenant Arnett had gone outside the wire, working contacts in Djibouti, gathering valuable intel, some of which had been compromised.
I wanted to talk to him about who he shared the information with.
Yeah, he cooperate? When I called him, he seemed preoccupied.
He said he couldn't talk.
He'd get back to me.
Guess that's not going to happen.
This is a priority.
Until we find out why he was killed, you are assigned to Special Agent Gibbs' team.
Report to the squad room at 07:30.
It's a start-up bioengineering firm.
$200,000 a year, stock options and a car.
A car.
What kind of car would Abby lease? - Another hearse? - Guys, this is Nikki Jardine.
She's an intel analyst who had contact with Arnett.
She's going to be working with us.
Yes, I am still on hold.
I'm Ziva David.
I've seen you around.
I'm sorry.
I don't shake hands.
I guess a hug's out of the question.
Anthony DiNozzo.
Behave yourself, Tony.
McGee? Boss, can't find a judge to sign the warrant.
No one wants to violate the patient-client privilege.
I know we started off on the wrong foot - last night, and I just - You've got something? I spoke with a cryptanalyst at the Pentagon.
Lieutenant Arnett returned from the Middle East two weeks ago.
He passed through the NCIS field office in Djibouti.
With your permission, I'd like to contact the special agent in charge there.
Do it.
Where are you going, Jardine? To my office to make the call.
We have backgrounded Lieutenant Arnett's family.
Arnett's grandparents lived the American dream, boss.
Came to this country as teenagers.
Opened a small appliance shop in the '60s.
Which evolved into a chain of electronics stores.
Grossing over $250 million last year.
We're talking big family money.
If there's a prenup, the soon-to-be ex-wife stands to lose a fortune.
Think Black Widow, Theresa Russell film of the same name.
All right, Tony.
Dana Arnett, travel agent, is a crack shot with a sniper rifle? Could've hired a hit man.
Get her in here again.
I'm sorry.
I have allergies.
I could never wear contact lenses.
Just the thought of sticking my finger in me eye It conforms with Lieutenant Arnett's medical records.
Near-sighted, 20/80 vision with an astigmatism.
- Here are the blood samples.
- Thanks, Jimster.
Expect to find Phenelzine when you run the tox screen.
- What? - What? Am I unbuttoned or ripped? Are my ponytails crooked? Why is everyone staring at me today? I wasn't staring.
- I wasn't staring.
- You were staring, Mr.
You hear about Abby's new job? Worst-kept secret at NCIS.
I was told she was promised a state-of-the-art lab, two assistants and her own Caf-Pow machine.
I spoke with Agent Wells in Djibouti.
She said Lieutenant Arnett stopped by the NCIS field office a couple of weeks ago.
He was upset.
He was concerned that his key local witness was missing.
They offered to help locate him, but Arnett was so protective of his sources.
He wouldn't reveal the contact's identity.
That's all? Yes.
Pentagon just sent Arnett's files.
Is he always this Impatient? It's not exactly the word I was looking for.
You are not denying she's pretty.
- Bizarre trumps pretty.
- But you would - How? In a hazmat suit? - You two would make a good couple.
- You have something in common.
- What? Fear.
She's afraid of germs.
You're afraid of commitment.
And you're both afraid of Gibbs.
For the record, Ms.
David, I'm not afraid of Gibbs.
Thank you for coming back in, Mrs.
You have news? Sorry, no.
So why am I here? This will not take long.
We just need to clarify something.
The circumstances under which you got married.
What does that mean? Your husband's family is worth a lot of money.
You didn't by any chance sign a prenup, did you? My husband attempted to take his own life and then was murdered.
He hasn't even been dead 48 hours and you have the nerve to stand here and ask me how much money I may or may not get? Michael's parents are arriving and I have a funeral to arrange.
Do I need someone to escort me out of the building? I will escort you, Mrs.
Nice, Tony.
"Black Widow".
When there's money involved, it's always the spouse.
Roll call.
Phenelzine is present and accounted for, as predicted, but Timolol made a surprise appearance.
Timolol? A very high concentration.
- Timolol? - It's a beta-blocker.
Eye drops.
Used to treat glaucoma.
Which, according to his medical records, Lieutenant Arnett never had.
Palmer, have the lieutenant report back to the table.
Yes, sir.
Boss, I vetted Dr.
Turns out he was a radical undergraduate at Berkeley in the early '70s.
Arrested several times for civil disobedience.
As recently as last week, spoke at a Get-Out-of-Gitmo rally on the Mall.
Well, bring him in.
We don't need a subpoena to interview him.
Captain Walsh is online in MTAC.
Arnett's files.
Redacted to the point it's useless.
Special Agent Gibbs, I've got something.
Yes, sir.
Captain Walsh, sorry to keep you waiting.
My unit's still on lockdown.
You were supposed to keep me in the loop, Agent Gibbs.
Lieutenant Arnett's file I could've got more reading The Washington Post.
Blame the Director of National Intelligence.
And you forgot to mention Arnett was questioned about leaked intel.
Didn't think I needed to.
Don't you people at NCIS talk to each other? Captain Walsh, in order for this agency to complete a thorough investigation, we will need your full cooperation.
You'll be briefed when we think it's appropriate.
I have a meeting with the Undersecretary in half an hour.
What do I tell him? Tell him the Director of National Intelligence is obstructing our investigation.
Djibouti's coming online.
Satellite time's expensive.
What do you have for us, Special Agent Wells? We've been working with Bahrain.
I think we've come up with something.
A tribal leader was beheaded for collaborating with an American agent.
It's definitely the work of Al-Qaeda operatives.
We have every reason to believe the victim was Lieutenant Arnett's missing contact.
When did it happen? A couple days ago, not too much longer.
We're just getting into it questioning villagers.
I want updates as you get them.
Yes, ma'am.
What've you got, Jardine? I did a matrix.
Focused on the four most recent leaks.
Charted who generated the information, received it, or had access to it, directly or indirectly.
The only person who had knowledge of all the leaked intel was Lieutenant Arnett himself.
If the beheaded tribal leader was in fact his source and his identity has been leaked, then Arnett is the only one who would have known.
I think Lieutenant Arnett was the mole.
Mid-Eastern ancestry.
Naval Academy graduate.
Intelligence officer in the Pentagon.
He is the perfect deep cover mole.
Sort of an Arab version of Kevin Costner in No Way Out.
A movie buff.
One more thing you two have in common.
Arnett's juggling two lives.
Things are closing in on him.
He's stressed to the max.
On antidepressants, a liability to his Al-Qaeda handlers.
When he doesn't jump, they terminate him before he can expose their cell.
Nah, I still like the wife.
Had him killed for the money.
There's a prenup.
He dies before they get divorced, she gets the big check.
If he died after, she gets zip.
Yeah, why the suicide attempt, DiNozzo? I'm still working on that part, boss.
We know why he was suicidal.
Abby found Timolol in Lieutenant Arnett's blood.
It's used to treat glaucoma.
He didn't have glaucoma.
- So why'd he take it? - Well, that's the best part.
He didn't know he was.
Someone substituted Timolol for his contact lens solution.
His lenses were soaking in it all night.
It's the equivalent of wearing nicotine patches on his eyes.
The level of the drug was 20 times the recommended dosage.
I still haven't heard why he was suicidal.
Because the combination of the eye medication and the antidepressant he was taking has a serious side effect: severe clinical depression.
Well, I think you're overlooking an obvious character.
Character? This isn't one of your novels, Mr.
Fleming has anti-government leanings.
He prescribed the antidepressant and would know the combined drugs side effects.
If Arnett discussed classified information during their sessions, Fleming could have passed the intel on.
There's your spy.
Yes, probie, but the wife had access to the contact lenses.
That does not prove anything.
McGee found a bottle of lens solution in Arnett's Pentagon office desk.
- Your point? - Captain Walsh had access to his desk, and, as Arnett's CO, knowledge of his intel.
- That's the weakest point of all.
- All these make more sense than Arnett.
Listen, I think I'm not missing the point.
I think Break up the dog pile.
This is a murder investigation.
And I am hearing a lot of theories here and not much else.
Get on it! So, I'm against the war and the Patriot Act.
Doesn't make me un-American.
What have you got there? Government keeping a file on me? I'll ask the questions, Dr.
I've had enough of this.
Sit down! I see McGee's got your mad act down.
I heard your agents are pitted against each other.
Wasn't that Gibbs' rule #15: "Always work as a team"? Not on this one.
No one could have saved him, Jethro.
He was dead the moment he stepped out on that ledge.
That what I tell his sister? You have any luck? Might be something.
The summer before his junior year in high school, he spent two months in Damascus with relatives.
I'm trying to ascertain their politics.
- Entrapped the "Black Widow" yet? - Minor setback.
I thought since Dana Arnett was married to a guy with top-secret clearance, she would have been vetted.
Let me guess.
She's squeaky clean.
Well, I don't know because she was never checked out.
If he'd married some foreigner, then, obviously, she would have been subjected to a vigorous background check, but she was born in Kansas.
I am having the same problem McGee had with Captain Walsh.
The Pentagon is rock-walling me.
She means stonewalling.
Little quirk she has.
I guess everyone has their little quirks, even me.
Really? I hadn't noticed.
Abby, please.
All I'm asking is for you to take another look at the hard drive on Arnett's computer.
It's wiped clean.
Maybe you can find an embedded file, anything.
I can't, okay? I am too busy.
Why don't you ask McGee to do it? Because Mr.
MIT claims that he's better at this stuff anyways.
May I take a couple of these? Sure, knock yourself out.
- Abs? - McGee, I need your help.
I got Dr.
Fleming's fingerprints on this water bottle.
I need you to compare it to the prints lifted in Arnett's flat.
Take a number, because Tony has me running DNA off this toothbrush with an entire database of felons.
- It'll only take a minute.
- I asked first.
- I did.
I've got seniority.
- Yes Back off! All of you, okay? I am one person! - Easy, Abs.
- No! It's late.
I am tired, I am overworked, and I am taken for granted! Maybe you should accept that job offer.
I can't believe you'd say that to me, Gibbs.
How could you think that I would be leaving? 'Cause I got a little mad? So what? We're family.
That's allowed.
I get three or four job offers every year.
I've never considered any of them.
Then why'd you have dinner with that headhunter? Have you ever had the Beluga caviar at the Ritz-Carlton? And besides, it was nice to feel wanted.
Now, get out of here, all of you.
I have work to do.
- What was that for? - Spreading rumors.
- Thank you, boss.
- DiNozzo! Get back in here! Anyone wanna come with me? I am meeting Captain Walsh's former executive officer at the Naval Amphibious Base at Little Creek tomorrow.
He is willing to talk to us, off the record, but not here.
You losers might want to follow me.
Boss, need you in MTAC.
Clearly, you're not one of the losers.
My hunch paid off.
Figured the "Black Widow" has a felony record.
Abby just got a DNA match from Interpol.
Her real name is Najida Mamud, an agent of the Syrian Mukhabarat.
She's a gifted linguist, she was educated in England, and secretly trained in weaponry, martial arts and covert operations.
Ziva, she's you.
Najida Mamud was in an Al-Qaeda camp in Sudan until we lost track of her three years ago.
We thought she was in Pakistan.
She was obviously smuggled into the US and then deep-backstopped with impeccable American ID.
- Homeland Security's worst fear.
- And ours.
Let me know if you apprehend her.
Lieutenant Arnett didn't casually meet his wife at a museum.
She set him up, just like Kathleen Turner set up William Hurt in Body Heat.
Lieutenant Arnett wasn't the mole.
He was married to the mole.
How did she know he was going to jump off a building? Didn't.
She was drugging him, building a case for his depression.
So when she killed him overdose, slit his wrists, whatever, it would appear to be suicide.
He must have realized he was the source of the leak - that got his operative killed.
- Reason enough to jump? Guess when we got involved, she had no choice.
Had to take him out.
I'm gonna put out a BOLO, notify Homeland Security.
I will call the hotel, see if she's there.
I'm getting the car, boss.
What can I do? Assignment's over.
You can get me that phone number.
Dana Arnett notified the front desk that she is checking out.
She left the lobby less than a minute ago.
DiNozzo, McGee, start at the top, work your way down.
Federal agents.
Keep moving.
Boss! Pull the fire alarm! McGee, level seven.
Probie! This is not how I want it to end! Hang on, Tony.
I'm coming.
Give me an excuse.
It's about time! Come on.
I love you, McGee.
I promise never to give you a hard time again.
Yeah, right.
Where's Gibbs? I don't know.
Is that what you get for turning down the job offer? No.
For solving the case.
I believe those are for me, then, because I solved the case.
But Abby ran the photo-recognition that ID'd Lieutenant Arnett.
I risked my life hanging off a wall.
She discovered the drug interaction that made Arnett suicidal.
I suggested we run the wife's DNA.
Against a national database of felons.
Dead end.
Abby went the extra step and compared it to the Interpol database.
I don't believe this.
He still loves me.
Give it up, Tony.
She will always be the favorite, Tony.
I still love you.
Back to work.
Agent Gibbs? That phone number you wanted.
That's good work, Jardine.
Good night.
Hello? Hello.
Rachel? Yes, this is Rachel.
We haven't met but I knew your brother.