NCIS s06e13 Episode Script

Broken Bird

I wish I could stay, but I have to fly.
Oh, no.
That's terrible! You actually said it.
I thought I was gonna ruin the moment by saying the wrong thing.
What could you possibly say? I don't know.
Anything involving the word layover.
- Okay - Okay.
All right.
I can't believe you did this to me.
I love you.
And you stabbed me in the back.
At least I looked you in the eyes.
Oh,Cheryl Is he okay? Is he all right? proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode13 Broken Bird What could it be for McGee? Cookies.
Those would have to be some huge cookies.
Care package from home.
Winter clothes? Mittens? Too heavy.
I'm bored; I don't want to play anymore.
I don't care.
- Well,I am opening it.
- Thank God.
Oh,goody,they're here.
Goody? Who says goody? What is it? This is my Mac SE.
Got it for my eleventh birthday.
She is my first.
This is going to get really strange,isn't it? Going to? These are chapters of my life.
From the earliest discovery to that palpable connection and the eventual evolution.
Look at this.
Here I am making the transition to PC.
I'll alert the Smithsonian.
Maybe they can make a space for your exhibit-- "The Chronicles of a Teenage Shut-in.
" How do you rember your childhood? Vaguely.
You have no sense of history.
I do.
And so does Petty Officer Kevin Lim.
He's history? Oh,yeah.
Let's go.
Grab your mittens.
It's cold out there.
I forgot my passport, I came back,and I saw that he was,uh You didn't see who did it? I didn't have to.
It was Cheryl,his ex-fiancée.
The engagement was just broken off.
I need to take your statement.
- All right.
- Okay.
Here,let's go inside for some privacy.
Boss,got an eyewitness who saw a woman with blood on her hands headed around the corner.
Not the stewardess.
Doesn't fit the flight attendant's description.
The ex.
The reason I missed "I" Street is because I was expecting to find "I" Street two blocks past "K" Street.
It is a rare place in this world,Mr.
Palmer, where reason is the best compass.
Miss the turn? H,I,J,K.
That's how the alphabet works,right? Goes the same forwards as backwards.
In Hebrew, there is no J.
Apart from the name of the food court at George Washington University, there is no J Street in the District.
Perhaps that's where you've been spending your time, Mr.
Palmer, instead of going to class.
I suppose that's further evidence of my lesser education that I did not know that.
The fault lies not with the institute of higher learning,Mr.
Palmer, but with your observational skills.
In 1791,a Parisian, Pierre Charles L'Enfant, was commissioned to design a city plan.
Okay,here we go.
The Capitol is at the center.
Four quadrants radiate northwest,southwest, northeast,southeast.
The north-south streets are numbered,the east-west streets are lettered.
When the alphabet is exhausted, they go syllabically.
First,two syllables, then,three syllables.
Macomb is followed by Newark And Albemarle is followed by Brandywine.
I understand,Doctor.
I failed one class.
That doesn't make me a bad student.
So then, why is there no J Street? Sorry.
One block north, two blocks east.
Need you here,Ziva.
Thirteenth and L.
Be right there,Gibbs.
I will make up the class.
Maintain the scene.
Make it up to me right now.
- Really? - Yeah.
Come on.
Got her! Stand up! Show me your hands! Hands behind your back.
Upward angle of the trajectory likely severed the abdominal aorta.
The shape indicates a clockwise twisting.
The assailant was probably right-handed.
Refrain from conjecture.
Exsanguination lead to death.
Judging by the diameter of the pooling, I'd say he bled out within,uh,three minutes.
Cold surface expedites coagulation.
Perhaps four.
Why is there no J Street? I just told you,I don't know.
And I just gave you a clue to the answer.
We are discussing the construction of the very streets where democracy would stride freely.
Excuse me.
That's a nice hat.
Excuse me.
So,uh,is that her? - Yeah,quickest case ever.
- Yeah,sets a new record.
Out of the way.
Nothing to see here,folks.
This was the transformation of so much.
It was the bedrock of the most lofty ideals.
These were not idle decisions,Mr.
Even in 1791 Doctor,look out! Look out! Doctor! - Doctor! - Get her! Stop her! Stop her! - Hold her.
- Got her.
Got her.
That way! She's wearing a green scarf covering her face! Ducky Stay still,Duck.
I'm all right,Jethro.
It's just a defensive wound.
Portable X-ray to 256 North.
How is Ducky? Multiple superficial lacerations, plus the blade finally embedded in the midpalmar space, possibly damaging or even severing flexor tendons and lumbrical muscles.
Best-case scenario entails weeks of physical therapy,uh, after reconstructive surgery.
He should be out any second now,so So the short answer is, he's alive.
What? Oh,uh,yeah,yeah.
Because when you hear, "Ducky got stabbed," you don't necessarily take that part for granted.
It's okay.
You are very, uh,calm.
I am.
If I keep going to Crazytown every time one of you gets hurt, I'm gonna have to have my mail forwarded.
Abby? How kind of you to visit.
Oh,they gave you morphine.
Well,just a drop.
Duck,anything you remember about the attack? my-my glasses.
Sweetie,you held on to them for me while I went under the knife.
It's ironic that the solution to one knife should be Mr.
Palmer,would would you, uh,finish that thought for me? Sure,Doctor.
Oh,and you need to send for a substitute M.
Uh,Jordan Uh,Dr.
Hampton? Yeah.
On my desk you'll find her number, while I myself lay here getting much numb-er.
Nurse,more anesthetic! And don't spare the horses.
Okay, he's zonked out of his gourd, and he's still playing with words.
Abs-- weapon,prints.
How am I supposed to log this? Because technically, it's the weapon of interest in two separate cases.
I'll figure it out.
One of the residents captured the actual attack on their camera phone? Neighbors seem to think a crime scene makes better watching than,uh,daytime television.
Quality isn't great.
Let me see if I can clean this up a bit.
Doctor? Stop her.
Stop her! She's what, approximately five-foot,three? Mid - to late thirties.
She's wearing a hijab.
Likely Muslim.
All right,this should do it.
Sounds like Pashtun or Dari.
Might be a regional Afghani dialect.
We can get a linguist on it.
So you're dead.
Sorry about that.
Poor fellow.
You know, if it's any consolation, all indications are that you went out with a bang.
Oh,forget it.
- Dr.
- Jim.
Oh,you prefer Jimmy.
Jim Palmer was a pitcher for the Orioles.
I was named after him, but I have never really liked baseball.
Well,please, you may call me Jordan.
I was named after a body of water towards which I bear no ill will.
Why would Dr.
Mallard need a last minute fill-in? It seems very unlike him.
Oh,he was assaulted at a crime scene.
H-He'll be okay.
His hand was injured.
I suppose we can be his hands for today.
The facts of this case are pretty cut-and-dry.
Jordan? You okay? Yes,fine.
Let's get started.
Thank you.
Talk to me,baby,talk to me.
Fingerprint sheet.
I was,I was talking to the knife.
- You want to talk knives? - Always.
What we have here is a SliceCo chef knife.
It's a standard part of the 12-piece introductory counter block kitchen set.
It's laser-beveled titanium steel rust-resistant blade, and the tang extends the full length of the engineered thermo-resin handle, which will not crack,chip, fade,or absorb any material.
It will,however, retain a print on a bloody smear.
Or in this case, many prints.
Summer job? Yeah,telemarketing, sophomore year.
It helps if you believe in the products.
These are actually really good knives.
The handle has been handled by many hands, so it's going to take some hunting and pecking to isolate Ducky's attacker.
What about the hijab? I pulled some hair from it.
The fabric is quite old,handmade.
So it fell off when you were chasing her? Mm,unlikely.
It is designed to always stay on as a sign of modesty.
She would not just lose it by accident.
She was trying to disappear in plain sight.
- Yeah.
- Ziva,hey.
The linguist has a translation.
On my way.
Are you sure this is right? That's what she said,boss.
Three decades ago, in my RAMC days, I was seconded to an American tank regiment.
Hand injuries were prevalent in the Armored Cavalry.
As a result, I considered making hand surgery my specialty.
Fortunately,I opted for a less-sensitive clientele.
Otherwise,this might spell an end to my career.
"Sab "ann muredaha toostee.
" "Dari.
" Means "Bringer of death.
" Picked up a few words, did you,Duck? Your old RAMC days in Afghanistan? I don't want to talk about it.
Yeah,well,the next phrase she yells means: "You killed my brother.
" Any idea why she would have said that? Perhaps because I killed her brother.
We have found her,Gibbs.
The woman's name is Mosuma Daoub.
Put her in interrogation.
She's not actually here.
What Ziva meant to say is we've I.
'd her.
Fingerprint match.
Throw it up,McGarnagle.
Mosuma Daoub-- Afghani immigrant, married to Ezmaray Daoub, two children.
That's their home address.
According to her tax returns, she works at a flower shop in the neighborhood where the attack took place.
Her boss says she hasn't been seen since yesterday morning.
She went out for coffee, stuck a knife in Ducky, and never came back.
Pick her up at home.
She has not returned home.
According to her husband, he doesn't know where she is.
Then bringhimin here.
McGee,I want to ask you something.
The director's still in budget allocation meetings? Yeah,he's gone till the end of the week.
Well,I need a personnel file.
It can't wait.
Well,I could access that without disturbing the director.
Who? Dr.
Donald Mallard.
Daoub,you have not heard from your wife? I leave her messages.
I call her friends.
I have been trying not to panic the children, but I was so nervous when I dropped them at school I forgot to give them their lunches.
Can you identify your wife's hijab? Hijab? You mean her scarf.
We are not so traditional.
Where did you find it? Near her work.
What could have happened that she would not call me back? We will find out.
Cell records for Mosuma Daoub.
Any record of her calling home since yesterday? Negative.
Mom's story checks out.
Only calls she made were to the embassy.
Which embassy? Afghanistan-- a country with a fascinating and tumultuous history.
Ruled over the centuries by Kushans,Mongols, Pushtans,Persians, and a series of tribal leaders where succession was often by assassination.
The Soviets tried their hand for a while.
They were opposed by the mujahideen, who naturally were supported by U.
and Britain, and out of that mess emerged the Taliban, with their rigid interpretation of Islam.
It was they who finally destroyed the ancient statues of Buddha in the Bamiyan Valley.
I was with the Royal Army Medical Corps when a notice went up in the officers' mess asking for volunteers for a refugee camp on the Pakistan border.
I was such a kid back then.
Full of ideology.
I wanted to go somewhere where I would do the most good, where my skills would be appreciated.
I was also rather entangled with a possessive German female.
Was an easy way to cut loose.
But of course you're too much of a gentleman to speak of your old flame.
Yes,well,right now, I'm concerned in producing a new one.
- I'll do it.
- Thank you.
Most kind.
Oh,my! There's a bird in the house.
Someday they're going to put a plaque on this bench with both our names, Gibbs.
Agency's keeping you local.
Travel is touchy at the moment.
I made a few enemies overseas.
What,with your winning personality? When you finally open that charm school,let me know.
I need a favor.
But Gibbs,I don't like you.
That's okay, I don't like you either.
Not trading on kindness.
But we are trading.
CIA aided the mujahideen resistance against the Soviets.
The '80s? I was running track at Oxford, not covert missions.
Where? Jalozai Refugee Camp, Pakistani border,summer 1980.
Whatever you got.
This is going to cost you,Gibbs.
You are the American NCIS agents? I'm Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
Ziva David.
I am Qasim Saydia.
Got any idea what goes on around here, Mr.
Saydia? - I believe that I do.
- Great.
It would be really helpful if you knew about Mosuma Daoub.
Otherwise,I'm afraid we'll have to speak to your superiors.
Yes,well, that will require quite a lengthy plane flight, Agent DiNozzo.
Tony,he is the ambassador.
I apologize.
So you know what goes on around here.
Where is she? Mosuma Daoub is in this building.
She stabbed a man on an American street yesterday.
She explained this to me.
However, she is under the protection of the government of Afghanistan until we can investigate these accusations.
Sir,since when has she been under your protection? We only just made these accusations.
I'm not referring to the accusations against her; rather,the accusations she has made against your Dr.
Excuse me? She admitted that she lost control of her senses for a moment, when she recognized him, but I can hardly blame her.
From what she has told me, this man is a villain.
What exactly did she tell you? That Dr.
Mallard violated Article War crimes? Ducky? Article 4 of the Geneva Convention prohibits the use of violence against noncombatants.
Ducky's not a war criminal.
That woman is lying.
We won't know the details until formal charges are filed with the State Department.
Then everyone will know.
Ambassador Saydia said it involved events that took place at Jalozai Refugee Camp almost 30 years ago.
Which would make Mosuma Daoub like eight years old at the time.
So,this woman is walking down the street, minding her own business, sees Ducky, someone she hasn't seen since she was a little girl, and is suddenly overcome with the urge to stick a knife in him? She was hiding.
Her husband said she never wore her hijab covering her face.
I mean, that shows premeditation.
Spitting distance from the Navy Yard.
She could have known Ducky would be there.
She's not so innocent.
Okay,let's figure out how and when Mosuma could have seen Ducky in the neighborhood and how she'd know he'd be on the street.
Re-canvass, reinterview,reexamine.
Why are you talking so fast? Want to get a plan of attack together, 'cause according to my internal Gibbs clock, he's about to walk through that door right now.
Somebody's clock is off.
Hope Dr.
Mallard knows how good a friend you are to him.
Two-way street,Trent.
I don't think they ever clean anything out of the archives at Langley.
I had to go through An old instructor-- not one of my favorites-- was at the Jalozai camp.
I opted not to call in a favor of my own.
Prefer to stockpile those for a rainy day.
I'm good for it.
No doubt.
Can't help but notice these same ends could have been reached with one call from your director to mine.
Creates an official trail, of course.
You preferred the back-channel approach.
In the hope of continuing goodwill, this second one is on the house.
You really should learn to polish the brass.
Did you lock yourself out? Were you expecting somebody else? Good to see you up and around.
What you got in the box,Duck? A dead starling.
According to superstition, when a bird flies in a house, it means that someone who lives there is about to die.
I was worried.
Mother has moved out.
I thought the augury might apply to me.
Yeah? How is she doing? The bad days far outnumber the good.
The scientist in me knows that Alzheimer's is a deterioration, progressively,of brain cells, but the philosopher wonders whether it isn't the soul's violent attempt to eliminate painful memories of a life fraught with contradiction.
Brain can do that.
I mean,the bird was here, where it didn't belong.
Instead of flying south, it came in here for warmth.
Alighted on that chair.
It didn't move when the dogs closed in.
It happened all so slowly.
The eldest one, Cooper, he opened his mouth, and he grabbed it.
I yelled,and the bird fell on the floor.
Poor thing.
I did so wish that it might still be alive.
I suppose the omen applied to the bird itself.
You've been told about the possibility of a war crimes tribunal in the Hague? Yeah,I had a phone conversation with Ambassador Saydia.
Netherlands are lovely.
Windmills are all frozen.
Tulips are all dead.
Not dead; dormant.
You're not going,Duck.
And what have you brought? CIA footage taken in Jalozai.
Such devastation in that camp.
Such suffering and pain.
Checked this out of your local library,did you? Pulled a few strings.
I thought I might save lives flung there by the maelstrom.
I could sooner pluck a grain of sand from a sirocco.
You,uh you got a sheet anywhere? What? "A calm and responsible person.
" All her coworkers say the same thing.
Until she saw Ducky yesterday.
We can change our perspective, but it doesn't change what happened.
If you were a dork in high school,you'll always be a dork in high school.
That's not why I wanted my computers.
I'm not trying to rewrite my life story.
Did you read something personal into what I just said? McGee,I don't follow.
Tony,there's nothing new to learn there.
- There has to be.
- Why? The alternative is that Ducky was Dr.
That's not her brother.
I will know his face when I see it.
His name was Javid.
He came to me with lacerations.
It looked as if he'd survived a knife fight.
I stitched him up, but he returned, the wounds reopened.
The guy conducting the interrogation? His official affiliation was a mystery.
We-We We first met when he came to me for a physical checkup.
Then we met socially for a game of chess.
He suffered from a rare congenital defect.
He himself could not feel pain.
Feels nothing.
Specializing in torture.
If you can't feel anything, you don't know when anything's gone wrong.
A lot go wrong out there,Ducky? I was never in that room, but I became suspicious when Javid came to me a third time.
I made inquiries-- I discovered that my chess-playing companion was known to everyone in the camp,except me, as "Mr.
" That's him.
That's Javid.
Poor boy insisted that he knew nothing about troop movements or spies.
Neither that nor any other force could stop Mr.
Pain from torturing him for days.
And-And-And each time, he was sent back to me to be sewn up.
It was my first exposure to that kind of interrogation technique.
In the intervening years, it has become dreadfully commonplace.
Are you gonna make me ask again? I suppose it's inevitable, when we reach the tipping point, when your curiosity outweighs your courtesy.
What the hell is wrong with you,Ducky? Your life is in the balance here.
What did you do there? Only what was required of me.
Are you protecting that guy? I am protecting no one,Jethro.
Look if you intend to unravel strings further on this matter, I would prefer that you leave them un-pulled.
Are you leaving? Yeah.
Good to see you,Doctor.
Good to see you,too.
Donnie, I think I found a place in the ground that's not too tough.
Well,I'm sure that will be lovely for It was only stunned.
Only stunned.
He's been,uh waxing philosophical.
Did he read you passages from Rilke'sLetters to a Young Poet,hmm? Keep an eye on him.
What do you think? Is that Mosuma? What am I looking at? We have been sifting through old crime scene photos within walking distance of the same neighborhood.
Trying to prove she's seen him before.
And that she was lying when she told the ambassador it was a heat of the moment thing.
If she's a liar, Ducky's in the clear.
Good theory.
It is a good theory, but it's not.
We got nothing.
Boss,it was a coincidence.
No,it's not; it's fate.
What does this woman know about Ducky? He won't say.
Well,if the ambassador gets his hands around his neck, he'll make him say.
the guy on this film.
Sounds more like a job for Tony.
No,that's a genuine bad guy.
He's not an actor.
Probably tied to the CIA.
Gibbs,it's Jordan.
I was just in the kitchen making him some supper.
I came to check on him,and Well,I have no idea where he went.
I do.
Let's go,Duck.
- Can I help you? - Special Agent Gibbs.
You can't arrest this man.
The accusations are false.
Mallard has been accused of torturing and killing a citizen of Afghanistan seeking refuge.
You have evidence to dispute this? Then the course of action is set.
A tribunal must be convened.
Then you force me to petition for the arrest of Mosuma Daoub.
You're harboring a criminal.
I have had no contact with your State Department, which suggests they are unaware of what has transpired.
Perhaps because you want to protect your friend.
You arrest him,I arrest her.
Lack of respect shown by you and your people.
You will create an international incident,sir.
You're the diplomat,not me.
Have you brought legal counsel? I don't need counsel.
I've come here to surrender.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
" You're quoting Edmund Burke.
All day with Ducky.
I've got to get him to call off the dogs.
Gibbs the ambassador answers only to the highest authority in his country.
You cannot apply enough pressure to bend him.
He has not contacted the State Department.
He does not want this.
This a lesson in Mideast diplomacy? Political relations what they are between Afghanistan and the U.
, he cannot afford to appear as the aggressor.
He needs an out.
It is seven hours until sunrise in Kabul, then it moves up the chain.
There is still time, if you can get Ducky to open up.
Did you write this aging program,McGee? Yeah,updated some of the protocols on the existing version.
It's not bad.
Let's see how we do with facial recognition.
I heard about your shipment from home.
I was kind of shocked.
Big surprise-- I was a dork.
That's not what I meant.
Well,you may not have noticed, but it's taken a lot of work to outgrow those awkward,geeky phases.
I like your geeky parts.
Well,I do,too,but I want to be more than just a walking search engine, you know? See,the tricky thing is adding the new layers Without losing some of the old ones; I get that.
Well,then, what are you shocked at? Oh,I can't believe you were a Mac guy.
Got him.
Agency I.
card for Marcin Jerek.
Born in Poland, fled to Britain.
Until health complications forced him into retirement, Jerek lectured on interrogation techniques at Langley.
He's an expert at breaking a subject.
Now we have to break him.
Address is in Virginia.
That's nice work,McEgghead.
Oh,and the box is going back to the attic.
That's smart.
Yeah,got everything I needed.
All the data is right here.
Your head really is shaped like an egg,you know that? Don't do that.
Thank you for seeing us,Your Excellency.
We need a a conversation with Dr.
He has made it clear he does not wish to speak with you.
- No,not me.
- Then who? Just in here,sir.
I'm taken from my home by federal agents, delivered to the Afghani government and accused of war crimes.
And after all this, it's just Ducky.
When you left Jalozai, we were in the middle of a game.
Do you rember? Vividly.
You had me in a knight-bishop fork.
You should've seen this guy's place.
Tower of London's got nothing on it.
It's like a weapons museum.
In here.
What is going on? It's all right, Mosuma.
Just listen.
Then you decide both their fates.
Oh, it appears theirs will be the next move.
I suspect Trent is to blame for this betrayal.
Trent? The destiny of students to disappoint their masters.
So do you think they expect us to quake in fear at the hangman's noose? I have surrendered to their judgment.
It is beyond my powers to induce you to admit your shame.
Oh, once again, you misread me.
You feel no pain because of your physical condition.
But that is no excuse for your lack of remorse.
Their enemies were hidden amongst them, so I am summoned.
Times of war call for a greater enemy, but you flew in, Doctor.
A moth to the flame.
Ignorant, you would be burned by its touch.
You were a tourist.
I came there to save lives.
You were there to destroy them.
One life to save thousands.
You do not think it costs? How many did you save? And how many did you take? Tell me.
He does not deny he killed my brother.
You never learned that death, although occasionally unavoidable, was rarely of use to me.
I cannot carry on conversations with the dead.
Accept it.
Millions are alive still because of the work I conducted while you ran.
You shroud your depravity in principle.
But you, you take such joy in what you do.
Joy and pain must be earned.
You're like a child pulling the wings off flies.
My curse was my gift.
My deficiency was the fuel that drove my life towards a singular pursuit.
The pursuit of suffering! Of understanding the limits of human conviction.
The moment when a person abandons their most deeply-held beliefs.
I've seen the tools of your trade.
Hmm, and I've seen yours.
So which of your morphine victims have brought us here? His name was Javid.
An innocent caught up in your net.
Who wanted no part of war.
Who sought only safety.
Javid did not know anything.
There was no reason.
Yes, there was.
He had nothing to give you.
I was there with him, speaking with him through his dying breath.
While you ignored his infection, providing only the overdose that killed him.
It was an agonizing decision.
But it was your decision.
No amount of pain removes free will.
If I kept him alive, he would have continued to suffer.
Dying slowly, in excruciating pain, at your hands.
So you became the "bringer of death.
" What was the point in it all? How can you still not see? What did you want from him? Nothing.
I wanted nothing from him.
Javid was not your target.
He was your weapon.
The boy was the means to break a man.
Your bleeding heart eased everyone's fears.
Without fear, I could not do my job.
You were torturing me.
To change you.
But you took too long to break.
I could have saved him.
I have heard enough.
If only you'd left sooner.
Hope left with the saint.
The savage brought salvation.
You all right, Mosuma? Excuse me.
Let us go.
You are free to go, Dr.
The charges against you will not be pursued.
You're forgiven.
For the crime, Jethro.
For the act, there is no forgiveness.
I can't remember where this goes.
I just want everything to be perfect here.
Jimmy, I know you're anxious to have Dr.
Mallard back, but he's not the kind of man who wants a big show of affection.
What kind of man is he? Welcome back, Doctor.
Uh, while you were gone, I, uh I was studying the penmanship on the Declaration of Independence Mr.
Palmer Jimmy, why don't you take the rest of the day off.
Go outside.
Smell a rose or two.
Actually, it's pretty cold out.
I Sure.
Doctor some people think that J Street was omitted as an intentional slight against Chief Justice John Jay, but that isn't it, is it? It's because in 1791 a capital "J" so closely resembled a capital "I," so they couldn't have both.
They were just trying to keep people from getting lost.