NCIS s06e22 Episode Script

Legend (Part 1)

Acquiring Blackbird.
East on Ocean, turning north onto Linden.
Traffic camera acquisition.
Leaving Pictometry, going live in five Blackbird acquired.
Crossing to the east side of the street, Sam.
You got him? I got him.
We have a visual, Kensi.
Hey, welcome to the party, Mace.
Back to me at the intersection.
Ease up, Kensi.
You don't want to get there first.
Shots fired! Shots fired! Blackbird under fire! All units, close up.
Close up.
Shots fired.
- Get me another angle.
- Working on it, Mace.
Kensi, behind you! Get Chandler.
Go, go! I need a GPS heading.
GPS transmitter's in the briefcase.
We need a visual on Chandler, Sam.
It's a negative, Mace.
Blackbird has flown.
Crap! NCIS Season 6 Episode 22 Legend Part 1 V1.
0 LOL Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
Tony, I'm not arguing with you.
- You're arguing now.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- This is not an argument.
- Yes, it is.
- No, it's not.
Yes, it is.
Hold on a second.
Ziva David's phone.
She's not here right now.
Actually she is just walking in.
Man, deep voice, slightly accented, six-three, 200 pounds, Prada suit, Italian shoes, standing on the north side of the street, looking for Ziva.
Thank you, Tony.
For what were we arguing about before? We were not arguing.
Oh, that.
Yes, we were.
Do you understand that that's what we were arguing about the fact that you will argue about the least little thing? Sometimes you will argue about nothing at all.
You just want to argue.
That's not arguing, McContrary.
Come on, have a little insight.
It's called banter.
No, it is not.
Banter is lighthearted, witty repartee.
Go on.
It's your turn to get the coffee.
Don't argue, DiNozzo.
Can't we all just get along? Coffee can wait, McGee.
Dead Marine can't.
Long-distance can be hard.
Tele-friend from Tel Aviv? - You're jealous.
- I'm not jealous.
- Yes, you are.
- No.
I'm not arguing.
Are, too.
Am not.
"X" marks the spot.
Private First Class Nick Francis Chandler.
Camp Pendleton, California.
His left shoe is missing.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
Get a load of this, McSnapper.
Boarding pass.
Los Angeles to DC.
Arrived this morning.
Those red-eye flights can be murder.
What a marvelous view! The sweep of early American History at a single glance.
From the Potomac to the Capital Dome.
I doubt this fellow took any enjoyment from it.
Construction workers found him when they arrived to work at 8:00 a.
Guessing the flight arrived around 6:00 a.
Half an hour from the airport.
Puts time of death around 7:00 a.
He's not the only thing that was fried.
voltage to electrocute him.
It's enough to suffocate him, Timothy.
He was suffocated? The application of a sustained current across the chest causes tetanic contraction of the respiratory muscles.
The diaphragm and the intercostals seize up.
I mean, this poor fellow would have been fully conscious and yet unable to speak.
Death by suffocation.
It's a particularly excruciating, terrifying and slow way to die.
Wanted him to suffer.
Or talk.
Chandler was deployed to Kuwait.
Got back yesterday.
Humanitarian leave.
Service records? Exemplary.
Not so much as a scuffed boot.
Chandler bought his airline ticket at the gate.
No checked luggage.
Man in a hurry to get somewhere.
Or away from someone.
Car rental? Booked a car in flight with a credit card but did not pick it up.
- Someone else picked him up first.
- Boss, we've got some activity here.
We are not the only ones looking at Chandler.
A BOLO's been issued out of Los Angeles, nationwide alert.
LAPD? Negative.
Who issued the BOLO, McGee? We did.
It's NCIS.
All units close up.
Close up.
Shots fired.
Give me another angle.
Working on it, Mace.
Chandler's mother was beaten half to death in a home invasion last week.
Before he left Kuwait, someone gave him a quarter of a million dollars.
Told him if he delivered it to an address in Los Angeles, they wouldn't go back and finish the job on his mother.
He was an easy target.
He was an only child.
A local informant tipped off our field office.
We were waiting when he got off his flight.
He agreed to work with us.
But on the way to make the drop, somebody took a shot at him.
The kid panicked.
Tried to get home to see his mother in West Virginia, got as far as DC.
Not just about a dead Marine, Leon.
I got a bad feeling about an arms-deal case we're investigating in Los Angeles.
You think the two cases are linked? Go find out.
Pair up with them.
Take somebody with you.
- San Diego office? - Los Angeles.
They have the lead.
- Macy still the agent in charge there? - You got a problem? She might.
Well, you're on the same team.
Work it out.
It's a negative, Mace.
Blackbird has flown.
He got a name? Who? - Star of David.
- Oh, him.
Yes, he has a name.
Trevor? Bruce? - Marmaduke? - Michael.
Sounded more like a Bruce than a Michael on the phone.
Okay, grab your toothbrush.
- Road trip? - Los Angeles.
What time do we leave? Not we.
McGee? Not me? McGoo, you? Joint operation with OSP.
Chandler case.
I need you to follow up here.
Pick up's in 45.
OSP? Office of Special Projects.
NCIS undercover.
- Surveillance.
- Super cool toys.
After our last trip to L.
, I do not understand why you would think I would be such an eager platypus, Tony.
Eager beaver.
Not platypus.
Why does that bother me so much? Don't answer that.
Answer that.
Well, Tony, I guess the boss knows who's got his back.
Not just his back, McProbie, his ears as well.
What are you talking about the ears? The aeroplane five-and-a-half hours flying time.
You're going to have to chew the fat, McChitty-Chat.
What are you going to talk to him about? - I've got to talk to him? - Oh, yeah.
Small talk.
Better brush up on your boat building.
Maybe pick up a copy of Sniper Monthly.
Seriously, don't mention marriage, divorce or Vance.
- Cover for me? - What? - When will you be back? - Soon.
You do, or you did? Okay, I'll do that.
You, too.
- That was weird.
- What's weird, Abs? Special Projects in Los Angeles they just e-mailed me confirming their interest in our "X" man.
- PFC Chandler.
- That's him.
Special Agent Macy? That's her.
She wants me to copy her on all my findings.
You know her.
Not a question, Gibbs.
You know her.
You find out anything, Abs, you contact me first, and then you can send it on to her.
- Are you going somewhere? - Yeah.
That's what I came here to tell you Los Angeles.
Into the lioness' den? I'm taking McGee.
It's just the last time you guys went to L.
, one of you didn't come back.
I'll bring him home.
Just make sure you bring yourself back, too.
Did he use a credit card for that? Yes, he used a credit card for the call.
So he just made one call from the airphone, huh? Okay.
Yeah, that's all I need to know.
Hi, I'm not keeping you from anything, am I? Like work? Tony, I'm working on something.
I'm following a lead.
A lead? On Chandler? It might not come to anything.
Care to share? Tony, I cannot talk, I have to go.
Go! Gone.
I do not want to lie to him, Michael.
A small lie.
Your father sends his love.
What else does my father send? Me.
Boss, you sure this is the right place? Hi.
- Welcome to OSP.
I'm Kensi.
- Special Agent Gibbs.
Agent McGee.
You sail, Agent McGee? No.
Build boats? No, it's a conversation starter.
You guys get any sleep on the flight? Not a wink.
Slept the whole way.
Been here before? - Yeah.
- No.
Buckle up.
NSA is worried about the Horn of Africa.
Somalia, in particular.
Increased chatter? Opposite.
Suddenly, all they're hearing is crickets.
Maybe the bad guys have all given up and gone home.
Or maybe they're on their way over here.
You tell Gibbs to call me when he arrives.
Well, you can tell him yourself.
Hello, Director Vance.
I know how excited you two are about working together.
I told SecNav I'd have my best people on this one.
A lot of nervous people at the Pentagon.
Don't make me have to come out there.
He told you I got the lead? Yeah, he told me.
You still drink coffee? It's everything we know about Chandler.
- How's his mother? - She wants her son.
- What was the op? - Follow the money.
Put a GPS locator in his briefcase.
Shadowed him to the rendezvous.
Didn't have a lot of time to set it up.
Someone was running counter surveillance.
Whoever he was going to meet took him out to protect themselves.
Your team - got made.
- My team didn't get made.
You said it was a rushed job.
And you've never had a blown surveillance op? Who was he meeting with? Someone called Liam.
How's this tied to the arms deal you're investigating? Max Talia is brokering the arms deal, paid in cash.
Says the money's coming in from overseas.
Not much of a connection.
You have met Talia? Meet's in a couple of hours.
Local diner.
It's what we do.
A word of advice, Jethro.
Let me do my job.
Like you did the first time we met? That is not coffee.
They're all set at the diner.
Callen? Haven't seen him yet.
Get out of my head, Nate.
Operational psychologist.
It's my job to be in your head.
So, Gibbs - You want to talk about him? - No.
Well, he doesn't trust you.
Body language screamed it.
He couldn't wait to leave.
Nate, you just passed him in the doorway.
You should have slept with him way back then whenever then was.
I was probably in elementary school, yeah? How do you know I didn't? - I can tell you right now - Don't answer that.
Okay, cool.
- You scare me.
- Yup.
Find Callen.
Yeah, right.
Hey, DiNozzo, tell me you got something.
No luck with the security footage at the airport.
Chandler got lost in the crowd.
The truck batteries used for the fry-up are cheap Chinese imports.
- Thousands sold every year.
- That's what you haven't got.
Also checking similar M.
Guys knew what they were doing.
- Means they've done it before, right? - We're looking for a guy named Liam.
Got it.
She's following up on a lead.
Looks like it didn't go anywhere.
- How was the flight, boss? - Swell.
McGee kept me entertained.
He is full of surprises.
Well done, that man.
- Stay on it.
- Will do, boss.
You done with that? Yeah, I'm done.
No, stay.
Keep 'em company.
I'm visiting a friend.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
That's okay.
I like to keep insanely busy.
I said I was sorry.
The lead did not lead anywhere.
Don't sweat on it.
No problemo, Davido.
Meeting's at the diner at Venice Beach.
We'll be taking feeds from four cameras.
We have a traffic cam at the intersection.
We have a store security cam across the street, two pre-placed minis inside the diner.
- We up? - Coming on stream.
- Kensi? - 15 minutes out.
Kickoff's in 30.
Callen? Who's Callen? Still building that boat in your basement? - Yeah.
- The same one? No, no.
A different one.
Two boats.
Three wives.
Four wives.
Did you see Mace? Yeah, I saw her.
You have a long memory.
So, how are you, Callen? Not bad.
Even bordering on good some days.
You still looking, huh? I'm still looking.
Is there a reason we're not meeting in a bar right now? Well, yeah, it's 10:00 in the morning.
I don't know what's worse, getting older or getting wiser? It was a good game, but, the striker never should have been red-carded.
Might have mentioned you were undercover.
Well, I'm not.
Just for her.
She lives across the street from me.
Just got here from St.
Figure if she thinks I'm Russian Mafia, she won't want to make friends.
Sometimes you get weeks to plan them, sometimes a day.
Meeting an arms dealer named Talia.
Doesn't trust anyone.
I don't like our chances.
Kind of like that first op in Serbia.
You saved my ass on that one.
- That was Moscow.
- No, no.
My ass did not need saving in Moscow.
That was Petrov.
Petrov's ass always needed saving.
Worked with some good people.
Made some good friends.
Lost a few.
Next time, we park in a bar.
No more BOLO in the park.
Next time.
Camera two is up in the diner.
Camera two recording.
We're getting this call? Trying.
Caller's a cell number cheap throwaway.
Bringing up the outside links.
Camera three and four are up.
Game time.
Callen, where the hell are you? At the diner.
Looking right at you, Mace.
Hey, Eric this wire itches.
Need a sound check, G.
18 years.
Wouldn't kill you to cut Gibbs a little bit of slack, Mace.
Honk once if you can hear me, Sam.
Hadley horn once.
He's in.
Street's clear.
You Talia? Yeah.
My cousin had a diner in Chicago.
Not like this, though.
Old-style booths and what do you call them? Soda fountains.
His roaches probably ran a little bigger, too.
Hygiene wasn't one of cousin Mario's strong points.
Acquaintance tells me you're in the market.
And who are you? Somebody who can get you what you want.
I don't know you.
I come very highly recommended, or you wouldn't be here.
Friend of a friend of some lowlife.
We all take some risk.
- So what do you need? - Not me, a client.
What does your client need? - He needs toys.
- Hunting rifles? Shotguns? BB guns? What? He's thinking more Fourth of July.
Big toys.
You wired? What? I said are you wired? Are you? When? Tomorrow.
- Can't happen.
- Look, "no" is not a word my client understands.
Then let me explain it to him.
Excuse me, sir.
The gentleman over there asked me to give you this.
Buzz off.
- What? - You heard me.
I said buzz off.
Op's over.
Time to get him out of there.
We're done.
You know, it's not your client you should be worried about.
Got playback on Talia's call.
I know, I know.
Look, I'm working on it.
Look, just give me a few more days and you can everything you want, Liam.
Quality sucks, Mace.
Replay, isolate the last word.
everything you want, Liam.
everything you want, Liam.
There's our connection.
Same guy Chandler was meeting.
Same guy.
Chandler was coerced into smuggling a quarter million dollars from Kuwait by this guy Liam.
- Wiring it to a bank would be easier.
- Would have left a paper trail.
And at the same time, Liam approaches Talia, asking him to get him some serious fire power.
- Cash, weapons - And a deadline.
You have a plan, Special Agent Macy? Talia's the plan.
Will you give Agents Gibbs and McGee a full brief of the operation.
Include Renko.
Sure thing.
Would have made you a lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Military Police.
- Gibbs was still a gunny - Don't go there.
Did you work on a case together? Why do you want to know? Just looking out for my family.
G, you don't have any family.
- That's cold, Mace.
- But true.
Gibbs is family.
You, too.
Got any photographs in uniform? Yes.
And no, you can't see them.
I'll just ask Gibbs what happened.
Yeah, let me know if you do.
I want to be there to see him sit you on your ass.
He can be very disconcerting, can't he? Popping up behind you just when you have something to give him.
- Man's a mind reader.
- Pretend you're him.
What you got, Duck? That's very good.
The dreaded paper chase, Jethro.
I need your signature.
Okay, well, I'm gonna stop being Jethro and revert to being plain old very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
- Where do I sign? - All seven pages.
And while you sign, you can tell me why you came down here to see me.
Personal, not professional.
It's not what you think.
I'm not thinking anything.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking she's worried about something.
She seems distracted.
Yes, well, we all get distracted.
Keep signing.
She ever talk to you about what she did when she went back to Israel? No.
She was involved in an undercover operation in Morocco.
Yeah, I know all about that.
She almost died.
Really? I didn't know about that.
There was a glimpse of her on some newsreel footage after the bomb blast.
- If she's distracted - I'm just probably overreacting.
And look at that! Done and done.
Anything else I should know about? Cause of death was indeed suffocation, brought about by electric shock.
Numerous contusions and bruising suggests that he was forcibly abducted before he was strung up and tortured.
And there was skin.
On the rope.
Abby found epithelial tissue, which suggests that the man for whom you are looking will have a rather nasty rope burn on one of his hands.
- So which case is this exactly? - My case.
Special investigation.
Top secret.
I'm not even gonna ask.
Does it have anything to do with Ziva? - You said you weren't gonna ask.
- Okay, I won't ask.
Just tell me.
Got a match.
Immigration photo.
Michael Aaron Rivkin.
Israeli citizen, lives in Tel Aviv, works for a bank, and flew into D.
two days ago.
Is that the answer to the question I'm not allowed to ask? Depends.
Any more photos? Right there.
You see it? A flash.
It's a reflection in a car window.
It's a reflection of a flash.
Can you pull up the bullet trajectory data? Boss, I really got to get one of these.
Obviously, budgets permitting.
It's a single source.
Shooter was in the street.
Or in the car.
Let's pull up LM-Safe, see if there are any other camera angles we can access.
That's the traffic cam.
Two security cameras.
Got a fourth angle.
ATM camera.
I'll input the network data.
There it is.
There's Chandler.
It's an SUV, but you can't see any plates.
Got it.
There's our shooter.
Might even be Liam.
Send the photo to Abby.
Navy Op directory.
Abby Sciuto.
On its way.
Oh, I really got to get one of these.
You got problems.
Do you have a current address? Okay.
I have a lead.
A real lead? I mean Really? A lead? a man was found strung up and wired to a battery in a forest outside of Baltimore.
Same M.
as Chandler's.
Prime suspects are brothers.
Stephano and Benji Kass.
They run a scaffolding business.
Why weren't they charged? All witnesses disappeared.
Well, look at that.
Six-cylinder gas-powered beast.
- Batteries in here.
- Here.
Over there.
Two 12-volt batteries.
You looking for something? Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS.
You must be the Kass boys.
- Is this your rig? - What if it is? Tony, Chandler's left shoe was missing.
Freeze! I'm guessing Stephano? Looks like the guys who put the scaffolding together got a little careless? Wait a minute.
That would be you, wouldn't it? That's a nasty rope burn you got there.
I'm losing my grip.
Come on.
- How much did he pay you? - Come on man, please.
How much? Nothing, okay.
We owed him one.
He called us.
He told us to pick Chandler up at the airport - and e-mailed us his flight and photo.
- What was his name? Come on.
You don't know what he's like, okay? He'll kill me.
Benji, my hands are getting a little sweaty.
And I don't know what's going to happen if I, you know For instance.
What's his name? Okay.
His name is Liam.
- What's his last name? - It's just It's just Liam.
- What about Stephano? - No, he's not talking.
Work it, DiNozzo.
Need a last name for Liam.
Anything? Abby's running facial recognition on the guy in the SUV, she's going to call us when she gets a match.
- What have you got? - Chandler's killers.
Got a call from Liam to grab him at the airport in D.
- No last name? - Working it.
Mace, Talia's on his phone.
Lights dimmed.
Bugged his car while he was in the diner.
Surveillance video, coming in live.
He's on his speaker phone.
Quality's not great.
I need to speak to Mattie Rae.
The diner this morning.
How'd you know he was a cop? Who is this? Name's Max Talia.
- How did you get my number? - Waitress at the diner.
I can see why you gave it her.
She's a cutie.
Saved me a lot of embarrassment this morning, Mattie.
Yeah, well, that chump just about ruined my life, so, easy favor, you know? Five years for dealing guns, huh? Wait a minute.
How did you know that? Who you been talking to? I've got friends, Mattie.
Made some inquiries.
I heard you're back in the game.
Look, Mattie, I got a cashed-up client looking for some specialized ordinance in a hurry.
I could cut you in.
How specialized? Assault weapons, C-4.
You can handle that? Well, I know people who could get you a tank if you had a big enough suitcase.
Look, I need to meet this guy first.
I got to know who I'm dealing with.
There's an old parking garage downtown, East Temple, where it hits the train line.
40 minutes.
Work for you? I'll be there.
Looks like we've got ourselves a meeting.
- All right, camera three's on-line.
- All units stand by.
Mattie Rae is here.
And here comes Talia.
Still waiting on the guest of honor.
Talia's made the call.
Liam's on his way.
I don't think Liam would be the kind of guy to show up to a meeting on short notice.
He's under pressure.
Losing Chandler screwed up his timetable.
He probably had to find that cash fast from someplace else.
He's desperate.
Our advantage.
Vehicle entering the alley.
They're on the move.
That's Liam.
McGee, go tight on Liam.
What do you see? Zoom in on camera one, please.
Wearing jeans and a sports coat.
He's carrying Looks like a long barrel It's a hit! Separate them.
On your feet, Mr.
Hands behind your back.
You're the friggin' waitress from the diner.
Should have tipped me better, huh? Gibbs.
Special Agent Mike Renko.
Thanks for the spot.
- You okay, Mike? - Yeah.
I'll be fine.
That got interesting pretty fast, huh, Mace? - How did you guys know it was a hit? - Weapons had silencers.
Why did they try to take us out? We had what Liam wanted.
- Maybe he got what he wanted elsewhere.
- You were a loose end.
Motel on The Strip.
Four blank passports.
Four suitcases filled with weapons.
Enough C-4 to bring down a building.
Room's still booked.
That means whoever Liam's supplying is probably coming back to collect this.
Liam's a ghost.
They've probably never met him.
Get any more hits on our secret thingy? Do you know how busy I've been? I know how busy you've been.
Just asking.
We got one hit, but it is a doozy.
Guy on the right, Michael Rivkin, our supposed Israeli banker.
Guy on the left, Director of Mossad, Eli David, - also known as - Ziva's father.
She must know Rivkin.
You don't ask her.
You don't breathe a word of this.
I mean it.
Liam Patrick Coil, former IRA arms dealer.
Raised money and smuggled arms into Northern Ireland in the '90s.
After the peace treaty, he went freelance.
He sold weapons everywhere from Chechnya to the Horn of Africa.
Supplying terrorists.
- How come we've never heard of him? - He's been living in New York.
Fake job, fake name, fake life It's called a legend.
It's a word coined by the Stasi, the East German secret police back during the Cold War.
Now, their idea was to create a cover so deep that it could stand up to any scrutiny.
Passports, documents, work papers even family histories.
And none of it true.
All a legend.
- Thanks for holding that.
- You're welcome, Tony.
Never thought I'd say this, but I almost miss McGee.
- What about you? You miss him? - Yes, I do.
Miss anyone else? Gibbs? Some.
What about your friend from Tel Aviv? I'm just saying.
I miss Michael, too.
When he called the other day, I thought he must have been here.
Sadly, Michael is not here.
I've been expecting you.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Liam.