NCIS s06e25 Episode Script


Please authenticate.
Mossad Officer, Ziva David.
Authentication Code GIMEL, VAV, HET, SHIN.
Shalom, Officer David.
We need a forced extraction, now.
Target? Michael.
Rivkin? Have you notified your father? I'm notifying you.
Who do we have in the area? How bad? Who do we have? I will handle it.
He is at my apartment.
I will make sure he stays there.
Someone will be sent.
Oh, my God.
Come on, Michael.
Ziva I'm sorry.
Call an ambulance! Now! Stay with me.
Come on.
Come on! Excuse me, Ms.
David? Yes.
I'm okay.
Got a fractured radius and a couple of bruises, but I had new intel.
I went to talk to Ziva.
Question Ziva.
When I got there, Rivkin attacked me.
And I had no choice.
It was justified.
Go, write it up.
There's gonna have a lot of people wanting answers.
Rivkin is dead.
Tony killed him.
You saw it? I saw enough.
Ziva, you have to tell me everything.
You'll have my I-A report on your desk before lunch.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I can't believe I'm finally going to get to see Ziva's new apartment.
Well, obviously, I wish it was under better circumstances.
Though it is Ziva's place.
And she's Ziva.
So McGee, Rivkin, Tony, Ziva what do you know? Nothing.
I saw Tony snooping around Ziva's desk.
It was the day before she went back to Tel Aviv.
He answered the phone.
I think he talked to Rivkin.
I can't believe I'm telling you this.
Tony's going to kill me.
Not if Mossad gets to him first.
You don't think the director's going to just hand him over.
Boss, Rivkin tried to kill him.
Tony's word against a dead guy's.
Yeah, but Ziva will back him, right? Tony doesn't just murder people, you know.
Obviously, the shooting was self-defense.
All we've go to do Got a problem, McGee? You mean apart from Tony killing Ziva's friend and Ziva's apartment blowing up? No, no problem at all.
Then shoot.
Hey, boss.
Kind of.
Floor underneath's barely been touched.
It must have been there when the fire started.
Under a drawer a strange place to keep a laptop.
Not if you're hiding it.
It gives a whole new meaning to "fried hard drive," huh? You know, "fried hard drive," is a computer term.
Yeah, McGee, I got it.
Three cuts in the gas line.
The fire chief said it must have been leaking for at least an hour.
No one smelled gas.
Which is odd, considering most of the neighbors were home.
These look clean.
Looks like a pro job.
Boss, could be the trigger.
Bag it.
Would you like a moment? Not necessary.
While you're here, perhaps you could shed some light on Officer Rivkin's beliefs.
I've already contacted a rabbi friend of mine and asked him to be present when I perform the autopsy.
Also not necessary.
Michael was Jewish by birth, not practice.
Traditions can be a comfort.
Like the periods of aninut and avelut.
Ancient rites.
Very appropriate today.
They not only show respect for the dead, but they also bring a sense of comfort to those who are left behind.
Rituals only work for those who need them.
Oh, no.
McGee I need you to run a back-trace on a cell phone.
Sure, I just need the number.
Boss, this is Ziva's cell.
You already knew that.
Okay, back-trace on it.
I know what you're going to say, Gibbs.
No, I don't think you do.
I know you think I lied to you about Rivkin, but I did not.
You asked me if I knew him.
You asked me if he worked for Mossad.
Not if I was seeing him, not Sit down.
Your apartment's been destroyed.
Gas fire earlier this morning.
Perhaps the line was damaged during the fight.
I would talk to Tony.
No, this was no accident.
The gas lines were cut.
Any idea? No.
That was a quick answer.
Simple question.
Ziva that's your home.
No, it's not.
This is a thorough report.
You only left out a few little things.
Like why you broke protocol, why you went alone and why the hell didn't you inform me.
My gut told me that it was Rivkin, not Ziva.
And sometimes my gut just sucks.
But if Ziva knew something, I wanted to give her the chance to explain it to me.
You wanted to protect her.
She needed it.
Tony's left radius was fractured during this brawl.
But he and Officer Rivkin suffered a whole assortment of other injuries.
All of them consistent with Tony's version of the story.
Tony told the truth.
This is good news, Jethro.
Doesn't add up.
DiNozzo's more a brawler.
Rivkin was Kidon.
Ah, I thought you'd never ask.
Putting the "why" aside, Agent DiNozzo, I am, curious how you got out of there alive.
Well, I've always been a pretty decent fighter, if I do say so myself.
You telling me you offed a Mossad assassin by being scrappy? What do you want from me, Director? Honesty in detail.
Well, that is what I'm trying to do here.
And maybe you're right.
Maybe Rivkin should have won.
But he didn't.
He's dead and I'm not, and I don't have a concrete reason why.
What's this? Concrete.
Rivkin was hammered.
He might have had a couple of cocktails, but, I mean, he was doing a pretty good job hammering me.
There's no way he was drunk.
Blood alcohol level was .
Twice the legal limit to drive.
Maybe I should have called him a cab.
You went off grid.
You killed an officer of the Mossad.
And to make things worse, the entire crime scene has been blown to hell.
People are going to have some questions.
You'd better have some damn good answers, Agent DiNozzo.
Think your boy can handle the meat grinder that's coming? He'll manage.
Good, because he's going to have to step up, take one for the team.
What's the end game? Diplomacy.
Shalom, my friend.
Gives a whole new meaning to "fried hard drive," huh? How many tes have you told that joke today? None.
Maybe once or twice.
Newsflash, Mickey.
Now is not the time for ha-ha's, okay? Somebody just tried to kill Tony and Ziva.
Ziva's apartment was targeted.
Doesn't mean she was a target.
She could have been.
And what about Tony? He almost died.
He didn't.
He could have.
What have you got, McGee? Rivkin's prints.
All over this laptop.
At least what is left of it.
Were you able to get any intel off the hard drive? No, it's fried.
We may be able to partially retrieve some of the lost data, but it's going to take a while.
Couple days.
You got one.
Boss, that's not even That's a very reasonable request.
Major Mass Spec is still processing that.
I was thinking it's probably a salami roll wrapped in s'mores.
Do you have a better idea? I do.
I know I was told not to involve myself in the investigation.
Yet here you are.
Since it is my apartment, I thought I should at least take a look at the crime scene photographs.
No, Not going to happen.
Not a chance.
Perhaps I should have made myself more clear.
I have already scanned through the photos.
McGee left them running on his computer.
That being said, I feel obliged to tell you what I have found.
That is actually an activated charcoal filter which has been doused in ethanethiol.
We plant them on cut gas lines to mask the smell.
That way, a fire can be triggered without warning.
We? It is s technique used by many agencies.
Including Mossad.
Pack your bags.
You and DiNozzo, too.
I've been asked a favor.
I've just decided to grant it.
We're on the next flight to Tel Aviv.
Director Vance.
Director David will see you shortly.
He's anxious to speak with you.
As am I.
Officer David.
It's been far too long.
Thank you for coming.
There's no reason to thank me.
My visit has nothing to do with you.
Always full of fire.
Shall I introduce myself? Officer Amit Hadar, Special Agent Gibbs.
Special Agent DiNozzo.
Agent DiNozzo, please, ride with me.
I insist.
It will allow us a chance to get to know one another.
I am going to see him again, right, Leon? Officer Hadar will not harm him.
Only two people have the authority to do that.
Your father is one.
Second? Me.
When did you start wearing so much makeup? Nice to see you, too.
With traffic, I wasn't expecting you for another hour.
I drove.
Enough said.
So, tell me, how are you? I have been better.
Michael was a good man.
Loyal to whom? To all of us.
I'm not certain that is true.
You're angry.
I am confused.
That is why I asked you here.
To find answers? No, my dear.
To find solace.
You leave finding the answers to me.
My daughter speaks very highly of you.
She's a good agent.
Liaison officer.
She's one of us.
So she tells me.
So's the guy in there.
Agent DiNozzo my sincere apologies for your wait.
That's okay.
I dig hanging out in concrete bunkers.
Especially after 12-hour plane rides in cramped quarters.
Your sarcasm is noted.
So's your shirt.
Nice style.
What is it? Zegna? Cavalli? You got good taste.
I'm not certain how my apparel applies to your visit.
And I am not certain how you can classify my visit as a visit.
All right.
Just so we understand, this is what I do for a living.
I interrogate people all day long.
So I know all the tricks of the trade.
And nothing that you do is going to intimidate me.
Interrogate? This is an Assembly Room.
It's a place for mutual discussion.
You have yet to see our Interrogation Room.
But if you continue with childish arrogance, I promise that you will.
Son of a bitch.
How many times did I tell DiNozzo to leave his smart-ass attitude back in DC? You should have checked his bags.
I thought you said your boy was up for this.
You're the one who threw him to the wolves, Leon.
Let him fight his own way.
You call this a fight? He'd better start showing me something.
Taking one for the team? He already has.
No, Agent DiNozzo, what you need to understand is that I am very aware of who you are.
Your achievements and your misjudgments.
Stop right there.
If this is about my Twitter page, I just want to clarify.
I had a couple of cocktails, and, what can I say? Sometimes I get a little chatty.
Do you know who I am? You're the director of Mossad.
And Ziva's father.
Although I'm not sure which one's asking the questions.
Sometimes it is hard to separate.
And it appears that you have had difficulty separating your work from your emotions, as well.
You believed Officer Rivkin was bad? He killed an American agent.
An accident.
Unlike his death, which was intentional.
But what was behind that intent? Retribution for an agent you had never even met? You knew that Officer Rivkin would be at Ziva's apartment.
You went there to confront him, to provoke him.
And once again, you blurred the lines, Agent DiNozzo, between your professional duty and your personal desires.
You wanted Rivkin out of my daughter's life, so you killed him.
Isn't that the truth, Agent DiNoo? It's like I told your director.
I went to Officer David's apartment, at which time Officer Rivkin attacked me.
It was kill or be killed.
If that were true, my friend, you would be dead.
You wouldn't mind that, would you? You send all your rogue agents to DC? Make it our mess? Huh? I guess I shouldn't be surprised about Rivkin, considering you did the same thing with Ari, and he was your son.
Speaking of family, what kind of a father would throw an out-of-control assassin at his own daughter? What kind of business are you running here, huh? Everyone just runs around doing whatever the hell they want? They do as I say.
Rivkin? Always.
Well, I'll be damned.
Hey, boss.
How's Tel Aviv? Forget Tel Aviv.
How's Tony? How's Ziva? Are they talking yet? They're fine, Abby.
I'll take that as a no.
So, how is Israel? What? He said they're fine.
It's magical, right? I mean, I've been wanting to go there for years it's, like, third on my list.
The Galapagos Islands and, of course, Dollywood.
Gibbs? The case, Abby.
McGee and I, we've been working on Rivkin's computer, and, um we're doing fairly well.
Uh, with a little luck, I think we'll make our 24-hour deadline.
Boss, I ran the back-trace on Ziva's cell.
Most of the calls check out.
Most? Well, she did make one call from her car two nights ago to a highly encrypted phone, Israeli registered.
Call was placed just after midnight.
Six hours before the bombing.
Which means either Ziva really upset someone or Don't say it.
She was somehow involved.
What'd I just say? I traced the Israeli phone.
It's registered to Officer Amit Hadar.
Now talk.
Ziva, what is this? I said talk.
You called me, remember? To remove Rivkin from harm.
Harm from whom? Himself.
Circumstances had changed.
And this was your answer? I protect the Mossad.
There was nothing to protect! I should have known not to trust you.
As if it was my decision.
You have my father's ear! Rivkin was in chaos.
You knew.
And yet you decided not to tell your father.
You tried to protect Rivkin, but in truth, you are the reason he's dead.
Rivkin killed that American agent.
You knew this! And still you did not report him! I called you and I told you to remove him! Too late! By then, we could not get him out of the country.
All we could do was clean up after him.
And you.
There is no one left to blame.
Stop looking.
Hadar set the fire.
Covering for Rivkin.
I was betrayed by Mossad, by my father, by Tony.
Who's next? You? Pardon me, Director.
Your Agent Gibbs is making my people very nervous.
He slipped through security.
Any idea where he might be going? Knowing Gibbs, a coffee n? Man practically mainlines caffeine.
Thank you.
It's been a long time, my friend.
How did it get this far? Simple.
One of your agents killed one of my agents.
Now, we both know that's not where this started.
I notified you of the sleeper cell.
Your guy was already knee-deep in it.
You don't trust we can police our own backyard.
The view from where I sit is quite different.
The threats are immediate.
Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of patience.
Sometimes patience is a necessity.
Otherwise you end up making an enemy out of your friend.
And then we end up with a dead American and a dead Israeli.
And I know that's the last thing either one of us wants.
Rivkin wasn't a rogue agent.
He was following your orders you said so yourself.
I underestimated Agent DiNozzo.
You sent him in there to rile me up.
I learned from the best.
There's a terrorist training camp somewhere in North Africa.
We have not been able to pinpoint anything exact, but we managed to identify one of the their sleeper cells in Los Angeles.
So you sent Rivkin to L.
? He was on an end run.
Find the leader of the cell, he gives up the handler; find the handler, he gives up the location of the training camp.
And he kills them along the way.
Including the handler.
You can hardly leave those people behind to come after you.
Oh, I understand, Eli.
I don't judge you.
I never have.
Unfortunately, I cannot trust everyone in your intelligence community to be as understanding as you.
So you had Rivkin spy on them.
The death of the American agent was an accident.
Rivkin never got the intel about the training camp, did he? All this to find a camp that's probably already been moved.
It's not about the camp.
It's the man who runs it.
Well, he must be very important to you.
He killed one of my people.
I had no choice.
That's a lie.
Why would I lie to you, Ziva? To save your worthless ass.
From who? Vance? Mossad? You jeopardized your entire career, and for what? For you.
He was playing you, Ziva.
For some reason, you felt it was your job to protect me? I did what I had to do.
You killed him.
If I hadn't, you'd be having this conversation with him.
But maybe that's the way you'd prefer it.
Perhaps I would! Okay, why don't you just get this out.
You want to take a punch, take a swing? Get it out of your system! Go ahead, do it! Be careful, Tony, because, much like Michael, I only need one.
And that's what you're really angry about, isn't it? That's what's bothering you.
It's not that he's dead.
It's that your Mossad boyfriend got his ass kicked by a chump like me.
You took advantage of him.
He attacked me.
What was I supposed You saw a glass table, you pushed him back, you dropped him on it, He was impaled in the side by a shard of glass bloody, gasping for air! I guess you read my report.
I memorized it! You could have left it at that, you could've walked away, but no, you let him up! You put a bullet in his chest! You weren't there.
You could've put one in his leg! You weren't there.
But I should've been! You loved him.
I guess I'll never know.
What do you got, Abbs? Hey, Gibbs.
Wow, it's my first trans-global "What do you got, Abbs?" Think maybe I could get a trans-global Caf-POW delivery? Depends on what you have.
We did a postmortem Humpty Dumpty on Rivkin's laptop.
And we were able to reconstruct most of the data from his hard drive.
He used a specialized algorithm to generate a well-harbored short key for most of his files.
But we managed to crack both the algorithm and the ISP protocols.
What's the point, McGee? Basically, we we put his hard drive back together, and as it turns out It's not Rivkin's laptop.
So we got nothing.
No, actually, boss, we have everything.
This laptop belonged to Abin Tabal.
Our dead handler? Yep, that's the one.
Rivkin probably switched laptops after he killed him.
Throws us off and gives Rivkin all the intel he needed.
We've got serial numbers, names and cell phone numbers, all linked to various locations in North Africa.
And that's not all, Gibbs.
Um, we were able to decrypt Rivkin's e-mail accounts.
Which was only half the battle, because it was in Hebrew and Hebrew is hard.
Apparently, Rivkin was in DC working with Mossad contacts to gather intel on a terrorist training camp.
Who were his contacts? Well, we-we traced several e-mails to, um a restricted account.
A very very restricted account.
Restricted by who? Us, Gibbs.
Rivkin was e-mailing Ziva At NCIS.
Boss, you know that this means Ziva knew Yeah, I got it, McGee.
It means Ziva was withholding vital I said I got it, Abby! You told Michael to stay with me in DC.
Why? That is none of your concern.
I have made it my concern.
Do not question me, Ziva.
Was any of it real? Does it matter? Michael is gone.
You must move on.
It's no longer about him.
Agent DiNozzo? I need to know if he was right.
He was jealous.
Even if that were true, that does not make him wrong.
Now, answer me! Was it real? I don't know.
Why was I not told the details of his mission? Why was I excluded? Because, Ziva, I don't know who you answer to anymore.
NCIS? Or Mossad? What is it you expect from me? I expect your loyalty.
To me and only me! You want to know Michael's assignment? Make this your Aliyah.
You return to me, to us.
You finish what Michael started.
So, that's it, right? I'm done with Israel? We're not coming back here? Get on the plane, DiNozzo.
All right, you got it, boss.
Take her easy.
Our people pulled this off the laptop Rivkin was using.
Should answer a lot of your questions.
Thank you.
And thank Miss Sciuto, as well.
Is there anything you don't know? Not anymore.
Happy hunting, Eli.
Shalom, my friend.
Plane leaves in five minutes, Ziva.
Not without us, it doesn't.
I think it is best if I simply speak from the heart.
Well, yeah, it usually is.
It's Tony.
I am still not convinced that he has been entirely truthful about Michael's Rivkin's shooting.
He gave you his word.
I am not sure we can work together.
Perhaps it is best if one of us gets transferred to another team.
Transferred? I need to be able to trust the people that I work with.
I know you, more than anyone, understands that.
Take care of yourself.
Boss? One short? Good to go.
Are they here yet?! Abbs, I told you, I'll call you as soon as they show up.
Scout's honor.
That's too late, McGee.
It's not an official "Welcome Back".
I mean, if I'm here and they walk in, I get to say, "Yay, welcome back"" If they're already here and I come in like Miss Tardy to the party, then technically it's like them welcoming me back.
Tell him, Palmer.
Uh, she she makes a good point.
I saw that, Palmer! Okay, their flight's arrived.
Where are they? Behind you.
Yay! Welcome back! Watch the We missed you! Sorry.
That's all right.
Missed you too, Abbs.
Tony, I Jimmy.
So, Ziva's getting her stuff or? No.
She parking her car? No.
Well, what is she doing? Well, considering the time difference, probably eating breakfast.
She's still in Tel Aviv? Yep.
Well, when is she coming back? She's not.
No! This cannot happen! Vance cannot do this again! Wasn't Vance's call.
Well, if it wasn't Vance, then who? Jethro, forgive the intrusion.
How did you possibly manage to Aw, geez, Duck, you gonna ask me that every time? How was your flight? One short.
Yeah, I know this decision must not have come easily.
It wasn't my decision.
But Tony said No.
The moment she asked me to choose.
Ah, so this is not about loyalty, it's about an unreasonable demand.
She withheld information.
To protect Rivkin.
Someone she obviously cared about.
Ziva has always remained an officer of Mossad.
I certainly don't envy the position that she just found herself in.
Considering her less-than-conspicuous background, it's amazing she ever had your trust.
No, she earned it.
But you took to Ziva more quickly than any other agent before her.
Timothy, Caitlin, even DiNozzo.
I've always sensed that there's a strong bond between the two of you.
Something shared, perhaps.
She proved herself.
Whatever it was that Ziva did to prove her loyalty, well, it was not nearly as momentous as you believed.
Or was it? Went over the personnel files, like you asked.
There's a couple that stood out.
Both would be a good fit.
Take your pick.
I'll let you know in a few months.
Yeah, I knew it couldn't be that easy.
You think she might ask to come back? I'm just giving her time.
That's all.
Time to what? Remember who she can trust.
Let me make it easy for you, Gibbs.
You made the right call.
I wasn't asking for your opinion, Leon.
Just who the hell you think you're talking to? That's a good damn question.
I've been wondering about that for a while.
You know, you spend half your time second-guessing me.
Studying me, testing me.
I'm looking for answers.
It'd help if you'd ask the damn questions.
There's the rub.
You don't have a clue what to ask.
You don't trust me, but you don't know why.
You want to talk about trust? What about tearing apart my team last year? There was no warning, there was no discussion.
Is that what this is about? You want to sit in the big chair.
No, I don't.
I want to trust whoever does sit there! I want to protect my team.
Like Ziva? Okay, fine.
You made the decision to leave her in Tel Aviv.
I supported you.
And now you might want to let her back.
Why? Because whatever she might have done, I trust her for what I know she did.
Four years ago She saved your life.
By shooting and killing her half-brother, Ari.
I told you the chair was big.
Ari was out of control.
So, Ziva's father sent her to eliminate him.
She kills Ari, earns your trust.
Two birds, one bullet.
Eli played you.
But regardless, Gibbs, up until now, Ziva's always been loyal to this agency.
I know you don't want to hear this, Gibbs.
But now you have to trust me.
And if you're right about Ziva's allegiance to you, she'll serve us well at Mossad.
Yeah, and if you're right about her father we'll never see her again.
Guess she'll call when she's ready.
Tell me everything you know about NCIS.