NCIS s07e02 Episode Script


You're under arrest! You bad, bad boy.
NCIS Season 7 Episode 02 Reunion V1.
0 LOL Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
Morning, Agent Filmore.
Like the army greens.
We do investigate crimes of the Navy here, though.
Nice smile.
Good thing I have a strong ego, or I'd think you didn't like me.
- What? - Ziva, did she call? You haven't spoken to her either, huh? Tried talking to her on the plane, but I don't know.
Things got These details are classified.
Thank you.
- They're not.
- They should be.
What's going on around here? I'd to sign an autograph going through security.
I know what you mean.
You know Janice in psych services? Man hands? Great eyes.
She asked me out for drinks tomorrow night.
That's not bad for a guy who spent half the last mission sleeping on the floor.
- I wasn't sleeping on the floor.
- Could have fooled me.
She'll call when she's ready.
Last time I said that, I ended up tied to a chair in North Africa.
She's coming back, right? She's coming back.
Course I don't know where she's gonna sit.
by the end of next month.
Hate to disappoint you.
My letter of resignation.
Well, that's very long.
I had a hard time choosing the right adjectives.
I couldn't decide between childish, juvenile, and just plain old annoying.
- It's true.
- And you you know better, but you're so busy playing the faithful sidekick, you just go along for the ride.
I've had enough.
Make sure that Agent Gibbs gets that.
Sidekick? Hello, Gibbs.
Your door was open.
Usually is.
I apologize for being late.
The Navy lodge I was staying at ran a surprise drill this morning, so I just It's not important.
How are you? I am fine Gibbs.
That is what I wished to speak to you about, among other things.
First of all, I wanted to say thank you.
Which hardly seems sufficient.
Considering so, I It's called It's an old buck mortise chisel.
That is not for rescuing me.
That is for leaving me in Israel.
You're probably wondering, perhaps I rigged it to explode No.
I was thinking this is a really nice chisel.
When you left me in Israel, I I felt betrayed.
But I I had a long time to think about things.
Very, very, very long time.
And you were right to leave me there.
I know.
Well, the point is, now I do, too.
I had forgotten who I could trust.
We were a team, and I would like that again.
You need to talk to the Director.
It is your blessing I came for.
What have you got? Where? Meet you there.
Triple homicide.
You need to talk to Leon Vance.
I already told him to expect you.
And he's not the only one you need to talk to.
Hey, you missed a shot there, Sidekick.
- I'm not your sidekick, Tony.
- And yet, you are.
No, I am not because you're not the Boss.
When Gibbs isn't here, I'm the Boss.
Gibbs is here.
Hey, Boss.
Marine Staff Sergeant Jeff Ross.
He's the one who booked the room.
Said it was for a buddy's bachelor party.
Local Leos identified him.
Then they called us.
- Haven't identified the other two yet.
- Still waiting on the duck man.
Who found him? That would be the stripper.
She's in the next room with her manager.
Where is Filmore? Finally.
I've been here since 3:00 a.
You have someplace else you have to be? Not me, but her.
Scorpio's my best dancer.
I got here as soon as I heard.
Hector Stuckey.
I'm in show biz.
Let me hear it.
Start at the beginning.
Take your time.
Hector gave me the address.
- These guys regular customers? - No.
I do a lot of business here.
I got a deal with the hotel.
My own Cologne.
It's got my number.
Keep it.
Yeah, it's okay.
I'm gonna pass.
I met with him in the lobby in the afternoon.
He said he wanted to surprise his friends, so so he gave me a key.
I came in through that door and spotted them the way they are now, except Except what? I'm pretty sure he had hair when I first met him.
Take it off.
Even the sharpest of razors, on a shave this close would cause pseudofolliculitis barbae, - A.
A - Razor burn.
However, note the complete lack of dermabrasive disruption.
Whoever did this did so after they were dead.
Bachelor #1 is Marine Staff Sergeant Jeff Ross, a mechanic on leave from Camp Muchuk in South Korea.
Second victim: Eric Jurel, a civilian.
Runs an auctioneering school in DC.
Guest of honor: Alan Sandich, a low-level file clerk at the pentagon.
Talk to the fiancée? She's out of town, but we are working on getting a hold of her now.
No criminal records across the board, unless you count egging a church freshman year of high school.
These guys have known each other for a while.
Why would you egg a church? Find out.
You got it, Boss.
Tony, let's go.
Follow me.
You follow me.
Don't fight your inner sidekick, McGee.
It's unbecoming.
I could say the same thing to you.
No, you can't because everyone knows that sidekicks are shorter, and you Are exactly the same height as you.
Look, you're not gonna make me say it, are you? You think you're too good-looking to be the sidekick? No.
People think I'm too good-looking.
Specifically the women people.
Actually, I find McGee to be the more handsome.
Nothing personal.
So, what are you doing here? David with me.
- That answers that question.
- I have to go.
Agent Gibbs already briefed me.
You want back.
Is that right? That is correct.
Have you discussed this with your father? I am not sure how his opinion is relevant.
We rescued you.
Not Mossad, not your father.
I think it would be very relevant.
Have I not been a valuable asset to NCIS? Without question.
- Then what is the problem? - David, you were never an Agent.
You were the Mossad Liaison Officer, which, by definition, requires you to have a relationship with Mossad.
Have you even spoken to your father? No.
You're damaged goods.
How damaged I need to know before I can even begin to figure out what to do with you.
You pass a psych evaluation battery, and we'll talk.
- Thank you.
- David? No promises.
The auction chant to most of the public, it's gibberish.
But it's actually carefully crafted to avoid giving people time to think.
Thoughtful people spend less, and spending is the name of the proverbial game.
- Any questions? - Yeah.
I have some.
I have a question, as well.
Break down into teams of two and practice.
Is this about Eric Jurel? I already heard.
Good news travels fast.
Good news? He's dead, isn't he? Did you wake up this morning wanting to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation? If wishing Eric Jurel dead makes me a suspect, then so is every employee of this auction school.
Eric took pleasure in making others miserable.
No one is shedding any tears for that man.
You sure about that? That's Elena, our miscellaneous items broker.
She could sell sand to a Bedouin and then bore him to death about her latest crush.
- Pay her no heed.
- It's our job to heed.
You agreed to the purchase price.
Fine, if you don't want it, I know 20 people who will, and a lawyer who will have your head.
Can I help you? Yes we'd like to ask you a few questions about your boss.
You're Elena, right? - I assume you've heard the news? - Yes It's terrible.
Were you two No.
I mean, I was He wasn't No, we weren't.
You know, it's not that there wasn't a spark.
It's just that he Any reason that you can think of why someone would want him dead? Well, a lot of people misunderstood him.
But Eric was a good man, deep down.
I can't see anyone wanting to hurt him.
But But what? I overheard him on the phone in the office.
That he said he thought someone was following him.
I have never been to a bachelor party.
Really? How sad.
Well, I've been invited.
It's just, one time I was sick and then another time I had a broken leg.
I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl.
- Well, go on.
- No.
It's better he doesn't, Duck.
Can't I tell him about the time when Better I don't.
I called you down here because liver pathology suggested, and Abby later confirmed, that all three men were drugged prior to their deaths.
The champagne.
And while semi-conscious, one was drowned, one suffocated, and Sergeant Ross here died of a massive alcohol poisoning.
Likely ingested under duress.
- Semi-conscious? - Very astute, Jethro.
- The killer - Wanted them awake when they died.
Which implies a deeper meaning to the ritualistic manner of their deaths.
Palmer here discovered something.
I found an inconsistency in Ross' military file.
The record states that he sustained an injury during a work-related accident on base in Korea, but Dr.
Mallard found evidence of a gunshot wound.
Not something I'd expect to see in a work-related injury.
Falsified the report.
A good assumption.
Hey, Boss ATM and traffic cameras, we got a tip that one of our victims was being followed.
Thought I'd check on some of the routes he was on.
See if we could find out who the tail was.
The swiping thing was Need to talk to Sergeant Ross' CO in South Korea.
- I'll set it up and - Where's DiNozzo? On an interview.
Alan Sandich's fiancée is back in town.
And she's already reengaged.
Does it remind you of anyone, Boss? How long are you gonna keep making those jokes, DiNozzo? I think that was actually the last time I'm ever gonna make that joke.
She's engaged already? It's only been 24 hours.
Not exactly.
Check this out.
That's illegal in most states.
There's parts of Europe you can It's bad behavior.
- This is from Sandich's bachelor party.
- Turn it off.
Yeah, it's his real bachelor party.
Five months ago.
When Sandich's fiancée found the tape, she called off the engagement.
- She hasn't seen him since.
- Which means They were all still single.
Second bachelor party was just a cover.
Cover for what? I've heard of a cover story for a bachelor party, but I've never heard of one being the cover story.
What do you think they were really up to? The usual.
No good.
Any luck on who ever's following Eric Jurel, our auction house owner? No, and it was over a week ago.
You could try to recreate your victim's daily route by using his cell's GPS history.
Then see if there are any other cell phones consistently in the same area.
If so We've got Jurel's tail.
I'm sorry.
I overheard you two talking.
No, thank you, 'cause that is extremely helpful.
We can pull the GPS history and look at the logs.
And I'm gonna go do that after I get a nutter butter.
Taking the tour? I have my first psych evaluation.
Oh yeah, I always love those.
I'm sure.
You get to talk about yourself the entire time.
I'm sorry, I meant No, no, no, that's okay.
No one's ever accused you of having tact.
Sorry, I gotta take this.
It's work.
Listen, I've got For you.
Ziva, you said you were coming down to the lab.
Yes, sorry, Abby.
I know I said I would.
Now! All right, I will be right down.
Haven't had your private Abby welcome yet, huh? Careful, she might give you a 21-gun salute.
I will see you later.
I will be right here.
Hello, Abby.
What the hell is wrong with you? How could you have doubted Tony after everything you've been through together? You really think that Tony killed Rivkin because he was jealous? Please calm You weren't thinking.
That's right.
You weren't thinking.
Although I suppose I could understand your initial reaction.
You were in an emotional time for you, and people act rashly.
But to tell Gibbs that you didn't trust Tony? Which I guess I also could understand, you know.
I mean, he did just shoot your boyfriend.
In your living room.
To death.
All right, I'll give you that one.
But this is Tony we're talking about here! All, all soft and goofy on the outside and 100% rock on the inside.
And after everything you accused him of, he risked his life to go save you! You should be ashamed of yourself! Even though in hindsight it is starting to make a little bit more sense now.
But either way, the ball is in your court.
It is Tony one and Ziva zilch.
This is your move.
And it better be a good one.
God, I was so worried about you.
I know.
Nice to speak to you in person, Agent Gibbs.
I'm sure I'm not the first to say, "Ooh Rah".
Quite a feat your team pulled off in North Africa.
Love to hear the details.
Come on, gunny.
We don't get a lot of action in South Korea.
Sergeant Ross, you know him? He's a good man.
How can I help? Accident report you signed said he hurt himself on base? He was a flight mechanic.
Got his arm caught in a hydraulic.
Really? My M.
here says it was a gunshot wound.
He's pretty smart.
You care to revise your report? Guess I have to.
Starting with the fact Ross was actually the biggest bastard I'd ever met.
Why would you falsify a report? Was trying to avoid an international incident.
Ross took two days of leave.
Said he was visiting his girl in Seoul.
When he came back, he'd been shot.
Husband? That's what he said.
I gave him a verbal reprimand and buried it.
Geopolitics here are dicey.
Not gonna win hearts and minds going after another man's tail.
I'm gonna need a revised report.
I'll have it on your desk at 0800 tomorrow.
I got something for you to sign.
Ziva's reinstatement.
She passed her first psych eval? She didn't fail.
Let's put it that way.
Saleem's men put a world of hurt on her, but I think she's viable.
What's Eli David think? I got some details to work out.
Not gonna try if you don't want her.
Or were you hoping that I couldn't work out the details so you wouldn't even have to make that call? I already told you, Leon.
We need Ziva.
Yeah, I remember.
That should make it easy for you.
Sergeant Ross went MIA during a two-day leave last month.
- Find out where he went.
- In South Korea? Okay, I'll just make some phone calls.
Order me some Berlitz CDs.
We've got a way to find out who was tailing Jurel, the auction house guy.
The red line was Jurel's daily drive before he died.
We're looking for cell signals that were shadowing him.
It was actually Ziva's idea.
We weren't discussing the case.
She just walked by.
I got a hit.
It's a cell phone.
It shows up close to Jurel's car several times.
- You got a name? - That is odd.
That cell doesn't have a valid ESN number.
It's not registered with any carrier.
Could be black market.
It's a burn phone, Tim.
- Just say burn phone.
- Can you trace it? I can do better, I can take you right to it.
It's inside.
With me, McGee.
In position.
On my mark.
Baltimore police.
Got two suspects.
Got a call: shots fired.
Partner's got one suspect in the alley.
Guessing he's in charge now.
Good guess.
- Is Friendly still on the force? - Retired last year.
DiNozzo, wait, are you Tony DiNozzo? - Only if I don't owe you money.
- You don't.
Just glad to have you at my back, Sir.
Jurel's tail was here.
He's gone now.
Officer Shelley? It's locked.
There's nothing in back.
Alley was empty.
- Couldn't find the partner.
- That's because he was never here.
This is Shelley's house.
There are three men murdered at a fake bachelor party.
What were they really doing there? No one knows.
This is definitely the cell that was tailing Jurel.
If Shelley was working a case, Baltimore PD doesn't know about it.
Still, no one knows.
What we do know is that Shelley was tailing the victims.
- Found those under his bed.
- Not tailing targeting.
Spending a lot of time at airports.
There's nothing useful on the cell itself, but the model - retails for over a grand.
- Yeah.
- That's not bad on a cop's salary.
- We found this on his computer.
- Suicide note.
- Rambling.
Says, he's sorry, doesn't say why.
We interrupted the second half of a murder-suicide? Well, let's not hang around and find out.
I will contact my buddies at the Baltimore PD, see if they know where Shelley was heading.
I'll look into his background, if there's any connection between him and the victims.
- You taking a break? - I was on my way to the office, came to get a coffee, saw you sitting here, thought I'd come say hello.
I was actually coming to look for you.
I wanted to say thank you.
Did you come to the Navy Yard just to say thanks or? I am finishing my psych evaluation with Dr.
Bracco today.
Janice Bracco, with the? Man hands and the pretty eyes, yes.
Why? Nothing, no.
So how's it going? I will not deny these past three months have been a challenge.
But that was all in the past, and the past is the past.
Is it? Yes.
So why are you avoiding Tony? Hey, boss, when did you get back? Ten minutes ago.
- Just taking a - Coffee break? Yeah.
I found a connection between officer Shelley and our dead guys.
- They went to the same high school.
- Yeah, how'd you know? There is more.
The records say that our dead guys had a history of bullying.
- Shelley was their favorite target.
- They brutalized him.
Gives us motive, assuming that he held a grudge all these years.
If he didn't, it recently got a refresh, and I'm going to explain that after I hit the head.
It can wait.
I spoke to a buddy from homicide, and he said that Shelley pulled over Sergeant Ross about a month ago and gave him a ticket and ended up giving him three tickets once he realized it was his old - high school tormentor.
- I bet that felt good.
You would think that.
Fun didn't last long.
Why don't you check your e-mail? Ross got payback.
E-mailed an old high school video of Shelley to everyone in his precinct.
Turn that off! Turn that off! Not the sort of thing you want your buddies to see.
Fresh hair-cut by your big boy buddy.
Yeah! Smile for the camera, baby.
He looks like a monk.
- I've seen that before.
- Yeah, at our murder scene.
Boss, I think Shelley was recreating incidents from his past.
Look at our dead guy with the head in the toilet.
- Toilet.
- Was a weekly occurrence for Shelley.
Jurel and his buddies at prom forced Shelley to drink until he got sick, same as Sergeant Ross.
But their favorite pastime was stuffing Shelley's head into his backpack.
I'd say Shelley held a grudge all these years.
- We got motive.
- And opportunity.
Be nice to have Shelley.
McGee, bank statements, credit cards.
- DiNozzo.
- Yes, boss.
- Shake it.
- Thank you, Boss.
"Which my father bought" "for two zuzim" "chad gadya" How long you been standing there? Long enough to see that you are well hydrated after your time in the desert.
And the thinking behind surprising me? I was not sure what to say.
But you were sure it had to be said in the men's room.
I'm sure it had to be said.
When you shot Michael, I almost killed you where you stood.
I wasn't standing.
No, you weren't.
You were lying on the ground without adequate backup, completely violating protocol.
And double-parked.
Yes, I noticed.
But that does not matter.
Just like it does not matter how it worked out for Michael.
So what does? That you had my back.
That you have always had my back and that I was wrong to question your motives.
So why did you? I trusted my brother Ari.
I trusted Michael.
I could not afford to trust you.
I thought you weren't sure what to say.
Guess I had a long time to think about things.
- I'm sorry, Ziva.
- No.
It is I who am sorry.
Your instincts were right.
You were a cop, and I should have never faulted you for thinking like one.
I'm a cop.
I think like a cop.
I know how to find Officer Shelley.
Track his burn phone.
We already know where it is.
It's in the evidence garage.
He's got another one.
That's great, but without the cells' ESN numbers, - we can't track any of 'em.
- Think, McSidekick.
Use the leading man.
Harness those powers.
It was an unregistered phone.
- It was pricey for a cop.
- Bingo.
- Shelley took it from a bust.
- Happens all the time.
An extra Rolex or laptop disappears from the evidence locker, not that I've ever done anything like that.
Officer Shelley busted a black-market cell phone ring last year, and the impounded cells' ESN numbers are all logged.
- If he's got one, we can track it.
- See if any are active.
We got one of 'em.
Making a call right now.
Boss, you may want to answer that.
Let me talk to DiNozzo.
I'm here.
I know how it looks.
I shouldn't have run, but I-I didn't kill those guys.
You draw the line at criminal stalking? I was following him.
Some kind of deal was going down, I wanted the details.
You wanted payback.
It was just to take their pot of gold, hit 'em where it hurts.
I didn't kill anybody.
- I was set up.
- Well, then, why don't you come on in? I'm a good listener.
I assume you got my location by now.
Phone booth by the news stand on K street.
Come alone.
Thing belongs in a museum.
Yeah, ready.
All right, hop out of there.
I gotta use the phone.
Here he comes, DiNozzo.
Yeah, I see him.
Come on! We gotta go.
Here we go.
Now! - You okay? - Yeah.
I got something wet in my hands but I don't want to think about it.
Shooter was pretty close.
Point-blank range.
Witness saw someone approach the car, heard the shot, shooter took off.
Which suggests that Officer Shelley knew his attacker.
Said he was set up.
Well, his presence here would tend to confirm that.
- But setup by who? - Someone who knew his past.
Making it appear that he stalked and murdered his tormentors.
We got a lead on the mystery deal Shelley was tracking.
It's from Sergeant Ross' CO in Korea.
It's a report of a shooting near the DMZ at an airstrip used by smugglers.
CO thinks that's where Ross went on his two-day leave.
After the shooting, Sat-Com tracked the plane leaving, lost contact.
- Think Ross'd a package on that plane? - He had something.
We want to find out what, we need to find out who killed officer - Bless you.
- Thank you.
Officer Shelley.
- I think it's something on the body.
- Yes.
He must have come into contact recently with an "overcologner".
I was just about to take a sample up to Abby for analysis.
So I advertise on Cologne bottles.
Is that a crime? - Should be.
- Can't believe this.
Amateur hour here.
I looked into Hector's records.
Turns out he's a man of many man of many talents.
Sorry, Boss.
Strippers are just his cover.
He's actually a fence.
Never been convicted, but suspected of fencing everything from bootleg DVDs to scud missile parts.
What's he fencing now? How'd you get the shiner? I cut myself shaving.
Your DNA underneath his fingernails.
He came by this morning.
Then he left.
End of story.
One body not good enough for you, tough guy? 'cause I got 3 more right here! I had nothing to do with this and I told the cop the same thing.
Why was he asking you? You've got the right to remain silent.
Anything you say will be used against you in a court Hold on.
Hold on.
Jurel came to me with something big.
The plane.
Out of Korea.
It had a package on it.
The package was the plane.
Jurel's buddies fudged some paperwork, got their hands on a military cargo plane scheduled for decommissioning.
Jurel wanted me to fence it.
Worth a couple million.
They went to the hotel to celebrate.
My girl shows up.
She's only supposed to do her dance, as a token of my appreciation, and pick up a package.
The lock codes for the plane.
And then you know what she found instead.
Officer Shelley.
Next thing I know, cop shows up at my door.
Roughs me up and accuses me of setting him up for murder.
And he just lets you go? Yeah, after I told him exactly what I'm telling you.
He got the wrong guy.
And I got about 50 people at club Pubis that can testify to that.
Well, it's not quite 50, but close enough.
Club Pubis is a strip club.
Hector MC's there on Thursday nights.
There's at least a dozen people that can put him there at the time of the murders.
So we are back to who killed the cop.
And why they used an antique percussion cap pistol to do it.
I ran ballistics on the bullet that killed Officer Shelley.
It was a new bullet fired from an old gun.
How old? It was from a 19th century VR Tower pistol.
I know a shooting range nearby where you can take that for a spin.
What? Spin? This is a fine antique.
Not some cheap revolver.
Keep all your fine antiques in the trunk? No.
I recently discovered it missing from inventory.
I suspected it was stolen.
And I've been looking for it.
And there it is.
And worked so nicely for us since that gun was used in a murder.
- This isn't my car.
- We know that.
- It's Elena's.
Where is she? - I just called her.
I said to meet me out here to explain this.
She hasn't had time to dump it yet.
Look who's here, boss.
See, you run away like that, kind of makes you look guilty, Miss Marcus.
Guilty of what? - Murder.
- Always said she was trouble.
She found out about a deal your boss had going down.
You partnered with Officer Shelley.
Then you double-crossed him, and kept the payday for yourself.
Set Shelley up for murder.
What's so funny? You haven't arrested me.
- Means you don't have any proof.
- McProof.
Fake suicide note we found on Shelley's computer We traced the worm that planted that back to your laptop.
Proves you killed Jurel, his buddies and Shelley.
You know what that means.
- You're under arrest.
- You're under arrest.
You're a bad little putty tat.
- Where'd boss go? - I don't know.
We need to talk.
Sit down.
When I came to see you and said I wanted back You said it was the Director's call.
But I sensed your hesitation.
I sense it now.
Even though I thought I made myself clear.
I understand what you did in Israel Your brother Ari.
You know what happened that night.
It was here.
I want to hear it from you.
You had orders to kill your brother to earn my trust? Yes.
That's a problem.
You don't understand.
You're damn right I don't understand! - When I volunteered for that mission - You killed your own brother, Ziva! It was because I hoped my father was wrong about Ari.
And I did not want someone else blindly following orders.
I volunteered to protect him, Gibbs.
- You lied to me.
- No, when I told you Ari was innocent, I believed it.
But, yes.
I would've lied to you.
He was my brother.
And you were nothing.
But I was wrong about Ari.
And you.
When I pulled the trigger to save your life, I was not following orders.
How could you even think He was my brother.
And now he is gone.
Eli is all but dead to me.
And the closest thing I have to a father is accusing me.
Headed straight to the airport.
Yeah, that's why they call it a Go Bag, Honey, and I keep it in the trunk of my car.
Yeah, all right.
I'll call you as soon as I land.
I love you, too.
All right.
Moving on.
So, how was your date with the shrink last night, McRomeo? Think I'm going to tell you? - Tells me everything I need to know.
- It's actually pretty complicated.
Bracco is Ziva's Ziva's what? Ziva's here.