NCIS s07e09 Episode Script

Child's Play

You tired? You can't catch me! You're not getting away! Give up, I got you! Do not! - You're done.
- Am not! Here I come! Tag, you're it! What's that? It's a scarecrow, stupid.
Now, come on, you're it.
Wait, that.
Let's just get out of here.
Run, run! NCIS Season 7 Episode 09 Child's Play 1.
0 FQM Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
You're not taking the elevator.
Nope, took the stairs.
It's all about the cardio these days.
You have been looking increasingly Kate Moss-ish there, McTim.
What are you down Two, three pounds? and thank you for noticing.
Well, that's what I do for a living.
Eagle-eyed Special Agent.
- Girl? - No girl.
Come on.
Nobody gives up the pizza and the donuts without a good reason.
You want the truth? I usually gain a few pounds during the holidays, so, this year, I thought I would counter it.
Well, you can resume your diet after Thanksgiving, Timothy.
The traditional Mallard table is not for anyone whose body isn't into bountiful good cheer.
"A Thanksgiving supper at Mallard manor.
" "All the fixin's.
" I think you misspelled "fixings".
Ducky, Thanksgiving is in two days.
Yeah, well, I'm aware of that.
Already plans with my sister.
Well, bring her with you.
I also have accepted an invitation for Thanksgiving a neighbor.
Oh, dear, and Mr.
Palmer is already out of town.
I also have plans.
Are you letting some blonde bombshell baste your bird, Tony? No, this bird's flying solo to a poker tournament at the big bend Indian casino.
They've got an all-you-can-eat crab buffet.
Pilgrims and Indians gambling together that warms the heart.
What about your mother, Ducky? Mother is comfortable, thank you.
The staff take good care of her.
Poor dear.
She barely recognizes me when I visit.
Then, that leaves me with a 20-pound bird and enough trimmings to feed Coxey's army.
Not army Marines.
Got a dead one in a cornfield.
What, you waiting for an invitation? Yes, here's yours.
Here's yours.
Let's go! Maybe I'm amazed.
A maze of maize.
What? Maize it's the Indian word for corn.
The Indian word for corn is "makki".
Not Indians from India, Indians from, you know, here.
If they were Indians from here, they would be called American Indians, you dork.
No, they'd be called native Americans, Miss Citizenship Test.
Process this.
Several sets of footprints, some of them very small.
A couple kids found him.
These aren't kids' footprints.
Over here, those are big ones.
Come from that direction.
Drag marks, which means that when they pulled our Marine, he was dead already.
Fresh corn.
That gives me an idea.
Why don't we have corn chowder as our first course? Poker.
Based on the viscosity of the blood I'd say this is a recent demise.
My instinct tells me he was not shot here.
This is Marine Lance Corporal Trevor Lozada, stationed out of Quantico, Boss.
The Corporal is missing a hand.
He was killed prior to it being removed.
Otherwise the blood pooling would be much greater.
Maybe the crows carried it off.
Sorry, I had to do it.
- Sorry, Boss.
- Time of death eight to ten hours ago, between 3:00 and 5:00.
PCs Local gang, big up and down the East coast.
You already know that.
Maybe this is some sort of initiation thing? Kill a Marine and you're in, no questions asked.
Lance Corporal Lozada was a gang member before he joined the Marines.
His tat was lasered off.
Why would somebody shoot him, bring him out here, carve him up, and cut off his hand? - Get on DiNozzo's shoulders.
- Boss? I would rather not.
Bend over, Tony.
Boss Come on, Tony, use those quads.
Oh, God, Boss.
- Turn this way.
- Okay Police cars.
A farmer on a tractor.
Barn I got a cramp in my neck.
I got a cramp.
I don't think they meant to hide him.
I mean, this place is not exactly isolated.
So, whoever put this body here wanted him found.
Marine Lance Corporal Trevor Lozada had a spotless service record, multiple tours.
Rewarded with a very desirable duty post guarding the Sattler Institute for Strategic Studies and Analysis.
R&D, government think tank.
Naval war College and Marine intel units use them.
Lance Corporal Lozada had been there about six months.
I'm gonna call them, to tell we're heading over.
Current address on Lozada.
McGee, you and Ziva check out Lozada.
- DiNozzo, you're with me.
- Sattler Institute? Boss, shouldn't McSmarty-pants go to the nerd theme park? I mean, it's got to be a nerd's paradise with the World of Warcraft wallpaper and the pocket protectors and the elfin-shaped beds.
'Cause I probably shouldn't I'll get the car.
Special Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo.
Krista Dalton, facilities coordinator.
I spoke with someone on the phone.
Something happened to Lance Corporal Lozada? Found dead this morning about 20 miles from here.
Oh, my god.
- How did it happen? - Not very nicely, Krista.
What did Lance Corporal Lozada guard around here? I'll show you.
This way.
- He guarded a day care center? - This isn't a day care.
This is our intelligence testing center.
You test the intelligence of these kids? No, they test ours.
Hey, Parker, how's it going? Parker's specialty is the redeployment of rapid response groups.
I thought we had people at the Pentagon who do that.
We do.
But we've found that gifted children have a less linear, less bureaucratic way of approaching things Simpler, cleaner, purer.
Where are their parents? We have an arrangement with the families.
The kids visit us for a week or two at a time.
Helps maintain a nice balance between home and here and keep the kids focused.
I guess it's fun.
These are just puzzles and games to them.
So you're telling me Lance Corporal Lozada was a babysitter, basically.
No, a bodyguard.
These kids are incredibly valuable to us and the military.
Hey, when do I get my mp3 player back? When you stop wrapping the cord around the ceiling fan, Brett.
I was testing my aerodynamic theory of glide ratio versus inverted torque.
- What are you looking at? - Val Kilmer, real genius.
You like to break things, which is why you wrapped the cord around the ceiling fan.
You will get your mp3 player back after Thanksgiving.
Okay, whatever.
Brett's one of our prized students as well as one of the oldest.
Yeah, he's a real smarty-pants.
Lucky you.
Any of these kids personally close to Lozada? One Angela Kelp.
Angela had been acting distracted lately, so I asked Lance Corporal Lozada to keep an eye on her.
They hit it off.
- She around here somewhere? - Yes, this way.
Sorry, Boss.
Get us out of here! Drive! - I'm ready, Mr.
- What do you see? Mistakes.
- Would you care to elaborate? - First, the sun.
It's almost 30 degrees, directly into our troops' eyes, blinding them while concealing the bad guys on the rooftop.
Go on.
They should never have been in an open exposed area like this plaza.
It gives the enemy gunners a clear, unobstructed angle of fire.
Yeah, but they were headed to rescue a unit under attack.
That's why they took the most direct route.
They should have taken a less direct route on narrower streets with more vertical protection, taller buildings.
Would have saved a lot of lives.
The art, I mean.
- That's my cat back home.
- What's its name? Kimba.
Lives with me and my mom.
What about dad? Split when I was little.
Kimba's good at taking out Taliban.
You should see what she does to mice.
Agent Gibbs, NCIS, this is Gregg Norvell, our director of youth programs.
Whatever you need, don't hesitate to ask.
- Thanks.
- Something happened, didn't it? - What do you mean? - To Lance Corporal Lozada.
Something happened to him, right? Is there someplace we could go talk? Yeah, your room.
If you'd like to follow us I had a combined S.
score of 950.
Is that good? Do you want a cupcake? I made them.
So, what makes you think something happened to Lance Corporal Lozada? Well, you're here, he's not.
You want to talk to me because Trevor and I were friends, right? Did somebody kill him? Why would you ask that? Because people emote more sympathy when it's an accident.
You're searching.
Do you know that a Marine returning home from active duty has a 38 % greater chance of being hurt or killed than when he's deployed? Did you make these? - They're good.
- Thanks.
Krista says it's important for me to express myself.
Yeah, I think she's right.
Just like it's important that, if you know anything about Trevor, you should call me.
Where? Yeah, I'll be right there.
LEOs matched the car's registration to Lozada.
- Distance from the crime scene? - About, six miles.
Didn't find anything in his apartment, but you were right.
He was a member of a local gang, PCs.
Look at that.
There's one of the slugs we didn't find in the Lance Corporal.
I patched into his on board mapset program.
This was his route to and from Sattler Institute every day.
And based on the time of death, Lozada must have just left work.
Someone nicked the fuel line.
Clean cut.
Followed him till his tank ran dry, pulled up and ambushed him? Took him to the cornfield.
Yep, it's Lozada's.
Six incoming calls.
All listed to the same number.
- Billed to the same address.
- Go.
Find our missing caller.
Got it.
On it.
So, you brought me in here for making phone calls to a friend? No, Eddie, because you and Lance Corporal Lozada were esses.
The file here says that, he broke off his gang ties years ago.
Clearly, you haven't.
We had our disagreements, but me and Trev were like brothers.
Brothers? Really? Metro gang division says that, you tried to kill your brother a few years ago, when he left the PCs.
People felt betrayed, but we worked it out.
You worked it out.
That doesn't smell so good to me.
Call me Jaded.
Lozada took an oath.
He broke it.
It pissed you off.
Admit it.
If I wanted to kill him back then, I would have.
Look, me and Trevor grew up together, and he burned me, so - So, it's a grudge.
- No, we just had some unsettled business.
- Like what? - Like you don't need to know about.
Eddie you are a real cool customer, aren't you? Got to give you a hand.
Speaking of hands why'd you cut Trevor's off? Carve "PC" into his arm? That's a nice touch, Zorro.
It's kind of like putting up a billboard that says, "don't mess with the PCs", and Eddie Castillo he's not afraid of anyone, - including the Marines.
- I didn't do that.
You got an alibi for last night? - "Lullaby.
" - Alibi.
It's an after-hours club for rich kids.
We handle the refreshments there.
Really? Well, we'll see about that.
In the meantime, I hope you like being swabbed, poked and pricked.
Why? 'Cause we're checking you for gunshot residue, blood and dirt from the crime scene.
Anything I can think of.
You know why? 'Cause you're messing with my holidays.
And I don't like it when people mess with my Thanksgiving.
You're going to want to see this.
According to security sensors, Lance Corporal Lozada entered the dorm wing this morning at 6:00 a.
That is impossible.
He was dead.
Dorm access requires a palm scan, Boss.
Well, that clears up one mystery.
Someone needed his hand.
Yeah, but here's the strange part.
That's Angela's room.
They take anything? Figure walked out less than a minute later.
All he or she was carrying was Lozada's hand.
All they did was visit Angela's room.
- Then they left.
- Empty-handed.
Angela, you didn't see anybody in your room this morning? No.
But I was asleep.
Nothing missing? Two of my collages are gone.
Anything special about them? Just collages.
Stuff, art.
Hey, would you mind if I borrowed this? So, you know that your mom knows you're coming with us and that you're safe, right? Sure you didn't see anything? Positive.
Let's go.
Hang on a minute.
This is important.
It's my great aunt's cranberry sauce recipe.
I lost it, so I'm trying to duplicate it before Ducky's Thanksgiving dinner.
I don't want to let Ducky's turkey down, you know? Today.
What can I do for you, Gibblet? It's kind of a seasonal play on your - I'm ready, Sir.
- Turn this into pictures.
Thought you were going to give me something hard.
So what are you bringing to Ducky's dinner? - Not sure I'm going.
- What do you mean, not going? Who's going to carve the turkey? Who's going to watch the game with me? Who's going to eat too much pie? The photos.
What am I looking for? Girl's room.
Panning shot.
She listens to "H Is Orange".
What a cool little chick.
This is how geeks recreate.
Exhibit A.
She's so cute.
All right, stop it there.
Okay, blow up that one and that one.
Those are cool.
What are they? - That's what you're gonna tell me.
- Well, what am I looking for? I have absolutely no idea.
So it is hard.
More sugar.
You know that little bakery near you? I'd appreciate it if you could bring a dozen of their dinner rolls.
- Got a confirmation of death, Duck? - Gunshot wound to the head.
Well, what I presume is the kill shot entered his head here, just behind his right ear, traveled in an upward direction.
I was just about to find out what damage it caused.
- Before he was posted? - Yes.
Clearly, the killer's intention was to leave some sort of macabre message.
Yeah, and not too shy about indicating who was sending it.
Easy autograph to forge.
I need a psych evaluation on a 12-year-old girl.
Where do you go, Jethro? What? Over the past nine Thanksgivings, I've called your house.
You're never home.
Sometimes I even drive by.
So, I shall expect you promptly 1600 hours.
That reminds me I mustn't go home without him.
Avoid sourdough rolls if you can.
Their flavor clashes with my salad dressing.
White bread is okay, but whole wheat would be preferable.
Oh, dear.
Can I get you something to drink, Mrs.
McKinna? - You remembered, Agent Gibbs.
- Well, you're memorable, D'Arcy.
Holiday plans, Mrs.
McKinna? I'm sending a shopping list to my husband, as we speak.
- Are you cooking for the family? - That's the plan.
Why do I need a Legal Youth Advocate here? It's the law, sweetie.
So, have you ever killed anybody? Me? No.
Okay, I will bring her up.
McKinna? You go on ahead, Ziva.
I'll be right there.
I got all my bars, and I'm only up to celery stalks.
Ducky's waiting.
I'll take her up.
You take the stairs up, but the elevator down? Knees.
Got my attention.
You think I'm hiding something.
About Trevor.
Are you? I told you.
You're safe here.
I know.
That's not it.
I'm not in danger.
Who is? Nobody.
Glad we talked.
Hello, I'm Dr.
And if you wish, you can call me Ducky.
Hello, Ducky.
Mallard, you may proceed.
I'm here if you need me, Angela.
Well, now, Angela.
Is this a psych evaluation? I know there are three types: general, emergency and clinical.
This feels clinical to me.
- I was just coming to see you.
- You all right, Duck? Yeah, well, she had me talking about my first pet.
It was a guinea pig called Hunka Munka.
Passed away, about the time I was her age.
Duck, you were supposed to find out about her past.
Yeah, all that went extremely well.
And? Well, if she is suppressing memories, she does a remarkably good job of it.
I didn't get anywhere there.
But I can tell you that beneath that precocious bravado there is a very sensitive little girl.
She may act twice her age but inside she's anything but.
Secrets? Yeah, and when she's ready, she will reveal them.
But I wouldn't push her.
Jethro, when I did just now, she pushed right back.
Hey, Boss, here you go.
Eddie Castillo's here again.
- Go talk to him.
- Me? Yeah, you got something better to do? - Yeah, I got travel plans.
- No, go, talk.
Hey, miss me, Eddie? I've got something to say.
It's about why I was calling Trevor.
I'm all ears.
I have a cousin.
He's nine years old.
He's already getting into trouble and I wanted to have Trevor talk to him, about that Marines stuff Help straighten him out.
Give him somebody to look up to.
Other than you? - That warms my heart.
- I'm serious, man.
I can't let my crew find out that I'm trying to keep my own blood out of this life.
It's all about honor and integrity with you, isn't it? - You don't know anything about me, man! - I know plenty about you! I know you're not angry at Lozada, you're jealous of him.
'Cause he had the brains and the guts to get out of the gang.
And you didn't.
And he made something of himself, you didn't.
Trevor got out 'cause he had a real job and he could take care of his family.
They were proud of him.
He earned that.
But I didn't kill him! Look, he needed something from me, too, okay? He needed some advice.
Something about some girl in trouble.
You're telling me that a decorated Marine calls you instead of the cops? He said if he went to the cops, the girl's life would be in danger.
I don't know why.
Girl have a name? Angela.
Sorry, my cousin Tetra's lime Jello with yams, marshmallows and pecans.
Some family traditions should not be upheld.
That really, really, really sucked.
In a jiffy, Gibbs.
Did you know that "jiffy" is one one-hundredth of a second? It's an actual thing.
Unlike say, lickety-split, which has no scientific meaning whatsoever.
We're almost there.
Get there, Abs, in a jiffy.
There, okay.
I applied a biometric algorithm recognition program so, the seemingly random artistic patterns of her You don't really care how I got there.
Okay, let's talk turkey.
A code.
It's more than a code.
It's her own language.
She used 26 shades of color to correspond with the 26 letters of the alphabet.
Once I figured that out, I was able to translate her art into letters.
A poem? Yeah.
And it's dark and creepy.
Very detailed.
It's called, "The Lady In A Fountain".
It's about death.
- It's a poem.
- Can you just ask me about the second collage? Please, please.
Abby, what am I looking at here? It's a frequency-jamming signal, Gibbs.
Frequency? For what? It's every communication code for every ship, plane and helicopter in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
I don't know why she was hiding military secrets in her collages, unless I don't know, she was gonna sell them? Or someone else was for her.
Bank records for Angela's mother.
Angela's mom has called 13 times.
- She wants to see her daughter.
- Yeah, she will.
What'd you find? Angela's mom's average income for the past 16 years is $43,000.
Okay, more recently.
Over the last three months, her mother's made three additional deposits totaling 60 grand.
So, either her mother's playing the ponies Or she's taking advantage of her little girl.
It's like those magic eye posters, where you stare at them and then, suddenly, you see that hidden image.
Tony, Abby already un-hid it.
It's frequency-jamming signals.
No, maybe if I Maybe if I try to unfocus Focus, DiNozzo.
That's it, Boss.
Out of focus.
It's dolphins! In moonlight! - Thank you, Boss.
- Anytime.
Boss, the frequency-jamming signals Abby pulled out of Angela's collages are linked to a naval/marine maneuver called ballistic winter.
Copies of these jamming signals appeared on the black market three months ago in China.
It's an open NCIS investigation.
There is no way that girl stole state secrets.
She is a child.
You've clearly never seen The Bad Seed.
Interpol have suspects? Just one.
Just follow along here, Boss.
C-Ten Dynamics is a U.
defense firm that does R&D in conjunction with the Sattler Institute.
C-Ten's sales rep is a woman named Debra Leigh Dalton.
Same last name as our think tank coordinator, Krista Dalton.
- Sisters? - Affirmative.
Debra is Krista's younger sister.
Maybe that was Debra sneaking into Angela's room? I want to talk to Debra Dalton.
Boss, that's gonna be a bit of a problem.
Miss Dalton flew into DC five days ago but never got to her house.
And there's no record of any credit card or cell activity since she arrived.
A mom, a daughter and two sisters trading Government secrets.
It's like Hannah and her Sisters meets The 39 Steps.
- Sorry.
- Get Krista Dalton in here.
Put Angela in a safe house.
Safe houses have been compromised a computer glitch.
Should be cleared by tomorrow.
Motel? Good luck finding one right before Thanksgiving.
Ducky has an extra room.
You know, Boss, we've all got plans - this holiday season and - Cancel them.
Play again? This kid's a ringer.
Watch her.
I know that, Ray.
That's my money.
So, what's the buy-in? For you? Two bucks.
How about we play for different stakes? What do you have in mind? I win, you tell me the truth.
About Lozada, military secrets, everything.
Found the jamming signals that were hidden in your artwork.
I wasn't hiding anything.
It's just how my mind works.
It's how I work out puzzles they give me.
I do it through art, images.
Numbers, letters, colors and shapes.
You build things.
Woodwork, right? My father made cabinets.
Didn't you ever express yourself in the things you made? How many people at the institute know what was in your artwork? I'm not sure.
Safe house is ready.
What is going on here, Agent Gibbs? Why is NCIS holding my daughter? You've been getting a lot of money lately.
No, that is Angela's money.
I never wanted her to go there.
What mother wants to be without her child? But Angela thought that it would be good for her.
She wanted to fit in somewhere.
You really thought she was getting paid all that just to play video games? We were told Angela's work saved soldiers' lives.
The money didn't matter.
She felt good about helping.
It all goes to her college fund.
What are you suggesting? How'd the dollars get to you? The larger amounts came from this company, C-Ten Dynamics.
I assumed they were projects Angela worked on.
Payments were approved by Debra Dalton.
You know her? No, I only ever talked to Krista Dalton.
The checks come in the mail.
Where? All right.
Wait, when can I see my daughter? Soon.
A maintenance worker from the Institute found the body.
That'll spoil your Thanksgiving.
Debra Dalton, Boss.
Fished her out of the culvert.
Whoever put her down there must've thought that the body would wash away.
It's a pretty public place for a murder.
I mean, employees, security guards Dorms.
Angela's room.
"Lady In A Fountain.
" - Can I help? - I don't think so.
Thank you.
Can I watch TV? It's on the blink, I'm afraid.
Computer? That's my laptop, and it's in my car.
Books? Yes.
The library.
Second door on the left.
Just a moment, Ziva.
We have to start the brining.
- Okay, but I have to - No, no.
It'll only take a moment.
There we are.
Now, then.
You know the secret to a good stuffing is not to get it too moist.
This is a bit awkward.
You know something? I think we need a second pair of hands.
Young lady? Angela, where are you? She isn't in the library and she didn't go out back.
Have you found her? She's gone.
Call Gibbs.
- Agents are canvassing the neighbors.
- Amber alert.
Bolos? - No hits yet.
- Traffic cameras.
T's are on full capacity for the holidays, but checking.
I looked everywhere.
Nothing? You didn't hear anything? Not car tires? Not voices? Nothing.
By the time I came, she was gone.
It was all my fault.
- I was too busy preparing for tomorrow.
- No, it was my fault.
I distracted you from doing your job.
It's both of your faults.
Focus on fixing it.
I'll tell him.
Krista Dalton's in interrogation.
You stay with Ducky.
You two, with me.
Are you accusing me of taking her? The care and safety of those kids is my only concern.
I can see why.
Worth a lot to you.
We did some digging, and we found your overseas accounts.
It's it's not what you think.
What am I thinking? Because it sure looks like you made money selling government secrets, using these kids.
- They're games.
- Games? We sold battle scenarios to game designers.
In China.
They paid a lot.
- You and your sister Debra.
- Yes.
Debra made contacts through her trips to Asia for her firm.
C-Ten Dynamics.
We took some of the money Debra and I The rest we gave to the families.
Sattler made a ton off those kids, never give anything back.
- It was old information.
Useless! - Frequency jamming signals? For "ballistic winter", that system was being phased out.
It's still classified.
- Technically, but - Which makes it technically treason.
Someone murdered Lance Corporal Lozada, and you're talking to me about game sales? I had nothing to do with his death! Oh, my god.
That's that's Debra.
How did this When did this happen? Found her today.
Your day off.
Two dead bodies.
Both tied to you and the Institute.
You think I killed my own sister? Maybe to bury the trail.
Maybe to keep the money.
Oh, my god.
Angela is missing.
What does this dead marine and your dead sister have to do with her? - I don't know.
- Think! I swear! I Debra was seeing someone.
She was afraid of him.
- She wanted to break it off - Give me a name.
She never told me.
She didn't want me involved.
You are involved! No sightings, Boss.
Whoever's got her is keeping her out of sight.
If anyone has seen her.
I just borrowed these from Abby.
- I'm listening, Duck.
- Well, apart from the cat everything in her room is from the outside world: The posters she's chosen, the photographs, the things she painted, the things she's drawn.
Yeah, there's nothing of herself.
It's as if she's resisting showing the rest of the world what she really cares about.
And when we talked, she never once mentioned her home or the town from whence she came.
She was guarding it.
Well, deep down I think she's just a scared little girl trying to protect her mother.
I've been calling her mother's house every ten minutes, like you said, but - no answer.
- I just got a credit card hit.
One of Ducky's credit cards.
What? She took one of mine? Clever girl.
Just bought a map of her hometown at a service station.
- She's dropping bread crumbs.
- Wants us to come get her.
If the killer is thinking the same way we are He'll be waiting for her.
Let's go.
Nice acceleration, Boss.
I don't think that clam chowder was any good.
I haven't felt this way since Aunt Lorraine's Thanksgiving, back in '86.
- Yeah, Abs.
- Gibbs.
Ducky said you were looking for a connection between Corporal Lozada and the woman found in the culvert.
Talk faster, Abs.
You're breaking up.
I found traces of beeswax and bleached linseed oil on both Lance Corporal Lozada's body and on a thumb impression on the back of Debra Dalton's head.
It's like she was held down and drowned.
We matched the water in her lungs to the fountain in front of the think tank building.
Exact Chlorine and Alkali levels.
Both the oil and the wax are used as base ingredients in oil-based paints.
Thanks, Abs.
Nausea sort of comes in waves, Boss.
But I'm working through it.
The paintings at Norvell's workstation at the Institute.
- They oil or water-based? - Oil.
Landscape, fruit bowls I really shouldn't have had that clam chowder.
- I'll take the back.
- Hang on.
Baby, run.
Run, please.
It's going to be okay, mom.
Why are you doing this to us?! Tell her, Angela.
Tell her what you told Lance Corporal Lozada.
What you wrote in your collages! Angela, go, please.
Just let her go! Shut up! Why'd you kill that woman? She humiliated me.
It had to be done.
Same thing with Lozada once you told him.
I think they bought the whole gang retribution thing.
Don't you? Time to take a little ride.
Let's go.
Move! Let her go.
Back off! I'll kill her! Look at me.
Move back! Now! Got it.
She'll miss.
What's the probability of that? Based on the temperature and humidity.
No wind.
Half moon, good light.
Last chance, Norvell.
Move or I'll do it!! Take it.
- Mom - Oh, baby.
Love you.
It is such a pleasure to have you all here.
Even though our togetherness was not your first choice.
It's just Indian poker, all-you-can-eat crab legs, - showgirls.
- Relax, Tony.
- Plenty of wine.
- Well, then I suppose it's time to carve.
And, apparently, we have a quorum.
You remembered the rolls! There's not a lot available out there, Duck.
A superb selection.
A toast.
Close friends and dear family all.
A bountiful thanks and good things for fall.
And to all a good night! Wrong holiday.
- Cheers.
- To all of us! Happy Thanksgiving.
- Cheers! - Jolly good!