NCIS s07e12 Episode Script

Flesh and Blood

You were a little hot on the approach.
Come on! I put it right on the numbers.
You do that on your check ride, you're going to lose points, man.
No hot dogging.
- Everything by the book.
- Get the car, Walid.
- I'll only be a couple of minutes.
- Yes, Your Highness.
Wish I had someone like that to run my errands.
Walid doesn't get his act together, you can have him.
NCIS Season 7 Episode 12 Flesh and Blood 1.
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For the last time, my name is Anthony DiNozzo Jr.
My father is Anthony DiNozzo Sr.
I live in Washington, DC.
He lives in New York City.
Is that so complicated? Junior, Senior.
Can you follow that? What is going on? Tony's trying to withdraw money from a bank in New York.
Sounds like they confused his account with one of his father's, and he can't get the money.
Let me get this straight.
You want me to spell my name again? It's big "D," as in "dimwit".
Little "I," as in "idiot".
Big "N," as in "Nimrod".
Little "O," as in "obtuse".
- What does he need the money for? - Double "Z" as in "ZZ Top", or Well, he and a couple of his frat buddies have decided to take a cruise this spring.
No, I'm not kidding! I'm sure that won't lead to any trouble.
- Clean, wholesome fun.
- Put supervisor on line, now! Why doesn't he just call his father to straighten things out? Yes, I'll hold.
- Mind your own business.
- Grouchy.
Left a message for his father two days ago.
Tony hasn't heard back from him.
You would like me to spell my name for you again? Are you guys in India? DiNozzo, get off the phone.
Got a dead foreign national.
Pax River.
Let's go.
Pax River? Weren't we just there? Where are you going on your cruise? It's need-to-know information.
You don't need to know.
Aren't you too old for spring break? Car is registered to Beltway Executive Auto Leasing.
Rented to a Prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan on a month-to-month.
Hope he got the full coverage.
Appears an explosive device was placed under the car.
Get the vehicle to Abby.
The victim is Walid Abbas.
He's entered the U.
on a visitor's visa.
He worked for the Prince as his driver.
You know, there are over 7,000 Princes in the Royal family.
What do you got, Duck? Tell me anything I don't know? Well, yes.
He wasn't killed by the explosion.
At least not directly.
There are no burns or blistering on his the skin of his hands.
Cause of death was most likely blunt-force trauma when his head hit the tarmac.
I've heard the saying "He got blown out of his shoes", - but I never thought I'd see it.
- No.
If the explosion had knocked his socks off, that would be impressive, wouldn't it? How long has Prince Sayif been in the country? Almost three months.
He's attached to the Navy-Marine Corp's Strike Pilot Training Program.
Where is he? Last I saw Sayif, he was in the hangar.
You've been his flight instructor the whole time? No.
He's been through several.
I've only had the pleasure for the past couple weeks.
I detect some friction.
I just hope he doesn't screw up on his check ride.
He'll graduate the day after tomorrow, with his class, and he won't be our problem anymore.
I was just making arrangements to be picked up.
Cancel them.
Don't want to jump to conclusions here, but we have to assume that that bomb was meant for you.
Until we know otherwise, you're under our protective custody.
I don't think so.
Look, I am sorry about Walid, Agent Gibbs, but if you know anything about the Saudi Royal family, assassinations are a part of our lives.
I came to the United States for flight training, and I'm not going to let what happened stop me.
I have no influence with your country.
But I do with the United States Navy, and I'll have your training stopped immediately.
Protective custody on my terms.
I'm not going to be sequestered on any base or in a government safe house.
I'm staying at the Presidential suite at the Adams House.
If you would like to protect me there you're welcome to.
I've been in contact with the Saudi embassy.
They insist their Royal Guards be part of the security detail.
We'll coordinate with them.
Where is Prince Sayif now? He's here.
We brought him back to the Navy Yard while his suite and adjoining rooms are being cleared.
Agent Gibbs.
Al Jazeera is reporting that Jihad Al Hurriya is claiming responsibility for the assassination attempt.
You aware of them? Yes.
It translates to "Freedom Warriors".
They're an offshoot of the Mujahideen.
Didn't know they had a presence here in the U.
Don't know.
NSA is checking into it.
You questioned Sayif.
Did he mention Jihad Al Hurriya? He didn't seem too concerned about the incident, either, ma'am.
The Saudi ambassador assured me that Prince Sayif will be leaving the country as soon as he graduates from flight training.
So he's only our problem for two more days, then.
His father, Prince Omar, is a major player in the Royal family.
- We need to be kept in the loop.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's call the embassy from my office.
- You need me? - No, boss.
- Just gotta tell Tony here something.
- What? You have a visitor.
- Who? - You'll see.
- Tell me.
- No.
What's the matter with you? Junior mentioned you.
But he never told me what you look like.
You are stunning, Ziva.
Do you ever think of wearing your hair down? Junior.
What are you doing here? I just want this mix-up at the bank straightened out.
I mean, why is your name still on the account as a trustee? Not to worry.
I'll take care of it.
All right, you could have just done it with a phone call.
And I will.
It's just that we haven't seen each other in a long time.
And you thought you'd just fly down and surprise me? I took the train.
It's not that far.
- You all right? - Never felt better.
I mean, nothing's wrong? We'll have dinner, catch up.
So, tell me about Ziva.
Ziva is Ziva.
Nothing to tell.
Hotel suite's been cleared.
We're headed over.
Be right there.
Isn't that Prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan? Yes, it is.
Where you staying? My God.
He has grown up.
How do you know him? His father, Prince Omar, and I have been in business together.
We met years ago in Monte Carlo.
What's Sayif doing here? He was the target of an assassination attempt this morning.
Hey, should I continue holding the door? I'm coming! I'll meet you in the garage! Take it easy! What happened? I can't talk about it.
Car bomb.
Has his father been told? Yes.
He's flying in from Riyadh.
Look, I have to get Sayif to the Adams House Hotel.
I'll take you downstairs, get you a cab.
Are you sure, you don't want to tell me something? You're busy.
It can wait.
- Who's that with Sayif? - It's his older brother, Prince Abdalla.
Lives here in DC.
He's a Deputy Minister at the Saudi embassy.
They do not know I speak Arabic.
Sayif is getting chewed out for his Western ways.
His brother believes that his pleasure-seeking lifestyle brought on the attack.
That is too disgusting to translate.
I apologize for the family disagreement.
Prince Abdalla, this is Special Agent Gibbs.
What happened this morning is very disturbing.
Not only for the assassination attempt on my brother, but the tragic death of Walid.
He was not only Sayif's aide, but a family friend.
You think that Jihad Al Hurriya was involved? It's very possible.
They are the sworn enemy of our government.
We got agents posted in the lobby and the garage.
The Royal Guards are covering the stairwells and the corridors.
- Excuse me.
- Where do you think you're going? Fitness center.
We have to make sure it's secure, and you need to be accompanied by an agent.
I choose her.
Jethro, I was just about to call you.
X-rays confirm my initial determination.
Blunt-force trauma was indeed the cause of death.
I'll be sure to tell him.
It's not often that I'm graced by your presence in Autopsy.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Gibbs and I spoke to the Saudi embassy.
They have requested a quick release of the body for religious reasons.
As soon as I'm done here, I can make arrangements for him to be picked up.
Thank you.
How's your mother doing? Thank you for asking.
She is slipping away, slowly.
Losing touch with reality.
When I visited her this morning, in her room, she insisted that the clock on the wall was going backwards.
Actually, I've had days that felt like that.
Haven't we all? Abby.
What are you doing? Don't say it, Gibbs.
I know.
My shoes and socks.
- It's "Mismatch Monday".
- For who? For me.
How about it's "Make my Day Monday" for me? I am searching for the signature of a bomb maker.
I found fragments of a bomb.
And I think it's homemade.
Why? Because my schnozola has detected a trace of nitromethane.
I heard Tony's father's in town.
Yeah, he is.
What triggered it? I found remnants of a timer.
I'm hoping to find more.
- What does he look like? - Who? - Tony's father! - I haven't seen him.
Anything else? Yeah.
I'm wondering if Tony and him have the same sense of humor.
Are you focus on the case? Right.
Okay, so I salvaged the vehicle's on-board nav system.
I'm going to download the data to a hard drive.
And, hopefully, the little magical zeroes and ones will let us know where the vehicle's been and when.
- in MTAC, Boss.
- Right, McGee.
Be right there.
Thanks, Abs.
Echelon's picking up chatter, emanating in real time from the Washington DC metropolitan area.
This is Barry Kester with NSA.
Special Agent Gibbs.
We locked on the IP address of the computer sending the message.
Could be a Jihad Al Hurriya operative in the area.
Have a location in a second.
Key words intercepted were "Prince Omar", "assassination", "contract", and "killer".
We got it.
Computer is in the guest business center of the Adams House.
That's where we're keeping Prince Sayif.
I'll take the stairs.
- Where's the business center? - What? The business center! Where is it? Down that corridor, on the left.
Where is the guest business center? - Where?! - Right down there.
Federal agents! Hands in the air! Junior, what's the matter with you? Put that thing down.
Someone could get hurt.
Maybe Tony didn't have a mother.
Maybe he was cloned.
Well, there certainly is a strong familial resemblance.
You finally get to meet the real Tony DiNozzo.
I didn't expect it was going to be under these circumstances.
Have a seat.
You've got some explaining to do.
I was just e-mailing some of my business associates I'm developing a resort on St.
Junior wouldn't explain, but, what warranted guns being pointed in my face and being brought down here for questioning? You used certain key words that were picked up on a global surveillance network.
Monitors, voice and data transmissions.
That stuff really exists? I thought that was only in spy movies.
How does it work? It's classified.
This where you bring the bad guys for the third degree? You mentioned "Prince Omar" and "assassination" in your e-mails.
Why? I confess.
I'm a bit of an opportunist.
Money's tight these days, and I'm missing a key piece of financing.
So, I thought that fate had interceded when I heard that Al was going to be in town.
Al? Yeah, that's what Prince Omar Ibn Alwaan's friends call him So I was notifying some of my investors that, Al was going to be in town because of the assassination attempt on his son.
Why are you at the Adams House? I'm staying there.
It's my favorite in Washington.
Donald, the concierge, he's a miracle worker.
He can get you anything you want: theater tickets, restaurant reservations Have you ever been to the Rooftop Grill? They've got the best rib eye in town.
He's right about that.
It is delicious.
You keep your father clear of the Ibn Alwaan family.
- Right, Boss.
- Make sure he gets the message.
Got it.
I just I wanted to see what Tony's dad looked like, but - Go.
- I'm just gonna go.
Okay, Dad Junior! - What are you thinking? - He's not involved.
- But? - But he's got an agenda.
Macallan 18, three fingers, one ice cube.
You remembered.
Well, what would cocktail hour be without a single-malt scotch and a lecture from Senior? And now you're going to lecture me? What are you drinking? Non-alcoholic beer.
The downside to law enforcement.
Are there any upsides? Well, I get to carry a gun.
You've always been disappointed I became a cop.
- Felt that way to me.
- I always was supportive.
I never said anything.
- What did you want me to say? - Well, I don't know.
Maybe like, "Junior, I'm glad you found a career you're passionate about.
I'm proud of you and what you're doing.
" Some like that.
- How do you know I don't feel that way? - How would I? We never talked.
I mean I get it.
It must have been tough.
Your wife dies, and you're left with an eight-year-old kid.
But your solution was to warehouse me in boarding schools and summer camps.
And half the time, I never knew where you were or what you're doing.
I needed a closer relationship.
You forget.
We took some great vacations together.
Like the trip to Maui where you left me in a hotel room for two days, and I was 12 years old? Oh, come on, Junior.
I explained that to you.
I had to go back to the mainland to close a deal.
With a rich divorcée.
Who was very attractive as I recall.
A deal is a deal.
How's my current stepmother? Ex-stepmother.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I actually liked Karen.
You missed one.
Were you going to tell me about that? I don't like to advertise my failures.
Well, my condolences.
My congratulations.
And my condolences.
Thank you.
I have to relieve Ziva.
Now, listen you stay away from the Ibn Alwaans.
I'll call you.
Sayif's rented car went in for its 10,000-mile service the day before the explosion.
The dealership was losing tools, so they installed surveillance cameras to cover all the bays.
Now, the mechanic didn't see anything unusual on the vehicle.
And, as you can see, nothing was placed under it while it was there.
We backgrounded the mechanic.
He is clean so the explosive device had to be planted on the vehicle after it left the dealership.
I'm going to focus on that period.
How'd it go at the hotel? Prince Sayif is a chauvinistic Royal pain in the tush.
He's not used to anyone saying no to him.
You have to hire someone to protect him from me.
I just got a back channel call from MI-6.
They have a deep-cover mole planted inside Jihad Al Hurriya.
He made contact this morning.
- You confirmed they're responsible? - Just the opposite.
Claim's bogus.
Just somebody grabbing media attention.
Well, how reliable's the mole? What's his batting average? Led the league.
He's batting a thousand.
Chatter indicates that we've been looking in the wrong direction.
This was not an attack by terrorists.
Do you have any other leads? Okay, so how many amendments to the Constitution? Bill of Rights is the first ten.
Prohibition's 18.
- I'm guessing 23.
- Twenty-seven.
- Nobody likes a smartass, David.
- Why do I have to study - all of this and you don't? - I was born here.
Hello, Mr.
Tony please.
Morning, Ziva.
Good morning, Tony.
Are you waiting for somebody? You've got Junior working so hard, I was just killing some time doing one of my favorite things: people watching.
Your hair looks great.
Thank you.
Straighten your leg.
There you go.
- Is that good? - Very good.
Feel the stretch behind your knees.
Sting does a lot of yoga, and I like him.
Keep breathing.
You know, it's not as bad as it looks.
It's actually an ancient form of meditation.
It's a good thing.
Special Agent Gibbs, you had breakfast? The party's over.
Sayif had a date.
He actually had a he had a couple of dates.
He wanted to go clubbing, I had to take decision that we would go clubbing here in the penthouse suite, and then Ashley, the a.
yoga instructor arrived.
And I guess things got a little out of hand.
This a good thing? Well, nobody got hurt.
I got in a stretch.
- What's going on here? - Relax, Abdalla.
- What, what? - Father's plane landed a half hour ago.
He'll be here any minute.
Ladies, out.
Time to leave.
Get yourself dressed, Sayif.
What were you thinking? Honestly, I didn't think you'd be here for another hour.
Time to get up.
- These yours? - Oh, yeah.
I'll intercept Father in the lobby.
- Has it been that long? - Oh, at least.
'96, I think.
I have a little family matter to attend to, but, then we should talk.
Where are you staying? Right here in this hotel.
- Let's go.
- I told you to handle it.
I spoke to him.
- I think he's losing his hearing.
- Give me a reason not to bench you.
I won't let him out of my sight.
I've got something.
- So do I.
- What do you got? You show me yours first.
Whoever made this bomb amateur.
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.
Cheap components, poorly constructed, and want to know the weird thing? The timer didn't set it off.
How's that? This bomb was supposed to go off Then what triggered it? I have a theory.
None of the wires were properly insulated or grounded.
So anything could have set it off.
Like a bump, or a really, really strong vibration.
Witnesses saw a jet flying low overhead.
So show me yours.
After Sayif's car left the service station, it only went two places hotel garage where security cameras show that no one approached it and Pax River the next morning.
GPS shows that after Sayif was dropped off at the hanger, the car drove to a remote part of the base where there are no security cameras.
That's the only place the bomb could have been planted.
So where are you going? I got to check with Ducky about something.
Will you be accompanying the body back to Riyadh? Yes.
Walid died in the service of my brother.
Our families have been friends for as long as I can remember.
I'm going to have to ask you to wait right here.
- What is it? - Prince Abdalla, this is Dr.
Mallard, our medical examiner.
I'm sorry, but I cannot release the body just yet.
I was told Walid's body is ready.
We have a Royal jet standing by at the airport.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I have one more test I must perform.
I can assure you there will be no desecration.
This is unacceptable.
Your State Department will hear from my embassy.
Come on, Dad, I got a lot of work to do.
Almost done, Junior.
You'll be happy to know that, among other things, I've straightened out that mix-up with your bank account.
The funds will be available.
That's great.
Do you have to stick your nose in everyone's business? Makes me a good investigator.
Give me that.
It's for me.
Elke? Perfect.
Yeah, I'm in suite 901.
- Still have those magic fingers? - You know I do.
Can't wait.
You gave a call girl this number? Junior, that was the hotel spa.
I'm a little tense.
I need a massage.
Sayif behaving? He is fine.
Who's watching Prince Charming? He's in the air.
His check ride.
He cannot get in trouble for the next three hours.
Unless his instructor ejects him at 20,000 feet.
You're busy and I'm in the way here.
I'm going to go back to the hotel.
You know what, I am going to make you an offer you can't refuse.
Very Special Probationary Agent Ziva David is going to give you a personal, special tour of NCIS headquarters.
Come on! Well, that is a lovely offer, but I'm sure Ziva must be busy.
Yeah, she is.
- I'll show you around.
- Boss We'll start with the armory.
Back to work.
I'm flashing back.
Boarding school.
Headmaster wants to talk to my dad.
- Yeah, Tony.
- Where are you? Autopsy.
Boss needs you up here now.
Get your skinny butt on the move, pronto! Run! - What do you want McGee to do? - Use his computer magic.
I need to find out what my father's been doing on this thing.
'Cause he's up to something.
I can smell it.
This doesn't look like an armory to me.
When you offered to take me on the tour, I suspected you had an ulterior motive.
- What's on your mind? - Your son.
What has Junior done now? Tony likes to hide behind the face of a clown.
But he's the best young agent I've ever worked with.
I'm glad to hear that.
When was the last time you talked to him? I mean, really talked to him? We keep in touch.
Four years ago, your son came very close to dying from pneumonic plague.
And I expected to see you.
You didn't show then.
Why are you here now? He never told me he was sick.
So you don't keep in touch.
What's your point? Tony inherited his personality from you.
But I get the feeling there's a lot about your life you don't share.
I should tell you to piss off.
But I do know that Junior thinks the world of you.
So I'll keep this civil.
You have children, Gibbs? Had.
A daughter.
But unfortunately I didn't get the chance to know her as an adult.
You have that opportunity to get to know Tony.
Do it.
Are we finished? You were right.
The trace evidence that Ducky swabbed from Walid's hands, it was unexploded particles of nitromethane.
The same explosive in the bomb.
Walid planted the bomb under Sayif's car.
- Nice work! - You, too! Walid unintentionally blew himself up when the vibrations from the jet triggered the explosion.
And the victim was his own killer.
What was Walid's motive for planting the bomb? Well, as Sayif's aide, he had plenty of opportunities to kill the Prince while they were alone.
Maybe he was a suicide bomber and supposed to be in the car with him.
- Would look like a terrorist act.
- DiNozzo, are you with us? Yeah, Boss.
Whoever hires the women around here deserves a bonus.
They're not only beautiful, but they're bright.
Stop it.
- This the end of the tour? - I think I've showed him everything.
- Not everything.
- Dad! Agent Grady is waiting for you in Polygraph.
She would like to give you a demonstration.
No one's wiring me up.
But I would like to ask Abby a few more questions.
Well, come on, then.
We've been treating him like the victim.
Let's start looking as the murderer.
Background him.
Sayif's the one that spent the most time with him and was the targeted victim.
He lands in 45 minutes.
Both of you, go talk to him.
DiNozzo, get away from that computer.
We got to brief State.
Have to break one of your rules, Boss.
Number six: "Never say you're sorry".
I let things get out of control in the hotel room.
It's covered.
Rule 18.
"It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
" - Am I forgiven? - No.
You've been distracted by your father.
It's that obvious? - He's not the man I thought he was.
- I don't know my father.
No, Boss, my father's always been a mystery to me.
Just a wealthy one.
It turns out he's broke.
He has been for years.
His bank accounts are overdrawn, credit cards are frozen, property's foreclosed.
- The guy's tapped out.
- How'd you find that out? McGee got me into his records.
But it turns out Senior's been living high on the low for quite some time.
I wonder if he was ever as rich as he appeared.
I think the reason he came to town to see me was to confess the charade.
But when he figured out that Prince Omar was coming to town, I think he he saw the chance for one last score.
His whole life's one big con.
What are you going to do about it? End the game.
When? Time to do it's when he checks out of the hotel.
He's staying in a $1,000-a-night suite.
He can't afford it.
He's running up a huge tab.
I'll get him when he tries to pay the bill.
What can you tell me, Gibbs? We know who planted the bomb.
My protection detail! Miss me? We need to ask you a few questions about Walid.
Aren't you going to ask if I passed my check ride? Did you? With flying colors.
Now you can go home.
How long have you and Walid been friends? He was not my friend.
He was assigned to me by the embassy.
My brother, to be exact.
- Were they close? - Since they were kids.
The two of them shared religious and political beliefs.
Your lifestyle has to be an embarrassment to them.
I think Walid's real job was to keep an eye on me for my brother.
He would do anything Abdalla asked him to do.
What? Walid planted the explosive under your car.
- What is it I can do for you? - You leaving? - Shortly.
- You just arrived.
Pressing family matters.
We think your son's driver Walid planted the bomb.
If Prince Abdalla's here, we'd like to speak with him.
Sayif called and told me everything.
If you came here to ask Abdalla if Walid was following his orders, the answer is yes.
He admitted it? Unfortunately, he did.
And why would he do that? He told me he felt his brother's lifestyle would bring shame to our family.
He thought it better if Sayif dies as a martyr.
I'm sorry what he did took place on your soil.
Where is Prince Abdalla? At the airport, aboard a Royal jet.
He's gonna have to answer for what he's done.
As a member of the embassy's administrative staff, Abdalla has diplomatic immunity.
His safe passage is ensured.
You're gonna let him just get away? He still is my son, Agent Gibbs.
Fathers do what they have to do for their children.
This is my problem.
He will be dealt with most severely, I assure you.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Would you tell your father I regret not having more time to spend with him? Let him know I'll be in Monte Carlo next month.
Maybe we can see each other there.
Prince Omar said you could catch up with him in Monte Carlo next month.
He left? He just landed this morning.
He's got a lot on his mind, Dad.
Cut him some slack.
You have work to do, Junior.
I can check myself out.
I've got time.
I'll even drive you to the station.
What do you think about that? Already called for a cab.
How may I help you? I'm checking out.
DiNozzo, suite 901.
Would you like me to leave that on your credit card? Actually I need to talk to you about that.
I'll take care of Mr.
That's all right.
I'm sure that Taylor can handle this.
I'm experiencing some problems with my credit card.
I don't think we'll be needing it, Mr.
Your bill has been paid in full.
I'll get you a copy for your records.
And also, something has been left here for you.
What is it? A note from Prince Omar Al And a confirmation number for an open-ended first-class flight to Monte Carlo.
I guess he felt guilty about standing me up.
You lead a charmed life, don't you? It was great seeing you, Junior.
I enjoyed our talk.
We should do that more often.
Yes, sir.
I mean it.
I love you, Anthony.
I love you.
Steak, cowboy-style.
I love it.
Your father leave? Should be in New York by now.
So, how'd it go? He skated again.
Guy's amazing.
So, what happened? His buddy Omar picked up the tab, bought him an airline ticket to Monte Carlo.
Where'd you get the money, Tony? What? How do you do it? I didn't really need to go on a cruise with my fraternity brothers, did I? Getting a little old for that stuff.
You conned the con man.
Runs in the family.
Why'd you do it? He's my father.
He is who he is.
I couldn't bust him.
Sometimes it's better to keep what you know to yourself.