NCIS s07e14 Episode Script


Okay, I came to a bar with you.
Now let's go.
No way.
I've been listening to you complain the entire year you don't have a girlfriend, okay? All right, well, here they all are.
Yeah, I'm not very good at picking up girls.
Look, even the worst pickup lines are better than not trying.
Now, come on.
Give me something.
So, is it hot in here, or is it just you? Give me something else.
So, you Jamaican? 'cause you Jamaican me crazy.
I stand corrected.
That's absolutely worse than not trying.
Maybe you should just try being yourself.
Just be cool.
Yeah, well, if I was being myself, I wouldn't be here.
Yeah, I know how you feel.
- My name's Lynne.
- Alfonso.
If you don't want to be here, how come Don't have a TV at home? Not being cool? That's That's my brother's car.
Roman, what the hell's going on?! Alfonso, listen carefully.
It's happening.
Wherever you are, you've got to run! Now! NCIS Season 7 Episode 14 Masquerade 1.
0 LOL Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
Dancing lessons? You cannot be serious.
May 25, national tap dance day.
I want to be prepared.
- What if you're unprepared? - Well, the unprepared do not get invited to the national tap dance parties, and I want to go.
I got a tweet to go to this blog that linked me to this holiday site.
Do you know how many holidays there are that fly underneath the radar? It's astonishing.
Lot of ladies at those parties.
I went to an international talk like a pirate day party last year.
You did not.
- Let me hear some pirate speak.
- Why is McGee wearing a tuxedo jacket? Yes.
It's a bold fashion choice for a young investigator.
Watch someone get married at work day? It's an online wedding.
Of course it is.
Look, it's a gamer buddy from Spain.
He set this up for people that couldn't make it, okay? I would be laughing if I weren't on the edge of tears.
This is sad.
Grab your gear.
We got a - He's at a wedding.
- In Spain.
Boss, it's almost done.
Take your time.
I think McGee is taking this technology thing a little too far.
And this is coming from the man who follows tweets to blogs to web sites.
- All done, boss.
- Let's go.
Grab your gear.
Got an exploding car.
Got a dead Marine.
Could I just have a minute to Nope.
You've had your minute, McGee.
Lucky the blast was isolated.
Considering the debris radius, this could have been much worse.
- Not for this guy.
- Boss, the car was registered to a Lance Corporal Roman Vega, stationed at Quantico, just back from his second tour in Iraq.
The chase started at Olive and 29th when Vega ran a stop sign.
About a half mile later, the car hit a pothole and kaboom.
Acetone hydroxide.
Bless you.
It is an explosive, Tony.
It was in the trunk.
It has a very distinctive odor, highly volatile.
Given the lack of any discernible trigger and timing of detonation, the explosion was likely an accident.
Why would a Marine be driving around with explosives In his trunk? We found the torso.
Yes, it's resting in peace around the corner there by that dumpster.
It matches Corporal Vega's general build, but, the burns are extensive.
We will probably need DNA for a positive identification.
In the meantime, he's ready for his close-up.
We're still missing several major body parts.
Yeah, sorry.
I forgot about this.
It's the head.
- What's left of it.
- DNA.
Yeah, landed, back behind an old bowling alley, of all places.
I do hope, if the time comes, when your head finds itself removed from your body, it is treated with more respect.
- Ducky, I - Mr.
Palmer! Yes, sir? We are still missing two patellas and a shin bone.
- I didn't mean to be disrespectful.
- Get a tow truck.
That's weird.
Weirder than you carrying a head around in a bag and forgetting about it? What? See, I get a signal over here.
Closer to the car, drops off in inches.
Yeah, I got a dead spot like that in my therapist's office.
Dead zones are common inside, but out Therapist? Physical therapist.
You seeing a physical therapist? - I hurt my knee.
- How did you do that? Kneeling.
I don't believe you.
Come on.
- What's that, a lie detector? - No.
It's a Geiger counter.
I just thought of something that could cause localized RF interference.
First plague, now radiation poisoning.
I'm starting to think someone really has it in for me.
- I was there, too, near the car.
- We all were.
But don't let that stop you from thinking about yourself.
This isn't about me.
It's about my little DiNozzo makers.
They've been nuked.
- I know.
- Do you? I mean, sure, your kids are gonna be smart, But mine had a shot at being really beautiful.
Well, hopefully, Gibbs will bring us some good news.
That doesn't look like good news.
I was so worried! I hitched a ride with the emergency team when I heard.
- You guys okay? - You tell us.
Yeah, you're okay.
They only found minute traces of radiation on the car.
You guys could even get your clothes back.
Nice work, McPanic.
What was the source of the radiation? Good news is that it wasn't from the explosion.
But the vehicle it had been used to transport something called cobalt-60.
It's a byproduct of nuclear reactors.
It's used for, like, industrial mining and X-ray machines.
Dirty bombs.
And why was Lance Corporal Vega transporting radioactive material? If it can be used to make a dirty bomb, the more pressing question is, where is it now? All the information regarding international travel And nobody talks to the press.
And do not talk to the press! This just in.
I think it's a little too late for that.
that a radiological dispersal device commonly known as Dirty bomb loose in DC? We don't even know there is a dirty bomb.
Nope, but it's good for ratings.
Corporal Vega Gibbs is gonna want a full briefing when he gets done talking to Vance.
What do we got? Well, we did a preliminary workup while you were showering for the third time.
Lance Corporal Roman Vega.
- Born in Lima, Peru, 1981.
- He and his younger brother, Alfonso, went to live with their aunt in Maryland after their parents were killed.
Cell records show that Roman called to his brother During the police chase.
- Let's bring him in.
- No one knows where he is.
Well, then find him! - Kind of busy, Leon.
- You're gonna want to hear this.
Special Agent Gibbs, meet Walter Kane.
I'm glad to finally meet you, Gunny.
Been following you for some time.
Yeah? Really? What, on my blog? Not exactly, but I do my own research.
I knew we'd be meeting up eventually.
How's that? Lance Corporal Roman Vega.
Kane runs a private intelligence firm.
- They do work for the Pentagon.
- Between Iraq and Afghanistan, our country's own intel services are stretched thin, so We outsource firms like Mr.
Kane's for countries that we're not at war with.
- Like Peru.
- Good guess.
We handle it exclusively.
Currently, we're tracking a group out of Lima called Libertad Nueva.
Means New liberty? They claim to be a grassroots organization, formed to protest US anti-drug policies in Peru.
Which they say have caused civilian casualties.
It's a lie.
They're not freedom fighters.
They're drug dealers who just want the US out of their hair.
We think they're planning an attack, hoping to weaken our resolve.
What do you got on Vega? Well, he's been seen with suspected LN members in Lima.
And for a man with no family in Peru, he travels there quite a bit.
That's it? That and the fact that his car glows in the dark.
I don't deny our intelligence linking Vega to these terrorists is slim.
We're victims of budget cuts like everyone else, but we're sure there's a cell here.
And Vega was our only link to them.
Thank you.
We'll take it from here.
Thank you, sir.
I have to testify before the Senate.
An upcoming defense contractor bill.
Reason we don't have money for real intelligence is the boys on the Hill love to spend money on toys that we don't really need.
Vega just checked his e-mail.
Belmont hotel.
I'll be right down.
Got a lead on Roman's brother.
He just logged on to his e-mail account.
Belmont hotel.
Hotel manager said Vega came into the lobby two hours ago, - Used the guest computer - Then checked into room 102.
People have been coming and going ever since.
What kind? He said the kind of people he wouldn't want to mess with.
- We knocking? - No! Would you like the honors? Oh, yeah.
I forgot.
NCIS! Federal agents! - What the? - Put them down! - You put them down! Federal agents.
- Don't see any I.
That won't be necessary.
Put your weapons down.
Hello, Mr.
You know each other? He's my client.
Your "client"? That's right.
Since when, Alfonso? Don't answer that.
This is going to get ugly.
- I hope so.
- Go on.
Get out of here.
- Will you turn that thing off? - Give us a minute.
Don't worry, it'll be okay.
Come on.
- Have you seen the news lately? - I have.
- We don't have time for this.
- For what? The rule of law? I don't have a problem with the law.
Roman Vega was a new client of mine.
He contacted me a few weeks ago.
About? Sorry, attorney-client privilege.
After Mr.
Vega was killed, his brother called me.
He was scared.
He wanted to talk.
Don't bother asking me about What? As a precaution, I told him to meet me here, and I arranged for private security.
Colonel Bell's men? Colonel Bell owed me a favor after I rescued him from that Mexican hellhole you sent him to.
Not me, the rule of law.
Which also says I have the right to talk to Alfonso.
Yes, it does.
And you're more than welcome, as long as I'm in the room.
- Did I miss it? - Nope, just starting.
Where's Ziva? Bringing the popcorn.
Gibbs is trying to make you nervous.
Don't let him.
Special Agent.
Excuse me? Special Agent Gibbs.
And I'm not trying to make you nervous.
I just need answers.
And I think you want answers, too, considering your brother is dead.
Now he's trying to piss you off.
Just ask the questions.
You talked to your brother, right, before the explosion? Yeah.
What did he say? He told me to run.
- Why? - Don't answer that.
Did he tell you why he was transporting radioactive material? Don't answer that.
Did you know that he was a member of Libertad Nueva? Looks like you didn't.
Nicely done.
Ziva better hurry, or she is going to miss it.
Would you like to confer with your client? Because I think he knows something you don't know.
- Roman didn't do anything wrong.
- We need a moment alone.
Yes! He's fishing, And that's dangerous.
Gibbs has put plenty of guilty men behind bars, but - he's also put some innocent ones away.
- What's Libertad Nueva? They're drug dealers, terrorists.
Roman would never be involved in.
- But he was involved with something.
- Don't answer that.
I want answers, too.
Don't know what he was messed up in, but whatever it was had him really freaked out.
He wouldn't give me any details, but He wanted you to do something.
I work for a cell phone company.
He asked me to back-trace some calls to a warehouse in Virginia.
He wouldn't tell me why.
He just told me not to trust anybody.
I hope I'm not making a mistake trusting you.
- Think he's telling the truth? - He's telling a story, not sure whose.
The popcorn! I burnt the first batch, but DiNozzo, take Ziva and check out that warehouse.
Taking Ziva.
Checking out the warehouse.
Well, I'm sure you're feeling pretty satisfied.
I am going to go get a haircut.
I'm feeling pretty satisfied.
Then you can release my client.
I can.
You have no right to hold him.
You haven't charged him with anything.
Don't need to.
Spoken like a third world dictator.
I don't make the rules.
He's telling the truth, he's better off here.
How noble of you.
Fine! Then if he's staying, I'm staying.
Just past the door to the vending machines.
Gun battle? Hand-to-hand? Knife fight? Right? Something about our friendly neighborhood counselor makes you think she might be good with a blade.
Well, she is tenacious.
And training is important in a knife fight, but not as important as spirit.
What is that? It's a Geiger counter.
Can't be too careful.
What do you think Corporal Vega was doing at an empty warehouse? I don't know.
Why don't you pick the lock and find out.
We do not have a warrant? This building is foreclosed, which means it's owned by the banks, and since the people own the banks, I think technically we own the building.
Lock picked.
I do not think our friendly neighborhood counselor would approve.
Let her spend a night working a homicide.
Tell ya Things aren't so black and white when the walls are all splattered with red, are they? Or when your way of life is threatened.
Wait a second.
Are you mocking me? No, Tony.
I was not mocking you.
It's just that when I was held hostage in Somalia, Saleem used similar justifications for his actions.
Saleem Caf-Pow!-Swilling sociopath was a terrorist, Ziva.
I'm sure he would say he was just protecting his way of life.
You're not seriously defending him, are you? No, Tony.
His actions were indefensible, Regardless of his reasons.
And that is my point.
This country holds itself to a higher standard.
It is a nation of laws, which are to be followed not only when it is convenient or easy.
I have seen firsthand what happens when convenience wins out.
You never talk about it.
What is there to talk about? Come on, Ziva.
What Saleem did was bad enough.
Becoming like him would be worse.
The food is fresh.
Whoever was here left in a hurry.
They had a little bonfire before they split.
Acetone hydroxide.
Lots of wires.
A couple of timers.
They were building a bomb.
It's definitely the dirty kind.
I found traces of cobalt-60 on all of the evidence that Tony and Ziva brought in.
Is it safe? Yeah, totally.
This was just way too cool to take off.
I like the sound it makes when I move.
So did Tony and Ziva get any prints? Hundreds.
But judging by the decomposition of skin oil, I'm thinking that they belong to the building's old occupants.
- I'm running them now.
- Any idea how big a bomb could be out? It looks like they mixed enough acetone hydroxide to blow up Roman Vega's car, like, five times over.
So most of it is still out there.
Tony and Ziva also found an old laptop.
It's burnt to a crisp, but I still think I can get something off the hard drive.
All right, let me know.
I've got to report back to Gibbs.
Wait, wait, wait! - What? - I can't believe this.
I had my whole presentation timed out perfectly.
So when I said, "I can still pull something off the hard drive", my decryption algorithm was supposed to Better late than never.
Okay, so, there's only two things on the laptop: An encrypted video file and solitaire.
I guess terrorists get bored, too.
Here's the file.
Hola, Mis hermanos.
Get the package in position.
Wait for my order to detonate.
I repeat: Do not detonate until you hear from me.
Buena suerte.
I'm guessing by "package", he means "bomb".
Look at the bright side.
If there's a bomb out there, with Corporal Vega dead, we've bought some time.
I'm afraid not as much as you might think.
I need to talk to Gibbs.
The cause of death was as we expected.
Multiple traumas caused by the Sorry Agent DiNozzo actually invited me to It's not important.
Won't happen again.
Yes, well Dismemberment was the cause of death.
I found a wound that, predates the blast.
- It's a cigarette lighter? - Yeah.
It's the one from the car and the angle suggests that it was not self-inflicted.
He wasn't in the car alone, then? Well, whoever was there with him apparently got out of the car at some point during the police chase.
But that's not why I called you down here.
Palmer, I just sent some DNA up to Abby for positive identification, but before that, we made a dental impression of the most perfect set of teeth I've ever seen.
Not a single cavity.
No rotations.
Had all of his wisdom teeth.
Something Corporal Vega did not have.
This isn't Vega.
Yeah, the Corporal is alive to give whatever orders he wishes, whenever he wishes.
This isn't Corporal Vega? Then who is it? His name's John Cook.
Former Sergeant.
Served briefly in the second Gulf War before being dishonorably discharged for looting.
Ducky finally found intact DNA.
- Victim or involved? - Involved.
Abby lifted his prints off of one of the bomb timers Tony and Ziva found in the warehouse.
So Cook makes the bombs, and Vega gives the when and where.
So, when and where? We're working on it.
Unfortunately, Cook was our best link to Vega.
We've been doing deep background, going through credit card statements.
So far, nothing unusual shows up.
Back it up.
Mallard's report said Cook had perfect teeth, right? - That's right.
- These right here.
Then why was he going to a new dentist every two days? That does qualify as unusual.
I'm gonna go find out.
I have to brief the Joint Chiefs.
You have any idea how Vega plans to relay the detonation orders? - Take your choice.
- Then we prepare for the worst.
I've been told that the risk of radiation exposure from a dirty bomb is fairly negligible.
Most of the injuries will be from the explosion itself.
But the real threat to the city is panic.
That's why they call the dirty bombs weapons of mass disruption.
When people get scared, it gets deadly.
- Well, they are scared, Leon.
- I've been having second thoughts about my testimony against the defense contractor bill.
Seemed like overkill.
Oh, yes, I remember him.
A walk-in.
Showed up, wanted his teeth cleaned.
Then he left.
Did you notice anything unusual? Only that he had about the most perfect teeth I'd ever seen.
We heard from the last two dentists we visited.
Well, working on him was almost orgasmic.
Didn't really need to hear that.
His retromolar pad was shaped just like a renaissance bosom.
We're gonna go.
Thank you.
You think he had something to do with the robbery? Robbery? Isn't that why you're here? Couple days later, someone broke in.
Thieves cleaned out all our X-ray machines.
How many exactly? Well, in the entire practice And these weren't those cheap tube machines.
These were top-of-the-line cobalt-based units.
Excuse me, Dr.
Shore, you're needed in room 1.
Yes, I'm on my way.
Thank you.
I have a patient waiting.
Is that all? - No, that's all for now.
- Thank you.
Well, that explains the credit card charges.
Cook was casing dentists' offices, looking for radioactive material.
At the dentist? It's the dirty secret about dirty bombs.
Sources are everywhere.
Oil platforms, medical equipment.
There's too many to keep track of.
Is the cobalt of 15 machines enough to make a dirty bomb? Once the material's powderized, it's enough to make five.
You tell Gibbs.
Okay, well, get back here.
There's computery stuff for you to do.
Tell Gibbs about what? Still here, how nice.
I told you I'm not leaving until my client is released.
We could always have security escort you out.
I was just playing with words, putting them together in random order.
Now that is Gibbs' desk.
Where is Mr.
Gibbs? He hasn't left MTAC all day.
- I hope it's not because of me.
- It's probably more to do with the impending terrorist attack your client is planning.
Allegedly planning.
And I was as surprised as you were that he was still alive.
Tell me something.
Who cuts Mr.
Gibbs' hair? Excuse me? I think you can tell a lot about a man by who cuts his hair.
Who cuts your hair? My sister.
She has for years.
I imagine you spend more on your hair than it'd cost to feed a third world family for a year.
How much does that cost? And Mr.
Gibbs well, I see him getting his hair cut at the same mom-and-pop shop he's been going to for years.
Get out of my chair.
You talk to McGee? Five.
What's the plan? I would be happy to leave as soon as you release my client.
Like I said before, he's better off here.
Is that how you justify denying him his right of habeas corpus? - Is that what I'm doing? - You know what I can justify? Filing suit against NCIS and you personally for violating over ten Federal and State constitutional protections.
Calling security, yeah.
Let him go.
Let him go? You heard him.
Release my client.
Releasing the client.
I have a visual on the target.
He's being cautious.
This is the third place he stopped after his lawyer dropped him off at home.
But the first time he has sent his taxi away.
Why do I get a funny feeling Gibbs planned on using this guy as bait from the beginning? Because he is Gibbs.
I sure hope I'm not around when Miss Hart finds out he used her client as bait.
Or maybe I do.
This is all assuming the brothers had a prearranged meeting place.
He's here.
Yes, we should think positive.
I mean, he's here.
Right in front of me, coming out the door.
All right, let's take him.
I screwed up, it's my fault.
All right NCIS.
Freeze! He said freeze! You're making a mistake.
Really? Good.
I know someplace quaint we can talk.
I told your agents I want to talk to my lawyer.
She's on her way.
So, you can't ask me any questions.
That is right.
You know you got the wrong guy.
I am not a terrorist.
Hola, Mis Hermanos.
Get the package in position.
Wait for my order to detonate.
- I can explain that.
- I can't wait.
All right, screw the lawyer.
I What is that? An attorney waiver.
What is the matter with you, Marine?! - I'm being set up.
- By who? I don't know his name.
He said he worked for the Department of Defense.
Said they needed native Spanish speakers to perform - in a top secret training video.
- That him? - That's him.
- Well, he does not work for the DOD.
He had all the credentials.
He took me to this building.
It was set up to look like a terrorist hideout.
I recorded all kinds of messages for the video.
BioTerror, dirty bomb attacks.
Hell, I even did a militia insurrection.
- It was all fake.
- Not all.
- It was supposed to be.
- It wasn't! A few days later, I noticed I was followed.
So, I got suspicious, and I started asking around about the training program.
No one had heard about it.
I knew I was in trouble.
And you go hire a lawyer instead of going to your superior? Look, I didn't know who to trust.
I read an article about this woman.
Heard that she helps people like me.
We played phone tag for a while, and before we could talk, my recruiter shows up, and he sticks a gun in my back, and he says, "drive".
Luckily, I saw a cop.
I blew a stop sign to get attention.
I bailed in an alley during the chase.
My recruiter had no choice but to keep on going.
I called my brother, And then, I heard the explosion right after.
And then what, you just play dead until you figure out what else to do? Do you believe me? Well, you'd better, because whatever terrorist attack they're planning, I don't know a thing about it.
Yeah, well, the cell records do confirm the game of phone tag with the lawyer, and, we found traces of blood on the street where Vega said he leapt from the car.
His blood? Down to the last chromosome.
What about the trips to Peru? Looks like pleasure, not business.
Her name is Gloria Garcia Ramirez De Arroyo Fuentes.
She's a nurse in Lima.
There's no way he's our guy.
Not a suicide bomber in the world who'd have a girlfriend looks like that.
Unless, you know, your gut says otherwise.
He said he was set up.
Libertad Nueva needed a fall guy.
And Corporal Vega fit the profile.
Well, I guess we can assume the upcoming attack's real.
It's too bad we lost our number one suspect.
But we do have a number two: the dentist.
I sent a forensic team to his place.
Assistant said he left for lunch after our visit, never returned.
- Get a Bolo.
- Already out.
That's not why I came down here.
You have to see this.
Received verification from several sources, and now ZNN can confirm the message was e-mailed to our Washington bureau chief.
It warns that, unless the US agrees to halt its anti-drug operations in Peru, Libertad Nueva is going to blow one dirty bomb per day in the DC metro area, starting in one hour.
Homeland security is advising people to stay home.
Panic is the greater threat at this time.
I need a copy of that e-mail now.
- On it.
- DiNozzo - You need to talk to metro PD Chief.
- McGee, find the dentist.
- Already on it.
- Gibbs, tell me you got something.
The Joint Chiefs want a sit-rep now.
What can I give 'em? Not Vega.
I heard.
What can I give you? - Lawyer.
- Already banned her from the building, but she's the least of our concerns.
We've already had two traffic fatalities in the rush to get out of the city.
- Do you have any leads on the target? - Boss, I think I got something here.
Our dentist may be MIA, But there's activity on a site he belongs to called "oralhappiness.
com" a social networking site for oral care providers.
Anyway, uploaded photos of a bus station off G street.
Either this guy has a serious greyhound fetish Anybody else looking at these? Well, the photos were recently viewed.
From behind a firewall, but the IP address is out of Peru.
It must be how they're relaying information on the target.
Let's go.
We're moving.
- Bomb squad's on their way.
- They're not going to make it.
DiNozzo, Ziva, coordinate with local LEOs.
Evacuate the building, but nobody leaves! All right, Gibbs.
Radiation sensors.
They'll only work if the bomb is unshielded, but it's better than nothing.
Come on, you're with me! - Where are we going? - To find the bomb! Don't make me say it, McGee.
We'll be careful, Tony.
Hey, how much time? - Less than five.
- What are we looking for? In a inside setting like this, something small.
How small? Briefcase, maybe smaller.
It's somewhere over here, but something is blocking the sensor.
Evacuate mission is complete.
You want us to hold our position? Yeah, you stay outside.
Gives a whole new spin to "dirty bomb".
- That's why it was blocking our sensor.
- You recognize the design? Not really, I mean, I know the good old black and red wires probably supplies the power.
We're going to have to do better than a probably.
- We definitely have time to run.
- Then run.
The building's been evacuated.
We just let it blow.
Boss, the, the threat of contamination is minimal.
Go! That's an order.
Now, leave.
It's an order I'm disobeying.
OK, if it's a tamper-resistant circuit, we're dead, but I'd say cut the black I was going to say black, but I guess red works.
Actually, no, it didn't.
McGee was right.
There's a tamper-resistant circuit.
As soon as you cut any of the wires, the bomb should have detonated.
I'm still here, Abs.
The explosive was mixed incorrectly.
The first batch was made too unstable, so it blew up Roman Vega's trunk.
I don't know, I guess they overcompensated for the second batch, made it too lean.
These terrorists, they get an "A" for terrorizing, but, gratefully, an "F" in chemistry.
Been over the security tapes, Boss.
Whoever planted the bomb knew to avoid the cameras.
I vote for the dentist.
Ever since Marathon Man, I always vote for the dentist.
If it was him, that'll be the last bomb he was planting.
Look at this, Boss.
Bolo came back.
Metro PD found his body under the McGregor Bridge.
They're calling it a suicide.
Yep, left a note.
Took credit for everything.
Did he now? Guy disappears suspiciously.
Then plants a bomb for a terrorist group he has no connection to.
Yeah, and then kills himself.
I usually like things all nice and tidy.
It does not add up.
Libertad Nueva has been very careful up until now.
Vega was their original fall guy.
Maybe they're improvising now.
Despite calls for calm from several government agencies, panic has engulfed the city.
What about the other four bombs? If you're wrong, we're putting a lot of lives in jeopardy.
I'm not.
I got here as quick as I could.
Thank you.
As our resident Libertad Nueva expert, I wanted to get your take on something before I went to the Joint Chiefs.
The next bomb is set to go off in 12 hours.
To prepare, Agent Gibbs thinks that we should do nothing.
Nothing? Not gonna be another bomb.
Yeah, he says it's all for show.
LN isn't given to making idle threats.
What's the endgame? The Senate is set to vote on a new defense bill tonight.
It's a terrible bill, it was never going to pass.
Gave away billions in pork to defense contractors.
But now, after the attacks, looks like it might go through.
What, you think Libertad Nueva is trying to influence the Senate vote? No, you are.
Did some checking.
Your company stands to make 10 of millions of dollars if that bill should pass.
The funny thing about all the intel we got on Libertad Nueva, it comes from your company.
All we could verify independently of the group was a kid with a web site.
You know, it's not unheard of for somebody in your position to amplify things for their own personal gain.
People get scared, they make bad decisions.
You were counting on it.
You cooked the intelligence, you created a fake sleeper cell.
No senator would ever vote against any defense bill at threat level red.
This is ridiculous.
Sit down.
Our people traced the IP address that uploaded the bus station photos.
Came from a computer in your office.
You did your best to camouflage it.
Well, I guess we just have better nerds than you do.
You cop to it now, right now, you let me get this city off alert, I'll ask the Attorney General to waive the death penalty.
You got ten seconds.
After that, you can start thinking about which vein you want us to shut you off with.
Five seconds.
I'll need to talk to my lawyers first.
Yeah, I bet you do.
We finally traced the photos from the bus station.
They came from a computer in Kane's office.
You were bluffing.
Cuff him.
Am I the only one who needs a warrant? Door was unlocked.
Well, that's going to end soon.
How dare you use my client as bait! Your client was lying to me.
He knew how to find his brother.
He was protecting his brother.
Roman was innocent, in case you didn't notice.
Then he didn't need protection.
Is that how it works? You never put the wrong guy away? And you've never helped the wrong guy get away? That's a very nice suit you're wearing.
Roman Vega isn't going to pay for that.
It's scum like Colonel Bell that do.
Everyone is entitled to a defense.
Yeah, but you don't have to be the one to do it.
I guess with rates like yours, you don't ask too many questions.
I do plenty of pro bono work.
Yeah, you know what? I checked into that.
You get I don't know maybe five requests a week, but the only ones you seem to do are the ones that take you across my path.
Are you really that conceited? You're standing in my house! You didn't know anything about Vega's case, but you took him on as a client anyway.
He needed help.
You knew that it was going to land you in front of me.
Don't flatter yourself.
Yet here you are again.
I have my reasons.
And I have a job to do.
And you keep getting in the way.