NCIS s07e19 Episode Script

Guilty Pleasure

Brett Lee, the quarterback, is dating Stacy Miller? I swear to God, I saw his hand on her butt, walking to French.
Can we please talk about something else? How about anything else? Look at this picture I found on her Facebook page.
She's so nasty.
Skanky and ugly.
- Skugly.
- Look out! I swear, I barely hit him.
Oh, my God.
- Let's go check.
- I can't believe this.
Oh, my God.
Did I do that? - He's been stabbed.
- Call 911.
Get off Facebook and dial! NCIS Season 7 Episode 19 Guilty Pleasure 1.
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Good morning.
Is it, Tim? I don't see why it wouldn't be.
- What's wrong? - You stood me up last night.
- No, I didn't.
- You did.
No, I did not, Tony.
What is today? Today is the day after the night when you were supposed to meet me at the bar at the Air and Space Museum.
- Are you two dating now? - No.
Tony is using me as his pimp.
I went to college with a girl who works at the museum.
Lunar Modules.
That's her specialty.
Tony wants me to introduce them.
To fix them up.
Tony needs help with a woman? I need a geek wingman.
- McGeek qualifies.
- See that, Tony? This shows that tomorrow night is when we're supposed to get together.
I sent you 15 texts.
I sat there for three hours.
I waited for you.
I called.
I was in the bathtub.
Why do you do that? Every morning I come in, you get one of the donuts with the sprinkles on it, and you spend half an hour picking all those sprinkles off.
What's your point? Why just buy one without the sprinkles? Stay out of my business.
It's part of my ritual.
What do you care? And the little huffing and puffing Are you trying to blow the coffee down? Why not one long blow? DiNozzo.
It's McGee.
Listen, I have to cancel tomorrow night.
Have a good day.
- Not answering.
- Answer it.
You and me, McGee we're done.
No argument here.
You know what, you two? I have actually heard of this.
You two are having a seven-year bitch.
- And yes, we are.
- You two are like a married couple.
No, they're not.
They're still speaking.
Let's go.
Grab your gear.
Got a dead sailor in Norfolk.
Victim is Navy Lieutenant Justin Moss.
Worked for the Office of Public Affairs.
Married, no children.
This is his house.
First he gets stabbed, then hit by car.
That's a rough day.
Yeah, whoever stabbed him used a big knife.
Like a combat knife or a kukri.
- Kukri? - Yeah.
It's a weapon used by the Gurkhas to great effect.
Though I doubt a Gurkha had anything to do with this.
Well, the kids in the car said that Moss wandered into the street.
- You check his house? - Ziva's in there now.
Looked clean.
No blood.
Wife's not at home.
Blood drop pattern does indicate that he was walking toward his house.
Well, severe loss of blood can lead to disorientation.
It's well documented.
There was a case in New York, the victim of a car crash.
He staggered home, went to bed, and he woke the next morning to find his left hand missing.
- Maybe he was a righty.
- He bled to death, Duck.
Not here.
Our lieutenant was stabbed elsewhere.
His clothes are soaked, but there's no blood on the road.
- It's not our crime scene, huh? - No, afraid not.
Blood trail heads up the hill.
Hey, McGee.
- Together? - Yeah, together.
Why'd the dead guy cross the road? To get home.
You were funnier when you were fatter.
Well, well.
What do we have here? I guess we've found our crime scene.
Got I.
's? Thanks.
Here's our blood trail all the way through the forest to a motel I was wondering when you were going to show up.
Dispatcher said NCIS wasn't far away.
Detective McCadden.
We got a body if you got a crime scene.
"Quid pro quo, Clarice.
" Silence of the Lambs.
Nice movie reference.
And a nice Chianti.
We're going to need everything you've processed so far.
He knows the drill, Tim.
- What do you got, McC? - Follow me.
McC Looks like something out of Kill Bill.
- Volume 1.
- Volume 1.
Room was rented to Justin Moss.
That's our victim.
Housekeeping called it in when they found the mess.
Found a few hair samples.
No prints, but got a wine bottle and a couple of glasses.
Dead guy had company.
Ma'am, this is a secured area! - Ma'am, stay back.
- Justin?! Oh, my God! We're going to ask you to step back.
This is a crime scene.
I'm Emily Moss.
Where's my husband? What happened? Your husband is Lieutenant Justin Moss? Yes.
I was supposed to come pick him up.
He was meeting someone here.
- Do you know who? - Of course.
He was with a prostitute.
I just don't understand how this could have happened.
If that tramp touched my husband, I'm going to kill her.
But you knew he was meeting with an escort.
Justin was a reporter for the Navy Herald.
He was doing a piece on high-priced call girls in Norfolk.
So, he was interviewing escorts for his story.
Justin wanted to write about how they lived, how they worked, how Norfolk's Navy population influenced their business.
He was very professional about it.
Did he, by any chance, give you the name of the woman he was interviewing? No, but he'd spoken with her a few times.
It was an ongoing assignment? Justin would never cheat on me.
If that's what you're implying No, Ma'am.
Absolutely not.
Navy Lieutenant Justin Moss.
Clean service record, no criminal activity, worked as a journalist for the Navy Herald as well as his assignment at Norfolk Naval Air Base.
- How about the woman he was with? - She's still unidentified.
According to Moss's banking records, he made a $1,000 cash withdrawal - before meeting her in the motel room.
- Journalists don't pay for interviews.
Two more withdrawals were made in the same amount in the last month.
Wonder what a grand buys you these days.
Anyway I'm looking at Moss's date planner here, Boss.
The dates of his cash withdrawals correspond to days he met her.
All previous meetings have been at a bar in Norfolk called The Liberty Square.
Check the security cameras from the bar.
We need an I.
on this woman.
Maybe the wife put an end to her husband's investigative probing with a steak knife.
The bad stuff is easier to believe.
That's a line from Pretty Woman.
I have a call in to Justin's editor at the Navy Herald.
Take McGee with you.
Look any similar homicides in the area in the past 12 to 18 months.
Will do.
Go with McCadden.
I want you two working together on this.
I like that.
Murdered?! I'm surprised your newspaper's not already covering it.
Lieutenant Moss was writing a story on escorts in Norfolk? Yeah.
Justin was fascinated.
He had this grand idea to turn the article into some in-depth exposé.
- We need a copy of the story and - He hadn't turned anything in yet.
Did you know that he was paying to spend time with her? It's not uncommon for a reporter to throw around a few bucks to get a story.
Moss paid $1,000 every time they met.
The lines between business and pleasure can sometimes get blurred.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.
Lieutenant Moss met his.
No time for small talk.
There's way to much to tell.
- I only said "Abby", Abby.
- Well, now you've said it thrice.
I have been scrubbing through the motel security footage.
It's grainy and it's from far away, but you can see a female-ish hunk of pixels coming and then going, an hour later.
Lot of time for a hanky-panky with our dead journalist before she killed him.
If she did it.
And by "did it", I mean "if she killed him", - not "did it" like "if she did it".
- You got her name? Okay, motel footage? Not so hot.
But the footage that McGee got from the bar muy caliente.
Using Moss' calendar, I was able to match a previous date and time of a meeting between the Lieutenant and our mystery woman, thus Voilà.
Her face on file? Charlotte Cook.
She was busted for prostitution two years ago.
If you get me a DNA sample, I could match that to the hairs found in the motel, and we can put her at the crime scene.
She's been arrested before and her DNA's not on file? Yeah.
She must have had a really good lawyer.
She was bailed out in a heartbeat and charges were dropped.
Guess who she used to work for? Holly Snow.
The former DC madam.
You should talk to her, Gibbs.
Look, she's giving seminars on sexual harassment to government employees as part of her plea deal.
- Right.
Community service.
- I guess she she would know a lot about sex, huh? And harassment.
I don't think I could be an escort.
I'm really friendly and-and I'm a really good listener and I like men, but - Yes? - Find Charlotte Cook.
Escape from Alcatraz.
I'm tempted to go with Dirty Harry.
But I'm going to say the best film set in San Francisco is Vertigo.
Finally, somebody gets it.
They're showing a restored print of Road Warrior in Norfolk on Friday.
Want to go? "Just walk away.
I'll spare your lives for that tank of gas.
" "Humungus.
" Yes, we're going! - Detective McCadden - You can call him "McC".
These show that you have unsolved homicides of a similar nature to this one.
Three previous murders in Norfolk in the past six months.
All males, all stabbed in the back.
And all with the same wound patterns.
You have a multiple offender.
We have a multiple offender.
Now, the only pertinent news I have for you is that our reporter did not have relations with his escort before his death.
- He wasn't paying for it, Duck? - Her time, yes, her body, no.
He was telling his wife the truth.
Our missing woman could be killing off her clients.
- Why? - Robbery, revenge, resentment.
I don't think you can rule out fetish.
Yeah, McGee.
Boss, Charlotte Cook moved out of her apartment eight months ago.
There's no credit card trail, no phone in her legal name.
She is off the grid.
Women interpret things differently than men.
A glance a smile can all be taken in different ways.
We have to be careful what we say and how we say it as some of my former clients could easily attest.
However the the importance of maintaining a comfortable workplace cannot be downplayed.
Something I've always taken seriously, regardless of what line of work I was in.
Why don't we go ahead and take a, um, ten-minute break? That was interesting.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Agent Gibbs.
Are you checking up on me? No.
You know I never did thank you for the jewelry.
I usually prefer Tiffany's, but I can wear this in the bathtub.
Well, I wouldn't complain, Holly.
Suspended sentence, no prison time.
You got off pretty easy.
You try not being able to go more than two miles from your home someday.
I did.
Little beach shack in Mexico called "retirement".
I liked it.
- And why'd you jump back in? - Not here to talk about me.
Why are you here? I need to find Charlotte Cook.
I can't help you.
Part of my sentence was to stay away from my former employees.
- Why, is she in trouble? - Yeah, she's a suspect in four murders.
No, it's not possible.
I know women.
I used to work with.
Well, then you know where she is.
Gibbs, if you couldn't find her, what makes you think that I can? Although Although it's gonna cost me? My rates have always been very reasonable, Special Agent Gibbs.
I'm just looking for a little change of pace.
And this That's a deal-breaker.
You need me, Gibbs.
Use me.
How do we find her? Put me back in business.
She'll find me.
You want to do what?! Don't want to.
Need to.
A lot of important people worked very hard to get Holly Snow her plea deal so that she would go away.
Well, she's back.
They buried Holly and they buried her little black book, and you want to put her back in business? Holly gets us Charlotte.
So you think that when word gets out, Charlotte's gonna magically call her? No, nothing magic about it.
Holly's departure was pretty high-profile.
- People are gonna buy that she's back? - Think they'll want to.
- All right, then what? - Holly arranges a date.
We bust Charlotte for solicitation.
We bring her in.
Which gives us the right to test for DNA.
If it matches the hairs found in the motel room We have our killer.
Or we might have someone that saw him.
Either way, you have leverage on Charlotte, and she has to cooperate.
That's the plan.
Well, that's easier said than done.
It's sex, Leon.
Ain't nothin' easy about sex.
- Am I interrupting? - No, we have hit a lull.
Miss Snow's been back in business for one hour.
We received 16 calls, and none of them are Charlotte.
You know, you would think United States Senators would use blocked numbers.
Excuse me.
I have to drop these off to Autopsy.
I'm Abby Sciuto.
I've been, um, following your career.
Am I flattered or offended? Both.
- Love your shoes.
- Love your shoes.
They're Manuel Aris Milan.
Makes 'em by hand.
Gothic Sole, made by some big heavy loud piece of machinery in, like, Malaysia.
Is something on your mind, Abby? You have a problem with my line of work.
Do you have legal, moral or women's issues with it? All of the above.
Yeah, me, too.
And now I'm paying for it.
This is a pre-paid cell.
I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number.
- It's me.
How are you?! - I'm just fine! - I'm doing well.
- Oh, good, good.
So the rumors are true.
Actually, I have somebody who would be interested in meeting with you.
light KB, possible M-O-X, half around.
- Sounds fun.
Where? - The Adams House Hotel.
Ask for Eddie at the concierge desk.
He'll give you the key.
- It's good to have you back.
- It's good to be back.
- I'll call you later.
- All right.
It was nice to meet you, Miss Snow I think.
Miss Snow, can I ask you a quick question? When you told Charlotte what the client wanted, you mentioned a couple things: "KB, M-O-X, half around.
" What does that stuff mean? Check the Internet.
Not there.
She'll look.
- You've taught 'em well.
- This is DC, Agent McGee.
Everybody's looking for dirt on everybody else.
- What in the world did you do in there? - Just freshening up.
Actually cut myself shaving, if you can believe it.
They got a nice aftershave in there, jasmine and ginger.
You're not compensating with the jacket and everything? I saw a photo of this girl.
She's used to the upper-echelon clientèle.
Picked this up down in the gift shop.
It's classy.
Take it off, Hef.
And mess up your hair a little.
- Sweat? - This place smells like a setup.
A john acts like a john.
At these prices, he's not looking to impress the girl.
He wants to be impressed.
This will kill the mouthwash smell, please drink it.
That's rich, instructing a DiNozzo how to act around women.
What's the matter with you? You act like you don't know what you're doing, and she's gonna leave.
Pretend like you've done this before.
What makes you think I haven't done this before? Because you're wearing underwear straight out of the package.
You know, that could have fallen out of the jacket 'cause it's new from the gift shop.
- Who do you think I am? - A businessman pressed for time looking to have a little fun before you get on the train back to Wilmington.
She's here to make you forget that she's an escort.
She's faking, you're not.
Got it? A woman's never been able to tell when I was faking.
Ask for something off-menu, something spontaneous that I didn't approve.
She'll call me.
She won't be able to reach me, and rather than refuse the job - Right.
- Right.
So what exactly am I asking for? - Here's you earwig.
- I'll let you know.
Testing this is Very Special Agent DiNozzo.
- We're good.
- This had better work.
Is that a threat? Come on in.
Guess you're not room service, huh? Now, listen Shut up! - It's fun to watch.
- You've been a bad boy.
Tony, tell her you want to change the menu.
I want to change the menu.
You want the spicy Canton.
- The what? - Pardon? I want the spicy Canton.
Please? Let me make a call.
Okay, put the envelope on the table and go into the bathroom.
I'm just Daddy's gonna make wee-wee.
Did he just really say that? Yeah, that's him improvising.
You've reached my voicemail.
Please leave a message.
Okay, she's taking the money.
Charlotte Cook, NCIS.
You're under arrest.
- It's not what you think, Char.
- Then what is it, Holly? I trusted you.
I know.
Char, I'm sorry.
I guess she'll never know what she missed.
Or how lucky she is.
I'm just going to take a cold shower, Boss.
Special Agent Gibbs, your little sting was entrapment.
- Come on.
We're leaving.
- Sit down, Dwight.
Cook did nothing wrong.
She's a prostitute.
Was a prostitute.
She thought the envelope that she found was lost.
She intended on turning it back in.
You have no grounds to hold my client.
How about murder? Four murders to be exact.
I've also got your client meeting with Lieutenant Justin Moss.
Hair, found at the motel where he was killed, matches your client's.
- You were the last one to see Moss.
- So she was there.
These three were clients, but not the reporter.
We just talked.
He was nice enough, so I didn't mind.
No one had ever wanted to know my story before, and I just wanted - Stop talking.
- What happened at the motel? - You say something to Moss? - Don't.
I didn't kill anybody.
You know what? We're gonna need a few moments, please.
Who charges more, Dwight, you or her? You can take all the time you need.
She's staying.
- On what charges? - No charges.
Material witness.
Hey coffee? Cream, two sugars.
I can't be bought, Gibbs.
I'm sorry.
Judge's orders.
Charlotte's not your killer.
- How do you know that? - I know people.
That's what I get paid for.
Were paid for.
I've been with the violent ones.
She's not one of them.
So aren't you going to ask? How'd a nice girl like me, blah, blah, blah? Come on, you know you want to.
I don't care.
He doesn't care.
Somebody approached me when I was at Wellesley.
I was an art history major.
Big student loans.
No family.
And I was working three jobs.
Then I found out how much I could make in another line of work.
And they say you can't make money with a liberal arts degree.
I didn't know you had a sense of humor.
There's a lot you don't know about me.
You just think you do.
I know Charlotte's innocent.
Yeah, Gibbs.
Boss, just got another call from McCadden.
Norfolk PD found another body.
Same M.
, same murder weapon.
Same killer.
Yeah, but the time of death was two hours ago, while Charlotte Cook was in our custody.
Well, you were right, Holly Snow.
All right, favorite film, finale set in a factory, Phil.
Evil Arnie gets crushed by the industrial press.
I like Terminator 2, where the T-1000 falls into the vat of molten steel and then heroic Arnie follows suit.
- Might be better.
- Well, if it isn't T-Cad.
- What? - T-Cad.
It's what I'm calling you guys now.
You know, the cute couples contraction? TomKat, Bennifer, Brangelina? Yeah, we got it, McBitter.
You two are wearing the same suit even.
Building security found the body.
No blood.
Like he was dumped.
Multiple stab wounds to the back.
We've definitely got a fifth victim.
Wounds on his arm, chest.
Guy wasn't easy to take out.
- Put up a fight.
- Killer had to be strong.
- We're probably looking for a male.
- Or Ziva.
Your victim's got a rap sheet.
Busted for solicitation.
You know, one of Charlotte's clients.
Call that into Gibbs.
Come on, Phil.
- Let's get something to eat.
- Yeah, sounds good.
You ever see Diner? It's a nicer room this time.
You recognize your mistakes, Agent Gibbs? No mistake.
Just being thorough.
This won't take long.
It's going to take as long as I say it's going to take.
Another one of your johns, Charlotte.
This is ridiculous.
She's innocent.
You're her alibi.
Five men are dead.
The only thing in common is you.
You need to tell us everything you can.
She has no authority here.
She's here to help your client.
Somebody's following you.
If you keep seeing clients, he will keep killing.
So you really got out, huh? Took a bunch of courage.
I couldn't do it.
Give us a name.
Someone who's gotten physical.
Honey, you can trust me.
She is not giving you the names of men that can testify against her.
- Nice try, though.
- Am I talking to you? Your stupidity is gonna get somebody else killed.
Charlotte, this is about you.
Do you think that he's gonna stop with them? He gets mad at you, you'll end up the same way.
I'm not sure what his last name was.
Said he worked for the State Department.
I met him right after you got arrested.
He plays rough.
Crazy jealous.
He wanted me to stop seeing other men.
Make them think they're the only ones? Sometimes they believe it.
Nicholas you know him? But you'll never believe how.
Okay, slow it down.
I always remember the clingy ones.
Lots of questions.
Not enough personal space.
- That's him.
- Freeze it, McGee.
All right, name tag.
It's a lot easier than a BOLO.
Did you get my Nutter Butters? Hey, slim Tim.
Forgot about that.
I'll bet you did.
You used to get my Nutter Butters.
You taking a little break, are you? Just a little low blood sugar.
Just grabbing a snack, Boss.
I'm back.
Already got a hit on him.
Nicholas Everett? That's what you're going to find out, and I want everything.
Let's go, Holly.
- Where are we going? - I'm taking you home.
And tucking me in? Holly Snow in person.
Best call girl movie ever? - Klute.
- Sutherland, nice.
Leaving Las Vegas.
So you heard about T-Cad? Tony's new bromance.
Honey, don't worry.
It'll be over soon.
I don't care when it's over.
It can go forever as far as I'm concerned.
Somebody needs a hug.
- I need a lead.
- Oh, really? 'Cause I found our killer's blood.
How's that for a case-cracker? Guess where? No, really.
Like, I want you to guess.
- On the knife? - No.
Guess again.
I found trace amounts inside - the stab wounds of our latest victim.
- You got a name? I ran the DNA through the database.
Nothing in the system.
But guess what McGee found? Abby, no more guessing.
Nicholas Everett's credit cards two months ago he purchased a hunting knife called a Sultan Slayer 150.
Murder weapon.
The bevel point and serrated spine of the Sultan Slayer 150 matches the wound patterns of all five victims.
How'd the killer's blood get inside his victims? I've been dying for you to ask me that.
This knife lacks a prominent hilt.
So if it gets slick, like say, if you were stabbing someone, it's hard to grip.
The killer's hand must have slipped down the handle.
Cut himself with his own knife.
As he continued stabbing, bled into the victim's wounds.
Our killer is going to have a slice on the heel or the palm of his hand.
- It's good to work.
- Wait.
Could you give McGee my hug today? Because he really needs one.
I'm good, Boss.
Hey, dug into Nicholas Everett.
Okay, go.
Multiple complaints filed by family, neighbors and work associates for volatile erratic behavior, and he was also arrested for domestic abuse.
Pick him up.
- Probie does a lot for me.
- Really? Seems like such a geek.
You deserve better.
There is no better.
I doubt that, compadre.
Now Ziva I'd get that cupcake a cookie anytime.
Let's wait for him in the lobby like Ness at the steps inThe Untouchables.
It was a train station, Phil.
Remember The Battleship Potemkin? Whatever.
Hold it! Freeze! Back it up! What's the matter with you? Hands in the air.
You got him? - What the hell is this? - Dead johns, Nicky.
I work here.
People are gonna see this.
What? Hands.
Killer had to have some kind of cut.
Everett didn't do it.
Thank you, Abby.
Nicholas Everett's Sultan Slayer knife was as clean as his injury-free hands.
His alibi checks out, too.
Everett was in a court-ordered anger management program - when two of the murders occurred.
- So, you've got nothing.
Phil, I think it's more like we've got nothing.
Except five dead bodies, all killed by the same person, - with the same knife.
- The only connection between our five victims is our high-priced escort Charlotte.
Actually, there is another connection.
The person that introduced her to the clients - Charlotte's old boss.
- Where is Miss Holly Golightly anyway? That's a good question.
She's not home.
She's not answering her cell phone.
- Couldn't have gone far.
- Track her ankle monitor.
Got her signal.
- Yep, she's moving, Boss.
- She's breaking parole.
- McGee, MTAC, now.
- Got it, Boss.
We'll take it from here, Phil.
I think you can hit the road.
You sure? Very.
Where is she going, Gibbs? - I have no idea.
- Get one she's your responsibility.
I didn't chain her to my leg, Leon.
Why not? Other men have paid money to do it.
I want a BOLO out on her car.
Already done.
GPS signal shows her heading towards Alexandria.
Holly's ankle monitor just went off line.
- Maybe her battery's dead? - Or she disabled it.
She's got no reason to.
- That we know of.
- Track her cell, McGee.
It's turned off.
But I bet I can retrieve her most recent text messages from the carrier.
Okay, last message Holly received was from Charlotte less than an hour ago.
Put it up.
She went to help her.
You got Charlotte's cell? Tracking it.
No signal.
Did get a hit on her name, though.
Charlotte Cook's been admitted to a DC emergency room.
Here name was registered in the DVP alert system.
Domestic Violence Protocol.
Charlotte We need to talk.
Who did this to you? I try to be careful.
All these years, I've been lucky.
I guess I just thought if anything happened, then it would be one of them.
But I don't want to make him angrier because Who did this? Other people are going to die.
And then he's going to turn on you.
My boyfriend.
He just gets so jealous.
I tried to confront him about the killings.
Who is your boyfriend? My lawyer.
DiNozzo, put out a BOLO on Dwight Kasdan.
He's a Georgetown lawyer.
And get additional security up here.
On it, Boss.
Where is Holly Snow? I don't know.
You sent her a text.
No, I didn't.
Dwight took my phone, and told me if I if I talked to anybody, he'd kill me.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
Metro PD's sending units to his house and office, and McGee's got a BOLO out on his car.
McGee, cell phone records for Dwight Kasdan.
Already pulled 'em.
Track him.
He's currently in an office complex in Alexandria.
It's a foreclosure.
Kasdan reps the former owner.
You stay with her.
Anyone tries to get in here, you shoot 'em.
Happy to.
You don't have to do this.
Well, if she's not going to stop seeing other men, Holly, I'm gonna make sure they can't see her.
You know what she did for a living.
Did for you, Holly.
I mean, you're the one that got her into this.
It's your fault.
Now I'm gonna get her out.
So, what, are you gonna stab me in the back, too? What's the matter, Dwight? Afraid to look a woman in the eye? It's okay.
Hey, McCadden.
Oh, really? Was that tonight? Yeah, it slipped my mind.
I got tons to do, you know? Us NCIS geeks, just closing out the case.
No, I don't think there's gonna be a next time, Phil.
That was McCadden? Did you dump him, Tony? Has your man-mance come to an end? - I never had a man-mance.
- You had a fling.
Guys don't have flings.
We hang out.
Things were hanging out? That is disgusting.
Cookie, McG? Nutter Butter.
That was very nice.
A peace offering.
Feel guilty, don't you? Well, you should.
I won't apologize.
I don't expect you to.
You're doing that thing again.
You're huffing on your coffee.
I'm just sipping from the cup.
- You're annoying.
- You're juvenile.
Why do I even try? Okay, this has got to be the best steak I've ever had.
Please tell me what is your secret.
It's all about the touch.
When it's ready I pour a little beer on it.
Waste of beer.
Well thank you for a wonderful evening.
And for delivering on my little, deal-breaker.
Really? It's that special? All I wanted was dinner without expectations.
With a friend.
We're friends? Excuse me.
What time? All right, I'll see what I can do.
Me, too.
All right, bye-bye.
I can explain.
You don't have to.
No, I know what you must be thinking.
I doubt that.
I gotta go.
Friends? I don't have many.
Me, either.