NCIS s09e05 Episode Script

Safe Harbor

COAST GUARD [OVER PA]: Attention, unknown vessel.
You have entered United States territorial waters.
Coast Guard agents are boarding for inspection.
Smugglers come all this way just to run out of gas.
Looks like they decided to swim the last stretch.
STERLING: Are we taking bets on the cargo? What do you think? Drugs? Weapons? COOPER: Unmarked tramp DIW off the coast of Norfolk? Eh.
Probably a load of knock-off sunglasses.
United States Coast Guard! - They bailed.
- Yeah.
Radio the skip.
Have them scan the water for anyone who didn't realize it's ten miles to shore.
[GUNFIRE] STERLING: Coop! You all right? Cooper! Shots fired on deck.
Man down.
Man down! - Ugh.
I know that smell.
- It's not coming from here.
Not over here, either.
Doesn't he know they do not take the trash out on weekends? Why does he order the same stinky take-out from the same stinky place? Because it's the only place open on Saturday at 2 a.
And he's working weekends.
Did he call you guys over the weekend too? - Twice.
- Twice.
About work that we could have done today.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Isn't 16 hours a day enough for him? Don't get me wrong, I love my work.
I'm just not married to it, you know? - Wait.
I think I have a solution.
ZIVA: What? - A pet for Gibbs? A new hobby? - A new woman.
That is the last thing he needs.
Grab your gear.
Agent Borin, what are you doing here? Dead Coast Guard petty officer on a ship towed into Norfolk Naval Base.
Joint jurisdiction.
Let's go.
GIBBS: You heard her.
Move it.
- Aha.
- You kept that in your desk, boss? Oh, yeah.
You waste not, you want not.
Well, that's one mystery solved.
- Maybe two.
- What are you talking about? TONY: A new playmate for Gibbs.
McGEE: What? Borin and Gibbs? Ah, yeah.
Not so sure.
They're too similar.
Just means they have a lot in common.
STERLING: The running lights were on.
Wasn't much sign of anything else.
We boarded the ship at 0200.
Coop called out, but got no response.
We thought the crew had jumped ship.
But then the muzzle flash came from across the deck.
- Get a look at the shooter? - Get a look at the shooter? It's your man, Agent Borin.
- You see the killer? - No, ma'am.
When backup arrived, we searched the ship.
No one.
And nothing on board but bootleg cosmetics.
- Camouflaged drugs? - No.
We checked.
- Just creams, moisturizers and soaps.
- You put them in the right bottle, they can sell for more per ounce than cocaine.
Perfumed scent's giving the dogs hell.
Ship's contents are being catalogued.
- And our missing crew? - No dust on the sea.
- No signs of drowning.
- Thank you, petty officer.
I hope you find them.
Coop's wife's gonna ask me who did this.
I'd like to have an answer.
Me too.
I think Gibbs and Borin would make a great couple.
Think of all the fun they'd have giving each other head slaps.
Well, head slaps are not very romantic, Tony.
Well, they can be.
In the right context.
ZIVA: Ugh.
- Heh.
The lifeboat is missing.
I think that's how the crew got off the ship.
Ducky, what do you think? Gibbs and Borin? Date-mate material? Well, given their combined work ethics, they'd probably never see each other.
Which could be a recipe for the world's shortest courtship or extreme longevity.
So nobody's with me on Team Bibbs? - No.
- We can change the name.
Why don't you change the subject, DiNozzo? At least let him grill you a steak in his fireplace while watching black-and-white television.
- It's more charming than you'd think.
- I'll pass.
You know what? I do have a list of girlfriends that might make good candidates.
They can't just be good.
Don't worry.
They can be bad.
- What do you got, McGee? - I found three shells.
Standard NATO rifle cartridges.
Which correspond to the hits on the body.
One of them was stopped by the petty officer's armor, and the other pene [CLANGING NEARBY] Duck.
What is it, Dr.
Mallard? - Morse code.
- It's SOS.
It's coming from below.
McGee, stay here with the body.
You two, with us.
The sound's coming from here.
Lock handle's been snapped off.
Americans? Looks like our missing crew was smuggling more than cosmetics.
FARID: We are from Lebanon.
My family and I wish asylum in the United States.
- I am kind of busy, Leon.
- I know.
That's why I called.
Family wants asylum.
We want a killer.
LEON: Get the latter.
Forget the former.
There something you wanna tell me? Yes.
Under no circumstances is anyone on that ship - to set foot on U.
- Why? Because SECNAVand the U.
State Department says so.
Lebanon's a key U.
Ally in a very unstable part of the world, Gibbs.
This family claims political persecution, the next stop's a credible fear screening.
Okay, let me guess.
SECNAV doesn't want any more surprises.
He's had his fair share already.
I think he's looking for a reason to get more involved and I don't wanna give him one.
Find the killer.
Nothing more.
Where is my family? Why have you separated us? Standard procedure, Mr.
Is that part of the Immigration Department? No.
We're investigating the murder.
Where were you when the officer was shot? Trapped.
The crew locked us away as we approached the coast.
So if you were hidden, and they were just carrying cosmetics, why'd they open fire? - You will have to ask them.
- Couldn't find them.
I found you.
We came here to escape violence, Agent Gibbs.
I was protesting an oppressive regime.
They threatened to kill my family.
I realize Muslim refugees do not get a great deal of sympathy - in your country.
- That's not true.
We take everybody.
We just have rules about how they get here.
TONY: And then? - We heard the Coast Guard ship.
TONY: One more time.
You heard the loudspeaker and then you heard the gunfire.
You know what? I just want to get the chronology of events right.
We were told Coast Guard would turn us back, that only if we made land could we seek asylum.
And after that you heard the gunfire? - That is what I said.
- Mm-hm.
It's lucky none of you got hurt.
Luck? If my father had not put us at risk, we would still be in our home.
Now we all must suffer in a country that hates us.
We are not lucky.
McGEE: Did you hear the crew use names? No.
But two were Lebanese.
The third was Egyptian.
- How do you know that? - Their accents.
Very distinctive.
I went to the University of Cairo.
- Really? What was your major? - Math and Computer Science.
Your parents must be very proud.
My parents are very scared.
ZIVA: Can you describe the crew members? I need you to focus, Miss Bawali.
- My name is Mariam.
- Mariam.
The crew? I think there were three.
I do not remember exactly.
We wish only freedom.
Yet you do not allow us to go free.
Why? Do you have family, Agent David? Yes.
Then you must know it is a mother's duty to prot [DOOR OPENS] What is this? ZIVA: Fresh food and supplies for your family.
I know you've been living on rice and beans.
We don't need charity.
We need freedom.
You need to feed your family, Mariam.
Hmm? You have a good maternal instinct.
Your parents must be proud of their daughter.
ZIVA: Hmm.
Do you have children, Agent David? My name is Ziva.
And, um, heh, no.
I had, um, a sister and, uh, a brother.
- I also had a mother.
- Had? They were killed.
I, too, have lost people I cherished.
We come from troubled lands, you and I.
- Well, you are here now.
- Are we? TONY: Borin wasn't kidding.
Her list of female friends is longer than mine.
You having page envy, Tony? Let's not get into a measuring contest, McHunt-and-Peck.
Next name: "Stacy DeGraff.
" Double F.
McGEE: All right.
She's got a gym membership.
Lives in a nice Georgetown condo.
DIA analyst.
- Ooh.
"Member of Mensa.
" - Let's get to the good stuff.
And that would be? Well, more photos, preferably something on the beach.
McGEE: Wow.
She come with her own beanstalk? How's Operation: G Date going? Borin, do you have any normal friends? Turn the page, DiNozzo.
Plenty of babes in those woods.
- Just detect.
- She's right.
I've narrowed it down to three potential candidates.
You talking about our missing crew, McGee? Uh, of course, boss.
Yeah, I'll be right down, Dr.
Gotta go sign for the body.
Now, we've, uh, searched the entire ship.
Found nothing to help ID our missing crew.
- Lifeboat? - They're still searching, boss.
Coast Guard's got air and surface crafts scouring the entire seaboard north of Back Bay.
All coastal law enforcement agencies have been put on alert.
If these guys made it ashore, we'll find them.
One life meets a tragic end, others struggle for a new beginning.
Our family of refugees? There's an Albanian proverb: Fire, water and governments know nothing of mercy.
Well, their story of oppression in Lebanon is pretty hard to confirm.
Yes, well, those responsible for that oppression make sure of that.
It's what makes families like our stowaways take desperate measures.
Or illegal measures.
You don't trust them? You know, I spent three years on a cutter off Miami.
I'm telling you, the ones that make it to shore are usually the ones - you don't want as neighbors.
- And why is that? Because they were willing to do anything to survive.
Gut tells me our Swiss Family Robinson knows more about our missing crew than they're saying.
I can't prove it.
Anything we can prove? Ballistics report from Abby.
The rounds from the body were fired from an American-made M16A4 rifle.
Yeah, a specially-manufactured M16A4 from a shipment of weapons we sold - to the Lebanese government in '09.
- How'd our crew end up with one? I suspect that is a question which the SECNAV and Director Vance would not want you to ask.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] Yeah, Abs? ABBY: Gibbs, can you come to the lab? Sure.
Be right down.
Welcome to the disenchanted forest, Gibbs.
What do you got, Abs? Um, like, the grossest clue chain ever.
- Yeah? Which is? - Poop.
Our missing crew.
Even if they took everything with them when they jumped ship, they still would have left behind their waste products.
- Their human waste.
So it's usually protocol to empty a ship's septic tank into the ocean, so we had the main sewage line swabbed.
- Who did? The Coast Guard? - Yeah, they don't mess around, Gibbs.
Stool samples can carry DNA, but your intestinal bacteria that helps you break down food, it has DNA of its own.
So your feces are almost as unique as a fingerprint.
So you can ID the crew? No.
For that, I'd have to run, like, a hundred separate DNA tests.
But I can settle for visually determining the number of unique bacteria.
So you know how many crew members were onboard? I personally examined every sample.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
And? Only fresh samples from the last seven days contain viable bacteria.
And out of those, I found only four unique poop profiles.
Our four family members are the only people to use the ship's facilities in the last week.
There was no crew.
Which means, not only is the family lying to us, but one of them is our shooter.
I wanna speak to the family, Director Vance.
GIBBS: How do you even know they're here? We have our sources in the State Department.
My organization aids Muslims trying to seek asylum.
We're trying to seek justice.
JARVIS: Excuse me.
You have no right to restrict this family's wish to seek political asylum.
JARVIS: Actually, we do.
- They're stowaways, miss? - Hooper.
And they made land when you towed them into port.
They're still on board the vessel, therefore, legally still at sea.
Being a Muslim woman, I know the discrimination they're facing.
- While I share JARVIS: This has nothing to do with them being Muslim.
Let's make that very clear.
Do you always let your assistants interrupt you like this? This happens to be the secretary of the United States Navy.
Miss Hooper, a member of this family killed a U.
Prove it.
Meanwhile, I'm filing for an injunction tomorrow.
Then going to the media.
It's a free country.
Only if you're standing on it.
Right, Mr.
Secretary? Right.
May I ask you a question, sir? - What am I doing here? - Yeah.
You sure about that? Well, she's not military or law enforcement.
That's good.
Maybe we found our - Oh.
Never mind.
BORIN: What? She's an ordained New Age high priestess.
BORIN: Explains the time share in Sedona.
It's Gibbs.
Uh, boss, we've been digging deeper into our refugee family.
- And? ZIVA: Mariam never mentioned they also had a daughter.
- Had? - Yes.
Saraya Bawali.
She was killed during a U.
Bombing raid on a Hezbollah safe house in the early 1980s.
Action a lot of Lebanese people felt was the U.
Taking sides over the country's Muslim population.
Does not mean Mariam feels that way.
Ask her.
Gonna ask what else she's lying about? No.
Ziva is.
Why did you lie to me? There was no crew, Mariam.
You and your family hid yourselves.
You want help? You want freedom? Then stop lying to me.
Let me help you.
- Fine.
- Wait.
Where are you going? I'm not going anywhere.
But you and your family are going back to Lebanon.
What do you want to know? How you got here.
My husband paid the crew using our life savings.
They took us out of the port in Beirut, set the course, then left the ship by lifeboats.
Why did one of you shoot a Coast Guard officer? I didn't mean to.
You shot him? We had been followed by pirates before.
It was night.
I didn't hear the man on the speaker, what he was saying.
We had a weapon for protection.
I saw someone climbing aboard in darkness.
I fired.
- How many shots did you fire? - Three.
How far away were you? - This far.
- This far? Yes.
According to the second officer, the shooter was about 60 feet away.
So you weren't even there, were you? I'm sorry.
You do not know who shot him.
You are a good mother, Mariam but a really bad liar.
You cannot control the truth about your family, no matter how much that truth may hurt.
Well, boys, our evidence shows your mom pulled the trigger.
- My mother did not shoot anyone.
- That's not what she said.
If she confessed, then you forced it out of her.
Doesn't matter how we got her to say it.
Point is she said it.
How dare you intimidate our mother, you bitch.
You wanna see intimidation, bitch? - My brother means no ill will.
- He's got an odd way of showing it.
[GRUMBLES] We must respect our mother.
Whatever she told you is the truth.
You're willing to let your mother take the blame for a murder? No.
You're never gonna find the "perfect woman" for Gibbs.
- How do you know? - Because he's already found her.
His first wife.
Well, it doesn't mean we can't still try, right? It's futile.
Kind of like our background checks on the refugees.
If there was something to find, we would have found it.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] Oh, found more, oh, ye of little algorithmic faith.
Duly chastised.
Hit me, Timmy.
McGEE: Got a facial recognition match on the father.
It's a photo on the Homeland Security database.
- From 27 years ago? - He was going by a different name.
Lateef Issam.
McGEE: Wanted in connection to a 1984 bombing in Lebanon.
Coffee shop frequented by U.
CIA could never find him.
Call Gibbs.
It's going straight to voicemail.
- Same with Tony.
- Signal on the ship was wonky.
- Hey, Abby.
ABBY: Where's Farid? Tony's with him below deck.
Why? ABBY: He's not who he says he is.
You need to get to him quickly.
TONY: Since you let your wife do the shooting, you ought to think about letting her do the cooking.
Smells like a Bath & Body Works in here.
This is our laundry water.
And I already told you I know nothing about the murder.
ZIVA: Tony.
Stop, Farid! Stop! Freeze! TONY: Sure you wanna jump? Lead might weigh you down.
You cannot run away from your past, Lateef.
It always catches up.
What has happened? The truth happened.
What part of "keep everybody on the ship" did you not understand? He's a wanted terrorist, Leon.
I arrested him.
You could have called first.
But you knew I'd have you stand down, right? Yeah.
Pretty much.
Director, I think Special Agent Gibbs made a valid command decision that, while of questionable wisdom, was absent of malice.
Isn't that right, Agent Gibbs? See? All better.
I'll go call the State Department.
Explain to them why we chose to ignore their directive.
I'll do it.
You two get ready to break this guy.
Unless you want me to referee that too.
No, sir.
- Bump in the road, Leon.
- It happens.
- Depends on who's driving, right? - Who is driving, sir? I cannot believe Mariam would lie to protect this man.
Well, maybe she lied to protect herself.
Speaking of liars, father Farid was in the Lebanese army.
Meaning he knows how to handle a firearm.
I've got my guys pulling everything they can on him.
- You find your Gibbs girl yet? - I think so.
- Lisa Cridansky.
BORIN: Lisa's perfect.
I just saw her last week.
She's a hiking partner.
Stamina of a horse.
McGEE: She dyed.
- What? Her hair.
In all the pictures online, she's blond.
In yours, she's a redhead.
Yeah, but this is her natural hair color.
So what? We were willing to risk it with you, but it's not a good idea generally.
McGEE: Tony, don't take this the wrong way, you smell like the hot cheerleader in my high school homeroom.
Is that White Diamonds, DiNozzo? Farid spilled his laundry detergent all over the place.
I got some on my pants.
I must have missed a spot.
Is that it? BORIN: No.
A little higher.
To your right.
You do it.
Bend over, DiNozzo.
That's really on there.
I can't get that off.
I'm gonna call Abby to see if she's got something to remove that.
LEON: Special Agents Borin and DiNozzo.
Please stop doing whatever it is you're doing.
We're just, uh, reexamining that very special bond between the Navy and the Coast Guard, sir.
Agent David, back to the ship.
Make sure nobody else gets off.
Agent Borin, have your people put together an escort team.
This cargo vessel is being refueled as we speak - to take the family back to Lebanon.
- What about the father? He's not going anywhere.
Do you recognize him? Your DNA was found at the crime scene.
Testing has come a long way in 30 years.
Do you know how many people died that day? FARID: People die every day.
It doesn't mean I killed them.
Smug son of a bitch.
A space invader.
It's a nice move.
I'm gonna use that.
I'm not your family so don't lie to me.
You're not protesting your government, you're protesting mine.
With bombs.
Is someone finally closing in on you? Forcing you to run here? - I'm a different man now.
- Are you sure about that? You sure you're just not holding a grudge still? - About what? - Your daughter.
You blame us for killing her, right? You did kill her.
So that's why you came here, then? Revenge, right? I came here to protect my family.
When you killed that 6-year-old girl and her 3-year-old brother at that café, did you ever think about their family? I want my family to be free.
I want whoever killed the United States Coast Guard petty officer.
And that's for starters.
Why do you care so much about the death of one man? Just hold on a second.
I'll hold your coffee.
- You have the wrong man, Ziva.
- No, you have the wrong man.
This journey to freedom is nothing but a way for him to enter this country by using you and your sons.
I have lived with him for 30 years.
I love him.
Nothing changes that.
- This.
- No.
- This changes it.
- No, I don't believe it.
Then you are lying to yourself.
I mean, you have to know the truth, deep down.
I mean, you must! Yet you allow him to lie to you.
To your children.
I'm protecting my children.
They will resent you for it, Mariam.
MARIAM: Perhaps I had suspicions.
But have you never turned a blind eye on someone you love? Yes.
And it was a mistake.
- I do not intimidate.
BORIN: Guess what? Post-9/11, the Coast Guard works for Homeland Security.
Which means we can yank your family off that boat right now, but they're not going to America.
They're headed to Gitmo.
What are you proposing? Confess.
And your family can turn state's evidence against you.
I cannot confess.
- Why? - Because I did not shoot anyone.
It was my son Rafiq.
He killed the Coast Guard officer.
He refuses to listen to me.
I do not know what he's capable of anymore.
- That seem too easy to you? - Only one way to find out.
Interrogate the kid.
On the ship.
- Are we clear? - Yes, sir.
That's not laundry detergent.
Tony, take your pants off.
- What? - Just take your pants off.
All right.
Easy, now.
Let's keep it professional, people.
Move along.
That girl's always looking at me.
[TONY GRUNTING] - Think you can get it out? - Yup.
Maybe I should have been more specific.
- I'll explain later.
I hope.
- Abby will explain later.
She hopes.
Ziva's not answering.
Must be below deck with our shooter.
Call base security, McGee.
Come on.
DiNozzo, put your pants on.
What will happen to us now that you have my husband? Depends if he cooperates.
[THUD] [MAN GRUNTS] ZIVA: Stay! It's locked from the other side.
Why would your people do that? It was not my people.
What are you looking for? Another way out.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] - Yeah, it's Gibbs.
- Gibbs, put me on speaker.
GIBBS: Why, Abs? - Because you're all in danger.
- Everyone needs to hear this.
- McGee, put it on speaker.
- Yeah, Abs, you're on.
ABBY: It's a trap.
You're headed straight into a massive terrorist plot.
That residue on Tony's pants, it was pure glycerin.
Distilled from perfumed soap.
- Glycerin? As in nitroglycerin? - Of course.
Fight Club.
Stuff blows up.
Yes, combine glycerin plus small amounts of drain cleaner and rust remover, also found on the ship.
Which contain sulfuric acid, nitric acid and phenol.
ABBY: You add those four together and you get TNP.
It's an old-school gunpowder used in World War I artillery shells.
- Can't be a very big bomb.
ABBY: That's just the detonator.
The bomb is the 30,000 gallons of fuel that we just put in the ship's gas tank.
- And that's not the bad part.
- Jeez, get to the bad part.
Our ship in Norfolk is docked near two destroyers, a carrier and three frigates.
They're all loaded down with munitions for deployments in the Middle East.
This blast and its chain reaction could take out half the Norfolk Naval Base.
[MAN GROANING] Are you okay? [KNOCKING ON DOOR] What's going on? Gibbs, it's one of the sons.
- Rafiq.
- Impossible.
It gets worse.
Don't move.
- Rafiq? - Hey, the bomb.
Where is the bomb? Bomb? Hakim hit me.
I woke up here.
Okay, why would the father lie about which son is the bad one? So we'd leave the good one alone on the ship.
No son of mine could do this.
Mother, it was Hakim.
He had a gun.
I saw him attack one of the guards.
I tried to stop him, but he attacked me.
- Open your eyes.
TONY: Topside's clear, boss.
McGee's coordinating a full evac with Naval security, but I don't [DRILL WHIRRING NEARBY] Okay, it's coming from below and astern.
That's the engine room.
Get them off the ship now.
TONY: Come on, let's go.
ZIVA: Come on.
- Wait.
I cannot turn a blind eye anymore.
- Mariam, it is too late.
- No.
There is still a chance for me to do right by my children.
BORIN: Put down the wires, Hakim.
GIBBS: Hey, slowly.
MARIAM: Hakim.
Mother? I can see it with my own eyes, yet I cannot believe this is what you have become.
Not my son.
Go away! Do you want to be like your father? HAKIM: He was the only one who ever made sense of the violence back home.
He told me who was responsible.
- And taught me to fight back.
MARIAM: He taught you to kill.
- The officer? - Father shot the American officer.
Otherwise, they would have not brought the ship into port, kept it here.
But now father is gone.
- So I must finish what we started.
MARIAM: Why? Saraya! What they did to her! Hakim, that was so very long ago.
She was my sister.
She was my daughter.
A daughter who I never get to watch grow.
A daughter who will never experience her mother's love.
My love! You and your father are not the only ones who hurt! But despite my grief, I still tried to teach you understanding.
Forgiveness, Hakim.
How can you forgive those who deserve to be punished? Because this punishment does not accomplish anything, Hakim.
It will just take away another child from another mother who loves him.
[SPEAKS IN ARABIC] Son, do not leave me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
LEON: State Department and the Lebanese government is denying claim to Farid.
They want him to pay for what he's done.
The family? Mariam and Rafiq will be granted temporary visas.
Hakim's agreed to give us information about his father's contacts.
Nicely handled, director.
I'm not so sure it was, Clayton.
- Are we talking as friends now? - Yeah.
We've known each other for a long time.
Is there anything I can do for you? - I don't follow.
- To make this easier.
Your transition into this job.
You and Gibbs think I'm in over my head? You think I'm overcompensating? I think you're having trouble letting go of bad habits.
This isn't my first rodeo, Leon.
Gibbs isn't my first cowboy.
I'm fine.
But if I wasn't You can always come to me as a friend, Clayton.
No need.
She's even a Le Cordon Bleu chef.
TONY: Is it possible we've done something right for Gibbs? What if it upsets the space-time continuum and sends the Earth hurtling towards the sun? GIBBS: What is she doing up there? Boss, we found the perfect woman for you, - and we would like you to ask her out.
- Who? Dusty? Nice lady.
Great cook.
Did you read that on the screen? No.
I dated her.
- So, what was wrong with her, boss? - Nothing.
She's perfect.
Perfect? What happened? There's nothing more boring than perfect.
Go home.
Keep your phones on.
Your team thinks you're Ionely.
So you Ionely, Gibbs? Nope.
I'll be right there.
Duty calls.
But, Gibbs, it has been fun.
Sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons.
People always think the wrong reasons are right.
Especially parents.
Yeah, they got perspective.
Parents still make mistakes.
My mother never told me what kind of a man my father was.
Perhaps she thought I was not strong enough to handle it.
No, she was just being a mom.
- How do you know? - Perspective.
Are you Ionely, Gibbs? You're never alone when you have kids.
Night, kid.