NCIS s09e07 Episode Script

Devil's Triangle

: Welcome to Beltway Burgers.
- Can I have your order, please? - Uh, yeah, I'll take a number ten.
Uh, extra pickles, extra cheese and extra-large fries.
- Hey, honey.
DIANE: Where are you? - I'm just getting off the interstate.
MAN: Six-fifty.
Next window.
WOMAN: Like hell you are.
I heard that.
You're breaking your diet again.
VICTOR: No, I'm not.
Ugh, your cholesterol's through the roof.
- Honey, really? - What're you doing this for? You promised me you'd take better care of yourself.
- Come on.
- You know what your doctor said.
If you don't get it down, you'll be sorry.
- One burger's not gonna kill me.
- Victor.
I got another call coming in.
I'll call you back.
Victor, don't you da She's worried about my health.
McGEE: Fifteen.
Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it soon.
Way to kick a man when he's down, probie.
I cannot wait to hear this.
What's going on? I found 15 hairs in my shower drain this morning.
I tell you this because you're my friends and I need you.
For the past 12 years, every morning, I have counted the hairs in my drain.
There have never been more than five.
- Never more than five.
- Every day? For the last 12 years? - You say that like it's not normal.
- That is not.
What's not normal is a man of my vim and vigor going bald.
- Well, bald can be very sexy.
TONY: If you're Connery or Nicholson.
- Would you ever date a bald man? - I have dated men - with thinning hair.
- Ha-ha-ha.
Thinning hair, but not [MIMICS SQUEAKING.]
Baldy McBald.
Hi, Special Agent Baldy McBald here.
Wanna go to Mount Baldy this weekend and do bald things? Bald.
Tony, you are not going bald.
Says the man with emerging androgenetic alopecia.
- What? - You have a little thin patch - on your vertex.
- On my what? You got a little bit of the skin yarmulke happening, Tim.
I thought I noticed I was getting thin up there.
TONY: Yeah, everyone's noticed.
- You two are being ridiculous.
Everyone's hair thins.
It's barely noticeable.
I mean, it's not like you guys are going gray.
- I'm so glad that wasn't me.
- Gray can be really sexy.
Yeah, Gibbs.
- Lucky.
GIBBS: Uh-huh.
- Dead body? - No, worse.
- Where we going? - Nowhere.
- What're you doing here? - I was gonna ask you the same thing.
She called both of us.
That can't be good.
- You have any idea what it's about? - No.
I can't drink that.
Yeah, I'll probably need something stronger.
I heard that.
Since when have you needed an excuse - to drink more than you should? - Nice to see you too, Mrs.
Agent Gibbs, thank you for coming.
Both of you.
- I didn't know who else to call.
- Figured that - When you called us.
- I need your help.
- Victor didn't come home last night.
- That's a record, even for you.
- Been married six months? - Okay, Tobias, please, not now.
- You guys have a fight? - No.
- You call the police? - You know well as I do - it's too soon for them to do anything.
- What do you want us to do? I want you to look into it.
Okay, I know what you guys are thinking, but Victor is not the kind of man to just disappear.
- I'm not sure how to say this.
- I do.
Look, we are not your personal buddy-cop investigative service.
No, you're just my ex-husbands.
And I need your help.
The last time I spoke with Victor was 10 p.
Last night.
- He was working late.
- Homeland Security? Paper pusher? - Data Storage Coordinator.
- Sounds important.
It's not.
And he likes it that way.
He's not married to his work.
He's married to his wife.
It's a novel concept for the two of you, I'm sure.
Was he at the office when you spoke? No, he had stopped at some fast-food joint.
He thinks I don't know, but I can smell it on him.
- I'll bet.
- What is that supposed to mean? Means I wouldn't go home if I was covered in bacon grease and there was a bloodhound waiting.
- Look, Diane, we're trying to help.
- We have no evidence of a crime.
- You haven't even looked yet.
- My team is checking hospitals, running Victor's credit card.
You have to accept the chance that Victor might be taking a little break.
It wouldn't be the first time.
No, it's not like this was.
Victor and I have a good relationship.
He knows how to treat a woman.
He's not afraid to show his emotions like some people.
- Is she talking about us? - He's not some immature child that relates better to guns than to people.
Okay, we get it.
Look, I know there's no love lost between us.
- Well, that's not - Zip it, you.
But I know you both.
If your guts weren't telling you there was something to this I wouldn't be standing here right now.
Hey, boss.
Agent Fornell.
- What? - Red hair.
We got a hit on Victor's credit card.
Beltway Burgers in D.
- That's federal jurisdiction.
- Anything else? Yeah.
There was a 911 call made from the same place about a half hour ago.
Morning crew found a bloodbath.
Two males.
Gunshots to the head.
Both local D.
- That guy's got good hair.
- Nothing's missing from the register.
- Security footage? ZIVA: Mm-hm.
McGEE: Car in the drive-through is registered to Victor.
I don't suppose he was hiding in the trunk.
No, but I did find his wallet and a gun near the car.
- I hate telling Diane she's right.
DUCKY: Sorry I'm late, Jethro.
Would you mind pointing that somewhere else? Late night, Duck? I haven't been sleeping well this past week.
Enough said.
My bodies are on ice.
How considerate.
Gibbs, security footage was erased.
Violent take-over, two dead guys, missing Homeland Security official.
You know what I'm thinking? Victor was so desperate to get away from Diane he had himself kidnapped? That would make more sense than the alternative.
Hi, Thomas Pearce, Homeland Security.
I came as soon as I got your call.
However, I've only budgeted - Who's this clown? - What's the alternative? That someone wanted to kidnap Victor.
He works for Homeland Security.
Someone might find that interesting, you know, like terrorists.
- Homeland Security.
ZIVA: Yeah, Homeland Security.
- Nice hair.
- The only thing he ever had access to at Homeland were pencil inventories, mileage logs.
What I find interesting is how the same woman - landed both Gibbs and Fornell.
- Why? They're very much alike.
TONY: I don't think so.
- Gibbs is wild savannah, untamed.
- Heh.
This Diane lady must have serious game to have landed a wild beast like that.
Wonder what her game is.
We need to see whatever he was working on.
- Of course.
FORNELL: One of your employees has gone missing.
You don't seem too concerned.
Oh, I am.
At least I will be after this conference call.
I have to inform our entire Data Services department we're officially switching over to a dual-layer DVD back-up medium.
We got our own problems.
We still need to tell Diane about her husband.
- Not much to tell yet.
- That's the problem.
Well, good luck with that.
I'm gonna go over to the bureau, run background on our two victims.
I'm a bald version of Ooh.
ABBY: Took you long enough.
- What you got? - Questions.
And lots of them.
- Shoot.
Okay, first up.
How quickly after you and Diane got a divorce did she start dating Fornell? Because that must have been, you know, awkward.
Um Okay, so we'll just circle back to that one.
Question number two, were you jealous? Okay, so I see you're not ready to talk about this yet.
Um, can I get a do-over? - What you got? - Security footage.
- Which was erased.
- It was, but not securely.
So I'm working on reformatting the data.
I had more success with the gun that you found.
It is registered to Victor Sterling, and it has been fired, maybe for the first time.
Which reminds me, did it bother you when Diane chose a husband - so opposite to you? - Abs.
Victor's prints were on the gun, so it looks like he did put up some sort of fight.
The most interesting thing that I found is what I didn't find.
Victor's wallet was obsessively organized, but one card was missing.
Now, leather deforms when it's compressed and it takes hours for it to return to its prior shape.
Based on the amount of residual deformation that card was removed almost the same time as the murders.
- Any idea what? - No.
Like I said, I have more questions than answers.
- Where's Gibbs? - Down in Abby's lab.
Where's her? - Diane? Getting something to eat.
- Hope she kills it first.
- She's pretty fiery.
Can't be all bad.
You married her.
Don't remind him.
Got background on our two dead burger employees.
- One's a Navy reservist.
- Guess that makes it official now.
NCIS, FBI, joint case.
A marriage of sorts, if you will.
The other's an aspiring model, recently divorced.
- You check the ex-wife? - It was an amicable split.
Imagine that.
Fifty-fifty down the line.
You and I had our accounts cleaned out.
She even took your grandfather's watch.
- Let it out.
Just let it all out.
- I'd rather you didn't.
We finished the background search on Victor.
McGEE: It's pretty much what Diane said.
He grew up in Chicago, went to college at UW Madison.
Joined Homeland Security five years ago.
Lives a simple, modest life.
- Except? McGEE: Nothing modest about his bank accounts.
ZIVA: The ones he has taken great pains to hide.
Oh, Victor.
He has dozens of offshore bank accounts.
This guy's loaded.
Where'd it all come from? - That's not what I'm wondering.
- Why is he hiding it? Two dead bodies, a missing Homeland Security agent and a lot of cash.
Maybe that's what made him a target.
Did you ask his wife about the money? - Not yet.
- Are you going to? - He can.
- He can.
I don't think she knows about it.
LEON: Well, have fun finding out, Agent Fornell.
I spoke to your boss.
We have a dead Naval reservist, but kidnapping is your territory.
- Fine with me.
- Agent Fornell will take the le - Excuse me? - Works for me.
It doesn't for me.
Any chance we can flip for it? No.
National security trumps your ex-wife issues.
She can't be all bad.
You married her.
WOMAN: You can't go in there! - When were you gonna tell me? - Speak of the devil.
- You must be - Two million? Victor has $2 million? - Boss, she made me tell her.
- Who needs enhanced interrogation? - What haven't you told me? - We can talk about this downstairs.
- You have a basement here too? Mrs.
Sterling, I'm Director Vance.
Rest assured, my agents are doing everything possible - to find your husband.
DIANE: Thank you.
Just make sure they keep me informed too.
Wasn't any fun trying to pry information out of Macaulay Culkin here.
That's Victor's wallet.
My God, there's blood.
It's not his.
If it had been a robbery, they would have taken his wallet.
They did take one of his cards.
We don't know which, though.
- Which slot was it in? - Excuse me? Driver's license, ATM card, Visa, photo of Shannon, cash.
In that order.
Tri-fold wallet.
Starting from the left side, - condom beneath the fold - Okay, we got it! McGEE: Excuse me.
- You know what Victor keeps here? DIANE: Didn't have a name on it, but I remember the logo.
A man's wallet is his kingdom.
Snooping says a lot about Gibbs' ex.
Maybe Victor did something to deserve her lack of trust.
After all, he is hiding something.
Agent DiNozzo, I presume.
- Curtis Hubley, day manager.
- Agent David.
- You're really hot.
- Thank you.
You don't get out much, do you, bud? Not really.
This is Victor Sterling, Homeland Security.
- Have you seen him? - He's here once every few months for his routine inspection.
- What does he inspect? - Our systems.
We're an off-site data storage facility for the local Homeland Security office.
We back up their, uh, accounting data, personnel records, non-critical stuff.
Victor in some kind of trouble? We believe that he has been kidnapped, yes.
That's terrible.
So you wanna get a drink, talk about it? - No.
- I figured that.
Any idea why Victor was kidnapped? Not yet, but the access card that he used for this place is missing.
We would like you to check to see if anyone has used it.
Sure, yeah, that's easy enough.
You have the softest-Iooking skin.
- Now you're getting creepy.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm working on it.
Access card.
Here you go.
Good job.
Got me a little excited.
Card was used just last night around 12.
- That's after he was taken.
- Mm-hm.
We have security footage.
It's normally off-line for maintenance at midnight but we switched the schedule.
- Pull it up.
- Yeah.
It's on a different system.
Be back in a flash.
- I think he likes you.
- Got it.
Here you go.
That's the entrance to the server room.
- Is there another angle? HUBLEY: You got it.
- Blow that up.
HUBLEY: Uh-huh.
- Can you freeze that? - Yep.
That's Victor.
Anything else I can do for you, baby? Gotta tell you, I never saw this coming.
But it is somewhat satisfying.
TONY: Sterling entered the facility at 12:14 a.
This morning.
Two hours after he disappeared from the fast-food restaurant.
TONY: Once inside, he downloaded a single file.
- What'd he take? ZIVA: We're not sure yet because he erased the file header when he logged out.
McGee said it was just numbers.
- Numbers? - He thinks it's accounting related, maybe a budget.
He and Abby are working on it now.
FORNELL: He's a glorified accountant.
- With 2 million in the bank.
What're you thinking? Embezzlement? You guys would know better than anyone what he's up to.
Yeah? Why is that, DiNozzo? You were both married to his wife.
- I'm not following you.
- She must have a type, right? So you must have a lot in common with Victor.
Couldn't be more opposite.
- In fact - If I may interject, someone should talk to Diane, make sure Victor has not tried to contact her.
- She has a point.
- Yeah, she does.
And you got lead.
Hey, where are you going? Isn't the conference room the other way? That's why I'm headed to Autopsy.
DiNozzo, determine whether Victor had any contact with Diane.
Divorce is as old as Hammurabi, whose code allowed it almost 4000 years ago.
Other countries took a little longer to catch up.
For instance, in Ireland, divorce wasn't legalized until 1997.
Thank God, I'm not Irish.
Can you imagine being stuck with her? Don't have to imagine.
We are.
Unless you can pull a rabbit out of that body, Duck.
This man's last meal consisted solely of fried cheese.
But there are some things to note.
The first is an oddity concerning rope burns where the victims' hands were bound.
- I don't see any rope burns.
- That's the oddity.
Both victims' wrists were tied, yet neither apparently struggled.
- Sedated? - Negative.
It's highly unusual not to see some signs of a struggle unless, of course, they were feigning captivity.
They weren't feigning being shot.
Perhaps they outlived their usefulness.
Are you suggesting the crime scene was faked? To just make it look like Victor was abducted? Yeah, well, the theory casts a new light on this.
Abby ran ballistic tests on the bullets that killed these two.
They were fired from Victor's gun.
Oh, well, that's just peachy.
Unless, of course, the killer used Victor's gun for the murders.
Or he is the murderer.
And you've had absolutely no contact with your husband - since the last phone call? - I have already told you, no.
This is such a waste of time.
Where are Leroy and Tobias? - Leroy? - Yes, Leroy.
- You do know your boss' name? - Of course, I do.
Never heard it pronounced that way.
- How do you pronounce it? - Gibbs.
And he's busy.
I just have a few more questions.
True or false, you're an exceptionally good cook.
- Excuse me? - Cook.
- You like to cook? - Oh, my God.
You're trying to figure out why Leroy married me? - Heh.
- Wow, you're a terrible liar.
I'm a fantastic liar.
Just not very good at it right now.
I could tell you why Leroy married me.
But you have a job to do and you wouldn't be able to concentrate the rest of the day if I do.
I think that ship's already sailed.
Leroy, what's with the 20 questions from your agent? Victor is now a suspect in our investigation.
Is that a joke? Uh, this was taken at a data storage facility after Victor disappeared.
FORNELL: And his gun was used in the murders at the drive-through.
- I don't understand.
- Neither do we.
I do.
And I wish I didn't.
Bad news, Gibbs.
We were able to identify the data Victor downloaded.
It was just numbers, but it wasn't a budget.
It was a recipe.
- For what? - For a virus.
One that could kill a lot of people.
ABBY: This is the data Victor downloaded.
So, what we thought were budget numbers is actually a numerical representation of a virus genome.
- That make sense to you? - No.
It's simple.
DNA is just a code.
When we sequence it, we figure out what the code is and store it as a series of numbers.
Gibbs, you remember Carol.
She's a lab tech at the VA.
Infectious Disease Program office.
What's your name, cutie? Tobias.
I'm old enough to be your father.
I asked Carol to try to help me ID which virus this genome belongs to.
Ebola variant RUV-76.
The usual stuff, you bleed from every orifice, it disintegrates your organs and then you die.
- From numbers? - That's all these were ten years ago when they were sequenced and stored - and forgotten in some warehouse.
- But times have changed.
It's now possible to build a synthetic virus from scratch using a numerical recipe just like this and gene sequences you can get online.
I keep saying it, things were better before the Internet.
- How bad? - It's bad.
But the good news is this variant is only spread by touch and it's too virulent to cause a pandemic.
Which is a nice way of saying people die too quickly - to spread the disease far.
FORNELL: Doesn't make sense.
- Victor strike you as a terrorist? - No.
I mean, he's a paper pusher, not a mass murderer.
- Embezzlement, I'll buy - Maybe this is his big score.
I mean, if terrorism was his goal, there were way deadlier viruses to steal in this database.
This virus is tactical.
It would make the perfect weapon.
It'd be worth millions if he found the right buyer.
He doesn't wanna use it.
- He wants to sell it.
- But first he has to build it.
And there is only one place in the area that has the ability to create man-made viruses.
FORNELL: Lot of pricey equipment here to leave the door open.
ZIVA: Man down.
Smells like a morgue.
Where is everybody? Found them.
They tried to shoot their way out.
FORNELL: Didn't get very far.
Looks like they built the virus.
And took it with them.
Ziva says the hazmat teams are clearing the lab now.
Ducky will be able to autopsy the bodies soon.
We know what killed them.
- IDs? TONY: The lab ID'd the two techs.
We ID'd the other two.
We got Dwight Kilborn and Jeremiah Ness.
Both ex-Special Forces.
Both have been freelancing for mercenary groups for the last ten months.
Been doing more than that.
Abby was able to reconstruct part of the erased security tapes from the burger place.
Gunmen look familiar? That's what I was talking about.
See? That's the thinning part on the vertex.
FORNELL: Our stiffs from the lab.
They hit a fast food joint one night, then they end up dead in a lab the next? What gives? TONY: Victor doesn't look in charge to me.
Looks like a victim.
Could be what we're supposed to think.
- What do you mean? McGEE: These guys are pros.
They had to know we'd be able to reconstruct the tapes.
Which means we'd see Victor getting grabbed, a.
Seriously? Victor fakes his own kidnapping, then he steals a virus and uses that to kill his crew? How devious is this guy? Wouldn't be the first time she married the wrong guy.
Of course, he's not the only one keeping secrets.
- You didn't tell them? - What? Well, you had told us to back-check Victor and Diane, and we came up with some discrepancies.
What discrepancies? Diane had mentioned she never left the country.
- Yeah, and? - Well, being extremely diligent, I checked her PNR.
And it places her in the Cayman Islands in '04.
- Then again in '06.
- Are you sure? The only reason I mention it is because the Caymans are the money-laundering capital of the world.
Wait, wait, wait.
She may be the spawn of Satan, but she's also the mother of my child.
No way Diane is involved.
Rule 69: Never trust a woman who doesn't trust her man.
Keep digging.
- How deep? - Until you get to the bottom.
You son of a bitch.
How dare you.
What the hell are you doing poking into my private life? Doing my job.
I'm not the one who's missing.
Victor is.
You knew I was coming.
Tell me about the Caymans.
Ancient history.
Have you been just waiting for this all these years? An opportunity to twist the knife in? No.
No, that's your specialty.
Your way of getting even with me for leaving you? Should give you a medal.
Yeah, well, if there is a medal, I do deserve it for staying so long.
It wasn't easy being a human anti-depressant.
What? You didn't think I knew? You just married me to get over Shannon.
That was I'm scared, Leroy.
Then tell me about the Caymans.
I met someone in '04.
He had a place in the Caymans.
I had a husband who was never around.
And this guy paid attention to me.
That's all I ever wanted, you know, from you or Tobias.
Just somebody to be there, you know.
So you married him.
Six months ago.
By the way, thanks for the waffle iron.
Victor loves it.
Anyway, whatever you think Victor is involved in, you're wrong.
Just find him and you'll see.
Just find him.
Why didn't you tell her I was here? Why didn't you? Diane and I were still married in '04.
- I know.
- She cheated on me with Victor.
Now I've really gotta find the son of a bitch.
- Yeah, it's Gibbs.
McGEE: Boss? - Yeah, McGee.
- I got a break off a cell from one of the dead gunmen.
Got a location on the last call it made.
- Where? - It's an abandoned warehouse in Anacostia.
Tony's on his way.
Oh, no, no, no.
You're driving.
Come on.
Let's go.
- NCIS! - FBI! DSC! DSC? Data storage coordinator, Department of Homeland Secur Leroy? Tobias? Thank God.
FORNELL: It's a hell of a rat trap, Jethro.
VICTOR: Yeah, they got me chained.
Not too bad for two guys who missed the wedding.
- Work.
- Work.
You're forgiven.
Thank you.
Get over here, Leroy.
Hey, hey, hey.
VICTOR: Why exactly am I being debriefed in an interrogation room? Okay, I can I can explain that.
Oh, you got a lot of explaining to do, Lucy.
They told me if I didn't get their virus, they would kill Diane.
- Who? - I don't know.
I was blindfolded.
They tell you to commit murder too? Come on, guys, I'm being set up! They made it like I staged my own kidnapping.
Kept me alive so I could be the fall guy.
- You can't see that? - What I see is a career bureaucrat who's got way too much money in the bank.
- Most of it hidden offshore.
- In the Caymans, where you like to take a lot of vacations.
With other people's wives.
Oh, is that what this is about? - Hey, sit down.
- No, I won't sit down! You guys had your chance with Diane, and you blew it.
This has nothing to do with me or her.
- And I had nothing to do with that! - Sit down or I'll make you sit down! - Ma'am? - Back off.
Get the hell away from him! Boss, I'm sorry.
I tried to stop her.
- Diane, I am so glad to see you.
- You get the hell away from me.
Two million dollars? And I've been worried about how we're gonna pay the mortgage? You're on your own.
DIANE: Well? - It's family money.
I inherited it years ago.
Long before we met.
Keep talking.
When you have a lot of money, it's hard to tell who your friends are.
And with women, it's even harder.
So I took the cash and I invested it and I forgot about it.
It's our nest egg, baby.
I was gonna surprise you when I retired.
So, basically, you couldn't believe that I would love you if you were rich? You didn't trust me, but you married me anyway? I am going to make your life a living hell! Diane, I'm okay, baby.
I'm safe now.
- I was so scared.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I love you so much.
Oh, I love you so much.
- You're all right? - I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Okay, Don Juan.
VICTOR: We're gonna be fine.
If you're not selling the virus, then who is? Selling it? I thought you guys knew.
We knew what? They're not planning on selling the virus.
They're planning on using it.
Thank God, you're all right.
I wanna let you know you're getting overtime for this entire ordeal.
- Sit.
LEON: I've alerted SECNAV.
Agent David said you think the attack's today.
Are you sure? Go on, tell him.
There was the brains of an old LX 57433-X in the storage room where they were keeping me.
- A what? - It's an old office voicemail system from the '90s.
I was in charge of requisitions for the CBO so I was Cut to the chase.
I was able to use the 433-X to patch into an old intercom panel.
I could make out one of my captors talking to someone.
Warning them to stay indoors today.
With a deadly virus, that can only mean one thing.
- Any idea what the target is? VICTOR: No.
Yeah, Abs, go ahead.
ABBY: I have a lead.
GIBBS: Be right down.
- Abby thinks she has a lead.
- Go.
I'll call SECNAV back.
Pearce, you hit Homeland.
Fornell, FBI.
Got it.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I got a lead on the conversation that Victor overheard.
This is the old phone that he used to MacGyver into the intercom system.
It converts analog signals into digital ones, - and then it stores it briefly in RAM.
- Abs, I don't care.
What do you got? I was able to pull the last few seconds of the conversation.
MAN: Stay indoors tomorrow, as far away - So whatever it is, tomorrow is today.
- Yeah, we know.
There's more.
MAN: As far away from the game as you can.
"The game.
" I searched the Google, and there's only one in town today.
- Armed Forces football game.
- Biggest of the year.
There'll be, like, 60,000 people there.
Virus is spread by touch.
They can't hit them all.
Oh, I'm not so sure.
This was found in the warehouse where Victor was held.
- It's used to - To powderize milk.
My uncle had one of these on his farm.
Of course he did.
Anyways, it's clean now, but I found traces of the virus in it, so we have to assume that it's also been powderized.
- Which means? - It's transmissible by air now.
Every single person at that stadium is at risk.
Got it, Abs, thanks.
ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the 2011 Armed Forces football game, the annual charity event which brings together all five branches of the military.
This year, the Armed Forces seniors take on Monroe University! [CROWD CHATTERING.]
Three minutes to kick-off.
- Well, it's not too late to evacuate.
- We evacuate, they release the virus.
Come on through.
Right through here.
Yes, sir.
Come on through.
Abby says we're looking for a pressurized container.
- Should be in a public place.
- DiNozzo, McGee.
Sweeping the tunnel.
On it, boss.
- Yeah, it's Gibbs.
- Gibbs, we have a problem.
- Figured.
- I finished processing the virus on the powderizing machine.
There's not enough for a large-scale attack.
Only, like, a few dozen people.
Maybe we were wrong about the location.
- We're not.
- Nothing here either.
Give me that.
Hey, McGee, VIP list.
Who's at the game today? McGEE: Hang on, boss, checking.
A lot of bigwigs.
Luxury box is filled with top brass from all five military services.
GIBBS: Boxes.
Got it.
Gotta be our target.
FORNELL: Check him.
GIBBS: Hey, what do you see? FORNELL: Two of them.
Thirty yards.
Working the vents.
Ready? Condom underneath the fold? Really, Tobias? Same one I had in college.
I never used it.
Just like what it represents.
Hope? Pearce! NCIS! FBI! Now! [YELLING.]
FORNELL: Homeland Security.
Son of a bitch.
But you haven't done anything here today.
You don't even know what you're fighting for.
Suddenly I'm not feeling very Homeland-y or secure.
LEON: I want answers.
A Homeland Security employee just tried to commit an act of terrorism.
Not a terrorist attack.
Just supposed to look like one.
It was a targeted assassination.
- Who? - Our top military policy makers.
All in town to preside over a massive drawdown of our military forces.
Got a hit list off Pearce's computer.
- Who was he working for? - Good question.
With billions at stake, a lot of guys don't wanna see that drawdown happen.
Guys like these.
McGee found contacts with all of them on Pearce's computer.
Doesn't mean they're involved.
But it's a good bet our bad guy is on this list.
Someone must have promised Pearce quite a cozy position when he moved to the private sector.
"Beware the military-industrial complex.
" The next part of this investigation is gonna step on a lot of toes.
You left me a bone sandwich, Gibbs.
I cut the crust off for you.
The FBI does have the lead.
Good luck, Agent Fornell.
Cheer up, Tobias.
At least you'll never have to talk to Diane again.
I have a child with her.
Oh, that's right.
Guess I won't have to.
I'm out of bourbon.
I didn't come for a nightcap.
I know you used to come down here to avoid me, Leroy.
- I didn't mean to hurt you.
- I know.
I wasn't the easiest person to live with.
I'll agree with that.
Thank you for finding Victor.
He saved a lot of people.
Good man.
Would you tell Tobias that I never meant to hurt him.
Oh, yeah, he knows.
I think.
I really liked him.
But I never should have married him.
I didn't love him.
Just like you never loved me.
I liked you.
I still do.
But the only woman you'll ever love is Shannon.
You were my Shannon, Leroy.