NCIS s09e09 Episode Script

Engaged (Part II)

- We're going down! - Chaplain Burke.
I just transferred to the chapel here on the Navy Yard.
- Her body was on that plane.
- What's her name? First Lieutenant Gabriela Flores.
There were only two Marines in those three cases.
And Flores wasn't one of them.
We will do whatever it takes to find her and bring her home.
No Marine is ever left behind.
McGEE: Flores was blindsided in an attack on a girls' school she was helping rebuild.
It was the people she was working with? The teacher.
Anyone who worked at that school could be in on this.
- That's gotta be her.
BURKE: Are those children? She was trying to save them.
She got caught.
Don't come back without her.
Go ahead.
Ask what? Tell him what you're thinking.
In my experience, he's not a big talker, but his actions speak volumes.
His actions have been questionable.
Your daughter, Gabriela, tried to save those kids.
She dedicated her life to serving her country.
If she's any indication of his actions, then I have to disagree.
She should have gone back to base that night.
- She should have followed orders.
- Yes.
But by following her instincts, maybe she was following his orders instead.
Can Gibbs bring her back? Well, look, I haven't known Special Agent Gibbs for very long, but he's a good man and he's working with the best.
So I have faith that they will do everything they can to find her.
I know they'll find her, chaplain.
The question is, will she be alive? [DOOR OPENS.]
Agent DiNozzo, what is it? [CHATTERING.]
- Captain.
- Special Agent Gibbs.
Welcome to the belly of the beast.
- Smooth ride? - Till somebody started shooting at us.
Kabul's welcome wagon.
Next time, bake cookies.
What's the status? Got some locals to change their story, and they confirmed Lieutenant Flores and the two girls were taken.
Did they identify the insurgents? Changing their story is one thing, but giving up names gets folks killed.
People are afraid to talk.
- So why keep Flores alive? - Information.
QUINCY: Radicals don't like Westerners opening up their kids' eyes.
Hundred and sixty-seven schools were hit last year throughout the Middle East.
More than half were in Afghanistan alone.
And as a FET, Flores knows where new ones are being built.
FETs act as a conduit between the locals and the corps.
I'll introduce you to Staff Sergeant Littleton.
She was there that night.
Schools can be a big part of what they do.
The good news is the two girls that Flores saved were just found about seven clicks due south.
Abandoned roadside.
They're being transported for treatment.
- Are they all right? - Dehydrated, scared, clearly tortured.
- But alive.
- We'll need to see them.
As long as you're prepared for what you'll see.
I grew up in this region.
Looks like you turned out okay.
- I can hold my own.
- Copy that.
Staff Sergeant Littleton.
Special Agent Gibbs.
CO says you wanted to see me? Yeah.
Sit down.
I understand that you were with Lieutenant Flores the night the school was attacked.
I already gave a statement to the Investigative Unit, sir.
Yeah, but I just got here and I'm anxious to hear.
There's nothing really different to say.
Just trying to get a clear picture.
Yes, sir.
A bunch of us evacuated before all hell broke loose.
I thought we were all together in a 7-ton.
I kept yelling her name, but she didn't answer.
She couldn't answer.
If I'd have stayed with Gabby, she might not be in this mess.
Or you might be dead.
You know that woman? Soraya? She's one of the fortunate ones.
Fortunate? How? She wasn't at school that day.
She was seeing her family outside Kabul.
Have you seen her since? No, sir.
We think that she used being a teacher to know when to strike.
The kids trusted Soraya.
We all did.
- She took advantage of that trust.
- She succeeded, sir.
At being a coward.
Now it's our turn.
While we may believe that everyone should be taught to read and write, there are still some in the Middle East who do not see it that way.
Yeah, but on the other hand, back in the Crusades, the Knights Templar, now, they were willing to kill - for what they held sacred.
- Mm-hm.
Tragically, in both instances, innocent children suffer.
BURKE: The battle for young hearts and minds.
And Lieutenant Flores found herself at the very center of that battle.
TONY: Look at you two.
Hitting Wong's after hours and talking the night away like a couple of college coeds.
Uh, Commander Burke offers a perspective I find quite provocative.
Mm, I bet you do, Ducky.
Ahem, anyway, uh, we're tired and waiting for answers.
That was Homeland Security.
The Jaysh El-Mo'mineen have links to terror cells in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.
What's the next step? Well, we need one of those cells to turn on our radicals.
The less that they trust each other, the more we can destabilize them.
- What about you, Tony? - Me? I hope you're not wasting your time on that bucket list I keep hearing about.
It's not a waste of time, oh, ye of little faith.
Present company excluded, of course.
Yeah, I am working on a bucket list.
Perhaps all this talk of terrorism has me anxious about certain insecurities.
You, DiNozzo? Yes, me.
I know, shocking, but beneath this incredibly masculine body armor there is a vulnerable do-gooder.
Vulnerable to? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, telling you would be like Superman telling Lex Luthor about his vulnerability to kryptonite.
It's not gonna happen.
So, what is it, Clark Kent? What are you so afraid of? LEON: Good morning, Agent Gibbs.
Evening, director.
That you in the background, Mr.
Secretary? - Hello, Gibbs.
- Burning the candle at both ends, sir.
People are gonna think you care.
- Nice scarf.
- Heh, heh, heh.
Boss, we got an ID on our loving Afghan teacher.
This is from a classified military personnel file on the school.
Full name is Soraya Zoranj.
Grew up in Baghlan, Afghanistan.
Parents killed by Russians when she was a teenager.
Soraya also had two siblings, an older brother, Osman, who died in an IED explosion two years ago, and a younger brother, Asa, who's in the U.
On a student visa.
- He's going to law school here in D.
- Talk to him.
Think he might keep in contact with the big sis? - Find out.
McGEE: On it.
Ah, McGee, I love the smell of coeds in the morning.
You need coffee, Tony.
So do I.
Working on Afghan time is messing up our internal clocks.
I used to thrive on all-night stakeouts and sub-zero surveillance.
Maybe this is a sign something's missing from my life.
- Like what, frostbite? MAN: You guys all set? Come on, the kid's roommate told us Asa spent all night in the law library.
- Might as well start there.
- I hate libraries.
- Another one of your fears? - Don't mock me.
What's to hate about libraries? The smell gets me every time.
McGEE: Yeah? What does a library smell like? Lonely smart people.
Ah Tony, that's our guy.
Soraya's brother.
Oh, hey, kid, NCIS.
We'd like to talk to you for a second.
Can we ask a few questions? Now I'm gonna spill my latte.
WOMAN: Aah! - Hey! [GRUNTING.]
TONY: Hey! You cannot do this.
I have done nothing wrong.
Then why'd you run? You owe me another coffee.
It's funny we should find you with your nose in a book.
And why is that funny to you? All those kids wanted was a chance to read.
Those girls? Just wanted to learn something.
And yet here you are enjoying all the benefits of an American education.
You are a country of extraordinary power.
I see.
Study the power, find the weakness.
Let me ask you a question.
You think those kids really threaten your way of life? You know nothing about our way of life.
Our culture.
I know plenty.
I also know a close-minded radical parasite when I see one.
The kind that likes to prey on innocent children.
Your ignorance is amusing.
You know what I find amusing? The idea of you in a tiny little orange jumpsuit, all alone in a 6-by-6 cell, crying for mommy.
I will not spend one minute in your filthy prison.
I wouldn't bet on it.
Unless, of course, you wanna give us the name of your little gang of school haters.
How many are there? We are few, but we are very strong.
You cannot defeat us.
Say again, DiNozzo, you're breaking up.
Soraya's little brother, we got him.
- Did he tell you where his sister is? TONY: Not yet.
- But we're squeezing him.
- Squeeze tighter.
I need her.
She's the best hope we have [LINE DISCONNECTS.]
DiNozzo? Ah, damn it.
GIBBS: Hey, Matteson.
- Gibbs.
I thought everyone was going to the E-club.
They are.
Just thought I'd get out instead.
- Hm.
- You want me to take a look? No.
But you can start the engine.
Make yourself useful.
- You sure you don't want me to just - Again.
You know, I really should know better by now.
Yes, you should.
I'm headed to Pendleton soon.
I heard, uh, maybe you're going there too.
Next week.
Well, good luck over there.
You know, Gibbs, if you ever find yourself in Japan, or even if you don't, I'll always be around.
- Give me a call.
- I'd like that.
ZIVA: The girls, Gibbs, did you hear? Hear what? I had Tony.
I lost him.
The girls Flores saved.
They are here.
This way.
QUINCY: Girls are both orphans.
Their parents were killed by insurgents.
GIBBS: What are their ages? - Ten and 13.
Already been through more than anyone should in a lifetime.
Hot grease was thrown in the older one's face.
The other one's covered in cigarette burns.
Their names are Kinah and Lala.
Uh, we need to ask you some questions, okay? Do you remember Lieutenant Flores? Gabriela? Gabby? - Gabby, yes.
- Is she still there? - You go bring? - Gabby.
They're not done yet.
Notify the commandant.
Tell him we're a go.
Flores could still be alive.
That's very good.
You know that you're both safe here? Can you tell us about Gabby? They hurt her.
She no cry.
Do you remember anything about where these people took you? [SNIFFING.]
Smelled bad? Like what? Vroom, vroom.
- Car.
- And ground was black.
- Oil.
- Oil.
Ziva, we're gonna need a sample.
And then you get them anything they want.
You never stop smiling, okay? [ELEVATOR DINGS.]
Abby, did you get the sample analysis? McGee, I have decided that I am never gonna complain about anything ever, ever again.
How can I whine about the cost of my DVD-by-mail service when there's real problems in this world? When you put it that way Like, take this evidence, for example.
Normally, I would whine about not being able to examine the actual item.
But given that we are 4000 miles from Afghanistan, we have to settle for a basic chemical breakdown from the Marine unit.
And I took their breakdown and I made lemonade.
Who knew that geochemistry could be so cool? You know, I actually took a college class in fossil fuels.
Of course, you did.
Just like the chemical compositions of plant life are unique to any given area, crude oil deposits are like a geographic fingerprint.
This is from outside Kabul, Afghanistan on the Afghan pipeline.
There was no oil where the girls were found, so So it's probably where they were being held captive.
And where Lieutenant Flores still might be.
Commander? Chaplain Burke, hello? Anybody here? [IN SOUTHERN ACCENT.]
Anybody here? [IN NORMAL VOICE.]
Cool Hand Luke.
Of course, you knew that.
I could've used you a couple months ago.
Got my head scrambled pretty good.
Of course, I understand you're a busy guy.
We haven't talked much.
It's my bad.
I'm doing the best I can down here, you know, for a DiNozzo.
Hopefully, living up to my end of the bargain.
You do remember our bargain.
It'd be nice to hear from you.
So you have a plan? Anything you wanna share with me? How about you letting me know I'm on the right track? How about you letting me know I'm not talking to myself? You are so predictable.
Well, I guess what we have here is a failure to communicate.
Agent DiNozzo, you looking for me? [IN NORMAL VOICE.]
Ahem, Chaplain.
Tell Joseph Flores we think we know where his daughter might be.
I'm getting out of here.
LEON: Extraction team in place.
Zero hour.
That's what they call it.
I'd like to take this time to wish everyone luck.
Luck's for the unprepared, Mr.
Well, I'd rather have it than not, general.
Game on.
Scopes and helmet cams.
Air support's on standby.
Thermals indicate five people.
One on the ground's probably Flores.
Okay, let's do this.
Go, go, go! Pressure.
You hang in there, Marine.
CORPSMAN: I got him, sir.
Keep breathing, captain.
Go, go, go! [GUNSHOTS.]
That's her.
Fine, sir.
Your call.
Give me a reason.
So, what's it gonna be? Feed you to the locals, lifetime at Gitmo, or you die right here.
Come on.
MAN: Target's secure! Don't you say a word.
Oh, God.
How am I doing? You're doing great, captain, hold on.
We're gonna need 3 liters of O-neg.
I gotta get lidocaine.
- Did anybody call for a medevac? - It's on the way.
Ma'am, I can take it from here.
Step back.
Don't go, David.
I'm not leaving you.
- Ma'am, I need you to - I said I'm not leaving.
You look at me, captain.
Look at me.
That's right.
My mom and dad.
Tell them I'm sorry.
Where are they? What are their names? Come on, stay with me.
They own a small motel on the bay.
You have to tell them I love them.
I promise I will.
I promise I will tell them everything.
We'll get you home.
Agent DiNozzo, what is it? We got her, sir.
Your daughter, Gabriela, she's alive.
Thank you.
God bless you.
She's alive.
She's alive.
I have been, sir.
Well, drink some more.
There are some folks happy to hear you're alive, lieutenant.
I know.
Your dad's pretty happy too.
- I'm anxious to see him.
- Yeah, I bet you are.
Quincy, sir.
He wouldn't be dead if I hadn't - If I hadn't - Quincy died doing his job, Flores.
He was your commanding officer.
That made you his responsibility.
Why'd you do it? Running off with the kids? Disobeying orders? I didn't have a choice.
I knew what would happen to those girls.
- If I had to do it again - You would? Yes, sir.
People died because of that teacher.
What do you think should happen to her? Sir, that's not my decision.
Yeah, but you thought about it, right? She should be held accountable for her crimes.
How? She should watch those girls change the world in positive ways she never imagined.
- Is that a punishment? - That's a gift, sir.
Punishment's knowing she could have done the same.
You're rare, Flores.
Come on, let's go home.
- What? - Nothing.
Oh, no, definitely something.
What? - You intrigue me.
- Uh-oh.
- Why? - Heh.
When something's broken, I wanna fix it.
I hate to break it to you, but you ain't got enough tools in your woodshed.
Oh, you might be surprised.
Heh, heh.
So how do I intrigue you? In a naughty Catholic schoolgirl kind of way, or because I'm in need of what your kind calls spiritual guidance? Heh, well, lucky for me, the latter.
Well, you don't have to worry about me.
I am rock solid in the spirit department.
That's fascinating.
You know what's even more fascinating? No, what's that? I don't believe you.
When you're ready to face that fear, Agent DiNozzo, I'm ready to face it with you.
FLORES: You know, l I was just trying to save them.
And you did.
- Should've been me in that box.
- No, lieutenant.
And it should not have been Captain Quincy either.
What's going on? What's it say? Helo went down.
Lost six Marines.
- Where? - Okinawa, Japan.
Poor bastards just got there.
I think that Matteson girl was one of them.
I never actually talked to her, but she beat three of my course times.
She was good.
Hell of an athlete.
Gibbs, you remember Matteson.
MAN: Present arms.
Present arms.
Welcome to my classroom.
Why am I here? Instead of a direct flight to Gitmo, I thought we could talk.
Have a, uh, family reunion.
I have nothing to say.
When was the last time you saw each other? No, let me guess.
Terrorist convention in Toledo.
Mock me all you want, Agent Gibbs.
You will never understand our motivation.
You gained the trust of these kids, and then you hurt them.
By teaching future generations not to be influenced by your histrionic lies? In this country, teaching children is a privilege.
In this country, you waste money sending your kids to college to have fun.
They're taught to think on their own.
They are rich, spoiled brats.
This is how you answer that? You're radicals who maim and kill innocent children because they wanna learn how other people think? You think we do this for ourselves? You come into our villages and towns with your disgusting Western ideals.
You teach our children to question their heritage, to rely on the Internet instead of the Koran.
Yes, this is our answer.
It is the only answer.
And you will see.
I'll see.
I'll see what? You are here.
We are here.
Lieutenant Flores is here.
- And our older brother is here too.
- Asa, don't.
According to our file, he's dead.
You think our fight is over but it has just begun.
Hey, look what the corps sent back.
Rough trip, Ziva? Rough is an understatement, McGee.
Lieutenant Flores is back.
As is Captain Quincy.
And there lies the scratch.
The rub.
There lies the rub.
It's classic.
- Well, I need some rest.
- No rest for the weary, Ziva.
Party isn't over yet.
Older brother.
Talk to me.
Osman Zoranj, 38 years old, born in Helmand province.
Fought with the Mujahideen for seven years against the Soviets.
Raised to the rank of commander.
Helped drive the Russian occupiers out of Kabul.
- War hero.
- Until he joined the Taliban.
And he brought his brother and sister with him.
- Tell me something new.
McGEE: I got something here.
According to the DIA, Osman was killed in an apartment complex raid in Gardez, Afghanistan two years ago.
Raid set off a gas line explosion.
Osman was among two dozen dead.
Not according to his siblings.
- And you believe them? - Yeah.
- D.
? - You tell me.
Putting out a BOLO on the Osman.
- McGee, we need Asa's cell records.
- Already on it, boss.
Also alerting LEOs at the train depots, bus stations and airports.
Ziva, Homeland and Metro P.
This group is up to something.
Find out what.
If Osman's little brother had been in D.
The whole time He might know where the big brother is.
- Did you lose something, Gibbs? - Yeah, a knife.
Well, you always have one in your pocket, right? No, this one's different.
There are others watching.
Just us.
No record of this conversation.
Don't need one.
Let us get started, okay? Where's that son of a bitch brother of yours, Osman? Want a smoke? It is against Allah's wishes.
Yeah, well, it's against fire regulations too.
If you want one, go ahead.
It's okay.
Look at her.
Cigarette burns over 60 percent of her body.
In unspeakable places.
Look at it.
Go on, look at it, you son of a bitch.
You cannot do this.
- Stop, Agent Gibbs.
GIBBS: I got this, Leon.
You are about to break GIBBS: He deserves it.
LEON: It doesn't matter.
His brother Osman is dead anyway.
FBI took him down in a raid about 20 minutes ago.
We went to his sister Soraya, but it was too late.
She'd taken her life already.
She hanged herself in her cell.
They're both gone.
- My family is dead.
- Fight's just begun, huh? We were going to finish what my sister had started.
- How? - A bomb.
Electronically detonated.
My creation.
Where? They are not dead.
They are not dead.
Okay, jobs Osman had.
What'd he have access to? - He had several occupations.
- Never as a school teacher.
Mainly as an auto mechanic.
- Buses.
- Museums and memorials, boss.
I wanna know every school trip scheduled today.
- That's a lot of kids.
- Do it.
McGEE: The Park Service isn't showing anything out of the ordinary.
Couple of local junior highs.
Some professional tours.
I have something.
The National Consortium for Independent Girls' Schools.
Three hundred girls from around the country at the science museum.
That's it.
When is it? - Now.
- Let's go.
Class trip.
GIRL 1: I'll race you on the bus, Maggie.
GIRL 2: Come on.
Hurry up.
Give me the phone, Osman.
Put the gun down or I hit the last number.
Ziva, get the kids off the bus, nice and easy.
On it.
You don't wanna do this.
- It must be done.
- Then you'll die too.
Then I will die a martyr for the cause.
- McGee.
- Got it, boss.
Signal jammer, Osman.
That's why your detonator's dead.
You could've killed me.
Could've, should've didn't.
You are weak.
No, just better.
Cuff him.
Get him out of here.
Thank you.
That was the commandant.
Tell him he still owes me dinner from 16 years ago.
He called to thank you personally.
I think he called to thank you personally.
- It's protocol.
- Ha, ha.
- You wanted to see me, director? - I want you to take some time off.
And do what? I don't know.
Do something fun.
- Fun? - Yeah.
Build something.
L Whatever you do.
I do this, Leon.
Pass on the vacation.
I am having dinner with Lieutenant Flores, though.
She's doing great.
Thanks, anyway.
And, Leon? This is fun.
Do I really have to do this? Yes.
Just relax.
- It's hot in here.
- No, it's not.
I'm sweating.
Maybe I'm having a heart attack.
My left arm is tingling, I should go to the infirmary.
You'd rather go see a doctor than do this? - My God, DiNozzo, you're shaking.
- Of course I'm shaking.
- I'm having a heart attack.
- You're terrified.
Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo doesn't get scared.
I've jumped out of airplanes, dead-dropped onto aircraft carriers, and I've killed people, sweetheart.
Lots of them.
I've gotten the plague, kissed a transvestite and been tortured by the best Middle East has to offer.
And still, you're shaking.
TONY: Okay.
It's time to face my fears.
How bad can it be? Bring it on, chaplain.
Congratulations, Agent DiNozzo.
Your greatest fear is now about to have a snack of grapes and cheese crackers.
You wanna join them? [SIGHS.]