NCIS s09e13 Episode Script

A Desperate Man

Oh, my God.
It's like a war zone in here.
- I love it.
- You can't be serious, Martin.
Sweetie, it's got tons of potential.
And we just started the remodel.
I mean, isn't this view fabulous? Yeah, if you're into bomb-shelter chic.
And the window is missing.
Oh, we'll replace that.
Not a problem.
I'm telling you, this area will blow up in a few years.
- Trust me.
- I'm pretty sure it already has.
Jane, come on.
Be positive.
Think about this as one of your projects.
And I know how much you love to get into your projects.
Well, these original-paned windows are fabulous.
MARTIN: Mm-hm.
- So, - how about we see the rest? - Okay.
Now, you'll have your choice of flooring.
Polished concrete is what's hot now.
But if you want to choose something else, we can certainly arrange that.
JANE: Oh, my God! - Hey, hey, hey, okay.
Come on, it's no big deal.
We're family, right? Just tell me.
McGEE: You go, then me.
- No, no, Timmy.
That's not how this game works.
I asked you first.
Which means now you gotta go.
The gamer girl.
She was pretty.
That was like a year ago.
It was ten months ago, and don't change the subject.
- Your turn.
- That's some dry spell, McMonk.
It's not healthy.
There we go.
A man needs human affection.
I see what's going on here.
You're trying to turn the tables because you're the one that's not getting any.
What? Don't be ridiculous.
- Who told you that? - Told him what? - Ah! Good morning.
- Hi.
Hey, McGee, I need a favor.
I would like you to block a number.
It is a secure government line.
Wouldn't belong to C.
Ray, would it? It does not matter and does not concern you.
I'll take that as a yes.
Hm, back a few days and already avoiding his calls.
- Ouch.
- It is complicated, and I would rather not discuss it.
So why don't you just zipper it up, Tony? My zipper is fine.
Not a word, you.
But I take your point.
Because that is all I am going to say on the subject.
So please, do not ask me again.
I will forward you the number.
Agent DiNozzo.
Are you free for a couples massage later? Ray is asking.
- Later.
ZIVA: Ha-ha-ha.
That's funny.
He would never call you.
Actually, he just did.
Uh, I've got a private number coming through here.
- You think it may be Ray? - Ignore.
Hit ignore.
Better hope he doesn't call Gibbs.
- Too late.
- Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
- I'm gonna fix this.
GIBBS: Not right now you won't.
We got bigger things to deal with.
Got a dead Naval officer downtown.
Let's go.
McGEE: No shell casings, boss, but I did find several bullet holes in the walls.
- Rounds? McGEE: Looks like they were extracted.
Maybe using some kind of a blade.
Counted at least nine.
GIBBS: She never had a chance.
Police are thinking robbery gone wrong.
Found a wallet dumped nearby.
Had nothing in it but a couple of bucks.
Neither the clients nor the realtor saw anyone going in or out of the building.
Also the realtor has not had any workers in the loft since last week, but a few do possess keys.
- ID.
- Lieutenant Commander Maya Burris.
Thirty-five, married, no children.
Served as a Naval attaché overseas.
How did she end up dead here? DUCKY: Ah, that would be the million-dollar question, Agent DiNozzo.
GIBBS: Multiple gunshots, Duck.
- Yes, so it would appear.
One in the abdomen, one in the chest and one in the neck.
Ah Blood loss is definitely minimal for such a wound.
Why is Jimmy Palmer talking to a girl from 1965? Well, he's just not doing his job, unfortunately.
Ah, yes.
Apologies, doctor.
Sandy and I went to high school together.
I haven't seen her in ages.
Super sweet, kind of high-strung.
Uh Heh.
She was pretty shocked to see me here.
What is the big deal? So I work on dead people.
Or worked.
- What? ZIVA: Heh-heh-heh.
- Oh.
DUCKY: Judging by the rigor, the time of death I'd estimate would be about six or seven hours ago.
Possible defensive wounds here, doctor? Maybe she struggled with her attacker.
MAN: Where is she? - Get out of my way! DETECTIVE: Nick, Nick.
- Come on, man.
Come on! TONY: Hey, hey! ZIVA: Hey, stop.
- Hey.
Let him go.
Let him go.
GIBBS: It's our crime scene, detective.
DETECTIVE: Come here.
Nick, Nick.
- Oh! Maya! He's Detective Nick Burris, her husband.
BURRIS: Maya! Mm! - Nick.
Nick, come on.
Come on.
- Let's go.
BURRIS: Maya! Keep your partner away from this investigation.
FLOWERS: I can't make any guarantees.
Nick's a bulldog.
Always has been.
He that way with his wife? Come on, I meant with his job, okay? He's the best damn homicide detective we got.
- How long you been partners? - Almost 13 years.
Can't break a case without him, huh? Yeah.
Well, pretty much.
Maya used to say that I was his, uh, second wife.
Problems? No.
He's the only cop I know who's still on his first marriage.
TONY: How about you, detective? Second? Third? Yeah.
I'm, uh, not very proud of it.
Sometimes I wish I was more like Nick, you know, a one-woman kind of guy.
I gotta get back.
You guys need anything else, just let me know.
Will do.
Thanks for stopping by.
I can't believe his name is Detective Flowers.
Ziva, McGee.
Lieutenant Commander Maya Burris.
Twelve years active duty, worked as a Naval attaché in various posts around the world the past three years.
Returned home to D.
Five days ago to visit her husband.
She's skilled at dealing with high-level diplomats.
Colleagues describe her as bright and ambitious.
McGEE: Also said she spoke her mind, even if that meant ruffling a few feathers.
- Last assignment? - Helped organize a diplomatic mission in Egypt.
Reported to the defense attaché and U.
Ambassador at our embassy there.
McGEE: But that mission ended last month.
What's she been doing since? A colleague believed the commander was already on another assignment.
I contacted the embassy in Cairo to confirm, - but no word back.
- Keep trying.
- Let's go back downstairs.
Let them - I'm fine, relax.
I'm Hey.
- Hey You.
FLOWERS: Let's go downstairs.
- I just wanna talk.
I wanna talk to you.
- You're not supposed to be here.
What's going on? I want answers now.
Go home.
Sober up.
I'm not going anywhere.
DiNozzo, conference room.
TONY: Here you go.
Come on.
- Nice work, Flowers.
- Like I said, bulldog.
- What is that? - It's coffee.
- Drink it.
- What, do I look like I want coffee? I wanna know who killed my wife.
GIBBS: We're moving as fast as we can.
Well, move faster.
Find the bastard.
Look, we know this is hard, but you showing up here hammered doesn't exactly help the whole process.
My wife was just shot to death, all right? I think I'm entitled to a few drinks.
- When did you last talk? BURRIS: Uh Yesterday afternoon was I didn't I didn't hear from her again.
We were supposed to have dinner, usual place, and, uh, she just got back this week.
- Back from where? BURRIS: Middle East.
Or, uh, it was maybe Africa.
L It's I don't know, it's hard to keep up sometimes.
Her job took her everywhere.
It must have been hard, watching her go to all those dangerous places.
Yeah, I never worried, you know.
If there's anybody who could handle herself, it was, uh It was Maya.
- Did she have any trouble at work? - No.
Not that I know of.
You know, she was committed to the Navy, proud of her job as an attaché.
It was one of the things that I loved about her.
I just, uh I can't [BURRIS EXHALES SHARPLY.]
I cannot believe this.
I mean, why? Why? She was a good person.
Such a good Whoever, uh, did this has to pay.
Let us do our job, detective.
If you don't, I will.
Such a tragedy.
Every premature death is tragic, Mr.
Oh, no, no.
I wasn't talking about the commander.
Oh, uh, what happened was awful, yes, but, uh, she's gone.
She can't feel pain anymore.
Her husband, on the other hand Seeing him reminded you of your upcoming vows.
"Till death do us part.
Ah, those words.
It's so serious.
Why can't it be something more fun? Like, uh, "till we meet again" or "till the next sunrise.
" Or, uh, "till you lose all your hair, gain 300 pounds, and I can't stand to look at you anymore.
You know I'm kidding.
Love is blind.
This is the most wonderful time of your life.
Enjoy it.
Hopefully, you'll only have to do it once.
- The latest, Duck.
DUCKY: Commander Burris.
Uh, manner of death, multiple gunshot wounds.
Three in total.
The fatal shot was through the heart.
Bullet lodged against her spinal cord.
Abby is running tests.
We didn't pull any prints.
Nor any stray hair or fiber.
The killer went to great pains to clean her up.
Abby found minute traces of bleach on her clothing.
Which would account for the lack of blood at the crime scene.
- Doesn't track with a robbery.
DUCKY: Nor does this.
Show him.
We found abrasions here on the wrist consistent with someone trying to yank off a bracelet or a watch.
A similar abrasion here, where the wedding ring should have been.
But these abrasions are both dry and clean.
In other words, postmortem.
Yes, I would estimate about at least an hour afterwards.
Body was tampered with.
Someone was trying to throw us off.
This is a killer with a knowledge of police procedure.
Someone with the skills to cover up a murder.
TONY: Fourteen days.
Two weeks.
That's all it's been.
Two weeks.
I'm very happy for you, Tony, but I don't care.
God help me, what? Last night, I was crashed out on my couch and I'm thinking there's gotta be more to it than this.
An endless stream of waitresses and veterinarians - Don't ask.
- You looking for love, Tony? TONY: In all the wrong faces.
I mean, look at Gibbs, right? Been married four times, still trying to figure it out.
Spends a lot of time in his basement.
What about Ziva? She's like a bad Israeli romance novel.
She's not exactly the picture of emotional stability.
That is rich, coming from you.
You saying I'm emotionally unstable, Ziva? More like emotionally challenged.
- Nobody asked you.
GIBBS: I'm asking.
Give me something.
Like most Navy personnel, Commander Burris held a $400,000 life insurance policy.
The sole beneficiary of which was none other than her husband.
And Detective Burris will start receiving payments right away.
But he was spending the cash long ago.
Specifically on this 28-foot beauty.
Cost over a hundred grand.
It's hard to swing that on a cop's salary.
McGee, phone records, e-mails.
Uh, so far nothing unusual in her Navy correspondence, and no personal e-mail account to speak of.
Cell phone activity has been sporadic, but the majority of the calls made were in the last week to her husband.
- When? McGEE: Most recent was last night, three hours before her death.
In addition to the commander's travels to Egypt, there were numerous flights to Islamabad from Cairo this past month.
- Was it personal or business? - We do not yet know.
Could have been tracking someone as part of her new assignment.
Find out.
- Busy day, Abs.
- Yep.
Hey, Gibbs.
I mean, it's fun.
Or Or as fun as re-creating a murder scene can be, which I guess is, um, not at all.
Um, I measured the trajectory of the nine bullets that were fired into the loft, in particular, the three that hit Commander Burris.
This would be her.
Yeah, I got that.
So based on initial reports from the crime scene, our killer stood here.
Fifteen feet away.
But according to my calculations, that is way off.
The shots that went into the body don't match up with any of these.
But watch what happens when I do this: GIBBS: The killer was by the window.
The body was moved.
It gets even better.
Here, hold her.
Aw You guys look cute together.
So the 9 mm bullet that Ducky found has similar characteristics to those that are fired from an MP5 submachine gun.
If our killer was standing 15 feet away, then the groupings of bullets Would be closer together.
Body would be more torn up.
Yeah, and it's not.
I mean, the bullets are several inches apart.
One to the neck, chest and stomach.
Which means that the killer was farther away? Not even in the same building.
- Where? - A rooftop.
Across the street from the loft.
I've pinpointed an address.
- 1537 Windham Street.
- Thanks, Abs.
- DiNozzo? TONY [ON PHONE.]
: Yeah, boss.
GIBBS: Take a second look at the crime scene.
According to Abby's GPS coordinates, the killer was standing over there.
- I don't see any footprints.
- Knew not to leave a trace.
Unlike some people.
I'm gonna start charging your boyfriend minutes.
Please tell me you have not spoken to Ray.
Okay, I haven't spoken to Ray.
You're supposed to be on my side.
You know, look, the guy is desperate.
- What am I supposed to do? - Stay out of it.
Tell me what happened.
He does not appreciate me.
If I had a dollar for every time a woman said that to me.
Ah Well, he was overseas.
You know, we stayed connected as best we could.
Trying to make whatever we had, you know, just work.
And now he was finally back and, uh We planned this lovely dinner.
But he never showed, Tony.
I waited in that restaurant alone for three hours.
No text, no call.
When I saw him next, it was just the following morning, and then he just said he got caught up with work.
- Well - Look, it just brought me back to when I was young.
How my father could be.
There was always something more important, and I was always left waiting for There's someone there.
TONY: Yeah.
Let's go.
ZIVA: NCIS! Freeze! Put your hands in the air, now! Turn around! Turn around! Come on! Aah! ZIVA: Federal agents! Stop! [PANTING.]
TONY: Why do they always run away? [TONY GRUNTS.]
Hello? Are you kidding me? What were you doing at the crime scene? What I've been doing every day for the past 13 years.
- Solving a case.
- Wasn't yours to solve.
You know what? I'm not gonna sleep until I find Maya's killer.
I don't trust anybody else to do this job, especially a bunch of Navy cops.
GIBBS: You think we're not doing all we can? I think you don't have a clue how it feels to lose the one you love.
You're wrong.
Sit down.
Tell me about this.
- What about it? GIBBS: Well, it doesn't look good.
- You spending money you don't have.
- What's that supposed to mean? GIBBS: We know about the insurance policy.
We know about how much you're due.
Look, I didn't buy that.
Maya did.
My dream for us was to live on a, uh, boat someday, and then out of nowhere she surprises me last month.
And now it sits in my driveway, and when I look at it, I see her.
I see the I see the trips we were gonna take and the kids we wanted to have.
Our jobs kept us apart, but the time that we did spend together, it was special, you know.
We never took it for granted, ever.
And I would do anything, I would give anything to just have more of that.
Understand? GIBBS: She, uh She spend money like this before? No, no.
Maya was She was pretty conservative.
Did she do anything else out of the ordinary lately? - Was she scared? Was she nervous? - No, she would have She would've told me if there was anything wrong.
We talked about everything.
Sometimes couples keep secrets.
Not us.
No way.
McGee confirmed that only the commander's name was on the sales contract for the boat.
Put down more than $10,000 in cash.
Where did she get the money? Find her superior.
He might know.
Got a location on Ambassador James Ealy.
- Just returned to Cairo.
- Put him up.
Evening, ambassador.
Think you mean good morning.
Tell me about Lieutenant Commander Maya Burris.
We're all still in shock over here about what's happened.
What can you tell us about her most recent assignment? EALY: Well, Commander Burris often had multiple assignments.
She was one of our top Naval attachés.
She worked with coordinating high-level meetings with various officials throughout the Middle East and Africa.
You know about her trips to Pakistan? Yeah.
She traveled there often, yes.
Mainly for debriefings with our embassy in Islamabad.
Was she following someone? Uh If she was, I didn't know about it.
Lately, all she talked about was getting home to her husband.
McGEE: Boss, State Department just transmitted photos taken by security cameras near the U.
Embassy in Islamabad.
Found several captured Commander Burris.
- When? McGEE: Two weeks ago.
And she was with someone, a man.
Go on, put it up.
Not exactly a friendly chitchat.
ZIVA: She's clearly afraid of him.
Maybe she's headed back.
Could have been going for help.
McGee, the last photo.
Isolate it.
TONY: Hard to make out a face, boss.
No, not the face.
Close-up on his ear.
That's a wireless headset.
I may be able to trace the signal.
- Do it.
Find Abby.
McGEE: Got it, boss.
Hey, it's Detective Burris again.
- Third time he's called today.
- He's not letting up.
- What do you want me to do? - Nothing.
I'll talk to him.
- Sure that's a good idea? - You got a better idea, DiNozzo? Sorry.
That came out wrong.
Well, I think I might.
Worked with a lot of guys like this in Baltimore.
Can I give it a try? BURRIS: Just tell me you got the SOB.
Well, tell me you got something.
You know, you're pursuing good leads.
You gotta trust we're doing all we can.
BURRIS: I'm going crazy here.
I'm just sitting on my hands waiting for something to happen.
You know what? It's not how I'm built.
TONY: I get it.
Your life is about the next case, right? Won't sleep until you solve it? That's all I ever wanted to do was to be a cop.
You know, work homicide.
Nothing better than giving the victim's family some peace.
Right? Justice.
But on doing this job, you see so many bodies.
You start to get twisted.
You know, angry.
Most of the cases you know you're never gonna solve.
I mean, after a while, you You know, you disconnect.
You have to.
Those bodies, they're not people anymore.
- They're just - Case numbers.
Puzzles to solve.
Till you show up one day on the scene and that body is your [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Well, look, you're on the other side now, Nick, so you gotta let yourself grieve.
Let us do the work, all right? So, uh, where were you? Baltimore.
- Philly before that.
- Yeah.
You ever marry? Almost.
Let me guess.
She hated you being a cop.
Told you it was the one thing that you loved more than her.
It was that and the red wine, I think.
All right, I gotta get back.
We'll keep you posted, all right? Agent DiNozzo, yesterday I tore this place apart looking for something.
I didn't find much, but there's this.
I don't recognize the name.
Commander Burris knew Ray.
Maybe tried reaching out to him.
Look, we need to find out if he worked with the commander overseas.
Maybe he can tell us something about her travels to Pakistan.
Ziva, we need to talk to him.
I'll go.
You're still mad.
I'm not here for that.
We need to talk about Commander Burris.
It's terrible what happened to her.
She was a real asset to ONI and State.
So did you work with her? RAY: On my last assignment overseas.
She set up meetings and ran interference, most recently with the ambassador in Cairo last month.
- Why? - And that was when you last spoke? Yes.
Ziva, you know I'm not supposed to talk to you about this stuff.
We know she was traveling with a man.
Any idea who he could be? No clue.
And even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell you.
ZIVA: Mm-hm.
Then we are through here.
Thank you.
Are you gonna keep punishing me? - Because it's killing me.
- Oh, so you're the one in pain? I don't recall me leaving you at the restaurant.
Ziva, I messed up.
I'm sorry.
- You were not there, Ray.
- I'm here now.
It was just one screwup.
Don't throw away everything we have over one screwup.
It's not just about a screwup.
You do not care.
That is not true.
Look at you, putting up walls again.
You do it with me, you did it with your father Don't.
It's not about my father.
Ziva, I'm never gonna hurt you again.
Give me another chance.
It's too late.
I love you.
Now or never.
Ziva David, will you marry me? [SIGHS.]
- Get up.
- Not until you say yes.
Get up.
Just get This is embarrassing.
Get up.
- So you don't wanna marry me? - That's not what I said.
- This your way of making it up to me? - Of course not.
I was planning on asking you to marry me at that dinner.
This is what I want.
ZIVA: What about the next time you stand me up? Or the next time you leave for months on end? It's never gonna happen again.
- You've said that before, Ray.
- I've applied for desk duty.
- Did something happen? - No.
It's just what I want.
I'm back.
I want a life with you.
And a big house in Virginia somewhere.
With a big garden.
And I wanna have two kids, maybe three.
And I want them to have your beautiful eyes.
Marry me.
So what did C.
Ray have to say? He has not had contact with Commander Burris in over a month.
I'm not talking about the case.
Spill it.
Did he go all Rico Suave on you? Flowers? Down on one knee? You knew Ray was going to propose? Marriage proposal is a sacred thing.
Guy tells you he's gonna do it, hold that close.
It's an unwritten code all men live by.
Where's the rock? I told him I would have to think about it.
That's the kiss of death, Ziva.
I did not say no.
I just have to make sure that I am ready.
That we are both ready.
TONY: Nobody is ready for marriage.
Trust me.
If they were, the divorce rate wouldn't be 50 percent.
Not to mention the murder rate.
You're really helping.
Getting married is a leap of faith, right? Is Ray the right guy for you? Maybe.
Maybe not.
But if you love him, you gotta jump in, feet first.
This coming from the man who did not even go through with his own little wedding.
Ah, but I killed the proposal.
Should have seen me.
Rocked a tuxedo, set out the candles.
I even managed to shed a tear.
GIBBS: Something you wanna share, DiNozzo? No, not really, boss.
But, uh, hey, you should be getting ready to, uh, play father of the bride.
I'd base it on the Spencer Tracy classic.
Skip the Steve Martin.
Yeah? - I'm happy for you, Ziva.
ZIVA: Heh.
I did not exactly say yes, so it is not exactly official.
Well, it will be if it's right.
You and Jimmy Palmer, double wedding.
Okay, whatever you guys are talking about right now, stop.
Because it couldn't be as important as what me and McGee have to tell you.
- Go, Abs.
- We searched the databases of every wireless earpiece manufacturer from here to Timbuktu.
And we came up with a match.
Hit it.
McGEE: It's called the DX-1200.
It's made by a company outside Phoenix that specializes in devices for high-security government lines.
ABBY: That means those lines are harder to trace or hack or otherwise compromise.
Only 400 of this specific model are registered in the world.
Most are in the Middle East.
- Could be someone in Pakistan.
- You got a name? Uh, nothing yet, but we do have this.
ABBY: A scan of the commander's browser history showed multiple searches for the Saleh Revolutionary Corps, - or S.
, during the past month.
McGEE: If this is who she was tracking, she must have more intel than some week-old browser search.
Question is where? One place we haven't checked.
BURRIS: I'm not sure what you're looking for, but Maya wouldn't hide anything on the boat.
I mean, she barely spent any time here.
Look, I, uh I know how hard you're working on this case, I meant no disrespect.
None taken.
BURRIS: About all the trouble I'll do whatever I can to help.
Found something.
- Bring it up.
- Ever seen this? - No, never.
- Let's open it.
It's all about the Saleh Revolutionary Corps.
Who? We believe that your wife was tracking a known terrorist group.
Is this her handwriting? She was in trouble, wasn't she? Yeah Why wouldn't she tell me? We protect who we love.
Okay, Abs, talk to me.
What do you got? Believe it or not, I'm not the one doing all the talking this time.
Commander Burris is.
She has a lot to say.
Journals tell us she began working with a former colleague to help take down the S.
ABBY: Okay, it breaks down like this.
Her first entry was on December 17th.
It was also the same day as her first trip to Islamabad.
On December 30th, she goes back.
But something happened.
She got scared.
"I shouldn't have gotten involved.
I'm in danger now.
Things could turn ugly fast.
" Threat from S.
? No.
From a former colleague.
By cross-referencing the dates and locations of her travels with the cell signals of various DX-1200 earpieces, we were able to narrow it down to one signal.
- The itineraries completely match.
- You got an ID? Yeah.
Barry Norton.
Stationed in Pakistan as a civil engineer in 1998.
Began working as a liaison for the Cairo embassy in 2003.
- Recently fired.
- For what? Fraternizing with anti-American terrorists.
Most notably, the S.
But after Norton was fired, he took it one step further.
He started working with the bad guys.
McGEE: Sold them government secrets.
Accessed the commander's high-level security privileges to do it.
- He used her.
ABBY: Yeah.
And when she found out, she flipped.
She told Norton she was gonna go public with what she knew.
Killed her before she could.
McGEE: Also tracked down the contractor from the loft.
He's Norton's cousin.
Then he had access.
Location? Cell phone's off, but I did get a hit on a car registered in Norton's name.
It was issued a parking ticket last week in Georgetown.
Put out a BOLO.
No, no.
That sounds completely crazy, but okay.
We can talk later about it.
Sure, Ray.
Okay, bye.
Jumping in feet first, David? [ZIVA SIGHS.]
Ray is renting a jet.
He wants me to fly to Miami tomorrow to tell his parents.
And I am seriously considering it.
Oh, great.
So why the shift? Seeing Detective Burris.
How much he still loves his wife.
How he just wishes he had one more day with her.
I guess I just don't want to live with regrets, you know? GIBBS: Ziva, DiNozzo, squad room.
Go, McGee.
State police tracked down Norton's car.
He was involved in an accident last night.
- Where? - Corner of 16th and Bell.
Bring him in.
McGee, I said Norton, not his car.
Uh, boss, he's at the morgue.
He was pronounced dead at Washington General at 11:34 last night.
ABBY: Gibbs, Norton's brakes - were definitely tampered with.
GIBBS: I can't hear you, Abs.
ABBY: Sorry, Gibbs.
It's hard to hear me when I'm jammed up underneath there.
I was trying to tell you that Norton's brakes were definitely tampered with.
More like completely destroyed.
- Cut the line? ABBY: In three different places.
Someone wanted to make sure he couldn't stop.
Wanted to make sure he was dead.
DIA just confirmed that the Saleh Revolutionary Corps placed a fatwa on Barry Norton.
- When? - Two weeks ago.
Surveillance in Islamabad said there was some argument over money.
- He got greedy.
TONY: Apparently.
He was quoted as saying if they didn't pay what he wanted, he'd expose the strategy for their next mission.
Norton must have been the target all along.
And the commander was collateral damage from the first failed hit.
McGee, Norton's cell phone history, now.
Calls made in Islamabad.
- Where are you going? - Do not try to stop me.
I have something to do.
Ziva, you're here.
This is totally exciting.
And I am weirdly gifted at wedding planning.
Uh, that is not why I came.
I need your help with something else.
What? Can you access old voice mails and text messages on my phone? Of course.
How far back? A month.
Maybe two.
Okay, you have a really strange look on your face, and it's kind of scaring me.
What is this about? Abby, just do it.
Once I input your number, I'll be able to access the server's mainframe and pull the records from there.
Might take a second.
All right, I'm in.
Bringing up all your phone calls from the past two months.
Bring up just those calls.
Cross-reference with Norton's phone activity in Pakistan.
ABBY: All calls were made in Islamabad.
The caller was in the same place as Norton.
Thank you.
RAY: There you are.
Where are your bags? Now you have my answer.
- Let me explain.
- There is nothing to explain.
You killed an innocent woman, then you tried to lie to me about it.
It's not like that.
When I saw your number, I knew.
Did you think you could get away with it? The commander wasn't supposed to be there.
Norton was my target.
She was a mistake.
One you took great pains to cover up.
Ziva, you have to understand.
Norton was a very dangerous man.
I had orders to take him out in Pakistan, but unfortunately, he fled the country on an alias before I could get to him.
I wasn't gonna let him get away a second time.
He needed to be handled, and I didn't care if he was on U.
Soil or not, Ziva.
American lives were at stake.
So I handled him.
You went against your superiors.
I did what I had to do.
You of all people should understand that.
Norton is gone, Ziva.
It's over.
It will never be over for Commander Burris' husband.
You ruined his life, Ray.
- Do you not understand that? - Enough.
I don't want to talk about this anymore.
I made mistakes, and what's done is done.
Now I just wanna go back to being the man that I used to be before all of this.
The man you fell in love with.
That man is gone.
CIA confirms that Ray violated orders by taking out Norton on U.
He's done.
What can I do? Drive.
Just drive.
You know you should let McGee take care of that tech stuff.
I can handle it, Tony.
Thank you.
Why is this thing not even turning on? It's okay to ask for help, you know.
I do not need help, Tony.
I am fine.
TONY: Uh-huh.
I can see that.
Give it to me.
Listen, don't beat yourself up.
There's no way you could have seen it coming.
There's no way any of us could have seen that coming.
You'll find somebody, someday.
I'm not sure I want to.
I do not think children and marriage are part of the plan for me right now.
And I am fine with that.
Perfectly, perfectly content with my life.
But are you happy? Are you? [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
- Detective Burris.
- Sorry.
I know it's late.
I just I needed to hear you say it in person.
You guys got the guy who killed Maya? Yeah, it's over.
We, uh, apprehended him this afternoon.
I'm not asking how, Agent DiNozzo.
I'm asking who.
His name is Ray Cruz.
And he will never, ever hurt anyone again.
Thank you for, uh For all you've done.
- I guess you Navy cops aren't so bad.
- Gee, thanks.
- Walk you out? - Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- So how long you two been together? ZIVA: Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Oh, no, we're not a couple.
- Just coworkers.
- And friends.
Yes, very good friends.
That's good.
That's, uh, real good.
You hang on to that.
You never know when you're gonna need somebody to be there.
Cherish each other, that's all I'm saying.
Every day.