NCIS s09e20 Episode Script

The Missionary Position

This seems like a nice spot.
If you like it, I love it.
Actually, I don't like it.
Let's see.
Over by the pond was too sunny.
The gazebo wasn't sunny enough.
- And here? - I don't know.
It's just, like, bad energy.
- Seriously? - I know.
It just doesn't feel right for some reason.
[SIGHS] How about under this tree? - I kind of like the energy right here.
- It's the last move.
I promise.
It feels much better under here.
[GRUNTS] - Next time I'll pack a lighter basket.
- Thank you.
If you'd have stayed in that spot Excuse me, my friends, if I may have your attention, please.
Looks like you're about to burst into song, Jimmy.
- Oh, it's much better than that.
- Why the coat on such a lovely day? TONY: Holy full-frontal, Autopsy Gremlin.
Are you about to flash us your Magic Johnson? Even better.
- Ah.
- Wow.
Huh? What do you think? - Ha, ha.
Well? - Eh - Awesome.
- Right? So bad, it's good.
I wouldn't go that far.
The wedding is in south Florida, so Breena and I originally were thinking tropical pastels, but then we saw this baby, and we thought, "Let's go kitsch.
" ZIVA: Kitsch.
- That is a German word.
Kitsch, camp, - completely tacky.
- Don't forget completely cool.
Eye of the beholder, McCumberbund.
PALMER: Now, if I could just get your sizes, and Breena will call you, Ziva, about the bridesmaids' dresses.
I'm telling you, if you think these tuxes are cool I cannot wait to see what she has chosen, but, really, I do not need to be in the wedding.
Oh, we insist.
TONY: Excuse me.
Which one do I check here, Jimmy? Usher? Groomsman? Or best man? Uh, we're just having everybody check groomsman for now, until I've decided.
You haven't picked a best man yet? I've narrowed down the list.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] - Narrowed it down to? - Gibbs.
Oh, God, I wish.
If Agent Gibbs would even consider being my best man, I swear, - I would have a field day.
- Good morning, Gibbs.
GIBBS: Dead Marine in Reston.
ZIVA: Dead Marine in Reston.
- Garth Road Park.
- Garth Road Park? - I know the place.
- Okay.
Shall we pick you up? - No.
I'll meet you there.
All right.
He will meet us there.
Where is he? Did not say.
TONY: Hmm.
ZIVA: Hmm.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Do you have any coffee? No.
No, I stop for it.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Oh, you didn't.
You didn't.
The sun, it's so pretty in that room.
Somebody else used to say that.
[CHUCKLES] Thought you had to take Parker to school.
My sister was gonna do it.
I don't wanna rock the boat.
Oh, it's too late for that.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Doc, I can't.
I got a case.
Oh, no, I have a meeting at the Pentagon.
You know, your car.
You blocked me in last night.
I, uh, didn't want you to get cold feet.
My house.
No place else to go.
The office.
Anywhere easier.
- I think we did okay.
- We did great.
Practice makes perfect.
Well, what have we here, Jethro? - What we have here is no Jethro.
- What? He's actually running late.
Oh, ha, ha, there's a first.
Sort of like wearing fuchsia and lime green to a crime scene.
Yeah, I didn't have time to change.
Perhaps those colors will raise the dead, Mr.
Poor guy.
- Looks like a pretzel.
- An "a-salted" pretzel? DUCKY: Sadly, I had my share of that when I was seconded to the parachute regiment.
Crushed on impact, dropped from a great height.
Yeah, well, with all these broken bones, he definitely reached terminal velocity, which means he could have fallen anywhere between 400 and several thousand feet.
I'm guessing it wasn't his choice, Duck.
Check local air traffic.
All flights, commercial and private.
On it, boss.
Welcome, Jethro.
All is well? Not for him.
You got an ID? Yeah.
First Lieutenant Walter Larabee.
Still awaiting confirmation on his recent assignments.
- Cause of death? - Ha, ha.
You gotta be kidding.
Well, uh, stabbed, blunt-force trauma, shot.
Not to mention the whole plummeted-to-Earth thing.
Oh, hey, something in his pocket.
Challenge coin.
Navy Chaplains Corps.
Larabee's a Marine.
He's not a chaplain.
Whoever gave him the coin obviously is.
It's caked with blood.
- Along with the rest of him.
DUCKY: No, this blood is dry, and the pocket's clean.
Abby will have to confirm as much, but I predict that this is not the lieutenant's blood.
Think it's a message, boss? Loud and clear.
Chaplain Burke had nothing but good things to say about you and your team.
It's nice to put a face to a name.
Yeah, well, Burke had her hands full with us a few months back.
But we're glad to have you onboard.
Thank you.
What can I do for you? We don't generally carry challenge coins, but some chaplains make their own.
Where'd you get this? Off the body of a dead Marine officer.
First Lieutenant Walter Larabee.
Don't know the name.
What about this woman? CASTRO: Commander Wade, of course.
You're saying this is hers? I'm afraid that's her blood.
CASTRO: Theresa.
Is she dead? Don't know.
Hoping you could help.
Chaplain Wade has served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
About a month ago, she left on a relief mission to South America.
- Where? - Cartagena.
On a hospital ship.
She joined a group of Navy corpsmen working with missionaries to provide free immunizations to villagers in the local mountains.
I had a feeling.
We spoke to Theresa just last week.
She said everything was going well, but we haven't been able to reach her since.
DUCKY [OVER PHONE]: I have preliminary findings for you.
On my way down.
Can you stick around? Until we find her, I'm all yours.
PALMER: We don't expect everyone to wear the tuxes.
We just really want to make it fun.
Yes, well, weddings can be such dismal affairs.
Palmer, your generation is not the first to use irony.
Then you'll wear the tux? Of course.
No matter what position you're asked to fill? DUCKY: Oh, please, say you're not considering me as your best man.
- Well, I was thinking that DUCKY: Mr.
Palmer, I would no sooner care to plan your bachelor party than I would actively seek a root canal.
That's not to say that I am not deeply honored.
But take my advice.
Mentors make terrible wingmen.
And I won't be the least bit hurt if you'd ask someone else.
Spoken like a true mentor.
Thank you, doctor, that actually helps out a lot.
Talk to me, Duck.
Allow me to work my way from the horrific to the curious.
Horrific? Yes, well, after being actually beaten, stabbed and shot, the lieutenant here showed that he had blood in his lungs, which indicates he was still alive when he was thrown from the aircraft.
Yes, this bullet was lodged in his vest, and these are something for which I have no explanation.
Very curious.
Well, as I took the tape from off his mouth, I saw them lodged in his throat.
I believe they are tiny fungi.
Another message.
From where? Well, that is for Miss Sciuto to determine.
I think it's fair to say that Abby is about to have a fungus among us.
[PALMER LAUGHING] It's a slow burn.
You'll get it later.
TONY: Trust me.
I see it.
But Jimmy looks at me as a kind of older-brother figure, and I think I'm the only logical choice.
Well, if it's a question of logic, McGee would make the perfect best man.
I mean, he and Jimmy are both highly intelligent and conscientious and Dull.
Are you kidding me? McGee's idea of an incredible party is free CornNuts and an Xbox marathon.
Sounds pretty good to me.
Pretty good's not good enough, McGee.
Marine First Lieutenant Walter Larabee, his second tour in Afghanistan.
According to his wife, he accepted a third overseas tour last month, but this time to Colombia, South America, because he thought it would be safer working at the embassy.
- Yeah, well, so much for that.
- There had been financial hardships.
And with his wife expecting their first child, he wanted to be closer to home.
GIBBS: What was the air traffic? - McGee.
The FAA shows three aircraft near the park's air space when the lieutenant took a header.
The first one was a medical transport chopper.
The second was a retired Air Force pilot taking his family on vacation to Georgia.
But the third one, a single-engine Cessna registered to Alfred Holbrook, who was busted 30 years ago for possession with intent to sell.
You two find Holbrook, find his plane.
Search both of them.
TONY: On it, boss.
HOLBROOK: Might help to know what you boys are looking for.
Uh The usual.
Blood, duct tape, mysterious fungus.
Excuse me? You flew your plane over Reston this morning, Mr.
HOLBROOK: Don't I wish.
Haven't flown for over a year.
For obvious reasons.
No hand controls on that thing? I've had enough trouble trying to learn these controls since the accident.
I see.
And when was that? A year and two months ago.
Drunk driver T-boned me, and here I am.
I keep her looking good, but this beauty's been grounded since then.
Air-Traffic says otherwise.
FAA records don't lie.
You know how often people steal licenses and aircraft-control signs? It's as common as credit-card theft.
Hell, I'm the victim here.
Victim with a drug record.
That was a lifetime ago.
Look, someone wants you to think that was us up there this morning.
I don't go, she don't go.
You boys have been duped.
Abs, talk to me.
[ABBY GASPS] Oh, namaste, chaplain.
This really cool Sri Lankan priest taught me that.
In Sanskrit, it means "I bow to you.
" GIBBS: Take a bow later.
Too much yabba-yabba.
- I don't have a lot of time, Abs.
ABBY: Okay, then.
Let's talk bullets.
Like the one that Ducky pulled out of Lieutenant Larabee's Kevlar vest.
It comes from a Russian Vepr AK-47.
The Russians could be involved in this? Da.
Well, maybe da.
- What about the mushrooms? ABBY: Oh, that's way simpler.
The fungus inside the lieutenant's throat was Fusarium oxysporum.
It's an herbicide that's used to eradicate the coca plant.
But it's only used in one region.
Nariño, Colombia.
Chaplain Wade mentioned Nariño in our last phone call.
She and the group were headed there.
It's dangerous cartel country.
So the question is, how are the chaplain and Lieutenant Larabee connected together? Ziva, do you have a minute? What do you know about Colombia, Jimmy? Oh, gosh, uh, it's a great school.
New York City.
Oh, no, not that Columbia.
Make it fast.
I'm waiting to hear back from a friend.
I was wondering if you had an opinion on who should be my best man.
See, I don't want to offend anybody.
Y'all are like family to me.
ZIVA: Well, I cannot recommend anyone, but why not go with your gut? Seems to do wonders for Gibbs and McGEE: Ziva.
There's a phone call for you in MTAC.
My message got through.
[CHUCKLES] It did.
My gut.
Where is she? Lost visual.
Didn't know you had old friends in Cartagena.
ZIVA: South America becomes you, Monique.
Long time no contact.
So word in the jungle is your Marines lost a lieutenant, and your Navy is missing a chaplain.
Commander Theresa Wade.
Do you know her? No.
But I might know how to find her.
ZIVA: Exactly why are you down in Colombia, Monique? Just reclaiming my soul.
Part of a school construction project for the Quimbayas in the highlands.
It's there I heard the cartels had taken Americans.
Reliable sources? Reliable as any in these parts.
And we have not been introduced.
Agent Monique Lisson, meet Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
The legendary Gibbs.
I hear good things, but Ziva never mentioned how handsome you are.
What type of agent, Lisson? LISSON [ON SCREEN]: Interpol, until recently.
And since then, available for anyone who would have me.
You were saying you might know Chaplain Wade's whereabouts? Yes.
Fortunately, my Interpol clearance is still valid.
Managed to recover this from the Cartagena police.
You may recognize your chaplain in the foreground.
GIBBS: That's Larabee with her.
What's written on the van? ZIVA: Courage Mission International.
LISSON: They provide medical aid to the Santa Maria mountain communities.
Vaccinations, antibiotics The cartels prefer they didn't? They don't like outsiders.
They knew Americans were here the moment they reached port.
According to the DEA active investigations, the Lazaro Cartel operates coca farms in that area.
And the rebels work hand in hand with the cartels.
It's a pretty big gamble kidnapping U.
Navy personnel.
GIBBS: They're hoping she has information.
But Wade is a chaplain, not Navy intelligence.
She's still Navy.
Probably the only reason she's still alive.
For how long? You up for some company, Lisson? Thought you would never ask, Gibbs.
Not me.
Gibbs, this woman is like the big sister I never had.
I trust her with my life.
Having anyone else there will just be dead weight.
- DiNozzo? - Securing transport now, boss.
McGee and I will work from here.
Agent Lisson is all the help I need.
We work like peas in a poke, like yogurt and garlic, like TONY: Thanks.
There's pigs in a poke and there's peas in a pod, but - Yogurt and garlic? - It's a Middle Eastern staple.
TONY: Which I'm sure we'll find in the best Colombian restaurants.
I speak fluent Spanish if Agent DiNozzo needs a translator.
A translator? Excuse me, uh, chaplain.
I may not speak as many languages as my Israeli cohort here, but I assure you: [SPEAKING IN SPANISH] I meant nothing by it.
It's just that you seem How do I put this? Less worldly? - More monolingual.
- Well put, chaplain.
Look, that was Chaplain Wade's brother on the phone.
I promised him every effort was being made to find Theresa.
That's why I'd like to go too.
Well, this is just getting better.
- Got it covered, chaplain.
No dice.
- I'm sure I can be of assistance.
- I understand.
- No, you don't.
Forgive me.
It's just, I need to do this.
Then she'll be his responsibility.
Sure thing, Ziva.
Anything to keep from being a dead weight.
GIBBS: Ah, you moonlighting? You dress pretty nice for a pizza delivery girl.
Parker and I went out for pizza.
We thought you might like some.
He's down in the car.
Still haven't met him.
Yeah, not yet.
Anyway, he's doing homework.
How's the case? I can't talk about it.
Colombia? - Doc, if you know the answer? - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Really, I can't help myself.
It's just brain-gamer stuff.
Oh, this looks like fun.
I haven't done this since the '80s.
What does DoD know about Wade and Larabee? They know she's missing.
They know he's dead.
And they know you're handling it.
And looking really handsome in the process.
Gotta go.
I'm not real hungry.
Open it.
It's good for you.
[ALL CHATTERING IN SPANISH] [TONY PANTING] Seriously, Ziva, is this the best your friend could do? A low profile is everything.
Our security is her first concern.
Maybe hygiene could be a close second? [SPEAKING IN SPANISH] [SPEAKING IN SPANISH] We only have one room.
Well, ladies, so began a spring break they'd never forget.
I doubt we will be here much.
TONY: Chaplain.
[WHISTLES] Oh, no, no, uh, gracias.
Señor, no, no, no.
That's all right.
Oh, right.
Uh I only have the big bills.
Uh [BOTH SPEAK IN SPANISH] - Yeah? - Excuse me.
He said he's gonna get me change.
Oh, yeah, sure he is.
You know what Monique would say if she were here? - "Better safe" - Better safe than spoiled.
You remembered.
Wow, that little guy is faster than he looks.
Agent Monique Lisson, NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.
Wow, uh, never mind.
[SPEAKS IN SPANISH] How do you concentrate, Ziva, with so many attractive men around? It's easier than you think.
Meet Chaplain Maria Castro, she's a dear colleague of Chaplain Wade.
- We'll do our best to find your friend.
- The sooner the better.
Sooner is not possible.
The only safe time to travel out to the village is in darkness.
Which is not for several hours.
Who's hungry? This hotel may be less than impressive, but it makes the best arepas in town.
I do love hot arepas.
What else do you love, Agent DiNozzo? Excuse me, Manny Varigan? I'm NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee.
Hey! Hold up! [VARIGAN GROANING] Did you hurt your green thumb? Manny, huh? Heh.
You sure it's, uh, not Javier Ramos? Or Miguel Martinez? VARIGAN: I don't choose my aliases.
They're given to me.
Is that how it works? You work in a tree nursery in between flights? You get busted for running coca, then you help our guys catch bigger fish? Not anymore.
I got a family now.
Well, you still gotta provide, right? How much to do a run out of Cartagena? These days, - 50,000.
- Only 50? - The recession.
Yesterday a U.
Marine's body dropped out of an airplane.
- Was that you? - Hey, I know nothing about that.
Okay, so I'm a mule.
But not with drugs, - and not for the cartels.
- For who? I told you.
CIA gives me aliases for the flight records.
They don't want anybody knowing - about the shipments.
- Shipments of what? I flew down empty.
I flew back with medical ice chests, coolers, sealed up tight.
But I got a look once.
They got these tubes inside, like when the doctor takes your blood - Samples.
- Bunches of them.
I flew them to an airstrip in Virginia.
A lady took them, and I walked with 50 large.
- What lady? VARIGAN: For that money, I don't ask.
I haven't done it for months.
Know nothing about any Marine either.
I didn't fly yesterday.
I can prove it.
The first time I met Ziva, I knew she was special.
Different than other Mossads I've known.
She was fearless and strong and wise beyond her years.
And honest.
Sometimes too honest.
- Well, some things never change.
ZIVA: Ha, ha.
Tony knows I'm a terrible liar, but next to Monique here I look even worse.
A diamond could crack before she would.
Steely nerves, this one.
TONY: Steely Dan.
- Nerves of steel.
CASTRO: So, Agent Lisson, what made you decide to focus your talents elsewhere? Well, since I chose not to be a wife or mother, I have the freedom to go wherever I please.
TONY: And you said that you're retired now, right? And that you like the south of France? So why aren't you in Provence growing lavender, Monique? Maybe I am.
ZIVA: Monique has a strong ethic, Tony.
She believes in giving back.
LISSON: Don't make me sound so noble, Ziva.
A school needed rebuilding, and, um, I've been attending to other things.
So I'm here because I'm needed, and in six months, who knows? Monique? We have company.
[GUNFIRE] Stay down! You think they know we're here? GIBBS: Give me the status.
Alive and accounted for, boss.
- What's security detail at the hotel? - Local Force Protection Detachment.
Plain-clothed, doors and rooftops.
Whomever is responsible has been watching and knows your people are here.
They could've been watching you too, Lisson.
I took precautions.
Really? Well, in that case, maybe Mata Hari here could've told us a little earlier about a possible carload of gun-toting cartel zombies.
I didn't think it was necessary to state the obvious.
GIBBS: DiNozzo.
Who's to say she can be trusted? - Are you kidding me, DiNozzo? - No, I'm not.
Look, I know you and Agent Monique went all Costa Rican bikini party last year, but as far as I'm concerned, she's still Inter-mole.
- I knew this was a mistake.
- Knock it off.
- Yeah, boss.
- How is Chaplain Castro holding up? Shaken.
You watch your six.
You protect each other's rear ends.
How you doing? It's not exactly safe out here, you know.
I know.
Well You can carry a gun if you want.
I'll deal with it.
Roger that.
Ziva and Agent Lisson.
They're interesting women.
Interesting good or interesting bad? Strong.
- Deliberate.
- And alone.
- I suppose that comes with the job.
- Doesn't have to.
So why are you in Cartagena, Castro? I want to help find a missing chaplain.
Which you could've done from the safety of the Navy Yard, so, what are you doing in Cartagena, Castro? I'm here because the assignment to bring immunizations to the local villagers was supposed to be mine.
Guilt-stricken, party of one.
My father was sick.
I had to go home.
Chaplain Wade took my place.
And you feel responsible.
You think you should have been the one that went missing, not her? Do you know what I told her brother? "You have to remember that Theresa is there because she wanted to go.
Because she wanted to help.
" That's not entirely false.
It's not true, either.
You can't put that kind of weight on yourself, because if you keep piling it on, one day you can't move.
Take it from me.
I carry a lot every day.
So cut yourself some slack.
All right? Do you think Chaplain Wade is still alive? Okay, McGee, let's go.
Manny Varigan, our green-thumbed pilot and government mule.
Alibi? Rock solid.
He was on a class trip with his son at Ford's Theatre in D.
Forty-two kids, two teachers and three parents can attest to his whereabouts at the time of the flight.
Why is Ryan serving him up? - Could've made a mistake.
- You wanna tell her that? Well, plane doesn't exist.
Pilot doesn't exist.
- What does exist? - A dead Marine downstairs.
GIBBS: Pizza got us nowhere.
Got you into the CIA.
So the pilot's a mule.
He alibi'd out.
He didn't kill Lieutenant Larabee.
And you've known about Colombia the whole time.
I swear, not until you got involved.
Look, Gibbs, I can't help myself.
I hear things, I start digging.
- Whether you're invited or not.
- The DoD doesn't need an invitation.
Navy, Air Force, Marines, we have our fingers in a lot of pots.
Doc, forget for a second about what you know.
Tell me what you think.
I think it's possible that Chaplain Wade and the Marine - stumbled onto something.
- They stumbled onto what? This operation smells like trouble to me.
Bring your team home.
If that Navy chaplain isn't dead yet, she will be.
If these people got to Larabee and Wade, what about the missionaries they were traveling with? - I don't know.
- But you'd tell me if you did? What do you think? Courage Mission International, boss.
The website says they have over a hundred missionaries - working in 22 different countries.
- Colombia? No details.
Nothing specific.
Just a phone number.
- Call it.
- I already did.
An answering service picked up.
Said the Cartagena office was experiencing problems and someone would get back to me.
Find me photos, McGee.
I want faces.
I want to know who guided our people into cartel territory.
So you think the cartel flew the plane that dropped Larabee? That's a phony pilot.
It's a phony call sign.
Well, Chaplain Wade's e-mails mention two civilians, Stephen Wheeler and Constance Mazney.
Okay, run them.
McGEE: Wait just one second.
[BEEPING] Uh, boss, something's wrong here.
Wrong how, McGee? Wheeler and Mazney both have blocked government files.
Abby, do you have a second? Major Mass Spec and I are breaking up.
What? No.
He keeps misbehaving.
He's pissing me off.
Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure.
Will you be my best woman? [PALMER GRUNTING] - Can I take that as a yes? - Yes! - Ha, ha.
ABBY: Yes, I can't wait.
It'll be so much fun.
The bachelor party.
Um, nude ice hockey.
I have so many ideas right now.
You got them, Abs? Let's hear them.
So I found the cartel connection you were looking for.
The Russian AK-47 that killed Larabee? That is currently the weapon of choice for three cartels in South America.
The Lazaro Cartel one of them? - Number one on the list.
- Well, then congratulations, Palmer.
You picked the best best man for the job.
You picked the prettiest one too.
Thanks, Abs.
LISSON: Perhaps this situation has turned into something I should handle without you.
What has it turned into, exactly? Ziva, things change.
People change.
Overnight? Six months ago we were laughing like sisters.
Now I feel like there's a wall between us.
I don't even know you.
I have done something.
I'm involved with something I cannot get out of.
So you're going to shut me out? If it protects you, yes.
The situation with the chaplain.
There are people involved - you should not cross.
- Stop protecting me, Monique.
I can take care of myself.
I want you to have all the things I couldn't have.
You should be home with someone.
I don't want you to look back on a lifetime of cold beds and memories.
Uh-uh, uh-uh.
That is not up to you.
This is the life that I have chosen.
Good or bad, right or wrong, it is the only one that I know.
LISSON: This case, like life, is not all black and white.
You have to trust me on this.
Go home with Tony to your team and accept this as a case you may not solve.
I will not go home empty-handed.
[SIGHS] Then you may go home dead.
McGEE: Oh, wow.
- Boss.
- Black coffee, McGee.
Drink it.
Oh, thank you.
I just broke through the security wall on the names Stephen Wheeler and Constance Mazney.
The people that guided the chaplain and lieutenant into the mountains.
Well, they are not missionaries, boss.
They're CIA.
GIBBS: Missionaries or CIA? I need answers.
Not hints.
Not riddles.
- Answers.
- Yeah.
- I've told you everything I know.
- Yeah? Because I know you've been looking, doc.
What are they after? Members of the cartel are getting harder and harder to track all over South America.
- Vaccinations? - A ruse.
I mean, people are getting inoculated with real medicine.
Never a bad thing.
- But what we get in return - Is a blood sample.
Blood means DNA.
Connect the DNA by family from village to village and you have a road map to cartel leaders.
It's how we tracked Bin Laden.
Did Chaplain Wade or Lieutenant Larabee know anything about this? I don't think so.
Next time, doc, lose the pizza box.
Tell me straight.
- I can't.
Not everything.
- Yes, you can.
If you knew the pillow talk I was capable of, Agent Gibbs, - you would never sleep again.
- Oh, you don't give me enough credit.
You be careful.
I may have to show you what's behind the curtain.
You want me to guess? Because I think I got a pretty good idea.
I'm sorry.
- I should've come to you sooner.
- You should have.
I know.
ZIVA: From Gibbs.
They are CIA.
Now we know.
I knew there was more going on than medical outreach.
But still you chose to say nothing.
Half the missionaries I encounter are not what they seem.
- It is not always a cause for alarm.
CASTRO: Then what is? A U.
Marine is dead.
Why did they reach out to the Chaplain Corps - if something more's going on? - They needed a cover.
Who better than a clergywoman to create one? Wade and Larabee thought they were helping people.
They thought they were saving lives.
What was this really about? I wish I had answers.
The best I can do is promise to find out.
Well, the best we can do is find Chaplain Wade and bring her home.
According to McGee, the CIA agents responsible are still unaccounted for.
Well, we find them, we find the chaplain.
- I was going to do it without you.
ZIVA: No, Monique.
Now we will do it together.
MAZNEY: Wheeler, let me drive.
I know a back road.
Whatever gets us out of here faster.
- You sure the plane's waiting? - You got the message.
The happy couple is leaving so soon? - Easy.
We're not tourists.
ZIVA: We know who you are.
Now you have to answer for Lieutenant Larabee - and Chaplain Wade.
- What are you talking about? LISSON: We know what you've been doing in those mountains.
The blood collection.
The DNA MAZNEY: It's all classified.
We never meant for the chaplain to find out.
- Shut up.
- They know.
Con, we're lucky to be alive.
The cartel's onto the whole thing.
It's over.
Having the chaplain along helped legitimize what we were doing.
Lieutenant Larabee was there for her protection.
As far as they were concerned, it was what it looked like, a humanitarian gesture.
They didn't know about the rest.
Who are you two with, anyway? NCIS.
And you were saying? The cartel made an example of Lieutenant Larabee.
Dropped him out of that plane as a warning to our bosses back home.
What about the chaplain? Is she still alive? If we thought she was, do you think we'd be leaving her? And yet you do not know for certain and you are here.
Her only chance would be if the cartels thought she had any intel to share.
Then let us assume that she is, then.
And if she's still alive, the CIA had better help.
If we can locate Wade, what do you guys have in mind? Bang.
MAN [ON TV]: The blast shook the streets around the Cartagena warehouse district.
Though unconfirmed, this warehouse and another, also destroyed, are believed to have been owned by members of the Lazaro Cartel.
The number of dead cartel members is unknown at Freeze it.
MAN: The cause of the blast GIBBS: McGee, the GPS device DiNozzo planted on our CIA amigos.
McGEE: Coming in loud and clear.
Two blocks away.
They did it.
They delivered the explosion.
Give me a rescue status.
McGEE: That's our guys calling us.
- Put it up.
Gibbs, can you hear us? - Go, Ziva.
- Elvis was in the building.
CASTRO [ON SCREEN]: We're on our way.
Thank you all for everything.
ZIVA [ON SCREEN]: Headed to the airfield.
We will be in touch.
Copy that.
[LISSON & GUARD SPEAKING IN SPANISH] Uh, the plane is waiting.
I'd like to be on it before the Colombian government changes its mind.
- He's right.
You have to go.
- You should come with us.
[SPEAKING IN SPANISH] Antonio Banderas.
Puss in Boots.
He's more than he seems.
You're staying? What do you think? We made enemies today, Monique.
I have enemies everywhere I go.
Nothing I can't handle.
You're not going to tell me what you're involved in? Will I? Will I ever see you again? Don't look for happiness from others, Ziva.
People make too many mistakes.
Look to yourself.
That is where you will find it.
- Want a beer? - I'm invited in? Well, it's a little nippy to be drinking one out there.
So, ahem, all is forgiven? GIBBS: I didn't say that.
Look, Gibbs, there are reasons I do the things I do.
- You got another boat drawing? - Shut up.
I was hoping to talk to her.
- She was helpful.
- Yeah.
Lisson has information that I need.
Over the years, working both sides of the fence, she's screwed me a few times.
We need to talk.
She stayed.
Yeah, I know.
You knew she was involved from day one.
Can I have that beer? You staying? I can't.
I don't have a sitter.
Doesn't have to be overnight.
Gibbs, I'll take what I can get.