NCIS s10e01 Episode Script

Extreme Prejudice

GIBBS: For attacks against the United States Navy: Harper Dearing.
You know Dearing had a son in the Navy, right? He was killed in a suicide attack while his ship was in port.
The terrorist attack that killed my son Evan did not need to happen.
I need you to find an old case file from 12 years ago.
Evan Dearing.
His father is targeting NCIS in retaliation for the son being reassigned to that destroyer.
Director, he's not after you.
He's after your car.
Pupils are reactive.
His color's improving.
Mallard? Dr.
Mallard, you've had a heart attack.
BP's 172/95.
Pulse is thready.
Get him on a low-dose vasodilator.
Schedule an echo and get a TPA started.
Okay, lab work is back.
CPK is elevated.
Doctor, do you know where you are? Purgatory.
The hospital.
Same thing.
You're lucky people found you on the beach.
Palmer's been with you the whole time.
Are they all right? Let's just focus on you and this situation, and then later we can talk.
Are they all right? I don't know.
I haven't been able to reach anyone.
Original air date on September 25, 2011 Gibbs.
Director, are you all right? Yeah.
It was my car.
- It was my car.
- Yeah.
Director Vance? Mr.
Agent Gibbs.
Casualties? Yes.
How many? Enough.
There's plenty of damage, too.
The President was just briefed on the situation.
I'll need details and a plan of action.
Pardon me, Director? Excuse me.
The plan is I find the rest of my team, sir.
Of course.
FBI and other agencies are coming in, making it a joint effort.
We won't stop until we find Dearing.
Nobody does this to the United States Navy.
So, the building's sound.
There's a couple areas that are off limits, but most of the offices are accessible.
Find your people.
Make sure they're safe and then I want this son of a bitch.
You and me both.
I'm so glad we broke protocol and took the elevator.
Whose bright idea was that anyway? - What? - Ooh! Xenia Onatopp, the Bond villain from GoldenEye-- Famke Janssen.
She would kill men by squeezing her muscular, well-shaved thighs.
Well, I can think of worse ways to die.
I'm almost there.
Ah, we're stuck.
Well, keep pushing, thighmaster.
I'm starting to enjoy this.
Something's blocking it.
It's jammed.
They're gonna have to open it from the outside.
Ooh! We slipped.
Did we? I thought the earth moved.
You're sweating.
Well, it's hot in here.
I had not noticed.
Really? Agent David.
Yes, yes, I am all right.
No, Abba, we're stuck in an elevator.
My father says it's all over the news in Israel.
Uh, can you ask the great Eli David if maybe he can help us find Harper Dearing? He's actually offering that.
Ooh, fantastic.
And while you are asking favors here, is there any way he can get us out of this elevator? Yeah, well, no.
Tony's never going to change, Abba.
And we are fine.
We are fine, yes.
That's sweet.
Your dad called.
My father should be calling any second.
Hey, Boss.
You okay? Uh, yeah, I think so.
You? Where's Tony and Ziva? Um, elevator.
Workers are on it.
Feels really warm in here.
Think I'm gonna go get some fresh air.
Hey, stop.
What? Uh-oh.
Earlier today, the President toured the site of the Navy bombing.
Later at a press conference, he referred to the attack as a senseless act of terrorism and vowed to punish those responsible Unbelievable.
What is unbelievable is the way I feel.
Mallard, you're awake.
I must get back to Washington immediately.
Back to Washington? They need me.
First air transport you can arrange for us.
Even if we have to drive over to the Naval Air Base in Jacksonville.
Use my name if you must.
Mallard, you are in no condition To what? To remain here in this germ-ridden petri dish? The-The meds are performing brilliantly.
And once the stents are in place, I will be capable of assisting.
Mallard? You go without me.
You have to.
No, I don't.
I've got to be here for you.
Someone has to talk to the doctors.
I will be perfectly fine, Mr.
I can have Breena come down here You need me.
They need you more.
Agent Fornell, thank you for coming aboard.
I can't think of any place I'd rather be.
Absolutely, sir, one second.
The President.
Special Agent McGee? He got lucky: stitches.
Agents DiNozzo and David? They're still in the elevator.
Debris fell on top of the car.
That must be cozy.
Let me know as soon as they're out.
What about Dr.
Mallard? Ducky had a heart attack.
Palmer's on his way here.
Ducky's stable.
The old man's stronger than all of us combined.
Thank you, Mr.
Sir, I believe you've already met Senior Agent Fornell with the FBI.
I know we don't have an operational SCIF, so what I have to say stays in this room.
We've been instructed to locate Harper Dearing and proceed with extreme prejudice.
We're going to pool our resources and end this once and for all.
Questions? Just one.
Dearing has been eluding us for months.
What makes you think we're gonna get him now? This comes from the President.
Failure is not an option.
How much longer are we gonna be stuck in here? Hello? Anybody? It's been hours, Tony.
I cannot take much more of this.
What's that supposed to mean? I suppose it is getting a little ripe in here? I'm not ripe.
You, on the other hand, are pungent.
Well, could be worse.
You could be stuck in this tin can with Miguel from Human Resources.
He sweats more than anyone I've ever known.
How about Jeremy from Office Operations? That guy.
He's always undressing you with his eyes.
I mean, he's fun, but a little creepy.
Hey, what if one of those men is dead? Hello? Oh, hey, hey, hey.
There you are! Abby, I've never been more happy to see your gorgeous face.
Ah, you guys must be ready to kill each other.
I mean, I can't think of who I'd want to be stuck in an elevator with, except maybe Amelia Earhart or Michelle Obama or, or Joan of Arc, or the whole cast of Cirque du Soleil in case I got bored, I could Abby.
You never dress up for me anymore.
You hungry? You call your old man, tell him you're okay? Yep.
You take a break, Jethro.
You're home now.
Navy Yard is my home, too.
It didn't stop him, Tobias.
He hurt my family.
I know.
Brought cannoli.
What's next, huh? What if Dearing's done? He can't just walk away.
Oh, yeah, he can.
Sure, he can.
He can go under.
How? Every federal agency is on alert.
Will you let me take the reins on this one, Jethro? The President said to proceed with extreme prejudice.
I'm proceeding.
It's crazy, huh? Excuse me? Ah, I was just thinking how one minute everybody's gossiping about some celebrity, and then something bad happens, and people remember.
Remember how lucky we are.
Very fortunate.
Name's Lorraine.
Look, I don't know you, but you want to go somewhere? Talk or something? Come on, now.
Loosen up.
Can I get you a drink? You mind if I use the restroom? I'll be right here.
Those were my people he blew up last night.
Lorraine was one of the best we had.
I am truly sorry, Agent Fornell.
Traps won't work, Tobias.
I told you that.
- That guy's that smart? - Yeah.
But he did not start the altercation; we did.
He was just defending himself.
Whose side are you on? Whose side am I on? Look, I'm merely trying to point out he is no longer taunting us.
We are taunting him.
I know that look.
That's the "stay-up-all-night, "no-sleep, take-one-for-the-team I-got-a-plan" look.
Jethro? Well, Ziva's right.
Force the turnover.
We take the fight to him.
And make him keep playing.
The FBI held a press conference today.
They've arrested Victoria Dearing, ex-wife of wanted homeland terrorist Harper Dearing, in connection to this week's bombing at NCIS headquarters.
Charges ranging from murder to conspiracy to commit a terrorist act have been filed against her.
So where is she, Gibbs? She's out of the state.
Under federal protection.
She's safe.
And if Dearing believes that we're pushing her for information, you think his pot might boil over.
How do you know he won't just blow up something else in return? He could, but he won't.
What makes you so sure? He did what he set out to do.
Now he just wants to be left alone.
So we throw a stick of dynamite in the water, and see what floats to the surface.
Might work.
It might not.
What do you want from me, Gibbs? Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
It was my car that caused this.
I drove that bomb in here.
Navy men and women, innocent people, are dead, injured, and missing because of something that I did.
You couldn't have known, Leon.
It's my job to know.
Leon, this is what Dearing wants.
He wants you to question yourself.
Wants this to gnaw away at you from the inside out.
Gotta be stronger than that, Leon.
For all of us.
Good news.
McGee was released from the hospital.
I'm sure he has a nice big scar to show for it.
Well, the doctor said it is not too significant, and maybe Maybe, if the doctor had diagnosed Harper Dearing as a clinical nut job years ago, then none of this would have happened.
I see you're upset.
I mean, we are upset, too.
But we're safe.
And you have to focus on that.
You have to focus on the good.
"The good"" What "good"" Harper Dearing took that away.
First, he-he goes after innocent sailors, and then he comes after us, where we live.
All I see is pain and destruction.
I don't see good.
I want good back.
Abby If anyone can find the good, it is you.
I have no doubt.
What if this isn't over? What if Dearing isn't done? A terrorist is only as strong as the fear he creates.
Ziva, please.
Kick his ass.
Boss, I just got back from the armory.
They got hit pretty hard down there.
Yeah, well they were close.
We help any way we can, DiNozzo.
Can I ask you a question? Have you talked to Dr.
Ryan since all this happened? Think maybe you should tell her you're okay? I think we've got a lot of work to do.
Must've been nice having someone to talk to.
For a little while.
Gibbs! MTAC.
Welcome back, Tim.
Thanks, boss.
Nothing a band-aid wouldn't fix.
Agent McGee, put him up.
Did you really think that that was gonna work, Agent Gibbs? Accusing my ex-wife of aiding and abetting when you knew she was innocent? You're playing games! What, and you're not? Games have a winner.
Nobody won yesterday.
People got hurt.
People got hurt by your hand.
Well, consider it cause and effect: your cause, my effect, lesson learned.
There's easier ways to teach somebody a lesson.
Well, I thought it was appropriate.
What you think doesn't matter much.
You don't give people enough credit, Agent Gibbs.
The Navy turned a blind eye to flaws in the system, and I made sure that that would not happen again.
You killed people.
I am a whistle-blower.
You're a murderer.
What do you want? You got our attention.
What's next? Oh, there's nothing next, Director.
And if you insist on coming after me, keep this in mind: There is no better player than a man who's got nothing to lose.
Agent McGee.
Got a trace on Dearing's cell.
Broke through his firewall.
Or he let you.
He's parked in an abandoned restaurant parking lot off Route 9.
McGee, get me the SECNAV.
Sir? We got him.
Is there still a SWAT team on standby? Airborne, Leon.
Send the coordinates; they'll make it happen.
Target coordinates delivered, Director.
Traffic cams.
Uh, not responding.
Switching to thermal satellite.
The engine's running.
The car's hot.
The heater's on inside, too.
Can't be sure, but that looks like one passenger in the driver's seat.
We are ten seconds from touchdown.
Request command confirmation.
Team 1, this is SECNAV.
Confirmation is go.
Confirmation is go.
Roger that.
We are locked and loaded.
Touching down in four, three, two, one.
Go! Go! Go! Approaching from right flank! Securing the vehicle! Get down! Get down! Target is gone.
Vehicle is destroyed.
What the hell just happened, Leon? He took himself out, sir.
He blew the car up.
So he's dead.
It's over.
Sir, you need remains for confirmation.
Dot your "I"s, cross your "T"s, Gibbs.
Just get it done.
My best friend has a heart attack, and here I am doing his job.
A job I would have been nervous enough about doing even if I didn't just stepped off the plane after having not slept for two days.
And you are not helping matters, Abby! Would you please just come in? No.
You know I don't like it down here.
And I refuse to be in the same room with that man.
That man is dead, Abby.
I still haven't even reached any next of kin.
Too bad.
Still not helping.
Sorry, Jimmy.
I've only had a couple hours with the body.
I can't possibly give a full autopsy report.
Abby, will you stop! Gentlemen, hi.
Congrats, Palmer.
Thank you.
Although, I think under the current circumstances, my being here doing Dr.
Mallard's job is hardly worthy of congratulations.
You meant congratulations on the marriage, didn't you? You know, I think I'm still getting used to all this.
Get used to it faster, Palmer.
Yes, sir.
Um, I was finally able to find a usable tissue sample from the deceased, and Abby is standing by waiting expedited DNA confirmation.
This is top priority, so it should be here any time now.
Got it.
The suspense is killing me.
Abby? Is it Dearing? Okay According to the DNA results, we have a 50% match, which, given the severely compromised condition of the remains, is closer than I expected.
It's him.
You did it, Jethro.
You got the bastard.
We're finished with the scaffolding here, all right? Still cleaning up.
I cannot imagine the chaos that this must have caused.
Welcome back, Duck.
How you feel? Well, I count calories like a ballet dancer.
I "Sweat to the Oldies" three times a week.
And where I once kept pace with the hare, I am now envious of the tortoise.
That is how I feel.
Yeah, well, you're alive.
Perhaps when I get back to work.
Well, welcome back, but not just yet.
Doctor's orders.
So I have been told.
I suppose congratulations are in order on the elimination of the man who was responsible for all this.
Looks like he took his own life.
There is some doubt? I see.
So this invitation to tea isn't strictly a social one then? You think your doctor would mind you giving some advice? Only if I tell him.
Penny, you don't have to come home early.
No, I know it's just a cruise, but you're in Europe.
I'm fine.
No, I'm not gonna call Dad.
Because there's no reason to.
Why did I tell my grandmother about the explosion? Ah, she's worried.
It's normal.
Nothing's normal about my grandmother.
Listen, Penny, I love you, but I gotta go, okay? I'll call you back later.
Yes, yes, I promise.
You know, Tim, maybe calling your dad would be beneficial.
For who? The admiral and I only talk when absolutely necessary.
Besides, things are getting back on track around here.
Why would I want to open up that can of worms? Yeah.
I'm still pretty freaked out about what happened here.
But I've got Breena to talk to when I go home at night.
Only thing worse than being scared is being scared alone.
Either one of you Gibbs? Maybe in my dreams.
I'm sorry.
Is there something we can help you with? I'm Joann Dearing, Harper's sister-in-law.
I've been away on business.
I was told Special Agent Gibbs wanted to see me.
Been trying to reach you, Joann.
I've been traveling.
London, mostly.
Hong Kong.
I'm a personal assistant.
Just took a job after many years.
Why are you still investigating? Oh, I'm just tying up loose ends.
No one claimed the body.
Well, if Victoria didn't, I doubt anybody else will.
Tell me about the Dearings.
They're a complicated family.
Political, steeped in Southern tradition.
That was before.
What about now? Everything changed with Evan's death.
My, uh, husband Lawrence was Harper's brother.
Your husband passed away.
Four months ago from a heart attack.
He was a decent man, a terrific doctor.
Obituary doesn't list a burial site.
The Dearings have a family plot in Augusta, a private cemetery.
So Harper had access to his brother's remains? Yes.
But why would that matter? Dr.
Mallard I've been holding onto the body for the family.
No one ever contacted us.
Claiming the remains of wanted men has always been taboo, Mr.
Forensic historians have traditionally shown more interest in their bodies than family members.
That's why John Wilkes Booth has always been a fascination for me.
You see, his body Duck, you're not here, remember? Yes, but I am alive.
And, until I am embalmed and buried, there will be stories to tell.
And I look forward to telling them.
As Agent Gibbs already knows, due to the force of the blast, the intense heat, there wasn't much left to work with.
But I did manage to find some flesh for Abby's DNA test.
Wait a second.
Ducky, remember what I said.
Stay in the backseat.
Yes, I don't wish to abuse my welcome, but you're about to get some of that free advice you asked me for.
I could get in trouble for this.
Call a cop.
I'm guessing that broke during the explosion? And you'd be guessing incorrectly.
Notice the minute fractures.
CPR? Yeah, this man suffered a significant cardiac event prior to his death.
Paramedics tried to revive him, but unlike yours truly, they did not succeed.
Harper Dearing didn't have any history of heart problems.
No, but he had a brother who just died of a heart attack.
The DNA was close enough to be Harper Dearing.
Not exact.
Brothers, Mr.
If Harper Dearing put his sibling's remains in that car He's still alive.
Ducky, go home.
From what I can see, Gibbs, I think the car was rigged to heat the dead body, giving the illusion that Dearing was inside.
What about the bomb.
Classic thermite.
And his cell signal only looked like it was coming from inside the car.
Ziva, call Fornell.
Tell him we need a nationwide BOLO back out on Harper Dearing.
Boss, isn't Dearing dead? Nope.
Then who was in the car? Lawrence Dearing, Harper's dead brother.
Ooh, grave robbery.
McGee, try to track Dearing using his old cell numbers.
Searching for new accounts with similar calling patterns.
DiNozzo, Joann Dearing's bank accounts.
The fiery 50 who was just in here? On it, boss.
Agent Fornell asked me to convey this message.
"Are you freaking kidding me? BOLO's out.
" Whoa-oa.
Looks like Joann Dearing just found some spare change under the sofa cushions.
How much? $250,000.
McGee, switch gears.
Run Joann's cell.
Already on it.
The day after Harper Dearing's car exploded, Joann received several calls from a disposable phone somewhere in the Appalachians.
Put it up.
She also bought gas using a credit card in the small town of Martinsburg, West Virginia.
That's the same area, boss: the cell calls, the gas station Get Joann Dearing back in here now.
Have a look.
Agent Gibbs, I don't need to look at more pictures of injured sailors.
Open it.
What is all this? When was the last time you saw Harper Dearing? And don't say at your husband's funeral.
Look, I know he did a lot of horrible things, but he also supported us when my husband needed it.
We know that you recently took a trip to West Virginia.
We know that Harper Dearing gave you money.
We think that you spoke with him.
I-I-I can't remember.
I mean, it's possible.
Is this some kind of joke to you? No.
The flag from Evan's funeral.
Harper couldn't bear to bring it home.
It was too painful.
We kept it safe for him.
We did for a long time.
After Harper was reported dead, I came home from work.
There he was, just standing in my living room, holding Evan's flag.
I guess he didn't think I'd be there.
He paid you to keep quiet? He wanted to help me.
I didn't know he faked his death.
I didn't know Lawrence, his body, was involved.
Look, I'm barely keeping afloat right now.
I needed the money.
Where is he? Please.
Where is Harper Dearing? Federal agents! FBI! Clear, boss.
I'm clear as well.
Well, well, well, look at this.
Looks this is where Dearing planned everything.
The bombs, too.
It's all just sitting here.
Now, Dearing wanted us to see this.
He wanted us to know he was finished.
So, where is he? Thermal scan puts him in here as little as an hour ago.
But nobody saw him leave.
Hey, boss.
It's an old moonshine Prohibition run.
Probably goes all the way to the state border.
Are you building something? Yeah.
I need a bigger basement.
I might need a hobby.
You got kids, Leon.
They're coming out just fine.
You called? Yeah.
Forensics linked everything in the farmhouse to Dearing.
Dogs swept the tunnel.
They missed him by 20 minutes.
FBI and Homeland Security? Working on leads.
Why? I got an idea.
You're not gonna like it.
Try me.
I go.
You're right; I don't.
Leon, this isn't about bombs and ships anymore.
Dearing knows what he did.
And he knows what has to happen next.
And you think you're the man for the job? We both made decisions.
We both made mistakes.
Dearing knows that.
He's waiting for me.
Where? The house where he and Victoria raised Evan.
And you know this because Because that's where I would go.
That's where the memories are.
The ones that are important, anyway.
The ones that Dearing holds on to.
He wants these to be his last.
There's no way I should let you do this.
No, you shouldn't.
But I am.
For the record, if anything should happen Kill him.
Glad to.
Do not give it to him.
McGee, he's being a stubborn fool.
Okay, but you're definitely being stubborn.
It's the address.
You sure you don't want any company? Yeah.
Vance knows? Yeah, he does, every bit of it.
This is infuriating.
Ziva is upset.
What's a four-letter word for surviving a terrorist attack? Luck.
Watch out for each other.
Hi, Mom and Dad.
This is my sixth day at sea.
I finally feel like I got my sea legs.
Mess has been better than I expected.
It's amazing how many green vegetables they serve on a ship.
My bunkmate, Roger, says he never sleep as well at home as he does at sea.
My C.
is intimidating, but he's fair.
His given pretty much all the newbies a nickname so far.
Turn that off, will you? You know, I'm just trying to keep my head down.
I'm finally being able to find my way around the ship.
Evan used to send us cassette tapes to listen to, see how he was doing.
I'll be in touch as Trying to make you a nice cup of coffee.
I know you like it, but this This machine is impossible.
How about something stronger? I'm glad you came, Gibbs.
I was hoping you'd figure it out eventually.
The house where Evan was born.
I'm sure you have similar feelings for Kelly's home.
"Life, "although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, "is dear to me, and so I will defend it.
" Mary Shelley.
You and I are a lot alike, you know.
I know what you did for your family.
You made one decision; I made another.
Both did what we had to do.
You have a job to do, Gibbs.
I've done mine.
Do I have regrets? Yeah.
But not all.
Maybe things happen for a reason.
Evan, what excites you most about joining the Navy? Wow, Dad, I don't know.
Oh, come on, Evan.
Tell me, really.
Your whole family is listening.
You're gonna play this for Mom? Yes, absolutely.
Your grandparents, too.
So, tell me, why join the Navy? I love this country.
I want to protect it.
I want to protect what it stands for.
I'm really proud I'm doing this, Dad.
So am I.