NCIS s10e04 Episode Script

Lost at Sea

Looks like we're good on candy bars and gummies.
What about Klowny Kakes? Fresh out.
Those things never sell.
Must be those teenagers I've been telling you about.
Light fingers.
I think I know who's got the light fingers around here.
What are you talking about? Ethel, they're back.
Those kids are after the beer.
No use hiding, punks! Original air date on October 23, 2012 "Had a blast last night.
Can't wait for more.
" I think they want to meet up again.
Uh, it was sort of a one-time thing for me, McGee.
Oh, come on, admit it, Tony.
You had fun.
It was a more social experience than I expected.
So, you two did end up going out last night? How'd you know about that? I have hearing like a horse.
A horse's hearing, McGee, is one of their keenest senses.
Which is why you must "horse whisper.
" I don't think that's right.
Where did you two end up going last night? Well, actually Went to a bar.
Well I like bars.
Oh, wants know if we're on for Friday night.
"We"? Okay, one second.
Since when did you two start picking up women together? You wouldn't understand the science behind a good wingman, Ziva.
All right, McGoose, tell the girls Maverick says, "Game on.
" Maverick.
Top Gun.
I can't believe you two.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
Grab your gear.
Missing crew of Ghostrunner 12 just washed ashore.
Didn't that helicopter go down four days ago? Yeah.
Come on, let's go.
By the time the ambulance got here, I had found the other two on the beach, washed up.
Only three survivors? The first one stumbled into the store.
He was the only one conscious.
The other two were passed out.
Dry as a bone.
No sweat.
And bad.
EMTs rushed them all to the hospital.
They say anything? Guy in the store just kept muttering about someone named Happ.
Yeah, well, that's the pilot.
Fourth crew member.
Guess he's still missing, then.
I heard about the crash last week on the news.
Never put two and two together till I talked to your other agent.
Lots of letters like you.
She got here before you did.
According to the report last week, the helicopter crew was running a routine training operation off the USS Seahawk.
Didn't they send a distress signal? They did, but Coast Guard rescue operations didn't find anything.
McGee? There is still liquid inside.
Hard to believe there'd be any fresh water left.
Kevin Costner drinks his own urine.
Smell it.
Told you.
Let me guess.
Gross movie trivia works with women in bars? Well, something must, 'cause Tim and I have a pretty fierce date on Friday night, and I have to say we are a force of nature.
I see.
So women are just waiting for this masculine force? Pretty much, yeah.
So, if it's that easy, I want you to pick up the next woman you see.
That's juvenile, and I'm more mature than that now.
Well, if either of you manages to get a date, I will do both of your case reports for the entire month.
Why? What do you get out of it? Game on.
This a game to you, DiNozzo? Oh.
Um, Agent Borin.
Just sort of surprised to see you here.
Well, you shouldn't be, because I've been running point on all search-and-rescue ops for the last four days.
Read the briefings, DiNozzo.
Got it.
That was one of my agents I sent along for the ambulance ride.
Did the crew say anything? Amidst the delirious ramblings, yeah.
Apparently, the helicopter was hit by a second aircraft.
So we're looking for more than a missing pilot.
What happened up there? That's what we have to figure out.
Tribune or Herald? Times.
Which one? Does it matter? Eh.
They're all just calling about the helo.
I'm surprised we haven't heard from ZNN.
Usually, they're the first ones to Oops.
What? We got real work to do.
Like finding the mystery aircraft.
I know.
So let's stick with the crew we actually know something about.
I pulled service records on our missing helicopter pilot, Lieutenant Commander Oliver Happ.
And then we got files on the three who washed up.
The crew chief, Petty Officer Josie Sparks; copilot, Lieutenant Hank Joplin; and rescue swimmer, Petty Officer Adam Portis.
Rescue swimmer.
There's a job skill you hope you never have to use.
Speaking of job skills What's this? Rubbers for your date with Borin.
Oh, extra large.
You knew my size.
Thank you, Ziva, but I don't think we need your help.
Maybe not.
But Borin does.
She wanted extra hands with debris collection, and so I volunteered the two of you.
Unless, of course, you would rather me say that the wingmen had to pull out.
Pilots pull up.
I meant exactly what I said.
Don't answer that.
Don't bother.
Agent David.
Thank you.
That wasn't ZNN? That was the squadron C.
He's here to brief Gibbs.
He didn't say anything about being hung up on before, did he? Don't think that's on his mind right now.
Tower, we're experiencing radar altimeter failure.
Happ, we're losing altitude.
I lost the horizon.
I lost the horizon! Pull up, pull up! Last transmission never mentioned a second aircraft.
FAA and local air traffic controllers never reported anything in the area of the crash.
What area is that, Captain? This is my XO, Lieutenant Commander Hernandez.
He knows the mission and its birds back to front.
The last coordinates indicate the helo went down off the coast of Delaware, sir.
Well, how'd they end up in Maryland, Commander? A RADALT failure could indicate bigger nav system problems.
These are likely false crash coordinates.
Would explain why we never found signs of the wreck.
And why you still haven't found my pilot.
We're updating the search area now, but I'm not the one that signed off on a faulty helicopter, Commander.
All right, now, listen.
Nobody wants to look bad here.
This is an unavoidable mechanical failure.
We don't know what it is until we ask the crew.
Well, until the crew is medically cleared, the only people allowed in are immediate family.
Right now, your focus should be on finding that missing wreck and Lieutenant Commander Happ.
It is.
Eyewitness testimony could give us flight trajectory, landmarks, any number of factors that Doctor's orders.
Pentagon prefers this crew to be completely recovered and fully lucid.
We don't want any more delusional misinformation.
It's already been four days without any progress.
The media is ready to cry foul.
I'm not the media.
I don't cry foul unless there is one.
The survivors could at least tell us if the pilot survived the crash.
Just find him.
And call me when you do.
You're not really gonna wait, are you? No.
Jethro? Are you here? Yeah, right here, Duck.
I didn't see you hiding.
I wasn't hiding.
Why are you whispering? Oh, I think it's appropriate, given the clandestine nature of our mission.
I asked you to get medical records, not launch codes.
Nice disguise.
Yes, well, I'd like to think that the success of this ruse is not because of a costume, but because of my covert prowess.
Thought you called in a favor.
Yeah, well, a cribbage friend is head of oncology.
It's on the floor above, but that's beside the point.
Well, let's get to the point.
I reviewed their records.
Petty Officer Portis remains comatose, but Lieutenant Joplin and Petty Officer Sparks are recovering well.
That, in spite of the fact that they both suffered acute dehydration and exposure.
Injuries from the crash? No evidence of head trauma or anything severe.
I mean, it's it's a wonder, really.
You believe there's more to this crash than mere mechanical failure.
No, I don't believe anything yet.
Yeah, well, if you're planning to interview the survivors, you're gonna have to get past numerous guards and medical staff.
I will use my "covert prowess.
" I was going to suggest that you use a master key.
It'll get you into the security wing.
This part of that favor? No.
So I recommend you hurry.
Lieutenant Joplin.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
Afternoon, sir.
You heading home? No, sir.
My C.
thinks I should rest up another day or two.
Told the doctors I was feeling okay, but Let me help.
If you don't mind me asking, sir, shouldn't NCIS be assisting with search and rescue? Well, we are.
Anything you can tell me to help find Commander Happ? Not much chance he's still alive, is there? How do I justify me coming back instead of him? I don't have family, sir, but Happ's got a wife and kid.
Yeah, well, that's why I'm asking you, Lieutenant.
What happened? We were flying low.
Tower, we're experiencing radar altimeter failure.
Happ, we're losing altitude.
Lost the horizon.
Lost the horizon! Pull up, pull up! Everything after is a blur.
Next thing I knew, we were bottom up, scrambling for the raft.
It was black out there.
Maybe we missed him.
Maybe it's our fault he's gone.
You mentioned a second craft when you washed ashore.
I did? Guess I must have been delirious 'cause the only thing we hit was water.
into the Atlantic.
Might as well hit concrete.
You got a better chance of winning the lotto than walking away from that.
I can't explain miracles, sir.
Just give thanks for 'em.
Instead of looking for washed up helicopter parts, we should have Abby looking for evidence of who's turning this ocean into a Dumpster.
This place is disgusting.
Quit your eco-whining, Captain Planet.
Want to win the bet or not? Well, not this badly.
Still think sucking up to Borin is the way to get a date? Really appreciate the help, guys.
Oh, hey, no problem.
Oh, yeah, no, this is great.
Really like the new hair.
Uh, we're gonna hit the north shore next.
Marine debris can get caught in the sewage plant intake.
Ew, sewage.
There's got to be an easier way.
Why don't you just walk up to her and ask her out? Why not? I'm sure she'd enjoy a free dinner, even if it is from one of us.
Get off my beach.
Leave the bags and move along.
Take it easy, pal.
We're federal agents.
I'm not impressed.
Coast Guard.
Drop the knife.
All right, all right, there's been a misunderstanding.
Yeah, you think? Who the hell are you? Name's Shamus Quinn.
I thought these blokes were trying to muscle in on my business.
Garbage? Scrap-- metal and recyclables-- but it's hard to sell it when you're stealing it.
Well, I guess it's a cutthroat business, huh? You gonna give that back, champy? No, and this scrap is evidence in an ongoing investigation, scruffy.
Are we going to have a problem, Mr.
Quinn? Of course not, ma'am.
Anything for the Coast Guard.
Women of the water are a weakness of mine.
But you are taking my livelihood and my knife.
Feel like I should be getting something out of this raw deal.
Yeah, like what? I don't know, maybe dinner with you.
Okay, but from now on, anything you find on that beach gets turned over to the Coast Guard immediately.
But I get it back when you're done.
Guess Agent Borin likes her pork salted.
Well, we can't compete with that.
Speak for yourself, McInsecurity.
What's that guy have that I don't have? Calluses? I have emotional calluses.
You want a date with Agent Borin? No, I mean, I just don't want to let Robert Shaw win.
Besides, she's a little too much like Gibbs.
Well, that could be a good thing.
Gibbs is independent, loyal, sometimes even caring.
Have you told the boss about these feelings? He can be open-minded.
What? Agent Borin! It's our missing pilot.
Well, if that's a gunshot wound, then he didn't die in the crash.
I still smell like warm sushi.
Your little wingman setup is proving to be painful.
Well, that was the point.
No, of course.
Thank you.
You know, technically, maybe I should be asking you out.
You did say the first woman I see.
Cute, but you had your chance.
Thank you.
Joplin and Sparks have been released from the hospital.
I got questions.
Yeah, I think the Pentagon was anticipating that.
They've assigned JAG representation.
Which is a smart move considering the missing pilot's got a bullet in his brain.
You got info on the victim? Uh-huh.
Lieutenant Commander Oliver Happ.
Four years with Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 24.
Otherwise known as the Ghostrunners.
Exemplary service record, including two commendations for acts of bravery in Afghanistan.
He's married with a six-year-old son who was recently diagnosed with neurofibro-fib Neurofibromatosis type two, but you can call it NF2 for short.
Can you give us a minute, buddy? You can go play your game over there by the window.
That's a cool costume.
Top Gun? No, no, he's a helicopter pilot like his father.
I was told you found my husband.
Sorry for your loss, ma'am.
Thank you.
What happened? I saw on the news that pilot error hasn't been ruled out.
We haven't ruled anything out yet.
Did you recover his flight helmet? No, ma'am.
No, we haven't.
Not yet.
Why? Oliver-- my my husband-- he promised Gunner that he could use it for Halloween.
He he worships his dad.
Like the rest of your crew, Commander, you are strangely free of impact trauma, and it appears you miraculously survived the crash.
Not as lucky with the bullet.
Ah, well, it entered the frontal lobe, made a mess of things and ended up on the occipital.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
No exit.
Small caliber.
Yeah, I just sent the slug up to Abby for processing.
Time of death? No, impossible to say.
Uh, this man's voice was heard on the aircraft's last transmission? As it went down around midnight.
Then I would estimate that he was killed sometime after midnight.
Shot at close range? Are you asking me if this man committed suicide? Yes, I am.
Then my answers are going to continue to frustrate.
He was immersed in water, so you can't test for GSR.
His face is eaten by marine life, so you you can't discern stippling.
While he may have self-destructed, there is absolutely no way for me to prove it.
Hell of a way to go.
But a slow death adrift at sea, well, suicide may have become, well, a prudent choice.
Other Abby, welcome back.
You looking for helicopter parts or having a garage sale? Um, both.
I put together half a ten-speed bike, part of a car engine, two kitchen blenders, all in perfect working order.
I can't believe the things that people throw away.
Can't believe you took the time to put it back together.
If there were any helicopter parts, I would have happily built you a helicopter.
Right now, I would just settle for some good news.
How about a lead on our shooter? Ooh.
I ran ballistics on the bullet recovered from our victim.
Was this before or after your blender building? Concurrent with.
The bullet removed from the skull is a .
That's not Navy issue.
The only handguns on that helicopter should be standard nine-millimeter.
Any of the crew own a spare? I found one six-inch, ten-round Beretta registered to Petty Officer Josie Sparks.
Gibbs, it's Borin.
Abby says Borin is on her way up.
I don't understand what the big deal is, Ziva.
It's just a date.
You tell her, McGee.
Also, you owe me 40 bucks for those tickets.
They were your idea.
And you're welcome.
Now, get in there, Hollywood.
Take her breath away.
Iceman's got your back.
Why do you get to be Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer? Well, this is going to be priceless.
Hi, Agent Borin.
Uh, I wanted to know, do you like '80s cover bands? Because I have tickets.
I mean, uh, Tony got tickets for us, I mean, uh, you know, if you want to go.
Um, I just figured that since we were both born around you know, that that you would remember the '80s.
How old are you? You asking me out, McGee? Well, yeah, well, I've got tickets.
Yeah, no, got that part.
When's the concert, McGee? Uh, next week, boss.
This can wait.
Get Petty Officer Sparks in here now.
On it! On it! I thought you had my back.
Nothing I could do.
Had to eject.
Special Agent Gibbs, this is Lieutenant Nora Patel, JAG Corps.
I'm not finished.
The Pentagon wanted me to remind both of you that we are all on the same team.
We all want the truth.
Of course, sir.
All on the same team, Leon? Could've fooled me.
That's the company line until the higher-ups get one of two things: the truth or someone to blame.
Well, I do prefer that the two were related.
Yeah, but I'm not sure they do.
That's a nice tie, Leon.
A new look? It's my wife's idea.
It's supposed to help lighten my mood.
Yeah? How's that working out? My client doesn't know anything about that.
You understand how it looks when you hide behind a lawyer? Lieutenant Sparks has a right to legal counsel.
If for no other reason than to defend against any unfair tactics.
I've heard about you, Agent Gibbs.
Bullet that killed your pilot was fired from a .
You own one.
Unauthorized personal weapons are not permitted on Navy operations.
Which is why your client was disciplined for it last month.
You took your .
22 on the flight and you used it to shoot Happ.
Now, does anything sound unfair so far? We're leaving.
Life's unfair, sir.
Tell that to him.
Happ knew better than anyone.
That's the problem.
Don't say another word.
No, because I didn't shoot him.
Happ was the one trying to kill us.
I'm listening.
Happ just found out his kid's sick.
No cure.
Understandably, he's been upset.
He even got into a fistfight with the squadron commander last week.
But But I didn't realize how bad things were until I caught him drinking before a mission briefing.
She didn't report it because Happ didn't fly that day.
I let him sleep it off.
Are you saying your pilot was drunk? No, sir.
We never would've let him fly that night if something was wrong.
He seemed fine.
Until we caught him messing with the RADALT system.
He said he couldn't go back.
Couldn't face not knowing if his kid was gonna die.
He put us into a dive.
We tried to stop him.
Pull up! Pull up! I pulled my weapon, but never got the chance to fire because we hit the water.
I lost it and never saw Happ again.
Why did you lie? I was trying to protect him.
We all were.
You can understand that, Agent Gibbs.
Protecting someone who tried to kill three people? No.
For his family.
It's enough they lost a husband and a father, but I guess now you're gonna have to tell them the truth.
He was a coward.
Did you find out what happened, who shot my husband? How had your husband been feeling lately? Oliver was fine.
He looked forward to flying any chance he got.
Wh-What, what is this about? His reaction to Gunner's diagnosis.
He was devastated.
We all were, but that was weeks ago.
Why are you asking? What's wrong? Found, uh a number of these hidden around the house.
Credit card shows frequent trips to liquor stores and bars.
Has your husband been drinking more lately? He drinks when he's with friends and-and when he works out in the garage, but it was never to excess, and he would never fly drunk.
No, not drunk-- depressed.
His crew says he tried to commit suicide.
No, no, suicide is impossible.
Why is that? Gunner.
NF2 is a genetic disorder, Agent Gibbs.
It causes tumors to grow randomly throughout the body, and right now, our son has a tumor wrapped around his facial nerve, and when they remove the tumor, the nerve will most likely be destroyed.
Oliver and I had to tell a six-year-old boy that he will probably never smile again.
But Gunner didn't ask any questions, he didn't cry.
No, he's a tough kid.
You know what his main concern was? That he'd ruin our family pictures.
No one gives up on a kid like that.
Especially not his father.
Are you saying his crew is lying? Yes, I am.
I don't care about jurisdiction.
I care about finding that wreck, so just send the water samples to NCIS for testing.
On it, boss.
What exactly are we testing for? Oil and other mechanical fluids can linger after a crash.
If we can find a trace, then we'll get an idea of where to take a closer look.
I see.
It's a long shot.
Last hope.
Just do it, Omagi.
Copy that.
I forget you're a team leader.
Yeah, a lot of good I'm doing.
Performance review? Abby told me.
So, what are you looking to do-- move on up or move on out completely? Maybe, uh, transfer somewhere tropical? You trying to get rid of me, DiNozzo? Oh, no, I just have been there.
Looking for a better job title, better money.
So, what are you doing still working for Gibbs? Can't offer me better people.
Listen, if you're not busy this weekend, I actually was thinking Oh, crap.
Oh, Crawfish Casanova, huh? Yeah, relax.
I'm not going on a date with him.
I only said I was because I knew what you and McGee were up to.
Ziva told me everything.
Of course she did.
So that means the bet's off.
Yeah, and it sounds to me like you have better people to ask.
Where's my stuff? We've grounded all rotary wing squadrons until each and every bird is mechanically inspected for flaws.
So far, it appears to be an isolated incident.
And if the crash was human error? I told you, Happ wasn't depressed.
Your crew is trained to compartmentalize emotions, correct? They've also been trained to recognize and speak up about operational risk management factors-- lack of sleep, domestic problems.
Suicidal tendencies.
I know my people.
A lot of people under your command, Captain.
Happ's been a friend longer than a subordinate.
I'm the first guy he told when they were pregnant with Gunner.
I'm the first guy he came to for support when he was diagnosed.
Now, if there was something wrong, I would know.
So you knew about the fight Happ started with Lieutenant Commander Hernandez? What fight? Hernandez.
Get your butt over here.
What are they talking about? Petty Officer Sparks mentioned it.
Pilots get competitive, ma'am.
My training times were better, and he accused me of cheating.
Nothing bruised but egos, so I let it slide.
Lot of that going around lately.
I trust my crew, Agent Gibbs.
If they never said anything to me, there was nothing to worry about.
Two of them are saying something now, Captain.
That you let a man with emotional issues fly that night.
So who's lying, Captain, you or your crew? You can stare all you want, but a watched Mass Spec will not boil.
He's also immune to wishing, hoping, willing, most forms of voodoo.
Like I said, most forms.
What do you got, Abbs? Salt water.
There's no significant sources of any mechanical pollutants in your water samples.
Sorry, this is just not your week.
Hasn't been great for the Happ family, either.
And it's about to get worse.
How? Pentagon is ready to issue a statement blaming the crash on Happ's suicide attempt.
But the investigation is still ongoing.
We told them that, but the longer they wait, the more it looks like they're hiding the truth.
Yeah, but we don't know the truth, do we? Lab.
This is Abby.
Does Gibbs know about this? He and Ziva are headed back from the Seahawk.
Guy's wife and son are about to be bombarded by media, and all we have is hearsay and a couple of bourbon bottles.
And the eyewitness testimony of two decorated crewmates.
Their stories match.
Well, who's to say what's the truth, right? Those guys spent four days together in a raft.
Am I missing something? You mean besides a helicopter? Or a single straight answer? Need more than a gut feeling.
How about a third opinion? That was the hospital.
Petty Officer Portis is awake.
Game on, McGee.
Let's go.
What about Gibbs? We'll call on the way.
Doctors suspect brain damage due to the dehydration.
They're not even sure he can understand them.
Then I guess we'd better ask the right questions.
Petty Officer Portis, we're with NCIS.
We're investigating the crash.
Your crewmates, Joplin and Sparks, have each given full accounts.
We're hoping you might be able to help us confirm what happened that night.
Did Lieutenant Commander Happ try to commit suicide? Is that what caused the crash? Release my clients, Agent Gibbs.
Pentagon press briefing is in two hours, and you have no evidence to refute their testimony.
Petty Officer Portis said enough.
Except that he never actually said anything, and doctors are saying partial brain damage.
It's gonna take a lot more than a hazy nod to keep this case open.
She's right, Gibbs.
I'll let you know when we find it.
We have been running deep background on the entire squadron, and found a connection.
Four of them applied for apostille stamps in the last month.
A form of federal notary for document verification.
So what? Well, they're rare, and usually only needed to open offshore bank accounts.
You have proof that's what it was for? No, but that's not what got our attention.
Call the ball, probie.
Of the crew on that helo, Happ was the only one that never applied for a stamp.
I thought you said there were four.
There were-- the fourth was Squadron Commander Hernandez.
If the crew was into something together, then what's his connection? Well, the final mission report was just published, and it includes personnel rosters.
We knew who was on that helicopter.
But we didn't know who was supposed to be.
While Commander Happ was on duty that night, he wasn't originally scheduled to fly.
Hernandez was.
We don't know what any of this means, Director.
Let you know when we find it.
Looks like your ego is writing checks your offshore bank account can't cash, Commander.
What did you know that kept you from wanting to fly that night? Nothing.
I was sick.
I went to see my girlfriend, and she made me chicken soup.
That's funny-- she said you went out to dinner and that you weren't sick.
Time to change course, flyboy.
Before you find yourself crash-landing in the middle of a court-martial.
That's od one.
You can wear the sunglasses for a little bit.
That account wasn't for your military pension, was it? Joplin and Sparks planned it.
Nobody was supposed to find out.
Find out about what? That we were gonna sell the helo.
Sell it to who? I don't know.
Joplin said he found a buyer and everything was set for that night, but I couldn't go through with it and I called in sick.
Who killed Lieutenant Commander Happ? I don't know.
I swear.
Joplin and Sparks, they saved my ass in Afghanistan last year, and I owe them my life.
They can't know that I said anything.
All right? That's a negative, Ghostrunner.
The pattern's full.
We didn't kill Happ.
We're not murderers, sir.
Prove it.
Excuse me, Petty Officer.
You can't split them up.
I need to advise both my clients.
Not if they tell me the truth.
Sir How much does a Seahawk go for these days, Lieutenant? Three hundred thousand.
Split four ways.
But only if it works, right? I guess if the Coast Guard can't find it Maybe it was not lost in the first place.
There was no crash.
We faked it.
Tower, we're experiencing radar altimeter failure! Happ, we're losing altitude! I lost the horizon! I lost the horizon! Pull up! Pull up! Comms are cut! They can't hear us! We flew south and landed on a ship waiting to meet us.
We'd get our money, set off in the raft and wait for rescue teams.
being phased out of service, nobody would miss it.
We all agreed to the plan.
Until Hernandez backed out.
Everything else was in place, so we took a chance and told Happ once we were in the air.
You knew he could use the money for his son, and against three armed crew members, he would not have much choice.
You threatened him.
No! He went along with it on his own.
Or so we thought.
But once we landed, Happ pulled his weapon on us.
We're not doing this! I want your weapons on the deck now! And your .
22, Sparks! Come on, Happ, don't blow this.
The plan is gonna work! Said he wasn't gonna lie to his country or his family like that.
No, he stood up to all three of you.
So you shot him? No.
It was the boat captain.
We should've stopped it there, called off the deal.
But you took the money in offshore accounts.
The captain was supposed to drop us near where we faked the crash.
But the murder changed things? He disabled the transponders and just dumped us.
We were nowhere near the search grid.
We deserved it.
I need a name, Lieutenant.
The buyer was Shamus Quinn.
Met him at the marina where I keep my boat.
In Virginia Beach.
Call Borin.
Have her lock it down.
Got an update? Yeah.
This warehouse is the only address listed under Quinn's name.
Are you sure he's in here? Yeah.
we got movement in the back office, and no one's been in or out since you called.
Let's move.
Spread out.
Ziva, stairs.
Get off me! Come here! Get off me! Settle down, Hemingway.
You got him? Yeah.
Same model as Sparks' gun.
It's got to be the murder weapon.
Here we go.
Nice job, McMan.
Since we found the missing helo on Quinn's boat, my review is looking pretty good, so how about a drink on me as professionals? Oh, have to take a rain check.
You know, we kind of have plans already.
Friday night.
Hot dates, huh? Yes! Playing video games.
Ha! You never went to the bar.
You stayed home playing with yourselves.
I mean with each other.
I mean McGee, I read your e-mails.
You broke in to my computer? How do you know my password? Boss, she's not allowed to do that.
- Truth will out, DiNozzo.
- Right.
Let's hear it.
Well, we had every intention of going out, and when I went by McGeek's place, he he was still enthralled by this-this first-person shooter game.
It was pretty cool, actually.
That would explain your newfound combat tactics.
Look, don't blame me, Tony.
You were the one that wanted to stay once I found that sorority sister "capture the flag" battalion.
Oh, they-they were hot.
They sounded hot.
Drink? Yes.
Thank you.
Finally, someone has the decency to ask me to join them.
That's what this was about? She set us up because we didn't ask her out in the first place.
How did we miss that? The better question is: How are you gonna fix it? Hold that door! Oh! I'm in.
I'm in.
Game on.