NCIS s10e06 Episode Script

Shell Shock - Part I

Move! Move! Move! Don't! Captain! No! No! No! No! Don't! Captain! Torres! Torres! Original air date on November 13, 2012 Ah, the sweet smell of recycled air.
The hot glare of an annoying skylight.
The weird whir of broken fax machine.
Another day in paradise.
Well, somebody woke up on the far side of the bed.
Actually, I sort of did, Ziva.
Thanks to my annoying new neighbors who kept me awake until 5:00 this morning.
The screamers? The screamers.
- Third night in a row.
- I had neighbors once who never stopped fighting.
Not that kind of screamer, Ziva.
I don't know what happened, but I must have taken your bag last night when I left.
Do you have mine? Yeah.
Thank you.
Hey, you didn't snoop, did you? No, I didn't snoop.
That's your department.
My 1974 Instamatic.
You're taking up photography? No.
No, but I loved it when I was a kid.
I took this camera with me everywhere.
And I found it in this box that my dad gave me a while back.
I'm hoping Abby can develop whatever's on this film.
You do not know? No.
Well, if it's anything like your boarding school picture What boarding school picture? You did snoop, you little liar.
Give it to me.
I don't know.
I really think Ziva should see it first.
Ziva? Oh! Oh, oh, oh.
Have your chuckles.
By the way, that was a very good look back in the day.
For a Bible salesman.
Tony, if I were you, I would burn that film because you do not want any more of these getting out there.
It shouldn't have gotten out at all, but it did thanks to McSnoop Dogg here.
Now, listen, give me the picture because Gibbs cannot get his hands on this.
Do you understand me? Nice look, helmet head.
Hey, boss.
It was a transitional phase.
You know, the eighties.
Sort of had a John Denver thing going on, and, uh.
Let's go.
Dead Marine downtown.
Uh, boss, can I have that back, please? See what you did?! Can I have that back, please? Watch and wallet are still here.
No signs of a robbery.
Got an I.
? Yeah.
First Lieutenant Michael Torres, 31.
Originally from Ohio.
Moved to D.
after getting engaged last year.
Family? Parents have been notified.
Fiancée's out of town on a trip.
Get her back.
It looks as though he's been beaten, Jethro.
Any weapon, Duck? Uh, wounds are consistent with the good old-fashioned human fist.
Yeah, believe it or not, at one point in my life, I dabbled in boxing.
Well, I wasn't really a boxer, per se.
Uh, more of a, uh, an assistant.
Uh Uh I was a bucket boy.
Give me a T.
, Duck.
Judging by the lack of rigor and the coagulation, oh, approximately 2:00 to 3:00 a.
Oh, that is a nasty gash to the back of his head.
Deep laceration.
Doctor, there's something under his fingernails here.
Looks like dirt.
I have located just one security camera.
Belongs to the owner of the building.
The camera face the alley? He believes so, but I will verify.
Hey, boss.
Cops just got a call about someone breaking into the victim's apartment.
Witnesses described a young white male with blood on his clothes.
Turn around.
Now! Captain Joe Westcott, Sir.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot! You're coming with us, Captain.
No, I can't.
Those men-- they took Lieutenant Torres, and I have to get him back.
No one has him.
He's dead.
Guy seemed pretty out of it, boss.
Maybe he's still in shock.
Or guilty.
By all accounts, Captain Joseph Westcott and Lieutenant Michael Torres were close.
Friends since childhood, joined the Corps together.
Records are spotless.
Both highly regarded by their unit.
called them born leaders.
Says they exemplify the highest level of commitment to the Marines.
Captain never called 911.
Doesn't sound like commitment to me.
What else? Lieutenant Torres was finishing his second tour in Afghanistan.
And, uh, Captain Westcott his third before his release for medical discharge eight months ago.
And yet he still uses the title.
That's habit.
He lives in Ohio.
Currently unemployed.
Father is alive, mother is deceased.
One brother.
He's a Marine.
What type of injury? Nerve damage to his right leg after an ambush on his unit last year near Arghanda.
Still gathering details, but we do know that four Marines were killed.
With Lieutenant Torres that makes five.
So, what were you were doing in Lieutenant Torres' apartment? Gathering supplies, sir.
I had to find him.
You saying he was taken from the alley? 'Cause that's where he was found.
They must've dumped him back there.
They? There were five or six attackers.
They came out of nowhere, sir.
Out of nowhere.
Special Agent Gibbs.
It's habit.
Where'd you get these? Everything was just happening so fast.
We were running, it was dark, and I kept yelling for Torres to stay with me.
Stay with me.
Don't let them gain on us.
And then, I I lost him.
Let's start from the beginning, all right? Where were you? Last night when this happened.
We finished dinner at this Italian place, and we headed over to a convenience store to get something to drink.
And when we walked out, I felt these guys right on our tail.
What time was that? Around 0200.
Then what? Well, then, next thing I know, we're getting pounded.
And I got hit hard.
When I came to, I saw Torres being dragged away, and he was in bad shape.
And I just I wanted to help him.
I ran.
Uh Did you get a good look at the attackers? Uh one.
And I keep seeing his face over and over in my head.
I'll bring someone in to do a sketch.
You can give details, right? Right? Captain? Do my best, sir.
You serve, Agent Gibbs? Scout sniper.
Then you know what it's like.
Seeing your friends die, and thinking you could've done more.
He's haunted by what he saw.
I'm not at all surprised.
Lieutenant Torres suffered quite an attack before his death.
Palmer? We counted ten wounds.
Four in the arms and torso, three in the face, three to the back.
In other words, he was getting punched from all directions.
Multiple attackers.
Well, it would appear so.
And yet, we didn't find any offensive wounds.
His knuckles are clear of bruising, and his hands have no fractures.
Nothing to suggest that he fought back.
That's weird for a seasoned combat vet.
Cause of death? Blunt force trauma.
The impact almost split his skull open.
Oh, and there was a small amount of gravel in the wound.
That's his head hitting concrete.
We didn't find any fingerprints? And no word from Abby yet on the substance under his fingernails.
Yes, but I sent her samples of blood from each of his wounds.
These are her results.
They all match the lieutenant's except one.
Doesn't match Westcott, either.
Yeah, well, it means one thing.
Find someone with a DNA match, and you have your killer.
McGee, give me something.
Well, credit card records show that Lieutenant Torres made purchases at Brusquelli's Restaurant at 12:45 a.
, then at Atlantic E-Z Mart at 2:03.
Right before his murder.
Video? Store security cameras were down for repair.
Tony and Ziva talked to the manager.
They're on their way back.
Got footage from the alley? Hasn't been easy.
It's off an old VHS tape.
Trying to work with this stuff is like trying to ride a dinosaur on the freeway.
Not your concern.
I'll put it up.
What am I looking at? Those shadows you see may be duplicates, or ghost images.
It's what happens when the same tape gets recorded over without being erased.
Meaning? Meaning, some of the people you see were there last night, some maybe six months ago.
Even worse, alley's right next to a train station.
Gets a ton of foot traffic.
Any of these Lieutenant Torres? Well, after matching the time code on the tape to the time of the murder, I was able to isolate what I believe is him.
Right next to him.
Looks like Captain Westcott's height and build.
Keep going.
the attackers.
We already did.
Name is Sam Mathis.
Put it up.
Manager reported he was at the store last night hassling customers.
Said he was looking to start a fight.
Guy's got a record, boss.
Assault charges dating back to 2000.
Hey, you recognize him? Maybe, not sure, uh, but this guy-- he was there, no doubt.
Ziva, start a BOLO on this.
DiNozzo, you find Mathis.
- McGee - I'll keep working the video.
Get Abby to help.
You are still a witness in this case.
Stay close for a few days.
I'm here to help, Agent Gibbs.
I just want to find whoever did this.
I don't understand how this could happen, Agent Gibbs.
Michael was home.
Home's supposed to be safe.
Your fiancé have any enemies, anybody that'd want to hurt him? No.
The only enemies he worried about were the ones in Afghanistan.
When'd you last talk? Last night, uh, um, 9:30.
Did he seem upset or did he seem agitated? No, no, he was fine, excited that The General was in town visiting.
Who is, uh, The General? That's what all the guys in the unit called Joe Westcott.
They worshipped him.
He was their rock.
And lately, um, he had Michael worried.
Why? After he was discharged, he kind of withdrew.
Michael thought that he was too isolated in Ohio.
Kept telling him to come visit.
That's the only thing giving me comfort right now just knowing that Joe was with Michael when he died.
No need to explain, Tony.
Everyone goes through a, an awkward stage.
Granted, it may have been a little awkward, but take a look at me now-- not very awkward.
Well, I think, underneath that nice suit and that charming smile, you are still a very homely little boy.
Homely little boy? I was an adorable little boy and when I get those pictures developed, your world will be rocked, Ms.
Well, I'm looking forward to it.
Sam Mathis.
NCI who? You need to come with us.
How's that for homely? Ha.
Yeah, it's a real laugh riot, huh? Well, keep it up, smart-ass, and I'll put you right back in cuffs.
Would you like that? It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt or, in Lieutenant Torres' case, killed.
Why don't we take a look at what you did? Hey.
I told you I don't know nothing about no murder.
No, of course not, and I bet those cuts got there all by themselves.
It's not what it looks like, man.
Hey, I've got an idea.
Let's look at your record.
I've done some stuff.
So what? That don't make me no killer.
We know you were in the Atlantic E-Z Mart last night looking for a fight.
I was just messing around.
Messing around? Well, let's see, if, by "messing around," you mean, uh, getting up in people's faces, then, I guess you are correct.
Did you get up in Lieutenant Torres' face? Maybe, I don't know.
I think you did and I think you followed him out of the store, down the street, and I think you jumped him.
Yeah, I left right after that guy and his friend, but I didn't follow them.
Had someplace else to be.
Really? Hot date? I don't want to say, all right? My old lady would kill me if she knew.
Where do you think I got these from? Hey, you don't have an alibi, so the next time you see your old lady, it's going to be in court.
I was at High Points, okay? I was at High Points all night.
The strip club over on Third? Yeah.
You know the place? Okay.
Great, Misty, all right, all right, all right.
That is all I need to know.
I can't thank you enough.
You have always been so helpful, and I mean that in the most professional way.
No, I'm not going to play "Misty" for you.
All right.
I got to run.
Yeah, take care of yourself, bye.
Get your mind out of the gutter, David.
I'm a professional and Misty is a very nice girl.
am sure she is.
Give me the latest.
Club owner confirmed Mathis arrived at 2:00 a.
, left just after 6:00.
Faxing over receipts now.
And Abby ran a test on his blood.
It does not match the sample we found.
Not our killer.
Nothing yet.
Local and state authorities are still on alert.
Go back over Lieutenant Torres' record, interview marines he served with.
What about Captain Westcott? Yeah, what about him? Shouldn't we talk to him again, see if he's forgetting something? No, he's given us enough.
What, DiNozzo? Well, he was the last one to see Lieutenant Torres alive and he had bruises all over his hands.
Ducky never found any physical evidence tying him to the murder.
I still think that warrants a second look.
And I don't.
Special Agent David.
I will let him know.
Gibbs, there is a visitor downstairs for Captain Westcott.
Who? Agent Gibbs.
Sergeant Westcott.
Good to meet you.
Your brother know you're here? I hope so, sir, he called me.
Said you were on a seven-month tour, not back till Christmas.
No, sir, on leave till Christmas.
He must have got them mixed up.
Understandable, considering.
Your father coming, too? Uh, no, no.
Soon, though, he just had to take care of a few work things back home.
Probably for the best.
Why is that? Where can I find my brother, sir? He's at the Adler Hotel downtown.
Can take you if you'll wait a minute.
You know, I'd rather not.
I'd like to see him as soon as I can.
Okay, understood.
Family first.
Always, sir.
Gibbs, Gibbs, don't go, don't go that way.
No, don't go that way.
Abbs, where? This way, this way.
Try spending the day with her.
Oh, you love it and you know it.
So, based on the evidence from the scene, I was able to recreate all the blows to Lieutenant Torres' body.
There were ten blows in total to the arms, torso, back, and face.
So it looks like he was surrounded, right? But, look, if he had been surrounded, each wound would have a distinct impression because each attacker would have been standing in a totally different place and striking from a totally different angle.
Now, based on my measurements, I only found two types of impressions-- striking from the front and the back.
Two attackers.
McGee, you find anything from the video? No, I'm working on it, but still no faces.
This tape is, like, a million years old.
It's giving me all kinds of problems.
It's like riding a Dinosaur.
Got it.
Yeah, but faces or no faces, Gibbs, our findings do not match up with Captain Westcott's story.
I mean, there's no way there were multiple attackers.
Think he's lying? Time to find out.
He won't open the door, Agent Gibbs.
He say anything? Uh, he told me to go back to Ohio, he doesn't need anyone, he's fine.
It's just like him, you know, taking everything on himself.
Captain Westcott.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Open the door.
Westcott! Well, hey, look who's here.
Oh, five minutes ago you wouldn't answer the door, now you're the funny guy.
Let's talk, Captain.
Well, I'm kind of in the middle of something right now, Agent Gibbs, can it wait? No, no, it can't wait.
He's coming, too.
What, you smoking now, Joe? Yeah.
Why are you even here anyway? You called me, remember? Yeah, I remember.
I'm just messing with you, little brother, just messing with you.
That mean something, Captain? You know, I've been brainstorming all day about everything that happened, and I think if we went back to the convenience store and we did a little We found some inconsistencies.
Yeah? Okay, well, let's talk it out, let's talk it out.
Maybe I can help you piece some things together and I meant with your story.
What are you saying, Agent Gibbs? Evidence says two attackers.
No, that's wrong, all right, I told you that there were five or six.
Yeah, I'm telling you that's not possible.
Think I'm lying? Like I don't know what I saw? I'm not crazy.
I didn't say that.
A man's dead and I'll find the truth.
Yeah, what, and I don't want to? Talking about my best friend here, Agent Gibbs.
Hey, wait a minute, take it easy.
Nobody wants to find the truth more than me.
Joe, come on, that's not what Shut up, Evan, you stay out of it.
Now, I know what I saw.
We were attacked and my friends are dead.
Your friends? You should be out there looking for the killers I got a job to do.
instead of standing here questioning me! You got a job to do?! Well, do it somewhere else! Joe.
Get out! Joe, what the hell are you doing? Get out now.
Now! I know what I saw! I know what I saw.
Joe's never lost it like that.
He never even raises his voice.
I need to go back.
Try and reason with him.
He won't listen.
Not now.
Just give him time.
He's not going anywhere.
With all due respect, I think I know him a little better than you do.
He's confused.
You saw that, right? He's in pain.
His best friend is dead.
This isn't just about Lieutenant Torres.
There's something else going on.
All right, I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong.
My brother's fine, Agent Gibbs.
He's fine.
Looking for answers? 'Cause I can assure you Lieutenant Torres stopped talking a long time ago.
So has Captain Westcott.
I take it your conversation did not go well.
He's in trouble, Duck.
He's struggling with the truth.
And you think you're the one to help him find it? I don't know.
Oscar Wilde said, "Man is least himself "when he talks in his own person.
But give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth"" I suspect that you know all too well the mask that the captain is wearing.
Not about me.
No, it's not.
But perhaps your own past struggles can help you to unlock what the captain is hiding.
He's shut down, Duck.
So is his brother.
Well, denial is a very powerful thing.
Well, then we got to break through.
It's the only way we're gonna find the lieutenant's killer.
He, uh, seemed obsessed with this.
Any idea what it means? Might have something to do with an ambush last year.
He keeps talking about friends he lost.
Well, it's not unusual for one trauma to evoke strong memories of another.
Well, that's what I'm worried about.
Well, worry tomorrow.
It's late, Jethro.
Go home.
Get some sleep.
I'll see you in the morning.
Hey, Boss.
Early bird gets the worm? Figure this out? I-J-I? Iji.
Actually, you know, I got a text once from an ex-girlfriend that said DiNozzo.
What do you think? Looks like an acronym.
Or a name.
It means something to Captain Westcott.
- Find out why.
- We're giving him a second look, after all? We are covering all bases.
Starting now.
You have any other questions? Nope.
I'm good.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Yeah, Abbs.
I'm on my way.
Revisit the Arghanda ambush.
Dig deeper.
We are still awaiting the official military report.
Talk to State.
I want answers.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he Yeah.
He's still wearing the same clothing he was wearing yesterday.
Noticed that, too.
I think he's getting too close to this case.
Too close to Westcott, for sure.
Gibbs only gets too close when he sees something we do not.
Wonder what he's seeing this time.
Oh, good, there you are.
Things are getting much clearer.
We finally ID'd the attacker's face.
"Face"? You said there were two.
Gibbs, that was so yesterday.
After a very long night, and more Caf-POW!s than the recommended daily allowance, we were able to isolate the last moments before Lieutenant Torres' murder.
By stripping down and reassembling the tape, I was able to get a much clearer picture of just who was in the alley and who wasn't.
Go closer.
That's the same guy in Westcott's sketch.
Right down to the beady little eyes.
I got a hit on facial recognition, and then McGee found him in the state police database.
Randall Kersey, Cited for jaywalking last month.
He works for Bilson Phone Company here in DC.
What's his connection to Torres? None that I can find.
No military background either, but I did find something else.
They followed him, Boss.
There's more.
So, you know those mystery particles we found underneath Lieutenant Torres' fingernails? It wasn't dirt.
They're tiny pieces of mammalian flesh.
And not the human kind.
It's bovine.
Like a cow.
Or a buffalo.
Or Who knows? Mm.
The important thing is it tested positive for the lipase enzyme that's used to process leather.
On Captain Westcott's jacket.
If Lieutenant Torres had that much under his nails, he must've really been holding on to the captain.
Or holding him back.
I was afraid for my life.
You're sure these are the two men who came after you? Yeah, him.
Not the other one.
Well, "the other one" has a name.
That's Lieutenant Torres.
And he's dead.
It was an accident.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
What happened? They followed me out of a convenience store on Third.
And this guy here.
He was yelling.
H-He was saying stuff that didn't even make any sense.
I tried to get away, and he chased me down.
And then I asked him what he wanted, and then he just lost it.
He just started throwing punches.
You punched back.
I mean, the guy was out of his mind, okay? Yeah.
Where was Lieutenant Torres? He was holding on to him.
He was trying to get him to stop.
And then he got in-between us, a-and the t the tall guy Captain Westcott.
He just kept swinging, so I did, too.
And his friend, h-he was still in-between us, so he was getting hit a bunch of times.
I mean, i-it was it was total chaos.
And then finally I-I pushed as hard as I could to get away and then that's That's when Lieutenant Torres went down.
Yeah, he was he was just lying there on the ground.
And he must've hit his head or something 'cause there was blood everywhere.
Did you go for help? No.
I panicked, okay? I just wanted to get out of there.
I wanted to go somewhere safe.
You could be brought up on involuntary manslaughter.
No, no, no.
No way.
I'm gonna get a lawyer.
I know this is self-defense.
This guy here.
He was crazy.
Okay, Agent Gibbs? He came after me.
I still cannot reach him.
What about his brother? He has not seen or spoken to Captain Westcott since last night.
Not returning any of his calls, either.
Hotel? Front desk said he left early this morning.
Belongings are still in his room.
Gibbs, you don't think he would do anything crazy McGee.
Pulling up the cell grid now.
No hits.
Either he's got his cell phone turned off or he's left the area.
I don't think so.
Metro P.
just spotted a guy matching Captain Westcott's description.
Where? Third and Rose, downtown.
That is right near the spot of Lieutenant Torres' death.
You guys stay here.
I got DiNozzo.
Let's move.
Captain Westcott.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Put down the knife.
General, put down your weapon! Your men need you.
You're not alone.
I think I need help.
Turn it off.
Turn it This is hard.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
You're not.
How do you know that? Because I had my own head scrambled once a long time ago.
I'm telling you something happened to me that night, Agent Gibbs.
I don't I got confused.
Like I was someplace else.
You back at the ambush? It's okay.
It's okay to talk about it.
It's okay to talk about Marines you lost.
They were damn good men.
All of them.
But they never had a chance, 'cause the enemy came out of nowhere.
And I was convinced I was convinced that that guy on the tape was there.
Fighting with the other side.
Randall Kersey lives in Virginia.
His passport says he's never been to Afghanistan.
Then why did I follow him? Your mind plays tricks on you when you're in pain.
When I saw him in the store that night, I don't know, I didn't know what was real and what wasn't.
I lost control.
I felt like I had to fight for my life, for Torres' life.
I was back in Arghanda all over again.
Move! Move! Move! Get down! Fall back! Fall back! Fall back! Captain! Captain! Captain! I thought I saw Torres being dragged away in the alley that night, but it was really PFC Hall in Arghanda.
Captain! Then I got scared.
Then I ran.
One of my men went in and grabbed Hall, brought him back to the unit.
But he didn't make it.
You see, I couldn't save Hall, I couldn't save Torres-- I I'm just a big damn coward.
No, you're not a coward.
You're human.
I don't know how to do this.
I don't, and I'm supposed to be the one everybody leans on, "The General.
" You'll get back there, I promise.
But what if I can't? What if I'm stuck like this? You won't be.
Face the fear.
Captain Westcott, I'm Lieutenant Commander Peter Sanger from Portsmouth Naval Hospital.
You can feel free to call me Dr.
Most people do.
Now, first I just want to commend you for reaching out to Agent Gibbs.
The hardest part is asking for help.
Post-traumatic stress is a complicated disorder affecting many of our military's finest.
It feels like I'm the only one.
Well, you're not.
Trust me.
Now, besides these, um, recurring flashbacks, are you experiencing any nightmares or insomnia, anger, irritability, panic attacks? Yes, sir.
And which ones, Captain? All of them, sir.
For how long? It started right after I got back, so about eight months ago.
And this is the first time you're sharing this with your brother? Um it's nobody else's problem.
You do need to remember that you're not a burden, Captain.
I'm sorry.
Don't be-- it is what it is.
No, Joe, I I'm sorry.
I mean, I knew you weren't right, but I didn't want to face it.
I just want you to be okay.
I know, little brother.
Me, too.
I thought you, uh, you had to work, sir.
I took some time off.
Your brother said I needed to be here.
What's going on, son? Have a seat, Mr.
Doc will fill you in.
Doctor? Are you sick? Dad sit down, please.
There you are.
Are you looking at more homely pictures? Are you all right, Tony? Can I show you something? Yes.
Is this your mother? Yes.
Wow, she was she was beautiful.
I I guess she was.
How come you never talk about her? I don't? No.
No, you don't.
Well, I guess, uh she was the first woman to break my heart, and I don't like to talk about things like that.
You don't like to talk about it because you don't want to.
Maybe it causes you too much pain.
So she was the one that took you to the movies, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, we would go to these, uh, dollar matinees, make these weekend trips into the city, and there was this theater that she loved over on 42nd Street.
It was pretty rundown, but she loved movies.
You know, and, uh I think she loved the escape.
This was the last movie we ever saw together.
Right before she The Little Prince.
"That which is essential is invisible to the eye"" Ziva David, did you just quote a movie? No.
I quoted a book that was made into a movie.
Well, not so good with the emotions, my old man.
Well, you can't worry about your father right now, Captain.
You have to take care of yourself.
But if you need anything else, day or night, you just give me a call, okay? I'm here.
Will do.
No more messing around, huh? I guess the real work starts now? Yep.
Looks like it.
Hey, listen, if I have to lie back on a couch and talk about the pet bunny that I lost when I was three, I'm coming after you, Agent Gibbs.
Yeah, okay.
I got it.
You're a good man.
Oorah, Agent Gibbs.
Well, as fun as that all-dog talent show sounds, I've still got some stuff to finish up here, Abby.
Meet you for dinner later? Yep.
What have we here? Hey.
Ziva, what were those three initials that Gibbs was talking about? I-J I-J-I.
Why do you ask? Marines' After-Action Report of the Arghanda Ambush just came through.
They I.
'd the group responsible.
- The Ijil Rebels.
- So maybe Captain Westcott really was trying to remember something.
Or someone.
- Background.
- Well, it looks like State just added them to their watch list.
They're young, growing fast, strong ties to Hamas and Hezbollah.
- McGee, location.
- Last known headquarters were in the Kanjal Province.
That is less than five miles from Arghanda.
Close enough to keep an eye on Westcott's unit.
Close enough to launch a surprise nighttime attack.
CIA sent in a drone to monitor activities.
Looks like there may be some photos on file.
Get tighter.
Boss, isn't that? Randall Kersay really was fighting with the enemy.
Okay, boss, he's in Rosslyn, Virginia, just off the I-66.
Let's go.
- Clear! - Clear! Either he never actually lived here, or he knew how to clean up well.
Hey, boss, you might want to come out and look at this.
What is that? It's a building blueprint.
Looks like our wannabe John Walker Lindh was planning something.
Something big.
Not was.
Find him.