NCIS s10e10 Episode Script

You Better Watch Out

Here you go, ma'am.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Welcome home, Commander.
Hey, Joe.
How was the tour? Too long.
Your house looks great.
I see my husband didn't exactly knock himself out with ours.
Well, happy holidays.
Noel! Noel! What's that terrible smell? Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, there we go.
Original air date on December 18, 2012 I thought he'd pick me up at the airport last night, but when he didn't show, I had to take a cab.
Where were you? The Gulf.
Aboard the Stennis.
For the last six months.
When was the last time you spoke to your husband? Thanksgiving.
When I called him.
That was almost a month ago.
Where'd your husband work? Work? He was an unemployed Navy husband, Agent Gibbs.
Thank you, Commander.
Appreciate it.
Don't take this the wrong way, Dr.
I love my job-- I really do-- but I will never get used to - the odor of a decomposed body.
- Ah, yes.
The pungent bouquet of hydrogen sulfide and methane.
With a faint hint of corpus mercurium captans.
Well thank God there's no maggots.
That would make it a perfect day at the office.
Well, no sign of forced entry, boss.
Nothing appears to be missing.
How's long has he been here, Duck? Educated guess? Three or four weeks.
Well, that works.
Based on postmarks, mail's been collecting since November 27.
Anything else? No visible wounds.
Hopefully, cause of death will be determined at autopsy.
Neighbors we spoke to hadn't seen him in weeks, but they said that wasn't unusual.
His employment record was spotty.
Sorry, it's my flight app.
Dad's plane's been delayed.
Huffner never lasted long on a job, had not worked in over a year.
He was also estranged from the rest of his family.
Record? Any criminal record? No.
Uh, well, I mean, there was a DUI back in in 2009.
There's a storm in New York.
It's always complicated with Senior.
Where's your dad going? Going? Oh, I wish.
He's coming.
He says he wants to spend Christmas with me.
You did not tell us your father would be coming to town.
I didn't really think it was going to happen.
Because something always comes up, doesn't it? Well, I think it sounds wonderful.
Well, I don't.
We're not It doesn't It always ends up in an argument.
Still decorating? Christmas is only four days away.
Christmas is three days, and three seconds away.
What do you got? Oh, uh, the contents of the victim's pockets.
Where's his clothes? Still in the air dryer.
Trust me, you do not want to deal with them right now.
Oh, I like the addition of the carolers.
Thank you.
Huffner's phone is dead.
Just like him.
He's got two 20s, one ten and two singles.
Men are so simple.
My wallet is bulging; you can't even close the snap.
It would take hours to go through all the cards.
He has two.
Oh, there's another bill in here.
Must be his emergency stash.
What is this? Doesn't look like any $100 bill I've ever seen.
- It's authentic.
- You're kidding.
Old Ben Franklin looks like he's on steroids.
We call it the New Benjamin.
It was designed to replace all existing $100 bills.
Where did NCIS get this? Found it on a dead body.
Something's very wrong here.
This new currency hasn't been put into circulation yet.
None of it has ever left our control.
Or been outside a Treasury building.
Over a decade of research and development went into the New Benjamin's security features.
Let me show you.
The changes include color-shifting numbers and Liberty Bell, a 3-D ribbon and raised printing.
It's counterfeit-proof.
When's it going to be put into circulation? Initially, the bills were going to be released in February 2011, but there were production problems and distribution was delayed.
So what's the problem? Well, um, because of all the new security features, it proved to be a very difficult bill to produce.
Um, during the printing process, there were little creases in the notes.
Little creases? It's kind of a technical thing.
Um, much to our embarrassment uh, bills with a face value of $110 billion were printed.
We're not exactly sure how many of them are flawed, but estimates go, uh, to, uh, 30%.
You'd get a big head slap in our building for that.
That's that's a big number.
So heads rolled? No, we-we really don't get into finger-pointing here at the BEP, Agent DiNozzo.
Where are the bills now? In vaults in Fort Worth, Texas, and here in Washington.
I It's Senior.
I'll make it quick.
Let me check the serial number.
Hi, Dad.
No, I'm in the middle of an investigation.
No! That does not work for me.
No! Take a cab! The serial number is from an early batch that was shredded and disposed of a year and a half ago.
Obviously, it wasn't.
Secret Service Special Agent Ashley Winter.
Heard NCIS was in the building.
Would've appreciated a call.
How much more is missing, Donald? Um, I-I don't know.
I-I just heard about this.
And, uh, but we're-we're gonna get into it.
When we first found the flaw, we shredded millions of dollars' worth of the New Benjamins.
It's what we routinely do with any worn or damaged U.
I'll keep this.
It's property of the Treasury Department.
No, I-I don't think so Ashley Winter.
No, it's evidence in an NCIS death investigation.
Records show that Noel Huffner never gained access to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing building.
And we have not been able to connect him to anyone there.
So how'd he get the bill? Hey, guys! Look who I found down in the lobby.
Dad, what are you doing here? Ziva, show me some love.
Oh! Dad, I thought you were taking a cab from the airport to the hotel.
No hotel.
I came to spend Christmas with you.
Good to see you, A.
Nice to see you.
Happy holidays, Mr.
Same to you, Tim.
I don't understand.
Where are you staying? At your place.
No! No, no, no, no.
Because it's it's not big enough.
Oh, come on, Junior.
You've got room.
Doesn't he? Um, I I would not know.
I've never been invited.
Is that true? What's the matter with you? You're gonna be spending the holidays together.
It's so sweet! No.
Yes, of course.
But not in because here's the thing.
It's a one-bedroom.
It's so small.
It's like a Habitrail.
But I'm gonna call the Adams House.
I'm gonna get you a sweet suite, my treat.
No, no, no, no, Junior, I wouldn't hear of it.
I'll sleep on the couch if I have to.
You do have a couch? Happy holidays.
Adams House.
Laurel speaking.
Come on, Tony.
Hello? Hello? Okay, that'd be great.
So, you'll be joining us Christmas Eve? Oh.
Tony's started this tradition where we all watch It's a Wonderful Life together.
Abby, if you're going to be there, I wouldn't miss it.
I don't get it.
Autopsy's done.
Usually Agent Gibbs has been down here by now.
Methinks you have just spoken of the devil, Mr.
What do we know? Cause of death was a broken neck.
Shattered the C-6 and C-5 vertebrae.
Almost severed the spinal cord.
He didn't die in that chair, Jethro.
It was definitely a homicide.
Anything else? Well, although it didn't kill him, Mr.
Huffner had cirrhosis of the liver.
He was likely a heavy drinker.
All right, here we are.
Junior not what I expected.
Yeah, my girl, there you go.
There's some treats.
That's my good girl.
You're getting fat.
My goldfish.
Her name is Kate.
How long have you lived here? Almost 12 years.
You want to wash up before we eat? Sure.
Should we cook something here or go out? I don't really keep a lot of food in the house, Dad.
We'll go out.
All right, Dad, you're gonna stay in my room, and I'll hit the couch.
That's your bed? Yeah.
Not much room for play.
Well, when I come home, Dad, I sleep alone.
You're serious? Dad, this is my sanctuary.
Okay? If I'm going to see a lady, I will stay at her place.
That way, I can leave when I want and nobody overstays their welcome.
What? You're missing so many things-- intimacy, commitment.
You know, I'll see if we can get a reservation at the rooftop grill.
Hope it's not my fault.
Hey, this is Anthony DiNozzo.
Can I get a table for two up on the rooftop? Abby what are you doing? Lifting prints.
This ornament has been in my family since the 1890s.
It was my great-great- grandmother's.
So I'm trying to identify as many relatives that have handled it as I can.
I already found my Great Uncle Gooper and my Aunt Trixie.
Ask her how she got a match.
I used to fingerprint all my relatives at our reunions.
I started when I was You got anything on Huffner's computer or cell? Uh, not really, but We have something much, much better.
Besides Noel Huffner's fingerprint, I also found someone else's on this C-note, and reliable old AFIS got us a match.
You gonna give me a name? Second print belonged to a Justin Cannady, and it gets better, boss.
Not only did he work at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; he was fired from there last year.
Huffner was working with an inside man.
Tony you all right? No.
I slept on the couch last night.
I got a kink in my neck and kinks in my back-- it's killing me.
What'd you find out? Justin Cannady was not at his apartment.
Secret Service had the place locked down and would not let us in.
We should have searched the place ourselves before we told Agent Winter.
She issued a BOLO but couldn't stop us from questioning Cannady's neighbors.
No one had seen him in weeks.
You able to connect Cannady to our dead Navy husband? Not yet.
So you have just been lying down on the job while we were gone.
Timmy, remote.
Check out his credit score.
It's lower than McGee's self-esteem in high school.
Cannady is broke.
Unemployment insurance ran out last month, car was repo'd, he's two months behind on his rent.
Oh, my God.
Where did that Susan B.
Anthony dollar go? She likes to roll.
Oh, Agent Winter, what are you doing here? I was summoned to brief you.
Cannady worked at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing until last June.
Why'd he get fired? Poor performance.
Tardiness and being drunk on the job.
Cannady lost two fingers in an accident.
He operated a shredding machine.
Assistant Director Linder had to let him go.
Linder-- isn't that the squirrelly guy - that we talked to? - Coworkers heard from Cannady since? No.
Is more money missing? No way of telling.
You think Cannady killed your Navy husband? Your agents turn up anything at Cannady's apartment? No.
They tore that place apart.
I'd like to do the same to Huffner's house.
No, that's not gonna happen, Agent Winter.
That's on a Navy base.
You handled Cannady's apartment.
Now, Special Agents DiNozzo and McGee were just leaving.
It's always a pleasure.
I went to use my credit cards at the Navy Exchange this morning, and they were both declined because my slug of a husband drew $5,000 against each of the cards.
He forged my signature.
What was he up to? That's what we're trying to find out, Commander.
Well, do you at least know how he died? Yeah, he was murdered.
We suspect he was involved in criminal activity with a man named Justin Cannady.
Do you know him? Never seen him.
You aware that your husband had a liver condition? No, but I'm not surprised.
He drank too much, and I always knew where to find him.
Where was that? Gillespie's Saloon on Prescott Street.
So do you know when I'm gonna be able to get into my house again? There are things that I have to do.
We'll let you know when we're finished.
Did you find anything downstairs? Done in the bedroom.
Yeah, well, you always have to suspect the wife.
She was halfway around the world.
She could have hired someone.
Listen, I need you to crack my back.
Go to a chiropractor.
I don't have time.
I need it now.
All right, if I do it this once, will you stop complaining? No complaining.
You're a buddy.
Oh, that's good, that's good.
Okay, let me just relax.
Now just give me a little bounce.
Oh-ho-ho, aah! One more.
Oh! Whose is that? It's mine.
Just put me down real slow.
Real slow.
Thank you.
I'm a little light-headed.
Hey, Dad.
Where do you keep your roasting pan? Dad, I don't have a roasting pan.
I don't cook.
What are you doing? I'm getting ready for a traditional DiNozzo Christmas dinner.
Takes days of prep.
Traditional dinner? Listen, Dad, can you hold off, please? 'Cause I We'll talk about it tonight.
Okay? You should appreciate your father.
I never had family traditions.
Well, we haven't had them for years.
Traditions kind of died with my grandfather.
Senior was kind of an absentee parent.
You know, long-standing customs kind of disappeared.
Along with a certain family signet ring.
It was always passed on to the next generation on the Christmas of the son's 21st birthday.
I never got it.
Senior claimed it was stolen.
"I was mugged, Junior.
" But I think he pawned it during the bad times.
Hey, come over here and help me with this, will you? Sure.
Thank you for that, by the way.
Much better.
All right, we're gonna lift this right here.
All right, ready? One, two, three.
Oh, look at that.
They don't open till 4:00.
Maybe he's setting up.
Let's check around back.
NCIS Special Agents Gibbs and David.
You got a minute? NCIS? What's this about? I'd like to talk to you about Noel Huffner.
Um, I got to open in a half an hour.
You mind if we talk inside? Nah.
I recognize the grill.
It's a '53, right? It was my old man's.
The original Gillespie, he bought it new.
Huffner's wife said he's a regular here.
And I've talked to her a couple of times.
She calls here when he won't answer his cell.
Problems in the marriage? I think I'm gonna invoke bartender/patron confidentiality.
I don't want to get a regular in trouble.
You're not gonna get Huffner in trouble.
He's dead.
I guess that's why I haven't seen him in a while.
He's a young guy.
What happened? Do you know him? Yeah.
I don't think I ever heard his last name before.
Justin and Huffner know each other? Oh, yeah.
The two of them sit down there at the end of the bar just about every night, like Cliff and Norm.
I haven't seen Justin in a while, either.
Well, if Justin comes in, would you give us a call? Yeah, sure.
Hey, um You never told me how Noel died.
He was murdered.
What are you doing? What's it look like? Decorating the Christmas tree.
Beautiful, isn't it? Big, full, great.
You moved my piano.
Well, I had to put the tree in the window.
Oh, what what happened in here? Is this how you're going to react to all the hard work I did today? I baked your favorite Christmas cookies.
Used your mother's recipe.
I knew your staying here was a mistake.
Look this is my apartment, okay? This is my space.
Junior chill.
Get the Christmas spirit.
Tony? I'll get it.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Look, we can't let her know that we're here.
I know you're home, Tony.
Ignore her.
Who is she? She's the bloodhound from across the hall.
Ooh, ooh.
Ooh, ooh.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Have you closed the deal on that? Dad! Shh.
All right, listen, something's come up at work.
I got to go.
Well, when will you be home? I don't know.
Hikers found the body just before sunset.
There's no I.
Duck, why'd the LEOs think it was Cannady? He's missing the appropriate two digits.
How long has he been dead? Oh, I'd venture the same amount of time as Mr.
Oh, great! I got my maggots! This is shaping up to be one disgusting week.
Aw, hell.
Get the body into the van.
Don't need Agent Winter snooping around.
Let's go, Mr.
One, two, three.
Boss is gonna head her off at the pass.
Hey, Winter.
Agent Gibbs.
What do we got? I don't know.
May or may not be Cannady.
Whoa, whoa, I don't think you're gonna make it down that way in those heels.
No Come on, I'll show you a better way.
Look-- it's right there.
And she's clueless.
Agent Winter has no idea what she's up against.
Nicely done.
Well, with Cannady dead, we're looking for another killer.
Noel Huffner had $400,000 of the new, uncirculated $100 bills at his house.
And all the serial numbers came from a batch that was supposedly shredded on May 2, 2011.
And Justin Cannady was working at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing as a shredder.
It is safe to say he was involved.
So the questions are: How much more might have been stolen, and how'd they get it out of such a heavily secured building? That a snickerdoodle? Yes.
Where'd you get 'em? Senior.
He bakes.
Who knew? Would you like one? - Ziva? - No.
Uh, so you think the $10,000 that Huffner borrowed from the credit cards has anything to do with this? What if Huffner bought some of the New Benjamins at a discount from his bar buddy, Cannady? You know, like, $10,000 for $400,000? Think about it-- Cannady couldn't spend any of the new currency until it was put into circulation.
But he was in debt and needed money.
Maybe he got antsy and decided to sell some of the uncirculated cash to Huffner.
Well, that may all be true, but why are they both dead? What am I looking at? Fibers, magnified a thousand times.
These eensy-weensy little buggers were statically attracted to the shrink-wrap on the currency hidden in Huffner's house.
What are the fibers? Particles of shredded New Benjies.
The money was heavily guarded in a vault until some of it was shredded for disposal.
Watch this.
The New Benjies left the building in the trash.
Yeah, I know it's our first Christmas as a married couple, and I want it to be special, but I Breena, I got to go.
Special Agent Winter, isn't it? Is that the body I didn't get to see last night? Does Special Agent Gibbs know that you're down here? Have you made a positive identification yet? Well, you must understand how difficult it is to lift a fingerprint from a body that has been exposed to the elements for so long a time.
First, you must carefully remove the dermis.
Then, using your own gloved hands, you spread the dermis over a corresponding finger.
Roll it in the ink and then on paper.
And have you been able I first used the process when I was in India.
Yes, in the city of Allahabad.
Mallard, cut the crap.
Tell me what you know.
If I find out you're impeding a Secret Service investigation, do you understand This is an NCIS investigation, and Dr.
Mallard is doing exactly what he needs to be doing.
I thought we were gonna work with each other, Gibbs.
We are.
Tell her what you know, Duck.
We have a positive identification.
This is Justin Cannady.
The cause of death, cervical fracture.
Identical to Mr.
Huffner's, I might add.
Anything else? Yeah, just got a lead.
We need to talk to Assistant Director Linder.
You're not doing it without me.
Wouldn't think of it.
It's very unlikely that any of the currency was removed from the vaults.
I've got $400,000 of your new bills at NCIS that says you're wrong.
I don't know, okay? All bills that are removed from the vaults are shredded, compacted into bales and disposed of.
Where? That was a year and a half ago.
We have contracts with several different landfills.
Okay, well, we'll narrow it down for you, Donald.
Which one was used on May 2 of last year.
Be assured we're gonna be shaking up things in this department.
Try the Adams County Landfill in Virginia.
Thanks, Chris.
Hi, Santa.
Hi, sweetheart.
Tony's out in the field.
Did he know you were coming? No, I'm, uh, here to deliver presents.
And this is for you, my dear.
Thank you.
Even though I do not celebrate Christmas, I love the holiday season, and I'm very glad you and Tony are going to be together.
I'm not so sure that, uh, Tony feels that way.
Things not going well? I think I'm trying to make up for too many missed Christmases all at once.
Well, maybe you're trying too hard.
Well, Junior's the only family I have left.
After his mother died, it it just hasn't been the same.
He showed me a picture of her.
She was really beautiful.
Mm-hmm, inside and out.
She was the love of my life, Ziva.
I've never been able to fill up that void.
But God knows I've gotten into a lot of trouble trying.
Timmy? Stewie? Hey, man.
How are you? Hey, man.
Hey, man.
Good to see you.
You guys know each other? Yeah, we went to school together.
? And now you work here.
Last I heard, you were teaching computational evolutionary biology.
I was.
Burnt out, man, but I found my calling, trash.
Crazy, huh? You know you can learn more about mankind by what it throws away than you can in any classroom? What are you doing, Timmy? I'm a federal agent, NCIS.
Shut up.
No way.
Whoa! You're packing a gun.
This was one crazy dude in college.
Really knew how to have a good time.
Shut up.
No way.
Did he tell you he was the school mascot? No.
What was the M.
mascot? Really doesn't matter.
Oh, yes, it does.
Stewie? A beaver.
He was Tim the Beaver our senior year.
Please tell me you dressed up like a beaver.
Of course he did.
Little teeth, just Remember the Oh.
Listen, Stewart, we're trying to track down a batch of shredded currency that came from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on May 2, 2011.
Let's see, May 2, 2011, uh, that'd be in G sector, and by now, about 30 feet under.
Uh, we had a break-in that night.
Police came to investigate, shared a laugh.
What would anyone steal from the dump? I think we may have the answer.
Yeah, I know you're a smart guy, Stewie, but how do you remember the exact date of the break-in? Everybody remembers where they were that day.
Don't you? It was the night the Navy SEAL team took out bin Laden.
Dad? Junior? Wow.
This looks fantastic.
What do you think, Kate? I didn't even know it could look like this.
Candles and everything.
You know, you were right.
This was a good idea.
Thank you.
Hey, listen.
Maybe you want to grab some dinner? Uh, I'll be right with you.
Didn't expect you back so soon.
Didn't mean for you to see that.
It's forever etched into my retinas.
Hi, Tony.
Call me later.
I'll have to burn the bed now.
Aw, come on, Junior.
Don't make a big deal out of this.
Well, you nearly pulled it off.
You know? It was almost like old times.
Have to go just a little too far.
What can I say? I'm me.
I'm not going to change.
I know.
I know you're not going to change.
And I don't know why I was smiling, 'cause there's nothing funny about this.
Dad, this is my home.
I told you, my rules, okay? Uh-huh.
And you broke them.
It was a mistake having you here for Christmas.
You want me to leave? Aren't you gonna open your cookies? I thought you were not supposed to open presents until Christmas morning.
Snickerdoodles don't count.
I'm worried.
About Tony and his father.
Did he say what happened? No.
Just that it was complicated.
Where's DiNozzo? He's on his way.
What did you find out at the landfill? They had a break-in.
Security cameras? No.
Not much there worth protecting.
Boss, do you remember that night? May 2, 2011? No.
Bet you do.
It's the night Navy SEALs killed bin Laden.
So we raid Abbottabad, and we kill the most wanted man in the world.
Got to think Homeland put the DC area on high alert and increased surveillance.
They have to be concerned about retaliation.
I should get some credit.
I fired Justin last June.
The damage was done by then, Linder.
And, as assistant director of operations, you're going to be held responsible.
Hey, it's Gibbs.
Secret Service is under Homeland now.
Let me guess, Agent Gibbs.
You need something.
We need to access archival satellite surveillance of the DC area.
What's going on? I'll make some calls.
I can give you a ride to the airport.
Ah, no, no, you're you're already late for work.
Sorry things didn't work out.
Me, too.
Bye, Junior.
Can you enhance it? It's nighttime, Gibbs.
We can try.
Going in tighter and enhancing.
Sorry I'm late, boss.
Your dad? Yeah, well, we hit a little bump in the road.
Oh, no, but he can't miss the Christmas Eve party.
Sorry, Abbs.
Where is he? He is on his way to the airport.
He's going back to New York.
It's a little better.
Well, it looks like a pickup truck, but because of the lack of light and angle, I can't get a read on the license plate.
Uh, I don't need it.
Hey! NCIS.
Merry Christmas.
You're closing early today, Gillespie.
I am? We have a warrant to search the premises and your residence.
What are you looking for? Uncirculated $100 Treasury notes.
Merry Christmas, gentlemen.
Drinks are on the house.
Wait, what are you doing? This photo was taken at a Virginia landfill the night the money went missing.
Looks a lot like your truck.
Just your luck Big Brother was watching that night.
The two figures-- you and Justin Cannady? Or did Cannady do it alone 'cause he was broke and tired of waiting? He sell some of his share to Huffner without telling you? Is that why you killed them? You worried that they were gonna blow it for you? No, uh Hey! Retired Marine? Yeah, so? You had access to the base at Pax River.
We'll get the video, and we'll place you there.
Once we find the money, it will all fall into place.
Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but we're not leaving here without the money.
Oh, is she getting warmer, Gillespie? Oh that got your attention.
There's a safe in my office closet.
Stealing the money your idea? It sure as hell wasn't that drunk Justin Cannady's idea.
Yeah, but you needed him to pull it off.
Ziva? There's a safe in the closet.
Come on.
Hey, you know, we can wrap this up and still have time for the screening in MTAC.
I'm really not in the mood.
Come on, Tony, it'll cheer you up.
Yeah, I left the DVD in my apartment anyway.
So go get it.
Not only were we able to recover several million dollars of stolen, uncirculated currency, but two murders were solved in the process.
Are there any questions? Yeah, I got one.
You get any help from NCIS? Can you believe it? She did not even mention us.
Ah, it's Christmas, Ziva-- let it go.
Our gift to her.
Yes, the mulled cider is good this year, but it's not quite the same.
I tried to remember how Tony made it.
Maybe I left something out.
Probably the seven pods of cardamom? Don't even know what that is, Tony.
Neither do I, to tell you the truth.
Sorry I'm late.
I got distracted.
Even when he's not around, Senior can have an effect on me.
Look what I found under the tree.
Oh, the family ring.
It's beautiful.
That's why he was here.
He wanted to make amends, and I blew it.
That's Abby.
May I see it? Yeah.
It's got a diamond.
You know, the origin of signet rings dates back to ancient Mesopotamia.
Royalty used them to authenticate and seal documents.
Hope you didn't start the movie yet.
Got something for you, DiNozzo.
Thanks, Gibbs.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Hey, Dad.
Merry Christmas.
I love you.
I love you, son.