NCIS s10e12 Episode Script


Previously on NCIS No kiss for your father? What are you doing here? My father's in town.
Even his own people do not know he's here.
Arash Kazmi is Eli's new VIVAC contemporary.
Iranian Intelligence.
We recognize the need for this kind of open, honest dialogue.
I think you're confusing retiring with repenting.
Then let this visit be your first step to my redemption.
An innocent man is dead.
You disposed of his body, and you lied about it.
You're going out of your way in welcoming me, Jackie.
This was all last minute.
My father killed Tyler Wilkes.
Director Vance I need more towels! Abba! Leon She's dead.
It's your turn, Ziva.
Say the blessing.
Bah-rooch ah-tah ah-do-nie, eh-lo- ney-noo meh-lech ha-oh-lahm Ah-sher keed-sha-nu beh meetz-vo-tahv ve tzee-vah-nu leh-had- leek ner Shel sha-bhat.
Why? Why should I not be angry? With all that has been taken? Why should I have faith in you? Show me a sign.
Show me a sign that I should not lose hope.
You haven't been answering your cell, so I had McGee do that "ping" thing.
I should've known here you are.
What do you want? I want whatever you want.
Whatever you need.
A friend to talk to.
A shoulder to cry on.
I'm done crying.
Ziva, I am sorry.
I appreciate that.
But sympathy's the last thing I want right now.
Okay, then, tell me What can I do? What do you need? Revenge.
That's affirmative, sir.
The shooter's dead, but those who hired him are still at large.
Of course, sir.
POTUS is on board.
Secretary of State's giving us 48 hours before telling Israel what happened.
We don't need that long.
You already have an idea of who's behind this? Might.
It should never have come to this, Gibbs.
You should've told me the moment that Eli David set foot on American soil.
I don't report to you, Mr.
Well, then Director Vance should have told me.
But somebody should have damn well told me.
Eli David arrived here one day and was dead the next.
Wasn't a lot to tell.
Well, certainly is now.
Word of Eli's death gets out, there'll be finger-pointing from Baghdad to Belgrade, not to mention the Palestinians, the Iranians and every single radical group that's going to line up to take credit for it.
The wagons are circled.
It's a secret worth keeping, if it prevents war.
You talk to Leon? Not since last night.
And Deputy Director Craig-- I suppose he's off visiting another port of call? On a flight back home now.
I hope he's up to filling the director's shoes at a time like this.
He won't have a choice.
Rest in peace, Jackie.
Hey, Duck.
You all right? Just finished with Mrs.
Single gunshot through her temporal lobe.
Ducky Meanwhile, Director David is in here while I await further instructions.
I asked if you're all right.
Some days are better than others.
What about you? What's his story? Our shooter? Suicide by cyanide.
A three-word nursery rhyme.
And a popular means of escape throughout history for cowards Goring, Himmler, Goebbels.
Still no identification.
McGee's not having much luck.
Maybe medical records could help.
As it seems that cyanide was only expediting the inevitable.
What's that? His liver.
Riddled with inoperable tumors.
Doesn't appear to have been under treatment.
I would have given him six months.
Made killing himself easier? Pity does not validate cowardice.
You shouldn't be here today, Leon.
I appreciate the concern, Mr.
Secretary, but I needed a word, and also wanted to grab a few things from my desk.
Oh, Leon.
Hey, I'm I was just, uh I I'm so sorry.
Deputy Director Craig.
Aren't you supposed to be in Geneva? Uh, Brussels.
International Crime Conference.
Geneva was last month.
I got the first flight out as soon as I got the news.
What's this? Uh, uh, Belgian chocolates.
Uh, oddly enough, I was, uh, picking them up for Mrs.
Vance when Special Agent Gibbs called.
I it was always her standing request that I, uh, grab a box any time I was anywhere near a windmill.
The kids will eat them.
Of course.
How are Are the kids okay? No, Jerome, they're not okay.
Not by a long shot.
No Can you give us a minute? Yes, sir, of course.
I'll, uh I'll just get myself caught up downstairs.
Thank you.
Leon, if there's anything I can do to help you and the kids I want to stay.
I want to be involved, Clayton.
Leon I need to be a part of this.
The best I can offer is to keep you in the loop.
But day-to-day responsibilities will have to fall to your deputy director.
Belgian chocolates-- what am I thinking? That poor bastard lost his wife, I'm in there, I'm babbling about windmills.
Doesn't make sense.
Gibbs, Jackie-- she always went out of here way.
She was so kind.
It's like she knew working for her husband was was no cake walk.
Neither is being top dog, Jerome.
I know that.
Look, I know you have, uh, opinions about my, um my management style in the past.
Who am I to judge? Rest assured, this is an interim assignment.
I have no intention of taking Leon's job.
You and I, we Deputy Director Craig I've got your back.
You just you keep your tie straight.
It's not straight? Is it Sorry, is it Uh, a mirror You find Ziva? Right where you said she'd be.
She's home now, taking a shower.
And you let her? She does not go back home again until we know she's not a target.
Boss, shooter's prints took me from alias to alias, but I was finally able to get a positive I.
through INTERPOL.
What is he? Iranian? Palestinian? Would you believe Swedish? Roland Ames, 35, an officer with the Swedish Special Forces before abandoning his regiment at the height of the Iraq war.
Been on the lam ever since.
Man without a country.
Classified as a mercenary since 2007, no apparent allegiances beyond whoever is paying him.
Wonder what the going rate is for killing the director of Mossad.
Not to mention whatever fat bonus he got for not being taken alive.
It doesn't matter.
He was dying anyway.
Ducky found cancer.
A guy like that, he wants one last score.
Money doesn't mean anything unless you leave it behind for someone to spend it.
On it.
Child, wife, mother Find out who he left the money to and track the source from there.
Hey, hang on, before you start that, help me track down Eli's Iranian pal, Kazmi.
He's been quiet.
Too quiet.
I'll try his hotel.
Don't bother, no one's seen him there all morning.
Remember that bug you gave me last year? The remote tracking device? You actually use that? Well, yeah.
Kazmi's got a coat pocket.
I'm proud of you, boss.
Damn thing better work.
Of course it will.
Just need to plug in the activation codes, and there he is.
P Street and 35th.
Moving slow.
On foot.
No car.
Pick him up now, boss? Nope, keep tracking the money.
Check in with our friends in Israel.
I got this.
Hello, Abby.
Oh, my God, Ziva.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I was going to leave you a message, but I What do you say on a voice mail other than "I'm so sorry" and "I'm here for you"? What are you doing here? I came to see my father's body in autopsy.
Oh oh, you know that's a giant secret, right? Tony informed me.
As far as the world is concerned, my father is alive and well, and I must behave as though nothing has happened.
Sucks, right? Among other things.
Now, what is all of this? Oatmeal raisin.
I can see that.
Why? Well, they say that the smell of fresh-baked anything makes people relaxed and makes them more kind.
So, you know, at a time like this, feeling like we do, I just thought cookies can't hurt, right? Tell me about the bullets.
Oh, I-I can't.
No, I There's a "too close to the crime" list, and you and Director Vance are the only two names on it, so I Abby, as my friend, please tell me.
There's nothing to tell.
Shooter could have gotten them anywhere.
Anywhere? We need to talk.
Special Agent Gibbs.
You are aware that if I am seen by the wrong people talking to a U.
federal agent, it could cost me my life.
That's the same as not talking to one.
Pursuing me so publicly, Agent Gibbs, could jeopardize everything Eli and I are working to accomplish.
I'm going to jeopardize more than that.
What are you doing? Where's Eli David? Have you talked to him? No.
I don't know where he is.
Please, Gibbs.
Eli assured me that you could be trusted.
Can I trust you? What are you not telling me, hmm? Not here.
How could Eli be dead? He was shot to death last night.
Director Vance's wife was caught in the cross fire.
Vance's woman is dead as well? Her name was Jackie.
She was a mother of two.
You don't think that I had anything to do with this.
Why wouldn't I? I swear on my children, I had no idea.
Eli was my friend.
I was the one who approached him about forging peace to begin with.
Sounds like the perfect setup to me.
Surely you know that, uh, Eli was too smart for that.
You would have to be a fool to attempt it.
Not to mention a monster.
Not long ago, you and Eli were calling each other a lot worse.
I can prove my innocence.
I will have VIVAC intelligence sent to you, Gibbs.
Assassins, weapons experts, any relevant suspects.
Eli had too many enemies.
Just like you.
And they brought us together.
In which case it is possible that I could be next.
Well, maybe I should let you walk.
Do the whole world a favor.
You have to trust me.
The hell I do.
What other choice do you have? Where is she, McGee? You said you had her on the line.
Hang on, I had some interference from Israel.
How is that, Timmy? Can you see me? Yeah, Gabi, much better.
So lovely to hear from you.
Lovely to see you, too, Gavriela.
Looking, uh looking stunning, as always.
Oh, hello, Special Agent DiNozzo.
So, he's Timmy and I'm Special Agent DiNozzo? Since when? Gabi, we need your help.
You still have friends at the CIA? I have friends everywhere.
None like you, Timmy.
Uh, sorry, third wheel here.
Just wondering if any of your CIA buds have seen Eli David recently.
Mossad Director David? Not in Jerusalem.
Rumor has it he was taking a trip to visit his daughter.
That's news to us.
Any chance he'd be coming over here for a different reason? Like any particular threat that he might be under? Well, he's always under threat.
Though the First Wave Group has been making the most noise these days.
First Wave? I'm guessing that isn't the shampoo that keeps your hair so lovely.
No, it is a pro-Palestinian organization out to shut down Mossad in general, and Eli in particular, for years.
It's funded by an American billionaire named Gustafson.
Well, that's got a Swedish ring to it.
So help me, McBlivious, if you don't pounce on that hot Israeli action, I will never forgive you.
Gabi's a spy, Tony.
Flirting's just another weapon in her arsenal.
And what an arsenal.
Huh? That wasn't just flirting, Tim.
That was flirting.
And for whatever reason, she's caught the McFever and you're the only cure.
Cure for what? For what ails us, boss.
Just checking a lead from our mole in Jerusalem.
Did you get anything out of Kazmi? Keep talking.
Finally heard back from the consulate in Stockholm.
Shooter's family? Ames has an ex-wife and a son living in a town called Visby.
Personal account shows a wire transfer of 20 million Swedish krona not three hours after the shooting.
Just over three million U.
Terrible exchange rate.
Transferred from where? Yeah, I'm still working on that part.
Well, could be this guy.
Duane Gustafson.
oil fortune with a buttload of Middle Eastern ties.
According to Gavriela, he finances an anti-Mossad group in Palestine.
Gavriela's good looking.
His, uh, e-mail auto-reply says he's in D.
meeting with lobbyists.
She likes McGee.
Go get him.
Why don't we cut to the chase? Let's do that, Mr.
First Wave Group.
Our intel says they've made multiple threats to Mossad Director Eli David.
Well, maybe you should ask them.
Well, see, that's the funny thing.
Our intel says you are them.
Bit of an overstatement.
Being a loyal contributor does not make me chairman of the board.
Being the only contributor might.
Let's cut the bull.
Do I have business ties in the Middle East? Clearly.
And would those ties be a lot tighter without the Eli Davids of the world standing in the way of progress? I'm sure you know that answer as well.
Which entitles you to sanction threats and finance violent acts? Never.
Understand, my feelings about Israel are far from political and hardly personal.
It's strictly business.
Hell, my own attorney's a Jew.
And I think it might just be time to give him a call.
Don't let me interrupt, Agent DiNozzo.
Who's this guy? I just want to ask Mr.
Gustafson what his feelings are on the subject of collateral damage.
Like how he would feel if his hatred for one person should inadvertently spill over onto another.
A completely innocent person.
Am I supposed to know what the hell he's talking about? Director Vance I need your help with something right away.
Make your phone call.
You know, it's all right, Leon.
It's perfectly understandable.
No, it's not.
Let's move it down to this end of the hall.
Director Vance per Secretary Jarvis, I'm afraid I have to ask you to take administrative leave until further notice.
Agents will escort you back to your hotel.
I can always open the drawer so you can actually see your father.
No need, Ducky; this is close enough.
Farewells are always difficult, closure even more so, but if you ever have a change of heart, my door is always open for you.
What I need is for him to be released for burial as soon as possible.
Yes, I'm well aware of the Jewish tradition.
But you are taking your father's remains back to Israel while he is subject of an active, albeit secret, murder investigation.
Which doesn't matter a bit, does it? I'll do my best for you, Ziva.
Ziva, go.
- Go where, Gibbs? - My place.
- I have my own place, thank you.
- And you can't be in it, or here, until we find out who did this.
You know I can help.
And you know my answer.
He's right, Ziva-- this is no place for you.
It's a time for mourning.
People who love and admire you have matters well in hand.
I have matters in hand, Ducky.
Look at me.
I'm fine.
Then go be fine, just not here.
All right, here we here.
If you want to make a list, I can swing by your place, pick up what you need for the next few days.
I will not be here a few days.
Well, it's not that bad.
Best movie collection in town.
Killer takeout down the street.
And you need to talk, Ziva.
Open up a little bit.
Tony, I'm going to bury my father in Israel, so I will not be here a few days.
Well you can sleep in my bed, and, uh, I've borrowed the inflatable mattress from the woman across the hall who had the with Never mind.
What about the couch? Ah, someone else is sleeping there tonight.
There's my Ziva.
Shmeil? Oh.
Oh! He was in New York.
I thought you might like to see him.
Thank you, Tony.
It's really quiet up here.
Are you working through the night? Starting to look that way.
Any word on that Gustafson fellow? Lawyered up.
It's not in the clear, but Gibbs' gut isn't feeling it.
Neither is mine, for that matter.
Where is Ziva David? And you are? Ilan Bodnar.
Mossad Deputy Director.
I have reason to believe that Director Eli David has come here to see his daughter.
Well, I'm afraid she's not here right now.
I've been blessed with the gift of sight.
What I want is answers.
Take a number.
Excuse me? And whose grandfather would you be? Well, that depends.
Who's your grandmother? Where is the man in charge? You got him.
Special Agent Tim McGee.
And if you want answers, you might just have to wait.
I disagree.
See, the man in charge I'm looking for is your Secretary of Navy, as I am here at his invitation.
Now, either you call him, or I will.
Call Gibbs now.
Ziva? Ziva? Stop! It's okay.
It's just a bad dream.
No, it's not.
Hey, come on.
Leave me alone, Tony.
I'm fine.
And to compound the tragedy, one of our own was killed, as well-- the wife of NCIS Director Leon Vance.
Jackie was a dear friend.
And Eli David was my dear friend.
My leader and my mentor.
Surely, the Palestinians or Iranians are behind this.
Well, my agency will never simply stand by and wait for your people to do our job.
Actually, you don't have much of a choice.
Secretary Jarvis has just spoken to our president and to your prime minister.
In the best interest of avoiding conflict, the Israeli government has agreed to let NCIS handle the investigation.
The only provision is, you get to prosecute after we've caught them.
Bodnar, it's a bitter pill, but we want these guys as much as you do.
Well You do what you must, and we will do what we must.
What exactly does that mean? Eli David may have died on American soil, but the blood in his veins pumped through a heart that belonged to Israel.
I make no promises.
Thank you both.
Thank you very much.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Come on, guys.
You guys, wait by the car.
I'll be there in just a minute, okay? How you holding up? Well, the kids want answers, Gibbs.
I can't give them any.
All they know is what the news is saying.
That their mother was killed by an intruder.
Details won't make it any easier, Leon.
News can't know about Eli.
It's just a matter of time before word leaks out, if it hasn't already.
Not that you would tell me.
Nothing to tell.
Not yet.
You know, this whole ordeal has made me realize something that I didn't expect.
It's helped me better understand your choices.
Always thought I had a sense of how you felt at the time, Gibbs.
Now I realize I wasn't close.
I've never wanted that kind of justice before.
But since the other night, hell, that's all I think about.
Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some relief.
Do me a favor, Gibbs.
Get these bastards.
Jackie wouldn't have wanted war breaking out over this, either.
And if we let that happen, she dies in vain.
She won't.
I don't know why I keep checking.
It's not like anyone's gonna abduct Shmeil between here and the corner deli.
Solitaire? None of your business.
Oh, I think it is.
It's my apartment.
My computer.
Ziva it's my job to protect you.
Who are you e-mailing? Old friends.
In Israel? They do not know about my father.
That's for the best.
But apparently, my father's protégé, Ilan Bodnar, is in Washington looking for me.
Does he know what happened? He does now.
And you did not think to tell me? I thought Ziva.
I think a lot of stuff all the time.
I've been thinking how to keep you away from all of this, but clearly, that's not working.
Why must I be kept away? I have known Ilan since we were children.
He always fancied himself a a son to Eli, a part of my family, which he is not.
I am blood.
And I am not allowed the same access? What do you want me to say, Ziva? The guy's Mossad.
I was Mossad.
And now you're the daughter of a dead man.
Why don't you let yourself act like one? McGee, what do you got? Still tracking the source of the shooter's payment, but we've got something on the bullets.
Turns out they're Russian.
- Oh, so now it's the Russians? - Well, by way of Sweden.
So it's like borscht and meatballs.
These particular Russian slugs were taken from a batch seized by Swedish police last year.
They pulled in everything but the smuggler-- Omeed Abbasi.
He's an Iranian national, and one of the region's most prolific arms dealers.
- Iranian? - Yeah.
Not fans of Mossad.
Oh, by the way, Gibbs, you would have been so proud to see McGee take on that chesty Bodnar character.
And Ducky, too.
They were total badasses.
It was nothing, boss.
I just That file of Iranian intel we got from Kazmi-- is this guy in there? Hmm.
There's not a mention of him anywhere.
Then why bother calling it intel? Of course I know this man.
Or I should say, I know of him.
He has been alluding capture for years.
Yeah, well, I got a little tip for you, Kazmi.
Try putting him in your database.
What do you mean? You said you'd give me everybody in your VIVAC file, and somehow this Omeed guy isn't in there.
How is that possible? I-I'm sure it's just an oversight, or-or a clerical error.
You get my problem here? You're alive, Eli David is dead, and the only link to the bullets that killed him is this Iranian.
And naturally, all Iranians know each other like brothers.
Hey, you asked me to trust you! And I'm asking you again.
I plead with you, Gibbs.
Let me look into this.
Why would I take his name out? This creature is my enemy.
He has as much motive to kill me as to kill Eli David.
Peace between nations is bad for the weapons trade.
Is it not? Stay here.
Are you buying this? You're not? Convince me.
Well, not having Omeed's name in the intel is clearly damning.
Looks like an Iranian cover-up.
I know you think I'm naive, but I take Kazmi at his word.
I just don't think he's behind this.
Me, neither.
Boss, we're about to have company.
The great Gibbs.
You disappoint me.
I was expecting more from a man with such reputed integrity.
I wish I could say the same about you, Bodnar.
You lied to me-- both of you-- about the real reason for Eli's visit.
Tricked by that dog Kazmi to believe in some ridiculous pipe dream of peace between our countries? Maybe he didn't find it so ridiculous.
So you admit knowing about this alleged détente between enemies? We don't discuss investigations with outsiders.
I am not an outsider.
Now, your-your people-- they don't know Kazmi as well as I do.
He cannot be trusted.
Kazmi's being questioned like any other suspect.
He's here? In custody? I'm calling Secretary Jarvis.
Don't bother.
I'm calling my prime minister and reporting that you have been harboring Eli's killer.
And if the result of that is war, well, then, that will be your fault, not ours.
Hello, Ziva.
I heard you were here.
H-How did you find me? We both learned things from your father.
We are Mossad.
Speak for yourself.
I need to see you, Ziva.
Mourn the loss of a great man.
I loved him like a father.
Mine was always too busy to spend time, but not yours.
Never Eli.
He was, um he was fond of you.
And of you.
He was so proud, always boasting about his American daughter.
We should meet.
Talk face-to-face.
There are rules.
I cannot.
Your father is dead.
You shouldn't bear this alone.
Come on, don't make me find you.
You know I can and will.
My assistant, Maya, a woman I trust with my life, assures me that Omeed's name is in our database.
Just not in the one she sent us.
But there was a time lapse, Gibbs.
Maya sent the file from our office in Alborz, but the receipt marking its arrival did not come for nearly six hours later.
So y-you think it was intercepted.
Six hours, Deputy Director.
That's Director now.
Have you ever been hacked before? Twice.
And you? Never.
Uh, to my knowledge.
I am merely saying it is possible.
Ilan Bodnar tells me you can't be trusted.
As he would tell anyone.
Eli's young protégé.
Arrogant and ill-tempered.
Eli could teach him nothing but to be suspicious of everyone.
Trained by the best.
Yeah, McGee.
Talk to me.
Boss, I'm getting close on the money trail.
How close? Wire transfer to the shooter's ex-wife was handled by a bank in the Caymans.
First Security of West Bay.
Northwest tip of the island.
From there, was wired from a secure family trust.
Name of the family.
Not sure if it's a family, but the account is labeled "Virtue.
" Get Ziva on the phone.
What is it, Tony? Ziva, does the word "virtue" mean anything to you? Um, of course, Gibbs.
If you mean by definition.
No, more like a name.
Um, family business? Someone's company? Ziva, it's the account that paid the hit man.
Mean anything in another language? Farsi, maybe? In Farsi, the word for "virtue" is "taqwa.
" Means nothing to me.
I know it's not Russian.
What about Hebrew? Arabic? In Hebrew Yes, in Hebrew the word is "tohar.
" Connection? A man's middle name.
Whose? Ilan Bodnar.
He's on his way here.
My apartment? I'm armed.
DiNozzo, you're with me.
McGee, get to Bodnar's hotel with backup.
- Go.
- Ziva, there's a gun taped to the back of my toilet Godfather-style.
Use it.
You should have knocked.
I live here.
Yeah, and you almost died here, too.
Where's Bodnar? He never showed.
Check with McGee.
All right.
You all right? I-I don't know what I am right now.
My father trusted Ilan.
never take anything for granted.
Hold on a second.
Bodnar's in the wind.
McGee says his hotel room's scrubbed clean.
He could be anywhere.
He could be watching us right now.
Mossad claims Bodnar acted alone.
The Israelis are as anxious to find him as we are.
He hired the hit man, but when Ames took himself out, Bodnar finished the job himself.
Pin it on you, take out Ziva Take over as director of Mossad.
We always knew that our meeting would be dangerous.
One can only hope that Eli David will be remembered for dying in the name of peace.
We have a car waiting to take you to the airport.
No need.
I will find my way.
I always do.
It's brave what you and Eli tried to do.
Our worlds are different, Gibbs; our goals the same.
I'll be home soon.
Ah, good.
They've loaded your father aboard.
I told his escorts he doesn't like peanuts, so they gave him pretzels instead.
Go with him, Shmeil.
I'll be there in a moment.
Take your time.
It's a long flight.
Besides, uh, I think someone's come to see you off.
You did not have to come.
Well, you always forget your gum and magazines when you fly, so They'll find Bodnar, Ziva.
Mossad's looking, CIA, Navy Intel, Interpol us.
Shmeil's got your back.
Shmeil, the man of steel.
Don't do this.
I'm going to a funeral, Tony.
I'm delivering my father's eulogy.
How's this for a an opening line: "He did it his way.
" My father was, um not an easy man to understand, and yet Complicated runs in the family.
Tony, I What? Aht lo leh-vahd.
I know.
She sees him laying In the bed Alone tonight Only thing Touching him's a crack of light Pieces of her hair Are wrapped around And round His fingers And he reaches For her side For any sign of her That lingers And she says You are not alone Laying in the light Put out the fire In your head And lay with me tonight The wedding date Was June Just like any other bride She loved him like No one before It was good to be alive Sometimes that can slip away as fast As any fingers Through your hands So you let time forgive the past And go and make some other plans And you are not alone Laying in the light Put out the fire in your head And lay with me tonight You are not alone Laying in the light Put out the fire in your head And lay with me tonight.