NCIS s10e14 Episode Script


You're blocking the door, man.
Sorry, sir.
You're going to have to use the rear entrance.
What happened to Henry? Changed buildings.
Sorry again.
Target's headed your way, boss.
Hey! Watch it! How'd you get back here anyway? Get lost.
Get lost.
Get lost.
No, so I actually said to her, "Get your hands off my man, you bitch.
Stay away from him.
" Yes, I did.
And you know what she told me? She actually had the nerve to look at me in the eye and pretend Hey! Federal agent! You let her go, Khan.
Who are you? Homeland? FBI? You won't shoot.
Whoever you are, you want me alive.
Nice job, sexy.
Next time, you wear the heels.
Is the computer all right? Easy does it, McGoo.
It's completely fine.
He's a lot smaller in person.
Well, we finally got him, boss.
This is going to put a big hole in the Most Wanted List.
This is my favorite part.
What? Riding in the elevator? Returning home as conquering heroes.
Like Caesar entering Rome after defeating the Gauls.
You are in need of a Roman bath.
We just took down Ajay Khan, guy who hacked into MTAC last month.
Kind of a big deal.
Resulted in the death of an agent.
What exactly are you expecting? Recognition.
Excuse me.
Hello! All hail.
We got him.
Number two cyberterrorist in the world.
FBI security breach.
The Homeland hack last year.
Come on! What more do you people want? Perhaps they would prefer the number one cyberterrorist.
The man who planned everything.
I get it.
I see.
Two minutes enjoying the win-- is that really too much to ask? I do smell like bologna.
Look, I know that Khan is going to lead me to his employer.
Which is why I already requested his full FBI file, and I'm going to use it as leverage.
Feed me grapes, woman.
Soon as they e-mail the rest, our little hipster's going to be singing like a bird.
What's going on? What?! The network is down again?! What is this? We can catch the best cyberterrorist in the world, but we can't check our e-mail? You caught the second best cyberterrorist, Agent DiNozzo.
Wi-Fi's down again, Kevin.
And Ajay Khan, who can help us find the first best cyberterrorist, the digital Bin Laden, we can get him, but we need our computer to do it! Since the attack on MTAC, my department has been implementing new Internet security features that have momentarily slowed the system.
For how long? As long as it takes to make sure that we're safe.
Field agents aren't the only ones that take the death of one of our own personally.
Just let me know.
Always nice to see you, Kev.
Hi, Kev.
Agent David, would you make sure that, uh, Tim gets this? He wanted to come.
Hmm what do you got there? Huh.
Improvisational comedy.
You? Uh, I'm taking classes downtown.
I'm funnier than you think.
I'm already laughing.
Because of the beard, our skits usually end up with me playing the bumbling terrorist, but it's a blast.
Terrorist blast.
That's improv.
You'll be here in how long? I don't know.
Hold on.
Who are you? Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
You catch that? Yeah, fine.
I'll see you then.
Love the phone, man.
My lawyer won't be here till tomorrow, so until then I don't care.
Special Agent James Hunt was undercover when your hack took down the system.
It gave away his position.
Don't send your people where they don't belong.
He was tortured to death.
Look at it! That's terrorism.
Do you want to avoid a life at Gitmo? I need your employer's U.
Okay, wait, wait.
He only he only goes by the letters "MC.
" We know that.
Well, I don't know his name.
Nobody does.
But I I do know where you can find him.
There's just one problem.
You don't even know what an IP address is.
You're a dinosaur, man.
And come on.
That terrorism BS still work? And Gitmo? That place is a political black hole.
No one's been sent there in five years.
And you believe that? Look, you could charge me with second-degree manslaughter at best.
I don't need anything from you that'll make me talk, so good luck trying.
I won't need luck.
Got your computer.
Gonna send you and your boss to Cuba on a permanent vacation.
Sounds like an Aerosmith album.
That's your era, right? Old school? Damn right.
Boss, I am so sorry.
I thought for sure I wrote "IP address" correctly in my notes.
You did.
What? Yeah, the guy thinks we're dumb.
Just want to prove he's right.
Abby? Too close? I'm already sweating.
I like your musk, McGee.
It's this foundation of brilliance, layered with years of experience, with these lovely notes of anxiety.
Does it make you nervous when I'm this close? No; makes me nervous this won't work.
I looked up Khan's records.
He's a fellow Beaver.
Now I smell MIT envy.
Just that he's very good.
He hacked the school database his freshman year.
Now, Khan is bound to have multiple fail-safes installed on this computer.
That's why we rerouted the power source, mirrored the display and blind-patched the keyboard.
The computer won't even know it's on, let alone someone's snooping.
Relax, McGee.
We're better than this guy.
Let's find out.
All right.
Here we go.
We're in.
That's the contents of the hard drive.
Wait, no, no, no.
Quick, quick, unplug everything.
McGee did we just fail? If what I think just happened, happened yeah, we did.
So, any chance of getting info off Khan's computer is gone? Like I said, this guy's good.
And that's bad.
Ajay Khan is what my mother's American cousin used to call a "slippery one," when she was talking about the catfish we used to catch in Hapsheed's Creek.
Ah, they're the same, Duck.
They're both bottom-feeders.
Yes, but you caught this one, and you've connected him to the attack on MTAC.
I want the guy who paid him to do it.
The elusive "MC.
" No face, no name no motive.
Yeah, but this time, it cost a Federal agent his life.
Yeah, well, he also knows the judge would throw out any deal we offer.
And because his computer went up in smoke, you now need something to convince our slippery fish that giving up his master of ceremonies would be in his own best interest.
Duck, that's why you're doing the psych profile.
Well, Khan only gauges success by money.
After his parents died, he became a loner.
No family, no friends, no loved ones, certainly no one you could use as leverage.
He's got to care about something.
Well, according to his buying habits, it's himself.
So, as a narcissist We know what he's scared of.
Losing everything.
And, ultimately, his life.
He would be scared of death.
But then his employer is a greater threat in that department than we are.
So let's get creative.
Well, besides multiple federal agencies, Khan has other enemies.
For example, to throw the FBI off his scent, he lead authorities to a terrorist cell in New York City.
He double-crossed former employers.
That's the theory.
And those same men are now high-value detainees in Camp Delta, aka Guantanamo Bay.
The threat of Gitmo actually rings true for Mr.
I like the way you think, Gibbs.
A three-hour intimidation flight to Camp Delta? That's a new one for me, but if you think it'll get this scumbag to talk, the Air Force will have a plane ready.
Excuse me.
Uh, may I step in, Agent Gibbs? It's your agency, Director.
General, I'm Acting NCIS Director Jerome Craig.
Since we don't have authorization to actually detain Mr.
Khan when he gets to Cuba, this is a political nightmare gift-wrapped in red tape.
If we go through proper channels The fewer able to know about this, the better, sir.
The You want me to go behind backs? That's a big risk, gentlemen.
The cost of fuel is a small price to pay for neutralizing a threat to national security, sir.
I suppose so.
Uh maybe.
You just let me know what you need, sir.
I have to jump off.
Director Craig.
You think I'm being soft, right? This is very unorthodox.
I can't sell the higher-ups on the need for such urgent action.
Risks aren't my specialty.
New look, Abb? This is Grandpa Sciuto's recipe for homemade pomade.
It's, um, beeswax, ginger root, unleaded gasoline God, that stinks.
It's better than the smell of failure.
I couldn't even wash the smoke out of my hair this morning.
That's gone.
Doubly so, because I managed to turn me and McGee's colossal failure into a minor success.
Video camera? Just before Khan's computer died, we got a momentary glimpse at the hard drive, and because McGee and I operate at the highest levels of professionalism You filmed everything.
Baby got backup, Gibbs.
Most of what we saw was just digital gobbledygook, but then I noticed this.
It's an address of an old warehouse in Anacostia.
There's nothing to indicate what we'll find there, but if Khan is interested in this place So are we.
Great work, Abbs.
From the ashes, McAbby will rise.
All warehouses are the same.
Up there with old houses, churches and prisons.
They give me the willies.
Is that the thing where people lick their fingers and then they put it in someone's ear? That's a wet willy.
I'm talking about the creeps.
So are the creeps related to the willies? All descendants of the heebie-jeebies.
What? Ziva? Well, I guess we can rule out death by natural causes.
I've seen this before.
You better call the Hazmat team.
Robert Mellish.
We traced info from your computer, and we found him, killed by the Ebola virus.
Rare contagious, deadly.
You on Twitter, Agent Gibbs? 'Cause your natural speech patterns are already less than 140 characters.
He was the warehouse caretaker, but he doubled as a bomb-maker.
This your latest project for MC? There's two ways this can go.
I'm not talking, so what's my second choice? Admit you're stupid.
A colleague of mine said you're smart.
I told him I don't think so.
I think you're just as dumb as the last guys.
What? Ebola virus? It's been done.
Hell, you're not even original.
Well, like you said, all MC's idea.
I knew it.
You're not even the brains.
McGee you owe me 20 bucks, man.
Uh, if I were you colleague, I'd wait a couple of days before you pay up.
That's when you plan to release the virus? Thanks.
That's all I needed.
Hey, I didn't admit anything.
My attorney should be here soon, so If your attorney does show, we'll be sure and give him your new address.
Prisoner secured, sir.
Best seat on the plane.
In the event of a water landing, you're pretty screwed, though.
Hey, did you bring those snacks I asked for? It's only a three-hour flight to Cuba, Tony.
Chocolate malt balls and gummy bears, yes? You're a life saver.
You didn't ask for those.
You really think this will work? You expect me to believe that you're escorting me to Guantanamo Bay? Ready to rock and roll, sir.
That's a go! This is insane.
Malt ball? We're gonna need you to sign this.
Last chance to talk.
I could use some sun.
Hey, Ajay, in boxing, what's the most important part of the punch? The follow-through.
Enjoy the flight.
It safe, Duck? What's that, Jethro? I said, "Is it safe?" I can't hear you through the doors.
I'm gonna take that as "yes.
" It's safe to come in.
CDC officials took samples with them and then gave me the go-ahead to finish the autopsy, but while the pathogen only spreads via contact with bodily fluids, it's prudent to keep our distance.
Can't be too careful.
Well, he wasn't.
It's not yet possible to prove how the disease was acquired, but I did find this curious cut on his finger.
That a paper cut? Oh, no, much deeper.
It reminded me of a wound that Mr.
Palmer sustained last year, from the aluminum seal on a bottle of hypertonic saline.
Would an Ebola sample have that kind of seal? Perhaps.
But who would willingly open Pandora's Box? Give me a time of death.
I'd say he died but acquired the virus about a week ago.
Well, Ebola is painful.
It typically causes the major organs to soften and dissolve, but in his case, only his left kidney liquefied, which suggests that this is a weakened strain of the virus.
So what does that mean? No idea.
It only adds to the mystery of not only how, but why, it was acquired.
Yeah, well, we're working on that.
On the ground and in the air.
How is our acting director handling your bifurcated plan? Oh, speak of the devil.
Well, he looks a little nervous to me.
Duck, I got it.
Gibbs, I was hoping we could, uh Come on.
Not here.
You're right.
Uh, my office is a much better place to discuss Go ahead.
This is where you want to talk about We won't be disturbed.
Uh, about the, uh, flight to Cuba.
It's a matter of national security to find out what Khan knows about an imminent attack.
I know.
I signed off on that part.
It's the, uh it's the second part I'm fuzzy on.
What happens if the flight alone doesn't scare him enough to talk? Gitmo isn't just a hotel you can check people into.
What happens after they land? When it comes to that, that'll be your call to make, Director.
You need a hand there, Tony? I've smelled a lot of puke in my day, Ziva, believe me.
Are you done? Let me guess, you became, um, a vomit connoisseur in college? Baltimore Narcotics, and compared to a smack addict who's just binged on Beltway burgers this is nothing.
Natural ingredients break down faster.
I only eat organic.
Well, that's about to change.
Along with a few other aspects of your ironic hipster lifestyle.
So what do you say, Chaka Khan? You ready to roll on MC Hammer? You don't know anything about music.
I know it pretty much died around 1977.
Look, this little psych-out of yours is deeply flawed.
I'm much safer as a prisoner in Cuba than as a rat in DC.
I would not be so sure.
You do remember your former employers, right? You screwed them over to save yourself.
In case you didn't get their last Ramadan card, they've since moved to Gitmo.
And they have had plenty of time to think about who put them there.
Wouldn't it be a coincidence if you were put in the same camp? Or even, say, the same cell? It's a small world.
Rule 39A: No such thing.
No, you don't have the power to pull those kinds of strings.
Clearly you have not spent enough time with Gibbs.
You keep trying.
It's entertaining.
Where is he? I am brimming with information, and no Gibbs? And for that matter, where is McGee? I feel like there's some party going on and no one told me, Bert.
It's need to know.
And you don't want to, believe me.
May I come in, Miss Sciuto? Director Craig, of course.
You trying out a new, uh, hair product? Oh, um, it's for failure anxiety.
Actually, it's for fixing tractors, but my grandpa didn't label the can.
So, boom, happy accident.
And this is pertinent to the case? Kind of.
I ran tests on the Ebola that killed our warehouse victim.
Autopsy report says it's a weakened strain.
Yes, and I found out why.
This particular strain was developed to help people instead of killing them.
Yeah, a vaccine.
Yes, tested on poor, little, fluffy mice.
Obviously, it didn't work because our warehouse victim And the poor, little, fluffy mice Yeah, are all dead.
Who developed it? Centers for Disease Control.
I mean, fortunately, our government keeps these things under a strict security protocol, but unfortunately Those protocols were breached.
Like MTAC.
So rather than being slated for destruction, the faulty vaccines were shipped as flu vaccines.
To the warehouse, where our victim makes bombs.
Instead of a flu vaccine, boom.
Ebola bomb.
So someone unknowingly opens the box.
The disease spreads.
We're talking hundreds, maybe thousands of lives.
Excuse me.
I have a call to make.
Where are the Ebola samples? Who has them? He's still not talking, Director.
What do you want us to do? I see.
Will do, sir.
Yes, sir.
What did he say? It's time to change the game.
How? By not making it a game anymore.
Well, that's not gonna be easy.
Special Agents DiNozzo and David, I need you to strap in.
We're about to start our descent into Camp Delta.
You can't imprison me without due process.
Beside, you don't have the resources to go that far off the grid.
Not to mention the balls.
Well, maybe we don't, but our bosses do.
Sleepy time.
Old school.
Hey, Kev! What are you doing? Oh, did Gibbs break another phone? Once Agent DiNozzo's stash ran out, do you know how hard it is to find these things? Are you okay? You seem really nervous.
I have this pomade, if you When Gibbs called, he sounded like he had something else on his mind.
He already chewed me out after the MTAC mess, so he's not gonna fire me, right? Well, Gibbs isn't in charge of Cyber Division, so he can't fire you.
I mean, unless you Hey, Gibbs.
Where you been? What do you got, Abbs? I was able to locate our missing Ebola samples.
Yeah, go.
Okay, so when Khan hacked the CDC, he mislabeled and shipped our faulty vaccines as flu shots.
To the warehouse.
Where he could have paid our dead guy to booby-trap them.
Once someone opens that box Given the generation time of Ebola and the population of the Metro area, the R-O value of this particular pandemic model would be very high.
And what are we gonna do about that? We're gonna track the shipment.
I ran records on all the major shipping companies, and I found a single pickup at our Ebola warehouse.
I mean, assuming they haven't been re-labeled again Abby.
The delivery trucks have GPS.
Send it to McGee.
Kevin, phone? See, he can't fire you.
Director's waiting for you downstairs.
He can't, but Director Craig can.
Come on, let's go! Hola.
What? Oh, my God, you bastards.
Are you kidding me? My lawyers are gonna have a media field day.
Think about that for a second.
If we had to knock you out to sneak you in here Then we're long past caring about what is legal.
Well, it sounds like your friends know you're here.
"Give him to me.
" "You pig, you coward.
" "Die.
" Oh, my God.
And a few more expletives, but it would be very unladylike of me to repeat them.
- You bastards.
- You know what? Why don't you just sit here, pumpkin, and think about that for a second.
Closing cell 117.
How do you expect to get away with this? Friends in high places.
Oh, my God Oh, my God.
Uh, pull forward.
I'm surprised Metro's willing to help us out on such short notice.
They know what's at stake.
According to the GPS signal, our delivery van is headed this way.
Right on time.
I told him it was a sin to talk like that to a woman he's not related to.
Open cell 117.
Hey, there, Mr.
You missed lunch, so we thought wed scrounge you up a little something to eat.
I doubt that it's organically grown.
Hah! Doubt it's grown at all.
You bring me here and you risk my life, and you expect there to be no consequences? That's what's wrong with this military and this country.
You're lecturing us on right and wrong.
The agent who died because of you had a wife and a six-year-old son.
And you think this is the justice that they were looking for? No, but it prevents others from needing to seek justice at all.
This must end.
It won't.
Today it's Ebola courtesy of some whack job who calls himself MC.
Tomorrow it's someone else.
Why? Who knows and who cares? The point is that whether I'm in here or not, there's always someone else.
That's why we're here, to clean up the mess.
I'm not telling you anything.
Agents DiNozzo, David! It's okay, Sergeant; we got it covered.
Base commander needs to see you.
The base commander knows we're here? Did he say what it was about? Sorry.
We tried to keep it low-key, but game's over.
We should talk to him.
Only one of you.
What? Since he legally doesn't belong in here, you've been ordered to stay with your prisoner.
In here? Sorry, Agent DiNozzo.
In case you need anything.
Closing cell 117.
Oh, I guess those friends didn't go high enough, huh, Tony? Hey, do you have enough snacks for the flight home? I got a schedule to keep.
I don't have time to drink.
Federal agents.
Get out.
Okay, maybe I had a beer before my last delivery, but that was on my lunch break.
Where are the samples? What? What are you talking about? What samples? The artistic conundrum with grunge is the fact that it never had a chance to change into anything else, as usually happens with other genres.
The best bands just stopped recording or broke up when the music went mainstream.
Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Stone Temple Pilots.
Or their stars died.
Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Eddie Vedder.
I don't get you.
You seem like a normal guy.
Why do you risk your life hacking for a terrorist? It's not like you're radical or religious.
It's not the 72 virgins.
Why do you do what you do? If I asked you the same thing, I suspect our answers would be the same.
Duty? No.
There are two reasons that are far more base.
A steady paycheck.
And power.
The feeling that you've Made a difference.
Conquered something.
Like Caesar.
Well, you're not like Caesar.
You're more like Tony Curtis, actually.
I know music, not movies.
You're the guy with no power.
And you're Tony Curtis, because he just minced around, singing songs and giving people sponge baths.
But it's a job.
That's weird.
This another one of your little tricks? What's going on? What is this? Attention.
Security breach in Camp Five.
All personnel are to remain where they are until further instruction.
Very clever.
I'll be the first to admit I'm good, but this is not Where's your gun? I checked it at security.
It's base protocol.
Are you serious? Shut up! This is NCIS Agent DiNozzo.
What's going on out there? Come in.
Sergeant! Anybody? This is NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, Camp Five, cell block A.
Somebody please come in.
Tony, come in.
Hi, Ziva.
Thanks for checking in on us.
So what's going on out there? It is not good.
The entire security mainframe is down.
What are you talking about? This is the most secure prison in the world, on an island we don't even have trade with-- that's impossible.
Nothing is impossible when it comes to computer networks.
Do they think it's been hacked? They are trying to figure it out, but it is a possibility.
Oh, my God! You idiots! He found out I'm here, and now he thinks I'm gonna flip.
Who? Who do you think? I told you, if he can hire me, he can hire somebody else.
Well, they have fail-safes built in for this kind of thing.
Never underestimate the U.
Don't underestimate geeks with computers.
The cell door did open on its own, Ziva.
Yours is not the only one.
I'm trying to get back to you, but be careful, Tony.
Hey, where are you going now? There are 7,000 U.
troops on this island.
I'm gonna find one.
Shut the door, Khan.
Hey, you! This a bad end will have! Thanks, Yoda.
Don't walk away! You are not escaping! Hey Sergeant.
Where you been? How the hell did you get out of your cell? I'm stuck with this guy, and the door just pops open The Ebola sample's got to be in one of these.
Zero-six- alpha-delta-bravo-six.
There it is, boss.
Right on top.
This box should only contain our virus.
I'm reading electrical components.
Eh, it's rigged.
Luckily, I got just the thing-- thermal imaging, so you can see the wires.
Been dying to try this thing out.
Hey! Tony! Ziva! I was just about to make my move.
I know.
We have to get back to cover.
- Come on! - Oh, God! Let's get out of here.
No, there are more coming.
Many more.
What was that? I'm pretty sure all the cell doors just unlocked.
Come on.
They're coming.
You have to protect me; I have rights.
Right now, you have the right to remain silent! Ow! I'm sorry, Tony! If I die, they'll have your badge.
I'm more concerned about my life.
We have eight shots left.
Should be enough for an angry mob, right? Maybe they didn't see us.
Code blue! Seal it off! Go! Get back, get back, get back! Turn on the suction! There must have been a secondary spring under the flap.
Maybe if I cut the other wire.
The negative pressure in the tent prevented anything from escaping.
We're in the clear.
Yeah, Director? He saying anything useful? He's bargaining for Khan.
He does not care about us.
He'll let us go if we, if we hand him over.
Not funny.
It's not a bad deal, Tony.
Come on.
Wait a second.
You want to just make a deal with this guy? I mean, what's stopping him from killing us after we give him Khan? Nothing.
But it's worth a try.
You two are sick.
At least we will not have to spend the last moments of our lives with him whining! Sold.
No, you can't, you can't do that! You need me! Why? You have been of no use to us.
Okay, let's do this.
Tony don't.
Tony, don't! Okay, Ziva, you open the door a little bit, we toss him in the hall, close it fast-- on three.
One! Two! No, no, I'll tell you whatever you want! I'll tell you whatever you want.
Prove it.
McGee, get ready to listen.
Tell him how you contact MC.
Come on! I can't hold this door anymore! Okay.
I-I ping him from a basic IP, and he contacts me.
Yeah, nice try.
If he's monitoring your activity, he'll know it's us.
No, he doesn't; I swear.
If he's lying, McGee, hang up! No, wait! Cut the crap.
When you hacked the MIT network, you used a secure backstop that kept you invisible.
What? I-I mean, yeah.
So? Yeah, but it also let you track anyone looking for you.
That's how you got in so quick, isn't it? H-How do you know that? You like to know who's following you.
So I'm guessing you used the same thing on MC.
Which means you know exactly where he is.
Who is this? Someone smarter than you, who's about to hang up.
Give me the numbers.
Come on! I can't hold the door anymore! Fine.
Is that it? McGee, is he messing with us? Nah, he knows better.
All right, the signal's active, Tony.
We can track MC.
So it's Hammer Time? Yeah, it's Hammer Time.
Yeah, McGee? Boss, we got it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?! I told you everything! And that wasn't so hard, was it? What the hell? You know, these squibs really hurt.
More than a pair of heels? You can stop the act now, Kev.
I only said, "How's that for improv?" Well, it was good.
It was-- you did good.
You mean this whole thing was? Old school.
Heads up.
It's a little late, but thanks.
Congrats, Gibbs, you did it.
It's a team effort.
Yeah, yeah, I only have one more question.
Whatever happened to Khan's lawyer? He must have shown up.
We told him we transferred his client to another location.
Agent Dorneget drove him all the way down to Norfolk.
Clerical error.
- Hey, guys, thank you.
- Yes, sir.
You know, we're gonna have to answer for a lot of this.
Not to mention tracking and taking down the artist formerly known as MC.
The job's never done, Jerome.
I know.
Which is why I don't think I'm the man for it.
You know, Cuba's colder than I remember.
Let me get that for you.
Watch your head.