NCIS s11e02 Episode Script

Past, Present, and Future

Secretary of the U.
Navy is dead, Captain.
I knew when they got Jarvis, you were next.
You're in danger, Gibbs! I got a call to send Agent Gibbs to Iran.
Captain Wayne, who paid you? I don't know who it was.
Parsa started a new terror cell.
Who's their next target? Ziva David.
If Ziva's in trouble, a badge might come in handy.
If you know how to get it to her, I'm game.
You want me to track down a former Mossad operative who has been trained to disappear? Well, sure.
Ziva was here.
How do you know it was Ziva? Because she told us.
Talk to me, Ziva.
Where are you? Ziva.
Don't worry, Tony.
We will be okay.
Are you okay? Do you want to get out? No.
No, I'm good.
Original air date on October 1, 2013 Agent DiNozzo, if you'll come with us, please? You guys selling timeshares? Mossad.
Enter the vehicle.
We have information.
It will be worth your while.
Agent DiNozzo.
Welcome back to Israel.
Thank you, Director.
Hello, Tony.
You make the big move from Shin Bet to Mossad, or you just here to say hi? You know why I'm here.
Do I? Rest assured, Agent DiNozzo, we are all focused on one objective.
What's that? Find Ziva David.
Agents, please come in.
Secretary Sarah Porter, I'd like you to meet our own Special Agent Leroy Gibbs.
I know the name.
And FBI Agent Tobias Fornell.
Madame Secretary.
Still getting used to the title.
This appointment's been bittersweet, to say the least.
Clayton Jarvis was a friend.
To us, as well, ma'am.
Well, then, what say we skip the formality, and you bring me up to speed on this terror cell-- Brotherhood of Doubt? It certainly has an ominous ring to it.
The hideout in Arizona turned up evidence, no actual members.
FBI, Homeland, state police-- they're all on high alert.
And their supposed leader? Name's Benham Parsa.
He's a Pakistani national.
He's in the wind, like the rest of 'em.
But this man, Tomás Mendez, is on the board of an American anti-terror organization that can link the Brotherhood to Parsa.
That photo of Mendez was found pinned up - in their compound.
- It's a good bet he's their next target.
Can we protect him? We kept Mendez in a hotel last night.
And I'm taking him to a safe house as soon as we're done here.
Don't let me keep you.
Gentlemen, as you may know, I'm not military.
My background's business.
And the first order of business the president has appointed me to address is preventing further attacks.
The second is to bring swift justice to those committing them, by any means necessary.
These windows were installed at the request of my predecessor.
He believed that with light comes clarity.
If you'll excuse me, Director, as much as I enjoy abstract David family talk, why don't you tell me what you know? When was your last communication with Ziva? She's not Mossad; not anymore.
Why are you looking for her? The same reason you are.
I doubt that.
All right, I will give you that.
Eli would have wanted me to make sure she is safe.
Shin Bet identified the three men that were found dead at the David safe house.
Common criminals, no political affiliation.
Hired guns.
Presumably bought by the same people who tried to kill you and Agent Gibbs.
Do not tie my hands with your mistrust.
When was your last communication with Ziva? Two nights ago.
She sent this.
Poor, misguided Ari.
No message; nothing since.
And you are worried that she is dead.
Tony, this is a kibbutz where Ziva and her siblings went as children.
Yesterday, a teacher there saw a woman matching Ziva's description walking the grounds.
The woman buried that in one of the gardens, and then she fled.
"I will ride a horse, visit America"" She wrote this as a kid? Both sets of handwriting are Ziva's, yes.
But based on the ink saturation, the X and the last item were added fairly recently.
"Stop this for him"" What does that mean? Stop what? That is what concerns us.
So, what are we doing here? The director said that we Yeah, the director said to check it out.
Listen, she's been shuffling me around since I got off the plane.
Does that sound like trustworthy behavior to you? That's the apartment where Ziva grew up.
She brought me here once, to show me.
Listen when I asked you to look for her Thank you.
This is it.
Hello? Anybody home? Government agents? Can you put the hammer down, please? I'm sorry.
I-I I was carrying groceries.
I must have forgotten to close the door.
Are you Dr.
Deena Bashan? Yes.
What is this about? Ziva David.
You know her? I have known her my whole life.
We grew up in this building together.
Is she okay? Hey.
Thought you left a while ago.
I was trying, but, uh, Mr.
Mendez here has been slow to embrace the concept of protective custody.
I'm not afraid of these bastards.
It's not about fear.
I do business all over the country, Agent Gibbs.
Any alterations to my schedule-- to my life-- would be a victory for the Brotherhood.
These are special circumstances.
Special only if we allow the terrorists to make them so.
Look, don't be a dumb ass.
You keep Agent Fornell in your hip pocket, or you're a dead man.
For freedom, I'd hardly be the first to die.
But very well.
Really? I spent the last hour saying pretty much the same thing.
Then let's hope you're better at protection than you are at persuasion.
Save me.
I inherited this place from my parents.
The Davids lived across the hall.
I was older than Ziva, but I looked up to her.
Even then, she was a force.
Determined, inquisitive, stubborn as a mule.
Sounds about right.
Forgive me, Agent DiNozzo.
I'm babbling, and you have questions.
When was the last time you saw her? It was, uh, months ago.
At her father's funeral.
Where did you get this? You have seen it before? I had one, too.
This was, uh, Ziva's.
We were so young, we were just learning English.
We called them our "wills"" Our teacher said that if we buried our wishes in the ground and thought about them every night, they would become truth.
Why is it crossed out? We do not know.
"Stop this for him.
" Do you know what it means? I know that her work is dangerous.
Please, just tell me.
We are doing all that we can to make sure she is safe.
Thank you for the tea, Doctor.
Um you all right? Yes.
It's just, uh she mentioned you at the funeral.
I could see what she felt.
"Stop this for him"" Perhaps the "him" is you.
"I will be a ballerina.
" I don't get it.
This is Ziva.
Shouldn't it say "ninja" or something? Apparently, there was a pre-ferocious phase.
So, how's this list about you? I don't know if it is.
It's a long story.
I Why are you whispering? Because I'm in Mossad headquarters.
So you're working together, but you're whispering because I don't know.
It's Mossad.
It just felt right.
Well, I got to say, access to their resources will be a huge help.
Yeah, but who knows how long that's gonna last.
I need an angle.
What's my angle? Give me an angle, McGee.
We got a trace on the last text Ziva sent you.
That's good.
Ari picture.
Where was she? Connected to a WiFi at an Internet cafe in the center of Tel Aviv.
You got an address? Check your inbox.
Well, hey.
Look at that.
McLoving you long-distance.
Bullets give us anything, Abbs? Um, standard .
308 Winchesters.
Anyone could buy them online.
And there's nothing to tie them to this stupid Brotherhood of Doubt thing.
The name is such a downer.
I don't even like saying it.
What is this? It's just a little mock-up I made to try to make sense out of stuff.
Bullet trajectories? Yeah, all the slugs from Tony's apartment landed at the same angle and came from the same point of origin.
Rooftop across the street.
Well, that's what Homeland says.
So what doesn't make any sense? Their lone witness said that he saw someone on the roof, just after the shots were fired.
But there's no one and nothing there.
Can you beam this up to McGee? Well, I can't "beam it," Captain Kirk, but I could send it up, sure.
Captain who? The witness is a maintenance man in the building where the shots were fired from.
Gerald Carlin.
Claims he was on his lunch break when he glanced out a window and saw a figure running from the roof.
He saw his own roof from his own building? How does that work? It doesn't.
Where was the lunch? Thought you'd ask that.
He was at a bar across the street called Clancy's.
Bartender confirms Carlin was there eating a turkey club, glancing out the window when he heard the shots.
Were there drinks? Four beers, two tequilas.
So he wasn't seeing anything too clearly.
Or he was paid to see what he saw.
Okay, so if the shots didn't come from the roof, they had to have come from the top floor.
Homeland interview tenants? Top floor All but one.
Lisa Pierway.
She never answered the door.
NCIS! Lisa Pierway? Boss, you smell that? Boss? There are signs of an intense struggle before she was strangled.
Shooter didn't even bother to make it look like a robbery.
Lisa Pierway was a pharmaceutical rep.
Boxes of drug samples left untouched in her closet.
Guy was a pro.
Cleaned up after himself.
No prints.
Don't be too sure, Jethro.
What I thought at first were petechiae in Ms.
Pierway's eyes, were actual subconjunctival hemorrhages, likely caused by the killer's thumbs.
He eye-gouged her.
Yes, a bully tactic, indeed.
But one that may prove perversely fortunate.
She's wearing contact lenses.
If Abby can pull even a partial off one of them, we just may find our killer.
Yeah, Tobias, what's up? Protecting Ricky Ricardo is not all conga drums and "Babalu," you know.
It's only been two days.
And Mendez already has himself a full dance card.
In the next few weeks, he'll be wining and dining every big shot in town supporting that anti-terrorism group he's part of.
And I'll be right there in his hip pocket.
Tobias, you can always say no.
Well, that's the kicker.
My boss says I can't.
The guy's not a-a gangster, Gibbs.
He's a law-abiding millionaire out to save the world with his powerful friends.
And my job is to say yes.
Banana pancakes, extra bacon.
Could I get extra extra bacon? Breakfast anytime? I crave banana pancakes when I get agitated.
And nothing agitates me more than a hospital visit.
You might want to cut back on the bacon.
It's not me.
Lawrence Walters.
Philanthropist billionaire losing a battle with cancer.
He wants to donate a bundle to the anti-terror campaign before he departs.
Mendez plans to visit later today.
Seems like a guy worth visiting.
And that's how you cheer people up? All I feel is more shallow.
Extra bacon.
He's on me.
Keep the change.
Your treat? Hey.
You wanted cheering up.
And you think you can buy me? Who am I kidding? Of course he can.
There's no way Ziva spends all day at some Internet cafe.
Go back to the time she sent the text, check again.
Any luck? We're gonna have to make our own.
Would you care to elaborate? I'm heading to the cafe to see if anybody remembers her coming in.
Tell the driver Shamayim Hospital.
It will be easier.
The cafe is across the street.
From the hospital? Yes.
Why? The night before Ziva sent the picture, she was attacked at the safe house.
You think she was seeking medical attention? I'll bet you that WiFi signal reaches across the street.
Give me an angle favoring the hospital.
That's pretty impressive.
Mossad got eyes all over the city? All over the world, Agent DiNozzo.
It is our job to see.
That's her.
Blow that up.
There she is.
To whom is she speaking? Dr.
She lied.
Hear you pulled a thumbprint.
It's just a partial.
Yeah? Partial enough? Enough to get a name.
Henry Coldwell.
The record says he was dishonorably discharged from the Army in '06, after serving two years for aggravated assault but not before he got sniper training.
That's our shooter.
Well, I'm sure if you asked McGee he can probably tell you more.
Probably even find him.
That's good news, Abbs.
What's wrong? Well you yourself said that Parsa is paying hired guns and bombers.
I mean, this guy could just be some flunky.
A flunky that leads to Parsa.
I don't know, Gibbs.
I think I just think all this worrying is finally getting to me.
Tony getting shot at, and Ziva, where is she? If I can't figure out who's trying to kill everyone I love, I'll never forgive herself.
This is a good start.
Yeah, but, Gibbs, it's a brotherhood.
Which means that that jerk has brothers.
We're gonna get 'em.
We're gonna get 'em all.
You lied to me.
Agent DiNozzo.
What are you doing here? You said you hadn't seen Ziva in months-- hey.
You think you're protecting her? I'm on her side.
I know that.
Then why did you lie to me? She came to me after she had been attacked.
I stitched up the wound in her leg and took her to my home so that she could rest.
But then, uh Then what? I thought I could save both of us the heartache by keeping quiet, but she then she started to talk of old times.
Of Ari.
She did not know that when she went off to save the world, I was here, falling in love with her brother.
He was going to propose to me when she killed him.
And you told her that.
And she tried to explain it away.
She said that he was hurting good people.
But Ari was also hurt.
His father had broken him.
Still I saw the smiling boy from across the hall.
The good boy.
Ziva begged me to forgive her.
I could not.
Where did she go? I do not know.
Don't lie to me.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You knew she was in danger, and you lied to me.
I asked you point blank.
And had any other agent come to the door, I would have said yes.
Why should she have the man that she loves when she took mine from me? I'm gonna find her.
Ziva is gone, Agent DiNozzo.
When she left me that night, she was not the same person.
So that's it, huh? We believe that Ziva's absence is voluntary, and so do you.
Everything Mossad has on known David family contacts.
Good luck.
Director She left something at the safe house.
Can you help me get it back? Check the file.
You just stay close to us, Mendez.
Follow the route to the ICU as planned.
Once inside, you've got Windows closed, drapes drawn; we've been through this.
And you don't talk to anybody else without one of us present.
Not even on your cell phone.
May we get in there, please? The poor man doesn't have much time.
What did I just say about phones? You're here with me.
This is business.
Won't be a second.
Where is he? Tried him twice, boss.
He's not picking up.
Try him again.
Uh, yeah, I'm here.
Hey, boss.
Oh, that beard's getting pretty serious.
When was the last time you shaved-- Cairo? I guess so.
I meant to do that this morning.
Hey, this a bad time for you, - DiNozzo? - No, boss.
It's good.
I'm ready.
You still in Yemen? Israel.
Circled back to Tel Aviv.
Just got to Be'er Sheva.
One of Ziva's contacts, uh, Nava Adi, told me that, uh, she saw her last week.
I'm getting close.
I can feel it.
You said that two months ago.
So, what about you guys? My sniper friend pop his head up? Coldwell.
Still off the radar.
Old man Walters? Hanging in there; no excitement since the explosion.
Although Fornell keeps talking about how he would have been a goner if Mendez hadn't taken that call.
As far as Parsa goes Enough.
Unless he booked his flight home, an update's wasted on him.
You want me to give up on Ziva? I didn't say that.
Are you giving up on her? I didn't say that, either.
Boss, maybe you could try saying what you're saying? If Ziva doesn't want to be found, you aren't going to find her.
I'm saying you should respect that.
I do.
I just I need to go off the grid for a few days, follow this lead.
I just need a little more time.
You do what you have to do.
You know how hard that was.
Gibbs was wrong.
I did not want you to find me and yet, you did.
I should have told him.
You cannot beat down my door one minute, and expect me to face my old life again the next.
Hey! I had to take the call.
You did not have to do any of this.
Why are you here? Because you invited me.
That was before.
Before what? You should not have come.
Our people have been working day and night, Madame Secretary.
I'm sure they have, Director.
But the president needs progress in this case-- results.
And after months of nothing Ma'am, if I may.
A little help from you wouldn't hurt.
Gibbs No, please.
Agent Gibbs, with your reputation, I expected Parsa to be disposed of long before now.
So, do tell me, please, what sort of help am I not providing? Influence.
My reputation aside, there's only one guy who's not cooperating, and he's the only one we know who has any direct contact with Parsa.
Captain Wayne.
Relieved of his duties at JSOC.
He lawyered up.
Wayne may be dead to JSOC.
He is not dead to us.
And certainly not to you.
That tour of Iran he set you up on must have left an impression.
A call from you may get us some interagency cooperation.
Count on it.
In fact, why wait? Put me through right now.
This is Director Vance.
Please hold for the Secretary of the Navy.
Old friend.
Thank you.
You asked how I found you.
For a long time, I was looking ahead.
I kept telling myself, "You know how she thinks.
"You know her.
All you have to do is anticipate her next move"" And then one night, I had a dream.
Everything was all lined up together.
Your family's safe house, Ari's picture, you, your old friend Bashan.
And when I woke up, I knew.
You weren't looking ahead.
You were looking back.
I tracked you down to Amman, where your mother was killed.
And then, your grandparents' graves in Meron.
The opera house in Cairo where you took Tali.
And finally, I found you here.
Of course.
The house where you were born.
After my father died, returning to these places seemed necessary.
It started off as a good thing, but then I saw Deena Bashan, and This all can't be because of her.
No, it's not because of her.
It's because of me.
You had to kill Ari.
One person loving him doesn't change that.
Yes, but I loved him.
Just as I loved my father and my mother and Tali.
How can I not think that for every man I killed, there is someone out there crying for him? It's part of the job.
You gotta leave it at that.
Deena blamed me.
I thought that by going back to these places, I would someone erase all of that, but each stop just made it clearer.
She was right.
The center of all this pain is me.
Ziva, this isn't you.
This is me, Tony.
This is what I made of myself.
But it's not who I wanted to be.
I know.
I know.
You wanted to be a ballerina.
"Stop this for him"" Who? Ari? Eli? God? This was supposed to stay buried.
Orli was looking for you, too.
This little girl was strong.
She could've walked away from her father's world.
Things would have been different.
It's never too late.
Yes, it is.
This is the house that you were born in.
The universe is practically begging you to wipe the slate clean.
I did notice that there's plenty of room on the back of this list to start a new one.
Maybe I could help you with that.
I'm so sorry, Gibbs.
You save your marriage? My kids won't even talk to me.
Wasn't quite worth it, then, was it? Look, I'm just waiting on my trial date.
Trying to put this whole thing behind me.
Nothing is behind you, Wayne.
Nothing is behind any of us.
You got to start talking.
Who are these guys? Where is Parsa? All I got were text messages.
I tried using JSOC to attach some names, but all the calls came back unlisted.
Just a a 305 area code.
Look, I know Arizona is where you found a hideout, but all communication to me came through Florida.
Anything else? You got a shot here, Wayne, to redeem yourself.
You're not gonna get another one.
I wish I could.
I want to make amends.
Believe me, I do.
Then do what's right next time.
Not just what's right for you.
Lose the gun.
You have no idea what's coming tonight.
Neither do you.
Feel better? No.
But it's a start.
You don't have to do this alone.
Come back to DC with me.
The first thing on my new list was, "I will let go of the badge.
" I'm not talking about NCIS.
Listen, you can bag groceries, for all I care.
Just come home.
Just I just want you to come home with me.
I don't think that's a ver-- Hey, listen, I know it's hard and I know you want to change.
I can change with you.
I'm fighting for you, Ziva.
I know.
Robberies Assaults hardly the international conspiracy type.
What conspiracy? I just got paid to get you out of the picture, is all.
Yeah, but it didn't work, did it? Who paid you? Don't know.
I just get text messages, and bags of money after.
After what? What happens tonight? Your boy Wayne didn't tell you? Look, I'm not trying to break your heart over here.
And Wayne didn't know that he led me to you.
But maybe you should've tried to ask him these questions a little harder.
You're not gonna believe this.
This guy's got a bunch of cryptic numbers on his phone.
Orders to keep you away from a predetermined target.
All from dummy numbers with the same 305 area code.
What part won't I believe? Okay.
The part that I don't.
I traced the blocked numbers to a mainframe owned by a series of dummy corps.
One buffer after another till I hit an actual, legitimate company called Gran Castillo.
It's a real estate company.
And get this-- the short-range detonators used in both bombings, transmits using a phone signal.
Mendez's phone.
Call he got at the hospital was him triggering the bomb.
Could be the only reason he's part of that anti-terror group is to stop guys from Walters from trying to support it.
Call Fornell.
Pull a team together.
Tell every agent to get to the safe house; FBI, too.
What about you? Where is it happening tonight? And what if I don't tell you? You've reached Agent Tobias Fornell with the Federal Bureau of Invest Let's go.
Not a good time? I'll call them back.
I'm a little preoccupied, thinking about our last visit to your friend Walters.
I wish I could forget.
Got Walters' security team in sight.
Walters is more comfortable with hospice care.
Home is where I'd want to spend my last days.
Exactly how much is he donating? He's signing over $2 billion to fight terrorism.
Targets are down.
The place is all yours.
Plant the device and get out.
What are you doing here, Wayne? We're all good.
It's coming together like clockwork.
I can't go through with it, not now.
It's wrong.
Gibbs Me Mendez's phone.
Do it, Gibbs.
Do it.
Check on Walters' security team.
I don't see them up there.
Just let me get my phone.
We need to go over the rules again? I know them by heart.
Shots fired! Shots fired! Mendez lived completely counter to everything he presented to the world, Gibbs, and all for profit.
What the world saw wasn't real.
Just can't believe it.
You shot me in the ass! It's a surface wound, through and through.
Through the ass.
How'd I miss it, Gibbs? We all missed it.
Yeah, but I'm the one got shot in the ass for it.
This wasn't just Mendez.
Parsa's pulling the strings.
And he's still out there somewhere.
And not alone.
There's still time for you to change your mind.
at am I gonna tell people? That you were right.
I have to start over.
Okay, you and I both know that's not gonna be enough for Abby.
Tell her that I am honoring Gibbs.
Gibbs? "Stop this for him.
" Of course.
I want to make him proud.
He taught me to follow my heart, and I know that I have to I have to do this alone.
I have to let go of everything, or I will be pulled back to where I started.
Tell Abby that for me.
She'll understand.
I will.
So, what about Gibbs? You gonna call him? I don't know.
You gotta call the guy.
I don't know if I can.
Oh, it'll be fine.
You know how he is on the phone-- functional mute.
You'll hardly know he's there.
He's a good listener.
Tony you are so Handsome? Funny? What? Loved.
This is not easy.
Hardest 180 of my life.
Hey, Ziver.