NCIS s11e08 Episode Script


Original air date on November 12, 2013 All right, Ducky, I'm done.
Thank you, Tim.
You poor dear.
Probably didn't even hear it coming.
Hey, where's Tony? I don't know.
I offered to give him a lift, but he said someone would pick him up.
From DC to Quantico? Sounded strange to me, too.
I don't know how he's surviving without a car.
Is that him? No.
It's Delilah.
We're talking about sneaking away for a long weekend.
If you hens are finished, I could do with some help.
Oh, yes.
Her name's Petty Officer Third Class Jody Ray.
Patrol spotted her body just after sunrise.
She works at the base clinic.
Punched out just after And she went for a run? Coworker said she was training for a marathon.
Had been running almost every night for the past few months.
Next of kin been notified? CACO team is on it, sir.
All right, thanks.
Nice of you to join us, DiNozzo.
Yeah, sorry.
Hey, Jimmy.
So, what did I miss? Who was it that drove you all the way over here? Oh.
A friend.
No, seriously.
What should I do, photograph? No, I already did it.
All right.
Duck? Last night, 2200 hours, or thereabouts.
Hey, Abbs.
Come up with anything? Making progress.
Look, okay, this is a part of the vehicle's headlight assembly.
What's the make and model? There are 47 manufacturers of cars and trucks in the United States.
Each one of those produces multiple models and body styles.
And the parts and the trim are redesigned every few years.
There are zillions of possibilities.
Why would anyone assume that I could take a teeny, tiny piece of plastic and easily identify a vehicle? What's the make and model? A 2003 to a 2005 Dodge Ram pickup truck.
Thank you very much.
But we're going to have to narrow it down.
There's hundreds of trucks on that base every day.
That's what I was doing when you interrupted me.
So, there was a trace of the vehicle's paint on Petty Officer Ray's watch.
These are our color choices.
On the top we have Inferno Red.
And the bottom we have Deep Molten Red.
I don't know who comes up with these names.
What do you think? I'm going to have to go with the top one.
So Inferno Red was only available between 2005 and 2008.
So the only year in common between the headlight lens and the color is 2005.
Ergo we are looking for a red Abby, you are the best.
Still taken for granted.
Just 'cause I make it look easy doesn't mean it is.
Why do you suspect Staff Sergeant Justin Dunne? Abby I.
'd the make, model and color of the hit-and-run vehicle.
Only one registered on base and it belongs to Dunne.
I checked the gate security footage.
His truck never left Quantico last night.
What do we know about him? Single.
Joined the Corps right out of high school.
He's a helo mechanic.
Scheduled to deploy on an LHA to the Med, later this week.
And most pertinent he has a DUI in his past.
Bring him in.
I love it when it all comes together so quickly.
Not me.
Makes me nervous.
Too easy.
Let's go.
You ever going to get a new car? Well, firstly, I never buy new cars.
Secondly, I need something that ignites my passions.
It's like a woman.
I need to be in love before I commit.
You've never committed to a woman.
Sergeant Dunne.
Sergeant Dunne! Freeze.
Yeah, that's my truck, but I swear, I don't know how it got that way.
You didn't drive it last night? No.
I haven't used the truck in a couple of days.
How do you get to work? I walk.
Need the exercise.
The maintenance bay isn't that far from my quarters.
Where were you last night, 2200 hours? I was in my room asleep.
Had a tough week.
I was exhausted.
You sure you weren't drunk and you just don't remember what you did? We know about your DUI.
I've been sober for 13 months.
I go to three or four meetings a week.
So, if you weren't driving the pickup and you're innocent, why were you climbing out a window? I know my rights.
I'm not saying any more until I have a lawyer.
Then you can have the lawyer of your choice or JAG will assign one to you.
Hey, McGee.
Did you bring me Sergeant Dunne's right boot? Sorry, Abbs, he lawyered up and didn't give a permissive search.
Well, did you get a good look at his feet? Huh? Well, the footprint that you cast at the crime scene, it's a standard-issue Marine Corps combat boot, size ten and a half.
Well, I guess he might wear that size.
It's well worn and has a very distinctive gash in the right heel.
I'd just really love to match it to Sergeant Dunne.
Well, you're going to have to wait till morning.
Any luck here? Oh, this is definitely the pickup truck.
The tires match the tracks that were in the dirt.
And I got hair, blood and clothing fibers off the front end that match our victim.
So, I'll get DNA confirmation in the morning, and we should have it locked up.
Hey, have you been giving Tony rides to work since his car was wrecked? No.
Somebody dropped him off all the way out at Quantico this morning.
Is he dating someone? Oh I don't think so.
You always smell so great.
Let me guess-- you missed the sexual harassment meeting again this year.
Hey, everybody, look who I found in the lobby.
Hey, Clark.
- Hey, guys.
- Morning, Carrie.
I don't think I've had the pleasure.
Mallard, meet former FBI agent Carrie Clark.
Now in private law practice.
Nice to meet you, Doctor.
- Likewise.
- Carrie worked the Norfolk side of the Port Authority case a few years ago, made Fornell look good.
It was a tough job.
No, you guys made it easy.
I don't remember that case.
Grand theft, Ducky, no autopsy, no body, no you.
What brings you to NCIS? I'm here to see Sergeant Dunne.
You're his lawyer? Say it ain't so.
Yes, where is he? Staff Sergeant Dunne's in a holding cell across the yard.
Agent McGee can take you to him.
Thank you.
Good to see you guys.
Duck, you can release Petty Officer Ray's body any time you're ready.
You notice anything different about Carrie, boss? No wedding ring.
Told you the husband was a handbag.
Handbag? Something useless you hang on your arm.
Hey, Agent Fornell, it's DiNozzo.
Listen, can you give me the skinny on the ever-fetching Carrie Clark? Hello.
I'm Carrie Clark.
Didn't expect you to look like you do.
Is that a problem? Not if you're as good as my cousin said.
Well, I haven't had any complaints.
You're about to be arraigned on some very serious charges.
I don't know anything about a hit-and-run.
If it was my pickup, someone else was driving.
Any idea who? Justin, I want to believe you, but you seem very nervous.
Is there something that you want to tell me? Where were you at 10:00 last night? Doesn't matter.
Of course it does.
I have an alibi.
That's all you need to know.
Are you going to tell me? All right, if that is going to be your attitude, how about I save you some money? JAG will assign someone to you for free.
Hold on.
Could this room be bugged? No, no way-- that would be illegal.
Are you recording our conversation? No.
You're my lawyer.
Anything I say, you can't tell anyone? It's called attorney-client privilege.
Everything that you say is confidential.
It doesn't leave this room unless you want it to.
Rules of ethics prohibit me from telling anyone what we discuss.
You sure? I promise you, Justin.
When that girl was killed, I was 35 miles away in Falls Church.
And what were you doing there? Stabbing a guy to death.
Why are you checking airline schedules? Miami? Do you have to know everything? Yes, it's in my DNA.
Well, you're gonna drive me crazy until I tell you, so Things are quiet here, this case is wrapping up.
I've got a few vacation days coming, so Delilah and I have been talking about getting away for a long weekend.
McGee, I'm impressed.
Miami, South Beach, hot clubs, stone crabs.
It is unlike you.
I knew I shouldn't have said anything.
That didn't take long.
Your client come to his senses? Thank you.
Wants to confess? No.
Wants to make a deal, then? Sergeant Dunne says he's innocent.
Innocent? We've forensically tied his pickup to the victim.
He ran when we tried to question him.
He claims he has an alibi.
Well, what is it? We'll check it out.
Well, it is not that simple, Gibbs, he told me in confidence.
It's privileged.
If he doesn't want to tell you himself, then my hands are tied.
We've got 48 hours to either charge him or let him go.
Give us something.
All right, listen, I will go check out his alibi myself and I will get back to you.
The guy's facing vehicular homicide and hit-and-run charges.
He won't use an alibi? Is he crazy? Abbs.
Gibbs you're amazing.
How did you know that someone else was driving the truck? What'd you find? Well, it's more what I didn't find that's interesting.
I mean, before you called, I was just trying to match the victim to the vehicle, which I did.
But? But then, when you asked me if there's a chance that someone other than the owner of the truck was driving, I dusted the whole thing for prints, I didn't find any.
Just Staff Sergeant Dunne's? No.
I mean, like none, nada, zip, zilch, nothing.
Almost the entire surface of the truck was wiped clean of fingerprints-- the door handle, the steering wheel, the gearshift, the seat adjuster, everything.
Now, I got reminded o-of my Uncle Horace.
He was always losing things like his glasses and his wallet and his keys.
He got locked out of his own car so many times that he, he hid a key on his car.
And then I found this under the front wheel well.
Wiped clean? Oh, yeah, including the key inside.
That is hardly something that the owner would do.
Someone else was driving the truck.
Yes, and they tried to make it look like they weren't.
Thanks, Abbs.
I don't understand why people run.
Oh, well, it's therapeutic, it has great cardiovascular benefits.
What's more, it gets the old endorphins pumping.
I'll tell you, running gives me a great high.
I was referring to the driver running from the scene of the accident, Mr.
Oh, yes, yes.
Did you know that pedestrian hit-and-runs are at an epidemic rate in this country? Nearly 11% of all traffic accidents in the United States are hit-and-runs.
That Petty Officer Ray? Yes.
Hold on to the body for a little while longer, will you, Duck? You signed the release.
Has something changed? Yeah.
But I don't know what.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Hi, it's Carrie Clark.
Yeah, Carrie, what do you got? Well, Dunne's alibi checks out, it's solid.
Mm-hmm, tell me.
I can't.
You're going to have to start looking for the real hit-and-run driver because it's not my client.
Carrie, look, I can't just take your word for it, okay? Give me something here.
You're gonna have to figure this one out on your own, Gibbs.
Jethro, is something wrong? Looks like you won't be leaving us today after all, my dear.
McGee, trace the last call, will you? You want me to find out who it was from? It was from Carrie Clark.
Usually her name comes up on that little window there.
This time it didn't; it was just a number.
What did she say? Said her client's alibi checked out.
I don't believe it.
Well, the number belongs to a pay phone.
Pay phone? I didn't think there were any left.
in Falls Church.
It's in front of the library.
Carrie has a cell.
Why would she use a pay phone? Not sure.
She knows her client's alibi.
She knows she can't tell us.
What are you thinking, boss? Carrie knows we'll be intrigued, she knows that we'll trace the call.
Did she just drop a bread crumb? Yeah.
Go on.
There's the pay phone.
Why was Carrie calling from here? Library, hardware store? Oh, there we go, Great Sexpectations.
I seriously doubt it, Tony.
Hey, there's a squad car.
Yeah, let's check it out.
Did you ever find out if Carrie was divorced? Ah.
Trial separation.
She's not wearing her ring.
You know what that means.
It's over.
Special Agents DiNozzo and McGee.
Dockry, Homicide.
Homicide? What are you guys up to? Oh, just pounding the pavement, boring Navy stuff.
Yeah, nothing serious like homicide.
Who's dead? Store owner-- Donny Sullivan.
Stabbed to death night before last.
Body was found in the upstairs residence yesterday morning by an employee.
Any leads? Nothing concrete yet.
Anything I can help you guys with? Ah, no, we got to go.
He gets hungry.
It's true.
See you around.
Hey, do you guys know a Special Agent Gibbs? Oh, yeah, we affectionately refer to him as "boss.
" Tell him Hickory's son said hi.
Hickory? He'll know.
The storekeeper's murder happened about the same time as the hit-and-run.
Think this has something to do with Dunne's alibi? If Dunne was involved, then how'd he get from Quantico to here and back? His truck never left the base.
I think your amorous little weekend in Miami just went bye-bye.
Hey, boss.
We might have a lead on Dunne's alibi.
Find out what you can-- discreetly, DiNozzo.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, so I told you that I dusted the entire truck for prints, but I didn't.
I only dusted the places that a person would touch, and then I realized that if someone's going to adjust the seat lever, which they did, they would probably also adjust the rearview mirror.
And guess what I found-- a fresh right thumbprint on its backside.
Thumbprint have a name? Don't be silly, Gibbs, thumbprints don't have names.
People do.
My first pass was to run it against all the personnel at Quantico.
And that's all I had to do.
Private Daniel Cliff.
Gibbs will be in, in a minute.
Thank you.
You know why they brought me over here? No.
I told them I wouldn't say anything else until my lawyer was present.
Well, I checked your alibi.
You weren't lying.
Hey, you don't know who's on the other side of that glass.
Let's not discuss it again.
You know all you have to.
I'm innocent.
Couldn't this have waited till the morning? Nope.
You know him? Yeah, Private Cliff-- I see him around.
You two close? No.
We hung a couple of times back when I was drinking.
That was a long time ago.
Have you seen each other lately? Run into him in the laundry, rec room, that's it.
You give Private Cliff permission to drive your pickup truck? Hell, no.
What was that about? Gibbs? Sounds like you have a suspect for your hit-and-run.
You gonna let my client go? Not yet.
Come on.
He's due to deploy.
Haven't brought Private Cliff in for questioning yet.
Well, your 48-hour clock is ticking.
If you don't charge my client by tomorrow, you have to let him go.
You know, a funny thing happened.
We got a tip.
Sent us to a cigar store in Falls Church.
Really? Yeah, it was a crime scene, a homicide.
If your client wasn't driving his truck on base the other night, could he have been in Falls Church? My only concern is Sergeant Dunne's rights.
He wasn't involved in the hit-and-run.
A non-denial denial.
Jason Robards, as Ben Bradlee in All the President's Men.
She didn't say "no.
" Oh, you're crazy.
No, you must need glasses.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, later.
What's so funny? That was Hollander in HR.
She claims that she saw you this morning at the front gate getting off a city bus.
Yeah, that was me.
Listen, I know I made fun of you in the past for riding the bus, but I have to admit I was wrong.
I've been using public transportation, and I really like it.
You're kidding.
I have time to read, make some calls and, best of all I get to watch people.
People are fascinating.
Okay, Tony, I'm I don't even know what I am right now.
But I know you, and this is not you.
Boss, I went through Sergeant Dunne's e-mails, phone calls and credit cards.
I came up empty.
There's no connecting him to the dead cigar-store owner.
What would his motive be to kill the guy? Did find out Dunne exchanged a lot of calls with a Maryland cell phone number.
Belongs to an Olivia Chandler.
Yeah, well, find out who she is.
Do we dare run Sergeant Dunne's name by Falls Church PD, see if they can make a connection? Can't do that.
Got to protect Carrie Clark.
You can do it off the record.
The homicide detective in charge seemed to know you.
Who? Well, he said to tell you, "Hickory's son says hello.
" That's Paul Dockry.
Hickory Dickory Dockry.
His dad and I were in the Corps together.
Come on, DiNozzo.
You're with me.
People are fascinating.
This boot print was found at a crime scene that killed a petty officer.
This is the same boot, the same cutout at the right heel.
And you know what else, Cliff? We got your thumbprint on the rearview mirror of that vehicle.
What happened? It was dark.
I couldn't see her until it was too late.
What were you doing with Staff Sergeant Dunne's truck? I had a few drinks.
I know this girl in Stafford.
I overheard Dunne in the rec room.
Said he had a rough week and was gonna hit the rack early.
Figured I'd take his truck and be back before he even missed it.
Bull! How'd you know about the hidden key? About a year ago, when he was still drinking, he got wasted, locked himself out of his truck.
Got the hidden key out, had me drive him home.
You left an injured woman to die by the side of the road? No! I stopped.
I knew she was dead, and I realized how bad it all looked.
I was drinking, I was driving a stolen vehicle.
I just panicked and drove back to the parking lot.
You got to believe me.
It was an accident.
I'll book him.
If we charge Private Cliff with the hit-and-run, we got to let Staff Sergeant Dunne go.
I'm not ready to do that.
We only have a few more hours until the clock runs out on Dunne.
Put him in a holding cell.
Hey, Paul.
Hey, Gibbs.
Just give me a sec.
I got to finish this text to my daughter.
Only way she'll communicate me.
The kid never answers her phone.
Been a long time.
How's your dad? Stubborn as always.
Thought I might run into you at my kid sister's wedding.
Oh, no, no.
I'm not I'm not big on weddings.
I can understand that.
Thanks for meeting me.
I ran into your agents in Falls Church.
Taking it, that wasn't a coincidence.
Uh, no.
So, what's your interest in my homicide? Well, it's complicated, messy.
Following a lead.
Holding someone on an unrelated charge.
Seems to have an alibi, but he may have been involved with your dead storekeeper.
Like to talk to him.
Can't let you, not yet.
Still trying to protect a source.
You have him in custody.
Yeah, for the time being.
What can you tell me about your case? Discovered Sullivan was a bookie.
Used the cigar store as a front.
Guy you holding like to gamble? I'll find out.
You got any suspects for the murder? Yes and no.
Loser with a mile-long rap sheet, Wendell Kaiser.
Into Sullivan big-time.
Very public arguments.
Kaiser even makes threats.
However, airtight alibi.
In New York at the time of the murder.
Just got back this morning.
Maybe alibis are in season, huh? Okay.
Cheeseburger, no dressing, fries.
Did I miss something? You didn't even order.
Well, he doesn't have to.
Thanks, Elaine.
Can you, uh, get me Kaiser's file? Sure.
I'll e-mail you the highlights.
Your guy wouldn't happen to be a hit man for hire, would he? No.
I don't think so.
What? Need something? Yeah, a knife to cut this beast.
That'll work.
No, no, no.
You're not serious.
There's no way she's married to him.
Almost five years.
The very definition of a trophy wife.
What you looking at? Olivia Chandler.
The woman who Sergeant Dunne has been exchanging texts and calls with.
That little man must have a big, big bank account.
She's married to him.
They live together in Chevy Chase Village.
Very la-dee-dah.
Only thing on her record is a DUI.
She was picked up for driving erratically in her Aston Martin.
So many jokes.
Of course she drives an Aston Martin.
When I was searching traffic cameras to see if I could place Dunne anywhere near the cigar store the night of the murder, I found something interesting.
Olivia Chandler's car.
Now, this was taken a block from the cigar store.
Because of the tinted windows, you can't make out who's inside.
I sent it to Abby.
It's a long shot, but maybe she can enhance the image.
Sullivan was a bookie.
Falls Church police had a suspect, but he has an alibi.
Detective Dockry said he was going to e-mail the file.
He did.
Wendell Kaiser.
McGee-- see if Staff Sergeant Dunne had a gambling problem or any connection to this guy.
DiNozzo check out Olivia Chandler.
With pleasure.
Thank you, boss.
May I help you? Oh, I hope so.
NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
NCIS? I love this car.
It's smoking hot.
I'm in the market myself.
Between vehicles right now.
Terrible gas mileage, but that's what James Bond drives.
Did you know that? I have no idea.
What do you want? Oh, we're investigating a Marine.
Staff Sergeant Justin Dunne.
How do you know him? I don't.
Really? 'Cause you exchanged a lot of calls with him, and that would suggest otherwise.
We met at an A.
We talk to each other for support.
Sobriety is an ongoing battle.
So why'd you say you didn't know him? The second "A" in A.
is for "anonymous.
" I shouldn't be talking about him or anyone else.
So you're taking a little trip? I'm going to Jamaica with some girlfriends.
Yeah, mon.
Well, have yourself a nice time.
Did you connect Staff Sergeant Dunne to the dead bookie or the Falls Church suspect? No, not yet.
Based on the people I've talked to, it appears that Dunne's not a gambler.
I still have other avenues to pursue, I just haven't had the time to do it all.
- Tony, you got something? - Oh, yeah.
You won't believe how hot Olivia Chandler is.
Photos don't do her justice.
What's with her and Staff Sergeant Dunne? Well, she claims they're only acquaintances from A.
But I think it's more than that.
You said you had Dunne's credit card charges-- put them up.
Why? Trust me, put them up there.
All right, what are we looking for? Well, if they're doing what I think they're doing, they're not doing it at her place.
And I don't think a rich housewife from Chevy Chase is dragging those long legs all the way down to Quantico.
Okay, wait.
Hold on.
Chevy Chase Lodge.
There, there and there.
Three nights, probably more.
Take it down, McGee.
Our 48 hours are up.
When do I get my truck back? I'm going to check out the Chevy Chase Lodge.
Book Private Cliff for the hit-and-run.
That's one case closed, another wide open.
Yes, dear, I understand.
Do you? Do you even hear? I hear you.
No, no, no.
I-I would never Well oh, it's your mother's idea? Yes, it's my mother's idea! Why does that not surprise me? I have to go.
I have a guest waiting.
I do have a guest waiting.
I'm not making that up.
Uh could you help me, please, sir? Who is that? Hello? Okay.
I'll call you later.
Fine! Like hell I will.
You married? Oh.
Uh I'm a federal agent.
Like to ask a few questions.
All right, federal agent, ask away.
Have you seen this man? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Sort of a regular.
Mmm? So, does he come alone or? Well, he'd like me to think that.
No, his friend never comes to the lobby.
He parks the car, and she goes directly to the room.
So you got to figure, you know, one or both are married, right? Right.
So you've never seen her? Well, actually, I did the old knock-on-the-wrong-door routine one time.
She look like this? Yeah, that's her.
Woman like that, you do not forget.
Right? I mean, can you imagine what one night with I swear, the old witch is psychic.
If I have so much as a thought of another woman You don't have to answer that.
I have to.
What?! do you want? I got it.
Good luck.
Just, do you need if Take a card, sir.
Thank you.
Ah, always enjoy having a drink with you, Duck, but this isn't exactly on your way home from the symphony.
What's on your mind? Well, curiously, I was about to ask you that.
You've seemed troubled since you took that call in Autopsy yesterday.
Usually you're a master at hiding your feelings.
That your professional opinion? The occupational hazard of working with a profiler.
Yeah, I'm fine.
A little concerned about Carrie Clark.
The lawyer? Yeah, she's good.
She got her client released without being charged.
I sense a "but.
" Well, she does have a conscience.
Well, that's a good thing, isn't it? We learned some things about her client that she may or may not have led us to.
Privileged information? Doc, I got to be careful how I handle this.
For Carrie's sake.
She could get disbarred.
Well, I know you, Jethro.
It sounds as if she's doing the right thing, as you are.
So how was the concert? Great.
Tchaikovsky's Second.
I never realized that he wrote music for the movies.
That's a car I've always had the hots for.
Maybe that's what I should get.
It's too old.
You can't drive a car like that.
It's not practical.
That's the problem with you, McGeezer.
Everything has to be practical.
What What I mean is, I've never known you to do anything even a little risqué.
Tony, you have no idea what I do on my time off.
You know, that's true, I don't.
Why don't you tell me? Share.
Rock me.
Sock me.
Well, there's Wendell Kaiser.
Wonder if Falls Church PD is tailing him, too.
Kaiser's their suspect.
Is Kaiser going to church? No.
It's an A.
They meet here every morning at this time.
Wait, how do you know that? Anthony! What are you doing here? Your meeting's not until tonight.
Reverend Miller, I, uh Bringing a new member? Um He's thinking about it.
A little gun-shy.
McGee, the Rev.
Please join us.
It's a very safe place.
All are welcome.
Tony, what's going on? Do you have a drinking problem? No.
No, I just I joined this men's support group.
Meets in the church hall two nights a week.
You serious? Mm-hmm.
I know, it it doesn't sound like me, but with the past year, I just wanted to shake things up a little bit.
Meet some new people.
This guy at the gym told me about the group, and I thought it sounded like a good idea.
And it it is, it's fun.
The Rev drove me to Quantico the other morning.
Interesting guy.
He's helping me be less judgmental.
You know, Kaiser's going to be here for a while.
We should get back.
Sergeant Dunne, Olivia Chandler and Wendell Kaiser all have one thing in common.
They all go to A.
That's probably where they met.
The sergeant and the trophy wife are lovers.
The desk clerk at the Chevy Chase Lodge said that they were regulars.
It's just like that movie Body Heat.
William Hurt and Kathleen Turner.
God, she was really something, boss.
A head turner.
But I digress.
Anyway, they were young lovers, just like these two, and they wanted the rich husband's money and him out of the way.
On the other hand, you've got Wendell Kaiser, who's deep in debt to his bookie and needs him off his back.
So they help each other out and switch murders.
While Kaiser was in New York, Dunne killed the bookie with Olivia's help.
She drove him.
Her car was in the vicinity.
Who would ever suspect them? I mean, there's no connection, no motive.
Tomorrow Sergeant Dunne is going to deploy and Olivia Chandler is off to Jamaica.
And I'm betting that while they're away, her husband's going to have a terrible accident at the hands of Mr.
Kaiser here, a man with whom he has no connection.
Two murders, three solid alibis.
Interesting theory.
We know it's going to be a hard conspiracy for us to prove.
We got to be careful-- it's not our case.
There's a way.
Find the weak link.
Hey, Kaiser.
You got a minute? Detective Dockry.
I thought we were done.
Look, I told you everything I know about Sullivan.
Yeah, well, something's come up.
Let's go to the station.
We can talk about it.
Nah, I'm not going anywhere.
Look, I had nothing to do with Sullivan's murder.
I was in New York, man.
You checked it out.
You really want to do this in front of your friends? I'm not going anywhere with you.
We know about your buddy, Sergeant Dunne, and his girlfriend.
So let me explain how this works.
First suspect to flip on the others gets the deal.
Olivia Chandler? Hey, Gibbs.
DiNozzo told me that if you weren't at home I would probably find you here.
Have a seat.
There a problem? No, I just heard that Falls Church PD arrested my former client, Sergeant Dunne.
Really? Yeah, they booked him on multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit murder and murder one.
How'd they get him? Apparently one of his coconspirators turned state's evidence.
Sometimes you get lucky.
Mmm, is that what it was? They got a warrant and cinched the case against Dunne when they found the murder weapon, a knife, in his bathroom toilet tank.
That's great.
You okay? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? I did my job.
I got Dunne off on the hit-and-run.
Yeah, you did it well.
Yes, and whatever happened to him after that, it's not my concern.
Justice was served, all around.
Here you go.
Care to join me for dinner? Hmm, meat loaf and mashed potatoes? My favorite.
I would be happy to.
Coming right up.
Thanks, Elaine.
I think that you and me have a few things in common.