NCIS s11e10 Episode Script

Devil's Triad

Pick up.
Come on, pick up.
Hey, it's me.
We need to talk.
I can explain everything.
Call me.
No! Original air date on December 10, 2013 Then there's your medical history the LI-90 for life insurance, the DA-93 You're lucky this is just a temp Joint Duty assignment.
Just a few forms left.
Like the Notification of Personnel Action, the TA-44 and the background questionnaire for your new security clearance.
Bishop's gonna be useless for the next week.
Should we rescue her? No.
If she can't handle Roda, Gibbs is gonna melt her brain.
Oh! And I'm gonna need the DD-817 ASAP.
Oh, this is actually version 6045.
The DoD is up to v49 on the DD-817.
Black pen only, no smudges.
And don't test me kitty-cat.
I can see you, gentlemen.
What just happened? Did I do something wrong? No, you just passed your first test.
Roda, from HR-- legendary.
But don't get too cocky.
Still got to take that polygraph.
I have to take another polygraph? Mm-hmm.
And then all you have to do is survive Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
In case you haven't heard, the man is He's actually coming up behind you right now.
You're not supposed to do that.
What did I do now? You've made a friend.
Grab your gear.
Got a dead Marine in Potomac Heights.
You waiting on something, Bishop? I don't have any gear.
You can drive.
Corporal Ron Flegman, out of Quantico, worked in the motor pool.
He live here alone? Upstairs.
Already spoke with his CO.
Solid Marine, stellar evaluations.
Not much else.
Well, if this was a mugging, it was a really bad one.
We got a witness.
He saw someone enter the back of the building just prior to the shooting.
We even got a sketch, courtesy of Magic Fingers here.
Here you go.
That's a clown.
Well, uh, a street performer, yes.
See, there weren't very many details, so I used Jumpy, from Jumpy's Funhouse, as a template.
Jumpy had this really big, like, this, like, red nose, and when he smiled, he It was this kids show I used to watch, when I was little.
Um, we were told there were several street performers who work the area.
With any luck, maybe Jumpy the Clown had a permit.
Check the licensing office.
Pull every permit on the block.
Oh, thank heavens we're indoors.
It's been a brutal week.
And I have a chill I just can't shake.
Me too.
Anybody mind if I do some jumping jacks? Yes.
- Yes.
Well, preliminary cause of death appears to be two gunshot wounds to the chest.
From medium range.
Ah, Ms.
Would you care to take a closer look at the wound? Uh sure.
Note this one.
It's oval in shape, which means that the bullet penetrated the skin at an angle.
Can you get a trajectory from that? Well, possible trajectory, yeah.
Very astute.
Also, we get a core temperature, we can approximate time of death.
Boss, he's got a second cell phone.
Anything on it? Well, it's password-locked, but looks like he received almost a dozen missed calls just prior to the shooting.
Maybe somebody was trying to warn him.
I know that number.
Adams House hotel.
Doesn't your dad always stay there? Yes, but no, no, no.
He's at a skin peel retreat, so there's no way.
You know, checkout's in half an hour.
Whoever called our victim might still be there.
McGee, you got the crime scene.
DiNozzo, with me.
Uh that that was that was fast.
Manager said the calls came from room 103.
Registered to Mr.
I'm gonna go with "alias"" what do you think? Manager coming to open it up? No.
She gave me the key.
Since it's two minutes after checkout, technically, we have a right to enter.
That's funny, that looks like your ex-wife.
Champagne first, and then a little Well, tie me up and call me Loretta.
This is not what it looks like.
We were just No, I do not need the details.
I wouldn't mind a few details.
Okay, look Zip it, windbag.
Not another word.
What are you talking about? The cat is out of the bag.
It just sort of happened, okay? We were gonna tell you.
We just kept it hush-hush because She's married.
Because we're concerned that Emily won't take it well.
She's 13, this can be confusing.
And Victor and I are separated, we're getting a divorce.
Your turn.
What the hell are you doing in our room? Well, we got a dead Marine.
His cell phone got a call from this room - just prior to his murder.
- That's impossible.
We've been in this room since last night, and I haven't used the phone.
Oh, but I'm getting a feeling she has.
Diane? Hmm? Could I speak with you? Privately? If you'd like to be shot.
Okay, fine.
I used the phone.
But not to call some Marine.
I was trying to call my boyfriend Eddie.
Oh, that's funny.
It sounded like you said boyfriend.
Well, ex-boyfriend, now.
I was calling to break it off.
While I was in the bathtub? You had a boyfriend while I was in the bathtub? But he never picked up.
So, you don't know Private Ron Flegman? It's probably her fiancée.
This is unbelievable.
No, I've never heard that name in my life.
No, you know what? You need to calm down.
You just said it yourself; this just sort of happened.
So, yes, fine, you caught me.
I was dating someone else.
But, you know, it was a little, innocent overlap.
Hah! Any idea why our victim would have your boyfriend's cell phone? Ex-boyfriend, and no.
But, you know, I gotta say, I'm not that surprised that Eddie is mixed up with some dead guy, because, um, I mean, huh, he was, he was fun.
I don't need the details.
But the, yeah, there was, something wasn't right.
I kept catching him in these lies and he has no credit history.
Everybody has a credit history.
Well, that's enough for me.
Let's go arrest him.
Oh, no.
We're gonna talk to him first.
I knew you were gonna say that.
Crime scene's locked up.
Thought I'd come by and se Whoa.
Hi, Chucky.
What? So, Agent Fornell was married to Gibbs's ex-wife? Yup.
And the owner of the second cell phone from our crime scene was dating Gibbs's ex-wife? Yup.
Whew, wow.
That's quite a coincidence.
I know.
It really is.
You know, it's hard to imagine the same woman liking Fornell and this Eddie guy.
Although, maybe Diane liked him because he's not Fornell.
Best leave the psychoanalysis to Ducky.
If you value breathing.
Bishop, you could have warned me.
You said I wasn't supposed to do that.
What are you doing here? Just thought you might need some help.
Diane's really worried, I just want to put her mind at ease.
Yeah, uh-huh.
You shot me in the caboose.
You owe me.
Uh, meet Eddie Macklin.
Diane Sterling's boyfriend.
He's 31 years old and works at a local climbing gym.
Yeah, and? And that's it, we couldn't find anything prior to six months ago.
No parking ticket, library card or bus pass.
Let's go ask him about it.
God Yeah, I knew him.
He came in about six months ago, looking for a job.
He teaches our Basic Climb class.
His chest is bigger than Diane's.
You know where he is? No.
And he actually blew off a private lesson this morning.
But I don't think Eddie was a big fan of the student.
How about this guy? You know him? Yeah, that's him.
That's Eddie's student.
Geez, what happened? Corporal Flegman was shot.
We found Eddie's cell phone on him.
We'd like to talk to him about it.
Among other things.
I knew Eddie was trouble.
Just something off about him.
You know where we can find him? I don't know-- his apartment? Uh, it's empty.
No car registration with the DMV.
That's weird.
He has a car.
I got the info on his employment application.
Let me get it.
Yeah, suspect's vehicle is an '88 silver Lincoln Town Car.
it's a DC plate.
Have Bishop run the BOLO.
You sure? Yeah.
On it.
Grab a bite? I'm good.
Beer? Long day, Tobias.
What the hell am I doing, Gibbs? I feel like I've been swallowed by a python, cut my way out and then crawled back inside again.
Sounds about right.
Oh, come on.
Are we making a mistake? What are you looking for? Not just sex, if that's what you're getting at.
But don't get me wrong, no, it's better than Just stop.
I'm just saying that there's something different this time.
Maybe because we're exes.
You should try it.
I mean with another one of your ex-wives, not this one, 'cause this one's taken.
Can I go home now? You are the worse advice giver I've ever met! Don't quit your day job.
I think as long as you're happy, that's all that matters.
Happy? What's that got to do with anything? It's my neighbor.
She watches Emily.
What'd she do now? No, I'll go.
She didn't come home for dinner again.
Third time this week.
I've got to go prowl the mall looking for her.
Rain check? I can wait.
No way in hell am I living with either of them, if they're back together.
Can I stay one more night at your house, Uncle Gibbs? We can watch African Queen again.
Your parents want you back.
They didn't want me back last night.
I'm 13-- they'd let me emigrate to Jupiter if I could get a ride.
I entered Eddie Macklin's vehicle information into the NCIC database, along with a physical description.
Then I sent out copies to all law enforcement agencies.
And then I-I just felt like Bishop.
You can just say "BOLO's out.
" Uh BOLO's out.
He actually told me you're doing great, but you need to relax a little.
Can't say I disagree.
Thank you.
Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you are in, missy? Me?! You're the one who's ruining your life.
I beg your pardon? together.
com? Or are you too desperate at this point to care? Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh? How dare you talk to me like that.
You and Dad speak to each other? All you guys do is fight.
We do not fight.
We are just very loud! Best let them wear each other out before I get - into it.
- Right.
And you! How could you do this to me? Honey, no one is doing anything to you.
Your mother and I are just Wait a second.
How exactly do you know about your mother and me? I know everything.
I put a keystroke logger on both your Facebook accounts.
You what?! You need a warrant to do that! Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs.
I cracked the suspect's cell phone.
There are boatloads of juicy texts on there from him to Fornell's ex-wife.
I mean, this stuff is-is kinkier than Fifty Shades of Grey.
You have got to come see this Fornell.
You get back here or I will smash every computer in that lab! Don't you touch my babies! Can I apply for asylum? Abbs, I hope you told Gibbs to come alone 'cause Fornell's head would explode if he saw these texts.
Better get a mop.
Tony! If you value your life, you will turn off that computer right now! Touch that CPU and I touch you.
I can't hear you.
I have a sinus infection.
I have to go get my neti pot.
No, no.
Oh Hey, what happened? I'm prepared for any contingency.
You are interfering in an ongoing investigation.
Turn that computer back on.
Okay, Tobias, I sent most of those texts before you and I were back together again, so they're inadmissible.
Just show me the texts that Mata Hari here sent after we got our game on.
Let's see how innocent that innocent overlap really was.
Everybody still alive? Yes, just wounded.
By betrayal.
Where's Emily? Conference room with Bishop.
And she's fine.
You got anything besides Diane's texts? Yeah.
The suspect, um, sent a few texts of his own.
He mentioned a safety deposit box at a local bank.
Who'd he send them to? A burn phone with a black market number.
So something is definitely afoot here.
You got the name of the bank? Let's go check it out.
Slow down.
I want Diane to come along so she can I.
her ex-boyfriend from the security tapes.
So? So I'm not bringing both of you.
The locksmith is almost finished with the safe deposit box.
Let me go check on the security footage.
Would you like something to drink? No, I'm good.
I'll take a water.
One straw, two pieces of ice, three slices of lemon.
Jethro, what the hell am I doing? I feel like I drove into a ditch, towed my car out and then drove right back in again.
Oh, God, please don't make me do this.
This is all your fault.
What? If you hadn't shot Tobias in the ass, I wouldn't have had to nurse him back to health.
He was so vulnerable.
You know, his pride was so wounded and Then one night I was helping him with his bath Whoa.
What is wrong with you two? I just need to know if you think we're making a mistake.
It depends.
Uh What are you looking for? I just want to wake up next to someone I love.
Here's Mr.
Macklin's safe deposit box and the security footage.
Thank you.
He rented the box a month ago.
There's been a lot of activity since then.
Define "a lot.
" He's been here over ten times in the last three weeks alone.
Well, who stores stationery in a safe deposit box? Perhaps he removed the important contents on his last visit.
Let's see his last visit.
Oh, that's Eddie right there He doesn't appear to be carrying anything.
Who the hell is she? Looks like a girlfriend.
Girlfriend? While we were dating? That two-timing son of a Hey.
While you were dating Eddie, you and Fornell were Oh forget it.
Did she have to sign in, too? No, just the box's owner.
Well, we're gonna have to find her.
We will.
She's our only lead to Eddie.
The bullet fragment bounced around the acetabulum, flew up to the iliac crest Before exiting just below the coccyx.
I'm telling you, Doctor, it's amazing.
Let me guess.
The JFK Magic Bullet Theory? Oh, ac-actually it's Agent Fornell's heinie.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Uh to what do we owe the pleasure? Ooh.
Uh, pleasure, no.
But, uh, I do need to better familiarize myself with actual dead people.
Who are dead.
I thought you might be able to help me.
You've come to the right place.
Say hello again to Corporal Ron Flegman.
We confirmed that the gunshots were the cause of death, but that is really just the start.
For example, the, uh Postmortem lividity on the body indicates that the victim wasn't moved after the murder.
That-that is that is correct.
Uh, however, the bruise on the front of his calf there, it indicates that He was diabetic.
Necrobiosis lipoidica, I think it's called.
That's also correct.
I took the liberty of reading the Handbook of Autopsy Practice this weekend.
The whole thing? It's-it's over 600 pages.
It was 596, actually.
It was really cool.
Happy first official joint duty BOLO to you.
It's a very special moment.
Blow out the candle.
Make a wish.
My BOLO on Eddie Macklin came in? Your wish came true.
Airport police found his car in a long-term parking facility.
Rock on.
Let's go get it.
We are.
You aren't.
You have a little appointment with the polygraph person.
Already? Don't worry.
It's gonna be fun.
Polygraphs Who doesn't love talking about themselves? I was dropping Emily off at school.
I heard you found Diane's ex-boy-toy's car.
Yeah, he left it in long-term parking at the airport.
What a pile of junk.
Hath the woman no shame? Can you believe he's half her age? I guess you weren't stallion enough, Chuckie.
Agent Fornell, I swear, we never Yeah.
Diane told me the same thing, and I believed her, though current circumstances are throwing a bit of cold water on her credibility.
You run down the flights out of the airport? Yes.
There's no Eddie Macklin listed.
So why was he parked there? That's not the half of it.
Not only did we find a clown nose in the trunk but we also found blood on Abby.
We're supposed to wait for Gibbs to get back.
Oh, right.
Never mind.
You found blood in the car? Minute traces of it everywhere.
We think someone tried to clean it up.
But I was still able to detect blood proteins from at least four separate victims.
What You're saying that Diane's ex was some kind of serial killer? That's We interviewed all the street performers licensed in the area where Corporal Flegman was killed.
They all had alibis.
And very large shoes.
At the moment, that leaves one remaining suspect.
Diane Sterling's ex-lover, and owner of a Lincoln with multiple blood stains in it.
What, Diane? Well, have you found him yet? No, we have not found him yet.
It's the same answer as the last four times when you called.
We found circumstantial evidence in this car linking him to Flegman's murder, but no indication of his current whereabouts.
What, Tobias? Aren't you with Diane? Are you holding anything back? No, I am not holding anything back.
I will tell you when I have something.
Oh, I can't believe I was so worried about that polygraph.
I mean, at NSA, they ask you everything.
As in, like, everything.
I'm surprised you guys don't have, like, more personnel issues with how I am interrupting something.
Do you want me to leave? No.
I want you to work.
That means we tell him what we know.
So far, no luck using facial recognition to track our mystery woman.
I'm still working on it.
And Abby hasn't gotten any hits on the blood samples we found in Eddie's car.
Total is five individuals.
All right, expand the BOLO.
I want this guy's photo in every train station, in every bus station.
That's a bad idea.
Uh-oh I mean I might have a better idea.
Look, Eddie is coming back.
If he was ditching his car, there are easier places to abandon it than at an airport.
We should put it back and watch it, and when he comes to pick it up We grab him.
Absolutely not.
We follow him, see what he does, where he goes, then we grab him.
Works for me.
I got the first shift.
Don't tell anybody where I am.
- Hey.
- Oh! Why do you always go for the gun? What are you doing here? Well, don't worry, I'm not gonna stay.
I know.
It wasn't the question.
Tobias and I had a family dinner planned with Emily, and she left us a message, saying she had other plans, so I thought maybe she'd come back here.
Try the mall.
Yes, that's where I'm going right now, thank you.
I will let you know.
I hope you and your gun have fun together.
Can't believe she missed me.
Who doesn't check the closet when they're clearing a house? Who doesn't turn off their cell phone when they're hiding in a closet? Wasn't my cell phone.
I forgot I set my Happy Cat Friend Alert Watch to let me know when the Columbo marathon started tonight.
Have to tell your mom.
She's worried.
I know.
I know.
Just give me two minutes.
I need your help.
All right, what do you need? I want you to help me convince my parents to break up.
They listen to you.
And you know they aren't right for each other.
You've seen them fight.
They fighting a lot? In public, yeah.
It's like they have a fetish for it.
But when it's just the three of us, it's not so bad, I guess.
But you know this will end badly.
Well, yeah, it might.
Then I get to watch them break up all over again.
Oh, I I'm confused.
You-you-you don't want them together? Or you're scared that they're gonna break up again? Why would I be scared of that? It's what I want! Uh Wait.
Now I'm confused.
You suck at this! Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Bishop and I are at the airport.
Eddie's back.
He picked up his car.
We're tailing him now.
Yeah, stay with it.
Let me know.
Will do.
Two minutes are up, kid.
Let's get you home.
Give me a sit-rep.
Eddie drove all night.
I think he was trying to see if he had a tail.
He finally came here, parked his car and disappeared.
Fornell's covering the rear.
DiNozzo, you're with me.
McGee, Bishop, you got the exit.
We're clear.
Looks like Hannibal Lecter's little hobby center.
I got this.
Hey! NCIS.
Get on the ground, put your hands on your head! Where do you think you're going? Oh, come on.
Senior FBI Agent Tobias Fornell.
I believe you know my wife.
Is he gonna hit me again? No.
And And I apologize for that.
We just really needed to talk to you.
Yeah, about what? Aren't you gonna ask what happened? Flegman was a student of yours.
What happened? You slept with my wife! What happened was that your student was murdered with your cell phone on him.
And then you disappeared.
Why is your car covered with blood? And what's with that little shop of horrors we found you in? Oh, that storage unit-- that ain't mine, bro.
Oh, I suppose this isn't yours, either.
We found 20 more of those hidden in the storage unit.
That's almost It's a lot of cash for a gym teacher.
I need to get out of here.
If he thinks I took off with his money Who? You ain't arrested me.
Everything you got is circumstantial.
So some people cut their fingers in my car.
You got any bodies, aside from this loser who took the wrong cell phone at the gym? I know my rights, man.
You got to arrest me or let me go.
What's it gonna be, fellas? Yeah, that's what I thought, too.
Whoa, hold on.
Hey! Hey! What is that? Arrest it is.
Our forensic tech traced the blood in your car to an unsolved quintuple homicide.
So, sit down, you walking midlife crisis! This is nuts, man! I didn't kill anybody! That blood is ten years old! The car's from a police impound! So how are you driving it? 'Cause my name isn't Eddie Macklin.
It's Special Agent Edward McKenzie.
I work for the Secret Service.
And you two are about to blow a highly-classified six-month op.
Our financial crimes division has been working a money-laundering case for over year.
We traced one of the sources of the cash to the Tower Gym.
I went in undercover.
Found out the cash came from a bank-robbery gang run by the owner, Elijah Banner, and his girlfriend.
There's our mystery woman from the bank.
Elijah told me to rent a safe deposit box there so she and I could case the place.
Oh, were you casing her, too? Sorry, guys.
Boss, she's like a cat.
When she found out Hello, Diane.
Oh, I heard we broke up.
Sorry about that.
Oh, and I'm a Secret Service agent.
I heard.
What's with the attitude? I don't know.
Maybe it's, you were sleeping with your ex-husband - Hey.
while we were dating.
Man has a point.
Oh You guys are buddies now? Yeah.
We were thinking of starting a club.
Yeah? Well, watch it, boys.
I know something about each and every one of you that you don't want anybody else to know.
And I got a Twitter account.
We need to get back to work.
Uh Hey, let go of me! Come on! You take your hands off me right now! Sorry.
- right now! - Well ry.
So, how was Corporal Flegman involved? Flegman drove the getaway car, but Elijah thought he was skimming.
Looks like Elijah finally did something about it.
Why haven't you taken this guy down? He keeps his hands too clean.
We need to catch him in the act.
When you picked me up, I was collecting gear for his next robbery.
But if Elijah thinks I took off with his money, six months of work goes down the drain.
We can get him for Flegman's murder.
No way he pulled the trigger.
I'm guessing it was his girlfriend.
She's the clown.
Freelances at kids' parties.
We want to get this guy, we need to put the money back, and I need to get back on the street before he notices I'm gone.
It's Elijah.
He's noticed.
I got to answer it.
Yeah, put it on speaker.
Yo, E, what's the word, man? Cut the bull, I know you got pinched.
Put agent Fornell on the line.
Agent Fornell.
You got something of mine.
I got something of yours.
Dad, I'm in a white van, no windows, I can smell pine You ever want to see your daughter again, you give me back my money.
I'll be in touch.
I said everybody, every asset we have.
He's got my daughter, for God's sake.
We found a camera hidden in the storage locker.
Must be how Elijah knew we had his money.
He watched us collect the evidence.
We need to be ready when he calls.
I have friends standing by to help trace the callback.
His apartment's been cleaned out, he's running.
Any word on the BOLO? Police are stopping every windowless white van they see.
Your daughter was very brave.
They found a broken window in the kitchen.
He was in our house.
It's gonna be, it's okay, babe.
It's okay.
Emily's gonna be all right.
DiNozzo, what do you got? Elijah's girlfriend is dead.
Looks like he's tying up loose ends.
You got any idea where he's going? Well, no, but he's not improvising.
We found surveillance photos of Fornell and Emily.
Elijah probably started making exit plans the moment you two showed up at his studio.
Zeroed in on your daughter as a lever he could pull.
Blocked call.
Tony, keep us posted.
Will do.
Agent Fornell.
I just texted you my location.
I want you to send that girl.
The one who helped you clear out my storage locker.
She's got eight minutes to bring me my money, by herself.
Once I'm safely away, I'll tell you where you daughter is.
She's fine.
But if you even think of sending anyone else, I'll know.
And your daughter will pay the price.
Okay, but just so we're on the same page: if so much as touch a hair on my daughter's head, so help me God, I will find you.
and I will rip your eyes out of your face and shove them so far down your throat you'll need a proctologist to read the evening paper.
He hung up.
What's the move, boss? No, this is your call, Tobias.
Bishop, you're the analyst.
Is he gonna let my daughter go if we give him his money? Yes.
He's demonstrated I've got it.
I just need to know if you are up for this.
Then we give him his money.
Gibbs? No tricks.
You can catch him later.
We just want our daughter back.
Comm check.
Yeah, we read you.
How you doing, Bishop? I'm fine, surprisingly.
Tell Agent Fornell I can do this.
He's in the conference room with Diane, but, will do.
Okay, so I guess I just sit somewhere and wait? No, keep moving.
Avoid a static blind spot.
Remember, this guy's a killer.
You don't want him sneaking up on you.
Okay, less fine now.
Wait, I see something.
There's a jogger approaching.
Right build.
It's him, no white van.
All right.
Dump the cash in here.
Where's Emily? Take this.
Wait here.
When I'm clear, I'll call you with Emily's location.
That was the deal.
It's done.
I've lost sight of him.
But he gave me a cell phone, said he was gonna call with Emily's location.
Any way to find out where that cell's been? We can run its IMEI number.
If we find out where it's been, we might be able to figure out where he's going.
Yeah, do it.
Okay, uh, it'll just take a minute.
Aah, what was that noise? I don't know.
Give me a sit-rep.
Okay, this doesn't make any sense.
There's no upside to killing her.
He's made all the right moves, so far.
So what's the play? He can't use the white van to get away-- Emily's description made sure of that.
Bishop, report.
Okay, he doesn't want to risk calling.
But he has to know if Emily isn't found ASAP, he's looking at an AMBER Alert.
Then he'll never get away.
So, how does she get found? He painted the van.
Damn it.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You okay? Mm-hmm.
Okay, you're okay.
You're okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here, okay? Hang on.
I'm so glad you're all right.
I love you.
I was so worried about you.
Nice work.
Next time you take your earwig out of your ear, Bishop I'm gonna use a staple gun.
Yeah, uh, I was worried if the Fornells found out about the cell phone Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
Like I said Nice work.
I need another hug.
I am so proud of you, baby.
Oh, I am, too.
- Are you really okay? - I'm fine.
He didn't hurt me.
I was just so worried about you guys-- are-are you okay? Oh, yeah, we're Oh, oh, yeah.
We're just so happy that we're all together again.
And we-we're just so glad that-that you're safe and you're back.
Hey, any word? Nothing.
No sign at the airports or train station.
McGee's talking to Highway Patrol, but I got a sinking feeling he got away.
Oh, he didn't get away.
My last name is Fornell, after all.
You're under arrest.
Move so I can shoot you.
I'm not carrying a cell.
This bike's untraceable.
How'd you find me? We didn't.
My daughter did.
Say hello to her Happy Cat "Friend Alert" watch.
It's Bluetooth enabled.
It beeps any time a friend wearing the same watch gets within 30 feet.
Course, I had to boost the range on the second watch to track you, but That little bitch.
Watch your mouth.
I'd hate to get suspended, and Agent Gibbs already has enough paperwork.
I should have never let her go.
I'm sorry, Gibbs.
It's okay.
Eh, told you he'd run.
Hey! Hey, hey.
Come on.
We just came to say thank you.
You already said thank you.
This time we brought liquor.
Well, then, you're welcome.
And And we have a request.
Oh, I can't wait.
Oh, will you stop with your whining? I mean, you're a grown man.
It-it's, it's unattractive.
- What are you doing? We're here to ask a favor and you're insulting the man.
He has been carrying on like he lost his dolly.
He hasn't said five words since he's got here.
Oh Anyway, we'll be out of your hair in a minute.
It's just It's just that Well, uh, you've probably noticed that Tobias and I-- clearly gluttons for punishment-- are trying to make a second go of things.
And, uh, we We, um We Oh, for Pete's sake.
We want your blessing.
My what? Your blessing.
It's very important to Diane.
And me.
That we have your blessing.
Why? Because it-it What is with the 50 questions, do we have it or not?