NCIS s11e12 Episode Script

Kill Chain

God, I was so worried.
It's all right.
I thought you wouldn't come.
It's okay now.
Everything's going to be okay.
Just tell me what's going on.
We have to get out of here.
No! Danny Oh, Danny No.
It's just really short notice.
How can you know if you don't ask? It's not that simple.
Doesn't get any simpler than that.
Got my parking space today.
I mean, I-I know it's only temporary, but it's right across the street from the building.
At NSA, we park off-site, like, half a mile away.
God forbid you forgot anything.
I took a picture.
Want to see? Oh! Oh, it is a good spot.
Delilah, by the way.
Delilah Fielding? Really? I- I'm I'm Ellie Bishop.
I'm-I'm a huge fan.
You are?! Yeah.
Delilah's kind of a big deal in the analyst world, Tim.
Ever since Operation Pin Drop.
Thank you.
What's Operation Pin Drop? Can't tell you.
So, are you working here? No.
Just trying to wrap something up with Tim.
If by "something," you mean a classic case of Mcwaffling Well, how would you know? - Tim butt-dialed me.
- What?! Oh, my God.
Well, it doesn't mean you have to listen.
Oh, yes, it does.
I find you compelling, Tim.
So, here's the deal.
Delilah's being awarded a fellowship by the Conrad Institute for her work in counterterrorism.
Congrats, by the way.
Thank you.
There's a black-tie gala event dinner.
A who's who from the intel world.
Delilah wants to bring McGee as her plus one.
But McGee's being McGee won't commit, waffling.
Did I leave anything out? - No, you summed it up.
- Delilah, I don't even own a tux.
A case could come down at any moment.
My boss is not big on time off.
Who needs time off? McGee.
Delilah's got a big shindig tomorrow night.
No, I'm-I'm fine.
What? You don't want to go? Um yeah, but Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Grab your gear.
We've got a dead sailor in Rock Creek Park.
Hey, don't use me as an excuse.
Petty Officer First Class Daniel Coyne.
Has $72 in his wallet and a gold watch which, according to the inscription, was a gift from his grandfather.
Not a robbery.
It's a seven millimeter.
Possible sniper round.
So, our victim was shot by a high-powered rifle.
And judging by the entrance and exit wounds, at an extremely acute angle.
Suspect was in the trees? No.
No, shooter was closer than that.
Yeah, and quite a bit higher.
I walk my dog here every morning, like clockwork.
Never seen anything like what happened today.
Can you describe what you saw? Oh, I can do you one better.
I can show you.
You recorded it? Yes, sir.
Right up here.
I get it.
So, how long exactly has the CIA been recording your thoughts through the fillings in your teeth? For six years, but they use microwaves.
I've learned to be careful.
Now, let me tell you what happened.
A gray airship came down from the sky.
Killed that man.
Bishop? They were probably hunting me.
Bishop, you want to hear this? Captain Crazy-pants here has a little story he wants to tell us.
Um, I don't think you're taking me seriously.
Oh, no, I am.
Bishop's our expert on black helicopters.
No, it wasn't a helicopter.
It was an airship.
And it was gray.
Probably alien.
Like this? Yes, yes.
That's it.
That's the one.
He's not crazy.
Other witnesses saw it, too.
Wait a second.
Are you telling me that an alien airship came out of the sky and killed this man? Not alien.
This is an Angelus surveillance drone.
Someone used our own tech against us.
So, what's going on behind those sensitive green eyes, Tim? Tony, I'm fine.
You think I can't see back there, but I can.
You're insecure.
That is not Because you think maybe Delilah's too good for you? Out of your league? Who knows? But here's the thing, Tim.
Man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for? Huh? Just something to think about.
Petty Officer Coyne was stationed at NAS Pax River.
A drone operator.
Specialized in flying the same Angelus surveillance drone that killed him.
Just spoke with his C.
who's expecting us.
What's this? An analysis I wrote last year on the merits of drone warfare.
Redacted where necessary, but thorough enough as a primer on the subject before we head to Pax River.
I don't need any primers on this subject, Bishop.
Here's where I'm the expert.
Oh, no.
I know what happens in a mechanized society when mankind gets a little too complacent.
Tony, please.
When his robot helpers rise up, seize power and overthrow us.
What are you talking about? Skynet.
No, I am not going down this rabbit hole again.
What's Skynet? Skynet is a military computer designed to coordinate and control all our weapons systems, including our nuclear arsenal, until it turns on us and overthrows us.
So, this is a movie? Yeah.
Terminator, one and two.
Three and four don't count.
No James Cameron.
Okay, uh, well, my research is in the actual use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, not the make-believe use.
And the bottom line is, UAVs save lives.
Until they turn on us.
Okay, I guess that means you're not coming to Pax River.
Oh, no.
I am coming.
Into the belly of the beast.
What do you know, Duck? Well, if our petty officer's body is any indication, he was almost virtuous.
Almost? There is a woman in his life.
Well, last I heard, Duck, not a crime.
Certainly not, but I would venture to guess that she had very expensive tastes.
Take a whiff.
Come on.
Yeah What do you smell? Chemicals.
Yeah, but beyond the chemicals.
Citrus, a note of bergamot.
Ooh, the earthy aroma of iris.
And beneath it all, vanilla.
Shalimar perfume, Jethro.
Very exclusive.
$300 an ounce.
Above a petty officer's pay grade.
I know all this because I I once had a dalliance with a woman who a fondness for Shalimar.
She had the most magnificent eyes.
There was little I wouldn't do when staring into those eyes.
Geez, Duck what about the victim's girlfriend? Uh my examination showed that the petty officer had intercourse shortly before his death.
Whoever she is, she might know why he's ad.
Yeah, cherchez la femme, Jethro.
Cherchez la femme.
Lieutenant Commander Stone, are any of your drones missing or inactive? Negative, ma'am.
All birds accounted for.
Well So, uh, any chance one of these becoming, you know, sentient? Every one of our drones requires an operator and several million dollars worth of software and equipment.
They don't just, uh, fly off on their own.
Anyone in your squadron capable of stealing one or modifying it? That would require a level of education and ability that so far surpasses anything they've demonstrated.
They are pilots.
These kids are barely out of high school.
Their biggest risk is carpal tunnel.
Not a fan of the post? Are you kidding? I could run a full reconnaissance mission anywhere in the world and still be home for dinner.
It's not too shabby.
Just never thought I'd have to be a glorified hall monitor, too.
What about Coyne? Was he a problem? Coyne was the exception.
He's the only one in the squadron who's actually flown missions.
My number one trainer.
He had a bright future.
Coyne was involved with a woman.
Maybe the last person to see him alive.
It's possible she's in the squadron? No, ma'am it isn't.
Come on, Commander.
You got a bunch of randy 20-year-olds running around here, hopped up on caffeine and candy bars.
May look like a, uh, college dorm out there, but this is still the U.
And there's absolutely no fraternizing in my squadron.
Danny's dead? Coyne was seeing Petty Officer First Class Patrice Gates.
They bonded over a shared love for kettle corn and home improvement shows.
He snuck into her quarters on a nightly basis, and she flew his drone.
Gates claims they were getting married when her enlistment ended.
Claims? Well, Patrice has no appetite for the finer things in life.
She buys her beauty supplies in bulk, and they don't sell Shalimar at the local Megamart.
Coyne was knocking headboards with somebody else.
Patrice Gates a suspect? She doesn't have a clue Coyne was cheating on her.
Or the technical know-how to operate a drone, let alone modify one into a weapon.
Who does? Only people familiar enough with the drone's system would be the contractors who built them.
Let's talk to 'em.
Well, that's gonna be a bit of a problem.
See, the company is Reinhart-Carion.
I went to go run a background check on their employees and was turned away.
Turns out Reinhart-Carion is already under investigation by the DoD.
Whoever is running that investigation, I want them in here.
Delilah? This is not a good time.
I'm not here to see you.
Then who? Me.
If that's okay with you, Special Agent McGee.
Gibbs, you, too.
Drone strike six months ago in Pakistan wilderness.
Terrorist camp belonging to Benham Parsa.
Our response for the bombing that killed SECNAV last year.
Mission was a success, though Parsa escaped.
What's this got to do with my dead petty officer? Coyne was part of the kill chain.
He flew the Angelus surveillance drone that positively confirmed Parsa was present.
His UAV went down during the strike mechanical failure.
Defense believes that Parsa or his people may have recovered the UAV, smuggled it stateside.
And used it against Coyne as retaliation for this attack? There's been chatter for days he's making a move in the U.
You and I both know Parsa's not gonna go through all this trouble just to kill one man.
There'll be more attacks.
Director, I need to speak with Gibbs.
It's McGee.
Did you find the DoD investigator? Not exactly.
Before I could, she found us.
Boss, I had no idea.
If I did, I would've warned you.
Warned me about what? About me.
Hey, Jethro.
It's not another one of your ex-wives, is it? Close enough.
You two know each other? Uh-huh.
It's been a few years.
Why are you here, Hollis? I was brought on by the DoD to run an internal investigation - into Reinhart-Carion.
- The defense contractors who built and maintain the drones at NAS - Pax River? Mm-hmm.
Reinhart's computer systems were hacked.
When? A month ago.
And you kept this to yourself.
That would be the definition of "internal," Jethro.
It's our belief that a Navy Angelus UAV was compromised, rewired and used to kill a U.
drone pilot.
- By who? - Nah.
You first.
Any suspects on your theft? We have one suspect.
A Reinhart employee.
Erin Pace.
She's a highly trained computer programmer and engineer.
She's been MIA for several days not at work, not at home, and she's absolutely capable of reconfiguring a drone in the way you describe.
Your turn.
We'll get back to you.
That's not the deal.
Didn't make a deal.
This is my investigation.
It was.
Now it's mine.
I was appointed by the inspector general to see it through.
Don't make me go above your head.
Hollis, my boss is right here.
Keep me out of it.
I'm talking about his boss and his boss's boss.
I've got them all on speed dial.
We need to work together, however hard that might be for you.
Not gonna happen.
Hollis Mann.
They're being, uh, resistant.
You sure she's not an ex-wife, Gibbs? He'd like to speak with you.
This is Vance.
Yes, Mr.
A joint investigation.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
That was the Secretary of Defense.
She's in, Gibbs.
Hollis Mann.
What does it mean? Uh, we still have a dead petty officer and a missing drone.
Shouldn't we be, you know, investigating? This is our process, Bishop.
You have your earbuds and chess metaphors.
We have this; don't knock it.
Besides, Gibbs and Hollis are probably up there arguing over jurisdiction.
Their version of foreplay.
So, who is Hollis Mann? Penetrating question, Bishop.
She was supposed to be Gibbs' fourth ex-wife.
Fourth? How many does he have? Well, there was only the one real wife.
Then there's the exes.
Keep it simple, McGee.
Exes only.
Let's do the thing.
All right.
On three.
When I give you the all clear.
Coast is clear.
Let's do this.
One, two, three.
Put it up.
Ex-wife number one, Diane.
Satan's spawn, first sign of the apocalypse.
You've met her.
Tim slept with her.
Emphasis on "slept.
" Then there's Stephanie, ex number three.
She matches Diane in personality and charm.
What about ex-wife number two? Total mystery.
Don't even have a name.
Sort of a Gibbsian Bermuda Triangle.
And Hollis Mann? That's the one that got away.
Gibbs met her on a case.
Army CID.
Total pro.
And no discernible personality disorders.
Pretty soon it was late nights down in the basement, looking good and then Hollis gone.
She retired from the Army.
Moved to Hawaii.
We read about it in Stars and Stripes.
No harassing phone calls, no Viking funerals, just gone.
They broke up, clearly.
No, there's no way of knowing.
There's one way.
You could just ask.
Ask me what? Hi.
Uh, yeah.
No, nothing.
I could.
Why don't you call me back? Erin Pace.
May be involved in the drone attack.
Locate her.
Um Benham Parsa? Right? Yeah? What do you know about him? Uh um uh, what do you what do you need? Early life and education? Uh, radicalization? Current activities and correspondence All of it.
Oh, hey, Gibbs.
I heard.
She's back.
Does she look the same? Did you guys get to talk? Was it totally awkward? It is now.
Oh Hey there You could've told me, Gibbs.
Didn't give me a chance, Abbs.
It's good to see you, Abby.
It's good to see you, too.
I'm just gonna, uh, take my foot out of my mouth so we can talk about what I've got.
I had my office forward you the evidence we pulled from Erin Pace's apartment.
Every hairbrush and coffee cup and paper clip that she owned.
We like to be thorough.
You find anything? I found Shalimar perfume.
It matches the traces that Ducky found on Coyne's skin.
Wait, your victim was sleeping with my suspect? Or at least involved in some very heavy petting.
But I also found this.
Orange juice? Yep.
I already had my people run it for prints.
Only found Pace's.
I, too, like to be very thorough, so I swabbed the spout for DNA.
Got a hit.
Meet Yusef Ryder.
He served multiple sentences at multiple prisons for multiple violent crimes.
He was most recently an inmate at Jessup Correctional Institution, where he officially converted to Islam.
I mean, he sounds just like the kind of guy that Benham Parsa would love to recruit.
He doesn't exactly have the background to operate and maintain a drone.
No, but he does have a background in kidnapping and aggravated assault.
What, you think that he coerced Erin Pace? I think if we find him, we find out.
Yusef Ryder skipped parole two weeks ago, dropped off the map until Monday, when he was caught on video camera robbing a gun store.
Grabbed a small arsenal, including a high-powered rifle that matches the make and model used to kill Coyne.
Fled in a stolen van.
We put out a BOLO.
Virginia State troopers spotted it at a motel parking lot near Falls Church about ten minutes ago.
They're babysitting till we get there.
Let's roll.
Manager said that Yusef checked in two days ago, using an assumed identity.
Room's in the back.
McGee and I are gonna check it out now.
Got eyes on the van.
All right, we need to talk.
About what? About this.
You haven't said a word to me since we got in the car, Jethro.
It's been six years.
You must have something to say.
No, I'm good.
You want to talk, you should ride with DiNozzo.
How was Hawaii? It was beautiful.
And boring.
Only so many perfect days a woman can take.
I just had to get back to work.
I got married.
That happens.
No, it's not like that.
He's a good guy.
He's a doctor at Walter Reed.
Trauma surgeon.
I met him two years ago, right after I got back.
I would have called you, but I Yeah you're right.
Silence is better.
Room's empty, Gibbs, but the van just started moving.
Ten bucks says he didn't get far.
Not far.
Yusef Ryder! Federal agents! You're okay, and you are safe.
I'm not.
I'm not safe.
None of us are.
He kidnapped me, took me to this storage building.
There were other men.
How many? Three.
Maybe more.
One of them spoke English.
He was different.
He spoke perfectly.
Like, proper English, almost British.
Um polite.
Almost reasonable, like he was on my side.
He had an Angelus UAV.
They wanted you to modify it.
I refused at first.
Then, uh, the polite one pulled out a laptop with a live video feed.
It was my husband, asleep in bed.
He works for an NGO in Mali.
Somehow they had a camera on him.
I did everything they said after that.
And Petty Officer Coyne? Were you close? No, we worked together.
They forced me to get him to the park.
You were the bait.
I- I didn't mean to get I mean, I never would, uh I did I- I didn't have a choice.
Erin, no one's saying you did.
Coyne's murder was a test run.
Who's next? Someone important I heard them whispering about it.
Something about revenge for an attack in Pakistan.
It was hard to make out, but I picked up a word.
It didn't make much sense.
Acrobat? Are you sure? It's a Secret Service code name for Joint Base Andrews.
Erin, I-I know you're tired.
But I need to ask you about this man, uh, the polite one? Is this him? Benham Parsa is in the country? That's what Erin Pace said.
How do you know it was him? The way Erin described him, uh soft-spoken, proper English, good manners.
All habits he picked up in the international school he attended.
Why did he come? We used a Hellfire missile to destroy his compound in Pakistan.
Maybe he feels safer here.
- He's not.
- Secretary of Defense is scheduled to meet with several world leaders at Joint Base Andrews tomorrow.
Hollis Mann is coordinating with Secret Service to relocate that event.
Parsa doesn't know that.
Gives us a day to track him and the stolen UAV.
Go to it.
You here to see Director Vance again? No.
You, this time.
Brought you something.
What is it? Tuxedo.
I know you don't have one.
It's really nice.
Look, Delilah Oh, I know you can't come.
Parsa's out there, national security, I get it.
Can't return the tux, though, I already had it tailored.
How'd you get my sizes? I'm a cryptologist for the Department of Defense, I think I can figure out my boyfriend's inseam.
I'm sorry, okay? No, I understand, Tim.
I do.
This is important.
But I know you never really wanted to come to the gala with me.
And that I just can't understand.
No, this is wrong.
Well, you said diet.
Not the soda.
Parsa, it - it's too small for him.
- Too small? He smuggled a remote control assassin into the country to pick off international VIPs.
He's a blunt instrument, not a surgeon.
He doesn't whisper, h- he he bellows.
Cairo, 2007.
He detonated a bomb inside a passenger train.
Killed 30.
The Indian Ocean, 2008.
He sabotaged a French cargo ship 15 dead.
Bahrain, two years ago.
He took 20 people hostage inside a luxury hotel.
He-he killed them all.
Got to be a hoot at parties.
Parsa doesn't go to parties.
He doesn't drink, smoke, date h- he spends all of his time planning and executing his attacks.
Why don't we all just take a deep breath.
We can work with what we have.
Which is a multi-million dollar Navy robot the size of a car can't be all that easy fly, let alone hide.
Designed for stealth, flies under the radar.
Could be stored in a garage.
Got to be a way to trace it.
They're usually operated from halfway around the world using military satellites.
Parsa doesn't have those kind of resources.
No, and that's why he had Erin Pace rewire it.
He doesn't need it to be long range, he's close by, which means piggybacking off a local system.
I can work with that.
He can work with that.
The world as we know it is falling apart all around us and you're down here.
I'm not at all surprised.
I brought dinner.
I already ate.
In that case dessert.
Small batch.
Very smooth.
Thank you.
It's been a long time since I've been down in this basement.
I miss the boat.
Kind of pulled the whole room together.
What are you doing? I'm trying to make peace.
We're good.
What are you doing? Good? Really? Because it kind of feels the exact opposite.
What do you want from me, Hollis? I want to apologize.
There's no need.
Oh, stop that.
God, I forgot how infuriating you could be.
Was that the apology? No.
No, this is.
I I liked you, okay? I really liked you.
And what happened between us, it was good.
It was great, even.
But there was a wall that wasn't coming down.
Your past.
And I could see what was gonna happen.
How bad it was gonna get.
Me, trying to pull things from you, and you not ready to let go.
So I made an executive decision I left so that we could remember the good.
You should have just asked.
I'm sorry, Jethro.
Hey, hey With Parsa's piggybacking off of local radio towers, it'll be low-frequency, low-volume providers.
I checked every college radio station in DC, Virginia and Maryland.
Well, we still got to keep looking.
So Delilah.
Not you, too.
Look, I didn't have a choice.
I can't go to the awards gala with her.
I feel bad, okay? It just seemed like you didn't really want to go.
I didn't.
McGee! I thought you really liked her! I did.
I do.
We're together all the time, which is nice.
We went on a trip together.
She leaves clothes at my apartment.
She bought me a tuxedo.
I mean, that's a little much, don't you think? Too much.
I think I just need to slow things down.
I need space.
Oh, boo-hoo.
"My super-hot, super-smart girlfriend likes me too much?" McGee, this is not about space.
It's about you being scared.
You're scared that things aren't going to work out, and somebody's gonna get hurt, and then you have to deal with those messy emotions.
Delilah is, like, the best thing that's ever happened to you.
You can't protect yourself from everything.
Oh, picking up something here.
A signal from the Emergency Broadcast System tower.
The EBS is always emitting a signal.
Yeah, but this is a second carrier wave, it's not broadcasting anything.
Do you have the signal origin? Triangulating.
Looks like some kind of storage building.
Just like Erin Pace described.
Got eyes on Yusef; no sign of the others.
We take the drone, we take Yusef.
Alive, if possible.
He's our link to Parsa.
You stick to DiNozzo.
I aced tactical weapons training, I can take care of myself.
I know, Bishop.
Stick to DiNozzo.
Stick to me.
NCIS! Whoa Lucky shot? My first time.
M- My first time I fire a weapon.
I mean, most agents never even fire a weapon in anger.
Me, I blow up a building.
Well, it was kind of a smallish building.
Do you know how much trouble I'm in? Forget the fact I took out a multimillion-dollar Navy drone, I I killed our one link to Parsa.
You didn't.
This did.
What? It's the detonator that set off the explosives inside the storage building.
It's probably C-4 it'll take me some time to confirm.
Yusef martyred himself? And you did your job.
Well, we're still no closer to finding Parsa.
Come on.
- You're a puzzle solver.
- Oh, this isn't like any other puzzle I've ever solved.
That's why you just have to stay organized.
Um, so I've split all this stuff up into quadrants.
The first one is bomb components, the second one is drone parts, and the third is just miscellaneous.
Ah, thanks.
Okay, so, like this, this would be our left wing thruster from our Angelus UAV.
McGee! You look like the top of a wedding cake.
Thank you, I think.
So you're going to the Conrad gala? Well, the immediate threat of a terror attack is over.
I know Delilah wants me there, so I'm going.
I would hug you so much right now, if I weren't covered in hazardous materials.
Abby, thank you.
Okay, next piece.
This one is also the left wing thruster.
What are you telling me, Abby? We went through each and every part, Gibbs.
There's two left thrusters, a couple of rusted-out axles, and a mangled motherboard I mean, none of it connects.
It's spare parts.
It's, like, pieces from old drones that have been decommissioned for years.
The serial numbers don't even match each other, let alone the Angelus that went down in Pakistan.
The C-4 from the storage unit, it was supposed to go off.
The trigger from the bomb used a radio signal.
Yusef probably meant to set the bomb off after he left, but changed his mind when he saw he was cornered.
Parsa wanted us to think that the drone was destroyed.
So the drone's still out there.
Yeah, Ducky? Our victim is not what he seems, Jethro.
Yeah, been hearing that a lot lately.
When I was examining him just now, I noticed a crescent moon tattoo on his palm.
The crude design and improvised metallic ink suggest that it was acquired in prison.
A symbol of his conversion to Islam.
Yes, but it also piqued my interest in his other tattoos.
This dagger here represents La Vida Mala, and this one percent tat on his arm with the Vandals Motorcycle Club, and several other unpleasant organizations.
Yusef got around.
Well, it all suggests that this man was quite mercenary in his affiliations, joining all these groups not for philosophic reasons, but because they offered protection in prison, and employment on the outside.
Yusef here is a survivor.
Not the type of man willing to martyr himself for a cause.
Not a suicide bomber.
Someone else detonated the bomb at the storage facility.
Parsa played us.
Well, Benham Parsa is the type of man who revels in deceit and misdirection.
Nothing is ever what it seems.
Why am I in an interrogation room? Main objective is to unsettle you.
Okay well, it-it's working.
How's your marriage? I It's fine.
You helped America's most wanted terrorist design a weapon because your husband was being threatened.
I hope your marriage is doing a little better than fine.
- It's good, all right? - You haven't seen your husband in 11 months.
Well, he works overseas.
You haven't spoken, e- mailed, Facebook'd or even written a postcard.
How do you Maybe you're estranged because your husband left you saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
Gambling, right? I don't know what this is.
You're underwater, desperate for money, so when Parsa approached you, he didn't have to threaten you, like you claimed.
He just bribed you.
Had to be a lot to betray your country.
And Petty Officer Coyne.
You told Parsa Coyne was involved in the drone attack and took out his compound.
You basically signed his death warrant.
Since you've looked at my correspondence and my finances, you know I haven't received a penny from anyone.
Tell us about Palm Ridge.
It's the assisted-living facility where my sister is.
She was hurt in a car accident in college.
Traumatic brain injury.
She's been there ever since.
Your parents set up a trust to take care of her living expenses.
You're the executor.
And three days ago, that trust received an infusion of cash $5 million.
Now, listen, Erin, either your sister in her catatonic state, somehow colluded with Benham Parsa to commit high treason, or You did.
They beat me, you know.
Tied me up.
- I'm a victim.
- No.
No, Daniel Coyne is a victim.
Whoever else has been targeted is a victim.
You're a terrorist, and you're gonna serve 50 years in federal prison.
They're incredible these weapons I've helped build.
You sit behind a computer monitor, point, click and thousands of miles away, total destruction.
Parsa thinks it's only fair we get a taste.
The drone's been loaded with a hundred pounds of C-4 explosives.
It's out there now.
Erin Pace doesn't know the target.
Could be lying.
No, no.
Parsa wanted us to catch her; it was part of his plan.
He kept her in the dark intentionally.
We need to find him.
There's a second team at NSA helping the FBI run a high-frequency trace on any unexplained radio signals.
- We will.
- Not in time.
What's his target? He wants revenge, right? For taking out his training camp.
The Pentagon? Military bases? Parsa's targets are symbolic he doesn't want to just take out some soldiers.
Bishop what is he thinking? The people that he kills have meaning like-like Coyne, who helped take out his compound in Pakistan.
Call McGee.
The Conrad gala.
Half the counterterrorism community is there tonight.
People who have been hunting Parsa for years.
Call McGee.
Tony, you know, I figured you'd try and upstage my one night off.
What? Wait, hold on.
What is it? I don't know.
I can't hear.
Um, I'll meet you inside? Okay? Okay.
Tony, what's going on? Parsa's drone wasn't destroyed.
He's using it on the Conrad gala.
Homeland and Metro are on their way.
Get everyone out there, right now! SIGINT team's got a hit on the radio frequency Oh, my God.
Gibbs, are you there? Bishop, give me the address.
Okay, stand by.
Are we going to McGee? No.
We get Parsa.
Federal agents! Benham Parsa! Hands above your head! Hey.
I'm escorting Erin Pace to Federal Detention.
I was hoping I'd see you before I left.
Don't be a stranger.
You keep that bottle in a safe place.
Someday we'll finish it.
And, Jethro You'll get him; you always do.
Hey, I just came from the scene.
McGee's okay.
He wasn't in the hotel when the drone hit.
Casualties? Four dead so far.
More than a few dozen wounded.
Delilah? She was hit with a lot of shrapnel.
She's in surgery.
They're doing what they can.
- Should we go to the hospital? - No.
No, we should find Parsa.
How? You start at the beginning, Bishop.
Come on.
This is what you do.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on! All right, get to work.
You find him.
Get this son of a bitch.