NCIS s11e14 Episode Script

Monsters and Men

You ever hear of a terrorist named Benham Parsa? We used a Hellfire missile to destroy his compound in Pakistan.
Hayat Parsa is Benham's sister in Pakistan.
I've been monitoring her communications since Parsa showed up on the radar in '07.
Parsa's drone wasn't destroyed.
He's using it on the Conrad gala.
Benham Parsa! Hands above your head! Parsa was hidden in a car.
I smuggled him.
For my own safety, I don't know where.
He is gone.
Get to work.
Get this son of a bitch.
You find him.
If you're trying to be stealth, a less pungent cologne would've been a smarter choice.
Nobody wears cologne anymore, Bishop.
It's body spray.
Mountain Musk, I think.
Well, it's bold.
I'll accept bold.
I'm also irritated.
Why haven't you returned my messages? NCIS has been keeping me busy.
When exactly were you going to tell me you're working on Benham Parsa? It was assigned to I didn't seek it out.
I was just doing my job.
And, as your supervisor, I'm doing mine.
I'm still responsible for your actions and well-being, both of which concern me.
Look, every agency out there is after Parsa since the attack on the Conrad gala.
You can't expect me to just take a backseat.
That's not the point.
You should have told me.
I'm tempted to pull your joint duty assignment.
That's exactly why I didn't tell you.
Look, this isn't like last time.
Sure feels like it.
What about Gibbs? Does he know what happened? Gibbs wants Parsa caught.
That's all that matters.
Not to me.
Look, Marlens, I'm You're right.
Okay, I should have told you.
Just let me see this through.
It's important.
All right.
It's too cold and you're too stubborn for me to continue this debate right now.
Eliot was wrong-- February is the cruelest month.
How do you stand it like this, in this weather? I mean, I miss that Florida humidity.
I got to go.
Bishop! What's with you? You got a hot date or something? Hot, indeed.
Picture this: a bottle of Pinot, roaring fire and me, sliding into a hot, steamy soak.
Yeah, I'd rather not picture that.
Well, sometimes you got to stop and charge the batteries, Tim, get the old juices flowing.
I'm not really a bath person.
Course not.
Baths are for kids.
We're men.
Men soak.
What's the difference? These babies.
"Mighty Aphrodite's Moisturizing Bath Beads.
Unlock the goddess within"? This girl introduced me to 'em and, I'm telling you, I had no idea.
Exfoliates, makes you tingle in all the right places, you know what I mean? I'm so sorry I asked.
That makes two of us.
Grab your gear.
Port Authority in Portsmouth found a body in the water.
Clothing matches the BOLO - we put out on Parsa's bodyguard.
- Gibbs! Good, you're still here.
What's going on? Is there a rumble between the Sharks and the Jets? What? No.
I-I have a lead on Parsa.
Yeah, so do we.
It's in Virginia.
Let's go.
Wait, wait! He's not in Virginia.
Bishop? Speak.
Uh, Parsa's going to Pakistan.
I-I should have seen it sooner.
It all makes sense.
Slow down.
Make sense now.
Salted hot chocolate.
It's what I was drinking the first time I learned about Parsa's parents.
Raza and Sabeen Parsa were innocent civilians killed in a U.
air strike on Pakistan February 6, 2004.
This event is what triggered the psychological shift in Parsa, making him who he is today.
Now, the ten-year anniversary of their deaths is in 48 hours.
He's going back to where it started.
Since 2007, Parsa's been impossible to track, constantly falling off the grid at different points.
But that's where there's a pattern.
He's been dark the first week of February, every year.
It's his mourning period.
He's a sentimental terrorist.
Breaking my heart.
I'm telling you, he's in Pakistan.
CIA has eyes on his sister, Hayat, in Karachi.
He's not in Karachi.
He'd go to where his parents are buried.
Which is where? No official record exists.
Unofficially I believe they're buried in the Swat District.
How unofficial? Her gut.
I should've figured.
Why the Swat District? For one, his Pashto dialect has intonations of the northwest region.
And second, remnants of the documents Bashir Malik tried to destroy mentioned Parsa being "out to sea"" I'm guessing the dead body found at the Portsmouth Cargo Terminal was no coincidence.
He's tying up loose ends before boarding a freighter out of the country, Leon.
Yes, but-but Parsa loves symbolism and wordplay.
Now, a translation of "two, T-W-O seas" in Arabic, "Bahrain"" Now, the main route that cuts through the Swat District, Bahrain Road.
Bishop, if you're right, Parsa's a needle in a 2,000-square-mile haystack.
That's a lot of ground to cover in very little time.
I'll loop in the other agencies, get their Parsa experts to provide any more insight into this theory.
Uh, I can save you the time.
FBI, CIA, NSA-- they they'd all refer you to me.
I am the Parsa expert.
Just how long has NSA had you on him? Six years, Director.
Excuse me? I've always found it quite remarkable how freezing conditions can preserve human remains.
In 1991, a 5,000-year-old body was discovered in the Otztal Alps.
Yes, the man was so well-preserved that his last meal was still in his system.
I believe it was chamois and red deer meat.
Yes, I wonder what your digestive system will share with us.
Popsicle thaw out yet, Ducky? No, not sufficiently to perform an autopsy.
It's a slow process.
Why don't we just stick him under the french fry lamps? Make him crispy.
Thank you for that astute medical suggestion, Tony, but the human body is a bit more complex than a Beltway Burger.
Any way of knowing if he was Parsa's bodyguard before the autopsy? Well, not from his prints.
The marine life did a number on his digits.
How about cause of death? Well, that gunshot wound to the neck, I'd venture, had something to do with it.
Look I'll know more when I've done my examination.
Clock's ticking.
Patience is a virtue, Tony.
Not in the Gibbs-iverse.
CIA intercepted a call from Hayat Parsa, and she's gonna meet her brother tomorrow outside Karachi.
That doesn't make any sense.
Parsa's always kept his distance from Hayat.
He knows it's the only way to protect her.
And he knows she's being watched.
It's a mislead.
Boss, we think that Bishop.
I asked you to tell me what you knew about Parsa.
And I have.
Not everything.
I don't like people lying to me.
I didn't lie.
You never specifically asked me about my connection to the Parsa case.
I'm asking you now, Bishop.
What aren't you telling me? The details to that NSA assignment are compartmented.
I can't tell you without the proper clearance.
You can't tell me? Or you won't tell me? It's not relevant to the current situation.
My situation, Bishop, is I don't work with people I can't trust.
We have 48 hours to find Parsa before he's gone or we're back to square one.
Trust me on that.
Hey, Tim.
Take it easy, McGrabbie.
I'm doing you a favor.
You do not want to go in there.
Ooh They haven't looked at each other all morning.
You could cut that tension with a knife.
Oh, it's bad, Tony.
I'm having flashbacks to my childhood.
Reminds me of Sunday dinners with Dad and stepmoms two and four.
What should we do? Same thing I did as a kid: keep your head down, wait to be excused, then go to your room and play with yourself.
Play-play I meant "play by yourself," not um, "with.
" Always had a problem with the stepmoms.
I'm not quite sure why.
Maybe, um I don't know.
Maybe I just wasn't being honest with them.
Do I look like Dr.
Phil to you, Agent DiNozzo? You've got the mustache.
We were just getting back to work, sir.
You can unclench now, Tim.
We're in the clear.
Hey, boss.
You two have something case-related to share? I checked the manifests of all the freighters that left Portsmouth last week.
There was one Russian cargo freighter that had an unregistered passenger on it.
Turns out that guy was helicoptered off once they got out to sea.
I believe the details they gave us were intentionally fuzzy.
I um We-we can, um we can Abbs.
Gibbs, can you meet me in the lab? Sure.
I'll be right down.
Nice work, Tim.
New look, Abbs? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be intrigued by this transmogrification.
I was inspired by actual events, Gibbs.
What do you got? I've got a flimflam, Gibbs.
A hoodwink.
It's the old switcheroo.
We've been bamboozled.
Allow me to translate, Jethro.
The body in autopsy is not who we thought he was.
It's not Parsa's bodyguard? Our victim is a Port Authority officer named Alex Rio.
Yes, I identified him through a serial number from his right knee prosthetic.
And the clothing that Rio was wearing-- it wasn't his.
These did belong, however, to the mysterious bodyguard.
I found a piece of paper with Arabic lettering in his trouser pocket.
Body was staged.
Yeah, and here's where it gets really interesting.
The pants that Officer Rio was wearing had a bullet hole in the left leg, but there was no corresponding wound on the victim.
Meaning that the bodyguard was shot in the leg before he switched clothes.
And needed medical attention.
There's no way he could travel with that kind of injury, especially across international waters.
He could still be in country.
That's great work.
It was elementary, my dear Gibbs.
Alex Rio's been working security for the Port Authority since 2009.
Boss said he hadn't been seen since his shift last week.
Most likely when he stumbled onto Parsa and his bodyguard, tried to intervene and got himself killed.
Not before he got a shot off.
I contacted all hospitals within a ten-mile radius of the port.
West Park had a John Doe admitted for a gunshot wound to the thigh, but patient took off before police questioned him.
He's also been using Rio's credit cards.
Last charge was to a motel in Chesapeake.
Front desk said he checked out a few hours ago.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
It's Marlens.
Can you meet me in the park out front? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll meet you there.
McGee, I want to know when another charge is made on that card.
You got it.
Can't say I was surprised to get your call.
I saw it coming after I heard you assigned Bishop to Parsa.
Care to shed a little light on that for me? You know I can't divulge any specific NSA operational details with you, right? Don't be specific, but you got to give me something, Marlens.
Come on.
I know this is more than a case to her.
Just trying to protect my people.
You can understand that.
Why do you think I'm here? When Bishop first started at NSA, she was a deployed analyst assigned to the Middle East.
Her mission was preemptive terror analysis-- to predict and pinpoint who the up-and-coming players were.
She was the first to ding Benham Parsa as a threat.
How close she get? Almost caught him a few times.
But, uh her near-misses just made her more determined.
Well, you work with her, you know how she is.
She doesn't quit.
Which means she was pulled from the assignment.
Why? NSA felt it was in her best interest.
And that's really all I can say about it.
Look, Gibbs, if you really want to look out for Bishop, distance her from the Parsa case.
The deeper you let her get, the more harm you're doing.
Just calling you, boss.
Charge popped up on Rio's stolen credit card for a flight to Miami departing from Norfolk airport in two hours.
Parsa's network has connections in Miami.
Makes sense his bodyguard would go there.
Okay, let's go.
No, no, not you.
- Gibbs, I can't just - I'm You're riding a desk.
Have a seat, Bishop.
The Transportation Security Administration has limited the size and quantity of items that may be carried through the security checkpoint.
No liquids beyond the security checkpoint.
Please contact your air carrier for a TSA Alex Rio? You look really good for a dead guy.
Hi, there.
Got it, boss.
Get it to Abby for DNA.
Okay, let this be a lesson to everyone here.
When we say "no liquids past this point," we mean it.
Where's Benham Parsa? Only met the guy a few weeks ago.
He hired me to provide security.
Don't know where he is.
We pulled your DNA from the water bottle, Khalil.
Parsa isn't just your employer.
He's your cousin.
Tell me where he is.
Or what? Intimidation tactics? Threats? Torture? They're all good ideas.
And all pointless.
You think I would turn on my family? My blood? You don't know what true loyalty is.
Your blood left you behind to save his own ass.
His loyalty is one-sided.
Family is a complicated thing.
Hey, we need to talk.
This is the men's room, Bishop.
I know.
I'm waiting for you.
How did you know when I'd be in here? Every two hours, like clockwork.
All right.
We're gonna need to establish some personal boundaries.
How long have you been working with Gibbs? Ah.
Well, we go way back.
It was a simpler time.
Rebecca Romijn was still Stamos-ed.
Angelina Jolie was kissing her brother, and Russell Crowe brought back the Caesar.
I really miss that one.
It framed my face pretty good.
How long did it take you to figure him out? Gibbs? Mm-hmm.
Any day now.
You'll pick up a few cues here and there, but don't expect an answer key.
How do I convince him he's making a mistake benching me? Well, for starters, I wouldn't use the "M" word.
I'm just stating the facts.
I mean, whether he likes it or not, I know more about Parsa than anyone.
I should be in there questioning his cousin.
First, he tells us Parsa is priority number one.
Then he cuts me out when I make progress.
What game is he playing? Gibbs doesn't play games.
Except for Twister.
That's been confirmed.
But you're the one not showing him your full hand.
I've done everything he's asked.
What more does he need? Gibbs doesn't expect that you'll tell him everything.
But he needs to trust that you would.
Tony, you seen Bish? Hey.
What's going on? Little bathroom campfire.
NSA dropped this off for you.
What is Operation Street Sweep? Our leverage.
Are you sure about this intel? It's the key to breaking Khalil.
Let's see what he's willing to risk to protect his cousin.
Our 48-hour window is down to 24.
I know you may not trust me, but I'm asking you to trust my instincts.
Where do you live in Pakistan? Karachi.
I would have guessed the village of Sharbaga.
Ever hear of the Pakistani Sanitation Partnership, Khalil? It's a program that organizes the residential waste management services throughout Pakistan.
Your government believes it's run by a local environmental group.
In reality, it's run by the CIA.
Designed to create an extensive DNA catalogue to track terrorists through their familial connections.
So, we ran your DNA through the system and found a match.
Three, to be exact.
How are your sons doing? Do you want to keep them safe, Khalil? Don't threaten my family! Sit down! You're the one that put them at risk.
Our intel confirms Benham Parsa is with your family in Sharbaga.
What? Drone strike has already been ordered.
Your information is wrong! He is not with my family! Parsa is more important to you than you protecting your own children? Where is he? He has a compound in Mingora off of Bahrain Road.
Near the Gunbad graveyard, where his parents are buried.
Recon satellite images show the compound has limited access points.
Our ground intel puts six individuals inside.
How certain can you be that this is Parsa's compound? Well, from a tactical standpoint, the structure fits the bill.
It's surrounded by ten-foot walls with barbed wire, two security gates.
Blackened windows for limited visibility, and no telephone connection.
Just like Bin Laden.
Are we working in conjunction with the Pakistani government? Negative.
There's also the possibility of external forces complicating matters.
Swat District is still a stronghold for the Taliban.
What are the mission parameters? With favorable weather conditions and a moonless night projected, a SEAL squad led by Lieutenant Blake will make an approach via two Black Hawk helos.
Lieutenant? Yes, sir.
York One will circle over the perimeter with Squad Alpha providing outward security.
York Two will INFIL Squad Bravo and myself into the courtyard, where we will breach the compound and assault from the ground up.
Once JACKPOT is secure, we will EXFIL back to the USS Wilmington.
What's the operational time frame? INFIL to EXFIL in less than 20 mikes.
Keep your team at the ready.
Hooyah, sir.
Thank you, Admiral.
What's going on with you? I don't want to talk about it.
Oh, ho, ho.
Say no more.
I'm hearing you loud and clear.
You want someone to talk to? That's the exact opposite of what I said.
Come on, McGee.
Lean on me.
No, thank you, Tony.
Sometimes it helps to have somebody to talk to, and believe it or not, I can be a good listener.
All right.
It's Delilah.
I want to update her on Parsa and tell her about the raid, but You don't want her to get her hopes up in case it doesn't pan out.
We've gotten close to catching him before, and he slipped through our fingers.
Now we're on his turf, he's got the home-court advantage.
True but that makes us the away team.
The scrappy underdogs.
The band of misfits with something to prove.
Parsa may be Apollo Creed, but we're Rocky Balboa.
Rocky lost to Apollo.
But he won the rematch.
And that's what this is.
Feel better? Yeah, actually, I do.
Thanks, Tony.
Don't mention it.
I'll be the Paulie to your Italian Stallion any day.
DiNozzo, McGee.
Where's Bishop? Haven't seen her since she left Interrogation.
- I could check the men's room.
- No.
Go on.
I got it.
Surprised I'm not sitting front row, center in MTAC? No.
I figured you'd be here.
I've waited six years for this.
So, why am I hiding down here? Catching Parsa, Bishop, only ends the chase.
It doesn't erase the damage he's done.
Damage I could have prevented.
I should have stopped him sooner.
Parsa made contact with me.
A few years ago, he he found out who I was, tracked me down.
Started leaving things for me to find.
Clues, taunts.
Just his way of reminding me that he was watching, too.
The chess moves I talk about? Who do you think taught me the game? You withheld that from the NSA.
I knew they'd pull me if they found out, which they did.
But I thought, if I played Parsa's game, he'd eventually slip up and I'd get the upper hand.
You spend years studying someone, learning everything about them, you you begin to humanize them.
No, that's Parsa's play.
He lets you inside his head so he can get inside yours.
Well, it worked.
I started to see the man, not just the monster.
They're one and the same, kid.
You really want to put an end to Parsa's game? Make your move.
That's it? Yeah.
Yeah, that's it.
Rule number 11-- when the job is done walk away.
One mike to target.
They're on final approach.
Any Pakistani chatter? Nothing.
Bravo Squad, weapons check.
Passing phase line Delta.
Flare shows no contacts.
Bravo Squad, stand by for doors open.
Go! Go! Go! Bravo, keep containment.
Switch to helmet cam.
Outside clear.
Open door right.
Go! Go! Go! Clear! All clear! Right side is breached.
Hallway, moving.
All clear.
Breacher hit.
We've got a man down.
Man down! Repeat, breacher down.
Breacher down! - Clear.
- Bring up SEAL camera three.
Roger that.
Camera three.
All clear.
Hold left.
Open door, right.
Drop the weapon! Secure.
Pick him up.
On your feet.
Stand up! All stations, confirmed-- JACKPOT.
Target is secure.
Commence SSE.
Five mikes to EXFIL.
Not over yet, Gibbs.
We cut the head off one snake.
There's still a whole nest out there.
What are SECNAV's orders? Now that we have Parsa, press him for intel.
Enough to disable his entire terrorist network.
How hard? Whatever it takes.
Special Agent Gibbs.
How's your man, Lieutenant? Easy day.
He's seen worse.
What's Parsa's condition? Sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder, intentionally through-and-through.
Doc patched him up.
He say anything? Only to refuse antibiotics and painkillers.
Parsa doesn't believe in an altered mental state.
Always has to feel in control.
Well, we're in control now, ma'am.
He's in a brig holding cell.
Got a guard in with him and another one posted outside.
First Class, that's it.
Right, sir.
We set you up in here.
You've got eyes in his cell, as well as everything confiscated from the compound, including his laptop.
He have anything on him? Just this.
Bishop? It's his parents.
McGee, I want everything on that computer.
Where's the brig? This way.
What about me? You what you do, Bishop-- analyze.
Special Agent Gibbs.
My first visitor.
They say you always remember your first.
You're lucky.
Lucky is getting shot? No, you're lucky you didn't get shot by me, because I wouldn't have shot you in the shoulder.
And what's stopping you from shooting me now? Not much.
You're a smart man, not a reckless one.
Kill me, and you won't get the answers you came for.
Yeah, well, I'd get over that.
I'm a smart man, too.
That is why I will fully cooperate and tell you what you want to know.
Under one condition.
Hey! I am not here to negotiate with you.
Well, think of what you get in return.
Names of those in my organization, locations of our operations, future targets.
Yeah, well, if it sounds too good to be true I'd rather destroy what I've spent years building than watch someone else have control of it.
This is what I'm willing to give you.
What do you get? A conversation.
I have unfinished business with NSA analyst Eleanor Bishop.
Abby? Abby, you there? McGee! What's going on? I need an update.
Did you see Parsa? Is Gibbs staring him into submission? Oh, that's a good visual.
Abby Hold on.
Okay, Gibbs has him right where he wants him.
And it's Gibbs for the win! Ah! Abby Okay, I'm back.
To what do I owe this transatlantic chat? Well, I'm trying to decrypt the files on Parsa's laptop, and I need an extra set of very skilled fingers.
I have ten ready to go.
Sending you the files now.
Thanks, Abbs.
Sit down.
You're looking well.
You look like hell.
Will you reconsider taking the medicine? You know I cannot.
But it's nice to know you care.
At least eat something.
We're going to be here a while.
My favorite.
You remembered.
It's your turn, Benham.
The main base of operations is in Peshawar.
You'll find most of my inner circle there.
First in line is Fu'ad Hansur, former Al-Shabaab militant.
How many targets are you vetting? In your country or worldwide? Both.
Agent Gibbs, an Agent DiNozzo is calling for you on the VTC.
Take the call.
I can handle this.
Not happening, Bishop.
If Parsa stops talking, he might not start again.
We can't risk missing out on the intel.
He is in handcuffs, nursing a gunshot wound, and there's an armed guard.
I'm not leaving you alone with him.
It's the final move on the chessboard.
Let me do this, please.
If he sneezes, shoot him.
You can ask questions later.
This connection must be bad.
It sounded like you said Parsa was being cooperative.
He is.
Am I the only one who finds that strange? No.
Oh, hey, boss.
How's it going? You called me, DiNozzo.
Well, Abby tracked down the financial backers funding Parsa's operation.
I did.
And guess what, Gibbs.
Half of Parsa's bankroll came from two government-contracted U.
I already briefed Vance.
He's updating SEC now.
Boss, we got a bigger problem.
I just decrypted a file that was a catalogue for surveillance photos, date- and time-stamped over the last two years.
What's the target? It's not what-- it's who.
What's after Philadelphia? What's the next target? Benham? Sorry.
We need a corpsman down here now! Security alert.
Security alert.
Shots fired in the brig.
Security alert.
All hands not involved, stand back.
This brig door's built to stop people from breaking out, not from trying to stay in.
How long? To cut through three-inch-thick steel? 20, 30 minutes? No, you got to be faster than that.
Blow the damn thing if you have to.
You all right? Better than the two sailors you just killed.
Casualties of war, I'm afraid.
I just wanted us to finish our conversation in private.
It's been a long time, Eleanor.
I've thought about you.
You should have stopped by the office, said hello.
That's too formal.
I much prefer your apartment in DC.
How is your husband, uh, Jake? He should really learn to watch his surroundings.
Stop, Benham.
My husband isn't your play.
So what is? Use me as a hostage? Make a trade for your freedom? It won't work.
Hold on! Hold on! Got to get through! You're not getting off this ship.
Hostage? Is that what you think you are? You know me better than that.
This isn't an escape attempt.
It's a suicide mission.
How much longer until they can breach the door? Too long.
Any eyes inside? Parsa's taken out both security cameras.
We're blind.
Marlens, any idea what his plan is? Parsa's actions towards Bishop in the past has always been psychological.
He was trying to make some sort of a connection with her to get her to understand him.
I need NSA's recorded phone calls between Parsa and his sister.
Any that mention their parents.
What's the play, Gibbs? Take a page out of Bishop's book.
We're going to hit Parsa where it hurts-- his family.
There's one thing I've always wanted to know.
What made you single me out all those years ago? How did you see the path I'd take? It's the same answer for how I tracked you down.
It's always been about them.
I singled you out because I knew their deaths left a void that you couldn't fill.
I saw a scared, angry kid who used violence to mask his grief.
It was never about money or religion.
It was about not feeling alone.
That's why you cause death and destruction: to make others feel the same pain you do.
And I have succeeded.
I took comfort in knowing my parents were together when they died.
Don't be scared of the end, Eleanor.
You won't be alone.
Benham, please, come home.
H-Hayat? Mother and Father are gone.
I love them as you do, but nothing will bring them back.
This is not what they would have wanted.
What is going on? Where is Hayat? You are all I have left in this world, brother.
I cannot lose you.
Promise you won't leave me.
Listen to her, Benham.
You don't have to die.
Spare Hayat the pain.
My sister will understand! She will honor me as I have honored my parents.
Benham, please.
How will your family honor you? Hey.
Heading over to Delilah's? Yep.
Movie night tonight.
Had the sudden urge to watch Rocky.
You interested? Ah.
That's very nice of you, but I've got an overdue date with Aphrodite's Bath Beads.
You did good, kid.
I second that.
It was a team effort.
Bottom drawer, Bishop.
What? Bottom drawer.
You're trying too hard.
Didn't know that was a bad thing.
Practice makes perfect, right? It's about reading the signs, staying one step ahead of the ball.
That's your problem, Bishop.
Stop trying to guess what's coming.
Wait for it.
Trust your instincts.
Anticipation doesn't get you the win.
It's how you react to the situation.
Guessing we're not talking about my swing anymore, huh? You're catching on.
You're not the easiest person to read, you know.
It's kind of frustrating.
Actually, it's-it's really frustrating.
Has anyone ever told you that to your face? So, what are you really doing here, Agent Gibbs? I gave you a job to do.
You stepped up, you saw it through.
So is this praise? No, it's a standard, Bishop.
And I'll expect that out of you every day you're an agent.
Agent? Wait.
Are you offering me a permanent job at NCIS? Probationary.
But you've earned it.
If you're still up for a challenge.
Okay, um, before I officially start working for you and this becomes frowned upon I accept boss.
Welcome aboard, probie.