NCIS s12e10 Episode Script

House Rules

Dear Dad, Merry Christmas Eve.
Because we usually end up saying the wrong things when we talk, in lieu of presents this year, I'm writing a letter.
Even though a blank page and a conversation with you can be equally scary, I am a published novelist.
I want to tell you about an unusual case NCIS had last week, a case that reminded me of you because it was about rules.
And, in hindsight, it's helped me realize a few things.
About you.
So here goes.
It all started with a news report last week WJGZ breaking news.
Good evening.
I'm Guy Ross.
The nation's capital tonight is experiencing a city-wide Internet shutdown.
And WJGZ has just received word that the interruption of service may be the result of a group of coordinated hackers.
Federal authorities say they are looking into the matter, but there is no immediate cause for alarm, which has many questioning: is this a coincidence or is the city under cyber attack? Rule 39 It's no secret you ruled our house with an iron fist, Dad.
In fact, a coworker once made a comparison to the film The Great Santini.
I won't name names, but it was Tony.
You've always questioned my career choice at NCIS, but I know you respect Agent Gibbs as someone who lives by a set of rules not to be broken.
For example Where's McGee? I left messages on his home phone, cell, and BlackBerry-- no answer.
Rule number three: “Never be unreachable.
” Boss, I'm sorry I'm late.
I couldn't hear my cell.
It won't happen again, boss.
You're right, McGee.
It won't.
Ah, we were so close.
Yep, less than three hours from being officially on holiday leave.
A miracle that would've been second only to the birth of little baby Jesus.
Then we get a call at Clearly you had big plans.
Are those your pajamas? In winter, I put my sweats in the dryer just before bed, so that when I get under the covers, it's warm.
And Gibbs called and it felt like a waste not to put 'em on.
Where were you, the shooting range? Yes.
On a date.
No “Silent Night” for you.
It will be now.
What do we know? Uh, well, that the civilian Internet and the military Intranet are two separate things.
The wonderful laypeople of Washington, DC, may not have their computers, but we can still Christmas shop online.
And why we've been asked to help.
This is big, Gibbs.
A DDoS attack that crashes all of DC takes a massive coordination of users and botnets.
Uh So pretend that this filing cabinet is a local service provider, and you want to access the Internet.
So It's pretend, boss.
Open it.
Except my computer is already pretending to use that drawer.
Try another one.
Mmm I am also pretending to use that drawer, too.
Try another one.
I don't like this game.
Okay, so now imagine hundreds of hackers doing that What is the point? We don't know.
It's the calm before the storm.
Well, what's the storm? City infrastructure? Taking out vital transportation or power grids? Or it could be a targeted data breach.
Washington, DC, is chock-full of targets.
Which is why cyber divisions of the FBI, Homeland, NSA, and Metro are all on the highest alert.
Where is McGee? He is down in the cyber basement.
Along with everyone else, looking for answers.
Or a connection.
Or a lead.
Anything, really.
Well, it sounds like there are enough people working on this one right now, boss.
Yeah, uh, and my sweatpants are getting cold.
Oh, I do hope you aren't hinting at leaving.
No, no, no.
We're here to work.
No, no.
I think she was just talking about I'm not a computer person, so Yeah.
Break does not start until we figure out what the hell is going on.
Find something! Fast! Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Abby's got something.
Hey, Abbs, you got something? Do you think I'd call you just to chat? So, how was your date last night? It was good.
Never got a chance to reload, though.
Okay, um, I'm sending you something right now.
Hey, Abbs.
You're back already.
Yeah, cyber division can handle this without me.
Aw, they kicked you out.
So “clique-y” down there.
I know.
Besides, all they found was the username of the guy who was trying to get all the hackers together to hit DC.
Message boards.
I read them.
It's Krampus.
Involved in every major U.
hack in the last three years, yet no one's been able to get close enough to I.
Luckily, I have my research.
Vintage Krampus postcards.
This is terrifying.
It's German.
So St.
Nicholas gives gifts to the good kids, and Krampus kidnaps the bad ones and eats them? America watered it down to coal in a sock.
Is this your research? No.
I've been running down Krampus's history of hacks and cracks and phreaks and spams and smurfs and general online mischief and identified three people who've had past encounters with our Christmas demon.
Person of interest A I.
Kevin? Yeah.
He dealt with Krampus attacks when he was NCIS systems administrator.
Yeah, before he tried to sell a computer virus to terrorists.
Person of interest B, Heidi Partridge.
Kindergarten teacher turned dark webmaster.
And allegedly sold goods to a user named-- wait for it, wait for it-- Krampus.
So who's number three? Ajay Khan.
Former cyber terrorist.
This is the connection we've been looking for.
These three can tell us what Krampus has planned.
Abby, we either put these people in prison or we made sure they stayed.
It's a bad idea.
No, it's not.
Yes, it is.
Gibbs knows that I speak their language.
He's gonna send me to talk to 'em.
I'm gonna be in charge.
This could be the worst Christmas ever.
Come on, McGee, let your Grinch heart grow.
Abby, listen, please, please just keep this between us.
Listen, boss, I know we need to find this Krampus before whatever he's planning happens.
But talking to hackers? I mean, we're gonna go to each prison and talk to three criminals who aren't gonna answer the questions we ask 'em.
I just I think it's a waste of time.
I agree.
Really? Yes.
Which is why they're coming here.
Prison transports will be here first thing.
What? There a problem, Tim? No, boss.
It's a great plan.
Tony's idea.
So Tony's taking lead on this? No, you are.
You speak geek.
Anything to close this case and open my vacation-- so go get your binary buddies to cough up some info, will you? Even if it means breaking rule number one? Which one? Both.
Never put your suspects together, and never screw over your partner.
Merry Krampus.
We talk a lot about fathers at NCIS.
And for good reason.
As federal agents, we not only deal with the legal code of justice-- we also have a personal code of rights and wrongs, instilled by our parents.
The disciplinary code of Team Gibbs is heavily influenced by our dads.
Gibbs learned from his father.
Tony's still trying to figure out his.
I hear Bishop's dad has rules of his own.
And Ziva's dad was, well, not kosher.
But now with three criminal computer hackers coming into NCIS, it was my turn to play the parent.
And I must admit, Dad, I saw shades of you coming through.
What the hell is this? They're all in one van? Responsible government spending.
Oh, why start now? You know, I didn't actually think that we were gonna break rule number one.
We use it to our advantage.
From what I understand, uh, computer geeks can be a little competitive.
This sucks.
When are we going back to prison? Hey, guys.
Nice to see you.
We're missing prisoner gift exchange.
And the holiday chow.
This is the only week we get two rolls.
My gift exchange isn't until Wednesday, but I still need to shop for my cell mate.
He's very picky.
Shut up and get out of the truck.
Line up outside the van.
Nobody say anything.
This is voluntary rendition.
My lawyer's checking in to make sure that we're still in America! Inside voices, children.
No talking, inmate.
Oh, I remember you.
You're just the computer nerd.
Who's really in charge here? Not Agent Gibbs.
I'm not allowed to be in his eyeline ever again.
No talking.
I'm the one in charge, and you're gonna respect this badge or else you'll never get another roll again in your life.
Don't let 'em get to you.
Which is easier said than done.
That's why it's rule number ten.
When did you start caring about the rules? My rules.
Yeah? Which ones? Rule ten.
Never get personally involved on a case.
I think I killed someone, Tim.
Sarah, I'm a federal agent.
I have a responsibility.
Tim, I didn't come to a federal agent.
I came to my big brother.
Forgive me, Director, for not putting the integrity of NCIS before my sister.
It won't happen again.
And this is? A peace offering while you're here.
Ugh trade me.
These are too small and jingoistic.
Oh, no, actually, those are mine from my locker.
He won't want them.
Oh, I'd be more than happy to get in your pants, Agent Bishop.
Imagine, a horny computer geek.
Oh, it's an open invitation.
I can be hot for kindergarten teacher.
What's that supposed to mean? Exactly what it says.
No CP for you and you and you.
It's also an obscure film reference-- Breakfast Club.
More old movies? Move on, man.
If we can't use computers, how are we supposed to help you I.
Krampus? We can't anyway.
Because we don't know anything.
Kevin Hey.
We talked about this in the van, man.
Come on, Kev.
Don't side with them.
It's the first day of prison all over again.
Come on, man.
Come on! Okay.
Kevin Only because it's true.
I wish I knew something to help.
Oh, come on! Are you such hardened criminals that you don't care about anyone on the outside? - Mm.
- Eh.
- Mm.
- You all know Krampus.
- Knew him.
People convicted of computer crimes don't get Internet privileges in jail, and I've been in for over a year now.
Two years.
Three months, but the first months are really hard.
Anyway, the point is, boys and girls, in Internet years, we've been out of contact with our world and your hacker for decades.
Until we get computers, or access to the MTAC.
The Internet's out citywide.
You wouldn't have brought us in unless something bigger was about to happen.
We might be willing to figure out what that is.
Yeah, boss.
Okay, got it.
The attack? Do we know what it is? It's over.
The Internet's back on?! The real Internet, for the huddled DC masses? I didn't touch anything.
But it does mean the hackers get to go back to jail, which is great news.
It's weird news.
I mean, there were no residual effects? Bad guys didn't leave anything behind? No viruses? Nothing? No.
I mean, the attacks just slowed down and then eventually stopped.
I'm running server tests now.
I don't know, McGee.
I just feel like we're getting played here, like we're gonna wake up on Christmas morning, and all the trees and presents in Whoville are gonna be gone.
Oh, Sarah.
Do you have Christmas plans with the family? Yep, the whole fam, including Dad.
Oh, that's good.
So, are his chemotherapy treatments working? Oh, server test came back.
I knew it! A single server farm in Anacostia is still under attack.
Why would all the other attacks just stop? Unless we are being played.
Rules number 36 and 40.
And then, of course, there's my favorite rule, number 36.
If you feel like you're being played, you probably are.
Gibbs mentioned rule 40.
If you think someone's out to get you, they are? This one is just addressed to “NCIS Special Agent.
” I think that's mine, McGee.
Evacuate, get everybody out of here.
Abbs! Oh! Suffering the consequences of the rules is like being sent to your room without dinner.
You know, Dad, when you did that, Mom always brought me a grilled ham-and-cheese 20 minutes later.
But your punishments still stung.
However, as a kid, I never realized that enforcing the rules can feel just as bad.
You don't want to be the bad guy, and whether you're sending kids to their room or criminals to prison, sometimes it has to be done.
Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! The citywide attack was just Krampus's little helpers causing a distraction so he could hack a lone server.
We know what he's after, boss.
Congressional e-mails? Krampus wants to send a message to the naughty U.
More leaked crotch pics! Finally, truth in Washington.
Hey, government e-mail accounts contain more than just lewd selfies, okay? Yeah, there's deployments and anti-terrorist strategy memos.
Giving ISIS a Christmas present this good, they might convert.
Good luck with that, sweet cheeks.
Stop! Thanks, Gibbs, but I can handle myself.
No, not him.
They're not going anywhere.
Boss, they're-they're talented hackers, but we can't let them near a computer.
How else are they gonna help? Figure it out, McGee.
Don't waste good.
That's rule number five.
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between rules and punishments.
Where did Tony and the hot one go? The team likely went to go check out the server farm.
Standard procedure.
You wish you were there, daddy-o? Server technicians would have taken the entire place offline after NCIS discovered it was the target.
Yeah, 12 hours later.
Krampus has the data.
It's just a matter of when he releases it.
You need to get us online.
Or the Intel leaks, and the country sees Congress's ineptitude.
If I were them, I wouldn't let you guys near computers, either.
What? You were them, which makes you a traitor.
- If they move, shoot 'em.
- Hey! If you're not gonna talk to us, why the hell are we in here? I want my two rolls! Your “roll” is staying out of the way.
Of course, rules are up for interpretation.
Gibbs's rules aren't just for being a good agent, no more than your rules about not using the kitchen for science projects were about food safety, Dad.
So, the dead guy was at the server farm, huh? Hooked up to a utility box.
Hacking servers using on-site data lines is risky and unusual, but It possible? It is that magic time of year when anything's possible.
- Who is he? - Uh, no I.
His prints aren't in the system.
You recognize him? Boss, that's not how anonymous message boards and hackers usually work.
No, don't recognize him.
Ducky's got the body in Autopsy? Field trip! Who wants to see a dead body? What are you guys doing out here? I told you to shoot 'em.
Uh, my idea, Tim.
Those are sorry excuses for personal computers.
Nice monitors.
They're government issued.
By the First Continental Congress? Hey, MTAC.
Bet the monitors are newer in there.
Not really.
You're gonna identify the body.
Come on, bring 'em down.
Wait-- boss, you want them to go to Autopsy? People online don't know what each other look like.
It's-it's anonymous, it's impersonal.
Tim, it's about to get very personal.
The mean and very raggedy-looking Belsnickel, Knecht Ruprecht with his bag of ashes.
Oh, and the creature-like Krampus with his rusty nails and chains and bells.
I mean, what better way to show the light of Father Christmas than to examine the dark alternatives? Cause of death, Duck? Uh, well, organs show signs of malnutrition and enlargement.
They are consistent with exhaustion and high blood pressure.
A heart attack is not out of the question.
I read about a South Korean dude who died from playing video games for 27 days straight.
Urban legend.
No, no, no, no, what Mr.
Khan is saying is possible.
Prolonged lack of sleep and improper nutrition cause immense stresses on the body.
So, did this guy die while extreme hacking the servers? Oh, it's inconclusive thus far.
But I have estimated the time of death as late last night or early this morning.
Oh, Krampus called in the threat to the media at 10:00 a.
It's not him.
No, if he was hacking on-site, he'd have a computer with him.
It would help I.
him, Agent Gibbs.
In the snow, all night long.
That's gonna need to be dried out before using.
Six to eight hours.
Yeah, more like 12.
Well, not if it's a solid-state drive.
It wouldn't take as long.
We can't afford to wait around while Krampus decides when and where to leak the sensitive Intel.
This guy's not Krampus.
He works for him.
- A lackey.
- Right, but if we can I.
dead guy, we connect him to Krampus, and Not that we care.
No, never thought you did.
We're the bad guys, remember? Even Santa Claus needs a team of elves.
Another Gibbs rule.
Rule number 15-- always work as a team.
Okay, more left.
Oh, come on.
Aah! It's about time.
I love you, McGee.
So, I guess this whole teamwork thing is out the window? No way! Working together is always better.
Then why did Agent Gibbs leave us down here? And why won't you let us into your lab? Hey! Stay in the line of sight.
I'm confused.
Do you trust us or not? It's like A Christmas Carol.
Scrooge was shown all the facts, and what he does with them is up to him.
So, we're-we're Scrooge? We're supposed to just have a change of heart? Because we don't know anything.
So, can we just skip to Christmas future? If only wishing made it so.
Another dead body? No, it's my sister.
We're coordinating Christmas presents.
Hey, uh, you never did say how your dad's doing on his treatments.
Well, chemo worked until it didn't.
Surgery is our only option now.
Luckily, he's got one this week.
That's why you didn't want to do all this.
McGee, you should have said something.
It's a Christmas miracle! You're gonna want to see this.
Are those? New computer monitors.
How long have they been in there? This invoice is dated three years ago.
And it just says “Bullpen.
” Your tax dollars at work.
B-Bishop? Can't talk given present company.
Because rules number three and eight just came into play, Dad.
Rule number three: Don't believe what you're told.
Double check.
Rule number eight is going to save you, McGee.
Never date a co-worker? Never go anywhere without your knife.
I thought that was nine.
Never take anything for granted.
It's just occurred to me that rules number three, eight, 36 and 40 are the same thing.
And with two rule number ones and two number threes, I'm starting to question that these are honest mistakes.
Is Gibbs making up these rules as he goes? Do all parents? So Heidi lied to us, boss.
Turns out she was granted an hour of unsupervised computer use, for good behavior.
“Supervised” doesn't mean monitored.
Pull prison computer records.
Already did.
Heidi has been using an anonymous message board.
The prison's site blocker missed it, but I didn't.
Who'd she talk to? Well, I used the prison computers' key logger, so we only know what she typed.
Heidi played matchmaker.
Hooked him up with her underground contacts to coordinate the citywide attack.
Location? More untraceable usernames.
But it does prove that Heidi knows Krampus.
She could lead us to him.
Could, but hasn't.
No, not yet.
If you're lost, Dad, let me recap.
Sensitive Intel was stolen from a downed Internet server by a hacker named Krampus.
If leaked, national security would be at risk.
So we brought in three criminal hackers to help track down Krampus, although they've done anything but.
In fact, we just discovered one of them has been in recent contact with him, and is fully aware of his plot.
Our only advantage is that she doesn't know we're onto her.
Miss us already? You have a call from your lawyer.
Come on.
Told you he'd check up.
The rest of you, no.
You're going to the conference room.
Did I accuse you of making up parenting strategies as you went along, Dad? Well, I'm beginning to understand the feeling, because we were about to trust a convicted cyber criminal.
Where's my phone call? Wait a minute, there is no call from my lawyer, is there? Nope.
Sit down.
This another ruse? Yes, it is.
But this time you'll be in on it.
What are you talking about? Krampus is still out there, so we're forced to be creative.
Oh, creative-- like making me think I was about to be murdered by terrorists in Guantanamo Bay? It worked.
So, what, suddenly you trust me? Not in the least.
But we did find something to barter with.
The only thing you've ever valued.
Sit down.
Prison visitation records show that you've been meeting with Internet security companies.
You looking to consult from your prison cell? Lot of money in it.
Plus, I'm bored.
Yeah, well, so are a lot of other ex-hackers.
And only the trustworthy ones land contracts.
Oh, I see, but if I help you now We will make phone calls and put in a good word at the federal agencies.
So it's hypothetical money.
Wait-- just wait, wait! Wait.
God! Fine.
What do I have to do? Just do what you've been doing.
Being a pain in the ass.
And flirting with Heidi.
You stole this cell phone from Agent Bishop and you are going to let Heidi use it to warn Krampus.
About? Us.
We're going undercover online.
But wait, so, wh-why would she trust me? Not think this is some kind of setup? Because you're you, that's why.
Hey, hey.
I said we have a deal.
It's on hold.
As a team, there are rules we choose to ignore because the benefits promise to outweigh consequences.
Number 22 is one of them.
Rule number 22: Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation.
I know you hate being interrupted during an interrogation, but this is important.
Oh, it better be.
Uh, could I see you a second, boss? Never interrupt an interrogation, McGee.
Abbs? Gibbs, enter.
Can't be too careful with criminal outlanders roaming the highlands.
You two got something? Ducky and I have been working to I.
our server-farm snowman.
Cause of death wasn't simply from prolonged computer use, but from a rare disease called fatal familial insomnia.
Also known as the inability to fall asleep.
When the disease first presented itself, it might've been seen as a bonus to a hacker.
Until weeks of sleeplessness took a toll on his body and it shut down.
Usually the patient falls into a coma and dies.
But, in this case, heart failure got him first.
You said it was rare.
Our victim never reported that he had the disease, but - His father did.
- Yep.
He died when his son Lyle was five years old.
Lyle became a ward of New Jersey until he came of age and became a web designer and a Krampus disciple.
Notify local police.
They're already at his apartment collecting computers and cell phones, and anything to lead us to Krampus.
Who, good news, hasn't leaked any Intel.
Only because, bad news, he's putting it up for bid.
Everyone from TMZ to ISIS is licking their chops.
Can't wait for them to pay up, Abbs.
Means the deal with Khan still stands? Unless you give me something first.
I have to admit that Abby is another example of a rule often broken by our team: rule number 12.
Never date a co-worker.
Hello, Jethro.
He stay at your place? Yep.
You sleep in the coffin, McGee? I can't believe I slept in a coffin.
Not just slept.
But every rule exists for a reason because it can come back to bite you, or worse.
I found those nice new monitors for you.
I thought we'd use them.
How do you read these things? Look, don't make us regret letting you in here.
I regret agreeing to the terms.
All right, Maryland forensic lab just posted a copy of Lyle Trigget's hard drive.
You type like an eighth-grader.
You smell like horny concrete.
Uh, Tony, you can't do that.
Why not? If we're trying to create an undercover message board alias to infiltrate chat rooms, you can't make your username Serpico73.
Why not? Pacino was a cop.
That way, they will never suspect me.
Girlfriend? Sister.
Sarah, hey, listen, I can't talk right now.
I'm in the middle of Wait, what? When? Why didn't he tell us? Well, I can't be there right now.
Talk to him.
I have to go.
That didn't sound like Christmas-present coordination.
No, it didn't.
Told you, every word these guys say is a lie.
It's not about presents, okay? My father cancelled his surgery and instead of me being there to convince him otherwise, I'm stuck here with all of you.
Well I need a bathroom break.
Agent Gibbs, may I have a hall pass? Door's right over there.
No detours.
Don't get lost.
Here's my chance.
Give me the phone.
Our deal.
The restrooms are right next to each other.
Come on.
Forget about it.
Hey, come Dude, look, about your dad, I'm sorry.
Okay, I am.
But I can do this.
What the hell are you doing? Bathroom break.
I don't think they saw me.
What do you want? Um, mm To make out.
What's in it for me? Hmm Oh.
No activity yet.
You made a deal with Khan? I think I would've been a better option.
Shh! Shh! Phone's on.
Why is she using the camera? Is this part of the plan? Oh, no.
He double-crossed us.
Like I said, Dad, a lot of things can come back to bite you.
Gift exchange is over.
I was just getting started.
Tell me about it.
I need a cold shower.
Ooh, that wasn't part of our deal.
You told her? Well, like you said, I'm me.
Furlough free time is over.
I want a lawyer.
Never involve lawyers.
Rule number 42: Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker-punched you.
Guess that visit to MTAC is out.
You mad, bro? I'm disappointed.
I'm done with all of you.
A parent makes the rules to help.
But you can't force kids to follow them, no matter how hard you try.
They have to make their own choices.
I suppose I owe you an apology for those times, Dad.
Which is breaking yet another rule, actually.
Douglas VonDorothy.
AKA Krampus.
You found him? Yes.
With Abby.
Our dead guy in autopsy kept records of his message board chats with Krampus.
They gave away personal details-- hobbies, regional indicators.
Info that you could track on social media to get real names.
Only one of which had a criminal record for computer crimes and fit what we already knew about Krampus.
Where is he? Uh, photos on his EveryoneIEverMet.
com profile show him in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.
His parents own a cabin there.
It's cold, but isolated.
FBI field office in Chicago? Make the call.
Let's just hope he hasn't found a buyer yet.
Problem, Tim? Always be specific when you lie.
People that hide online know that better than anyone.
Boss, this feels Too easy? Yeah.
If they show up in Wisconsin and Krampus isn't there, he's gonna disappear with the Intel.
Hold on.
Am I sending FBI SWAT to Wisconsin? Let's ask her.
Who, Heidi? Why would she talk now? Show her who she's protecting.
Boss, can you give that to someone else? I can't take it anymore.
I said from the beginning that this wasn't gonna work.
These It's a waste of time.
These guys are criminals.
They're not worth it.
McGee rule 51.
Fifty-one? What is I wrote it down once.
That's who you're protecting.
Is there anything you want to tell us before the FBI get to Wisconsin and arrest him? You still don't have anything else to say? Kevin, you wanted to help.
Now's your chance.
Read his record.
“Douglas VonDorothy: “while not shutting down cities as Krampus, “uses other usernames to perpetrate “acts of online stalking.
“Gathering personal information “of ex-girlfriends or wives “for the purpose of continued harassment or slander.
” Revenge porn.
- For hire.
- Don't listen.
This is a made-up file.
That's a photo of some guy from HR.
This is just a ruse to guilt-trip you.
This man also has a history of hacking the cell phones of random high school girls and holding embarrassing pictures for ransom or posting them online.
Most of these victims are underage.
Did this guy have a mother? This keeps going.
That's enough for now.
This wasn't political or someone seeking truth.
For once, the avatar matches the man.
You're protecting a monster.
So what? I thought you got him.
So what? That's all you have to say? How can someone be so callous and cynical? At Christmas? You're a criminal, too, Bob Cratchit.
Except I would give anything to make up for it.
You two are just hopeless, heartless humbugs.
Heidi, listen to me.
You made bad choices and you were caught.
You're a criminal.
But not doing the right thing because you have nothing to lose or gain? That just makes you a bad person.
But that's not you, is it? Kevin's wrong.
I was wrong.
It's okay to admit.
Rule number 51.
Sometimes you're wrong, Heidi.
Believe it or not, before all of this, I was a good teacher.
I taught my students right and wrong.
To clean up their messes.
Krampus isn't in Wisconsin.
But you know where he is, don't you? Mm-hmm.
Left a mess I have to clean up now.
That happens to be rule number 45.
And what I slowly realized Gibbs's rules are all about.
What they're meant to prevent.
But when messes and problems happen, the rules are also there to protect us.
And because each of us live by those rules, we know that no matter how many we break, no matter how much we screw up, there will be someone to save us.
Which is what Christmas is about, too.
Someone giving us a second chance.
Like a parent.
A father.
FBI agents raided the Jacksonville retirement community where known hacker Douglas VonDorothy lived with his elderly parents, under false names.
VonDorothy was arrested and taken into custody.
I told you I'd get into MTAC.
There he is.
Our Cyber and Special Operations Division have recovered hard drives thought to contain vital security Intel stolen from Washington, DC, Internet servers late last night.
Nice, Tim.
The case helped me recognize all the hard, thankless work you put in over the years.
That while I've learned a lot from Gibbs, it's only possible because of how I was raised.
By you.
You may not have numbered your rules, Dad, but they were meant to teach the same lessons.
You taught me to always be prepared.
Always stand up for yourself.
Then go.
I'm staying.
But if you're wrong, admit it.
I'm still leaving out a few, but maybe hitting them all was too lofty a goal.
Dad, how can you say that? It's not about you, sometimes.
Oh, I'm stubborn? Gee, I wonder who I get that from? No, we have the whole week off.
There are other agents here, Dad.
Look, I have to go.
I'll I'll see you in an hour.
Notice anything different, McGeek? We installed the new computer monitors.
You touched my desk? It was their idea.
We wanted to thank you.
- What? No, we -Don't say that out loud.
Speak for yourself.
No, no, no.
This monitor should be more to the left and Okay, let's go to the van.
Nobody needs to see this part of Tim McGee.
Come on, I.
Come on! You didn't even bundle all the cables? Oof.
What are you still doing here, McGee? Your dad made time for you.
Return the favor.
Postponing that surgery was you doing everything you could to make sure we had this last holiday week together.
Not in the hospital room, but as a family.
All of us.
Why you couldn't have just said that is beyond me.
But I guess I'm the one who has to write a letter.
Communication was never our strong suit, Dad.
And we haven't always seen eye-to-eye.
But your rules, my breaking of them, our ensuing arguments, the resulting punishments Uh, people will be arriving, Tim.
Uh, just another minute, please? Sure.
Every moment with you from growing up to these last few days-- it meant something to me.
I've heard it takes a man to make a man.
Well, you've helped make me one.
Before I say good-bye, Dad I just want to say thank you.
For everything.
Merry Christmas, Dad.
I love you.