NCIS s12e12 Episode Script

The Enemy Within

Hit it.
I'm an American.
Navy SEAL.
Let's get you out of here, Sarah.
After a week of recovery and reintegration at the Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany, Sarah Goode is on her way back to the United States.
When asked, a State Department spokesperson would not disclose her destination.
Gibbs, you mind a visitor? Before departing, the former captive had a reunion with the leader of the Navy SEAL team that rescued her.
So a happy ending to a year-long ordeal.
- Hey, Leon.
- Hey.
They're bringing Sarah Goode to Washington.
Putting her up in a hotel.
Henderson at the State Department requested our help debriefing her.
I'd like you to handle it.
Yeah, sure.
I'll call Henderson in the morning.
Evidence collected by the SEAL team has been sent to our lab for Ms.
Sciuto to analyze.
Nice piece of work.
It's all handmade.
It was Jackie's grandmother's.
She always said she wanted to give it to Kayla.
You know she's turning 16 next month? Can you fix that, Gibbs? Yeah, sure.
Missing a hinge.
Probably pick up one of those at the flea market on Sunday.
I appreciate any help you can give me with it, Gibbs.
We're gonna get the bastard.
You checking up on me, Leon? I'm fine.
Are you, Gibbs? Had a chance to kill me, and he didn't.
'Cause he wants you to torture yourself like you're doing right now.
Well, I'm not gonna give him that satisfaction.
Next time wait.
I'm surprised there was no memorial service for Diane.
Said she never wanted one.
How's Fornell doing? He's not doing too well.
Took a leave of absence, get his act together.
Bureau assured him that every agency is going after Mishnev.
Were he and Diane gonna get married again? Oh, man.
Now he has to raise a teenage daughter by himself.
- What's that? - It's a car magazine.
It's got a review of the new Corvette I want to read.
I think I just may treat myself.
I used to have one.
Was my favorite car.
Why'd you sell it? He didn't.
It was stolen and wrecked during a televised freeway chase.
I'm gonna get coffee.
Get you anything? I'm-I'm good, thanks.
What's going on with Tony? He's been so mellow lately.
You know what? I bet he's on a mood stabilizer.
Uh, are you out of your mind? What? Tony goes through my drawers all the time.
Besides, something is going on, I'm telling you.
Yesterday, I locked the keys in the sedan.
We had to wait an hour for transpo to come get us.
Normally he'd be calling me names-- you know, McIdiot, McGoofis, McDumbell-- but nothing.
Instead, while we waited, he reminisced about being a rookie cop in Philadelphia and losing the keys to a sedan.
You're exaggerating.
He's not acting that different.
Oh, I'm exaggerating? Watch this.
He's gonna kill you.
Just talked with Henderson at State.
Our interview with Sarah Goode, Yes, sir.
We just did some background work on her.
She was a volunteer, working at an orphanage in Syria, when she was taken by the terrorists.
I'm begging the U.
Please give them the money that they're asking for so I can get home.
If you don't, they're gonna kill me.
Kidnappers were demanding $100 million.
But, per U.
policy, ransoms aren't paid.
They didn't figure on SEALs spoiling their plan.
Oh, hey.
What happened here? Oh.
Sorry about that, Tony.
Your phone was ringing.
I went to go answer it, and I-I spilled my coffee.
Well, accidents happen.
Yeah, Abbs.
I'm on the way down.
McGee, thanks for trying to get that call.
I'm just gonna get some paper towels.
Who is that guy? You're right.
That was very un-Tony.
Abbs, what's got you so excited? The evidence that the Navy SEALs collected and sent back suggests there was another terrorist, one we didn't know about.
How do you know? I found fingerprints on this rifle that don't belong to any of the terrorists killed in the raid.
You got a match.
Why else would I bring you down here? Special Agent Gibbs, meet Kyle Nasry.
Maryland driver's license.
I thought you'd find that interesting.
Gibbs, his prints were on the weapon.
Definitely not a hostage.
It looks like one of Sarah Goode's captors was an American.
Interestingly, Kyle Nasry's father was born in Aleppo, Syria, immigrated to the United States as a boy and passed away when Kyle was only 12.
His mother is an American, she's a grade-school teacher, and she still lives in their family home in Olney, Maryland.
Kyle graduated from Morgan State University, where he majored in environmental science.
Only thing of note on his record: Nasry was arrested in D.
during the 2010 protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He was investigated and cleared by the FBI.
Now he's with terrorists in Syria.
All right, it's almost 1:00.
We have an interview with Sarah Goode.
Hopefully she knows something.
DiNozzo, take McGee, go to Olney, talk to Nasry's mother.
This is a radical change from the windowless room I lived in for the last ten months.
I began to think that I'd never make it out of there alive.
The State Department's been great.
Putting me up here.
But I know I can't stay forever.
Family? Unfortunately, none.
I'm an orphan myself.
That's why I work with homeless children.
How'd you end up in Syria? Well, um, after high school, I started working day care jobs.
And then this opportunity came up to join an international relief agency that worked with children orphaned by the war there.
It was very rewarding.
Until the day I was traveling to another village to pick up a child and I was stopped at a roadblock and, uh, taken captive.
You know this man? No.
We believe he was working with the terrorists who were holding you in Syria.
His name's Kyle Nasry.
He's an American.
I was isolated and only dealt with a limited number of people.
They always wore hoods.
Any of them speak English? No.
I mean, not more than a few words.
Was this man killed in the raid? No.
State Department said you've turned down requests from the media for interviews.
Yeah, that's just not me.
I've never liked being in the spotlight.
For the moment, I would just like to lay low.
The, um the only thing I'd like to do before I leave Washington is to hear Musa ibn Hasan.
The Imam's in town to give a speech.
His stand against religious extremism and jihadist violence truly represents the beliefs of the Muslims that I knew in Syria.
Unfortunately, a radical mufti issued a fatwa demanding Hasan's execution.
So where do you go from here? I know it sounds crazy, but I would like to go back to Syria.
Back to the orphanage.
There are so many children who need help there.
But I-I know I can't go back until the country's stabilized.
Disaffected young Western males, here and in Europe, are targeted by terrorist recruiters.
Most are troubled kids seeking redemption and violent action.
And they buy into jihad.
Media-savvy militants in Iraq and Syria post graphic photos and slick recruitment videos on Facebook and Twitter.
Reach right into a kid's bedroom.
Parents have no idea what's going on.
This is Cleavon Smith, a former Detroit gang member, born-again Muslim, who was known as Abu Hussein when he died last week on the killing fields of Syria's civil war.
Do we know how many Americans are fighting in Syria? About a dozen, and we can stop them from returning.
It's the ones we don't know about that are the concern.
Like this guy Nasry you've uncovered.
What else do you know about him? Your lab turn up anything else? Not yet.
Our forensic scientist is working on the computer files that the SEALs brought back.
And Nasry's been put on the no-fly list.
We'll keep you posted, Director.
Nasry? Yes? NCIS Special Agents DiNozzo and McGee.
NCIS? Oh, you guys are great.
One of your agents, Ned Dorneget, spoke to my seventh-graders on Career Day.
What are you doing here? We'd like to ask you a few questions about your son, Kyle.
Kyle's not here.
He's traveling in Greece.
Why don't we talk inside? We have reason to believe that Kyle has aligned himself with jihadist terrorists.
No, no.
That's-that's not possible.
We know his father was born in Syria.
Yes, but he came to America as a young boy.
My husband wasn't religious or political.
Kyle went to an Episcopal High School.
Where he played football.
How do you know he's in Syria? When was the last time you heard from him? A week or two ago.
We exchange e-mails.
Who's the young lady in the photograph? It's Chelsea, his girlfriend.
That was taken right before they left for Europe last summer.
Have you heard from her? She came home.
They broke up.
You know how we can get ahold of her? I have her cell number.
This is an excellent debriefing report, Eleanor.
The State Department should be pleased.
But you appear concerned.
I am.
That's why I asked you to review it.
I feel like I missed something.
Oh? Sarah Goode is incredible.
I mean, after everything she's been through, she's handling it so well.
And your concern is? It's all gonna hit her later.
Well, some people don't begin to experience the symptoms until later.
It's called delayed-onset post traumatic stress disorder, and it affects almost a quarter of PTSD cases.
Sarah wants to go back to the orphanage in Syria.
That would be a big mistake.
It could trigger A breakdown.
Hey, you haven't said a word to me since we left the office.
I've been trying to figure out what you're up to.
Me? Yeah.
You've been acting so you know, nice.
You haven't abused me in days.
Oh, well, if you would like me to abuse you, I will abuse you.
Come on, let's go.
Geez, look at this thing.
Uh, it's open.
Whoa! Hi.
Chelsea, hi.
I'm Special Agent DiNozzo.
This is McGee from NCIS.
We called earlier.
Yeah, you did not sound so cute on the phone.
Um, I'm running late with Tiffany, so if we could Tiffany? - Oh, hi, sweetheart.
- Are you Tiffany? Whoa! Sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
Uh, just so you guys know, I haven't seen or spoken to Kyle in months.
Well, his mother said that you two broke up while you were in Europe? Yeah.
There a reason? He started acting strange.
Um, you think you know someone, but He began hanging out with people that I didn't like.
What was wrong with them? They were negative, against everything, a radical, extremist crowd.
I had had enough.
Kyle and I began arguing so much.
I left.
Do you have a dog? Oh, no.
I had a cat; it ran away.
I have two goldfish.
Oh, well, who takes care of them for you? Oh, they they're just in their bowl.
Sort of take care of themselves.
Thank you.
You're seeing someone.
I wish.
Oh, please, come on.
Dog lady was hitting on you like crazy.
She's super cute and Since when has that ever stopped you? We got a call from Homeland.
Kyle Nasry's passport cleared Customs at Dulles two days ago.
Our worst fear, a homegrown terrorist back on U.
This was taken at the airport the day before yesterday, and that is Nasry.
Camera also picked him up.
on an escalator Lost him after that.
No sight of him curbside.
All the intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been alerted.
How you doing, man? Uh, I'm okay, DiNozzo.
I was working undercover before Uh, Agent Fornell, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
How's your daughter? It's been tough for her.
Diane's mother is trying to help.
Tobias, you have my condolences.
Thanks, Tim.
Diane was very fond of you.
I know you two were close.
We weren't that close.
Tobias? What are you doing here? Kyle Nasry.
Yeah, what about him? In 2010, I personally investigated and cleared him of criminal intent in a protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Look at him now.
Well, that was years ago.
People change.
Don't blame yourself.
- Special Agent McGee.
- No, he was looking for a cause.
No indications he'd go further.
I screwed up.
I didn't put him on a watch list.
Boss, Nasry's mother's here.
She's waiting in the conference room.
Call you later, all right? Where you going? Help you interview the mother.
Nasry's a civilian, a suspected terrorist on U.
That sounds like FBI jurisdiction to me.
You took a leave of absence.
I got to get my mind off Diane.
Get back to work.
I'm going crazy in the house.
Dealing with a grief-stricken, hormonal teenage daughter and Diane's mother.
You remember Mo? Oh, yeah.
She was your mother-in-law, too.
Yeah, hard to forget.
I e-mailed Kyle that I wanted to meet him in Athens over Christmas break, and he had all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't come.
Now it makes sense.
He wasn't there.
We believe he's now back in Washington.
No, he-he would've called me.
I understand a parent protecting their child.
I also know personally there's added pressure on a single parent, but if you've heard from Kyle or if he tries to contact you, you have to tell us.
I haven't heard from him.
I know Kyle was political, but he would never do anything evil.
Can you think of anyone he might try to contact? A friend, a relative? Or someplace he might go? Gibbs, I need to talk to you.
Um Abby? We're in the middle of an interview.
Abbs, what is it? I was reconstructing an external laptop drive the SEALs brought in.
It was damaged in the raid.
Yeah, but you were able to recover some information? Um, no, not yet.
Be patient.
There's something else I want to show you.
I tested its cover for touch DNA.
It only requires seven to eight cells from the outermost layer of human skin when an object is touched or casually handled.
And you got a hit.
From the FBI's biometric database.
You're welcome.
There was another American working with the terrorist who were holding Sarah Goode.
Randall White served with the U.
Army in Afghanistan.
Bad conduct discharge is 2010 for insubordination.
In 2011, he was arrested along with other gangmembers for aggravated assault in Newark, New Jersey.
Copped a plea, served six months, got two years probation, and that is how he found his way onto the FBI database.
If Nasry's back in country, White could be, too.
I'll check Customs and TSA.
while in prison, White converted to Islam.
His last known whereabouts was in Turkey over a year ago.
He obviously made his way into Syria.
There could be others.
Holy crap.
White's passport was scanned by Customs at the Dulles International Arrivals Building He could still be at the airport.
I'll alert TSA, airport police.
Airport security cameras, Tim.
I'll work from MTAC.
DiNozzo, get the car.
Bishop, come on.
Let's go.
You're with us.
We looking for beards here? If Walker's a full-blown jihadist, he might have grown one.
I hope not.
It'd cover half the facial markers.
White's parents live in California.
Right out of high school, he went to Fort Sill in Oklahoma for basic training.
An ex-girlfriend and seven-year-old son he doesn't support still live just off the base.
Guy's a real winner.
He doesn't appear to have a connection to anyone in the D.
Well, it can't be a coincidence that he and Nasry are both here now.
Something's going down.
It's that it's that one there.
Hello? All right, we got him.
White got in a Downtown D.
cab about 16 minutes ago.
I got the cab number.
I'll alert Virginia State Police and Metro.
Hold off.
Maybe he'll lead us to Nasry.
That's risky, Gibbs.
You know, their cabs are all equipped with GPS.
I can call the dispatcher.
He can track it.
Do it.
Where you fly in from? How far away are we from the hotel? Whew, in this traffic, about ten, 15 minutes.
They're on 66th, about to cross the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge.
Ask the dispatcher to call his driver.
Get White's destination.
Go ahead, Alex.
Uh, Chesterfield Hotel.
Boss, he's headed towards the Chesterfield Hotel.
It's me.
Leave now.
Pull over.
Let me out here.
Oh, you're just ten blocks from the hotel still.
That's okay.
Cab stopped in the middle of the block.
Could be traffic.
Thank you for your help, Alex.
Dispatcher said that White made the cabbie pull over.
He got out.
Where? On 12th Street, between C and D.
We're close.
Show me your hands! Federal agents! Stop! No, no! Heard about plastic guns.
First one I've ever seen.
Well, the technology obviously works.
White got it through airport security.
Three airports.
I just downloaded his flight information.
He first shows up in Ankara, Turkey, last week.
From there was to Athens, then London to here.
All tickets were purchased at the airline counter, in cash.
Think Nasry has a similar weapon? Wouldn't surprise me.
Let's keep a media lid on this until we know more, all right? No names, no mention of terrorists, no panic.
Hey, boss? What do you got? I showed the picture of Kyle Nasry to the desk clerk at the Chesterfield Hotel.
Nasry was there but left minutes before we arrived.
Which is strange, because he paid for a week in advance.
NPRC forwarded Randall White's medical records.
It's him? It most assuredly is.
Fingerprints and blood type match.
Abby is comparing DNA.
All identifying scars, marks and tattoos are present, but a cursory examination turned up some curious facts.
See these cuts and nicks on his face? Razor burn? Suggesting a recently shaved beard.
Then here.
That's a gang tattoo.
From a miscreant youth, but I find this one more informative.
According to his records, this was a U.
Army Ranger “Death with Dishonor” tattoo, but it's been covered up by this more intricate design.
What's that tell you, Doc? That he was a disgruntled soldier.
That, combined with his gang history and, well, a terrorist group has a seductive appeal.
They offered Mr.
White even more forms of spectacular violence.
Hey, Spider.
Hey, Zoe.
So this is what you do when you tell me you're working hard at the office.
Well, you know What are you doing here? I am on official business.
What's that? Your forensic tech called me.
She thought ATF should take a look at a weapon that you guys took into evidence.
Well, as you know, her lab is downstairs.
How can we help you up here? I am up here to return something that you left at my place when you rushed out this morning.
Yeah, well, I was a little lightheaded.
What did I leave? Uh these.
Oh, boy.
Oh, yeah.
You found the key.
I had you locked up pretty good.
Yeah, you did.
Well Um are we keeping us a secret? Yeah, uh, listen.
This place is a henhouse.
It practically runs on gossip, and I do not want to be topic number one.
And we're doing pretty good in this relationship, right? Right.
I don't want to spoil it.
Eeh, you're very dangerous.
Okay, no, it looks good to me.
I think your eyes are just fine.
I'll take you down to Abby's lab.
That explains it.
Tony's in love.
Well, I don't know about love, but they're definitely in heat.
Plus, a gun like this can be downloaded and reproduced by anyone with a 3-D printer.
This is the photo taken by the Navy SEAL team when they rescued Sarah Goode.
Yep, this printer could do the job, and it can be purchased for just a couple thousand dollars.
I disassembled the gun, and it's really quite simple.
All the elements are made of plastic, including the springs.
I can't believe those parts came out of a printer.
The only metal component is the firing pin, and it's a small, common roofing nail.
It's completely unreadable by a metal detector.
Downside is it only holds one bullet.
There's no rifling, so it's not very accurate.
Only good at close range, plus it's plastic, so it degrades after a few uses.
Oh, hey, guys.
Uh, you guys remember Special Agent Zoe Keates.
How have you been? Sure, yeah.
Did you guys need something? Uh Yes.
You had mentioned that you needed help with the encrypted files on your laptop.
I did? You did.
I did.
I totally did.
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
Is everybody okay? I should get going.
So, um, hey, Abby, if you need anything else, just give me a buzz, okay? I will walk you out, Agent Keates.
Good to see you guys.
You, too.
Sorry, I don't know what that was all about.
What is going on? Tony and Zoe are dating.
Full-body-contact dating.
What? Mm-hmm.
And Tony didn't say anything? Usually he gives those graphic “we do not want to hear” details about any conquests.
Yeah, maybe it's 'cause this time he's serious.
Joint NCIS and FBI teams are staking out Nasry's house in case he tries to contact his mother.
We got a warrant to tap her phone, e-mail.
Agents have interviewed Nasry's friends, teachers, everyone he was close with.
If you believe them, no one's heard from him.
All right.
Aside from White's DNA and Nasry's fingerprints at the terrorist apartment, do we have anything else connecting the two? Yes.
Chesterfield Hotel.
White was headed there from the airport.
Nasry checked out before we arrived.
Why were they both in DC? Sorry.
It's a reminder to pick up Emily from her ballet class.
If you need somebody to talk to, we got a lot in common.
Is he all right? No.
But he's putting up a good front.
Who is it? Special Agent Gibbs.
Henderson at the State Department said that they were finished with my debriefing, that I could get on with my life.
What's that gonna be? Who knows? I have this feeling that you're here for a reason, Agent Gibbs.
Do you have more questions for me? The man we spoke to you about, Kyle Nasry, he's back in the United States.
Do you think I'm in danger? No.
You were kidnapped and held for ransom halfway around the world.
That's all about money.
There's no purpose in them coming after you here.
But I would like to ask you about someone else.
We believe that there was another American terrorist in the apartment where you were being held captive.
But did he come back to the United States, too? Yeah, but he killed himself before we could question him.
I wish I could be of more help, but I never saw either of them.
Thanks for your help.
Are you okay? Yeah, Agent Gibbs.
I'm fine.
If you want to talk.
Randall's dead.
It's all falling apart.
Don't panic.
We never thought I'd be rescued or that I'd be back here.
Let's use this to our advantage.
DiNozzo say why he was gonna be late? No.
Do you know where he is? No.
Probably that ATF gal.
You know? Of course you know.
What I don't know is why he's trying to keep it secret.
Anything on Nasry? No.
I'm in the office until 11:00 and then I'm going to the District Union Club luncheon.
State Department has requested that I attend.
But I'll be reachable.
I grew up in a madhouse.
Three brothers.
The thought of raising a teenage daughter by myself is terrifying.
Yeah, we can be difficult.
I moved out of my one-bedroom, one-bath, typical divorced man's apartment, moved into Diane's place.
That makes sense.
The less you disrupt Emily's life, the better.
No question.
Probably would've done that anyway.
But, uh now Diane's not there.
I love Emily-- she is the center of my universe-- but, uh she's on the verge of womanhood if you catch my drift.
I'm not comfortable with all that stuff.
Well, if you need some help, I'd be glad to talk to her.
I think she'd listen to me.
I'd really appreciate that, Eleanor.
Thank you.
You know, you talk about Emily, and how she's dealing with Diane's death.
But, uh how are you doing? Well, it's not really about me.
Right now, it's about Emily.
I can be a dad to her, but she lost her mom.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Wiretap paid off.
Nasry called his mom.
Just hung up.
They're trying to triangulate his location.
Finally a break.
Looks like she's going somewhere.
Or not.
She's made us.
I'll get back to you.
Guess we didn't blend in too well.
Agent Fornell, Kyle just called me.
He asked me to meet with him.
He needs money.
I'm glad you're telling us.
Why are you? He-he sounded frightened and-and strange.
This needs to end before he hurts himself or anyone else.
Finally got into the external hard drives.
I'm downloading the files to my computer.
Once I clean them up, we should be able to view them.
What are they? Definitely video files.
Um, a lot of Arabic.
So I'm gonna have to run them through a translator.
Boss! Just heard from Bishop.
Rachel Nasry just got a call from her son to meet.
Tony's pulling the car around.
Go! Go! Go! Thanks, Mom.
NCIS! Hands in the air! On the ground! Get down! Get down now! Get down! On your knees now! Put your hands behind your back.
Behind your back.
Thank you.
Be starting pretty soon, I imagine.
Sarah Goode? I'm NCIS Director Leon Vance.
Nice to meet you, Director.
I've been talking to Special Agent Gibbs.
Sorry I wasn't of any help.
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your cooperation.
So, you're a fan of the Imam? Big one.
So am I.
I've been invited to meet with him privately after the speech.
Well, I envy you.
I have to settle for a much larger audience.
Enjoy the luncheon.
Thank you.
Are you still enjoying this, Kyle? I've told you my name is Faheed.
Right, right.
You're Muslim, yeah.
Got it.
You were planning to meet Randall White at the Chesterfield Hotel.
He had a plastic gun.
What was the plan? White's dead.
Look at him! We've been here for two hours.
I'm getting hungry.
You do know my dietary restrictions? Suit yourself, Fahad.
Faheed! Nasry.
Same narcissistic punk I interviewed five years ago.
How'd I miss the signs? While you were being blown off by Faheed, I got a call from Homeland.
With Nasry in custody, they've lowered the threat level in the DC area.
Something's not right.
I concur.
He doesn't fit the profile of a jihadi terrorist.
He allowed himself to be taken captive rather than seek martyrdom like his fanatical friend.
Uh, Abby needs to see you, Gibbs.
What's she got? Oh, no.
Do I look stupid? I'm not gonna steal her thunder.
I was finally able to view the data from the terrorists' files.
Along with training and recruiting videos, I found the unedited recording of Sarah Goode's ransom plea.
I'm begging the U.
Abbs, I've seen this already.
Oh, just wait.
Please give them the money that they're asking for so I can get home.
There's more.
If you don't, they're gonna kill me.
That was great.
No, I can do better.
I think I can do better.
For $100 million, I need to be more convincing.
That was just right.
Nasry gave up too easily.
He used his mother to draw us away from Sarah.
He wanted to be captured.
Sarah Goode left the hotel over an hour ago.
Spoke to the doorman, said she left on foot.
Think she was radicalized in Syria? Yeah, looks that way.
Kidnapping was a fake.
Ransom demand was to raise money.
Hundreds of millions of dollars buys a lot of weapons.
No, some-something doesn't track.
I mean, Nasry and White left the apartment in Syria before the raid.
They were already working their way back here through Turkey and Europe.
What's your point? They didn't know Sarah'd be rescued and brought back.
Whatever they were planning has nothing to do with her kidnapping.
BOLO's out.
Airports, train and bus stations are on alert.
We should tell Vance.
He's not here.
He's at the District Union Club.
And that's where the Imam is speaking.
Pleasure seeing you.
Salaam alaikum.
Very nice to see you.
Thank you for coming.
Excuse me, sir.
Okay, we're clear.
Come on.
Pardon me, excuse me.
Salaam alaikum, Imam Hasan.
Wa alaikum as-salaam, Sarah Goode.
Coming through.
I've been waiting to meet you.
I'm so happy you made it here safely, and we are so grateful for all of the wonderful work Drop it, Sarah! Drop it! Let it go! Let it go, Sarah! Let it go! Get her out of here! Get her out of here now! You all right? I'm okay.
Thank you.
I'm at NCIS, honey.
I'm leaving right now.
I'll be home in 20 minutes.
I love you.
Bishop? Hmm? Do you think you could do me a big favor and, um, help me finish these ECD documents.
You got somewhere to be, DiNozzo? Uh, yeah, sort of.
Hey, Tony.
Look who I found waiting for you in the parking lot.
Whoa, hey.
What are you doing here? Relax, Spider.
They know about us.
Who knows? We all know.
It's about time.
How did you find out? We're trained investigators, my friend.
And in honor of us coming out, Tony is gonna buy everyone drinks.
I am? Yeah, you are.
Come on.
Get your coat.
Yeah, boss.
I'll take a rain check.
- And I will as well.
- All right.
You heard-- Tony's buying.
Want to join us for dinner? Our ex-mother-in-law is making her famous lamb goulash.
Another rain check.
You're on your own, Tobias.
I miss her.
More than I could have imagined.
Yeah, I know.
The first time around, well, you know, she's difficult, tough, but the second time, we were older, smarter.
It was different.
God, I loved her.
Should've been me.
You make me a promise.
When you find this monster I get a piece of him.