NCIS s13e10 Episode Script

Blood Brothers

I spoke to Rebecca.
She wants to FaceTime with you this week.
I don't want her seeing me like this.
Your sister doesn't care about your vanity, Alex.
She's in Kandahar, Mom.
Worrying about me is a distraction she can't afford.
But she's gonna have some choice words for you, when she gets home next month.
Just wait till she writes my eulogy.
You keep talking like that, and I am gonna be the reason you're in this bed.
I know the statistics on leukemia, Mom.
You're gonna make it through this.
You know why? Because you're a Quinn.
And a Quinn never backs down from a fight.
That's my boy.
Now get some rest.
I'll check back on you later.
We're sorry, the number you are calling has been disconnected.
Where are you, Sean? Paulette Quinn? No not Rebecca.
The Commandant of the Marine Corps has entrusted me to express his deep regret that your daughter, Captain Rebecca Quinn, was killed in action.
And here I am, rinsing her off in the sink.
Isn't she a beauty? That's one way to describe it.
She's kind of small.
How much does she weigh? She's perfect.
Ah, look at you, proud papa.
Let me see.
Oh! Jimbo what'd you do to poor baby Victoria? Wha.
? Tony, it's a turducken.
A what?! It's a turducken.
It's a duck, stuffed inside a chicken, stuffed inside a turkey.
That's like something out of a horror movie! Well, this was just a practice run.
You know, the main event is gonna happen on Thanksgiving, at Dr.
Oh! Oh, don't forget Delilah and I will be late.
We are joining Abby at the soup kitchen earlier that afternoon.
That's right! How about you, Tony? Oh, well Zoe and Senior are out of town, and, after the last few weeks, I need a little alone time.
I wish Ellie were here.
This'd be right up her alley.
Has anybody talked to her? She's still in Oklahoma with her family.
I know that holidays are all about good will to men, but I would love to give that Jake a piece of my mind.
Agent Gibbs already did that.
I overheard him on the phone yesterday.
You know, there's this vein that pulsates on Gibbs' forehead when he gets angry.
And yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was beating to the Darth Vader theme.
You guys ever seen that? They are now.
Ring, ring.
Aw, it's Dr.
- I-I gotta take this.
- This Wow.
Got enough kindling there for five winters.
Honey, why don't you take a break? Come have some iced tea.
Not really in the mood.
You know, if I'd have known you were going to be this productive, I would've made a chore list.
Is Dad on the road yet? Yeah, they left Wyoming about an hour ago.
Your grandparents are traveling with him, so they probably won't get here till Thanksgiving.
Are you ever gonna call your brothers, and let them know you're home, honey? They'd love to see you.
They have their own lives, Mom.
Thanksgiving's just a few days away and I'll see them then.
Eleanor hey.
Look, you know I'm here for you, right? I just need some time, Mom.
I understand.
I Well, you might want to remind Jake of that.
Your phone's been ringing nonstop.
You know, I do know a thing or two about relationships.
Whatever problems you two are having, you know, you have to address it.
It's so much better to nip it in the bud than let it drag on.
You're right.
Problem nipped.
Think I'm ready for that iced tea.
I understand.
Yes, it will have our full attention.
Of course.
Yes, sir.
That was the Secretary of Defense.
He needs our help with a time-sensitive matter.
Terror threat? No, Gibbs.
A dying sailor.
Lieutenant Alex Quinn, 26, a patient at Walter Reed.
He's battling leukemia.
Why is SECDEF involved in a medical case? This became top priority for the DoD after the death of the lieutenant's sister.
Marine Captain Rebecca Quinn.
She was killed last week by an I.
in Kandahar.
Their oldest sibling, Major William Quinn-- he died nine months ago when his helo was shot down in Helmand Province.
This family has had enough tragedy.
What's is Alex Quinn's prognosis? His best chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant, but they haven't been able to find a viable donor.
The doctors are hoping there might be a match within his familial DNA.
Another sibling? Yeah.
Sean Quinn, 23, youngest in the family.
Where is he? That is the big question.
Sean had a falling out with his family six months ago, and no one's been able to establish contact with him since.
Clock's ticking, Gibbs.
Find Sean Quinn.
His brother's life depends on it.
The military's been in our blood for generations.
My husband and I both served, and our children wanted to continue the tradition.
Except Sean? Well, Sean tried to enlist, but was medically denied due to a heart murmur.
That rejection always stuck with him.
Is that when he started having problems? No, he spiraled when Will died.
He was my oldest.
Sean adored him.
That's when he started drinking.
Got fired from his job, and fell in with a bad crowd.
Bad how? Sean became secretive.
He moved into a new apartment, and disappeared for weeks at a time.
When's the last time you saw him? Six months ago.
He stopped returning my calls and just cut us out of his life.
He doesn't even know about Rebecca.
Please, find Sean.
Bring him home.
And how long has Sean Quinn been renting from you, Mr.
Brinkman? Oh, last eight months.
Sean's not in any kind of trouble, is he? No, we just want to have a little chat with him.
Oh, that's good, 'cause he's the best tenant I have.
You know, never throws parties, is hardly around, and always pays on time.
Wish all were like that.
Any idea where Sean is now? Well, I don't get too involved in my tenants' lives.
It's harder to raise their rent if I care about 'em.
Look at you.
The holiday spirit is alive and well.
I'm a business man, and not a philanthropist.
Tony? Oy, you better put that back the way you found it.
I'm not paying for any damages.
Looks like you got something.
Someone is in for a serious rent increase.
Guess being unemployed pays these days.
There's something else here.
Whose? Well, they have different names, but all the same photo-- Sean Quinn.
Well, whatever he's involved in, it doesn't look legal.
Lookie, lookie.
It's Federal Agent Barbie.
I see you're still raiding Dad's closet.
No need to put on airs around here.
Quit talking like that, George.
Oh, I missed you, sis.
Oh! Mmm! I missed you, too.
JB and the kids with you? They'll be here Thursday.
I wanted some bonding time with my baby sister.
Mom called you.
Mom called me.
I told her not to do that.
Well, can you blame her? You show up here, unannounced.
Ah, I didn't know I needed an invitation to come home.
You're not exactly known for your spontaneity, Ell.
Remember that Halloween we TPed the Van Tassel house? You planned our attack a year in advance.
I like to be organized.
And I love that about you, but I know that your visit has nothing to do with the holidays.
I'm your big brother, Ell.
I'm gonna pry it out of you.
Still hope you remember the password to the clubhouse.
Hey, Gibbs.
Almost finished with your pumpkin proxy.
My what? Spot on, right? I made one of all of us.
It's for my cornucopia centerpiece for the soup kitchen.
See, there's Tony, and Bishop.
And speaking of Bishop, let's hear about that phone call with Jake.
We will revisit this at another time.
What did you find? The money that Tony and McGee found in Sean Quinn's apartment is fake.
Not the most significant counterfeit I've ever seen.
The coloring is distorted and there's no But, you know, it's good enough to fool someone with an untrained eye.
How much? $100,000 in this batch.
There's no telling how much is already out in circulation.
What was Sean Quinn doing with counterfeit currency? The holidays mean an influx in cash transactions.
Making it nearly impossible to trace where the forgeries originated, but Sean wasn't just exploiting the retail angle.
Over the last six months, he made multiple trips to casinos along the east coast, trading in the fakes for the real ones.
What about the passports? Aliases that Sean traveled under.
Loop in the Secret Service.
Oh, they already know.
Special Agent Fornell, look at that.
Your hair grew back almost.
You see, this is why you're my least favorite, DiNozzo.
Scratch that.
Second least favorite.
Gibbs? New look.
What's next-- skinny jeans? Care to fill us in, Director? FBI and the Secret Service have been tracking this counterfeiting scheme for the last year.
As far as we can ascertain, it's a small group that keeps their inner circle protected.
We're still trying to pin down the base of operations.
So, you got nothing.
Ooh, somebody got up on the wrong side of the couch this morning.
Was Sean Quinn part of this inner circle? No, no.
Sean's just a lower-level money washer.
He was recruited by a Thomas Reynolds.
Friend from high school and fellow washer.
When Reynolds got sticky fingers, he found himself in the Potomac with a bullet in his head.
That's when Sean came to us as an informant.
Once he works his way to the inner circle, we can take these guys down.
Agent Fornell has been briefed on the Quinns' family situation, Gibbs.
We've worked out a compromise.
I can't risk bringing Sean here to give you a blood sample.
So I'll take you to him.
He's meeting us at a designated FBI safe house tonight.
You didn't want to lead with that? Did you ever get that fruit basket I sent you? Absolutely no rush on a thank you card.
I'm gonna kick his ass.
Why is that funny? I'm serious.
Do you remember the last time you tried to fight one of my boyfriends? You ended up in the hospital with a broken nose.
Mm-hmm, where I met a cute candy striper who I fell in love with and married.
One of the best days of my life.
I don't think there's much hope for a happy ending in this circumstance.
Bringing out the big guns.
Wow, I can't believe that's still in there.
It's just what the doctor ordered.
Are we gonna talk about the gold elephant in the room? You're still wearing your ring.
Does that mean you want to try and work it out? Marriage isn't something you just give up on.
Those vows meant something to me.
Hey, you weren't the one who broke them.
Even when things were bad, I always thought that Jake and I would find our way through it.
When JB and I are faced with challenges, that's when we lean on each other the most.
We're stronger because of it.
And that kind of love, can't exist without trust, Ell.
Eleanor? We're trying to have a moment.
Uh, there's a call for you on the house line.
It's a Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
Oh, duty calls.
We passed this street twice.
Had to make sure we weren't being followed.
How's Emily? Is she home? Yeah, she just got back from boarding school yesterday.
She told me she wants to cook Thanksgiving dinner.
That's nice.
“Nice”? You remember what kind of a cook Diane was? Yes, hard to forget.
Emily's worse.
Tobias? Hey, Duck? Go wait in the car.
Oh, splendid idea.
That's Agent Potter, Sean's handler.
His sidearm's gone.
So's Sean.
Where the hell is he? Got it, boss.
We'll keep looking.
Any sign of Sean Quinn at the other safe houses? Nothing.
The more time ticks away, the more Alex Quinn's health deteriorates.
We can't put all our eggs in Sean's basket.
Tony, what type of bullet did Abby say killed Special Agent Potter? Nine millimeter, why? I just got a hit off of one of Sean Quinn's passports.
Nine millimeter Glock is registered to one of his aliases.
Sean might be the shooter.
What are you working on that's so important? Is that a bone marrow database? Yeah, we're trying to help a dying sailor find a donor.
The transplant team said there wasn't a viable donor available.
Turns out, there was a match in the system, but the donor declined the transplant request.
So your plan is to track them down and change their mind? Exactly.
I'm trying to hack into the tissue database, and access their contact information.
I'm in.
All right, the donor's name is Richard Doogan.
He's former military and he's only a few hours away in Kansas at-- What? Uh, it's nothing.
Ell, where in Kansas is he? Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks.
Doogan's serving life for double homicide.
I need to update Gibbs.
There's still time.
I can head to Leavenworth and talk to Doogan.
Yeah, I'm sure the convicted murderer is a reasonable man.
Tell Mom I'll be back later.
Careful, Mr.
The skin will tear if the stitches are too tight.
No need to be a backseat doctor, Doctor.
I have done this many times before.
Aren't we brimming with confidence.
And my work here is done.
Ah, Jethro, you're just in time for Mr.
Palmer's unveiling.
What's going on? As you can see, I've been running a-fowl.
Oh, it's classic.
You have something for me? We do.
Hey, Gibbs.
You ready for this? Sean Quinn did not kill Special Agent Potter.
The bullet we took from his chest cavity had on it DNA from two separate individuals.
Special Agent Potter's DNA and Sean Quinn's DNA.
They were hit with the same bullet, Gibbs.
While it may not have killed Sean Quinn, he would've required medical attention.
I checked with all local hospitals, clinics, urgent cares-- none of them have a GSW victim that matches Sean Quinn's physical description.
He wouldn't go to a hospital.
He knows somebody's after him.
He'd be hiding out.
Yeah, but where? Which pen pal program are you from? The Federal one.
NCIS, Special Agent Bishop.
What could the Navy possibly want from me? Your help.
This I got to hear.
In 2003, you were a patient at St.
Matthias Hospital, where you gave a tissue donation.
You're the one who requested my bone marrow.
Technically no.
But I'm asking that you reconsider donating.
Must be pretty important for you to come all the way out here.
Who's it for? Lieutenant Alex Quinn.
He's battling Leukemia, and you are a near-perfect match for him.
There's no other donor in the system? At the moment, no.
A donation would require a minor surgical procedure.
You would be transferred to the medical ward for your recovery.
There are some risks, but-- Sure, I'll be the donor.
Really? Thank you, Doogan.
You're saving a man's life.
Uh, I do have one stipulation.
Which is what? A deal.
In exchange for my bone marrow, I want my life sentence reduced to time served.
I want to walk out of here a free man.
Open up.
I knew Sean was mixed up in something.
But I never imagined this.
He went to the FBI.
He was trying to do the right thing.
And it got him shot.
Do you have children, Agent Gibbs? I did.
A daughter.
Then you know the unimaginable pain a parent goes through having to bury their child.
I lost a son and a daughter.
Another is deteriorating in front of my eyes.
And now you tell me my youngest is seriously injured and missing.
I don't think I could take much more.
Your sons? They are strong just like you.
And we'll save both of them.
How? By finding Sean.
Where would he go and lay low? Someplace he feels safe.
His boat.
Sean and Will bought it from a junkyard a few years ago.
The two of them spent nearly every weekend trying to restore it.
Where's that? A storage unit near Spinnaker Marina.
Which unit is Sean's? Number 12.
Ten bucks, the name of the boat is a nautical pun.
Latitude Adjustment.
Name of the boat is crucial.
I've had mine picked out for years.
Go ahead, you'll never guess.
The Codfather? We've been working together too long.
Here we go.
Look at the blood.
It's Sean.
He's alive.
Call an ambulance.
What's the update on Sean's condition? He lost a lot of blood.
Bullet didn't do any serious damage.
Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.
What, DiNozzo? The hospital did a full blood panel on Sean.
He's not a viable donor for his brother.
Leavenworth's the only option left.
What did Bishop find on the inmate? Oh, well this guy, Richard Doogan, former Army sergeant, Eight years into a life sentence for the murder of two Iraqi detainees in 2007.
Any family? Parents are deceased.
No spouse, no sibling, no children.
We have no leverage against this guy.
The fact that Doogan's so close a match to Alex Quinn is already an anomaly.
That's why he's angling for a deal.
Doogan knows he holds all the cards.
You're running point, DiNozzo.
Find out who shot Sean, who killed Agent Potter.
And where are you going? I got a plane to catch.
What's going on? I'm watching casino security footage on Sean Quinn.
I'm trying to find a way into this counterfeit scheme.
So far, it's just been a bust.
I mean, either Sean was there alone or the cameras never caught him meeting up with anybody.
Fornell mentioned that the FBI and Secret Service have been after these forgers for a year.
Sean only came into the operation six months ago.
So that means someone else had to be doing the casino runs before he came along.
Let's check footage from earlier this year using facial recognition software, see if we can find any frequent visitors.
Oh! We have a winner.
I know him.
That's the building manager at Sean Quinn's apartment.
Alton Brinkman.
I know our way in.
And someone's luck is about to run out.
So is she gonna stay with him? I don't know.
Well, she's got to make a decision.
Hey, sis.
Hi, honey.
You want some iced tea? Stop with the iced tea.
I don't have time; I got to get back to Leavenworth.
I thought that was a dead end.
I need to try again.
Right now? There's a sailor's life on the line.
And that's your responsibility? Yes, Mom.
This is what I do.
This is my job.
Are you sure it's not your excuse, honey? What's that supposed to mean? Um, we got company.
Who is it? Some guy in a suit.
Silver hair.
Are you really in Oklahoma? Howdy.
What are you doing here, Gibbs? We're heading to Leavenworth.
Deal came through for Doogan.
How'd you pull that off? Eleanor Bishop, it's not polite to leave your company hovering around outside.
It's also harder for us to eavesdrop when you're out here.
Mom, George, this is my boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
You look like a coffee man, Agent Gibbs.
Why don't you come on inside Uh, it'll have to wait, Mom.
We've got somewhere to be.
Bye, honey.
What the hell is this? The terms for your deal.
What deal? It says that my life sentence stands.
With a possibility of parole.
You didn't have that before.
Parole in 40 years? I wouldn't get out till I was over 70! Better than never.
Maybe I wasn't clear earlier.
The only way you're getting my bone marrow is if I get out of prison now.
You unloaded your M4 into two unarmed men.
Detainees! Terrorists responsible for countless deaths.
They got justice.
You acted as judge, jury and executioner.
That's not justice.
You ever killed someone in the line of work, Agent Bishop? What about you, Agent Gibbs? Yeah, how many? Bad people, right? But you did what you had to.
So did I.
I sleep better at night knowing that they're gone.
You shouldn't.
Because no matter how many you stop, there's always gonna be someone to take their place.
This deal is the only one you're ever gonna get, Doogan.
You take it or leave it.
I'll leave it.
You want me to help save that sailor's life? Save mine first.
I got nothing to say till my lawyer gets here.
That's fine with us.
All the evidence we got on you, we don't need a confession.
If that were true, you'd charge me.
You're bluffing.
Maybe we should show him our hand.
Then he'll know how deep a hole he's in.
The Glock we found in your apartment.
Which I have a permit for.
Nice try.
Ballistics, genius.
The bullet that killed an FBI agent came from this gun.
Sean Quinn regained consciousness and identified you as the shooter.
There's the tell.
House wins.
Alton Brinkman, you are under arrest for the murder of Special Agent Charles Potter.
Okay, all right, wait! Oh, you know when to fold 'em, Brinkman? I can help you take down my boss, all right? You can bust his whole counterfeit operation, but you need to give me protection.
He's got friends everywhere.
Then you better keep talking.
His name's Malcolm Turro.
I was his monitor.
My job was to stay below the radar and keep an eye on the lower-level runners.
Like Sean Quinn.
I got suspicious when you guys showed up looking for him, so I tailed him.
When I saw him with a Fed, I tried to take them both out.
I had no choice.
If Turro had found out that Sean was a snitch, he'd have killed me for letting it happen.
Turro's operation-- where's it located? Out of a warehouse in Arlington.
I hope you'll join us for Thanksgiving, Gibbs.
My husband would love to meet you.
I'm sure he has to get back, Mom.
Ellie's a lot like her father.
They're very direct.
They're both intellectuals, and they're reserved.
And don't forget stubborn.
You know, a perfect example was her fourth birthday.
She decided it was time to take those training wheels off her bike.
So the training wheels came off.
Yeah, Ell barely made it down the driveway before she toppled over.
Thought for sure she was gonna cry.
But she didn't.
Oh, no.
She got right back on the bike.
That's my daughter.
I'll get it.
Would you like some more chicken? You okay? Don't mind if I do.
Hello? I told you not to call here.
No, I'm not coming back for Thanksgiving.
It's not my concern, Jake.
Spend it wherever and with whomever you want.
That's it.
I-I can't take this anymore.
George No, Mom.
Jake has the nerve to call this house after what he did, and that's the only thing you have to say to him? Not me.
I'm calling that weasel back and telling him off.
Who does he think he is?! George Russell Bishop, sit down.
Don't make me out to be the bad guy.
I'm the only one acting normally here.
She's my little sister, and if he thinks he can disrespect her like that Okay! Enough! Just, stop it! Both of you.
I don't need you fighting my battles.
This is my life, my marriage, and it's my decision.
So back off! What is wrong with you? Okay, my timing wasn't great.
You think? Go cool off.
I'm gonna go talk to her.
Excuse me.
Boss, hey.
I'm at the hospital.
Alex Quinn's taken a turn for the worse.
We're running out of time.
Going somewhere? Gibbs, uh I was just going for a run.
I need to clear my head.
I think you done enough running, Bishop.
A lecture is the last thing I need right now.
What do you need? For everyone to stop treating me like I'm this fragile thing that's about to break.
What? How many times a week did you check on me after Iraq? You kept showing up, even after I said I was fine.
That's different, Gibbs.
You almost died.
We were all worried.
So is your family.
They just want to make it better.
I've been so inundated with everyone's opinions on how I should feel, and what I should do that I haven't been able to actually process it myself.
You can't do that if you won't talk about it.
You are telling me to talk about my feelings? All right.
Tell me, Gibbs, how-how have you processed getting shot? Who is it that you're opening up to? Dr.
I've been talking with him since the Sudan case.
Everyone reaches a point, Bishop, even me.
You just got to take the first step.
What if I can't? Rule number 28-- “When you need help, ask.
” Okay.
We've set up the surveillance van at the warehouse in Arlington.
Any sign of Malcolm Turro? Not yet.
Brinkman better not be playing us.
Well, he wasn't lying about Turro being dangerous.
Interpol's been after him since 2008.
Turro's wanted in connection with over 15 murders.
His first foray into counterfeiting was in Belarus.
Set up a perimeter.
We're on our way.
Visual confirmation on Turro.
Let's move.
The threading is good.
I want this batch to hit the market during the holidays.
Federal agents! Don't move! Put the weapon down, Turro.
There are two ways this can go.
Choose wisely.
Make that three ways.
Bad cop sitting this one out? He's waiting outside.
You have good news for me? There's not gonna be another deal.
It's not possible with your conviction.
Then why'd you come back here? Because we still need your help.
I think you're a good person who made mistakes.
You don't know a thing about me.
I know about the two Iraqi detainees you killed.
How they were responsible for targeting U.
troops with roadside bombs.
One of their victims was Corporal David Logan.
He was your friend.
Look grief can push anyone to extremes.
You wanted revenge.
What I did saved soldiers' lives.
And it cost you yours.
I can't change the past.
No, but you can change the future.
Yours and Alex Quinn's.
A sailor who fought bravely for his country, and he's fighting for his life.
A life that you can save.
You once took an oath to never leave a fallen soldier behind.
Now's your chance to make good on that promise.
A deal was my only shot at getting out of here.
I just wanted a fresh start.
That's exactly what this is-- a new beginning.
I know.
Don't let a bad situation define who you are.
Alex should receive the transplant in a few days.
Should be on his feet by the new year.
Thanks to Doogan.
And you.
I wasn't sure I'd be able to get through to him.
I never doubted you for a moment.
You're late.
It's good to see you, too, brother.
Brinkman and Turro have been processed.
And I have just enough time to pick up wine for tonight.
Big Thanksgiving plans? No.
Just dinner with Emily if she hasn't already burned the place down.
Why are you still here? Oh, I offered to do McGee's reports so he and Delilah could join Abby at the soup kitchen.
Look at you, all filled with the holiday spirit.
Just looking out for my team.
Heard about your little Sudan trip.
About La Grenouille's doctor daughter.
It's a small world, isn't it? Feels smaller every day.
Fornell? Here, this'll save you a trip to the store.
A Châteauneuf-du-Pape? Very nice.
Happy Thanksgiving.
All right, this is too pathetic.
Grab your stuff, let's go.
Go where? My house.
You're inviting me to your house for Thanksgiving dinner? I thought I was your second least favorite? You are, but dry turkey, blackened dinner rolls-- it's really more of a punishment.
So now that we're friends, can I call you Toby? Don't push your luck.
Bird's coming along nicely.
You know, we have a peeler for that.
My daughter doesn't open up to many people, Gibbs.
So I guess if she trusts you, I should, too.
It is not easy knowing she's hundreds of miles away, working in a dangerous job.
If I had my way, she'd live here and be a teacher.
Or a nun.
That being said, um, it is very comforting to know she's surrounded by people who care about her.
I'll look after her.
I'm counting on that.
Mom, where's the serving platter? Oh, honey, I'll do that.
You-you two finish up here.
Come on.
Uh, you know, your brothers and your father are gonna be here in a minute.
Gibbs, keep that knife handy.
This bunch that's coming in now? I'm, um I'm ready to go home, back to DC.
I'll head out Saturday.
You got room in your truck for one more? Only booked a one-way ticket.
Wasn't leaving here without you.
Yeah, I could use a navigator.
Happy Thanksgiving, Gibbs.
You, too, Bishop.