NCIS s13e23 Episode Script

Dead Letter

1 GIBBS: Previously on NCIS Jacob Scott, former MI6, caught selling U.
nuclear Intel to Russia.
At MI6, he functioned at the highest level of security, until we got a tip from the CIA.
Jacob Scott's out for blood.
Yeah? Whose? He said NCIS killed his wife.
The stolen file-- put it up.
Boss, this is a hit list? Where would he start, Gibbs? The top.
FORNELL: The man who ordered the whole damn thing-- Tom Morrow.
What's that? (phone ringing) (silenced gunshot) (ringing continues) WOMAN: Sir, you can't go in there.
No, I'm going in! Sir! EMT: Pulse is erratic.
Blood pressure's dropping.
GIBBS: Tobias, can you hear me? NURSE: 30 ccs of etomidate.
A hundred of Succinylcholine.
Prep him for surgery.
Is he going to be okay? He lost a lot of blood.
We'll do what we can.
Wait, wait.
I have a friend, Dr.
Cyril Taft.
He's out of the country right now, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa but maybe he can help.
You'll you need to prepare yourself.
Prepare myself? For what? Hey.
Give me a sitrep.
Former MI6 Chief Terdei's body's been secured.
Got a BOLO out on Jacob Scott over the entire tri-state area.
Where's DiNozzo? McGEE: He just got back from Russia.
He's on his way from the airport.
How's Fornell? (sighs) We need to find his daughter.
TONY: I got her.
She's still in school.
Agents are bringing her in now, but, uh, she doesn't know anything yet.
She just lost one parent, she can't lose another.
GIBBS: You and that MI6 officer Reeves were tracking Scott in Moscow.
What the hell happened? Just never got a lock on him.
Jacob must've slipped back into the States somehow.
What's our next move, boss? We're gonna find Jacob Scott.
And we're gonna kill him.
NCIS 13x23 Dead Letter @elderman Boss, pulled a fingerprint off the back window.
Jacob Scott was here.
I talked to a colleague at the hospital.
Fornell is still in surgery.
How's he doing? Well, I wish I had good news.
The best I can offer is to say that a lesser man would be dead already.
He's putting up one hell of a fight.
DUCKY: Well, what exactly happened? Fornell took three shots, landed on the coffee table here, and reached for his cell phone here before losing consciousness.
EMILY: Out of my way! This is my uncle's house! Mr.
EMILY: Gibbs, tell this agent to back off, before I scratch his eyes out.
Let her in.
Yes, sir.
(Emily sobs) (sobbing) Okay.
You know who did this? You're going get him, right? We won't stop until we do.
EMILY: When you find him, I want you to hurt him as bad as he hurt my dad.
Emily, that's not gonna help your dad.
Just promise me that you'll make this guy pay.
(phone ringing) McGEE: Special Agent McGee.
He's not gonna have a good week.
Glad we understand each other.
McGEE: Boss, Director Vance just called.
He needs to see you.
Says it's urgent.
What are you still doing here? DiNozzo, take the scene.
VANCE: Gibbs.
This is FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe.
She was working with Agent Fornell on their side of the Jacob Scott case.
Agent Monroe.
Heard a lot about you from Agent Fornell.
I was kind of expecting fangs to be honest.
VANCE: With Fornell out of commission, Agent Monroe will be taking the point for FBI.
You said this was urgent.
Not a fan of small talk either.
Former MI6 Officer, Jacob Scott was arrested for selling classified NCIS data to the Russians in 2002.
NCIS and MI6 then tried to have Jacob's buyer arrested.
AKA Nika Razin, his wife.
VANCE: But someone tipped off the Russians, and they took her out before we could get to her.
Jacob blames us for her death.
I'm aware.
VANCE: Everyone who worked on his wife's op is a potential target.
I noticed.
Jacob's already killed Former Director Morrow, MI6 Chief Terdei.
FBI's rounding up the remaining targets, putting them in protective custody.
But there's two we haven't found.
They were partners.
They worked out of NCIS's National Security Directorate Division.
They're spies.
VANCE: Like most ex-spies, once they retired they went off the grid.
We're up the creek with Jacob in racing for the paddle.
If he finds these two before we do, they're dead meat.
VANCE: And once Jacob gets his revenge, he could disappear forever.
And then we won't have ours.
TONY: Yeah, boss.
FBI just sent over their files on the missing agents.
We already did some groundwork using our own personnel records.
BISHOP: We located the ex-wife of former NCIS Special Agent Kevin Dresser.
Where is she? In the conference room with Agent Monroe.
BISHOP: We told her to wait for you to get back from the Pentagon, but But what? Well, boss, you know that thing you do where you-your stare at us, and, uh, it's kind of scary, like like you're doing now? She's also, uh, very good at that.
MONROE: My second husband was the same way.
ANGELA: How long did that one last? Agent Gibbs.
Join us.
This is Angela, former Special Agent Dresser's ex-wife.
We need to find your ex-husband.
I heard.
You need him to testify in an old case he worked, right? She doesn't know where he is.
When was the last time you saw him? I haven't seen him in years.
After our son was killed, one day he just didn't come home.
I never saw him again.
I try to wait up every year on our anniversary, but I never seem to catch him.
MONROE: What happens on your anniversary? Kevin had a garden he loved.
Used to grow Parrot's Beak, my favorite plant.
Every year, on the day we were married, he leaves a plant on my porch.
When's the next anniversary? Just had one last week.
So you still have the plant? Could we look at it? Of course.
Take her.
Pick it up.
AGENT: Yes, sir.
Thank you.
This way.
Let me guess: Why didn't I wait for you? GIBBS: Actually, why the hell didn't you wait for me? Because of that right there.
Gibbs (chuckles) I've been told I can be scary on a good day, but you? I'm sure you're scary every day.
Even worse on a day like today.
And that woman did not need to be scared.
Abbs, you get a chance to - process the plant? - Shh! Gibbs.
Here, better yet, get over here.
It's a prayer circle for Fornell.
Close your eyes.
Aw, Abby For-nell! Amen.
Where were we? You get a chance to run the plant? Examine the plant? I did.
You're gonna like what I found-- starting with Agent Dresser's fingerprints on the pot, which confirms that it did come from him.
I also analyzed the soil.
I found high levels of lead, which is common in urban gardens.
Lead pollution sort of precipitates through the air and then settles down on the soil.
Lovely, huh? So, Abby, what? Dresser's living in a city.
Yeah, well, that didn't narrow it down much, but this will.
I also found an interesting mix of nitrogen oxide, black carbon, and ultra-fine particles.
That is a telltale sign of both avgas and jet fuel combustion.
So Kevin didn't just live in a city He's living next to an airport.
Yeah, and one that services both jets and old-school propeller craft.
Now, there's only three private airports that fit that bill, and have a residential area close enough (phone ringing) to be contaminated like that.
I made you a list.
(ringing continues) Wow, that's really good work, Abbs.
Who is it? It's Emily.
Hope everything's okay.
Everything okay? What? Just stay where you are.
You stay right where you are.
Abby, get that list to DiNozzo.
Please calm down.
I am calm.
You aren't bleeding.
GIBBS: Whoa, whoa.
What's going on? I just found out my dad has a do not resuscitate order in his file.
We discovered the DNR when the FBI sent over the medical records.
It says if his heart stops, they should just let him die! I want that thing gone.
Now! I know it's difficult, but your father signed the order himself.
The only thing that's gonna be difficult is you trying to remove that Whoa, Em.
Calm down.
She's his daughter.
Come on, she doesn't have a say? Unfortunately, no.
Special Agent Fornell specifically listed a non-family member as his durable power of attorney in the event he was unable to make these decisions.
Who is that? You, Agent Gibbs.
I presume that's because he trusted you would comply with his wishes.
And his wishes were that he Uncle Gibbs, my dad must've filled that out when he was a mess.
He's better now! He probably forgot it even existed.
You know he would never give up on me.
On you.
On the world.
He's a fighter.
Let him fight.
Never crossed my mind not to.
Agent Gibbs Your mom would be proud, Em.
For a second there, when I first got here, heard all that, I thought it was your mom.
(quiet chuckle) You need anything? Yeah.
I need my dad to be okay.
And he needs you to get the son of a bitch who did this to him.
(phone ringing) Yeah, it's Gibbs.
What do you got? We've had teams out canvassing the areas on Abby's list.
Someone recognized a photo of Former Agent Dresser.
You get an address? Texting it to you now.
McGee and Bishop are already on their way.
(engine growling, tires screeching) Did you confirm it's Agent Dresser? Flyover shows a flower garden in the backyard.
House is leased to a different name, but we think it's an alias.
(gunfire) Let's go.
McGee, take the back.
(men grunting, fists thudding) (crashing, glass shattering) (grunting, thudding) (grunting) Come on GIBBS: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Put it down.
(sudden grunt) NCIS.
Put it down.
Hands in the air.
(panting) I won't be able to show you my I.
, Agent Gibbs.
Do I know you? I know you.
You get rave reviews from Agent DiNozzo.
Clayton Reeves, MI6.
is in my front pocket.
If you're MI6, who's that? I haven't the slightest idea.
Get up.
(grunting) Kort.
As in CIA Kort? Boo.
I thought he only had one eye.
(camera shutter clicking) Looks like former Agent Dresser didn't go down without a fight.
Back door was broken into.
I was able to pull a print here, too.
We were too late.
CLAYTON: Picked up a lead on Jacob after I landed in DC from a contact of mine in Liverpool.
Followed the trail here, saw the body through the window, came in to take a look, and while I was checking the pulse, this ape tried to kill me.
Yeah, well, I tend to shoot first, ask questions later when someone's standing over an old friend's dead body.
TONY: You have friends? KORT: Back off, DiNozzo.
I was best man at his wedding.
He called me an hour ago.
He said he thought someone was following him.
So I came over and ran into James Bond here, who, as far as I'm concerned, is still prime suspect number one.
There a reason you didn't tell DiNozzo you were heading back to the States? TONY: I hope it's not that bar tab you and I ran up in Omsk.
No, I just didn't know my plans until I knew them.
Besides, my lead on Jacob was thin.
Wait we're not talking of Jacob Scott, are we? GIBBS: Yeah, we are.
Keep talking.
KORT: I worked on his case in '02.
It's how I met Agent Dresser and I'm guessing why he called me if there's been activity on it.
Jacob Scott couldn't have done this.
He's been in prison.
Escaped three weeks ago.
Haven't you heard? CIA is slipping.
I've been on assignment.
Who's the CIA assassinating now? Jacob, if I can get my hands on him.
What's he after? Revenge.
For his wife's death.
Who's left to kill? TONY: Allen Kane.
Dresser's old partner.
He's gone off the grid, and we cannot find him.
McGEE: Think I just did.
Looks like he and Dresser stayed in touch.
There's an address in here.
McGee, take Agent Monroe.
Bring in Kane.
Be careful, Tim.
If we found that address, Jacob might have too.
All right, there you go.
Said you liked it black, right? Said I wanted it black, not that I liked it.
But thank you.
No prob.
So any activity? Mm-mm.
MONROE: I say if Kane is not back within the hour, we go in.
I just spoke to Gibbs.
He said a half hour.
Something change? Yeah, that MI6 guy found a suspicious deposit in Kane's bank account.
Kane's dirty? Well, we found out someone warned the Russians back in '02 that we were gonna grab Jacob's buyer.
Looks like that might have been Kane.
Half hour it is.
We have to shoot this guy, I get to take the shot.
We're not shooting anyone.
No, of course not.
Just if we do.
I hate dirty cops.
(chuckles) So have you worked with Fornell long? Long enough.
Wait, didn't you just transfer from the New York counterterrorism unit a few months ago? How long does it take to get to know somebody? Well, actually, I think it can take years to truly get to know someone.
Is that why it took you so long to propose to your girlfriend? Did someone tell you that I was planning on proposing to her? You mean aside from just now? Look, you said some interesting things during the night that gave me a gut feeling.
Now you've just confirmed them.
Could have just asked, you know? What's the fun in that? Got him.
He's running.
Wait, don't shoot him.
Don't shoot him! Don't shoot him! (tires screech, Kane grunts) (horn honking) FBI.
How's your morning going? Why am I in interrogation? Why'd you run? Because I saw two people staking out my place.
So, is it true? Did Jacob Scott kill my partner? Then I need to be in protective custody, not here.
CLAYTON: And yet, here you are.
In the bad guy room.
GIBBS: 50 grand.
To your account.
Where'd that come from? Race track.
Made some good bets.
I got another bet for you.
I bet Jacob Scott wasn't the only person leaking info to the Russians.
GIBBS: Got a call log from 2002.
From your cell phone to a number that we couldn't trace.
And that's my problem because? CLAYTON: Bad timing.
For you.
Your call was placed just before the op to grab Jason's wife went south.
Someone told the Russians that their buyer was about to be grabbed, and we think that that someone was you.
Where's Jacob? I'm not saying another word till I talk to a lawyer.
You know you're not the only one to sell out their country to make a buck, right? I mean, I get it.
I mean, I-I got my own temptations to deal with.
In fact, you want to talk about bad deals going bad? That's gonna be the name of my autobiography.
(Gibbs chuckles) But sometimes sometimes, you have to own the choices you make.
For you, bud, it's right now.
You're not gonna need one.
You're free to leave.
I am? CLAYTON: Yeah.
Just don't forget to wish us luck before you go.
For what? That we find Jacob Scott before he finds you.
And shoots you in your face.
I said I didn't know where he was, okay? (laughing): Okay.
See ya 'round.
Look, I need to be in protective custody.
You can't do this! Really? Check this out.
With my feet.
(laughs) Wait, wait.
Stop, stop! I don't know where Jacob is, okay? But I know he had a safe house.
Not official, just for himself.
In an old motel somewhere.
If he's on the run, he'll go there at some point.
That's all I know.
Now, put me in protective custody, damn it.
(various people screaming, groaning, moaning) BISHOP: Looks like the motel isn't a motel anymore.
TONY: Yeah, Motel California.
You can check out, but you can never leave.
What is going on in these rooms? Release! I leased the building, converted it into a health clinic last year.
Our clients now come to experience the release of Rolfing.
Uh, Rolfing? Yes.
It's a form of intense myofascial manipulation that (woman moaning in distance) (sighing): Oh Sounds like my kind of place.
I'm Special Agent DiNozzo.
This is Special Agent Bishop.
Wow, that was quick.
I just called the police a few minutes ago.
WOMAN: I lock my office door every night, but when I came in this morning, it was open.
Then I saw this on my security cam.
It's Jacob.
This must have been the room he used for his safe house.
Who's Jacob? Someone in need of a release.
TONY: Huh.
What did this guy hide in my wall? TONY: Who knows? Fake I.
, money.
Could be anything.
Stop following me, or more people will get hurt.
BISHOP: Tony and I scoured the entire room, didn't find anything else, but Abby wanted to see everything from the office, just to be sure.
Eyewitnesses? Not yet.
But Agent Monroe and Reeves are canvassing the area.
SCOTT: Stop following me, or more people will get hurt.
BISHOP: Is he saying that he'll stop killing people if we just get off his back? Does he want revenge or not? Wait, back it up.
Freeze it, right there.
BISHOP: What's he looking at? It's their Wi-Fi password.
ABBY: And somebody used it.
I finished analyzing the router from the office.
Someone logged into their wireless Internet just after the break-in.
BISHOP: Has to be Jacob.
What was he doing? ABBY: He was searching for someone.
BISHOP: Who? He's looking for Ziva.
Ziva's cell is disconnected, and she's not answering e-mail.
McGEE: Boss, I'm calling everyone I can think of.
No one knows where she is.
Somebody knows.
Keep trying.
Doesn't make any sense.
Why is Jacob trying to find Ziva? She doesn't have anything to do with his espionage gigs.
BISHOP: Agent Monroe is down with Ducky to see if he has any insight into Jacob's mental state.
We are missing something.
The original CIA case files.
I texted Kort to get over here, but I haven't heard back.
You didn't say please.
Texted you an hour ago.
I'm not your lap dog.
I was working.
Jacob Scott's espionage case.
Can you get us the case files? May I ask why? Because he's looking for Ziva.
Ziva? That doesn't make any sense.
She had nothing to do with it.
We know that.
Just get the files.
Worried about your girlfriend, DiNozzo? What's that supposed to mean? You gonna call your attack dog off? No.
Fair enough.
Not one of my classier moments.
Ziva can take care of herself, Tony.
You know that.
But I'll, uh, ask around, see if anyone's heard from her.
Okay? Looking for Ziva? Are you sure, Agent Monroe? Your forensic scientist seems to be.
And I make it a point to never question Ph.
D's wearing dog collars.
Yeah, but why Ziva? Million-dollar question.
So, penny for your thoughts, Doc.
I took the liberty of working up a psych profile of Jacob Scott two weeks ago.
But none of his behavior has made any sense at all.
I wouldn't have pegged him for the revenge type, but this trail of bodies suggests otherwise.
Of course, it is possible we're dealing with a true sociopath.
Again! (laughs) It's-it's just that we've-we've had a number of them over the years and and they're really, um, see Um, right, right, sociopathy-- not something to joke about.
I-I see where you're coming from.
It is possible, however, that Jacob has simply run out of targets but not the need for vengeance.
In which case, he would begin to, well, target us.
Or those close to us.
And this Ziva fits the bill? Uh-huh.
JIMMY: And then some.
Have you ever done a psych profile on Gibbs? Excuse me? I've heard a lot about him from Agent Fornell.
Seems like a pretty complex guy.
Just kind of curious what floats his boat.
I don't think his boat would float right now.
If I had conducted such a profile, the results would be strictly confidential.
Well, I'm sure I can get it out of this one easily enough.
Okay, A) “this one” has a name: Jimmy Palmer.
Nice to meet you.
B) You make me nervous.
Gibbs wants an update on Agent Dresser's autopsy.
Yeah, great.
Uh Doctor confirmed that the cause of death was blood loss due to multiple stab wounds.
DUCKY: Yes, that's correct.
But judging by those cuts, it would appear our victim had a knife of his own and used it quite effectively.
There were multiple blood types found on the clothing.
So Jacob was wounded.
And judging by the blood loss, Jacob might well have required stitches after the altercation.
So I would suggest that you distribute his picture to all the local hospitals in the area.
I've already sent his photo to my colleague, where Fornell is recovering.
Any news about Fornell? Yes.
He's been upgraded to stable, but he has yet to regain consciousness.
And the longer that takes, the worse his prognosis becomes.
EMILY: As you may recall, I've been trying to give you a pedicure for the last seven years.
Which now that I see your feet, I regret not bringing a biohazard suit with me.
Either way this is your last chance.
Wake up right now.
Or wake up later with soles as soft as a baby's bottom.
Okay, suit yourself.
Dad? Dad? Dad? Can you hear me? It's Emily.
Open your eyes if you can hear me.
I love you, Dad! Now open your eyes, or so help me, I will paint little watermelons on all ten toes! What? What is it? You love me, too? Gibbs What? Gibbs Gibbs what? Channel up.
FEMALE VOICE: Changing channel.
What time is it? FEMALE VOICE: 11:58 a.
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? FEMALE VOICE: African or European? African or European? Wouldn't have pegged you for a Monty Python fan.
That makes two of us.
What's in the box? Forensics from the original espionage case against Jacob Scott.
Per Herr Gibbs' request.
Executive summary? Jacob was leaking nuclear Intel to the Russians.
Data on who exactly had what.
Something our allies prefer to keep quiet.
Oh Gibbs wanted me to ask if you found anything yet.
A mystery.
So Jacob let himself be recorded that whole time and then turns the camera off.
What was he doing? Something he didn't want us to see.
Luckily, I know how we can still listen in.
Read this.
It's part of the user agreement for the Smart TV that was in the office with Jacob.
KORT: “Be aware that any spoken words “may be captured and transmitted to a third party when you utilize Voice Control.
” So while you're listening to your TV, your TV is listening to you.
Only it doesn't record your voice.
It reduces it into a data stream which I am in the process of reverse-engineering to recreate the content.
Not much point for the CIA to bug people anymore, if they're just going to bug themselves.
I've got something.
Okay, it looks like Jacob made a phone call, asking someone to borrow their jet.
Must be nice.
He say where he wants to go? ABBY: Tel Aviv.
If Jacob is headed to Israel, he must have a lead on Ziva.
Boss, we got Jacob's photo at every private airport from here to Ohio.
BISHOP: Tony and Officer Reeves are monitoring roadside cameras in MTAC.
McGEE: And Agent Monroe's coordinating with air-traffic control on the Israeli side.
Who did Jacob call? If he gets to Ziva before we do Boss, I checked the cell tower near that massage parlor.
(phone ringing) Over a thousand calls were routed through there.
- It's gonna take forever - This is Bishop.
to track these down.
Uh, Gibbs it's Emily; she needs to talk to you.
She says it's an emergency.
Your dad okay? EMILY: He woke up.
Just for a few seconds, but he woke up.
GIBBS: That's great.
(laughs): Em, that's great.
Listen, uh, we're in the middle of something here.
I know.
That's why I'm calling you.
I think he wanted me to tell you something.
About the case.
Okay, I'm gonna put you on speaker.
He wasn't making a lot of sense.
Someone named Jessica, I think, got a call from someone? I don't know who.
Then my dad just kept repeating the phrase “giff-gaff” over and over.
I have no idea what it means.
All right.
Stay by the phone.
Jessica Terdei.
She was with Fornell when he got shot.
Sounds like she got a call from someone before she was killed.
Maybe some kind of lead.
Vance said she still might have connections.
What's “giff-gaff”? A cellular company in the UK.
Agent DiNozzo's updates.
And I see I've arrived just in time.
Why is Fornell talking about a UK cell company? There was a huge robbery at one of their warehouses last month.
Since then, we've been finding their cell phones all over the black market.
Perhaps my old chief got a tip that Jacob was using one.
Check that cell tower again.
All right, got one.
Has to be Jacob.
Location? Working on it.
He's still in DC.
Come on, we got to do better than that.
It's coming up.
Boss, he's in the Navy Yard.
Without being seen? He's MI6.
That's what we do.
Call security-- lock down the yard! Boss, main elevator.
BISHOP: He's here? I understand that you've been looking for me? Well, here I am.
BISHOP: What's his game? TONY: I don't know.
But he's pretty relaxed for a wanted fugitive.
Let me in there.
I'll unrelax him.
I got this.
I didn't shoot Agent Fornell.
And I didn't kill Chief Terdei.
Or Agent Dresser? That's right.
Okay, then I guess you're free to leave.
You need us to validate? I'm being framed, Agent Gibbs.
Someone is-- I got a trail of dead bodies! I've got your fingerprints at every crime scene.
In my house! What do you want with Ziva David? You have my prints at your house? Ziva David-- why are you looking for her?! Agent Gibbs, I've never been to your house.
And I'm looking for Ziva David, because she can help prove I'm innocent.
I'm being set up for those murders.
Just like I was set up for that espionage charge in 2002.
They framed me.
They killed my wife.
I went to an old safe house to get some cash.
But I found a note from Nika, my wife, instead.
She heard from an embassy contact that the director of the Mossad had private files that prove I'd been framed.
Well, that's news to us.
He never shared it with the Americans.
I don't know why.
“He”-- you mean Director David? That's right.
Ziva's father.
With him dead, I assumed she inherited his private files.
That's why I was looking for her.
Maybe I would've found her on my own, maybe not.
But you never would've found me.
I didn't have to turn myself in.
Why did you? Because of you.
When Ziva David's name came on my radar, I did my homework.
That led to you, and I learned all I needed to know pretty quickly.
I came to you because I believe you're someone who won't stop until you find the truth.
I already know the truth.
Truth is I'm innocent.
And you're gonna help me prove it.
What the hell is going on? Tell me about it.
Is this guy Jacob for real? He really claims to have an alibi for the shooting at your house? Yep.
Does it check out? MONROE: I got a team on it.
But I'm not holding my breath.
This guy's a professional liar.
So what's his game? Come on, Gibbs.
What's that gut of yours say? MONROE: Oh, right, the gut.
I've heard about your gut.
Gibbs, give me something.
You're not gonna like it.
He's a fugitive.
Please don't tell me that you think he's telling the truth.
MONROE: Come on, like you said-- we got this guy's prints at all our crime scenes! Yep, I know that.
We got motive, we got opportunity.
GIBBS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I work here, too.
Jacob's telling the truth.
Well, so much for not holding your breath.
Look, I don't always know the answer, but I can tell when somebody sees something that I don't.
I'm willing to ride in the Gibbsmobile for a little while.
If Eli David had information that Jacob was framed, why not share it? It wasn't his problem.
Yeah, and you never know when that information could come in handy.
Blackmail, extortion, horse trading.
Yeah, that does have the ring of Eli David to it.
Find those files, we see for ourselves.
Just like Jacob wants.
Do we have any leads? MONROE: I've been in touch with our Israeli liaison about Ziva.
Scuttlebutt is Eli had a farmhouse in the country where she might be staying.
Files might be there.
All right, Gibbs, check it out.
Monroe, talk to Agent Kane again, see if anything shakes out.
Of course, if Jacob Scott didn't kill those people, we have an entirely different problem.
ABBY: I can tell you one person that Jacob Scott definitely did not kill.
I just finished typing the blood sample that we got from Jacob.
He has type AB-negative.
Now whoever bled all over Dresser is type O-positive.
Jacob is not the killer.
You rerun the prints from my house? Yes, Captain.
Just like you asked.
Four times-- I get the same result every single time.
The fingerprint that McGee took from your house is a perfect match to Jacob's.
Too perfect.
If you look, there's minor imperfections in the print-- that's totally normal.
But compare this print to the print from Jacob's file-- they have the exact same minor imperfections.
Now, the odds of that are one in “not bloody likely”" as Officer Reeves may say.
I think someone used Jacob's file to create a fake print.
Is there any way to trace it? No.
Our best bet now is the blood DNA from whoever killed Agent Dresser, which is gonna be ready any second now.
All right, let me know.
No, like literally any second now.
(computer beeping) See? Let's see who is behind door number “Who Killed Dresser?” Whoa! Just when I was starting to kind of like him.
We got a ping from Kort's cell.
Where? At the, uh, zoo.
At least as of two hours ago.
(sighs) Doing what? Well, probably visiting his family at the reptile house.
Problem is he turned his cell phone off.
We don't know where he is right now.
Whatever he's up to, he's not doing it for the CIA.
He lied to us.
Heard from a friend at NSA Kort was fired last month.
So who's he working for? Good question.
Is Kane still in there? With Agent Monroe.
I told her to wait.
KANE: I don't know what the hell you're talking about! MONROE: We know you do.
We're gonna find out We taking over? No, we'll see what she's got.
DiNozzo, you find Kort.
Take Bishop with you.
Let's go.
MONROE (over speaker): Who gave you the 50 grand? CLAYTON: I'd seriously consider answering the question, mate.
KANE: I told you, I won it at the races! (groans) Yeah.
Yeah, that's what you keep saying.
So this is what I want you to do.
Now I want you to tell me that one more time.
How you won that money at the races.
Can you do that? It's easy, you just open your mouth and say, “I won that money, 50 grand, betting on horses.
” Can you do that? For me? Please? Then what happens? I can't wait to find out.
Same here.
KANE: I didn't get that 50 grand betting on horses.
Good boy.
Thank you.
CLAYTON: Trent Kort gave it to you.
Didn't he? No! (grunting) My associate asked you a question.
We know you and Kort are buddies.
We were finally able to trace that mystery call of yours in 2002.
We were? No.
CLAYTON: We know you called Kort.
What we don't know is why.
Kort's going down.
If you don't talk, you're gonna go down with him.
You ever been arrested for murder? I heard it's terrifying.
I didn't kill anyone.
MONROE: This is what it sounds like.
You have the right to remain silent-- Okay, okay, stop! I'll talk.
You're gonna sing.
And it better be pretty.
(sighs) Kort was the one selling secrets to the Russians, not Jacob.
He just used Jacob and his wife to take the fall.
Then he had her killed before anyone could look too close.
That's a tidy package.
Until Jacob busted out of prison and was gonna blow the whole thing.
I'm curious.
How have you been sleeping at night? I didn't know Kort was gonna kill Jacob's wife.
He just paid me to keep him updated on what NCIS was doing! Not bad, boss.
That's what the money was for.
I hope it was worth it.
All right, I'll check in with Tony.
See if there's any leads on Kort.
You wanted to see me? Take 'em off.
(handcuffs clicking) You know, technically, I'm still a wanted fugitive.
Then don't go anywhere.
Thank you.
It's okay, come on.
TONY: We got a problem.
We found Trent Kort's phone at the zoo, but not Trent Kort.
It was a decoy-- he must've known we were on to him.
He's running.
I can guess where he's going.
TONY: Kort disappeared right after he learned about Ziva.
He may know about Eli's files.
Kort's probably already been blackmailed with them.
GIBBS: McGee, call Interpol.
Have them issue a red notice.
TONY: BOLOs and airports.
GIBBS: Bishop? BISHOP: Freeway cameras and credit cards.
Contact the Israeli embassy.
See if they know-- Whoa, whoa, whoa, boss.
Look at this.
FEMALE REPORTER: No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion at this isolated farmhouse in the Israeli countryside.
But with early reports indicating the house previously belonged to former Mossad Director Eli David, authorities are assuming a terrorist attack.
Is that? REPORTER: Firefighting teams where Ziva's supposed to be staying.