NCIS s14e01 Episode Script


1 One of my coworkers is at the bar.
I know, I know.
No, Miguel.
I know.
No, I know.
You promised.
No police work tonight.
I'll make it super quick.
(sighs) Like, super quick.
Like, I'll just go and be like, “Hey.
” High-five.
(sighs) Real quick.
Two seconds.
I'm just gonna (snaps fingers, pops lips) You're my angel.
You know that, right, Elena? Say it.
I'm your angel.
Oof, that wasn't so hard, right? Mm.
They'll let anyone in here, huh? (both chuckle) Hey, I'm gonna get you a drink.
No, I'm here on business.
Well Must be important if the captain is sending you out this late.
Not the captain.
Silva sent me.
He wanted to express his condolences about your sister back in the U.
And since you're a lying American agent, she dies tonight.
(grunts) (choking) Shh.
(groaning) It's okay, it's okay.
(laughing) I'm not gonna tell your mom, okay? (laughing) Oh, hey, can we get him a little water, please? Gracias.
AMANDA: Commander, it's just a concert.
What's the big deal? You're too young.
This is so unfair; all my friends get to go.
Look, when you turn 18, you're free to see as many boy bands as you want.
Dad, “The 1975” is not a boy band.
Oh, my God! Could you two be any more uncool? The teenage years are upon us.
Lucia? Huh? Did you say something? Is everything okay? You've been quiet all night.
No, it's fine; it's just work.
(car beeping) The car's acting up again.
What? Wait a minute.
What's? AMANDA: Fire! (screams) Oh! (horn blaring) Amanda! Oh, my God, Amanda! (grunts) It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
LUCIA: George.
George! NCIS 14x01 Rogue @elderman Good morning.
That's my robe.
Yes, it is.
Mine is in the wash.
Was either wear this or go Au naturale.
You know I am in love with this new sofa.
It's like being hugged by a microfiber cloud.
I wouldn't know.
I haven't been able to sit in it yet.
Do you have physical therapy? I rescheduled.
You can't get better if you don't put in the work.
Thank you for those sage words, Confucius, but I have been doing the work every day, all day, for the past 12 weeks.
I just thought with, uh, Em at school, I could take a few “me” days.
One day.
Hey, you know, I read in this month's Cosmo that compromise is the key to maintaining a successful relationship.
It was in my doctor's waiting room.
While you're out, would you get some milk? And some more cereal? (door closes) Thank you.
(sighs) Guess who's back? McGEE: Bishop! Welcome back.
Thanks, Tim.
(chuckles) How was Scotland? Amazing.
The Lochs, the Glens, the Isle of Skye.
I even met up with Clayton Reeves for a few days.
Oh, yeah, how was that? Eye opening.
His stamina is incredible.
Couldn't keep up.
Hiking, Tim.
So, you haven't settled in to the new desk yet? (sighs) You know, I'm-I'm still trying to adjust to the layout.
I mean, you know, everything's reversed.
The monitors, the phone, partition even.
It's like Bizarro World, you know? TERRY: Unbelievable! You know, I came into this with an open mind.
Turns out, those stories about Gibbs weren't exaggerated.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? McGEE: Bishop, meet Special Agent Terry Mahler.
He is our newest probie.
Not anymore.
Gibbs just fired me.
Can you believe that? Actually, I can, yeah.
You fell asleep at work, twice.
Chronic exhaustion is a legitimate medical condition.
I require two to three naps a day.
Now, if you'll excuse me (phone plays lullaby melody) it's time for my 8:15-er.
So how long did this one last? Four days.
Grab your gear.
Let's go! We got a dead commander in Alexandria.
Welcome back, Bishop.
Good to be back, Gibbs.
(camera clicking) After enjoying Phnom Penh, it was on to the temple at Angkor Wat.
It's as spectacular today as it was all those many moons ago.
What brought on this desire to revisit all your old haunts, Doctor? I'm chronicling my life's work, Mr.
I-I need to write down all those precious moments before before I forget them.
Certain things I'd like to forget.
Like in high school, when I waxed my legs to give me that extra swimmer's edge.
I still came in last.
Perhaps that's a chapter you should leave out.
What do we know? McGEE: We got the Campbell family, driving home from a party at the base officer's club when fire erupted from inside the vehicle, causing them to swerve off the road, crash here.
BISHOP: Marine Major Lucia Campbell was able to pull herself and her daughter from the wreck.
They were taken to a local hospital.
Unfortunately, her husband, Navy Commander George Campbell, was trapped inside when it exploded.
You got a cause of the fire? McGEE: Well, it's hard to say.
The vehicle's a hybrid.
According to my research Shush with your research, McGee.
The hybrid's battery is not to blame.
Do you know what a rarity this is? A hybrid vehicle exploding because of a faulty battery? I thought you said the battery wasn't to blame.
Well, it is and it isn't.
This compartment has been tampered with.
Someone at that party turned this car into a ticking time bomb.
(spraying air) (clears throat) Get it all? Dust, boss.
It's a keyboard's worst enemy.
Give me an update.
BISHOP: Well, our victim is Navy Commander George Campbell.
Worked in logistics at the Pentagon.
While his C.
described him as a man without enemies, the same cannot be said for his wife, Marine Major Lucia Campbell.
McGEE: Works as a prosecutor for the Judge Advocate General here in D.
And she's got numerous convictions, so makes for a pretty long list of suspects.
What's her condition? Well, she suffered a concussion in the explosion, still hasn't regained consciousness.
BISHOP: However, their daughter only received minor injuries.
She's being held for observation.
(clapping) Gibbs.
I came to offer my congratulations.
Eight rejected agents in the last three months.
It's a new record for you.
GIBBS: Quinn.
Long time no see.
How ya been? I've been better.
I bet you know why.
Bishop, find out what Amanda knows.
McGee, check with JAG.
Campbell's cases, past and present.
Let's take a walk.
Can't wait.
How is life at FLETC? Same old, same old.
Eat, sleep, train probies.
I'll tell you, they're lucky to have you as an instructor.
Really? Well, you could have fooled me.
Every agent I send you, you reject.
None were the right fit.
(sighs) Okay.
Well, uh, one was too smart.
One was too slow, one was too physical.
One was too timid.
You're like the Goldilocks of NCIS.
Why don't you just tell me what it is you're looking for? I'll know it when I see it.
As helpful as that is, I'm gonna need a little bit more information if you want me to do my job.
Why don't you stick around.
Shadow the team.
See firsthand what kind of an agent we need here.
(sighs) You never make things easy, do you? What's the fun in that? AMANDA: The last thing that I remember, I was (monitor beeping steadily) I was, I was listening to music, and then there was a fire.
And I woke up here.
Amanda, was everything okay at home? Ever since she got back from her trip last week, she's been quiet.
And the Major is never quiet.
What trip was she on? It was for work.
She said she had a a lead on some case.
I didn't ask.
Yesterday, I had both my parents.
I want to go back.
Captain Roberts.
How are ya? Been a while.
It has, Agent McGee.
Good to see you.
You, too.
Is, uh, Gibbs tough as ever? Even more so.
Yeah, how are, uh, Harm and Mac, how are they doing? (chuckles) Actually, it's really interesting.
Okay, so, Harm (door opens) Oh, don't mind me, okay.
Captain, this is Agent Quinn.
Pretend I'm not here.
So how long had Major Campbell been working at JAG? Uh, Lucia has been with us for about four years.
And she is one of the best prosecutors I've ever seen.
So it would be safe to say she ruffled a few feathers? Well, we're lawyers, Agent McGee.
It's sort of what we do.
(Quinn laughs) That's a good one.
I like this guy.
She express any concerns about her safety? If she had, I would have contacted NCIS immediately.
And the work trip last week, what lead was she following up on? Uh, there was no work trip.
Major Campbell had asked for some personal leave time.
She said that she had a private matter that she had to attend to.
Why would she lie about it to her family? Mr.
Palmer how much time will this extracurricular assignment of yours take? I would like my exam room back to its original state.
My apologies, Dr.
It's just, digitizing all of these archived NCIS autopsy records is taking a bit longer than expected.
On the plus side though, this has given me a near-encyclopedic knowledge of our past.
Well, shall I put you to the test? Hit me.
August 1988, Chief Lawrence Dunphy.
Uh, Navy diver, found in Virginia Beach, shot through the heart with his own harpoon gun.
(laughs) Very good.
Not for Chief Dunphy.
What do ya got, Duck? Revisiting past cases, Jethro.
I'd rather know about the present.
Well, the results of Commander Campbell's examination were as expected.
Cause of death: massive trauma inflicted by the explosion.
However, Mr.
Palmer discovered something which might prove relevant.
According to the hospital records for his wife, Major Lucia Campbell, there was a neurotoxin found in her blood draw.
The chemical composition corresponds to the venom of the Latrodectus corallinus.
That's a species of black widow spider native to Argentina.
JIMMY: And according to the amount found in her system, she was bitten recently.
Like, within the last two weeks recently.
So, what was Major Campbell doing in Argentina? (phone rings) Hello.
I'm on my way up.
Give me another one.
(laughs) Agent Quinn, you know, I don't know if you remember this at all, but you were actually one of my instructors when I first joined NCIS.
You used to love mystery novels.
Used to carry a paperback around in your bag.
Look at this.
Still do.
Yeah, I never forget a student.
BISHOP: That's amazing.
What do you remember about me? I'm sorry, what's your name again? Ellie Bishop.
I was at FLETC two years ago.
During breaks, I sat on the floor near the vending machines on my laptop.
I'm sorry, I'm drawing a blank.
GIBBS: What do ya got? Uh, Nick Torres, Lucia Campbell's younger brother and an NCIS agent.
I don't know him.
Torres's name didn't register earlier 'cause he's a deep-cover agent.
As you know, their identities and records are sealed by the director.
How'd we find out he was an agent? 'Cause I recognized him.
I trained him eight years ago when he joined with the Agency.
Never forget a student.
Uh, most of the time.
I'm not surprised he ended up in undercover.
He was unattached, he was persuasive, he was clever, a bit unstable.
You just described a sociopath.
Yeah, but only the good kind.
Mm, that's not a thing.
Where is Torres now? Vanished six months ago while on assignment.
After her younger brother was presumed dead, Lucia wanted answers; she hired a private investigator.
According to the e-mails found on her home computer, the P.
followed the trail to Buenos Aires and sent her this surveillance photo.
Gibbs this image is recent.
Agent Torres is alive.
I ever tell you I met him once? I was attending a meeting at the Willard.
He was in town visiting the president.
Man knew things.
So do you, Leon.
Special Agent Nick Torres.
It's “need to know”" Yeah, well, I need to know.
Just like that? Yeah, if it affects a case, just like that.
Agent Torres is one of the best undercover ops we got.
He's deep for a reason.
2014, the State Department needed an agent to surveil the Global Enforcement Academy.
You familiar? Yeah, training centers.
Taught by U.
agents abroad to educate local law enforcement in everything from counterterrorism to human trafficking.
We discovered that a handful of these trained officers were being scouted as mercenaries.
Torres went under.
As a student at the G.
in Argentina, where he took on the persona of federal officer Captain Miguel Lorenza.
Until last March, he was still sending updates.
Then he went off the grid.
(computer beeps) Backup found his apartment scrubbed.
We searched, we waited-- nothing.
State Department told us to assume the worst.
If Torres is still alive, why didn't he reach out? Well, he might've had to go so deep, he could've gone rogue.
Or worse.
He switched sides.
Torres's sister went to Argentina recently to look for him.
Few days later, somebody plants a bomb in her car.
That's one hell of a coincidence.
What class were you in again? Uh, 2514.
Gundersen, Simoni and Murphy? Yes! You sure you were in that class? Yes.
No, I I'm the one who-who knocked out the assailant's front teeth during a Protective Operations exercise.
Yeah, everyone started calling me “The Incisor-nator”.
(laughs softly) No, still doesn't ring a bell.
Seriously? (inhales sharply) (sighs): I need a snack.
(chuckles softly) (groans) I saw that.
Oh, yeah? You saw what? You do remember her.
Course I do.
Bishop is not a personality that you easily forget.
So why are you messing with her? Oh, because she's so tightly wound.
She needs to loosen up a little bit.
Plus, it tickles me.
Still messing with Bishop? It's too easy not to.
(computer beeps) Boss, just got a BOLO hit on one of Torres's undercover aliases.
Where? McGEE: It's here in D.
Landed at Dulles International from Buenos Aires 15 minutes ago.
WOMAN (over speakers): Next stop, Union Station.
Final stop on the Dulles Airport shuttle.
You're a long way from Buenos Aires, Captain Lorenzo! (grunting) (groans) (gunshot) - NCIS! - Drop it! Special Agent Torres.
We're on the same side.
Are we? (siren approaching) VANCE: Your mission was to suss out any corruption within U.
-sanctioned training.
Which is what I was doing successfully at G.
for the past year and a half.
Until you fell off the grid.
We thought you were dead.
But that is the point.
What the hell happened in Argentina? Well while I was undercover as a trainee, Miguel Lorenza, I was befriended by a classmate.
David Silva.
He was the best of the best at the academy.
A crack shot with an affinity for explosives.
He is the son of Leo Silva, a South American businessman who made a fortune off the Argentinean oil boom.
That's not where he started.
How do you know him, Gibbs? Mike Franks.
NIS investigated Silva for crooked business deals with military vendors in Cartagena.
And what's Silva's play with G.
? He's recruiting mercenaries, scouted out by his son.
Extortion, tampering with evidence, even hired hits.
Anything to keep his name clean.
hasn't changed much.
Mike never could get a charge to stick.
Because he keeps his operation in-house, which is why I had to go rogue.
To infiltrate his inner circle.
How? TORRES: I started a relationship with his daughter.
As time passed, he began to trust me as one of his own.
He told me they were in the midst of planning something big, and soon.
And before I could find out what, well, my sister showed up to Buenos Aires asking questions.
She blew your cover.
Figured that out when I was jumped by one of his men.
I came here to warn Lucia, but I was too late.
Mission's not over.
BISHOP: Torres spent eight years doing nothing but undercover work.
Why? QUINN: Different strokes.
He probably views a desk job as a fate worse than death.
Me? I get my kicks screaming at probies.
Yeah, but Torres is in deep.
Who knows what sort of things he had to do to maintain his cover? And then when the mission ends, he still has to carry that with him.
So do you, and Gibbs and McGee.
Every action we take has a consequence.
BISHOP: Hey, did local LEOs in Buenos Aires question Leo Silva? GIBBS: It doesn't matter.
Silva's here in D.
He's attending an event today connecting North American oil companies with their Southern counterparts.
Uh, it's a big deal, Gibbs.
All week, Washington's hosting a fossil fuel summit.
Bigwigs and politicos as far as the eye can see.
Boss, Silva got here two days ago; that is enough time for him to put out the hit on the Campbells, go to the party and then leave town.
Not until he gets what he wants.
Which is what? Me and my family dead.
Let me face him.
That's not how we do things.
Gibbs, I know this man.
I know how he operates.
You cannot sideline me.
TORRES: No bodyguard, Leo? That's pretty careless of you.
David will be along any second now.
Happy to see you, Miguel.
Or whatever the hell your name is.
One day you're at my home, the next day you're missing.
We were all concerned.
Oh, yeah, those guys you sent over to kill me-- they-they seemed really worried.
Don't know what you mean.
Cut the crap, Leo.
I'm not here to play any more games with you.
Is that what this was? A game? Is that what I should tell my daughter? Elena's inside already.
Perhaps you would like to tell her that.
I'm not here for her.
I'm here for you.
Well, here I am.
What are you gonna do? Shoot me in front of all these witnesses? Quite the opposite.
Every piece of evidence I have on you is on this drive.
NCIS doesn't know it exists.
You stay away from me and my family, and I'll make sure NCIS never gets anything on you.
Special Agent Nick Torres.
You're a dead man, showing your face here.
(chuckles): See? See? See, this is the problem.
Your temper-- it's crazy all the time.
David, you have to be able to separate your personal feelings with business.
Father, should I take care of our uninvited guest? LEO: Well, since we're in the middle of discussing a truce Truce? I don't think that will be necessary.
After everything he's done? Pa, don't do this.
He's lying.
I'll consider the offer.
I'll see you later.
FORNELL: We really got to get a new TV.
Go with the new sofa.
I like my TV.
Get one of those hi-def curved ones.
(turns TV off) Read a book.
My eyes get tired.
It's a diagnosed problem since I got shot.
(doorbell rings) It's open! You have a doorbell? How'd it go? Well, Silva didn't shoot me.
Sounds promising.
Took everything in my power not to kill him right there.
Silva take the thumb drive? Yeah, but there's no guarantee he'll open it.
Silva wants to know what you know about him.
He'll look.
FORNELL: I hate to stick my seasoned investigatory nose in, but with all you've got on the guy, why didn't you just arrest him? It did cross our minds.
Except my Intel on Silva only implicates him on crimes committed in South America, not the United States.
If extradited to Argentina, well, he can pull enough strings to never go to trial.
Well, at least get him into an interrogation room.
If you know he's planning something, pull it out of him.
Silva won't crack.
And holding him won't stop his plan from going forward.
He has enough people doing his dirty work.
Like David.
Good enough for me.
Guest bed's on the right, top of the stairs.
I I don't sleep.
Well, you're welcome to pace around up there.
I got dibs on the couch.
You get your own micro-cloud.
You're really just gonna stand there and watch me? It's kind of the point of shadowing.
Observe, take notes.
Why exactly are you doing this? Gibbs keeps rejecting every agent I've sent in.
So, in order to find an agent that fits, I need to see why the others didn't work.
And what have you surmised so far? Gibbs is very particular.
He chooses his team with care.
He doesn't just take an agent on face value.
There needs to be something else, something more that he sees in them.
Like he saw in you.
Which was what? Same thing I saw in you.
You saw? You don't even rem Huh.
So what do you remember about me? Um I do remember you were not the most naturally-skilled agent I've ever seen.
Maybe I'd rather not know.
But that being said, you were persistent.
And every time you got knocked down, you'd get right back up.
And you never made the same mistake twice.
Well, being a field agent definitely forced me out of my comfort zone.
Well, Gibbs made the right call.
He always does.
You've known Gibbs a long time? Mm-hmm.
Then you know everything he does is for a reason.
I'm gonna go and get some beauty rest.
Night, Bishop.
Night, Quinn.
There anything on the thumb drive Torres gave to Silva? Monitoring it, boss.
Silva still hasn't opened it.
Gibbs, there is something hinky in Hinky Town.
When I first started processing the Campbells' car, I was looking for the obvious, like a small detonator, or some trigger wires, but this is way more sophisticated than that.
Check this out.
Someone shoved a flawed 12-volt battery into the lithium-ion compartment.
Like a detonator.
It wasn't like a detonator.
It was a detonator.
(tapping keyboard) Crack this thing, add some friction and some heat, and boom.
This trigger could have been installed hours or even days earlier than we originally thought.
It wasn't anybody from the officers' club.
But whoever did this, he was smart.
Like, really smart.
Like, Gates-Zuckerberg-Musk smart.
Only it's not a “he.
” Look at this.
Elena Silva studied electrical engineering with honors at the University of Sao Paulo.
Also did an automotive residency at an experimental plant in Peru.
She could have easily known how to turn the car's battery compartment into a time bomb, boss.
Hey, Torres, get off your ass.
We need you.
The coffee's better in Buenos Aires.
Coffee? That's what you have to say to me? I didn't know how to start.
How about by telling me your name.
Your real name.
My name is Nick Torres.
I'm an NCIS agent.
ELENA (over radio): Nice to meet you, Agent Torres.
She didn't slug him.
You owe me five bucks.
Understanding ex.
Imagine that.
Left behind some scorned women, huh, Gibbs? I have no comment.
Smart man.
I'm keeping the five.
ELENA: You were a part of our family.
We trusted you.
I trusted you.
How could you lie to me? I never meant to hurt you, Elena.
You came after my family.
What are you talking about? Car bomb.
Was it your idea, or did David put you put to it? Of course not! Is that the kind of person you think I am? That's the kind of person that your brother and your father are.
Why else do you think I was investigating them? They are criminals, Elena.
They're thieves, they're murderers.
I don't want to hear this! Which is why you don't want to ask any questions.
You're afraid of the truth.
You're wrong.
About everything.
Why don't you ask your father.
Get to know who he really is.
That went well.
It's about to get worse.
Silva bugged Elena's phone; he knew we were gonna meet here.
How do you know that? Because he planted a bomb under my seat.
I activated the pressure trigger when I sat down.
And you're waiting until now to tell me that? Well I was in the middle of something.
(chuckles) How's it look? Well, like it might hurt for a second.
You're enjoying this.
Ah, yeah, a little.
It was a setup.
Leo and David knew I'd be there.
They planted that bomb.
He put his own daughter's life in danger just to get me.
Well, it stops now.
I understand your frustration, but you need to stay focused on the big picture.
The big picture? The big picture? The Silvas killed my brother-in-law, nearly killed my sister, and just attempted to blow my ass up.
Take a breath, Torres.
No, I'm breathing, Gibbs! I'm breathing.
But I'm done doing things the official way.
I make those decisions, Agent Torres.
Eight years of service, and what has it gotten me? Huh? A broken family, a lifetime of lies, 16 different names, 16 different home addresses, no wife, no kids-- I don't even know what I want anymore.
I don't even know who I can trust.
Well I'm stopping the Silvas on my own.
I work better that way.
You have something to say? Yeah.
I'm disappointed.
You failed the mission.
You failed to protect your sister.
You disrespected the badge.
Revenge on Silva won't change a thing.
You can trust me on that, 'cause I know.
You want the last two years of your life to mean something? Then you see this through, the right way.
(knocking) (door opens) Sorry to interrupt, Director, but we have a lead on Silva's target.
(door closes) McGEE: The thumb drive that Torres gave Silva contained a mirroring virus, and when Silva plugged that in to his laptop, we were able to access his computer.
Silva was smart enough not to have any incriminating files saved, but we found something in his recent Internet search history.
Looked up the schedule of events for D.
's Festival Latino.
A Latino going to a Latino festival.
We have our lead.
McGEE: Leo Silva is not in D.
strictly to schmooze with oil companies.
His plan is happening today at that event.
Quit burying the lead; get to the target.
Caught in the moment.
Sorry, McGee.
McGEE: Boss, the person speaking at today's event is Justice Monica Fernandez.
She's the target.
She is an influential judge, and she is on a short list for the Supreme Court nomination.
Why Fernandez? Several of her rulings have favored using alternate energy measures that would lessen our dependency on international oil.
And that impacts the Silvas.
We think Silva's gonna use his son to take her out.
He's trained to do it.
Best in class.
Grab your gear.
All of you.
Come on.
GIBBS: Give me a sit-rep.
Judge Fernandez is supposed to be here, Gibbs, but she's not answering her phone.
McGEE: Trying to lock onto her signal, boss.
There's too many people.
Metro PD and security are looped in.
Torres! Just blending in with the crowd.
No visual on David.
You guys got to try the corn.
It's really good.
They really know how to make this.
Will somebody get me a 20 on Fernandez? Now.
Boss, the judge's assistant can't even get ahold of her.
I think someone's jamming her cell.
Well, if Fernandez is in the car, then she's gonna have to go through security to get in.
They're going after the car.
Torres, stage isn't the target.
It's the traffic line.
Go, go! WOMAN (over radio): Festival Latino.
If you're driving, be prepared for heavy traffic, but come on down and support the community (horns honking) I'm trying.
I swear.
(over radio): It's fun for the entire family.
(device beeping) NCIS! Don't move! (people murmuring, gasping) Torres.
Black motorcycle, red helmet, coming your way! Get these people out of here! (motorcycle approaching) Got him.
(horns honking) Hey, come on! Come on, come on, come on! Keep moving! Come on! GIBBS: Open the door.
I can't! The locks, the windows! Get out! Something's wrong.
It's jammed.
Turn your head away from the glass.
Hey, David.
(beeping) Come on.
Go! (car alarms blaring) McGEE: The evidence against you is irrefutable, Mr.
You're going away for a long time.
For what? Being the father of a misguided son? I'm in shock over David's actions.
BISHOP: Agent Torres says you were the one pulling David's strings.
So why doesn't Agent Torres question me himself? Can't face me? Or can't face the truth? Which one is it, Miguel? Whatever information he gave you about my affairs in Argentina means nothing.
You have no jurisdiction.
What about your plans to assassinate Justice Fernandez on U.
soil? As I told you, that was all David's doing.
I played no part in it.
A father turning on his son-- that's cold.
Almost as cold as a daughter turning on her father.
I guess nearly getting blown up with Agent Torres rubbed Elena the wrong way.
Bet you didn't expect your daughter to record the conversation the two of you had a few hours ago, where she confronted you and you told her everything.
That sound familiar? Care to revise your statement? Pass along my congratulations to Agent Torres.
He got his man, and destroyed both our families in the process.
I hope it was worth it.
(ship horn blows in distance) (phones ringing) You know, I thought after a few weeks I'd get used to this desk.
Still feels strange.
It's not about the desk, Tim.
I know.
Plus, if anyone's gonna sit there, Tony would want it to be you.
Any time, Senior Field Agent McGee.
Does have a nice ring to it.
(chuckles) What's up, guys? Torres.
How's your sister? Well, she regained consciousness.
Lucia's a fighter.
So, any idea when she's gonna be released? Not for a few weeks.
Figured I'd stick around and help out with Amanda.
You know, while she recovers.
BISHOP: Well if you need anything, we're here.
Appreciate that.
Gibbs around? Uh, just missed him, actually.
All right.
He left something for you.
Top drawer.
You can't be on Gibbs' team without it.
I never been on a team before.
First time for everything.
I'm not sure I'm the right fit.
Only one way to find out.
FORNELL: Please be bluffing.
QUINN: Bingo! Ha! I won again.
Hey, Gibbs, perfect timing.
Would you loan me $20? Quinn has just cleaned me out.
(chuckles) I'm not surprised.
Poker was not my choice.
He talked me into it.
Well, I thought you'd take it easy on me, considering my weakened condition.
First Gibbs gets shot, then you got shot.
I'm thinking you two are trying to one-up each other on bullet wounds.
I guess I'm winning.
Two words, fellas: tactical vests.
What did I miss? I was just filling in Tobias here about how Agent Torres was the absolute perfect choice for your team.
Once I figured out what you were after, I got it.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
And what was that? Well, this time, it wasn't about finding an agent that your team needed; it was about finding an agent that needed your team.
Well, actually I found two.
I'm hoping they both stick around.
New game.
I'm dealing.
Who's playing? So come on, Quinn.
Are you in? @elderman